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From the French microcosme, from the Latin microcosmus, from the Greek μικρός "small" + κόσμος (kosmos) "world"

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Microcosm ({{{1}}})

  1. a smaller system which is representative of or analogous to a larger one
    Though our town is small and provincial, it is a true microcosm to the country as a whole.
  2. (archaic) a small, complete world
    • 1608: If you see this in the map of my microcosm, follows it that I am known well enough too? — Shakespeare, Coriolanus, ii 1

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

French microcosme

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Microcosm n. (plural microcosmuri)

  1. microcosm

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The plural of this word is rarely used.

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