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  1. Patrono:Philosophy Metaphysical.



countable and uncountable; plural metaphysics

Metaphysic (countable and uncountable; plural metaphysics)
  1. Patrono:Philosophy The field of study of metaphysics.
    • 1876, Editor, "Prefatory Words," Mind, vol. 1, no. 1, p. 5,
      With reference to general Philosophy or Metaphysic proper, psychology may be viewed as a kind of common ground whereon thinkers of widely different schools may meet.
  2. Patrono:Philosophy The metaphysical system of a particular philosopher or of a particular school of thought.
    • 1775, Samuel Horsley, "An Abridged State of the Weather at London in the Year 1774," Philosophical Transactions (1683-1775), vol. 65, p. 182,
      The uncertain conclusions of an ill-conducted analogy, and a false metaphysic, were mixed with a few simple precepts derived from observation, which probably made the whole of the science of prognostication in its earliest and purest state.
    • 1954, Frederick C. Copleston, "Review of Metaphysical Journal by Gabriel Marcel," Philosophy, vol. 29, no. 109, p. 170,
      It should be pointed out to the prospective reader that he will not find here the systematic presentation of a metaphysic.
    • 2003, Christine Helmer, "Mysticism and Metaphysics," The Journal of Religion, vol. 83, no. 4, p. 521,
      A Neoplatonic metaphysic is the flip side of mysticism.
  3. Patrono:Philosophy A fundamental principle or key concept.
    • 1927, Charles M. Perry, "A Principle for Realism," The Journal of Philosophy, vol. 24, no. 20, p. 537,
      What we need as a metaphysic and what the logical realists are at least glimpsing, is the principle of contradiction.


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