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From Latin literatura or litteratura.

Pronunciation[edit | edit source]

  • IPA: /ˈlɪt.(ə.)ɹ.ɪ.tʃjʊə(ɹ)/, /ˈlɪt.ɜː(ɹ).ɪ.tʃjʊə(ɹ)/
  • SAMPA: /"lIt.(@)r.I.tSjU@(r)/, /"lIt.3:(r).I.tSjU@(r)/
  • IPA: /ˈlɪt.ɚ.ɪ.tʃɚ/
  • SAMPA: /"lUIt.@`.I.tS@`/

Noun[edit | edit source]



Literature ({{{1}}})

  1. The body of all written works.
  2. The collected creative writing of a nation, people, group, or culture.
  3. All the papers, treatises, etc. published in academic journals on a particular subject.
  4. Written fiction of a high standard.
    SF is rarely literature because the characters are so poorly realised. - Adam Cadre

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