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Middle English librarie from Patrono:Xno[[Category:Patrono:Xno derivations|Library]] [[librarie#Patrono:Xno|librarie]], from Old French librairie, from Latin librarius (concerning books), from librarium (bookcase, chest for books), from liber (the inner bark of trees", "paper", "parchment", "book), probably derived from a Proto-IE base * (leub(h)), to strip", "to peel). Displaced native Middle English bochus, bochous "library, bookhouse" (from Old English bōchūs "library, bookhouse").





Library (plural libraries)
  1. An institution which holds books and/or other forms of stored information for use by the public or qualified people. It is usual, but not a defining feature of a library, for it to be housed in rooms of a building, to lend items of its collection to members either with or without payment, and to provide various other services for its community of users.
  2. A collection of books or other forms of stored information. An individual may refer to his collection of books and other items as his library.
  3. An equivalent collection of analogous information in a non-printed form, e.g. record library
  4. Patrono:Computer science A collection of subprograms used to develop software.

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  • False friends of library include French librairie (bookshop) and Italian libreria (bookshop).

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