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-ta see -ista

tab- see tabula

tabach- see tabaco

tabacheria (-ía) n tobacconist’s, cigar store, etc.

tabachero n tobacconist

tabachiera n snuffbox

tabaco n tobacco (1. tobacco plant; 2. as in “smoking tobacco”)
Hence: tabachero; tabacheria; tabachiera

tabella n table, tables (as in “statistic tables”)

tabernaculo n tabernacle

tableau [F] n tableau

table d’hôte [F] n table d’hôte

tabletta n tablet (= small flat piece of medicine, candy, etc.)

tabouret [F] n stool (= seat without a back)

tabu¹ (-ú) adj taboo

tabu² (-ú) n taboo

tabula (tá-) n I. slab, plate, board, table; II. table (1. [Furniture]; 2. as in “table of contents”);
le tabulas del lege the Tables of the Law;
tabula rase tabula rasa;
facer tabula rase de to make a clean sweep of;
poner le tabula to lay or set the table;
tabula nigre blackboard;
tabula (de fenestra) (window) sill
Hence: tabular¹; tabuliero; tabular²-tabulation, tabulator; intabular-intabulamento; retabulo; tabella

tabular¹ adj tabular

tabular² v to tabulate

tabulation n tabulation

tabulator n tabulator

tabuliero n board (for chess, checkers etc.);
tabuliero (de servicio) tray (for serving tea, coffee etc.)

tacer v 1. to be silent, keep quiet (= to refrain from speaking); 2. to pass over in silence, keep to oneself
Hence: tacite-taciturne &; retic- &

tachy- adj [occurring in compounds] tachy- (= swift)
Hence: tachygrapho etc.; tachymetro etc.

tachygraphia (-ía) n tachygraphy

tachygraphic adj tachygraphic, tachygraphical

tachygrapho (-kí-) n tachygrapher, tachygraphist
Hence: tachygraphia; tachygraphic

tachymetria (-ía) n [Surv.] tachymetry

tachymetro (-kí-) n [Surv.] tachymeter
Hence: tachymetria

tacite (tá-) 1. pp of tacer; 2. adj tacit

taciturne adj taciturn
Hence: taciturnitate

taciturnitate n taciturnity

tact- see tanger

tactic adj tactical
Hence: tactico; tactica

tactica n tactics, tactic

tactico n tactician

tactile adj tactile (= pertaining to the sence of touch)

tactilitate n tactility

tacto n 1. (act of) touching; 2. tact (as in “social tact”)

taffeta (-tá) n taffeta;
taffeta de Angleterra court plaster

Tago npr Tagus

taikun [J] n tycoon (= shogun)

tal adj such a, such;
un tal (persona) such a (person);
tal e tal such and such (a)

talco n [Mineral.] talc;
talco (in pulvere) talcum (powder)
Hence: talcose

talcose adj talcose

talento n talent (1. [Antiq.]; 2. as in “talent for acting”)
Hence: talentose

talentose adj talented

talia n 1. edge (= sharp side of a blade); 2. stature, height
Hence: taliar-taliator, detaliar &, retaliar &

taliar v 1. to cut (= to make or shape by cutting); also: [Dressmaking] to cut out; 2. [Cards] to hold the bank

taliator n cutter (of gems, wood, stone, etc.)

talisman n talisman
Hence: talismanic

talismanic adj talismanic

talmente adv so;
(un libro) talmente (belle) so (beautiful) a (book), such a (beautiful book)

talmud [Heb.] n Talmud
Hence: talmudista; talmudic

talmudic adj Talmudic

talmudista n Talmudist

talon n 1. heel; (also of stocking, shoe etc.); 2. [Arch.] talon; 3. [Fin.] stub, counterfoil, talon, etc.

talpa n [Zool.] mole

[tam] adv so, as, to such a degree;
tam ... quam as ... as
(= tanto)
Hence: tamen

tambur n I. drum (1. [Mus.] 2. eardrum; 3. [special: Arch., Technol., etc.]); II. [Fortif.] tambour; III. drummer;
tambur major drum major;
(a) tambur battente with drums beating;
batter le tambur to drum, beat the drum
Hence: tamburino

tamburino n tambourine

[tamen] (tá-) adv yet, however, nevertheless, notwithstanding
(= totevia)

tampon [F] n [Med.] tampon
Hence: tamponar-tamponamento

tamponamento n [Med.] tamponage

tamponar v [Med.] to tampon

[tan] adv so, as;
tan ... como as ... as, (not) so ... as
(= tanto)

-tang [Chinese] n [occurring in compounds] -tang (= party)
Hence: Kuomintang etc.

tangente¹ adj [Math.] tangent
Hence: tangentia-tangential; tangente²-cotangente, subtangente

tangente² n [Math.] tangent

tangentia n [Math.] tangency

tangential adj [Math.] tangential

tanger [tang-/tact-;-ting-/-tact-] v to touch
Hence: tangente &; tangibile-tangibilitate, intangibile-intangibilitate; tactile-tactilitate, intactile; intacte; tacto; attinger &; continger &

tangibile adj tangible (= capable of being touched)

tangibilitate n tangibility (= quality of being tangible)

tank¹ [A] n [Mil.] tank

tank² [A] n tank (as in “water tank, gasoline tank, etc.”)

tannage (-aje) n tanning, tannage

tannar v to tan (skins)

tannator n tanner

tanneria (-ía) n tannery

tannic adj tannic

tannino n tannin

tanno n tan, tanbark
Hence: tannic; tannino; tannar-tannage, tanneria; tannator

tantalic adj [Chem.] tantalic

tantalite n [Mineral.] tantalite

tantalium (-tá-) n [Chem.] tantalum

Tantalo (tán-) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Tantalus;
tantalo [Ornith.] tantalus
Hence: tantalium-tantalite, tantalic

tante adj so much, so many;
tante per cento so much per hundred, percentage;
tante ... como as much, as many ... as
Hence: tanto-intertanto

tanto adv so, so much;
tanto ... como as much ... as;
in tanto que inasmuch as, in so far as;
tanto plus ... que all the more ... that;
quanto ... tanto the ... the

tapete n rug, carpet, tapestry, etc.;
esser super le tapete to be on the tapis, be under consideration;
tapete de papiro wallpaper

-tapho- n [occurring in compounds] taph- (= tomb)
Hence: epitaphio; cenotaphio etc.

tapioca n tapioca

tapis [F] n rug, carpet, tapestry, etc.;
esser super le tapis to be on the tapis, be under consideration
Hence: tapissero; tapissar-tapisseria

tapiss- see tapis

tapissar v to do tapestry work; also: to upholster

tapisseria (-ía) n tapestry; also: upholstery

tapissero n tapestry worker; also: upholsterer

tappar v to plug, stop up

tappo n plug, stopper
Hence: tappar

tardar v to delay (= to move slowly, linger)

tarde¹ adj slow, tardy
Hence: tardive; tardar; retardar &; tardigrade etc.

tarde² adv late;
plus tarde I. later (1. as in “later than expected”; 2. subsequently); II. later on;
al plus tarde at the latest

tardigrade (-í-) adj tardigrade, slowpaced
Hence: tardigrado

tardigrado (-í-) n [Zool.] tardigrade

tardive adj tardy (1. slow; 2. late)

tarifa n tariff (1. [Customs]; 2. scale or schedule of prices);
tarifa telegraphic telegraph rates
Hence: tarifar

tarifar v to tariff (= to list the tariff value of)

tasca n 1. bag; 2. pocket;
lampa de tasca flashlight, flashlamp
Hence: tascata; intascar

tascata n pocketful

tassa n cup (“teacup”, “coffee cup”, etc.)

tastar v to feel, touch

tatu (-tú) n 1. (practice of) tattooing; 2. tattoo (= design produced by tattooing)
Hence: tatuar-tatuage, tatuator

tatuage (-aje) n 1. (practice of) tattooing; 2. tattoo (= design produced by tattooing)

tatuar v to tattoo, do tattooing

tatuator n tattooer

taurides (táu-) npl [Astron.] Taurids

tauriforme adj bull-shaped, tauriform

taurin adj bull, bull’s, taurine

tauro n bull (= male bovine animal);
Tauro [Astron.] Taurus, Bull
Hence: taurides; taurin; tauriforme etc.; tauromachia etc.; taurobolio etc.; minotauro etc.

taurobolio n taurobolium, tauroboly (= sacrifice of bulls)

tauromachia (-ía) n tauromachy, bullfighting
Hence: tauromachic

tauromachic adj tauromachic

tauto- n [occurring in compounds] tauto- (= same)
Hence: tautologia etc.

tautologia (-ía) n tautology
Hence: tautologic

tautologic adj tautological

taverna n tavern
Hence: tavernero

tavernero n tavern keeper, taverner

taxa n 1. rate, established price; 2. tax (as in “income tax”)

taxabile adj liable to tax or duty; taxable; dutiable

taxar v I. rate, set the price for; II. to tax (1. to impose a tax on; to subject to taxation; 2. to charge, accuse)
Hence: taxa-supertaxa, taximetro etc.; taxabile; taxation; taxator

taxation n 1. setting of prices, wages, etc.; 2. [Admin.] taxation

taxator n assessor, levier, etc. of taxes

taxi (-í) n taxi, taxicab

taxidermia (-ía) n taxidermy
Hence: taxidermista; taxidermic

taxidermic adj taxidermic, taxidermal

taxidermista n taxidermist

taximetro (-í-) n taximeter

taxinomia (-ía) n taxonomy, taxinomy
Hence: taxinomista; taxinomic

taxinomic adj taxonomic, taxonomical

taxinomista n taxonomist

taxis (tá-) [Gr.] n [Surg.] taxis;
taxi- taxi-, taxo- (= arrangement, order)
Hence: ataxia; taxidermia etc.; taxinomia etc.

taxo n yew

taxon n badger
Hence: taxoniera

taxoniera n badger hole

te pron 1. pers you [in familiar or informal use; addressing one person] (as in “I love you”, “for you”); 2. refl yourself [in familiar or informal use; addressing one person] (as in “you hurt yourself”, “to yourself”)

techn- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] techno-, techn- (= art, craft)
Hence: technic-technicitate, technicismo, pyrotechnic etc., polytechnic etc.; technico; technica; technocrate etc.; technocratia etc.; technologo etc.; technocratic etc.; mnemotechnia etc.

technic adj technical

technica n 1. technics, technology; 2. technique

technicismo n technicalism, technicism; technical term

technicitate n technicalness, technicality

technico n technician

technocrate (-ó-) n technocrat

technocratia (-ía) n technocracy

technocratic adj technocratic

technologia (-ía) n technology

technologic adj technological

technologo (-ólogo) n technologist
Hence: technologia; technologic

tect- see teger

tecto n 1. roof; 2. ceiling

tecton- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] tecton- (= builder)
Hence: tectonic; tectonica; architecton- etc.

tectonic adj tectonic

tectonica n tectonics

tedio n tedium, tediousness;
tedio del vita taedium vitae, weariness (of life)
Hence: tediose

tediose adj tedious (= involving tedium)

teger [teg-/tect-] v to cover, conceal
Hence: tecto; deteger &; proteger &

tegula (té-) n tile
Hence: tegulero; teguleria; tegular

tegular v to tile

teguleria (-ía) n tilery

tegulero n tiler

tel- see tele-

tela n I. cloth, fabric; II. canvas (1. strong cloth of hemp or flax; 2. oil painting); III. [Theat.] curtain;
tela cerate oilcloth;
tela metallic wire gauze; cobweb, spider web
Hence: telario; orbitel etc.

telario n loom

telautographo (-ógrapho) n telautograph, facsimile telegraph

tele-¹ adj [occurring in compounds] teleo- (= perfect, complete)

tele-² adv [occurring in compounds] tele-, tel- (= far)
Hence: telephere &; telegrapho etc.; telepathia etc.; telephono etc.; television etc.; telautographo etc.

telegramma n telegram

telegraphar v to telegraph

telegraphia (-ía) n telegraphy

telegraphic adj telegraphic

telegraphista n telegraphist

telegrapho (-lé-) n telegraph
Hence: telegraphia-radiotelegraphia etc.; telegraphista; telegraphic; telegraphar; pantelegrapho etc.

telemechanica n [Elec.] telemechanics

telemetria (-ía) n telemetry

telemetric adj telemetric

telemetro (-lé-) n telemeter (= instrument for measuring the distance of an object from the observer)
Hence: telemetria; telemetric

teleo- n [occurring in compounds] teleo-, tel- (= end, purpose)
Hence: teleologia etc.; entelechia etc.; tele--atele, protele, teleostee etc.

teleologia (-ía) n teleology
Hence: teleologista; teleologic

teleologic adj teleological

teleologista n teleologist

teleostee adj [Zool.] teleost, teleostean
Hence: teleosteo

teleosteo n [Zool.] teleost, teleostean;
teleosteos Teleostei

telepathia (-ía) n telepathy
Hence: telepathic

telepathic adj telepathic

telepherage (-aje) n telpherage;
linea de telepherage telpher line, telpherway

telepherar v to telpher (= to transport in a telpher)

telephere adj telpher
Hence: telephero-telepherar-telepherage

telephero (-lé-) n telpher (= light car suspended from cables)

telephonar v to telephone

telephonia (-ía) n telephony

telephonic adj telephonic

telephonista n (telephone) operator

telephono n telephone
Hence: telephonia; telephonista; telephonic; telephonar

telephoto n telephoto (1. apparatus for photographing at a distance; 2. apparatus for the transmission of messages by light; 3. apparatus for the electric transmission of photographs)

telephotographia (-ía) n telephotography (1. photography at a distance; 2. electric transmission of photographs)

telescop- see telescopio

telescopar v to telescope (as in “to telescope railroad cars”);
telescopar se to telescope (= to move like the sliding portions of a spyglass before closing)

telescopic adj telescopic

telescopio n telescope
Hence: telescopic; telescopar

television n television

temerari adj temerarious

temere adj rash, temerous
Hence: temeritate; temerari

temeritate n temerity

tempera [I] n [Paint.] tempera

temperamento n I. moderation (= quality of being moderate); II. temperament (1. disposition; 2. [Mus.])

temperante 1. ppr of temperar; 2. adj temperate

temperantia n temperance;
societate de temperantia temperance society

temperar v to temper (1. to moderate, regulate, etc.; 2. [specif.: Metal., Paint.])
Hence: temperamento; temperante-temperantia, intemperante-intemperantia; temperator; temperatura; temperate-intemperate; attemperar; distemperar-distemperate; obtemperar; retemperar

temperate I. pp of temperar; II. adj temperate;
(zona) temperate temperate (zone)

temperator n temperer (= one who or that which tempers)

temperatura n temperature

tempesta n storm
Hence: tempestuose; tempestar

tempestar v to storm, rage

tempestuose adj tempestuous

templo n temple (as in “temple of Diana”)
Hence: contemplar &

tempo [I] n [Mus.] tempo

tempora (tém-) n [Anat.] temple
Hence: temporal

temporal¹ adj temporal (1. not ecclesiastical; 2. not eternal)

temporal² adj [Anat.] temporal (= of or pertaining to the temples)

temporalitate n temporality (1. quality of being temporal or temporary; 2. [Eccl.])

temporanee adj temporal, temporary

temporari adj temporary

tempore n I. time (1. duration; also: extent or point of time; 2. [Mus.]); II. weather; III. [Gram.] tense;
perder le tempore to waste time;
de tempore in tempore from time to time;
a tempore in (good) time;
ante le tempore ahead of time, too early;
il face belle or bon tempore the weather is good;
ex tempore extempore
Hence: temporal-temporalitate; temporanee-contemporanee &, extemporanee; temporari; temporisar &; contratempore; passatempore etc.

temporisar v to temporize
Hence: temporisation; temporisator

temporisation n temporization

temporisator n temporizer

tenace adj tenacious (= persistent in a state, an action; also: an opinion, etc.)
Hence: tenacitate; pertinace &

tenacitate n tenacity, tenaciousness

tenalia n 1. tongs, pincers, nippers, vise, clamp, etc.; 2. [Fortif.] tenaille

tendentia n tendency

tendentiose adj tendentious (= subservient to a preconceived purpose)

tender¹ [A] n [R.R.] tender

tender² [tend-/-tent-/tens-] v to stretch; also: to stretch out; to unfold, spread out;
tender a 1. to tend to or toward; 2. to tend, be apt, to
Hence: tendine &; tendon; tendentia-tendentiose; tenta; tension-hypertension; tensor; tense; tenditor; attender &; contender &; distender &; extender &; intender &; ostender &; portender &; pretender &; subtender &

tendine n [Anat.] tendon; sinew
Hence: tendinose

tendinose adj [Anat.] tendinous

tenditor n stretcher (= one who or that which stretches)

tendon n [Anat.] tendon

tenebras (tén-) npl 1. darkness, dark; 2. [Eccl.] Tenebrae;
angelo del tenebras Prince of Darkness
Hence: tenebrion &; tenebrose-tenebrositate

tenebrion n [Zool.] Tenebrio, meal worm
Hence: tenebrionides

tenebrionides (-ó-) npl [Zool.] Tenebrionidae, darkling beetles

tenebrose adj dark (1. obscure, dusky, tenebrous; 2. sinister, evil)

tenebrositate n darkness (1. dark; 2. wickedness)

tenente n tenant

tenentia n tenancy

tener [ten-/tent-;-tin-/-tent-] v to hold (something);
tener pro to deem; consider;
tener a (un cosa) to value, care for (a thing)
Hence: tenente-tenentia, locotenente etc.; tenor &; tenibile-tenibilitate, intenibile-intenibilitate; abstiner &; continer &; pertiner &; detener &; intertener &; mantener etc.; obtener &; retener &; sustener &

tenere adj tender (1. soft, not hard or tough; 2. delicate, sensitive; 3. affectionate)
Hence: teneressa

teneressa n tenderness (1. softness; 2. sensitiveness; 3. affection)

tenia n tapeworm
Hence: tenifuge etc.

tenibile adj tenable (as in “a tenable position”)

tenibilitate n tenability

tenifuga n taeniafuge

tenifuge adj taeniafuge
Hence: tenifuga

tennis [A] n tennis

tenor n tenor (1. course or direction; 2. general purport, drift; 3. [Mus.] highest adult male voice);
tenor de vita way of life, standard of living
Hence: tenorino; tenorisar

tenorino n falsetto tenor, tenorino

tenorisar v to sing as a tenor

tens- see tender

tense adj tense (1. stretched tight; 2. feeling or evincing nervous tension)

tension n tension;
tension (de un vapor, etc.) pressure (of a vapor, etc.)

tensor n [Anat.] tensor

-tent- see tender

tenta n 1. tent; 2. awning

tentaculo n [Zool.] tentacle

tentar v I. to tempt (1. to try, put to the test; 2. to try to allure, incite, etc.); II. to attempt, try;
tentar le fortuna to tempt fortune
Hence: tentaculo; tentation; tentative-tentativa; tentator; attentar &

tentation n temptation

tentativa n attempt, endeavor

tentative adj tentative

tentator n tempter

tenue¹ adj 1. thin, slender, tenuous; 2. slight, trifling, unimportant;
consonante tenue [Phonet.] tenuis
Hence: tenuitate; attenuar &; extenuar &; tenuirostro etc.

tenue² n [Phonet.] tenuis

tenuirostre adj [Ornith.] tenuirostral, tenuirostrate
Hence: tenuirostro

tenuirostro n [Ornith.] tenuiroster

tenuitate n 1. tenuity, thinness; 2. slightness, insignificance

teper v to be lukewarm
Hence: tepide-tepiditate, tepidar; tepor

tepidar v to warm slightly, take the chill off

tepide adj lukewarm, tepid

tepiditate n tepidity

tepor n lukewarmness

ter-¹ [ter-/trit-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: terebra &; tritura &; atter- &; conter- &; deter- &

ter-² see also: tres

terebinthin adj terebinthine (1. of the turpentine tree; 2. of turpentine)

terebinthina n turpentine, terebinthine

terebinthinar v to terebinthinate, to turpentine

terebintho n terebinth, turpentine tree
Hence: terebinthin; terebinthina-terebinthinar

terebra (tér-) n [Zool.] terebra (1. boring ovipositor of hymenopterous insect; 2. genus to which auger shell belongs)
Hence: terebrar

terebrar v to bore, pierce

terg- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] terg- (= back)
Hence: tergiversar etc. ...

tergiversar v to tergiversate (= to use subterfuges)
Hence: tergiversation, tergiversator

tergiversation n tergiversation (= shift, subterfuge, evasion)

tergiversator n tergiversator

terminabile adj terminable

terminal adj terminal

terminar v to terminate, to bring to an end;
terminar se to terminate, to come to an end

termination n termination (1. action of terminating; 2. [Gram.] ending)

terminative adj terminative

terminator n terminator (= one who or that which terminates)

termino (tér-) n term (1. limit in space or time; 2. a space of time; 3. expression; 4. “term of a contract, etc.”;
termino medie middle term;
termino technic technical term;
sin termino endlessly;
esser in bon (mal) terminos con to be on good (bad) terms with
Hence: terminal; terminar-terminabile-interminabile, termination, terminative, terminator, determinar &; exterminar &; contermine; terminologia etc.

terminologia (-ía) n terminology
Hence: terminologic

terminologic adj terminological

terminus [L] n terminus, terminal (= terminal point of a railway)

ternari adj ternary

terno n group or set of three; also: [Lottery] tern
Hence: ternari

terra n 1. earth; 2. estate, property;
terra firme 1. terra firma; 2. mainland, continent;
terra cocte terra cotta;
Terra Sancte Holy Land;
Terra del Foco Tierra del Fuego;
Terra Nove Newfoundland;
(can de) Terra Nove Newfoundland (dog);
poner or mitter pede a terra to alight, set foot to the ground;
tremor de terra earthquake;
cader per terra to fall, fall down;
super terra on the earth;
esser super terra to exist
Hence: terrage; terrassa; terranee-subterranee-subterraneo, mediterranee etc.; terren &; terrestre; terrina; terrose; atterrar &; interrar &; terrapleno etc.; terricola etc.; terrigene etc.; terraquee etc.; fumoterra etc.; Anglaterra etc.

terrage (-aje) n [Hist.] tithe, terrage

terranee adj terranean, terraneous

terrapleno n [Fortif.] terreplein; also: [R.R.] roadbed

terraquee adj terraqueous

terrassa n terrace (= open gallery, portico, colonnade, flat roof, etc.)

terren adj 1. earthly, terrestrial; 2. land, earth
Hence: terreno

terreno n I. (plot of) ground; II. terrain (1. [Mil.]; 2. [Geol.] terrane); III. land, soil;
ganiar terreno to gain ground

terrer v to frighten
Hence: terrific; terror &; terribile; terrificar

terrestre adj terrestrial (1. pertaining to the earth; 2. earthly)

terribile adj terrible

terricola (-í-) n [Zool., Bot.] terricole, terricolist; attrib. terricolous

terrier n terrier (as in “wire-haired terrier”)

terrific adj terrific

terrificar v to terrify

terrigene adj terrigenous

terrina n terrine; tureen

territorial adj territorial

territorialitate n territoriality

territorio n territory; also: jurisdiction (= territory over which authority extends)
Hence: territorial-territorialitate, exterritorial-exterritorialitate, extraterritorial-extraterritorialitate

terror n terror
Hence: terrorismo; terrorista; terrorisar

terrorisar v to terrorize

terrorismo n terrorism

terrorista n terrorist

terrose adj earthy (as in “an earthy smell”)

tertia n I. [Mus.] third; II. tierce (1. [Fencing]; 2. [Eccl.])

tertian adj [Pathol.] tertian
Hence: tertiana

tertiana n tertian (fever)

tertiar v 1. to divide in three parts; 2. [Agr.] to plow for the third time

tertiari adj tertiary

tertie adj third;
le tertie parte, le tertio the third part, third;
tertie stato [Hist.] third estate, Third Estate
Hence: tertian &; tertiari; tertiar; tertia

test [A] n test, examination;
test de intelligentia [Psychol.] intelligence test

testa n I. [Zool.] test, shell; II. [Bot.] testa, shell; III. head (1. “head of a person or animal”; also: head, heading; 2. brains, mind);
al testa de at the head of;
perder le testa to lose one’s head;
testa coronate crowned head;
testa de ponte bridgehead;
testa de littera (factura, etc.) letterhead (billhead, etc.)
Hence: teston; testacee-testaceos; testiera

testacee adj [Zool.] testaceous, testacean

testaceos npl [Zool.] Testacea

testamentari adj testamentary

testamento n [Law] testament, will

testar v 1. to witness (as in “to witness a signature to a document”); 2. to make one’s testament or will

testate 1. pp of testar; 2. adj [Law] testate

testator n [Law] testator

teste¹ n witness (= one who attests)
Hence: testimonio &; testar-testamento-testamentari, testator, testate-intestate, attestar &, contestar &, detestar &, protestar &; testificar-testification, testificator

teste² n [Anat. and Zool.] testis
Hence: testiculo-testicular

testicular adj [Anat.] testicular

testiculo n [Anat.] testicle

testiera n [Harness] headstall

testificar v to testify, bear witness

testification n testification

testificator n testifier

testimonial adj witnessing, testifying

testimoniar v to testify, witness, bear witness

testimonio n testimony, attestation
Hence: testimonial; testimoniar

testo n 1. earthenware pot; 2. potsherd

teston n [Numis.] teston, testoon

testudine n I. [Zool.] tortoise; II. [Antiq.] testudo, tortoise (1. movable shed for the protection of attacking soldiers; 2. military formation with the shields held aloft and together)
Hence: testudinee

testudinee adj tortoise, testudinal, testudineous

tetanic adj [Med.] tetanic

tetano (té-) n [Med.] tetanus; also: lockjaw
Hence: tetanic

tetra- adj [occurring in compounds] tetra- (= four)
Hence: tetrarcha etc.; tetralogia etc.; tetrametro etc.; tetradactyle etc.; tetragon etc.; tetrapode etc.

tetradactyle adj tetradactylous

tetragon adj tetragonal
Hence: tetragono

tetragono n tetragon

tetrahedr- adj [appearing in derivatives]
Hence: tetrahedro-tetrahedric

tetrahedric adj [Math.] tetrahedral

tetrahedro n [Math.] tetrahedron

tetralogia (-ía) n tetralogy

tetramere adj [Bot., Zool.] tetramerous

tetrametro (-á-) n tetrameter

tetrapode (-trá-) adj tetrapod

tetraptere adj [Biol.] tetrapterous

tetrarcha n tetrarch
Hence: tetrarchato; tetrarchia

tetrarchato n tetrarchate

tetrarchia (-ía) n tetrarchy

tetta n teat; also: dug
Hence: atettar

-teucho n [occurring in compounds] -teuch (= book)
Hence: pentateucho etc. ...

teut- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] Teut-, Teuto- (1. as in “Teutonic”; 2. Teuton; as in “Teutomania”)
Hence: teutone-teutono-teutonic; Teutoburgo etc.; teutomania etc.

Teutoburgo npr -;
battalia de Teutoburgo battle in the Teutoburger Wald

teutomania (-ía) n Teutomania

teutone adj Teuton, Teutonic

teutonic adj Teutonic;
linguas teutonic Teutonic languages;
Ordine Teutonic Order of the Teutonic Knights

teutono (téu-) n Teuton

texer [tex-/text-] v to weave
Hence: textile; textura; texto &; texitor; texito; contexer &; pretex- &

texito n 1. (woven) fabric, cloth; 2. [Biol.] tissue;
texito (de fraudes, absurditates, etc.) tissue, web (of deceptions, absurdities, etc.)

texitor n weaver

text- see texer

textile¹ adj textile;
industria textile textile industry

textile² n textile

texto n text
Hence: textual

textu- see texto

textual adj textual

textura n texture (1. “texture of a woven fabric”; 2. structure)

thallo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] thallo- (= young shoot)
Hence: thallogeno etc. ...

thallogeno (-ógeno) n thallogen

thaumat- n [occurring in compounds] thaumat-, thaumato- (= wonder, marvel)
Hence: thaumaturgo etc.

thaumaturgia (-ía) n thaumaturgy

thaumaturgic adj thaumaturgic

thaumaturgo n thaumaturge
Hence: thaumaturgia; thaumaturgic

the n tea
Hence: theiero; theira; theina

theatral adj theatrical

theatralitate n theatricalness (= character of being theatrical in type, behavior, etc.)

theatro n theater (1. theater building, hall etc.; 2. theatrical art, profession, literature, etc.);
theatro anatomic anatomical theater;
theatro del guerra theater of war
Hence: theatral-theatralitate; amphitheatro &; theatromano etc.; theatromania etc.

theatromania (-ía) n theatromania

theatromano (-ó-) n theatromaniac

theca n [Anat., Bot., Zool.] theca (= sheath, capsule, receptacle, etc.)
Hence: bibliotheca etc.

theiera n teapot

theiero n tea plant, tea shrub

theina (-ína) n [Chem.] theine

theismo (-ízmo) n theism

theista (-ísta) n theist

theistic (-ístic) adj theistic

thema [-ma/-mat-] n I. theme (1. topic, subject; 2. [School] composition; 3. [Mus.]); II. [Gram.] stem, base, theme
Hence: thematic-athematic

themat- see thema

thematic adj thematic; specif.: [Gram., Mus.]

theo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] 1. theo- (as in “theology”); 2. the- (as in “theist”)
Hence: theismo; theista; athee &; theocrate etc.; theologo etc.; theodicea etc.; theogonia etc.; theurgo etc.; theocratia etc.; theocratic etc.; theosophe etc.; polytheismo etc.; monotheista etc.; Dorothea etc.

theocrate (-ó-) n theocrat

theocratia (-ía) n theocracy

theocratic adj theocratic

theodicea (-éa) n theodicy

theogonia (-ía) n theogony
Hence: theogonic

theogonic adj theogonic

theologia (-ía) n theology

theologic adj theological

theologisar v to theologize

theologo (-ólogo) n theologian
Hence: theologia; theologic; theologisar

theomantia (-ía) n theomancy

theor- v [occurring in derivatives]

theorema [-ma/-mat-] n theorem

theorematic adj theorematic

theoretic adj theoretical

theoretica n theoretics

theoretico n theorist, theoretician

theoria (-ía) n 1. [Gr. Relig.] theoria; 2. theory

theoric adj theoretical

theorisar v to theorize

theorista n theorist

theoro (-óro) n [Gr. Hist.] theor
Hence: theoria-theorista, theoric, theorisar; theor--theorema-theorematic, theoretic, theoretico, theoretica

theosophe (-ósophe) adj theosophical
Hence: theosophia-theosophic; theosopho

theosophia (-ía) n theosophy

theosophic adj theosophical

theosopho (-ósopho) n theosophist

therap- [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: therapia-hydrotherapia etc.; pneumonotherapia etc., psychotherapia etc.; therapeuta &

therapeuta n therapeutist
Hence: therapeutic-hydrotherapeutic etc.; therapeutica-electrotherapeutica etc.; psychotherapeuta etc.

therapeutic adj therapeutic, therapeutical

therapeutica n therapeutics

therapia (-ía) n 1. therapy; 2. therapeutics

therm- adj/n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] therm- (1. warm, hot; 2. heat)
Hence: thermite; thermal; thermic; diathermia &; thermocauterio etc.; thermochimia etc.; thermodynamica etc.; thermometro etc.; thermostato etc.; Thermopylas etc.; thermidor etc.

thermal adj thermal

thermas (tér-) npl thermae; specif.: [Rom. Antiq.]

thermic adj thermic;
excambiator thermic [Atomic Phys.] heat exchanger

thermidor n [French Revolutionary Calendar] Thermidor
Hence: thermidorian-thermidoriano

thermidorian adj [Fr. Hist.] Thermidorian

thermidoriano n [Fr. Hist.] Thermidorian

thermite n thermite (as in “welding with thermite”)

thermocauterio n thermocautery

thermochimia (-ía) n thermochemistry

thermodynamica n thermodynamics

thermometro (-ó-) n thermometer

Thermopylas (-mó-) nprpl Thermopylae

thermos [A] n Thermos (bottle)

thermostato (-ó-) n thermostat

thesaureria (-ía) n treasury (1. treasure house; 2. treasury department, exchequer)

thesaurero n treasurer

thesaurisar v to hoard (money, etc.)

thesaurisator n hoarder (of money)

thesauro n 1. treasure; also: [Eccl.] (collection of) relics and ornaments; 2. treasury (= repository for a treasure or treasures); 3. thesaurus
Hence: thesaurero; thesaureria; thesaurisar-thesaurisator

these n thesis (1. [Pros.]; 2. proposition; specif.: [Logic]; 3. dissertation)

thetic adj thetic (1. [Pros.]; 2. dogmatic)

theurgia (-ía) n theurgy, (white) magic

theurgic (-úrgic) adj theurgic

theurgista n theurgist

theurgo (-úrgo) n theurgist
Hence: theurgia-theurgista, theurgic

thom- see Thomas

Thomas (tómas) nprm Thomas
Hence: thomismo; thomista

thomismo n [Philos.] Thomism

thomista¹ n Thomist

thomista² adj Thomist, Thomistic

Thor npr [Norse Mythol.] Thor
Hence: thorite; thorium-thoric

thorace n thorax
Hence: thoracic; penumothorace etc.

thoracic adj thoracic

thoric adj [Chem.] thoric

thorite n [Mineral.] thorite

thorium (tó-) n [Chem.] thorium

thrombosis (-ósis) n, thrombosis

throno n throne
Hence: disthronar-disthronamento; inthronar-inthronamento

thunnero n tunny fisherman or dealer

thunno n [Ichthyol.] tuna (fish), tunny
Hence: thunnero

thymic adj thymic

thymo¹ n [Bot.] thyme
Hence: thymol

thymo² n [Anat.] thymus
Hence: thymic

thymol n [Chem.] thymol

thyr-, thyro- see thyreo-

thyreo- n [occurring in compounds] thyreo-, thyro- (1. shield; 2. thyroid)
Hence: thyreoide; thyreotomia etc.; thyroide; thyrotomia etc.

thyreoide adj [Anat.] thyroid, thyreoid

thyreotomia (-ía) n [Surg.] thyrotomy, thyreotomy

thyroide adj [Anat.] thyroid;
glandula thyroide thyroid (gland);
cartilagine thyroide thyroid cartilage

thyrotomia (-ía) n [Surg.] thyrotomy

[ti] pron you, thee (used as object of verb)
(= te)

Tibere, Tibre npr Tiber

Tibet npr Tibet
Hence: tibetan-tibetano

tibetan adj Tibetan

tibetano n Tibetan

tibia (1. (1. [Anat.] shinbone; 2. [Gr. and Rom. Mus.])
Hence: tibial

tibial adj [Anat.] tibial

tic [F] n [Med.] tic, twitching

-tic- see tacer

ticket [A] n ticket (as in “railroad, theater, etc., ticket”)

tic-tac ticktack, ticktock;
facer tic-tac to tick, ticktack, ticktock

tigrate adj tigrine

tigre n tiger
Hence: tigressa; tigrate

tigressa n tigress

tilde [H] n tilde

tilia n 1. linden; 2. linden blossom
Hence: tiliacee-tiliaceas

tiliaceas n [Bot.] Tiliaceae

tiliacee adj [Bot.] tiliaceous

timbal n 1. timbal, kettledrum; 2. [Cookery] timbale
Hence: timbalero

timbalero n kettledrummer

timbrar v to stamp (= to impress with an official stamp)

timbro n I. timbre; II. stamp (1. as in “rubber stamp”; 2. mark made with a stamp”; also: postmark; 3. “postage stamp”
Hence: timbrar

timer v to fear, be afraid (of)
Hence: timide &; timor &; timibile

timibile adj fearful, to be feared

timide adj timid
Hence: timiditate; intimidar-intimidabile, intimidation

timiditate n timidity

timon n 1. pole (of a vehicle); also: tongue, beam (of a plow); thill, etc.; 2. [Naut.] helm; also: rudder
Hence: timonero

timonero n helmsman

timor n fear
Hence: timorate; timorose

timorate adj overscrupulous

timorose adj timorous, fearful

Timotheo npr Timothy

tinct- see tinger

tincto n hue, tint, dye

tinctor n dyer

tinctori adj tinctorial

tinctorial adj tinctorial

tinctura n 1. (action of) dyeing; 2. dye, coloring matter; 3. color, hue; 4.[Pharm.] tincture

tinctureria (-ía) n dyer’s shop

tincturero n dyer

tinea n 1. [Pathol.] tinea, ringworm, athlete’s foot, etc.; 2. (small) moth
Hence: tineose

tineose adj infected with tinea, ringworm, etc.

-tiner see tener

tinger [ting-/tinct-] v to dye (= to give a new color to)
Hence: tinctor; tinctori-tinctorial; tinctura-tincturero, tinctureria; tincto; distinger

-tinger see tanger

tinta n 1. tint, shade, hue; 2. ink;
tinta de China India ink;
tinta sympathic invisible ink
Hence: tintiera; tintar

tintar v to tint, tinge

tintiera n inkwell

tintinnamento n (action of) tinkling, jingling, clinking

tintinnar v to tinkle, jingle, clink
Hence: tintinno; tintinnamento

tintinno n tinkle

tiracorcos (-cór-) n corkscrew

tirada n 1. (act of) pulling; drawing, etc.; 2. tirade

tirage (-aje) n I. draft, draught (of a chimney); II. printing (1. action of pulling or printing; 2. copies printed at one time; also: circulation)

tiramento n 1. (act of) drawing out, stretching; 2. (act of) drawing, dragging, pulling, etc.

tirar v 1. to draw out, stretch; 2. to draw, drag, pull, etc.; 3. [Print.] to pull; 4. to shoot, shoot off;
tirar (un linea, parallelas, etc.) to draw (a line, parallels, etc.)
Hence: tiro; tirada; tirage; tiramento; tirator; tiratorio; retirar &; tiracorcos etc.

tirator n 1. drawer (= one who or that which draws); 2. marksman, sharpshooter;
franc tirator franc-tireur

tiratorio n drawer (= sliding box in a chest, desk, etc.)

tiro n shooting, firing; also: shot

-tirp- see stirpe

tisana n (medicinal) tea, tisane

Titan npr [Gr. Mythol.] Titan
Hence: titanic¹; titanium &; titanifere; titanomachia

titanic¹ adj Titanic; also: titanic, enormous

titanic² adj [Chem., Mineral.] titanic

titanifere adj titaniferous

titanite n [Mineral.] titanite

titanium (-tá-) n [Chem.] titanium
Hence: titanite; titanic²

titanomachia (-ía) n titanomachia, war of the Titans

titillar v to titillate; to tickle
Hence: titillation

titillation n titillation; tickling

titrar v [Chem.] to titrate
Hence: titration

titration n [Chem.] titration

titubar v to stagger, totter
Hence: titubation

titubation n (act of) staggering, tottering; also: [Pathol.] titubation

titular¹ adj titular (= held by virtue of a title)

titular² v 1. to entitle (as in “to entitle a book, etc.”); 2. to endow with a title of rank, to title

titulo (tí-) n I. title (1. “title of nobility, honor, rank, etc.”; 2. recognized claim or right; 3. “title of a book, song, etc.”); II. [Assaying] fineness of gold or silver; III. [Paleog.] mark over a word as sign of abbreviation
Hence: titular¹; titular²; intitular &; subtitulo

toalia (-ália) n towel

toast [A] n toast (1. toasted bread; 2. as in “to drink a toast”)
Hence: toastar

toastar v to toast (1. as in “to toast bread”; 2. to propose a toast to)

toboggan [A] n toboggan

tocca n 1. touch (= action of touching); 2. cap; also: toque;
petra de tocca touchstone

toccabile adj touchable

toccante 1. ppr of toccar; 2. adj touching, pathetic

toccar v to touch (1. as in “to touch a person on the arm”; 2. to affect emotionally)
Hence: tocco; toccante; toccabile; toccator; toccata; retoccar &

toccata n [Mus.] toccata

toccator n toucher (= one who or that which touches)

tocco n touch (= act of touching)

toddy [A] n toddy

toga n 1. [Rom. Antiq.] toga; 2. gown, robe (of office)
Hence: togate

togate adj togaed (= having a toga)

toilette [F] n 1. dressing table, dresser; 2. dressing room; 3. toilet (= dressing, grooming); 4. toilette (= attire)

Tokai [Hu.] npr Tokay;
tokai Tokay (wine)

Tokio npr Tokyo

tolerabile adj tolerable (= that can be endured)

tolerabilitate n tolerability

tolerante adj tolerant

tolerantia n tolerance, toleration

tolerar v to tolerate, endure
Hence: tolerante-tolerantia, intolerante-intolerantia; tolerabile-tolerabilitate, intolerabile-intolerabilitate; toleration; tolerator

toleration n toleration

tolerator n tolerator

tom- [occurring in derivatives and compounds] -tom- (= cut, cutting)
Hence: atomo &; phlebotomo etc.; microtomo etc.; rheotomo etc.; -tomia-phlebotomia etc.; zootomia etc.; stereotomia etc.; tomo

tomahawk [A] n tomahawk

tomate n tomato
Hence: tomatiero

tomatiero n tomato plant

tombola [I] n tombola

-tomia (-ía) n [occurring in compounds] -tomy (= cutting)

tomo n volume (= section of a work in several volumes, as in “four volumes in three”)

tonal adj tonal

tonalitate n [Mus.] tonality

tonar v to thunder

tonder [tond-/tons-] v to shear, clip, etc.
Hence: tonsion; tonsor; tonsura-tonsurar-tonsurato

tonic adj tonic (1. [Med.]; 2. pertaining to the stress of a syllable; 3. [Mus.])

tonica n [Mus.] keynote

tonicitate n [Physiol.] tonicity

tonitro (tó-) n thunder

tonna n I. tun, cask; II. ton (1. [Weight]; 2. [Naut.]);
tonna metric metric ton
Hence: tonnage; tonnello; intonnar

tonnage (-aje) n tonnage (= cubical content of a vessel in tons);
tonnage de registro register tonnage

tonnello n tun, cask

tono n I. tone (1. sound, sound quality; 2. [Paint.]; 3. [Physiol.]); II. key (as in “the key of C”);
tono major, minor major, minor key;
dar le tono [Mus.] to give the pitch;
tonos harmonic [Mus.] overtones
Hence: tonal-tonalitate; tonic-tonicitate, tonica; tonar-detonar &, intonar &; atone &; barytone etc.; monotone etc.; diatonic etc.; semitono etc.

tons- see tonder

tonsilla n [Anat.] tonsil
Hence: tonsillitis; tonsillar; tonsillotomia etc.; tonsillectomia etc.

tonsillar adj tonsillar

tonsillectomia (-ía) n [Surg.] tonsillectomy

tonsillitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] tonsillitis

tonsillotomia (-ía) n tonsillectomy

tonsion n fleece (= coat of wool that covers a sheep or similar animal);
le tonsion de auro the Golden Fleece

tonsor n shearer, clipper (= one who shears, clips, etc.)

tonsura n 1. (act of) shearing, clipping etc.; also: shearings, etc.; 2. [Eccl.] tonsure

tonsurar v to tonsure

tonsurato n cleric, priest

topazo n topaz

topic adj topical (1. local; also: [Med.]; 2. pertaining to a topic, heading, or subject)

topico n 1. topical or local application or remedy; 2. topic;
Topicos Topics (= work by Aristotle bearing that title)

topo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] topo-, top- (= place)
Hence: topic-topico; topographo etc.; toponymia etc.

topographia (-ía) n topography (1. art or practice of topography; 2. topographical features of an area)

topographic adj topographical

topographo (-ógrapho) n topographer
Hence: topographia; topographic

toponymia (-ía) n toponymy

torcha (-sha) n torch, flambeau

toreador [H] n toreador

tormentar v 1. to torture, put to torture; 2. to torment (= to cause torment)

tormentator n 1. torturer; 2. tormentor, tormenter

tormentilla n [Bot.] tormentil

tormento n 1. torture (as in “to put to torture”); 2. torment, anguish
Hence: tormentilla; tormentose; tormentar-tormentator

tormentose adj torturing, tormenting

tornado n tornado

tornar v to turn (1. “to turn on a lathe”; 2. to change or reverse position of)

tornasol n turnsole (1. [Bot.] heliotrope, sunflower, etc.; 2. purple dye obtained from the Chrozophora tinctoria)

tornator n turner (= one who turns objects on a lathe)

tornavite n screw driver

tornear v 1. to whirl, gyrate; 2. to tourney
Hence: torneo

torneo (-éo) n tournament, tourney

torneria (-ía) n turnery (= a turner’s work shop)

torno n I. lathe; II. turn (1. as in “the turn of a wheel”; 2. as in “to be someone’s turn”)
Hence: tornar-torneria, tornator, contornar &, retornar &, tornasol etc., tornavite etc.; tornear &; ampere-torno etc.

torpedar v to torpedo

torpedinar v to torpedo

torpedine n torpedo (1. [Zool.] “electric ray”; 2. [Mil.] as in “submarine torpedo”, “aerial torpedo”; 3. open car with torpedo body)
Hence: torpedinero; torpedinar

torpedinero n torpedineer

torpedo n torpedo (1. [Mil.] as in “submarine torpedo”, “aerial torpedo”; 2. open car with torpedo body)
Hence: torpedar

torper v to be numb, torpid or sluggish
Hence: torpide-torpiditate; torpor

torpide adj torpid

torpiditate n torpidity

torpor n torpor

torquer [torqu-/tort-/tors-] v I. to twist (1. as in “to twist threads into yarn”; 2. to wrench, contort; 3. as in “to twist a passage”); II. to wring (as in “to wring the linen”)
Hence: torquimento; tortura &; torte-torto, bistorta etc.; tortuose-tortuositate; torsion; contorquer &; distorquer &; extorquer &; intorquer &; retorquer &

torquimento n (act of) twisting, wringing

torrefacer [-fac-/-fact-] v to torrefy (= to scorch, parch)
Hence: torrefaction

torrefact- see torrefacer

torrefaction n torrefaction

torrente¹ 1. ppr of torrer; 2. adj torrent
Hence: torrente²-torrential

torrente² n torrent

torrential adj torrential

torrer [torr-/tost-] v to parch, scorch
Hence: torride; torrente &; tostar &; torrefacer etc.

torride adj torrid

tors- see torquer

torsion n torsion (= act of turning or twisting)

torso [I] n torso

tort- see torquer

torta n tart; pie; also: cake, etc.;
torta de patella pancake
Hence: torteletta; tortiera

torte adj twisted, crooked

torteletta n tartlet

tortiera n pie pan; pie dish

torto n 1. something crooked or twisted; also: twist, bend; 2. wrong, harm, injury; also: [Law] tort;
a torto wrongfully

tortuca n turtle, tortoise

tortuose adj tortuous

tortuositate n tortuosity (= quality of being tortuous)

tortura n torture
Hence: torturar

torturar v to torture, put to torture

tory [A] n Tory

toscan adj Tuscan (= of Tuscany);
ordine toscan [Arch.] Tuscan order
Hence: Toscana; toscano

Toscana npr Tuscany

toscano n Tuscan (1. native of Tuscany; 2. Tuscan dialect)

tost- see torrer

tostar v 1. to toast; 2. to roast (as in “to roast coffee”)
Hence: tostator

tostator n 1. toaster (= one who or that which toasts); 2. roaster (= one who or that which roasts)

tosto adv presently, soon, promptly;
plus tosto rather (1. more truly or accurately; 2. sooner, preferably);
si tosto que as soon as

[tot] adj so many, such a great number

total¹ adj total;
summa total sum total

total² n total

totalisar v to totalize (= to ascertain the total of)

totalisation n totalization

totalisator n totalizator (= totalizer); specif.: [Horse Racing]

totalitari adj totalitarian

totalitario n totalitarian

totalitarismo n totalitarianism

totalitate n totality

tote adj I. all (1. the whole of; 2. “all the parts, members, etc. of a whole series or group”); II. every, each;
esser tote aures to be all ears;
tote le (homines) all (men);
tote le (caseo) all the (cheese), the entire (cheese);
totes all, everyone;
de tote (le) corde wholeheartedly;
tote (le) duo both
Hence: total-totalitate-totalitari-totalitarismo, totalitario, totalisar-totalisation, totalisator; toto-supertoto; toto²

totem (tó-) n totem
Hence: totemismo; totemic

totemic adj totemic

totemismo n totemism

totevia (-ía) adv yet, still, nevertheless

toto¹ n all, everything;
le toto the whole;
super toto above all;
ante toto after all;
in toto entirely, wholly, in toto;
in toto e per toto entirely, wholly

toto² adv all, quite, wholly

tour [F] n tour, trip, excursion
Hence: tourismo; tourista-touristic;

tour de force [F] tour de force

tourismo (turízmo) n tourism

tourista (turísta) n tourist

touristic (turístic) adj tourist, touring

tourniquet [F] n [Med.] tourniquet; 2. turnstile

tox- see toxic

toxic adj toxic, poisonous
Hence: toxina-antitoxina; toxico-intoxicar &, toxicologo etc.

toxico n poison

toxicologia n toxicology

toxicologic adj toxicological

toxicologo (-có-) n toxicologist
Hence: toxicologia; toxicologic

toxina n [Biochem.] toxin

[tra] prep through
(= trans)

trabe n beam; also: rafter, etc.
Hence: trabecula

trabecula n [Anat., Zool., etc.] trabecula

trachea (-éa) n windpipe, trachea
Hence: tracheitis; tracheal; tracheotomia etc.

tracheal adj tracheal

tracheitis (-ítis) n [Med.] tracheitis

tracheotomia (-ía) n tracheotomy

tracia n track, trail;
tracias traces, vestiges

traciar v to trace (1. to follow the trail of, track; 2. to draw in outline)
Hence: tracia; traciator; retraciar

traciator n tracer (= one who or that which traces)

tract- see traher

tractabile adj tractable (= easy to deal with or to control)

tractabilitate n tractability

tractamento n treatment

tractar v to treat (1. to deal with, handle, subject to a treatment; 2. to entertain);
tractar de (un thema, etc.) to treat (of) (a topic, etc.);
tractar de (le pace, etc.) to treat for (peace, etc.)
Hence: tractamento; tractabile-tractabilitate, intractabile-intractabilitate; tractato; retractar; maltractar etc.

tractato n 1. treatise; 2. treaty, agreement

traction n traction (= pulling, draft)

tracto n I. (action of) drawing, pulling; II. tract (1. stretch of territory; 2. period of time; 3. [Liturgy]); III. trait (1. lineament of the face, feature; 2. distinctive characteristic); IV. stroke (= short line drawn with a pen, paintbrush, etc.)

tractor n tractor (= automotive vehicle used for hauling, etc.)

trad- v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: tradition &; extrader &

trade-union [A] n trade-union
Hence: trade-unionismo; trade-unionista

trade-unionismo n trade-unionism

trade-unionista n trade-unionist

tradition n tradition
Hence: traditional-traditionalismo, traditionalista

traditional adj traditional

traditionalismo n traditionalism

traditionalista n traditionalist

traducer [-duc-/-duct-] v 1. to convey, transfer; 2. to translate (as in “to translate into French”)
Hence: traducibile-intraducibile; traduction; traductor

traducibile adj translatable

traduct- see traducer

traduction n translation (1. act of translating from one language into another; 2. version resulting from translation)

traductor n translator (= one who translates from one language into another)

trafficar v to traffic

trafficator n trafficker

traffico (trá-) n trade, commerce, traffic
Hence: trafficar-trafficator

trag- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds]; tragus [Anat., etc.] tragus
Hence: tragic-tragicomic etc., tragicomedia etc.; tragacantha etc.; tragedo etc.

tragacantha n tragacanth

tragedia n tragedy

tragediano n tragedian

tragedo n tragedian (1. actor in a tragedy; 2. author of tragedies)
Hence: tragedia-tragediano

tragi- see tragic

tragic adj tragic, tragical (1. of a tragedy; 2. calamitous)

tragicomedia n tragicomedy

tragicomic adj tragicomic

traha n drag, dray, road sledge; also: sled, sleigh

traher [trah-/tract-] v to draw, pull; to drag
Hence: traha; traction; tractor; tracto; tractar &; abstraher &; attraher &; contraher &; detraher &; distraher &: extraher &; retraher &; subtraher &

trainar v 1. to draw, drag, pull; 2. to train (= to exercise, drill)
Hence: traino; trainator

trainator n trainer

traino n train (1. “train of a gown, etc.”; 2. suite, retinue; 3. cortege, procession; also: [Mil.]; 4. “railroad train”);
traino directe through train;
traino expresse or rapide express train;
traino omnibus local train

trair (-ír) v to betray
Hence: traition; traitor

traition n treason, betrayal;
alte traition high treason

traitor n traitor

trajan adj of Trajan, Trajan’s;
columna trajan Trajan’s Column

Trajano npr [Rom. Hist.] Trajan
Hence: trajan

traject- see trajic-

trajectoria n trajectory

trajic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: trajectoria

tram [A] n streetcar, tram
Hence: tramvia etc.

tramvia (-ía) n streetcar line
Hence: tramviari; tramviero

tramviari adj streetcar (as in “streetcar tickets”)

tramviero n streetcar man; specif.: streetcar conductor

tramway [A] n 1. tramway (= track for streetcars); 2. streetcar, tramcar, trolley (car)

tran- see trans-

trance n trance

tranquille adj tranquil, calm
Hence: tranquillitate; tranquillisar

tranquillisar v to tranquillize, to reassure;
tranquillisar se to calm down (= to become calm)

tranquillitate n tranquillity

trans prep across, over, beyond, on the farther side of

trans- prefixo [tran- before -s- + consonant] trans-, tran- (1. beyond, across; 2. through; 3. [expressing change, transformation])
Hence: transalpin etc.; transmontan etc.; transparer etc.; transferer etc.; transformar etc.; transsubstantiar etc.; transcender etc.; transcriber etc.

transact- see transiger

transaction n 1. [Law] adjustment, compromise; 2. transaction

transactional adj transactional

transactor n transactor

transalpin adj [Geog.] transalpine

transalpino n transalpine (= native of a country beyond the Alps)

transbordar v to transfer, transship
Hence: transbordo

transbordo n transfer, transshipment

transcendental adj [Philos.] transcendental

transcendentalismo n transcendental philosphy, transcendentalism

transcendentalista n transcendentalist

transcendente 1. ppr of transcender; 2. adj transcendent

transcendentia n transcendency

transcender v to transcend, exceed
Hence: transcendente-transcendentia, transcendental-transcendentalismo, transcendentalista

transcriber [-scrib-/-script-] v to transcribe (1. to make a written copy of; 2. [Mus.])
Hence: transcription; transcriptor; transcripto

transcript- see transcriber

transcription n transcription (1. act of copying; 2. [Mus.])

transcripto n transcript, copy

transcriptor n transcriber

transferentia n transfer, transference

transferer [-fer-/-lat-] v to transfer (1. to move, shift; 2. [Law] “to transfer property, etc.”)
Hence: transferimento; transferentia; transferibile-intransferibile, translation, translatar

transferibile adj transferable

transferimento n transfer (1. removal; 2. [Law])

transfiger [-fig-/-fix-] v to transfix
Hence: transfixion

transfigurar v to transfigure (= to change the form or appearance of)
Hence: transfiguration

transfiguration n transfiguration;
Transfiguration [Relig.] Transfiguration

transfix- see transfiger

transfixion n transfixion

transformabile adj transformable

transformar v to transform
Hence: transformismo; transformista; transformabile; transformation; transformative; transformator

transformation n transformation

transformative adj transformative

transformator n transformer (1. one who tranforms something; 2. [Elec.])

transformismo n transformism

transformista n transformist

transfunder [-fund-/-fus-] v to transfuse; also: [Med.]
Hence: transfusion

transfus- see transfunder

transfusion n transfusion; also: [Med.]

transgreder [-gred-/-gress-] v to transgress, trespass (against)
Hence: transgression; transgressive; transgressor; transgressar

transgress- see transgreder

transgressar v to transgress, trespass (against)

transgression n transgression

transgressive adj transgressive

transgressor n transgressor

transiente adj passing, transient

transigente adj accomodating, ready to compromise

transiger [-ig-/-act-] v 1. to compromise (= to effect a compromise); 2. to transact
Hence: transigente-intransigente-intransigentia; transaction-transactional; transactar

transir v to go across, go through
Hence: transiente; transition; transitive &; transitori; transito

transition n transition

transitive adj [Gram.] transitive
Hence: intransitive

transito (trán-) n transit

transitori adj transitory, transient;
periodo transitori period of transition

translat- see transferer

translatar v to translate (1. to transfer, remove; 2. as in “to translate a book”)

translation n translation (1. transference, removal; 2. as in “translation of a book”)

translucer v to be translucent (= to be partly transparent)
Hence: translucide &

translucide adj translucent (= partly transparent)
Hence: transluciditate

transluciditate n translucence, translucency

transmiss- see transmitter

transmissibile adj transmissible

transmissibilitate n transmissibility

transmission n transmission (1. transmittal, passing on; 2. transmission gear)

transmissor n transmitter (1. person or thing that transmits something; 2. [Teleph.])

transmitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to transmit, pass on
Hence: transmissibile-transmissibilitate, intransmissibile; transmission; transmissor

transmontan adj transmontane

transmutabile adj transmutable

transmutabilitate n transmutability

transmutar v to transmute
Hence: transmutabile-transmutabilitate, intransmutabile; transmutation

transmutation n transmutation

transparente adj transparent

transparentia n transparency

transparer v to show through
Hence: transparente-transparentia, semitransparente etc.

transpassamento n decease, death

transpassar v 1. to trespass; 2. to die, pass away
Hence: transpasso; transpassamento

transpasso n 1. trespass; 2. death

transpirabile adj perspirable (= [Med.] that can be disposed of through perspiration)

transpirar v I. to perspire, sweat; II. to transpire (1. to emit, breathe forth; 2. to become known, leak out)
Hence: transpirabile; transpiration

transpiration n perspiration

transplantar v to transplant
Hence: transplantation

transplantation n transplantation

transponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to transpose (1. to transfer; 2. to interchange the position of; 3. [Mus.])
Hence: transposition; transpositive; transpositor

transportabile adj transportable

transportar v to transport (1. to convey; 2. to enrapture)
Hence: transporto; transportabile; transportation; transportator

transportation n transportation, transport

transportator n transporter (= one who transports)

transporto n transport (1. transportation, conveyance; 2. transport-ship; 3. rapture);
medio de transporto means of transportation, conveyance

transposit- see transponer

transposition n transposition (1. act of transposing; 2. interchange of position; 3. [Mus.])

transpositive adj [Gram.] transpositive

transpositor n transposer (= one who or that which transposes)

transsilvan adj Transylvanian

Transsilvania npr Transylvania

transsilvano n Transylvanian

transsubstantiar v [Theol.] transubstantiate
Hence: transsubstantiation

transsubstantiation n [Theol.] transubstantiation

transsudar v to transude
Hence: transsudation

transsudation n transudation

Transvaal npr Transvaal

transvasar v to decant, transvase

transvers- see transverter

transversa n 1. crossbar, crossbeam, etc.; 2. [Fortif.] traverse; 3. cross street

transversal¹ adj transversal

transversal² n [Geom.] transversal

transversar v to cross, traverse (1. to pass across or through; 2. to thwart)

transverse adj lying across or athwart, transverse

transverso n breadth, width;
a transverso through (= from side to side);
a(l) transverso (de) through (as in “to shoot through the head”, “to look through the window”);
de transverso askew, awry;
reguardar de transverso to look askance

transverter [-vert-/-vers-] v to turn or direct across
Hence: transverse-transverso-transversal, transversa, transversar

trapez- n [occurring in derivatives] trapez- (= table)
Hence: trapezio-trapeziforme etc.; trapezoide

trapeziforme adj trapeziform

trapezio n 1. [Geom.] trapezium; 2. [Gymnastics] trapeze

trapezoide n [Geom.] trapezoid

trappa n 1. trap; also: snare, gin, pitfall; 2. trap door, hatch
Hence: trappar-trappator; attrappar

trappar v to trap, catch in a trap

trappator n trapper (= one who traps animals)

tratta n [Fin.] draft, bill

travaliar v 1. to torment; 2. to labor, toil; also: to travail
Hence: travalio; travaliator

travaliator n 1. tormentor; 2. workman, laborer

travalio n 1. torment; 2. labor, toil; also: travail

trave n beam; also: rafter, etc.
Hence: architrave etc.

[traverso] prep through, from side to side
(= a(l) transverso (de))

travestimento n 1. (act of) disguising; disguise; 2. (act of) parodying, parody

travestir v 1. to disguise; 2. to parody
Hence: travestimento; travestitor

travestitor n 1. disguiser; 2. parodist

tre- see tres

tredece (tré-) adj thirteen

tremende adj tremendous (1. terrifying; 2. extraordinary)

tremer v to tremble (= to shake, shiver)
Hence: tremende; tremor; tremule &

tremolo [I] n [Mus.] tremolo

tremor n trembling, shaking, tremor;
tremor de terra earthquake

tremulamento n shaking, trembling

tremulante 1. ppr of tremular; 2. adj tremulant, tremulent

tremular v to tremble

tremulator n trembler

tremule adj quivering, tremulous
Hence: tremular-tremulante, tremulamento, tremulator; tremulo

tremulo (tré-) n aspen, trembling poplar

trenchamento (-sh-) n (act of) cutting, cutting off

trenchante (-sh-) 1. ppr of trenchar; 2. adj cutting, sharp; also: trenchant

trenchar (-sh) v to cut, cut off
Hence: trencho; trenchea; trenchamento; trenchante; trenchator

trenchator (-sh-) n cutter (= one who or that which cuts)

trenchea (-éa) n [Mil.] trench

trencho n slice (as in “a slice of meat”)

trenta adj thirty
Hence: trentena; trentesime

trentena n about thirty

trentesime (-ésime) adj thirtieth;
le trentesime parte, le trentesimo the thirtieth part, the thirtieth

trentin adj Trentine

Trento npr Trent;
consilio de Trento Council of Trent
Hence: trentin

trep- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: trepide &

trepidar v 1. to tremble, shake; 2. to tremble (with fear), trepidate

trepidation n trepidation (1. tremor, shaking; 2. trembling with fear)

trepide adj trembling, fearful, trepid
Hence: trepiditate; trepidar-trepidation; intrepide-intrepiditate

trepiditate n agitation, trepidation

tres adj three;
regula de tres [Arith.] rule of three
Hence: trillion &; trenta &; terno &; trin &; tertie &; trichlorido etc.; trioxydo etc.; triphthongo etc.; triplano etc.; trilogia etc.; Tripole etc.; trivio etc.; trimestre etc.; trinomie etc.; tridimensional etc.; triangule etc.; tricolor etc.; trienne etc.; trigemine etc.; trifide etc.; triple etc.; triplice etc.; tripartir etc.; triumviro etc.; dece-tres etc.; tredece etc.; trio

tresor n treasure
Hence: tresorero; tresoreria

tresoreria (-ía) n treasury (1. treasure house; 2. treasury department, exchequer)

tresorero n treasurer

tressa n braid, plait, tress

tressage (-aje) n (act of) braiding, plaiting

tressar v to braid, plait
Hence: tressa; tressage; tressator

tressator n braider, plaiter

tri- [occurring in derivatives and compounds] tri- (= three, thrice)
Hence: triade-triadic; trias &; triphthongo etc.; trisyllabe etc. See also: tres

triade (trí-) n triad (1. trio, trinity, three; 2. specif.: [Mus., Geom., etc.])

triadic adj triadic

triangular¹ adj triangular

triangular² v triangulate

triangulation n triangulation

triangule adj triangular
Hence: triangulo-triangular¹, triangular²-triangulation

triangulo (-ángulo) n triangle

trias n [Geol.] Trias
Hence: triassic

triass- see trias

triassic adj [Geol.] Triassic

tribal adj tribal

tribo n tribe (1. [Anc. Hist.]; 2. as in “Indian tribes”; 3. as in “the cat tribe”)
Hence: tribal; tribuno &

tribu- see tribo

tribuer [tribu-/tribut-] v to assign, allot
Hence: tributo &; attribuer &; contribuer &; distribuer &

tribular v 1. to thresh; 2. to tribulate

tribulation n tribulation

tribulo (trí-) n threshing machine, thresher
Hence: tribular-tribulation

tribuna n 1. rostrum, platform, tribune; 2. gallery (in churches, etc.); 3. grandstand

tribunal n tribunal (1. seat of a judge; 2. court or forum of justice)

tribunato n tribunate, tribuneship

tribunitie adj tribunitial, tribunitian

tribuno n tribune (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. defender of the people)
Hence: tribunato; tribunal; tribunitie; tribuna

tribut- see tribuer

tributari adj tributary (1. as in “tributary nations”; 2. as in “tributary stream”)

tributo n tribute (1. enforced payment imposed by a conqueror; 2. as in “a tribute to the dead”)
Hence: tributari

trica n 1. trifle; 2. hindrance, complication
Hence: intricar &

trichina n [Zool.] trichina
Hence: trichinosis; trichinose

trichinose adj trichinous

trichinosis (-ósis) n [Pathol.] trichinosis

trichlorido (-clór-) n trichloride

tricipite¹ (-cí-) adj [Anat.] (of the triceps)

tricipite² (-cí-) n triceps

tricolor¹ adj tricolored, tricolor

tricolor² n tricolor

tricorne adj three-cornered
Hence: tricorno

tricorno n tricorn

tricot [F] n I. tricot (1. knitted material; 2. soft ribbed fabric); II. (knitted garment) sweater, tights, etc.
Hence: tricotar-tricotage, tricotator, tricotatrice

tricotage (-aje) n 1. knitting; 2. knitted goods

tricotar v to knit (as in “to knit stockings”)

tricotator n knitter

tricotatrice n (woman) knitter

tricyclo n tricycle

tridente n trident (1. three-pronged fish spear; 2. [Mythol.])

tridimensional adj tridimensional, threedimensional

triennal adj triennial

trienne adj triennial
Hence: triennio; triennal

triennio n triennium

Trieste npr Trieste

trifacial adj [Anat.] trifacial, trigeminal

trifide (trí-) adj trifid

trifoliate adj [Bot.] trifoliate

trifolio n 1. [Bot.] clover, trefoil; 2. [Arch.] trefoil;
trifolio de quatro folios four-leaved clover; 3. [Cards] club, card of the suit of clubs

triforme adj triform

trigemine (-gé-) adj trigeminous, born three at one birth
Hence: trigemino

trigemino (-gé-) n triplet

trilatere adj trilateral, three-sided

trilingue adj trilingual

trillar v to trill
Hence: trillo

trillion n trillion (1. unit with 12 zeros annexed; 2. unit with 18 zeros annexed)
Hence: trillionesime

trillionesime (-ésime) adj trillionth;
le trillionesime parte, le trillionesimo the trillionth part, the trillionth

trillo n [Mus.] trill, shake

trilobate adj trilobate, three-lobed

trilobite n [Paleontol.] trilobite

trilogia (-ía) n trilogy

trimere adj [Bot., Zool.] trimerous

trimestral adj quarterly (= once in a quarter of a year)

trimestre n quarter (of a year)
Hence: trimestral

trimetro (trí-) n trimeter

trin adj 1. triune; 2. threefold, triple; also: [Astrol.] trine
Hence: trinitate &

Trinidad [H] npr Trinidad

trinit- see trinitate

trinitario n Trinitarian (1. [Theol.]; 2. member of the Order of the Holy Trinity)

trinitate n trinity;
Trinitate Trinity (1. [Theol.]; 2. Trinity Sunday)
Hence: trinitario; antitrinitari

trinomie adj [Alg.] trinomial
Hence: trinomio

trinomio n [Alg.] trinomial

trio n trio

trioxydo (-ó-) n trioxide

tripa n [Cookery] tripe;
tripas guts, tripes

tripartir v to divide into three parts
Hence: tripartition; tripartite

tripartite adj tripartite (= divided into three parts)

tripartition n tripartition

tripede (trí-) n tripod; also: trivet

triphthongo n triphthong (= union of three vowels pronounced in one syllable)

triplamento n (action of) tripling, trebling

triplano n triplane

triplar v to triple, treble

triple adj triple, treble
Hence: tripletto; triplar-triplamento

tripletto n triplet (= combination of three)

triplicar v to triplicate

triplication n triplication

triplicato n triplicate (= one of three copies of a document)

triplice (trí-) adj triplex, triple, threefold
Hence: triplicitate; triplicar-triplication, triplicato

triplicitate n triplicity

Tripole npr Tripoli (= city of Tripoli)
Hence: tripolitan-tripolitano

tripolitan adj Tripolitan

tripolitano n Tripolitan

trireme¹ adj trireme, three-oared

trireme² n trireme

trisecar [-sec-/-sect-] v to trisect
Hence: trisection

trisect- see trisecar

trisection n trisection

trismo n lockjaw, trismus

triste adj sad;
triste (excusa, figura, etc.) sorry (excuse, figure, etc.)
Hence: tristessa; attristar; contristar

tristessa n sadness

trisyllabe (-sí-) adj trisyllabic
Hence: trisyllabo

trisyllabo (-sí-) n trisyllabo

trit- see ter-

tritico (trí-) n wheat

Triton npr [Gr. Mythol.] Triton;
triton [Zool.] triton (= any member of the genus ‘Triton’ of marine snails); also: newt, triton

tritura n trituration (= action of triturating)
Hence: triturar-triturabile, trituration

triturabile adj triturable

triturar v to triturate

trituration n trituration

trium- see tres

triumphal adj triumphal

triumphante 1. ppr of triumphar; 2. adj triumphant

triumphar v to triumph (1. [Rom. Antiq.]; 2. to exult; 3. to obtain victory)

triumphator n triumpher

triumpho n triumph (1. [Rom. Antiq.]; 2. exultation of success; 3. as in “triumph of knowledge”)
Hence: triumphal; triumphar-triumphante, triumphator

triumviral adj triumviral

triumvirato n triumvirate

triumviro (-úm-) n [Rom. Antiq.] triumvir
Hence: triumvirato; triumviral

trivial adj 1. trivial (= pertaining to the trivium); 2. trite, commonplace; 3. vulgar, coarse
Hence: trivialitate

trivialitate n 1. triteness; 2. vulgarity, coarseness

trivio n [Hist.] trivium
Hence: trivial &

[tro] adv too, too much;
tro (de) (aqua, libros, etc.) too much (water, etc.), too many (books, etc.);
de tro superfluous, in the way

trobador n troubadour (= medieval lyric poet of a school flourishing in Provence and the south of France)

trocar v to barter
Hence: troco; trocator

trocator n barterer

trocha- see trocheo

trochaic adj [Pros.] trochaic

trocheo (-éo) n [Pros.] trochee
Hence: trochaic

troco n barter

Troia (tróia) npr [Gr. Hist.] Troy
Hence: troian-troiano

troian adj Trojan;
cavallo troian Trojan horse

troiano n Trojan (= inhabitant of Troy)

troika (trói-) [R] n troika

trolley [A] n trolley (= revolving wheel which makes contact with the overhead wire and transmits power to the trolley car)

tromba [I] n [Meteorol.] 1. waterspout; 2. whirlwind

trombon n trombone
Hence: trombonista

trombonista n trombonist

trompa n 1. horn, trumpet; 2. aspirator (= apparatus for drawing stream of air or gas through a tube); 3. trunk (of an elephant, etc.);
trompa de Eustachio Eustachian tube
Hence: trompetta &

trompetta trumpet (1. the musical instrument “trumpet”; 2. trumpeter)
Hence: trompettero; trompettar

trompettar v to trumpet (1. to blow a trumpet; 2. to noise abroad)

trompettero n trumpeter

-tron see electron

[trop] [F] adv (= tro)

-trope [occurring in derivatives and compounds] -trope (= turning)
Hence: tropismo-geotropismo etc.; heliotrope etc.; allotrope etc.; hemitrope etc.; geotropic etc.

troph- [occurring in derivatives and compounds] troph-, tropho- (= nourishment)
Hence: trophic; atrophe &; hypertrophia &; limitrophe etc.

tropheo (-éo) n trophy

trophic adj trophic (= pertaining to nutrition)

tropic adj tropic, tropical
Hence: tropico-tropical-intertropical, subtropical, semitropical etc.

tropical adj tropical

tropico n tropic;
Tropico del Cancere Tropic of Cancer;
Tropico del Capricorno Tropic of Capricorn

tropismo n [Biol.] tropism

tropo n [Rhet.] trope
Hence: tropologia etc.

tropologia (-ía) n tropology
Hence: tropologic

tropologic adj tropological

[troppo] [I] adv (= tro)

trottar v to trot
Hence: trotto; trottator

trottator n trotter (= horse which trots)

trotto n trot

trottoir [F] n sidewalk, pavement

troubadour [F] n troubadour

trousseau [F] n trousseau

trovabile adj to be found, findable

trovar v to find
Hence: trovabile-introvabile; trovator

trovator n 1. finder (= one who finds or has found); 2. troubadour; trouvère

trovero n trouvère

Troyes [F] npr Troyes

tructa n trout

-truder [-trud-/-trus-] v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: abstruder &; intruder &

trufa n truffle
Hence: trufari, trufiera; trufar

trufar v to stuff with truffles

trufari adj truffle, relating to truffles

trufiera n truffle bed

trulla n (brick or plastering) trowel

truncamento n truncation

truncar v to truncate, lop off

truncate 1. pp of truncar; 2. adj truncate, truncated

truncation n truncation

trunco n trunk (1. “tree trunk”; 2. [Anat.]; 3. [Arch.] shaft of a column)
Hence: truncar-truncamento, truncation, truncate

truppa n I. troop (1. body of people; 2. [Mil.]); II. [Theat.] troupe
Hence: attruppar-attruppamento

trust [A] n trust, cartel

tsar [R] n czar, tsar
Hence: tsarina; tsarismo; tsarista; tsarian

tsarevich (-évitch) [R] n czarevich, tsarevich

tsarevna [R] n czarevna, tsarevna

tsarian adj czarian, tsarian

tsarina n czarina, tsarina

tsarismo n czarism, tsarism

tsarista n czarist, tsarist

tsigan adj gypsy
Hence: tsigano

tsigano n 1. gypsy; 2. Gypsy (= language of the gypsies)

tu pron pers you [in familiar or informal use; addressing one person]; 2. adj poss your [in familiar or informal use; addressing one person]
Hence: tue

tu- [tu-/tut-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: tutor &; tutrice; tutela &; intuer &

tuba n [Mus.] tuba (1. [Rom. Antiq.]; 2. bass saxhorn)
Hence: saxtuba

tubar v to tube, furnish with tubes

tuberaceas n [Bot.] Tuberaceae

tuberacee adj tuberaceous

tubercular adj tubercular

tubercularisar v to tubercularize

tuberculate adj tuberculate

tuberculina n tuberculin

tuberculo n tubercle
Hence: tuberculina; tuberculosis; tubercular-tubercularisar; tuberculate; tuberculose

tuberculose adj tubercular, tuberculous

tuberculosis (-ósis) n tuberculosis;
tuberculosis pulmonar tuberculosis of the lungs

tubere n [Bot., Pathol., etc.] tuber; also: swelling, hump, bump, boss, etc.
Hence: tuberculo &; tuberacee-tuberaceas; tuberose-tuberositate, tuberosa; protuberar &

tuberosa n [Bot.] tuberose

tuberose adj tuberous

tuberositate n tuberosity

tubicola (-í-) n [Zool.] tubicole

tubo n tube (1. pipe; 2. [Radio]);
tubo digestive alimentary canal;
tubo de reaction test tube;
tubo de organo organ pipe
Hence: tubulo-tubular, tubulate, tubulose, tubulation, tubulatura, multitubular etc.; tubar; tubicola etc.

tubular adj tubular

tubulate adj tubulated, tubular

tubulation n tubulation

tubulatura n [Chem.] tubulure, tubulature

tubulo n tubule, small tube

tubulose adj tubulous (= containing tubes)

tue pron poss yours [in familiar or informal use; addressing one person]

tulipan n tulip
Hence: tulipaniero

tulipaniero n tulip tree

[tum] adv then (1. at that time; 2. next; 3. afterwards)

tumba n grave, tomb
Hence: tumbal

tumbal adj tomb, tombal

tumefacer [-fac-/-fact-] v to tumefy (= to cause to swell)
Hence: tumefaction

tumefact- see tumefacer

tumefaction n tumefaction

tumer v 1. to be swollen or tumid; 2. to swell, intumesce
Hence: tumide-tumiditate; tumor &; tumulo &; tumescer &; tumefacer etc.

tumescente 1. ppr of tumescer; 2. adj tumescent

tumescentia n tumescence

tumescer v to intumesce
Hence: tumescente-tumescentia; intumescer &

tumide adj tumid (1. swollen, distended; 2. pompous, inflated)

tumiditate n tumidity

tumor n [Pathol.] tumor
Hence: tumorose

tumorose adj tumorous

tumulari adj tumular

tumulo n barrow, tumulus
Hence: tumulari

tumulto n tumult
Hence: tumultuari; tumultuose; tumultuar

tumultu- see tumulto

tumultuar v 1. to incite to a tumult; 2. to make a tumult

tumultuari adj tumultuary

tumultuose adj tumultuous

tunc adv then (1. at that time; 2. in that case, consequently)

tunder [tund-/-tus-] v to pound, bruise, tund
Hence: contunder &; obtunder &

tundra [R] n tundra

tungst- see tungsten

tungstato n [Chem.] tungstate

tungsten [Swedish] n [Chem.] tungsten, wolfram
Hence: tungstato; tungstite; tungstic; tungstosilicato etc.

tungstic adj [Chem.] tungstic

tungstite n [Mineral.] tungstite

tungstosilicato n tungstosilicate

tunnel [A] n tunnel

tupinambá [Tupi] n Jerusalem artichoke, topinambou

turba n 1. crowd, throng; 2. mob, rabble
Hence: turbide &; turbulente &; turbar &

turban n turban

turbar v to disturb, throw into disorder, confuse
Hence: turbine &; turbation; turbator; disturbar &; perturbar &

turbation n disturbance, disorder, confusion

turbator n disturber

turbide adj turbid
Hence: turbiditate

turbiditate n turbidity, turbidness

turbina n turbine
Hence: turbocompressor etc.

turbinate adj [Bot.] turbinate; also: [Anat., Zool.] turbinate, turbinal

turbine n 1. [Zool.] turbo; 2. top (as in “to spin a top”)
Hence: turbinate

turbo- see turbina

turbocompressor n turbocompressor

turbodynamo (-dí-) n turbodynamo

turbogenerator n turbogenerator

turbulente adj turbulent
Hence: turbulentia

turbulentia n turbulence, turbulency

turc adj Turkish

turch- see turco

turchese n turquoise

Turchia npr Turkey

turco n 1. Turk (= native of Turkey); 2. [Mil.] Turco; 3. Turkish (language)
Hence: Turchia; turchese; turcoman; turc

turcoman adj/n Turkoman

turdides (túr-) npl [Zool.] Turdidae

turdo n thrush
Hence: turdides

turf [A] n [Horse Racing] turf

turfa n peat, turf

turger v to swell, be swollen
Hence: turgide-turgiditate; turgor; turgescer-turgescente-turgescentia

turgescente 1. ppr of turgescer; 2. adj turgescent

turgescentia n turgescence, turgescency

turgescer v to swell, swell up

turgide adj turgid

turgiditate n turgidity, turgidness

turgor n turgor

Turin npr Turin

turre n 1. tower; 2. [Chess] castle, rook;
turre de Babylon tower of Babel;
turre de sondage derrick (as in “oil derrick”)
Hence: turriforme etc.

turriforme adj tower-shaped

tusse n cough
Hence: tussilagine; tussir; pertusse &

tussilagine n [Bot.] coltsfoot, coughwort

tussir v to cough

tut- see tu-

tutela n [Law] guardianship, tutelage
Hence: tutelari

tutelari adj tutelary (as in “tutelary deity”)

tutor n [Law] guardian, tutor
Hence: tutoria; tutorar; cotutor

tutorar v to tutor (= to exercise guardianship, tutelage over)

tutoria (-ía) n [Law] guardianship, tutorship

tutrice n [Law] guardian, tutoress

tympanic adj I. drum, drumlike; II. tympanic (1. [Anat., Zool.]; 2. [Arch.])

tympanista n drummer; tympanist

tympano (tím-) n I. [Mus.] drum; II. [Print.] tympan; III. tympanum (1. [Anat.]; 2. [Arch.])
Hence: tympanista; tympanic

typho n typhus
Hence: typhoide &

typhoide¹ adj typhoid;
febre typhoide typhoid fever, enteric fever
Hence: paratyphoide

typhoide² n [Med.] typhoid (fever); enteric fever

typhon n typhoon

typic adj typical, typic

typo n 1. type; also: [Print.]; 2. character (as in “quite a character”)
Hence: typic; typographo etc.; typometro etc.; heliotypo etc.; linotypo etc.; stereotype etc.; monotypo etc.; archetypo etc.; prototypo etc.

typographia (-ía) n typography, printing

typographic adj typographical

typographo (-ógrapho) n typographer
Hence: typographia; typographic

typometria (-ía) n typometry

typometro (-ómetro) n [Print.] typometer
Hence: typometria

tyrannia (-ía) n tyranny

tyrannic adj tyrannic

tyrannicida n tyrannicide (= one who kills a tyrant)

tyrannicidio n tyrannicide (= act of killing a tyrant)

tyrannisar v to tyrannize

tyranno n tyrant (1. despot; 2. [Ornith.])
Hence: tyrannia; tyrannic; tyrannisar; tyrannicida etc.; tyrannicidio etc.

tyrrhen adj Tyrrhenian;
Mar Tyrrhen Tyrrhenian Sea

Tyrrhenia npr Tyrrhenia

tyrrheno n Tyrrhenian, Etruscan
Hence: Tyrrhenia; tyrrhen