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-s- see esser

sabbatario n Sabbatarian

sabbatarismo n Sabbatarianism

sabbatic adj Sabbatic(al), Sabbatarian

sabbato n 1. Sabbath; 2. Saturday
Hence: sabbatario-sabbatarismo; sabbatic

sabin adj Sabine
Hence: sabino; Sabino; Sabina

Sabina nprf Sabina

sabino¹ n Sabine;
le rapto del sabinas the rape of the Sabines

Sabino² nprm [Rom. Hist.] Sabinus

sabla n saber, sabre
Hence: sablar

sablar¹ v to sand (= to sprinkle or cover with sand)

sablar² v to saber, slash

sabliera n 1. sand pit; 2. sand box, sand sprayer, etc.

sabliero n hourglass, sandglass

sablo n sand
Hence: sabliera; sabliero; sablose; sablar; insablar-insablamento

sablose adj sandy

sabotage (-aje) n sabotage

sabotar v to sabotage
Hence: sabotage; sabotator

sabotator n saboteur

saboteur [F] n saboteur

saccata n sackful, bagful

sacch- see sacco

saccharar v to sugar, sweeten

saccharate 1. pp of saccharar; 2. adj sweet, sugary

saccharato n [Chem.] saccharate

saccharifere adj sacchariferous

saccharificar v to saccharify

saccharification n saccharification

saccharin adj saccharine

saccharina n [Chem.] saccharin

saccharo (sác-) n sugar
Hence: saccharato; saccharifere; saccharin-saccharina; saccharoide; saccharose-saccharosa; saccharar-saccharate; saccharificar-saccharification; saccharometro etc.

saccharoide adj saccharoid

saccharometro (-ómetro) n saccharometer

saccharosa n [Chem.] saccharose

saccharose adj saccharic

saccheamento n pillage, sacking

sacchear v to sack, pillage

saccheator n pillager

saccheo (-éo) n pillage, sacking

sacchetto n small bag

sacco¹ n 1. sack, bag; 2. [Anat., Bot., Zool.] sac;
sacco de terra sandbag;
sacco lacrimal tearpit, tear sac;
sacco a mano handbag
Hence: saccata; sacchetto; insaccar

sacco² n sack (= sacking, plundering);
mitter a sacco to sack, put to sack
Hence: sacchear-saccheo, saccheamento, saccheator

sacer- see sacro

sacerdotal adj sacerdotal

sacerdote n priest
Hence: sacerdotio; sacerdotal

sacerdotio n priesthood, sacerdocy

sacramental adj sacramental

sacramentario n [R.C.Ch.] Sacramentary

sacramento n [Eccl.] sacrament
Hence: sacramental; sacramentario

sacrar v to consecrate (as in “to consecrate a church”)

sacrate 1. pp of sacrar; 2. adj holy, sacred

sacre adj holy, sacred;
ordines sacre Holy orders
Hence: sacrista &; sacrar-sacramento &, sacrate, consecrar &, execrar &, obsecrar &; sacro &

sacrificar v to sacrifice
Hence: sacrificator

sacrificator n sacrificer

sacrificio n sacrifice (1. as in “sacrifice to the gods”; 2. as in “sacrifice of one’s life”)

sacrilege (-í-) adj sacrilegious

sacrilegio n sacrilege

sacrista n sexton, sacristan
Hence: sacristia; sacristano

sacristano n sexton, sacristan

sacristia (-ía) n sacristy, vestry

sacro n sacred rite; also: sacrifice
Hence: sacrilege etc.; sacrificio etc.; sacrilegio etc; sacrificar etc.; sacrosancte etc.; sacerdote etc.

sacrosancte adj sacrosanct

Sade, Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de npr [1740-1814; French writer]
Hence: sadismo, sadista

sadismo n sadism

sadista n sadist; also: attrib. sadistic, sadist

[saepe] (sái-) adv often, frequently

sag- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: sagace &; presage &

saga n saga (= medieval story of an Icelandic hero or family)

sagace adj sagacious
Hence: sagacitate

sagacitate n sagacity

sage (sáje) adj sage, wise
Hence: sagessa; sagio

sagessa (-j-) n wisdom, sageness

sagio (sajo) n sage, wise man

sagitta n arrow
Hence: sagittari; sagittario; sagittaria; sagittal; sagittate; sagittiforme etc.

sagittal adj sagittal (1. of or like an arrow; 2. [Anat.])

sagittari adj arrow, sagittary

sagittaria n [Bot.] Sagittaria

sagittario n archer, bowman;
Sagittario [Astron.] Sagittarius, Archer

sagittate adj sagittate (= shaped like an arrowhead)

sagittiforme adj sagittiform, arrowshaped

sago n sago

Sahara (sá-) npr Sahara

saison [F] n season (as in “the social season”)

sal n salt (1. common salt; 2. [Chem.])
Hence: saliera; salifere; salin-salinero, salinitate; salar-salator, salatura, salate-salata &; salificar-salificabile, salification; insalar; salmuria etc.; salnitro etc.

sala n hall (= large room)
Hence: salon

salace adj salacious
Hence: salacitate

salacitate n salaciousness

salamandra n salamander (1. fire spirit; 2. [Zool.])

salami n salami

salar v to salt (= to add salt to, season with salt)

salariar v to pay a salary to

salariato n class or body of employees, salariat

salario n salary
Hence: salariato; salariar

salata n salad
Hence: salatiera

salate 1. pp of salar; 2. adj salty

salatiera n salad bowl

salator n salter (= one who salts meat, fish, etc.)

salatura n (operation of) salting

saldar v [Com.] to balance, settle

saldo [I] n [Com.] (cash) balance, settlement
Hence: saldar

salice (sá-) n willow
Hence: saliceto; salicyl &; salicina; salicinee-salicineas

saliceto n willow grove

salicina n [Chem.] salicin

salicineas npl [Bot.] Salicaceae

salicinee adj [Bot.] salicaceous

salicyl n [Chem.] salicyl
Hence: salicylato; salicylol; salicylic; salicylose

salicylato n [Chem.] salicylate

salicylic adj [Chem.] salicylic

salicylol n [Chem.] salicylol

salicylose adj [Chem.] salicylous

saliente¹ 1. ppr of salir; 2. adj salient (1. jutting out; 2. conspicuous)

saliente² n [Fortif.] salient

saliera n saltcellar, salt shaker

salifere adj saliferous

salificabile adj [Chem.] salifiable

salificar v to salify

salification n [Chem.] salification

salin adj saline (1. consisting of or containing salt; 2. briny)

salinero n salt maker; salt dealer

salinitate n salinity

salir [sal-/salt-] v 1. to jump, leap, bound; 2. to be salient
Hence: salace &; saliente; salto-saltigrade etc.; saltar &; assalir &

saliva n saliva, spittle
Hence: salivari, salivar-salivation

salivar v to water, salivate

salivari adj salivary

salivation n watering, salivation

salmon n salmon (1. Salmo salar, the fish “salmon”; 2. the color “salmon”)
Hence: salmonide-salmonidos

salmonide adj [Zool.] salmonid

salmonidos (-ídos) npl [Zool.] Salmonidae

salmuria n pickling brine
Hence: salmuriar

salmuriar v to salt down, brine, pickle (in brine)

salnitrero n saltpeter worker or dealer

salnitriera n saltpeter works; saltpeter bed

salnitro n niter, saltpeter
Hence: salnitrero; salnitriera; salnitrose

salnitrose adj nitrous, saltpetrous

Salomon npr Solomon;
templo de Salomon Solomon’s temple;
sigillo de Salomon 1. Solomon’s seal (= six-pointed star consisting of two interlaced triangles); 2. [Bot.] Solomon’s-seal;
Insulas Salomon Solomon Islands
Hence: salomonic; salomonian-salomoniano

salomonian adj (of the) Solomon Islands; (of the) Solomon Islanders

salomoniano n Solomon Islander

salomonic adj Solomonic, Solomon’s

salon n salon (1. parlor, reception room; also: living room, drawing room; 2. place used to exhibit works of art);
wagon salon parlor car

salpetra n saltpeter, niter
Hence: salpetrero; salpetriera; salpetrose; salpetrar

salpetrar v to cover with saltpeter

salpetrero n saltpeter worker or dealer

salpetriera n saltpeter works; saltpeter bed

salpetrose adj saltpetrous, nitrous

salsicia n sausage
Hence: salsiciero, salsicieria

salsicieria (-ía) n sausage shop

salsiciero n sausage maker or dealer

salt- see salir

saltante 1. ppr of saltar; 2. adj saltant, jumping

saltar v I. to jump (1. to leap, bound; 2. to leap over); II. to blow up (= to fly in pieces with a loud report); III. to skip, leave out
Hence: saltante; saltation; saltator

saltation n saltation, jumping

saltator n 1. jumper (= one who jumps); 2. grasshopper

saltigrade (-í-) adj [Zool.] saltigrade

salto n 1. jump, leap, bound; 2. waterfall, rapids;
salto mortal somersault, breakneck leap

salubre adj salubrious, healthy, healthful
Hence: salubritate; insalubre-insalubritate

salubritate n salubrity, health, healthfulness

salutar¹ adj salutary, wholesome

salutar² v to greet, salute

salutation n salutation, greeting;
salutation angelic Hail Mary

salutator n greeter, saluter

salute n 1. salvation; 2. greeting, salute;
salute! hail!, greetings!
Hence: salutista; salutar¹; salutar²-salutation, salutator

salutista n Salvationist

salva n 1. [Mil.] salvo; 2. volley (as in “to fire a volley”);
tirar un salva to fire or discharge a volley

salvabile adj salvable

salvage (-aje) adj savage, wild
Hence: salvageria; semisalvage etc.

salvageria (-ajería) n savagery, savageness

salvamento n saving, rescue; also: salvaging;
cinctura de salvamento life belt;
barca or lancha de salvamento lifeboat

salvar v to save, rescue; also: to salve, salvage;
salvar le apparentias to save appearances;
salvar se to escape

salvation n salvation, rescue; also: salvage

salvator n savior (1. rescuer; 2. redeemer); also: salvager;
Salvator Saviour

salve adj safe (= unhurt);
san e salve safe and sound
Hence: salvia; salvar-salva, salvabile, salvamento, salvation, salvator; salveconducto etc.; salveguarda etc.; salvo

salveconducto n safe-conduct

salveguarda n 1. safekeeping, protection; 2. safeguard, safe-conduct
Hence: salveguardar

salveguardar v to safeguard, keep safe

salvia n 1. [Bot.] Salvia; 2. [Bot.] sage (= half-shrubby mint)

salvo prep save, but; also: save or but for;
salvo que save or but that;
salvo error e omission errors and omissions excepted

Samaria npr Samaria
Hence: samaritan-samaritano

samaritan adj Samaritan (1. pertaining to Samaria; 2. pertaining to the good Samaritan)

samaritano n Samaritan (1. inhabitant of Samaria; 2. good Samaritan; 3. Samaritan language);
bon samaritano good Samaritan

sambuco n elder, elderberry

samovar [R] n samovar

Sampson npr Samson, Sampson

Samson npr Samson, Sampson;
Samson e Delila Samson and Delilah

Samuel npr Samuel

samum [Ar.] n simoon

samurai [J] n samurai

san adj I. healthy (1. in good health; 2. healthful, wholesome); II. sane (= mentally sound);
san e salve safe and sound
Hence: sanicula; sanitate-sanitari; sanar-sanabile-insanabile-insanabilitate, sanative, sanatorio; insan &; malsan etc.

sanabile adj curable

sanar v to cure, to heal

sanative adj curative, healing

sanatorio n sanatorium, sanitarium

sancir [sanc-/sanct-] v to establish, confirm, sanction
Hence: sanction-sanctionar; sancte &

sanct- see sancir

sancta nf saint

sancte adj holy, saintly, saint;
(le) spirito sancte (the) Holy Ghost;
(le) septimana sancte Holy Week;
(le) ecclesia sancte (the) Holy Church;
(le) patre sancte (the) Holy Father;
(le) terra sancte (the) Holy Land;
sancte sede Holy See
Hence: sanctitate; sanctificar-sanctification, sanctificator; sacrosancte etc.; sancto-sanctuario; sancta

sanctificar v to hallow, sanctify;
sanctificar (un die de festa) to keep or observe (a holiday)

sanctification n sanctification

sanctificator n sanctifier

sanction n sanction (1. solemn or ceremonious ratification; 2. [Law]; 3. approbation, assent)

sanctionar v to sanction (1. to give sanction to; 2. to approve of)

sanctitate n holiness, sanctity, sacredness

sancto nm saint;
(die de) omne sanctos All Saints’ Day;
vigilia de omne sanctos Halloween

sanctuario n sanctuary (1. sacred space around the altar of a church; 2. place of refuge or protection)

sanctum sanctorum [L] sanctum sanctorum, holy of holies

sandalia n sandal (as in “Greek sandals”)

sandwich [A] n sandwich

sangu- see sanguine

sanguifere adj sanguiferous

sanguificar v to produce blood (from)

sanguification n sanguification

sanguilente adj bloody, sanguinary (= accompanied by much bloodshed)

sanguinar v to bleed (= to lose blood)

sanguinari adj bloody, sanguinary (1. blood-thirsty; 2. accompanied by much bloodshed)

sanguine n blood;
sanguine frigide sangfroid, composure;
animales de sanguine frigide, (calde) cold-blooded (warm-blooded) animals;
haber le sanguine calde to be hot-blooded;
prince del sanguine prince of the blood;
sanguine azur blue blood
Hence: sanguinari; sanguinee; sanguinolente; sanguinose; sanguinar; consanguinitate; consanguinee; insanguinar; sanguifere; sanguilente; sanguificar-sanguification; exsangue; sanguisorba etc.

sanguinee adj I. sanguineous (1. of or containing blood; 2. abounding with blood); II. sanguine (as in “sanguine temperament”)

sanguinolente adj sanguinolent

sanguinose adj bloody, bloodstained

sanguisorba n [Bot.] sanguisorba

sanguisuga n [Zool.] leech, bloodsucker

Sanhedrin n Sanhedrin

sanicula n [Bot.] sanicle

sanitari adj sanitary;
policia sanitari health police

sanitate n 1. (state of) health; 2. (good) health;
officio de sanitate board of health;
sanitate mental sanity, mental health;
patente de sanitate bill of health

saper¹ v to know, have knowledge of;
saper (facer un cosa) to know how (to do something);
qui sape! who knows!;
facer saper (un cosa a un persona) to let (someone) know (something), acquaint (someone with something);
a saper to wit, namely
Hence: sapide &; sapiente &; sapor &

saper² n knowledge, learning

sapide adj sapid, saporous
Hence: sapiditate; insipide &

sapiditate n sapidity

sapiente adj wise, discerning, sapient
Hence: sapientia-sapiential; insipiente &

sapientia n wisdom

sapiential adj sapiential

sapon n soap
Hence: saponaria; saponero; saponeria; saponiera; saponetta; saponacee; saponina; saponose; saponar; saponificar-saponification

saponacee adj saponaceous

saponar v to soap

saponaria n [Bot.] Fuller’s herb, bouncing Bet, soapwort

saponeria (-ía) n soap factory

saponero n soap maker

saponetta n 1. (scented) toilet soap; 2. hunting-case watch

saponiera n soap dish

saponificar v to saponify

saponification n saponification

saponina n [Chem.] saponin

saponose adj soapy

sapor n flavor, taste, savor
Hence: saporose; saporar

saporar v to savor (= to taste with pleasure)

saporose adj savory, savorous

sappa n [Mil.] sap
Hence: sappar-sappamento, sappator

sappamento n sapping, undermining

sappar v to sap, undermine

sappator n sapper

sapphirina n [Mineral.] sapphirine

sapphiro n [Mineral.] sapphire
Hence: sapphirina

sapr- adj [occurring in compounds]
Hence: saprophyto etc. ...

saprophyto (-óphyto) n [Biol.] saprophyte

saracen adj Saracen, Saracenic;
grano saracen buckwheat, sarrazin
Hence: saraceno-saracenic

saracenic adj Saracenic, Saracen

saraceno n saracen

sarcasmo n sarcasm

sarcastic adj sarcastic

sarcir [sarc-/sart-] v to mend, repair; also: to patch; to darn
Hence: sartor &

sarcophago (-ó-) n 1. sarcophagus; 2. coffin

sarcular v to hoe (= to clear of weeds with a hoe)
Hence: sarcular

sarde adj Sard, Sardinian
Hence: Sardinia; sardo

sardina n [Ichthyol.] sardine
Hence: sardinero; sardineria

sardineria (-ía) n sardine industry

sardinero n 1. sardine fisherman; 2. sardine dealer

Sardinia npr Sardinia

sardo n Sardinian

sardonic adj sardonic

sart- see sarcir

sartor n tailor, dressmaker
Hence: sartoreria; sartorial

sartoreria (-ía) n tailor’s shop

sartorial adj sartorial (= pertaining to a tailor)

sasibile adj seizable

sasir v to seize (= to grasp);
sasir le occasion to seize the opportunity
Hence: sasibile

sassafras (-frás) n sassafras (1. sassafras tree; 2. sassafras bark)

satellite (-tél-) n satellite; also: henchman

sati- see satis

satiabile adj satiable

satiar v to satiate, sate
Hence: satiabile-insatiabile-insatiabilitate; satiate-insatiate

satiate 1. pp of satiar; 2. adj satiate, satiated

satietate n satiety

satin [F] n 1. satin; 2. sateen
Hence: satinetta; satinar-satinate

satinar v to glaze, gloss, satin

satinate 1. pp of satinar; 2. adj satiny, lustrous

satinetta n satinette, satinet

satira (sá-) n satire
Hence: satiric-satirico; satirisar

satiric adj satiric, satirical

satirico n satirist

satirisar v to satirize

satis (sá-) adv 1. enough; 2. rather, somewhat;
esser satis to be enough;
haber satis to have enough;
satis de (tempore, etc.) enough (time, etc.), (time, etc.) enough
Hence: satietate; satiar &; assatis; satisfacer etc.

satisfacente 1. ppr of satisfacer; 2. adj satisfactory

satisfacer [-fac-/-fact-] v to satisfy
Hence: satisfacente; satisfaction; satisfactori; satisfacte

satisfacte adj satisfied, content

satisfaction n satisfaction;
dar satisfaction to give satisfaction

satisfactori adj satisfactory; also: [Theol.]

saturabile adj saturable

saturabilitate n saturability

saturar v to saturate

saturate 1. pp of saturar; 2. adj saturate

saturation n saturation

sature adj saturated, sated
Hence: saturar-saturabile-saturabilitate; insaturabile, saturation, saturate, supersaturar-supersaturation

saturnal adj Saturnian

saturnales npl [Rom. Relig.] Saturnalia

saturnia n [Zool.] Saturnia

saturnie adj Saturnian

saturnin adj saturnine (1. heavy, gloomy; 2. [Med.])

saturnismo n lead poisoning, saturnism

Saturno npr Saturn (1. [Rom. Relig.]; 2. [Astron.]; 3. [Alchem.] lead)
Hence: saturnismo; saturnal; saturnie-saturnia; saturnin

satyro (sá-) n satyr (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Entom.])

sauce [F] n sauce, gravy
Hence: sauciera

sauciera n sauceboat

sauerkraut [G] n sauerkraut

sauro n saurian
Hence: ichthyosauro etc.; dinosauro etc.; megalosauro etc.

sauté [F] adj [Cooking] sauté

savanna n savanna, savannah

Sax, Antoine Joseph npr [1814-1894; Belgian maker and inventor of musical instruments]
Hence: saxophono etc.; saxhorn etc.; saxtuba etc.

saxcornetta [Mus.] saxcornet

saxcorno n [Mus.] saxhorn

saxee adj stone (= made of stone)

saxeto n stony ground

saxhorn n [Mus.] saxhorn

saxicola (-í-) n [Ornith.] Saxicola

saxicole (-í-) adj [Bot., Zool.] saxicolous, saxicoline (= growing on, or inhabiting rocks)
Hence: saxicola

saxifraga (-í-) n [Bot.] saxifrage

saxifragaceas npl [Bot.] Saxifragaceae

saxifragacee adj [Bot.] saxifragaceous

saxifrage (-í-) adj saxifragous (= breaking or dissolving stone)
Hence: saxifraga-saxifragacee-saxifragaceas

saxo n stone, rock
Hence: saxeto; saxee; saxose; saxicole etc.; saxifrage etc.

saxone n/adj Saxon
Hence: Saxonia; anglosaxone etc.

Saxonia npr Saxony (1. [Anc. Hist.] land of the Saxons; 2. former Kingdom of Saxony; 3. Prussian Saxony)

saxophono n saxophone

saxose adj rocky, stony (= abounding in stones)

saxtuba n [Mus.] saxtuba, bass saxhorn

scabello n 1. stool; also: footstool; 2. [Rom. Antiq.] scabellum

scabie n scabies, mange
Hence: scabiose-scabiosa

scabiosa n [Bot.] scabious

scabiose adj scabious, mangy

scafolt n scaffold (= place of execution)

scala n 1. ladder; II. staircase; III. scale (1. [Mus.]; 2. as in “scale of a thermometer, a map, etc.”); IV. port of call;
scala mobile 1. escalator, moving staircase; 2. sliding scale;
reducer (augmentar) secundo le scala to scale down (up)
Hence: scalon &; scalar-scalada

scalada n [Mil.] escalade

scalar v [Mil.] to scale

scalia n I. scale (1. [Zool., Bot., Med., etc.]; 2. [Metal.]); II. [Zool., Bot.] shell; also: husk, hull, etc.
Hence: scaliose; scaliar-scaliage

scaliage (-aje) n scaling, husking; peeling, chipping off, etc.

scaliar v I. to scale (1. to remove the scales from; 2. to cover with scales); II. to shell, husk, hull, etc.

scaliose adj scaly, scalelike

scalon n 1. rung, step; 2. [Mil.] echelon
Hence: scalonar

scalonar v to echelon

scalp [A n scalp (as in “to take scalps”)
Hence: scalpar

scalpar v to scalp (= to deprive of the scalp)

scand- see scandinave

scandalisar v 1. to offend (as in “if thy right eye offend thee”; 2. to scandalize)

scandalo (scán-) n 1. offense, scandalous example; 2. scandal (as in “political scandal”);
petra de scandalo stumbling block
Hence: scandalose; scandalisar

scandalose adj 1. giving offence; also: setting a bad example; 2. scandalous (as in “scandalous affair”)

scander [scand-/scans-;-scend-/-scens-] v 1. to climb; 2. to scan (“to scan verse”)
Hence: scansion, ascender &; descender &; transcender &

scandinave adj Scandinavian
Hence: Scandinavia; scandinavo; scandium

Scandinavia npr Scandinavia

scandinavo n Scandinavian

scandium (scán-) n [Chem.] scandium

scans- see scander

scansion n [Metrics] scansion

scapula (scá-) n shoulder blade, scapula
Hence: scapular; scapulario; scapulohumeral etc.

scapular adj scapular

scapulario n [Eccl.] scapular (1. a sleeveless cloak; 2. a badge of membership in certain orders, consisting of two pieces of cloth and worn under the clothing)

scapulohumeral adj [Anat.] scapulohumeral

scarabeo (-éo) n I. scarabaeus (1. [Entom.]; 2. [Egyptol.] scarab); II. [Entom.] beetle

scaramucia n skirmish
Hence: scaramuciar-scaramuciator

scaramuciar v to skirmish

scaramuciator n skirmisher

scarlatin adj scarlet;
febre scarlatin scarlet fever
Hence: scarlatina

scarlatina n scarlet fever, scarlatina

scarlato n scarlet (1. color scarlet; 2. scarlet cloth or clothes)
Hence: scarlatin &

scarpa n 1. shoe; 2. slope, scarp (= face of a hill, etc.); 3. [Mil.] scarp, escarp
Hence: scarpero, scarpino, scarpar-scarpamento, scarpate; contrascarpa; superscarpa; lustrascarpas etc.

scarpamento n [Mil.] escarpment

scarpar v 1. to slope (= to cause to slope); 2. [Mil.] to escarp

scarpate 1. pp of scarpar; 2. adj steep, scarped

scarpero n shoemaker, bootmaker

scarpino n dancing pump

scelalgia (-ía) n [Pathol.] scelalgia, pain in the legs

sceler- n [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: scelerate-sceleratessa, scelerato

scelerate adj scoundrelly, villainous

sceleratessa n villainy, wickedness

scelerato n scoundrel, wretch, villain, etc.

scelides npl [Zool.] scelides, hind legs

scelo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] scelo-, scel- (= leg)
Hence: scelides-macroscelide etc.; scelalgia etc.; isoscele etc.; macroscele etc.

scena n I. stage (1. “stage of a theater”; 2. theater, art of the theater); II. scene (1. unit of dramatic action; 2. place of action; also: setting; 3. as in “to make a scene”);
poner in scena to stage, put on the stage
Hence: scenario; scenic; inscenar &; hyposcenio; proscenio; scenographo etc.; scenopegia etc.

scenario n scenario

scenic adj scenic, scenical (= of or pertaining to the scenes of dramatic action)

scenographia (-ía) scenography

scenographic adj scenographic

scenographo (-ógrapho) n scenographer
Hence: scenographia; scenographic

scenopegia (-ía) n [Jewish Relig.] Sukkoth, Feast of Tabernacles

sceptic adj skeptic, sceptic, skeptical, sceptical
Hence: scepticismo, sceptico

scepticismo n skepticism, scepticism

sceptico n 1. skeptic, sceptic; 2. [Philos.] Skeptic, Sceptic

sceptro n scepter

scheda n slip of paper
Hence: schedula

schedula n 1. slip of paper (containing writing); 2. promissory note

schema [-ma/-mat-] n I. schema; II. scheme (1. as in “the metrical scheme of a sonnet”; 2. plan in tabulated form)
Hence: schematic; schematisar-schematismo

schemat- see schema

schematic adj schematic

schematisar v to schematize

schematismo n schematism

scherma n fencing, fence (= art of fencing)
Hence: schermir-schermitor

schermir v to fence (= to practice fencing)

schermitor n fencer (= one who practices fencing)

scherzo [I] n scherzo

schisma [-ma/-mat-] n schism (1. division, separation; 2. [Eccl.])
Hence: schismatic-schismatico

schismat- see schisma

schismatic adj schismatic, schismatical

schismatico n schismatic

schisto n [Petrography] schist
Hence: schistose; micaschisto etc.

schistose adj [Petrography] schistose, schistous

schizo- [occurring in compounds] schizo- (= split)
Hence: schizophrenia etc.; schizophyto etc.; schizopode etc.

schizophrenia (-ía) n [Psychiatry] schizophrenia
Hence: schizophrenic-schizophrenico

schizophrenic adj schizophrenic

schizophrenico n schizophrenic, schizophrene

schizophyto (-óphyto) n [Bot.] schizophyte

schizopode (-ó-) adj schizopod, schizopodous
Hence: schizopodo

schizopodo (-ópodo) n [Zool.] schizopod

schizzar (-tsar) v to sketch (1. to make a draft or sketch of; 2. to make a sketch or sketches)

schizzo [I] n [Lit., Art] sketch
Hence: schizzar

schola n school;
tener schola to keep school
Hence: scholar

scholar¹ adj school

scholar² n school child, pupil

scholastic adj scholastic
Hence: scholasticismo; scholastico

scholasticismo n scholasticism

scholastico n scholastic

schooner [A] n [Naut.] schooner

schottisch [G] n [Dancing] schottische

scia- n [occurring in compounds] scia- (= shadow)
Hence: antiscios; sciamachia etc.

sciamachia (-ía) n sciamachy, sham fight, shadow boxing

sciatic adj sciatic (1. pertaining to the hip); 2. pertaining to sciatica);
nervo sciatic sciatic nerve
Hence: scistics

sciatica n [Med.] sciatica

sciente adj learned, (well-)informed
Hence: scientia &; consciente &; insciente &; omnisciente etc.

scientia n 1. knowledge, learning; 2. science;
homine de scientia man of science, scientist
Hence: scientista; scientific

scientific adj scientific

scientista n scientist

scimitarra n scimitar

scinder [scind-/sciss-] v to split
Hence: scissile; scission; abscinder &; rescinder &; scissipare etc.

scintilla n spark (= particle of fire)
Hence: scintillar-scintillation

scintillar v to sparkle, glitter, scintillate; also: to twinkle

scintillation n scintillation; also: twinkling

Scipion npr [Rom. Hist.] Scipio

scir v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: sciente &; conscie; nescie &; prescir &; plebiscito etc.

sciss- see scinder

scissile adj scissile; also: fissile

scission n scission

scissipare adj [Biol.] scissiparous
Hence: scissiparitate

scissiparitate n [Biol.] scissiparity, schizogenesis

sciuro n squirrel

sclave adj slave, slave’s: (= characteristic of a slave)
Hence: sclavitude; sclavo

sclavitude n slavery (= state of being a slave)

sclavo n slave

sclerantho n [Bot.] scleranth; Scleranthus

sclerenchyma (-én-) n sclerenchyma (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Zool.])

sclero- [occurring in derivatives and compounds] sclero-, scler- (1. hard; 2. to harden)
Hence: sclerose; scleroma; sclerosis-arteriosclerosis etc.; sclerotic-sclerotica; sclerantho etc.; sclerophthalmia etc.

scleroma n [Med.] scleroma

sclerophthalmia (-ía) n [Pathol.] sclerophthalmia

sclerose adj [Biol., Med.] sclerous (= hard, indurated)

sclerosis (-ósis) n [Med., Bot.] sclerosis (= hardening, induration)

sclerotic adj sclerotic (1. sclerous, hard; 2. affected with sclerosis)

sclerotica n [Anat., Zool.] sclerotic (= sclerotic coat of the eye)

scolio n reef (= chain of rocks lying near the surface of the water)
Hence: scoliose

scoliose adj full of reefs

-scop- [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: -scopo &; -scopia &; -scopio &; -scopic &

scopa n broom
Hence: scopar-scopator, scopatrice, scopatura

scopar v to sweep (with a broom)

scopator n sweeper (= one who or that which sweeps)

scopatrice n (woman) sweeper

scopatura n sweepings

-scopia (-ía) [occurring in compounds] -scopy (= examination, observation)
Hence: necroscopia etc.

-scopic [occurring in compounds] -scopic (= seeing)
Hence: necroscopic etc.; macroscopic etc.

-scopio n [occurring in compounds] -scope (= instrument for watching, ohserving, examining, etc.)
Hence: periscopio &; telescopio &; polariscopio etc.; laryngoscopio etc.; kaleidoscopio etc.; microscopio etc.; stereoscopio etc.; gyroscopio etc.

scopo n 1. target, mark; 2. object, aim

-scopo n [occurring in compounds] 1. -scope (as in “horoscope”); 2. -scopist (as in “cranioscopist”)
Hence: horoscopo etc.; cranioscopo etc.

scorbutic adj scorbutic

scorbuto n [Pathol.] scurvy, scorbutus
Hence: scorbutic-antiscorbutic

scoria n scoria (I. [Metal.] slag, dross; 2. [Geol.] slaggy lava)
Hence: scorificar-scorification

scorificar v to scorify

scorification n scorification

scorpion n [Zool.] scorpion;
Scorpion [Astron.] Scorpio, Scorpion
Hence: scorpionide

scorpionide n [Zool.] scorpionid;
scorpionides Scorpionidae

scote adj Scotch, Scottish
Hence: scoto-Scotia, scotic

Scotia npr Scotland;
Nove Scotia Nova Scotia

scotic adj Scotch, Scottish

scoto n Scot

scriba n scribe (I. [Jewish Hist.]; 2. copyist)

scriber [scrib-/script-] v to write
Hence: scriba; scriptor; scriptorio; scriptura &; scripte-manuscripte etc., scripto; ascriber &; circumscriber &; conscriber &; describer &; inscriber &; postscrib- &; prescriber &; proscriber &; rescriber &, subscriber &; transcriber &

script- see scriber

scripte adj written, in writing

scripto n writing (“piece of writing”);
per scripto in writing

scriptor n writer (= author, journalist etc.)

scriptorio n desk, writing desk

scriptura n 1. writing, handwriting, script; 2. [Law, Com., etc.] paper, document etc.; 3. [Relig.] Scripture
Hence: scriptural

scriptural adj [Eccl.] scriptural

scrofula (scró-) n [Pathol.] scrofula
Hence: scrofulosis; scrofulose

scrofulose adj scrofulous

scrofulosis (-ósis) n [Med.] scrofulosis

scrupulo (scrú-) n scruple (1. [Pharm.]; 2. as in “conscientious scruples”)
Hence: scrupulose-scrupulositate, inscrupulose

scrupulose adj scrupulous

scrupulositate n scrupulousness

scrutabile adj scrutable

scrutar v scan, scrutinize, examine, etc.
Hence: scrutinio &; scrutabile-inscrutabile-inscrutabilitate; perscrutar &

scrutiniar v 1. to scrutinize; 2. to vote by ballot

scrutinio n 1. scrutiny; 2. poll, ballot
Hence: scrutiniar

sculper [sculp-/sculpt-] v to sculpture (= to carve, cut, grave, chisel, etc.)
Hence: sculptor; sculptrice; sculptura-sculptural, sculpturesc; sculpte

sculpt- see sculper

sculpte adj sculptured, graven, carved

sculptor n sculptor

sculptrice n sculptress

sculptura n sculpture

sculptural adj sculptural

sculpturesc adj sculpturesque, sculptural

scuma n foam, scum;
scuma (de sapon) lather (= froth or foam from soap and water)
Hence: scumose; scumar-scumatoria

scumar v 1. to foam (= to form or gather foam); 2. to skim (= to clear from scum)

scumatoria n skimmer (= utensil used for skimming)

scumose adj foaming, scummy

scuriolo n squirrel

scutella n small bowl, deep dish
Hence: scutellaria

scutellaria n [Bot.] Scutellaria

scutero n squire; also: shield-bearer

scutiforme adj scutiform

scuto n 1. shield, buckler; 2. escutcheon, coat of arms
Hence: scutero; scutiforme etc.

Scylla npr Scylla

scytha n Scyth, Scythian
Hence: Scythia; scythic-scythico

Scythia npr Scythia

scythic adj Scythian

scytho n Scythian (1. Scyth; 2. Scythian language)

se rel pron himself; herself; itself; themselves

se- see sex

-sec [occurring in compounds]
Hence: extrinsec; intrinsec

secabile adj capable of being cut, divisible

secale n [Bot.] rye;
pan de secale rye bread

secante¹ 1. ppr of secar; 2. adj secant (as in “a secant line”)
Hence: secante²-cosecante

secante² n [Geom.] secant

secapapiro n paper cutter, paper knife

secar [sec-/sect-] v to cut (= to divide, sever or reduce by cutting)
Hence: secante &; secabile-insecabile; section &; sector; sectura; dissecar &; insecar &; resecar &; trisecar etc.; secapapiro etc.

secerner [-cern-/-cret-] v 1. to separate; 2. [Physiol.] to secern
Hence: secretion; secretori; secrete &; secretar

-secr- see sacre

secret- see secern-

secreta n [Eccl.] secret, secreta

secretar v [Physiol. & Biol.] to secrete

secretariato n secrctariate; also: secretaryship

secretario n secretary (= confidential clerk)
Hence: secretariato

secrete adj 1. secret; 2. secretive, close
Hence: secreto-secretario &; secreta

secretion n [Physiol. & Biol.] secretion

secreto n 1. secret; 2. secret drawer; secret spring;
in secreto in secret or secrecy;
esser in le secreto to be in the secret;
secreto de Policinella open secret, secret of Polichinelle

secretori adj [Physiol.] secretory

sect- see secar

secta n sect
Hence: sectari; sectario

sectari adj sectarian

sectario n sectarian

section n I. (act of) cutting; also: [Surg.] section; II. section (1. separation by cutting; 2. portion, division, subdivision; also: [Nat. Hist., Mil., etc.]; 3. [Geom., Drawing, etc.]);
section transverse crosssection
Hence: sectionar; intersection; vivisection etc.

sectionar v to section (= to cut or divide into sections)

sector n sector (1. [Geom.]; 2. [Mil.])

sectura n cut (= wound or opening made by cutting)

secular¹ adj secular (1. occurring once in a century; 2. existing for centuries; 3. worldly)
Hence: secularismo; secularista; secularitate; secularisar-secularisation

secular² n secular, layman

secularisar v to secularize

secularisation n secularization

secularismo n secularism

secularista n secularist

secularitate n secularity (1. secular extent; 2. worldliness)

seculo (sé-) n 1. century (= period of 100 years); 2. world (= things mundane)
Hence: secular &

[secun] prep 1. (following) after; 2. along, by; 3. according to
(= secundo)

secunda n second (1. 1/60 of a minute; 2. 1/3600 of a degree of an angle; 3. [Mus.])

secundar v to second (= to support)

secundari adj secondary;
schola secundari high school, secondary school

secunde adj second
Hence: secundinas, secundari; secundar; secundo¹; secunda; dece-secunde etc.; secundo²

secundinas npl secundines, after-birth

secundo¹ n second (in a duel, etc.)

secundo² prep 1. (following) after; 2. along, by; 3. according to;
secundo que according as

secur adj I. secure, safe; II. sure, certain (1. not doubting; 2. not doubtful)
Hence: securitate; assecurar &; insecur-insecuritate

securitate n I. security (1. safety; 2. as in “to leave something as a security”); II. sureness, certainty

sed conj but

sedar v to allay, soothe, appease
Hence: sedation; sedative-sedativo

sedation n [Med.] sedation

sedative adj sedative; also: [Med.]

sedativo n [Med.] sedative

sede n (1. accommodation for sitting; 2. principal place where anything takes place or is carried on); II. [Eccl.] see;
sancte sede Holy See, Apostolic See

se-dece (sé-) adj sixteen

sedentari adj sedentary

sedente adj seated, sitting; also: sedent

seder [sed-/-sess-;-sid-/-sess-] v to sit (1. to be sitting or seated; 2. as in “to sit in court, in council, etc.”; 3. to fit);
esser sedite to sit, be sitting or seated;
seder se to seat oneself, sit down
Hence: sede; sedimento &; sedente-sedentari; sessile; session; assider &; dissider &; insid- &; presider &; resider &; subsider &; obseder &; posseder &

sedimentar v to sediment (= to deposit as sediment)

sedimentari adj sedimentary

sedimentation n sedimentation

sedimento n sediment (1. lees, dregs; 2. [Geol.])
Hence: sedimentari; sedimentar-sedimentation

sedition n sedition
Hence: seditiose; seditionar

seditionar v to sedition, incite to sedition

seditiose adj ceditious

seducer [-duc-/-duct-] v to seduce
Hence: seducimento; seducibile; seduction; seductive; seductor

seducibile adj seducible

seducimento n seducement

seduct- see seducer

seduction n seduction (1. act of seducing; 2. that which seduces)

seductive adj seductive

seductor n seducer

segmentar v to segment, separate into segments

segmentari adj segmentary, segmental

segmentation n segmentation

segmento n [Geom.] segment
Hence: segmentari; segmentar-segmentation

segregar v to segregate
Hence: segregation; segregative

segregation n segregation

segregative adj segregative

seismal adj seismal, seismic

seismic (séiz-) adj seismic

seismo (séizmo) n earthquake, seism
Hence: seismal; seismic; seismographo etc.; seismologo etc.; macroseismo etc.; microseismo etc.

seismographia (-ía) seismography

seismographic adj seismographic

seismographo (-ógrapho) n seismograph
Hence: seismographia; seismographic

seismologia (-ía) n seismology

seismologic adj seismologic, seismological

seismologo (-ólogo) n seismologist
Hence: seismologia; seismologic

select- see seliger

selecte adj select, choice

selection n selection;
selection natural [Biol.] natural selection

selectionar v to select

selective adj selective

selen- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] seleno-, selen- (= moon);
Selena [Gr. Relig.] Selene
Hence: selenium &; selenita; selenite; selenographo etc.

seleniato n [Chem.] selenate

selenic adj [Chem.] selenic

seleniose adj [Chem.] selenious

selenita n Selenite, inhabitant of the moon

selenite n [Mineral.] selenite

selenito n [Chem.] selenite

selenium (-lé-) n [Chem.] selenium
Hence: seleniato; selenito; selenic; seleniose

selenographia (-ía) n selenography

selenographo (-ó-) n 1. selenograph; 2. selenographer
Hence: selenographia

seleri (sé-) n celery

seliger [-lig-/-lect-] v to select
Hence: selection-selectionar; selective; selecte

sella n saddle
Hence: sellero; selleria; sellar-dissellar; insellar-insellate

sellar v to saddle (= to put a saddle upon)

selleria (-ía) n saddlery

sellero n saddler

Sem npr Shem
Hence: semita-antisemita-antisemitismo, antisemitic, prosemita-prosemitismo, prosemitic, semitismo, semitic

sema- [-ma/-mat-] n [occurring in compounds] sema- (= sign, signal)
Hence: semaphoro etc.; sematographia etc.

semantic adj semantic
Hence: semantica-semanticista

semantica n [Philol.] semantics, semasiology

semanticista n semanticist, semasiologist

semaphoro (-má-) n semaphore

semasi- n [occurring in compounds] semasi- (= signification)
Hence: semasiologo etc.

semasiologia (-ía) n [Philol.] semasiology, semantics

semasiologic adj semasiological

semasiologo (-ólogo) n semasiologist, semanticist
Hence: semasiologia-semasiologic

semat- see sema-

sematographia (-ía) n sematography, sign-writing

semblante n semblance, appearance

semblantia n semblance, appearance; also: seeming

semblar v to seem, appear;
il me sembla it seems to me
Hence: semblante; semblantia

semeio- n [occurring in compounds] semeio (= sign)
Hence: semeiotic; semeiotica; semeiologia etc.

semeiologia (-ía) n [Med.] semeiology
Hence: semeiologic

semeiologic adj semeiologic, semeiological

semeiotic adj [Med.] semeiotic, semeiologic

semeiotica n [Med.] semeiotics, semeiologic

[semel] adv 1. once; 2. firstly

semestral adj semestral (= occurring every six months)

semestre n semester
Hence: semestral

semi- [occurring in compounds] semi- (= half)
Hence: semicirculo etc.; semiflosculo etc.; semicupio etc.; semifluide etc.; semipelagian etc.; semisomne etc.; sincipite etc.

semibarbare adj semibarbarous, semibarbaric

semibreve n [Mus.] semibreve

semicircular adj semicircular;
canales semicircular [Anat., Zool.] semicircular canals

semicirculo (-cir-) n semicircle (1. half of a circle; 2. semicircular measuring instrument, graphometer)
Hence: semicircular

semicircumferentia n [Geom.] semicircumference

semiconsonante n [Phonet.] semiconsonant

semicupio n semicupium, sitz bath

semicylindric adj semicylindric, semicylindrical

semicylindro n semicylinder
Hence: semicylindric

semidea (-éa) n demigoddess

semideo (-éo) n demigod

semidiametro (-ámetro) n [Math.] semidiameter

semidiaphane adj semidiaphanous

semiduple adj semidouble (1. [Liturgy]; 2. [Bot.])

semiflosculo (-flós-) n [Bot.] semifloscule, semifloret
Hence: semiflosculose

semiflosculose adj [Bot.] semifloscular, semiflosculose, semiflosculous

semifluide (-flú-) adj semifluid

semilunar¹ adj [Anat., Biol.] semilunar

semilunar² n [Anat.] semilunar (bone), lunatum

semimorte adj half-dead

seminal adj seminal (= pertaining to seed or semen)

seminar v to sow (seeds, etc.)

seminario n 1. [Hort.] seedbed; nursery; 2. (institution for the training of candidates for the priesthood, ministry, etc.) seminary, seminar, etc.
Hence: seminarista

seminarista n seminarist

semination n semination

seminator n sower

seminatorio n seeder, sowing-machine

semine n seed; also: milk, roe, spawn, semen, etc.
Hence: seminario &; seminal; seminifere; seminar-semination, seminator, seminatorio, disseminar &, inseminar &, reseminar, superseminar

seminifere adj seminiferous

seminude adj seminude, half-naked

semiofficial adj semiofficial

semipelagian adj [Theol.] Semi-Pelagian
Hence: semipelagianismo; semipelagiano

semipelagianismo n [Theol.] Semi-Pelagianism

semipelagiano n [Theol.] Semi-Pelagian

semiprova n [Law] semiproof

semisalvage (-aje) adj semisavage, half-savage

semisomne adj semisomnous, half-asleep

semita¹ n Semite

semita² (sé-) n 1. path; 2. [Zool.] semita, fasciole
Hence: semital

semital adj [Zool.] semital

semitic adj Semitic;
linguas semitic Semitic languages

semitismo n Semitism

semitono n [Mus.] semitone, halftone

semitransparente adj semitransparent
Hence: semitransparentia

semitransparentia n semitransparency

semitropical adj semitropical

semiuncial adj semiuncial

semivive adj half-alive

semivocal n semivowel

semp- see semper

semper (sém-) adv always
Hence: semperverde etc.; sempiterne etc.

semperverde¹ adj evergreen

semperverde² n evergreen

sempiterne adj everlasting, eternal, sempiternal

[sempre] adv always
(= semper)

sen- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: senato &; senectute; senil &; senior¹-senior² &

senato n senate
Hence: senator-senatorial; senatoconsulto etc.

senatoconsulto n [Rom. Hist.] senatus consultum, senatusconsult

senator n senator

senatorial adj senatorial (= pertaining to a senator or senate)

senectute n old age

Senegal npr Senegal
Hence: senegalese

senegalese adj/n Senegalese

senil adj senile (= belonging to old age);
debilitate senil senile weakness
Hence: senilitate

senilitate n senility

senior¹ adj senior, older

senior² n 1. senior, elder; 2. lord; 3. sir;
Senior Lord (= Lord God);
Nostre Senior Our Lord;
senior X. Mr. X.
Hence: senioria; seniorial; seniora-senioretta

seniora n lady;
seniora X. Mrs. X.

senioretta n miss;
senioretta X. Miss X.

senioria (-ía) n 1. [Hist.] seigniory; 2. lordship; also: as in “your lordship”

seniorial adj [Hist.] seignorial

sens- see sentir

sensar v to sense, sensate

sensate adj sensible (= possessing common sense)

sensation n sensation (1. as in “a sensation of cold”; 2. as in “to create a sensation”)
Hence: sensational-sensationalismo

sensational adj sensational (as in “sensational revelations”)

sensationalismo n sensationalism (as in “sensationalism of the yellow press”)

sensibile adj I. perceptible, sensible; II. sensitive (1. that receives sense impressions; 2. highly susceptible)
Hence: sensibilitate; insensibile-insensibilitate; suprasensibile

sensibilitate n sensibility (1. ability to receive sense impressions; 2. sensitiveness)

sensitiva n sensitive plant

sensitive adj sensitive, sensory

senso n I. sense (1. as in “the sense of hearing”; 2. discrimination, judgment; 3. meaning); II. direction (= way, course);
senso commun common sense;
perder le sensos to lose consciousness;
in senso inverse in the opposite direction
Hence: sensate-insensate; sensar-sensation &; sensual &; contrasenso; nonsenso etc.; multisense etc.

sensorial adj sensorial

sensorio n sensorium
Hence: sensorial

sensu- see senso

sensual adj sensual (as in “sensual pleasures”)
Hence: sensualismo; sensualista; sensualitate; sensualisar

sensualisar v to sensualize (= to make sensual)

sensualismo n sensualism (1. addiction to sensual indulgence; 2. [Philos.] sensationalism)

sensualista n [Philos.] sensualist, sensationalist

sensualitate n sensuality

sententia n 1. [Law] sentence; 2. (sententious) saying, aphorism
Hence: sententiose; sententiar

sententiar v [Law] to sentence

sententiose adj sententious

sentiente adj sentient

sentiero n path;
le sentiero del virtute the path of virtue

sentimental adj sentimental

sentimentalismo n sentimentalism

sentimentalitate n sentimentality

sentimento n feeling (1. act or fact of feeling; 2. sentiment, emotion)
Hence: sentimental-sentimentalismo, sentimentalitate

sentir [sent-/sens-] v to feel (something);
sentir se (ben, mal, etc.) to feel (well, ill, etc.)
Hence: sentimento &; sentiente; sensibile &; sensitive-sensitiva; sensorio &; senso &; assentir &; consentir &; dissentir &; presentir &; resentir &

separabile adj separable

separar v to separate (= to put or keep apart)
Hence: separabile-inseparabile-inseparabilitate; separation; separative; separator; separate-separatismo, separatista

separate 1. pp of separar; 2. adj separate

separation n separation;
separation de benes separate maintenance;
separation del Ecclesia e del Stato disestablishment of the Church

separatismo n separatism

separatista n separatist

separative adj separative

separator n 1. separater, one who separates; 2. separator

sepe n hedge;
rege del sepe wren

sepsis (sép-) n [Med.] sepsis
Hence: asepsis; antisepsis

septagesime (-ésime) adj seventieth;
le septagesime parte, le septagesimo the seventieth part, the seventieth

septanta adj seventy

septantesime (-ésime) adj seventieth;
le septantesime parte, le septantesimo the seventieth part, the seventieth

septe adj seven
Hence: septanta-septantesime; septagesime; septime &; septentrion &; dece-septe etc.; septuple etc.; septuplicar etc.; septemviro etc.

septem- see septe

septembre n September

septemviral adj septemviral

septemvirato n septemvirate

septemviro (-tém-) n [Rom. Antiq.] septemvir
Hence: septemvirato; septemviral

septen- see septe

septentrion n [Astron.] Septentrion, the Dipper
Hence: septentrional

septentrional adj northern

septic adj septic
Hence: septicitate; aseptic-aseptico; antiseptic-antiseptico; septicemia etc.; septico

septicemia (-ía) n [Med.] septicemia, septicaemia
Hence: septicemic

septicemic adj septicemic, septicaemic

septicitate n septicity

septico n septic

septim- see septe

septima (sép-) n [Mus.] seventh

septimana n week;
fin de septimana week end
Hence: septimanal

septimanal adj weekly

septime (sép-) adj seventh
Hence: septimana &; septima

septu- see septe

septuplar v to septuple (= to multiply by seven)

septuple (sép-) adj septuple, sevenfold
Hence: septupar

septuplicar v to septuple

sequente 1. ppr of sequer; 2. adj following, next;
le die sequente the next day, the following day

sequentia n sequence (1. “sequence of things, events, etc.”; 2. [Eccl.])

sequer [sequ-/secut-] v to follow
Hence: sequente-sequentia; consequer &; exequer &; obsequer &; persequer &; prosequer &; subsequer &

sequestrar v 1. [Law] to sequester; 2. to confine illegally, put under illegal restraint

sequestration n 1. [Law] sequestration (of goods); 2. illegal confinement or restraint

sequestro n 1. [Law] sequestration; 2. [Med.] sequestrum
Hence: sequestrar-sequestration

sequoia (-quóia) n sequoia;
sequoia gigante giant sequoia, big tree;
sequoia sempervivente redwood

[ser] v to be
(= esser)
Hence: [sera]; [serea]

ser- [ser-/sert-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: serie &; asserer &; deserer &; disserer &; inserer

[sera] (-rá) fut of ser will be, shall be
(= essera)

seralio n seraglio, serail
Hence: caravanseralio etc.

serbe adj Serb, Serbian

Serbia npr Serbia

serbo n Serb, Serbian
Hence: Serbia; serbocroate etc.; serbe

serbocroate adj Serbo-Croatian, Serbo-Croat
Hence: serbocroato

serbocroato n Serbo-Croatian, Serbo-Croat (1. Serbo-Croatian language; 2. native speaker of Serbo-Croatian)

[serea] (-éa) cond of ser would be, should be
(= esserea)

seren adj serene
Hence: serenitate; serenissimo; serenar-serenada

serenada n serenade

serenar v to make serene

serenissimo (-íssimo) n serenissimo

serenitate n serenity

sergente (-j-) n [Mil.] sergeant

serial adj serial

seriar v to arrange in series, to seriate

serie¹ n series; also: [Elec.];
in serie in series
Hence: serial; seriar

serie² adj serious (1. earnest; 2. as in “serious in implications”)
Hence: serio-seriose

serio n seriousness, earnestness

seriose adj serious (1. earnest; 2. as in “serious in implications”)

sermon n sermon
Hence: sermonar-sermonator; sermonisar

sermonar v to preach, sermonize

sermonator n preacher; sermonizer

sermonisar v to sermonize, harangue

sero¹ n 1. whey (of milk); 2. serum; specif.: blood serum
Hence: serose-serositate; serologia etc.; serotherapia etc.

[sero]² adv late

serologia (-ía) n serology

serose adj serous

serositate n serosity (= serous quality)

serotherapia (-ía) n serotherapy

serpentar v to wind, meander

serpentaria n 1. [Bot.] serpentaria, snakeroot; 2. serpent eater, secretary bird

serpente n snake, serpent;
Serpente [Astron.] Serpent
Hence: serpentaria; serpentin-serpentino; serpentar; serpentiforme etc.

serpentiforme adj serpentiform

serpentin adj serpentine (1. of a snake; 2. tortuous, winding)

serpentino n I. serpentine (1. [Hist., Ordn.]; 2. [Mineral.]; 3. coil of a still); II. paper streamer, serpentin

serper v to glide, wriggle
Hence: serpigine &; serpente &

serpigine n [Pathol.] serpigo; also: ringworm
Hence: serpiginose

serpiginose adj serpiginous

serra n 1. saw (= tool for sawing); 2. sierra
Hence: serrar-serreria, serration, serrator, serrate-serratula

serramento n 1. locking (of a door, etc.); 2. (action of) fastening, tightening

serrar¹ v to saw

serrar² v 1. to lock (= to fasten with a lock); 2. to lock up, lock away (something); 3. to close tightly (together)
Hence: serramento; serratura; disserrar

serrate 1. pp of serrar; 2. adj serrate, serrated

serration n (action of) sawing

serrator n sawyer

serratula n [Bot.] sawwort

serratura n lock (of a door, etc.);
serratura fulmine zip fastener, zipper

serreria (-ía) n sawmill

serva n (female) slave

servage (-aje) n slavery, bondage, serfdom

servar v to conserve (1. to preserve from harm; 2. to keep, retain)
Hence: conservar &; observar &; preservar &; reservar &

serve adj 1. subject to servitude; 2. slavish, servile
Hence: servicio &; servitude; servir &; servo &; serva

servibile adj serviceable, useful

servicial adj serviceable, diligent, ready to be of service

servicio n service (1. duties done or required; 2. helpful act or acts; 3. set of dishes, etc.);
servicio militar military service;
servicio divin church service, divine service
Hence: servicial; disservicio

serviente n 1. servant; 2. [Mil.] gunner

servietta n napkin (= table napkin)

servil adj servile (1. pertaining to slaves; 2. mean, base);
imitation servil slavish, servile imitation
Hence: servilismo; servilitate

servilismo n servileness, servilism

servilitate n servility

servir v to serve;
servir un persona to serve someone;
servir de to serve as;
servir a to be useful for;
servir se de to make use of
Hence: serviente; servibile; servitor; disservir; reservir

servitor n 1. servant (= person employed by another); 2. waiter (= one who waits at table)

servitude n 1. servitude (= slavery, bondage); 2. [Law] easement

servo n serf, slave
Hence: servage; servil &

sesqui- adv [occurring in compounds] sesqui- (= more by one half)
Hence: sesquioxydo etc.; sesquiplano etc.; sesquialtere etc.; sesquiped- etc.

sesquialtera (-ál-) n [Mus.] sesquialtera

sesquialtere adj sesquialteral, sesquialter (= one and a half times as great as another)
Hence: sesquialtera

sesquioxydo (-óx-) n [Chem.] sesquioxide

sesquiped- n [occurring in derivatives] sesquiped- (= foot and a half)
Hence: sesquipedal

sesquipedal adj sesquipedalian, sesquipedal

sesquiplano n biplane with short underplane

sess- see seder

sessile adj [Bot.] sessile

session n 1. sitting; sitting down; 2. session (“session of a court, etc.”)

seta n 1. bristle (= short, stiff hair of hogs, etc.); 2. silk;
seta artificial rayon
Hence: setasso &; seteria; seton; setacee; setifere; setose; setiforme etc.

setacee adj setaceous, bristly

setassar v to bolt (= to sift flour, etc. through a bolter)

setasso n bolter (= sifter for bolting flour, etc.)
Hence: setassar

sete n thirst;
haber sete to be thirsty;
appaciar su sete to quench one’s thirst
Hence: assetar-assetate

seteria (-ría) n 1. silk factory or store; 2. silk (ware)

setifere adj bristle-bearing, setiferous

setiforme adj bristle-shaped, setiform

seton n [Surg.] seton

setose adj silky, silken

setter [A] n [Dogs] setter

sever adj severe (1. not lenient; 2. as in “severe style”)
Hence: severitate; asseverar &; perseverar &

severitate n severity, severeness

Sèvres [F] npr Sèvres;
sèvres Sèvres (porcelain)

sex adj six
Hence: sexanta-sexantesime; sexagesime &; sexte &; semestre etc.; sedece etc.; dece-sex etc.

sexagesimal adj sexagesimal

sexagesime (-ésime) adj sixtieth;
le sexagesime parte, le sexagesimo the sixtieth part, the sixtieth
Hence: sexagesimal

sexanta adj sixty

sexantesime (-ésime) adj sixtieth;
le sexantesime parte, le sexantesimo the sixtieth part, the sixtieth

sexo n sex;
le sexo belle the fair sex
Hence: sexual-sexualitate, asexual, bisexual etc., homosexual etc.

sexta n 1. [Eccl.] Sext; 2. [Mus.] sixth

sextante n sextant

sexte adj sixth;
le sexte parte, le sexto the sixth part, the sixth
Hence: sextante; sextetto; sextuple etc.; sextuplicar etc; sexta

sextetto n [Mus.] sextet

sextu- see sexte

sextuplar v to sextuple

sextuple (séx-) adj sextuple, sixfold
Hence: sextuplar

sextuplicar v to sextuple (= to multply by six)

sexu- see sexo

sexual adj sexual (= pertaining to the functions of sex)

sexualitate n sexuality

shako n shako

shampooing [A] n shampooing, shampoo

shilling [A] n shilling

shocking! [A] shocking!

shogun [J] n shogun

shophar [Heb.] n shofar, shophar

shrapnel [A] n shrapnel

shunt [A] n [Elec.] shunt

si¹ adv 1. thus, so; 2. yes;
si ... como as ... as, (not) so ... as
Hence: si-nominate etc.; [assi] etc.

si² conj if (1. supposing that; 2. whether);
si non 1. if not; 2. except, unless it be
Hence: [sinon] etc.; [nisi] etc.; [etsi] etc.

si³ n 1. [Mus.] ti, si; 2. [Mus.] (the note) B

sia pr subj of esser be, may be, let there be;
sia ... sia ... be (it) ... or be (it) ...; whether ... or ...

sialagoge adj sialagogue, sialagogic, saliva-producing
Hence: sialagogo

sialagogo n [Med.] sialagogue

sialo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] sialo-, sial- (= saliva)
Hence: sialagoge etc. ...

Siam npr Siam
Hence: siamese

siamese adj/n Siamese;
catto siamese Siamese cat;
geminos siamese Siamese twins

sibilante¹ 1. ppr of sibilar; 2. adj sibilant

sibilante² n [Phonet.] sibilant

sibilar v 1. to whistle; 2. to hiss, sibilate

sibilation n sibilation

sibilator n whistler (= one who whistles)

sibilo (sí-) n I. whistle (1. whistling; 2. instrument for whistling); II. hiss, hissing
Hence: sibilar-sibilante, sibilation, sibilator

Sibiria npr Siberia
Hence: sibirian-sibiriano; sibiric

sibirian adj Siberian

sibiriano n Siberian

sibiric adj Siberian; Sibiric;
abiete sibiric Siberian fir

sibylla n [Gr. and Rom. Mythol.] sibyl
Hence: sibyllin

sibyllin adj sibylline;
libros sibyllin Sibylline Books

sic¹ adj dry;
vino sic dry wine
Hence: siccitate; siccar-sicca, siccante, siccative, siccatorio, desiccar &; exsiccar &

[sic]² adv 1. thus, so; 2. yes
(= si)
Hence: sicut etc.

sicc- see sic

sicca n shelf, sandbank

siccante 1. ppr of siccar; 2. adj drying;
papiro siccante blotting paper, blotter

siccar v to dry (1. to make dry; 2. to become dry)

siccative adj siccative

siccatorio n drying-place, drying-room, drying-loft, etc.

siccitate n 1. dryness; 2. drought, drouth

Sicilia npr Sicily
Hence: sicilian-siciliano, siciliana

sicilian adj Sicilian;
Vesperas Sicilian [Hist.] Sicilian Vespers

siciliana n [Dancing] Siciliana

siciliano n Sicilian

[sicut] (sí-) adv so as, just as, as

sider- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: sideral; siderar &; considerar &; desiderar &; siderostato etc.

-sider see seder

sideral adj [Astron.] sidereal

siderar v to strike (by lightning)
Hence: sideration

sideration n sudden stroke (of apoplexy); sudden paralysis

siderite n [Mineral.] siderite (= native ferrous carbonate)

sidero- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] sidero-, sider- (= iron)
Hence: siderite; siderographia etc.; siderolitho etc.; sideroscopio etc.; siderurgia etc.

siderographia (-ía) n siderography

siderolitho (-ólito) n siderolite

sideroscopio n sideroscope

siderostato (-ó-) n siderostat

siderurgia (-ía) n metallurgy or working of iron, siderurgy
Hence: siderurgic

siderurgic adj iron (as in “iron ore”), siderurgical

siesta n siesta

sigillar v to seal (1. as in “to seal a deed”; 2. to fasten, make fast; 3. as in “this sealed his fate”)

sigillator v sealer

sigillo n seal (1. instrument for sealing; 2. impression made by a seal); also: signet
Hence: sigillar-sigillator, dissigillar

signal n signal
Hence: signalar-signalamento, signalator, signalate

signalamento n (act of) signaling

signalar v 1. to signal (= to make known by a signal or signals); 2. to signalize (= to make notable); 3. to point (out);
signalar se to distinguish oneself, make oneself notable

signalate 1. pp of signalar; 2. adj remarkable, signal

signalator n signaler

signar v to sign (= to affix one’s name to);
signar se to cross oneself

signator n signer

signatura n signature (1. act of signing one’s name; 2. [Print.])

significante 1. ppr of significar; 2. adj significant

significantia n significance (= meaning, import)

significar v to signify (1. to make known, intimate; 2. to mean);
iste significa nihil that does not mean anything
Hence: significante-significantia, insignificante-insignificantia; signification; significative; significator; significato

signification n signification (1. act of signifying or making known; 2. meaning)

significative adj significant, significative;
cifra significative significant figure

significato n meaning, significate

significator n signifier; attrib. signifying, significant

signo n sign (1. symbol, mark; 2. indication; 3. gesture, motion);
facer signo to motion; also: to beckon;
signo de exclamation, de interrogation exclamation, question mark
Hence: signal &; signar-signator, signatura; assignar &; consignar &; contrasignar &; designar &; resignar &; significar &; insigne &

silente adj silent (1. quiet, noiseless; 2. saying little or nothing)
Hence: silentio-silentiario, silentiose, silentiar-silentiator

silentiar v to silence

silentiario n [Hist.; Relig.] silentiary

silentiator n [Technol.] silencer

silentio n silence (1. noiselessness; 2. forbearance from speech)

silentiose adj silent (1. quiet, noiseless; 2. saying little or nothing)

Silesia npr Silesia;
Alte (Basse) Silesia Upper (Lower) Silesia
Hence: silesian-silesiano

silesian adj Silesian; Silesia

silesiano n Silesian

silhouettar v to silhouette (= to show, represent, etc., in silhouette)

silhouette [F] n silhouette
Hence: silhouettar

silic- see siliqua

silicato n silicate

silice (sí-) n 1. flint; 2. silex, silica
Hence: silicato-tungstosilicato etc.; silicium; silicosis; silicee; silicic; silicificar-silicification; silicifluoric etc.

silicee adj siliceous

silicic adj silicic;
acido silicic silicic acid

silicificar v to silicify (= to convert into silica)

silicification n silicification

silicifluoric (-óric) adj silicifluoric

silicium (-lí-) n silicon, silicium

silicosis (-ósis) n [Pathol.] silicosis

silicula n [Bot.] silicle, silicula

siliculose adj [Bot.] siliculose

siliqua (sí-) n [Bot.] pod; silique
Hence: silicula-siliculose; siliquifere; siliquose

siliquifere adj pod-bearing; siliquiferous

siliquose adj [Bot.] siliquose

silo [H] n silo

siluro n 1. [Zool.] silurus, sheatfish; 2. [Zool.] Silurus

silva n wood, forest; grove
Hence: silvan-silvanite, transsilvan-transsilvano, Transsilvania, Pennsylvania etc., Silvano; silvatic; silvestre; silvose; silvicultor etc.; silvicultura etc.

silvan adj sylvan

silvanite n [Mineral.] sylvanite

Silvano npr [Mythol.] Silvanus

silvatic adj forest, sylvatic

silvestre adj forest, wood

silvicultor n forester, silviculturist

silvicultura n forestry, silviculture

silvose adj wooded

sim- [occurring in compounds]
Hence: simple etc.; simplice etc.

simia n monkey, ape
Hence: simian; simieria; simiesc; simiar

simian adj simian

simiar v to ape

simieria (-ía) n monkey business, monkeyshine

simiesc adj simian

similabile adj similar

similante n semblance, appearance

similantia n semblance (1. resemblance, similarity; 2. image, likeness)

similar¹ adj similar
Hence: similaritate

similar² v 1. to resemble; 2. to seem, appear
Hence: similante-similantia, verosimilante etc.; similabile; assimilar &; dissimilar &; resimilar &

similaritate n similarity

similauro n similor, imitation gold

simile¹ adj like, resembling, similar
Hence: similitude; similar¹ &; simular &; similar² &; dissimile &; similauro etc.; facsimile etc.; verisimile etc.; simul

simile² n [Rhet.] simile

similitude n 1. likeness, resemblance, similitude; 2. [Rhet.] simile;
similitude (de triangulos) similarity (of triangles)

Simon nprm Simon;
Simon le Mago Simon Magus
Hence: simonia-simonista, simonisar

simonia (-ía) n simony

simonisar v to practice simony

simonista n simonist (= one practicing simony)

simple adj simple (1. not double or manifold; 2. not complicated)
Hence: simplismo; simplificar-simplificabile, simplification, simplificator

simplice (sím-) adj simple (1. not double, not manifold; 2. not complicated)
Hence: simplicitate

simplices (sím-) npl simples, medicinal herbs

simplicitate n simplicity

simplificabile adj capable of being simplified

simplificar v to simplify

simplification n simplification

simplificator n simplifier

simplismo n oversimplification, simplism

simul (sí-) adv at once, at the same time, together
Hence: simultanee &; insimul

simul- see simile

simulacro n simulacrum (1. image; 2. mock appearance, sham)

simular v to simulate (= to feign)
Hence: simulacro; simulation; simulator; simulate; dissimular &

simulate 1. pp of simular; 2. adj simulate

simulation n simulation

simulator n simulator

simultanee adj simultaneous
Hence: simultaneitate

simultaneitate n simultaneity

sin prep without
Hence: sinecura etc.

Sin-¹ npr [occurring in compounds] Sin-, Sino- (= China)
Hence: sinologo etc.; sino-japonese etc.

sin-² [-sin-/sit-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: site; sito &; desin- &

sin-³ see semi-

Sinai npr Sinai;
le monte Sinai Mount Sinai;
le peninsula del Sinai Sinai Peninsula

sincer adj sincere (1. honest; 2. frank; 3. real, true)
Hence: sinceritate; insincer-insinceritate

sinceritate n sincerity

sincipital adj [Anat.] sincipital

sincipite (-cíp-) n [Anat.] sinciput
Hence: sincipital

sinecura n sinecure
Hence: sinecurismo, sinecurista

sinecurismo n sinecurism

sinecurista n sinecurist

sine die [L] sine die

sine qua non [L] sine qua non

singular adj singular (1. relating to a single person or thing; 2. unusual, uncommon, strange, etc.);
(numero) singular [Gram.] singular (number)

singularisar v to singularize, make distinct

singularitate n singularity

singule adj single, separate, alone
Hence: singular-singularitate, singularisar

singultar v 1. to sob; 2. to hiccup

singulto n 1. sob; 2. hiccup, hiccough, singultus
Hence: singultar

sinistre adj 1. left (= not right); 2. sinister (= threatening, evil)
Hence: sinistromane etc.; sinistrorse etc.; sinistrogyr etc.

sinistrogyr adj sinistrogyrate

sinistromane adj left-handed (using the left hand more easily than the right)

sinistrorse adj [Bot.] sinistrorse

sinn fein [Ir.] n Sinn Fein

sino n 1. bosom; 2. womb; 3. [Anat.] sinus; 4. [Math.] sine;
sinos breasts;
in le sino del familia in the bosom of the family
Hence: sinuate; sinuose-sinuositate; insinuar &

sinojaponese adj Sino-Japanese

sinologia (-ía) n Sinology

sinologo (-ólogo) n Sinologue, Sinologist
Hence: sinologia

si-nominate adj so-called

[sinon] conj otherwise, else; except, save, if not, unless
(= si non)

sinu- see sino

sinuate adj [Bot.] sinuate, sinuated

sinuose adj sinuous

sinuositate n sinuosity

sinus (si-) n 1. [Math.] sine; 2. [Anat.] sinus
Hence: sinusitis; sinusoide-sinusoital; cosinus

sinusitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] sinusitis, sinus trouble

sinusoidal adj [Math.] sinusoidal

sinusoide n [Math.] sinusoid

Sion (sí-) npr Zion (1. hill near Jerusalem; 2. Jerusalem; 3. the Church)
Hence: sionismo; sionista; sionita

sionismo n Zionism

sionista n Zionist; also: attrib.

sionita n [Eccl. Hist.] Ronsdorfer, Zionite

siphon n siphon (1. bent tube for transferring a liquid; 2. siphon bottle; 3. [Zool.])
Hence: siphonostome etc.; siphonophoro etc.

siphonophoro (-nó-) n [Zool.] siphonophore

siphonostome (-nó-) adj [Zoo].] siphonostomatous, siphonostomous

-sipide see sapide

-sipiente see sapiente

sirena n siren (1. [Mythol.]; 2. as in “the ship’s siren”)
Hence: sirenie-sirenios; lepidosirena etc.

sirenie adj sirenian, siren, sirenical

sirenios npl [Zool.] Sirenia

sirocco n sirocco

sirop n syrup
Hence: siropose

siropose adj syrupy

-sister v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: assister &; consister &; desister &; exister &; insister &; persister &; resister &; subsister &

sistro n [Antiq.] sistrum

sit- see sin-

site adj situated, placed

sito n site
Hence: situar-situation

sito- n [occurring in compounds] sito-, sit- (= food)
Hence: parasite &; sitomania etc.

sitomania (-ía) n [Psychol.] sitomania

sitophobia (-ía) n [Psychol.] sitophobia

situ- see sito

situar v to situate; to place, locate

situation n I. situation (1. location, place; 2. condition, circumstance); II. posture; also: position, attitude (of the body)

situla (sí-) n buckct, pail
Hence: situlata

situlata n bucketful, pailful

[sive] conj or if, or;
sive ... sive ... if ... or if

skeletic adj I. [Anat.] skeletal; II. skeleton (1. as in “skeleton crew”; 2. emaciated)

skeleto (ské-) n skeleton (1. [Anat.]; 2. framework (of a house, ship, etc.); 3. outline, sketch)
Hence: skeletic; skeletologia etc.; endoskeleto etc.

skeletologia (-ía) n skeletology

ski [Nor.] n ski
Hence: skiar-skiator

skiar v to ski

skiator n skier

skunk [A] n skunk (1. [Zool.]; 2. fur of the skunk)

slave adj Slav, Slavic, Slavonic;
linguas slave Slavonic languages
Hence: slavo-slavismo, slavista, slavon &, slavophile etc., panslavismo etc., balto-slavo etc.; yugoslave etc.

slavismo n 1. Slavicism; 2. Panslavism

slavista n Slavist

slavo n Slav

slavon adj Slavonian, Slavonic
Hence: slavono-Slavonia

Slavonia npr Slavonia

slavono n 1. Slavonian (= inhabitant of Slavonia); 2. Slavonic (language)

slavophile adj Slavophile
Hence: slavophilo

slavophilo (-ó-) n Slavophile

sleeping-car [A] n [R.R.] sleeping car

slitta n drag, dray, road sledge; also: sled, sleigh

slogan [A] n slogan

sloop [A] n [Naut.] sloop

slovac adj Slovak
Hence: Slovachia; slovaco; checoslovac etc.

slovach- see slovac

Slovachia (-ákia) npr Slovakia

slovaco n Slovak

sloven adj Slovene, Slovenian
Hence: Slovenia; sloveno

Slovenia npr Slovenia

sloveno n 1. Slovene; 2. Slovenian

smalt n enamel
Hence: smaltar

smaltar v 1. to enamel; 2. to glaze (as in to “glaze earthenware”)

smaragdin adj emerald, smaragdine

smaragdite n [Mineral.] smaragdite

smaragdo n emerald, smaragd
Hence: smaragdite; smaragdin

smerilio n emery
Hence: papiro-smerilio etc.

-smo see -ismo

smoking [A] n tuxedo, dinner jacket or coat

snob [A] n snob
Hence: snobismo

snobismo n snobbishness

[so] pr 1me pers sing of esser (I) am
(= (io) es)

so- v [occurring in compounds] so-, sozo- (= to save)
Hence: creosoto etc.

sobrie adj sober (= temperate, not given to excesses or extremes)
Hence: sobrietate; insobrie-insobrietate

sobrietate n soberness, sobriety, temperateness

socco n [Gr. & Rom. Theat.] sock
Hence: socculo

socculo n socle, pedestal, stand

sociabile adj sociable
Hence: sociabilitate, insociabile-insociabilitate

sociabilitate n sociability

social adj 1. social (= pertaining to human society); 2. pertaining to a commercial society;
ration social name (of a firm);
capital social registered capital, joint stock;
anno social fiscal year of a firm
Hence: socialismo; socialista; socialisar &; antisocial

socialisar v to socialize
Hence: socialisation

socialisation n socialization

socialismo n socialism

socialista¹ n socialist

socialista² adj socialist, socialistic

sociar v to join or unite (one thing with another)
Hence: sociabile &; associar &; consociar &; dissociar &

societate n society;
le Societate del Nationes the League of Nations;
societate per actiones joint-stock company;
societate de succursos mutual mutual benefit society;
societate in commandita sleeping partnership;
joco de societate parlor game;
societate anonyme corporation (= incorporated company)

socio n partner, associate
Hence: societate; social &; sociar &; sociologo etc.

sociologia (-ía) n sociology

sociologic adj sociologic, sociologica

sociologo (-ólogo) n sociologist
Hence: sociologia; sociologic

Socrates (só-) npr Socrates
Hence: socratic; socratico

socratic adj Socratic

socratico n Socratic

soda n soda (1. sodium oxide; 2. as in “washing soda”, “baking soda”, “caustic soda”; 3. soda water)
Hence: sodium

sodium (só-) n sodium

Sodoma (só-) npr Sodom
Hence: sodomia; sodomita-sodomitic

sodomia (-mía) n sodomy

sodomita n 1. Sodomite (= inhabitant of Sodom); 2. sodomite (= one guilty of sodomy)

sodomitic adj Sodomitic

sofa n sofa

soirée [F] n (evening) party

soja (sóya) n [Bot.] soy, soybean, soya

sojornar v to stay, sojourn
Hence: sojorno

sojorno n stay, sojourn

sol¹ n 1. [Mus.] sol; 2. [Mus.] (the note) G
Hence: solmisar etc.

sol² n sun (1. the heavenly body “sun”; 2. sunlight, sunshine);
il face sol the sun is shining, it is sunny;
prender le sol to take a sun bath, to bask in the sun;
colpo de sol sunstroke
Hence: solano &; solar; solario; insolar &; solstitio etc.; parasol etc.; tornasol etc.

sol³ adj sole (1. without companions, alone; 2. only);
mi sol preoccupation my only preoccupation;
viver sol to live alone;
sentir se sol to feel lonesome, lonely
Hence: solitate-solitari &; solitude; desolar &; solipede etc.; soliloquio etc.; solo¹-solista

solanaceas npl [Bot.] Solanaceae

solanacee adj solanaceous

solano n [Bot.] nightshade
Hence: solanacee-solanaceas

solar adj solar

-solar v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: consolar &

solario n solarium

soldar¹ v to have in (one’s) pay

soldar² v 1. to solder (= to join by solder); 2. to weld (as in “to weld pieces of metal”)
Hence: soldator; soldatura; dissoldar

soldatesc adj 1. soldierly; 2. barrack-room (as in “barrack-room language”)

soldatesca n 1. soldiery; 2. undisciplined troops

soldato n soldier
Hence: soldatesc-soldatesca

soldator n 1. solderer; 2. welder

soldatura n 1. (act of) soldering; 2. solder; 3. (act of) welding

soldo n 1. [Fin.] sou; 2. (soldier’s) pay
Hence: soldar-soldato &

solea n 1. sole (of a shoe, etc.); 2. [Zool.] sole
Hence: solear

solear v to sole (= to furnish with a sole)

solemne adj solemn
Hence: solemnitate; solemnisar-solemnisation

solemnisar v to solemnize (= to render solemn by ceremony or due formality)

solemnisation n solemnization

solemnitate n solemnity (1. state or quality of being solemn; 2. solemn observance)

soler v to be wont do (do), have the custom of (doing)
Hence: solite-insolite; insolente &; obsolescer &

solfeggiar (-fedjár) v [Mus.] to sol-fa, practice solfeggios

solfeggio [I] n [Mus.] solfeggio (= exercise in scales, using sol-fa syllables)
Hence: solfeggiar

soli- see solide

solidar v to make solid or firm

solidari adj solidary
Hence: solidaritate; solidarisar

solidarisar v to render jointly liable or responsible;
solidarisar se to make common cause

solidaritate n solidarity

solide (só-) adj solid (1. not liquid, fluid, or gaseous; 2. firmly or strongly built; 3. of sound, sterling character)
Hence: soliditate; solidari &; solidar-consolidar &; solidificar-solidification

solidificar v to solidify (= to make solid)

solidification n solidification

soliditate n solidity (1. state of being not liquid, fluid, or gaseous; 2. state of being firmly or strongly built; 3. moral, mental, or financial soundness)

soliloquio n soliloquy

solipede¹ (-í-) adj [Zool.] soliped

solipede² (-í-) n [Zool.] soliped

solista n soloist

solitari adj solitary
Hence: solitario

solitario n I. solitary; II. solitaire (1. diamond set by itself; 2. card game played by one person)

solitate n loneliness, solitude

solite (só-) adj wonted, accustomed; also: wont

solitude n solitude (1. loneliness; 2. lonely place)

sollicitante n solicitant, petitioner

sollicitar v 1. to solicit (= to entreat); 2. to apply for (as in “to apply for a position”)

sollicitation n 1. solicitation (= entreaty); 2. application (“application for a position, etc.”)

sollicitator n 1. solicitor (= person who entreats); 2. applicant

sollicite (-lí-) adj solicitous (= concerned)
Hence: sollicitude; sollicitar-sollicitante, sollicitation, sollicitator

sollicitude n solicitude

solmente adv only, merely;
non solmente ... sed etiam not only ... but also

solmisar v [Mus.] to sol-fa, practice solfeggios
Hence: solmisation

solmisation n [Mus.] solmization (1. sol-fa notation; 2. solfeggio)

solo¹ n solo

solo² n 1. soil, earth; 2. floor (= “the floor of a room”)
Hence: solea &

solstitial adj solstitial

solstitio n [Astron.] solstice
Hence: solstitial

solu- see solver

solubile adj soluble (1. that can be dissolved; 2. that can be solved)

solubilitate n solubility (1. capacity of being dissolved; 2. capacity of being solved)

solut- see solver

solute adj 1. solved; 2. dissolved

solution n solution (1. act of dissolving; 2. liquid in which a substance has been dissolved; 3. act of solving; 4. as in “to find the solution of the problem”)

solvente¹ adj solvent (1. able to dissolve; 2. [Com.])

solvente² n [Chem.] solvent

solventia n [Com.] solvency

solver [solv-/solut-] v to resolve, dissolve; also: to solve
Hence: solvente-solventia, insolvente-insolventia; solubile-solubilitate, insolubile-insolubilitate; solution; solute; absolver &; dissolver &; resolver &

soma¹ [-ma/-mat-] n [Biol.] soma
Hence: somatic; somatologia etc.; chromosoma etc.

soma² n [Hindu Relig.] soma

somatic adj somatic

somatologia (-ía) n somatology
Hence: somatologic

somatologic adj somatologic

somnambule adj somnambulistic
Hence: somnambulismo; somnambulo

somnambulismo n somnambulism, noctambulism

somnambulo (-ám-) n sleepwalker, somnambulist

somnifere adj soporific, somniferous

somnifero (-ní-) n sleeping tablet, soporific

somniloque (-ní-) adj somniloquous
Hence: somniloquista

somniloquio n somniloquy

somniloquista n somniloquist

somno n sleep;
haber somno to be sleepy;
morbo del somno sleeping sickness
Hence: somnifere-somnifero; somnolente &; insomne &; somniloquio etc.; somniloque etc.; semisomne etc.

somnolente adj somnolent, sleepy, drowsy
Hence: somnolentia

somnolentia n somnolence, sleepiness, drowsiness

[somos] (só-) pr 1me pers pl of esser (we) are
(= (nos) es)

[son] pr pl of esser are
(= (nos, vos, illes, illas, illos) es)

sonalia n cattle bell

sonante 1. ppr of sonar; 2. adj sonant; also: [Phonet.]

sonar v I. to sound (1. to make a sound; also: to strike, ring, toll; 2. to cause to sound; also: to ring); II. to play (an instrument)
Hence: sonalia; sonante-altisonante etc.; malsonante etc.; sonator; sonata &; assonar &; consonar &; dissonar &; resonar

sonata n sonata
Hence: sonatina

sonatina n sonatina

sonator n 1. sounder (= one who or that which sounds); 2. player (of an instrument)

sonda n 1. [Naut.] lead, plummet; 2. [Surg.] sound, probe; 3. [Mining] borer, drill
Hence: sondar-sondage, sondator

sondage (-aje) n I. sounding (1. [Naut.]; 2. probing; 3. [Surg.]); II. [Mining] boring, drilling;
turre de sondage derrick (as in “oil derrick”)

sondar v I. to sound (1. [Naut.]; 2. to probe; 3. [Surg.]); II. [Mining] to bore, drill

sondator n 1. [Naut.] leadsman; 2. [Naut.] sounder, sounding apparatus; 3. [Mining] borer, driller

sonettar v to compose sonnets

sonettero n sonneteer

sonetto n sonnet
Hence: sonettero; sonettar

soniar v to dream

soniator n dreamer

sonio n dream
Hence: soniar-soniator

sono n sound (as in “the sound of a bell”)
Hence: sonetto &; sonar &; dissone; sonometro etc.; undisone etc.; altisone etc.; multisone etc.; unisone etc.; horrisone etc.

sonometro (-nó-) n sonometer (= soundmeasuring instrument)

sonor adj sonorous, resonant
Hence: sonoritate

sonoritate n sonority

soph- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] soph- (= wise, learned)
Hence: sophia-sophic; sophis--sophismo, sophista-sophistic-sophistica, sophisticar-sophistication; philosopho etc.; theosophia etc.; gymnosophista etc.

sophia¹ (-ía) n sophia, wisdom

Sophia² (-ía) nprf Sophia

sophic adj sophic

sophis- v [occurring in derivatives]

sophismo n sophism

sophista n 1. [Gr. Philos.] Sophist; 2. sophist; also: attrib.

sophistic adj sophistic

sophistica n 1. sophistics 2. sophistry

sophisticar v to sophisticate (= to falsify, pervert, adulterate etc.)

sophistication n sophistication (= falsifying, falsification, adulteration)

Sophocles (só-) npr Sophocles

sopir v to put to sleep; also: to lull, quiet, etc.
Hence: sopor &

sopor n sopor, profound sleep
Hence: soporifere; soporific-soporifico; soporose

soporifere adj soporific, soporiferous

soporific adj soporific, soporiferous

soporifico n soporific, sleeping tablet

soporose adj soporific (as in “soporific symptoms”)

sopranista n sopranist

soprano [I] n soprano
Hence: sopranista

sorber [sorb-/sorpt-] v to sup, sip; to drink down, swallow
Hence: absorber &; resorber &; sanguisorba etc.

soror n sister; also: [Eccl.];
soror affin sister-in-law
Hence: sororastra; sororal

sororal adj sisterly

sororastra n stepsister

sorta n sort (= kind, class);
de sorta que so that
Hence: assortir &

sorte n 1. lot, destiny; 2. chance, luck;
tirar al sorte to draw lots
Hence: consorte; sortilegio etc.

sortilegio n (piece of) sorcery; also: spell, charm

sortir v to go or come out
Hence: sortita; resortir

sortita n 1. [Mil.] sortie, sally; 2. [Clothing] wrap, robe, etc.;
sortita de banio bathrobe

S O S [A] n [Naut.] S O S

Sosia npr sosia;
sosia (someone’s) double

sottana n cassock

soufflé [F] n soufflé

soup- see souper

soupar v to sup, have supper

souper [F] n supper
Hence: soupar

souvenir [F] n souvenir

[sovente] adv repeatedly, frequently, often; from time to time
(= subinde)

soveran adj sovereign (1. supreme; 2. possessing supreme power);
remedio soveran sovereign remedy
Hence: soveranitate; soverano

soveranitate n sovereignty

soverano n sovereign (1. monarch; 2. gold coin in Great Britain)

soviet [R] n soviet
Hence: sovietismo; sovietista; sovietic; sovietisar; sovietisation

sovietic adj soviet, sovietic;
Union del Republicas Sovietic Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Soviet Union

sovietisar v to sovietize

sovietisation n sovietization

sovietismo n sovietism

sovietista n sovietist

spada n 1. sword; 2. [Cards] spade;
pisce spada swordfish
Hence: spadero; spadon

spadero n swordmaker, swordsmith

spadon n (large) sword

spaghetti [I] npl spaghetti

spalier n trellis, espalier

sparadrapo n adhesive plaster, sticking plaster

sparger [sparg-/spars-;-sperg-/-spers-] v to sprinkle
Hence: sparse; spargitor; asperger &; disperger &

spargitor n sprinkler

sparniar v I. to spare (1. to show mercy to; 2. to protect from, save); II. to save (as in “to save money, time, etc.”)
Hence: sparnio

sparnio n saving; thrift;
sparnios savings

spars- see sparger

sparse adj sparse

Sparta npr Sparta
Hence: spartan-spartano

spartan adj Spartan

spartano n Spartan

spasmo n [Med.] spasm
Hence: spasmodic-antispasmodic

spasmodic adj [Med.] spasmodic

spastic adj [Med.] spastic

spatha n [Bot.] spathe
Hence: spathacee

spathacee adj [Bot.] spathaceous

spatial adj spatial

spatiamento n (act of) spacing

spatiar v to space

spatio n space
Hence: spatial; spatiose-spatiositate; spatiar-spatiamento

spatiose adj spacious

spatiositate n spaciousness

spatula (spá-) n 1. [Anat.] shoulder; 2. spatula; 3. [Zool.] spoonbill

spec- [spec-/spect-;-spic-/-spect-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: perspicace &; conspicue &; perspicue &; spectar &; aspic- &; circumspic- &; despicer &; inspicer &; introspicer &; perspicer &; prospicer &; respicer &; retrospic- &; suspic- &; frontispicio etc.

special adj special, especial
Hence: specialista; specialitate; specialisar-specialisation

specialisar v to specialize;
specialisar se to specialize (in a certain field)

specialisation n specialization

specialista n specialist

specialitate n specialty, speciality

specie¹ n I. species (1. kind, sort; 2. group, class; especially: [Bot., Zool.]; 3. [Eccl.]); II. specie;
in specie in specie
Hence: special &; specific &; speciose &; specificar &; subspecie

specie² n spice;
pan de specie ginger bread, spice cake
Hence: speciero; specieria

specieria (-ía) n 1. groceries (collectively); 2. grocery (store)

speciero n grocer

specific adj specific (1. special, definite; 2. [Bot., Zool.]);
peso specific specific gravity;
remedio specific specific remedy
Hence: specificitate

specificar v to specify
Hence: specification

specification n specification (= act of specifying)

specificitate n specificity, specificness

specimen [L] n specimen

speciose adj specious
Hence: speciositate

speciositate n speciousness

spect- see spec-

spectaculo n I. spectacle (1. sight; 2. public show or display); II. [Theat.] play, show

spectar v to look at
Hence: spectaculo; spectator

spectator n spectator

spectral adj spectral (1. ghostly; 2. pertaining to the spectrum);
analyse spectral spectral colors

spectro n 1. ghost, specter; 2. spectrum
Hence: spectral; spectroscopio etc.

spectroscopia (-ía) n spectroscopy

spectroscopic adj spectroscopic

spectroscopio n spectroscope
Hence: spectroscopia; spectroscopista; spectroscopic

spectroscopista n spectroscopist

specular¹ adj specular; also: [Med.]

specular² v to speculate (1. to engage in thought or reflection; 2. [Com.]);
specular super 1. to speculate on or about; 2. to speculate in
Hence: speculation; speculative; speculator

speculation n speculation (1. thought, reflection; 2. [Com.])

speculative adj speculative (1. pertaining to thought or reflection; 2. involving risks)

speculator n speculator

speculo (spé-) n mirror; also: speculum
Hence: specular¹; specular² &

speech [A] n speech (= public talk)

sperabile adj to be hoped (for)

sperantia n hope;
fundar su sperantia super to found one’s hopes on;
plen de sperantia full of hope, hopeful

sperantiose adj hopeful (= full of hope)

sperar v to hope (for)
Hence: spero; sperantia-sperantiose; sperabile-insperabile; insperate; desperar &

-sperger see sparger

sperma [-ma/-mat-] n sperm
Hence: spermatic; spermatozoon etc.; spermophilo etc.; endosperma etc.; angiosperme etc.

spermaceti n spermaceti

spermat- see sperma

spermatic adj spermatic

spermatozoon (-zó-) n [Zool.] spermatozoon

spermophilo (-mó-) n gopher, spermophile

spero n hope

sphera n sphere (1. [Geom., Astron.]; 2. as in “sphere of action”);
sphera celeste celestial sphere;
sphera armillar armillary sphere
Hence: spheric-sphericitate; spheroide-spheroidal; spherometro etc.; atmosphera etc.; stratosphera etc.; planispherio etc.; hemispherio etc.

spheric adj spherical

sphericitate n sphericity

spheroidal adj spheroidal

spheroide n spheroid

spherometro (-ómetro) n [Phys.] spherometer

sphinge n sphinx (1. [Archaeol.]; 2. [Entom.])

spia n spy
Hence: spiar

spiar v to spy, spy upon

-spic- see spec-

spica n ear (of grain), spike
Hence: spicula-spiculate; spicate; spicifere; spicar; spiciforme etc.; spicilegio etc.; spicanardo etc.

spicanardo n spikenard

spicar v to ear (= to form, be formed, into ears or spikes)

spicate adj spiky, eared, spicate

spicifere adj [Bot.] spiciferous, bearing ears (of grain)

spiciforme adj spiciform, ear-shaped

spicilegio n gleaning; gleanings; specif.: spicilege (= collection, anthology)

spicula n [Bot.] spikelet, spicule

spiculate adj [Bot.] spiculate

spina n 1. spine, thorn; 2. fishbone;
spina (dorsal) spine, backbone;
esser super le spinas to be on thorns, on pins and needles
Hence: spinello; spineto; spinula; spinal-cerebro-spinal etc.; spinifere; spinose-spinositate; porcospino etc.; spino

spinace n spinach
Hence: spinacia

spinacia n spinach

spinal adj [Anat.] spinal

spinello n [Mineral.] spinel (ruby)

spineto n thicket of thorns; brambles

spinetta n [Mus.] spinet

spinifere adj spiniferous

spino n thorn, thornbush; bramble;
spino albe, spino blanc hawthorn

spinose adj thorny (1. full of thorns; 2. as in “a thorny question”)

spinositate n thorniness

spinula n pin (for fastening together parts of clothing, etc.);
spinula de securitate safety pin

spion n spy
Hence: spionar-spionage-contraspionage

spionage (-aje) n spying, espionage

spionar v to spy

spira n 1. whorl (of a spiral); 2. [Geom.] spiral; also: coil, etc.
Hence: spiral; spiroide-spiroidal; spirocheta etc.

spiral¹ adj spiral

spiral² n 1. spiral; 2. hairspring

spirante adj/n [Phonet.] spirant

spirar v to breathe (= to respire; also: to be alive)
Hence: spirante; spiration; aspirar &; conspirar &; expirar &; inspirar &; respirar &; suspirar &; transpirar &; spirometro etc.

spiration n [Theol.] spiration

spiritismo n spiritualism, spiritism

spiritista n spiritualist, spiritist

spiritistic adj spiritistic

spirito (spí-) n spirit (1. as in “spirit of ammonia”; 2. “spirit as opposed to body or matter”; 3. as in “to believe in spirits”; also: sprite);
Spirito Sancte Holy Ghost;
spirito maligne evil spirit;
spirito forte freethinker;
spirito de corpore esprit de corps
Hence: spiritual-spiritualismo, spiritualista, spiritualitate, spiritualisar-spiritualisation; spirituose-spirituositate; spiritismo; spiritista-spiritistic

spiritu- see spirito

spiritual adj spiritual (1. pertaining to spirit, mind, intellect; 2. devoid of body, incorporeal)

spiritualisar v spiritualize (= to render spiritual)

spiritualisation n spiritualization

spiritualismo n [Philos., Relig.] spiritualism

spiritualista n [Philos., Relig.] spiritualist

spiritualitate n spirituality (1. incorporeal quality or state; 2. spiritual-mindedness)

spirituose adj 1. spirited (= full of spirit); 2. spirituous (= alcoholic)

spirituositate n 1. spiritedness; spirituousness, spirituosity

spirocheta n [Bacteriol.] spirochete

spiroidal adj spiroid, spiroidal

spiroide adj spiroid, spiroidal

spirometria (-ía) n spirometry

spirometric adj spirometric

spirometro (-ómetro) n spirometer
Hence: spirometria; spirometric

spissar v to thicken (= to make thicker or denser)

spisse adj thick (1. as in “a thick board”, “two inches thick”; 2. dense)
Hence: spissitate; spissor; spissar-inspissar-inspissation

spissitate n thickness (1. as in “thickness of a board”; 2. density)

spissor n thickness (1. as in “thickness of a board”; 2. density)

splen n [Anat.] spleen, milt
Hence: splenitis; splenic; asplenio; splenologia etc.; splenopathia etc.

splendente 1. ppr of splender; 2. adj splendent

splender v to shine, be resplendent
Hence: splendide; splendor; splendente; resplender &

splendide adj 1. bright, resplendent; 2. splendid

splendor n splendor

splenic adj [Anat.] splenic

splenitis (-ítis) n [Med.] splenitis

splenologia (-ía) n splenology

splenopathia (-ía) n splenopathy

spolia n 1. slough, cast skin (of a serpent etc.); 2. spoil, booty;
spolias spoils, loot
Hence: spoliar-spoliamento, spoliation, spoliator; despoliar &

spoliamento n 1. casting (of the skin of a serpent, etc.); 2. despoiling, stripping

spoliar v 1. to skin, remove the skin (of an animal); 2. to despoil, strip;
spoliar se to cast off the skin

spoliation n spoliation, looting

spoliator n spoliator, looter

spond- see spondeo

spondaic (-áic) adj [Pros.] spondaic, spondaical

spondeo (-éo) n [Pros.] spondee
Hence: spondaic

sponder [spond-/spons-] v 1. to promise (solemnly); 2. to pledge; also: to bet
Hence: sponsion; spons- &; responder &

spongia n sponge
Hence: spongite; spongiose-spongiositate; spongiar

spongiar v to sponge (= to cleanse or wipe with a sponge)

spongiose adj spongy (= of the nature of a sponge)

spongiositate n sponginess

spongite n [Mineral.] spongite

spons-¹ adj [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: sponsar-sponsate; sponso-sponsal, sponsalias; sponsa

spons-² see also: sponder

sponsa n 1. newly wed; also: bride; 2. wife; also: spouse

sponsal adj nuptial, matrimonial

sponsalias npl wedding ceremony, espousals

sponsar v 1. to marry (= to take in marriage); 2. to espouse (a cause, etc.);
sponsar se to marry (= to get married)

sponsate 1. pp of sponsar; 2. adj married

sponsion n bet;
facer un sponsion to make a bet, bet

sponso n 1. newly wed; also: bridegroom; 2. husband; also: spouse;
le sponsos the married couple, husband and wife

spontanee adj spontaneous;
generation spontanee spontaneous generation;
combustion spontanee spontaneous combustion

spontaneitate n spontaneity, spontaneousness

sponte adv voluntarily, willingly
Hence: spontanee-spontaneitate

spora n spore
Hence: sporidio; sporangio etc.; zoospora etc.

sporadic adj sporadic
Hence: sporadicitate

sporadicitate n sporadicalness

sporangio n [Bot.] sporangium

sporidio n [Bot.] sporidium

sporon n spur (1. “rider’s spur”; 2. stimulus; 3. spine on a cock’s leg; 4. [Bot.])
Hence: sporonero; sporonar-sporonamento

sporonamento n (act of) spurring

sporonar v to spur (1. to prick with spurs; 2. to incite, stimulate)

sporonero n spurrier

sport [A] n sport (= physical exercise)
Hence: sportive

sportive adj sport (as in “sport clothes”)

sportsman [A] n sportsman

sportswoman [A] n sportswoman

sposa n 1. newlywed; also: bride; 2. wife; also: spouse

sposalias npl wedding ceremony, espousals

sposar v 1. to marry (= to take in marriage); 2. to espouse (a cause, etc.);
sposar se to marry (= to get married)

sposate 1. pp of sposar; 2. adj married

sposo n 1. newlywed; also: bridegroom; 2. husband; also: spouse;
le sposos the married couple, husband and wife
Hence: sposalias; sposar-sposate, resposar; sposa

S.P.Q.R [L] S.P.Q.R. (= senatus populusque romanus)

spuer [spu-/sput-] v to spit; also: to spew
Hence: sputo-sputiera, sputar-sputation; conspuer; exspuer-exspuition

spuma n foam, froth
Hence: spumifere; spumose-spumositate; spumar

spumar v to foam, froth (= to form or gather foam or froth), to spume

spumifere adj spumiferous, foamy

spumose adj foamy, foaming

spumositate n foaminess

sput- see spuer

sputar v to spit, expectorate

sputation n spitting, expectoration

sputiera n spittoon, cuspidor

sputo n spit, spittle; also: sputum

squaliforme adj [Zool.] squaliform

squalo n [Ichthyol.] Squalus; also: shark
Hence: squaloide; squaliforme etc.; squalodonte etc.

squalodonte n [Paleontol.] Squalodon

squaloide adj [Zool.] squaloid

squama n scale (as in “scale of a fish”, “scale of dead outer skin”, etc.)
Hence: squamose; squamar

squamar v to scale, remove the scales from

squamose adj scaly

sta- [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: stase &; -stato &; static &

-sta see -ista

stabile adj stable;
equilibrio stabile stable equilibrium
Hence: stabilitate; stabilir &; stabilisar-stabilisation, stabilisator; instabile-instabilitate

stabilimento n establishment (1. act of establishing, founding, or setting up; 2. institution, organization, business, etc.)

stabilir v to establish (1. to make firm or stable; 2. to found, set up; 3. as in “to establish someone in business”);
stabilir se to establish oneself, settle
Hence: stabilimento; stabilitor; prestabilir; restabilir-restabilimento

stabilisar n to stabilize

stabilisation n stabilization

stabilisator n stabilizer (1. one who stabilizes; 2. [Aeronaut.])

stabilitate n stability

stabilitor n establisher

stabular v to stable

stabulation n stabling (of cattle, horses etc.)

stabulo (stá-) n stable, cattle barn, sty, etc.
Hence: stabular-stabulation

staccato [I] [Mus.] staccato

stadio n 1. [Sports] stadium; 2. stage (of development, etc.)

staffa n stirrup
Hence: staffetta; staffero

staffero n groom; footman

staffetta n staffette, estafette; mounted courier

stagnante 1. ppr of stagnar; 2. adj stagnant

stagnar v to stagnate, be stagnant

stagnation n stagnation

stagno n pond, pool, standing water
Hence: stagnar-stagnante stagnation

stalactite n [Geol.] stalactite;
stalactita de glacie icicle
Hence: stalactitic

stalactitic adj stalactitic, stalactitical

stalagmite n [Geol.] stalagmite
Hence: stalagmitic

stalagmitic adj stalagmitic, stalagmitical

stallo n stall (= “choir stall”)
Hence: installar &; pedestallo etc.

stallon n stallion

staminal adj [Bot.] staminal, stamineal

staminate adj [Bot.] staminate

stamine n 1. worsted yarn; 2. [Bot.] stamen
Hence: staminal; staminate; staminifere

staminifere adj [Bot.] staminiferous

stampa n print (= engraving, woodcut, etc.)

stampage (-aje) n stamping, impressing, imprinting

stampar v to stamp (= to impress or imprint with some mark)
Hence: stampa; stampage; stampator

stampator n stamper (= one who or that which stamps)

stand [A] n stand (1. grandstand; 2. as in “refreshment stand”)

standard [A] n standard (= norm of comparison);
standard de vita living standard
Hence: standardisar-standardisation

standardisar v to standardize

standardisation n standardization

standardo n standard, banner

stannar v to tin (= to plate with tin)

stannato n [Chem.] stannate

stannator n tin plater

stannatura n tinning, tin-plating

stannero n tinsmith

stannic adj [Chem.] stannic;
acido stannic stannic acid

stannifere adj stanniferous, stannic

stanno n tin;
folio de stanno tin foil
Hence: stannato; stannero; stannic; stannifere; stannar-stannator, stannatura

stanza [I] n [Pros.] stanza

star v to stand (= to be standing)
Hence: stabile &; station &; statura; stato &; circumstar &; constar &; contrastar &; distar &; instar &; obstar &; restar &

starter [A] n [Sports] starter (= official who gives the signal to start)

stase n [Pathol.] stasis (= stagnation of the blood in a blood vessel)
Hence: antiperistase; apostasia; diastase; ecstase &; metastase; hypostase; hemostase etc.; iconostase etc.

static adj static; also: [Elec.]
Hence: statica; ecstatic; hypostatic; hemostatic etc.; hydrostatic etc.

statica n statics

station n I. (action of) standing; II. station (1. stop, stopping place; 2. station building, depot);
stationes del Cruce Stations of the Cross;
station del anno season (= one of the four divisions of the year);
station de gasolina gas station, filling station
Hence: stationari; stationar

stationar v to halt, stop (= to cease to go on or move)

stationari adj stationary (= fixed in a certain station, place, course)

statista n statesman

statistic adj statistical
Hence: statistico; statistica

statistica n statistics (“science of statistics”)

statistico n statistician

stato n I. state (1. condition or manner of existence; 2. commonwealth); II. [Pol.] estate; III. status (= legal standing, position);
stato de cosas state of things, circumstances;
esser in stato de (facer un cosa) to be in a position to (do something);
stato civil civil status;
homine de stato statesman;
colpo de stato coup d’état;
Statos Unite (de America) United States (of America)
Hence: statista-statistic &

-stato [occurring in compounds]
Hence: aerostato etc.; gyrostato etc.; hemostato etc.; heliostato etc.

statua n statue
Hence: statuari; statuario; statuaria; statuetta

statuari adj statuary

statuaria n statuary (= art of making statues)

statuario n statue maker, statuary

statuer [statu-/statut-;-stitu-/-stitut-] v to decree, ordain
Hence: statuto-statutari; constituer &, destituer &; instituer &; prostituer &; restituer &; substistuer &

statuetta n statuette

statura n stature (= bodily height)

statut- see statuer

statutari adj statutory

statuto n 1. bylaw, ordinance, regulation; 2. statute (as in “statute of occupation”)

-staurar v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: instaurar &; restaurar &

steamer [A] n steamer, steamship

stear [-ar/-at-] n tallow, suet
Hence: stearato; stearina; stearic; steatite; steatoma; steatosis

stearato n [Chem.] stearate

stearic (-á-) adj [Chem.] stearic

stearina n stearin

steat- see stear

steatite n steatite, soapstone; also: French chalk

steatoma n [Med.] steatoma

steatosis (-ósis) n [Med.] fatty degeneration, steatosis

steeplechase [A] n [Horse Racing] steeplechase

stella n I. star (1. heavenly body; 2. as in “to be born under a lucky star”); II. blaze (on horse);
stella (de cinema, de opera, etc.) (film, operatic, etc.) star;
stella polar North Star, Polaris;
stella del matino morning star;
stella del vespere evening star
Hence: stellar-interstellar; stellate; stellifere; stellar-constellar &

stellar¹ adj stellar

stellar² v to star, stud with stars

stellate adj starry, starred;
(le) bandiera stellate (the) Star-Spangled Banner

stellifere adj stelliferous

sten- adj [occurring in compounds] steno- (= narrow)
Hence: stenographo etc.

stencil [A] n (mimeographing) stencil

stenographia (-ía) n stenography, shorthand

stenographiar v to stenograph, write shorthand

stenographic adj stenographic

stenographista n stenographist, stenographer

stenographo (-ógrapho) n stenographer
Hence: stenographia-stenographista, stenographiar; stenographic

Stentore npr [Gr. Antiq.] Stentor;
stentore stentor (1. person with a loud voice; 2. [Biol.])
Hence: stentoree

stentoree adj stentorian

Stephano (sté-) npr Stephen

steppa n steppe

sterbordo n [Naut.] starboard

stercoral adj stercoral

stercorar v to manure, dung

stercorari adj stercoral

stercorario n dunghill

stercore n manure, dung
Hence: stercoral; stercorari; stercorario; stercorar

stere- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] stere-, stereo- (= solid)
Hence: stereotypo etc.; stereometria etc.; stereoscopio etc.; stereo-decistereo etc., decastereo etc.

stereo n [Metric System] stere, cubic meter

stereographia (-ía) n stereography
Hence: stereographic

stereographic adj stereographic

stereometria (-ía) n stereometry

stereoscopia (-ía) n stereoscopy

stereoscopic adj stereoscopic

stereoscopio n stereoscope
Hence: stereoscopia; stereoscopic

stereotomia (-ía) n stereotomy
Hence: stereotomic

stereotomic adj stereotomic

stereotypar v to stereotype (1. to make into stereos; 2. to make stereotyped)

stereotype (-ó-) adj 1. [Print.] stereotype, stereotypical; 2. stereotyped

stereotypia (-ía) n stereotyping; stereotype, stereotypy

stereotypic adj stereotype, stereotypic

stereotypo (-ó-) n stereo, stereotype (= stereotype plate)
Hence: stereotypia; stereotypic; stereotypar; stereotype

sterile adj sterile, barren
Hence: sterilitate; sterilisar-sterilisation, sterilisator, sterilisate

sterilisar v to sterilize (1. to deprive of fecundity; 2. to free from bacteria)

sterilisate 1. pp of sterilisar; 2. adj sterile (= free from bacteria)

sterilisation n sterilization

sterilisator n sterilizer

sterilitate n sterility, barrenness

stern- [stern-/strat-] v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: strato &; strata-autostrata etc.; prosterner &

sternal adj [Anat.] sternal

sternalgia (-ía) n [Med.] sternalgia

-sternar v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: consternar &; prosternar &

sterno n breastbone, sternum
Hence: sternal; sternalgia etc., sternocostal etc.

sternocostal adj [Anat.] sternocostal

sternutamento n 1. (act of) sneezing; 2. sneeze

sternutar v to sneeze
Hence: sternutamento; sternutation; sternatatori

sternutation n sternutation, sneezing

sternutatori adj sternutatory

stetho- n [occurring in compounds] stetho- (= breast, chest)
Hence: stethoscopio etc.

stethoscopia (-ía) n stethoscopy

stethoscopic adj stethoscopic

stethoscopio n stethoscope
Hence: stethoscopia; stethoscopic

steward [A] n [Naut., etc.] steward

sthenic adj [Pathol.] sthenic

stheno- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] sthen-, stheno (= strength)
Hence: sthenic, asthen--asthenia-asthenic-asthenico

sticho n [Pros.] stich, stichos
Hence: stichomythia etc.; disticho etc.; acrostichio etc.; hemistichio etc.

stichomythia (-ía) n [Gr. Lit.] stichomythy

stigma [-ma/-mat-] n stigma (1. brand; 2. [Pathol.]; 3. [Bot.]; 4. [Zool.] spiracle)
Hence: stigmatisar-stigmatisation; astigmatismo; astigmatic

stigmat- see stigma

stigmata (stí-) npl [Theol.] stigmata

stigmatisar v to stigmatize (1. [Theol.]: 2. to brand, stamp with infamy)

stigmatisation n stigmatization

stiletto n stiletto, stylet

stilisar v to stylize, conventionalize

stilisation n stylization

stilista n stylist (as in “prose stylist”)

stilistic adj stylistic, stylistical

stilistica n stylistics, stylistic

stilla n drop
Hence: stillar-stillation, distillar &, instillar &

stillar v to drip

stillation n dripping

stilo n style (1. [Antiq.] stylus; 2. manner of writing, speaking, making, etc.);
haber stilo to have style;
stilo (de graphite) (lead) pencil;
stilo de carmino lipstick
Hence: stiletto; stilista-stilistic, stilistica; stilisar-stilisation

stimulante¹ 1. ppr of stimular; 2. adj stimulating

stimulante² n stimulant

stimular v 1. to stimulate; 2. to goad

stimulation n 1. stimulation; 2. (action of) goading

stimulative adj stimulative

stimulator n stimulator

stimulo (stí-) n 1. stimulus; 2. goad
Hence: stimular-stimulante, stimulation, stimulative, stimulator

-stinar v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: destinar &; obstinar &

stipar v to stuff, fill up
Hence: constipar &

stipendiar v to pay a stipend to

stipendiari adj stipendiary (= receiving a stipend)

stipendiario n stipendiary (= one who receives a stipend)

stipendio n stipend
Hence: stipendiari; stipendiario; stipendiar

stipular v to stipulate
Hence: stipulation

stipulation n stipulation

stirpe n stock (1. stem, trunk, etc.; 2. as in “of old English stock”); also: stirps
Hence: extirpar &

-stitio n [occurring in compounds]
Hence: interstitio &; armistitio etc.; solstitio etc.

-stituer see statuer

stivage (-aje) n estivage

stivar v to steeve, stow in the ship’s hold
Hence: stivage; stivator

stivator n steever (= one who steeves); specif.: stevedore

stoa n [Gr. Antiq.] stoa (= portico; specif.: the Stoa at Athens where the philosopher Zeno lectured)
Hence: stoic-stoicismo, stoico

stock [A] n [Com.] stock, supply
Hence: stockar

stockar v to stock, lay in a stock of

stoffa n 1. material, fabric; 2. stuff (= substance, essence)

stoic (stóic) adj stoic, stoical (1. [Philos.]; 2. indifferent to pleasure and pain)

stoicismo n stoicism (1. [Philos.]; 2. repression of the emotions; indifference to pleasure and pain)

stoico (stóico) n stoic (1. [Philos.]; 2. one who practices stoicism)

stola n [Eccl.] stole

stoma [-ma/-mat-] n [Bot.] stoma;
stomas [Bot.] stomata
Hence: stomatitis; stomatoscopio etc.; siphonostome etc.

stomachal adj stomachic

stomacho (stó-) n stomach
Hence: stomachal

stomat- see stoma

stomatitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] stomatitis

stomatoscopio n stomatoscope

stop! [A] interj [Naut., etc.] stop!; also: [Teleg.]

stoppa n tow; oakum
Hence: stoppose; stoppar-stoppator

stoppar v I. to stop up (with tow or oakum); II. to stop (1. to bring a motor a car, etc. to a halt; 2. to come to a halt)

stoppator n caulker

stoppose adj tow, towy

strabe adj cross-eyed, squinting;
esser strabe to squint, be squint-eyed
Hence: strabismo; strabotomia etc.

strabismo n strabismus, squinting

strabotomia (-ía) n [Surg.] strabotomy

strangular v 1. to strangle; 2. [Med.] to strangulate
Hence: strangulation; strangulator; strangulate

strangulate 1. pp of strangular; 2. adj [Med.] strangulated;
hernia strangulate strangulated hernia

strangulation n strangulation

strangulator n strangler;
le strangulatores [Hist.] the Thugs

strat- see stern-

strata n (paved) road, highway, street

stratagema [-ma/-mat-] n stratagem
Hence: stratagematic

stratagemat- see stratagema

stratagematic adj stratagemic, stratagematic

strategia (-ía) n strategy

strategic adj strategic

strategista n strategist

stratego n 1. leader (of an army, etc.); 2. strategist
Hence: strategia-strategista; strategic

stratificar v [Geol.] to stratify (= to deposit in strata)

stratification n [Geol.] stratification

strato n layer, stratum
Hence: stratificar-stratification; substrato; stratosphera etc.

stratosphera n stratosphere
Hence: stratospheric

stratospheric adj stratospheric, stratospherical

streper v to rattle, rumble, din
Hence: strepito-strepitose; strepitar

strepitar v to make a (great) noise, din, rattling

strepito (stré-) n noise, din

strepitose adj noisy

strept- adj [occurring in compounds] strepto- (= twisted)
Hence: streptococco etc.

streptococco n [Bacteriol.] streptococcus

strict- see stringer

stricte adj I. narrow (= of little breadth); II. tight (= fitting closely); III. strict (1. precise; 2. severe)

strictessa n 1. narrowness; 2. tightness; 3. closeness

stricto n straits, narrows; also: sound

strictura n (act of) binding tightly, tightening, stricture

stridente 1. ppr of strider; 2. adj strident

stridentia n stridence, stridency

strider v to make a harsh, shrill, noise; to creak, grate, shrill, whir, etc.
Hence: stridente-stridentia; stridor; stridule &

stridor n stridor (= shrill, shrieking sound)

stridulante adj stridulant, stridulent

stridular v to stridulate; specif.: [Zool.]; also: to squeak

stridulation n stridulation; specif.: [Zool.]

stridulator n stridulator

stridulatori adj stridulatory

stridule adj stridulous, creaking, squeaky
Hence: stridular-stridulante; stridulation; stridulator; stridulatori

strige n [Zool.] Strix
Hence: strigides

strigides (strí-) npl [Zool.] Strigidae

stringer [string-/strict-] v to enfold tightly, compress
Hence: strictura; stricte-strictessa, stricto; astringer &; constringer &; restringer &

stronti- see Strontian

Strontian npr Strontian (= parish of Strontian)
Hence: strontiana-strontianite; strontium

strontiana n [Chem.] strontia

strontianite n [Mineral.] strontianite, strontian

strontium [strón-] n [Chem.] strontium

strophe n strophe (1. [Gr. Lit.]; 2. [Pros.] stanza)
Hence: strophic; apostrophe &

strophic adj strophic, strophical

stropiar v to maim, cripple, lame, etc.
Hence: stropiato

stropiato n cripple, maimed person, etc.

struct- see struer

structura n structure

structural adj structural

strudel [G] n strudel

struer [stru-/struct-] v 1. to arrange, put in order; to prepare; 2. to build, construct
Hence: structura-structural, infrastructura, substructura, superstructura; construer &; destruer &; instruer &; obstruer &; substruer &

struma n struma (1. scrofulous tumor; 2. goiter)
Hence: strumose

strumose adj strumous (= affected with struma); also: affected with goiter

struthio n ostrich;
haber un stomacho de struthio to have the digestion of an ostrich
Hence: avestruthio etc.

strychnic adj strychnic

strychnina n [Chem.] strychnine

strychninismo n [Med.] strychninism

strychno n [Bot.] Strychnos
Hence: strychnic; strychnina-strychninismo

stuccar v to stucco, overlay with stucco

stuccator n stuccoer, stuccoworker

stuccatura n stuccowork

stucco [I] n stucco
Hence: stuccar-stuccator, stuccatura

studente n student

studer v to study
Hence: studente; studio-studiose, studiar-studiante

studiante n student

studiar v to study

studio n I. study (1. act or process of studying; 2. room devoted to study; 3. [Art, Lit.]; 4. [Mus.] étude); II. studio

studiose adj studious (= assiduous in study)

stupefacer [-fac-/-fact-] v to stupefy (1. to make torpid, benumb; 2. to amaze)
Hence: stupefaciente; stupefaction; stupefactive

stupefaciente¹ adj stupefying, stupefacient

stupefaciente² n narcotic, stupefacient

stupefact- see stupefacer

stupefaction n stupefaction (1. torpor; 2. amazement)

stupefactive adj stupefying, stupefactive

stupende adj amazing, stupendous

stuper v to be stunned, amazed, etc.
Hence: stupide &; stupende; stupor; stupefacer etc.

stupide adj 1. stunned, amazed; 2. stupid
Hence: stupiditate

stupiditate n stupidity

stupor n stupor

stupula (stú-) n stubble (= the stumps of wheat, corn, grass, etc. left in the ground after reaping)

sturion n [Ichthyol.] sturgeon

sturno n starling
Hence: stygie

stygie adj Stygian

Styge npr [Gr. Mythol.] Styx
Hence: stygie

su adj poss his; her; its
Hence: sue; [sui]; suicida etc.; suicidio etc.

suabe adj Swabian
Hence: suabo-Suabia

Suabia npr Swabia

suabo n Swabian (1. inhabitant of Swabia; 2. Swabian dialect)

suader [suad-/suas-] v to advise, urge, persuade
Hence: suasibile; suasion; suasive; dissuader &; persuader &

suas- see suader

suasibile adj suasible, persuadable

suasion n suasion

suasive adj suasive, suasory

suave adj sweet, pleasing, suave
Hence: suavitate; suaviloquente etc.

suaviloquente adj mild-spoken

suavitate n sweetness, mildness

sub prep under, below, beneath

sub- prefixo [subject to assimilation before -c-, -f-, -g-, -m-, -p-, -r-; sometimes sus- before -c-, -p-, -t-] sub-, suc-, suf- , sug-, sum-, sup-, sur-, sus- (1. under, underneath; 2. subordinate; subdivision of; 3. slightly; 4. up, upwards)
Hence: subclavio etc.; sublingual etc.; sublinear etc.; suburbio etc.; subalimentar etc.; subbullir etc.; sublevar etc.; succurrer etc.; suffumigar etc.; supportar etc.; supprimer etc.; suspender etc.; sustener etc.

subalimentar v to undernourish

subalimentation n undernourishment; also: malnutrition

subalterne adj subaltern, subordinate

subbullimento n simmering

subbullir v to simmer

subcamisa n undershirt

subclavio n [Anat.] subclavius

subconsciente¹ adj subconscious

subconsciente² n [Psychol.] subconscious

subconscientia n subconsciousness

subcontrari adj [Philos.] subcontrary

subcuppa n saucer

subcutanee adj subcutaneous

subdelegar v subdelegate

subdelegation n subdelegation

subdivider [-vid-/-vis-] v to subdivide

subdivisibile adj subdivisible

subdivision n subdivision

subdominante n [Mus.] subdominant

subgonnella n petticoat, slip, underskirt

subhuman adj subhuman

subinde adv 1. immediately after, just after, forthwith; 2. repeatedly, frequently; from time to time

subitanee adj sudden
Hence: subitaneitate

subitaneitate n suddenness

subite (sú-) adj sudden
Hence: subitanee &; subito

subito (sú-) adv suddenly, unexpectedly

subjacente adj subjacent

subjacer v -;
subjacer a (un cosa) to lie under (something)
Hence: subjacente

subject- see subjic-

subjectar v to subject, subjugate

subjecte adj subject (1. being under the domination of another; 2. as in “subject to temptation”; 3. as in “a treaty subject to ratification”)

subjection n subjection (= action of subjecting or subjugating)

subjective adj subjective (1. pertaining to a subject; 2. as in “a subjective judgment”; 3. [Philos.]; 4. [Psychol.])

subjectivismo n [Philos.] subjectivism

subjectivista v subjectivist

subjectivitate n subjectiveness, subjectivity

subjecto n I. subject (1. matter, theme, topic; 2. [Gram.]; 3. [Philos.]; 4. as in “British subject”); II. individual, fellow, chap

subjic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: subjection; subjective-subjectivismo, subjectivista, subjectivitate; subjecte; subjecto; subjectar

subjugar v to subjugate
Hence: subjugation; subjugator

subjugation n subjugation

subjugator n subjugator

subjunct- see subjunger

subjunctive adj 1. conjunctive, connective; 2. [Gram.] subjunctive

subjunctivo n [Gram.] subjunctive (mood)

subjunger [-jung-/-junct-] v to subjoin, annex, append
Hence: subjunctive-subjunctivo

sublevamento n 1. (act of) raising, lifting up; 2. revolt, insurrection

sublevar v 1. to raise, lift up; 2. to incite to revolt;
sublevar se to rise, revolt
Hence: sublevamento; sublevation

sublevation n sublevation (1. (act of) raising, lifting up; 2. revolt, insurrection)

sublimar v to sublimate (1. to exalt; to sublime, make sublime; 2. [Chem.; Phychoanalysis, etc.])

sublimation n sublimation

sublimato n [Chem.] sublimate

sublime adj/n sublime;
Porta Sublime Sublime Porte
Hence: sublimitate; sublimar-sublimation, sublimato

subliminal adj [Psychol.] subliminal

sublimitate n sublimity

sublinear v to underline

sublingual adj [Anat.] sublingual

sublobular adj sublobular

sublocar v to sublet
Hence: sublocation

sublocation n (act of) subletting

sublocotenente n [Mil.] sublieutenant

sublunar adj sublunary, sublunar

submarin adj submarine
Hence: submarino

submarino n submarine (torpedo boat)

submaxillar adj [Anat.] submaxillary

submerger [-merg-/-mers-] v to submerge
Hence: submergibile; submersibile-insubmersibile; submersion; submerse

submergibile adj submersible

submers- see submerger

submerse adj submerged, submersed

submersibile¹ adj submersible

submersibile² n submarine boat

submersion n submersion

subministrar v to furnish, supply

submiss- see submitter

submisse adj submissive

submission n submission

submissive adj submissive

submitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v 1. to subdue, subject; 2. to submit (as in “to submit for approval”);
submitter se to submit, yield
Hence: submission-insubmission; submissive; submisse

subnavigar v to cruise under water

subnegar v to conceal, hold back, withhold (information required by law)
Hence: subnegation

subnegation n concealment, withholding (information required by law)

subordinar v to subordinate

subordinate 1. pp of subordinar; 2. adj subordinate;
subordinate a subordinate to;
proposition subordinate subordinate clause

subordination n subordination

subordinato n subordinate

subornar v to suborn
Hence: subornation; subornator

subornation n subornation

subornator n suborner

subprefecto n subprefect

subprefectura n subprefecture

subprior n subprior

subpriora n subprioress

subproducto n by-product

subrogar v to surrogate, subrogate
Hence: subrogation; subrogate

subrogate adj surrogated

subrogation n subrogation

subscriber [-scrib-/-script-] v to subscribe (1. to sign one’s name to; 2. to promise over one’s signature; 3. as in “to subscribe to a periodical or other installment publication”)
Hence: subscription; subscriptor

subscript- see subscriber

subscription n subscription (1. act of signing one’s name to; 2. as in “subscription for a periodical, etc.”)

subscriptor n subscriber

subsequente adj subsequent

subsequentia n subsequence

subsequer v to follow next
Hence: subsequente-subsequentia

subsider v to abate, settle down, subside
Hence: subsidio &

subsidiar v to subsidize (= to grant a subsidy to)

subsidiari adj subsidiary, supplementary

subsidio n subsidy
Hence: subsidiari; subsidiar

subsistente adj subsistent (= existing)

subsistentia n subsistence;
medios de subsistentia means of subsistence, livelihood

subsister v to subsist (1. to continue to exist; 2. to keep oneself alive)
Hence: subsistente-subsistentia

subspecie n [Biol.] subspecies

substantia n substance (1. [Philos.]; 2. matter, material, stuff; 3. material possessions, property; 4. as in “the substance of what he said”);
in substantia in substance
Hence: substantial-substantialitate, consubstantial &, insubstantial-insubstantialitate; substantive &; consubstantiation; transsubstantiar &

substantial adj substantial (1. [Philos.]; 2. having substance)

substantialitate n substantiality

substantive adj substantive (= independent and self-subsistent);
le verbo substantive ‘esser’ the substantive verb ‘to be’
Hence: substantivo

substantivo n substantive, noun

substituer [-stitu-/-stitut-] v to substitute (= to put in the place of another person or thing)
Hence: substitution; substituto

substitut- see substituer

substitution n substitution

substituto n substitute

substrato n substratum; also: [Metaph.]

substruct- see substruer

substruction n [Arch.] substruction

substructura n substructure

substruer [-stru-/-struct-] v [Arch.] to substruct
Hence: substruction

subtangente n [Math.] subtangent

subtender [-tend-/-tens-] v [Geom.] to subtend
Hence: subtensa

subtens- see subtender

subtensa n [Geom.] subtense

subterfugio n subterfuge

subterfugir v to make use of subterfuges
Hence: subterfugio

subterranee adj subterranean

subterraneo n basement, underground passage or room, etc.

subtil adj subtle, subtile
Hence: subtilitate; subtilisar-subtilisation

subtilisar v 1. to rarefy, refine; 2. to subtilize (= to make subtle distinctions)

subtilisation n 1. rarefaction; 2. subtilization (= drawing of subtle distinctions)

subtilitate n subtlety, subtility

subtitulo (-tí-) n subtitle

subtract- see subtraher

subtraction n 1. withdrawal, removal; 2. [Math.] subtraction

subtraher [-trah-/-tract-] v 1. to withdraw, take away; 2. [Math.] to subtract;
subtraher se a to elude, escape from
Hence: subtraction

subtropical adj subtropical

subtus (súb-) adv below, beneath, underneath

subula (sú-) n awl
Hence: subulate

subulate adj subulate, awl-shaped

suburban adj suburban

suburbicari adj [Eccl.] suburbicarian, suburbicary

suburbio n suburb

subvenir [-ven-/-vent-] v to assist, aid
Hence: subvention-subventionar

subvent- see subvenir

subvention n subvention

subventionar v to subsidize, endow

subvers- see subverter

subversion n subversion (= overthrow)

subversive adj subversive

subversor n subverter

subverter [-vert-/-vers-] v to overthrow, subvert
Hence: subversion; subversive; subversor

subvestimentos npl underwear, underclothes

suc- see sub-

succedanee adj substitute, succedaneous
Hence: succedaneo

succedaneo n substitute, succedaneum

succeder [-ced-/-cess-] v to succeed (1. to follow; 2. to be successful)
Hence: succedanee &; succession; successive; successor; successo-insuccesso; succedite

succedite 1. pp of succeder; 2. adj successful

success- see succeder

succession n succession (1. the coming of one thing or person after another; 2. “succession as heir”)

successive adj successive

successivemente adv successively, in succession

successo n 1. outcome; 2. success;
con (bon) successo successfully

successor n successor

succinato n [Chem.] succinate

succinct- see succinger

succincte adj succinct

succinger [-cing-/-cinct-] v to gird up
Hence: succincte

succinic adj [Chem.] succinic

succino n yellow amber, succin, succinite
Hence: succinato; succinic

succo n 1. juice, sap, etc.; 2. pith, quintessence (of a book, poem, etc.);
succo gastric gastric juice;
succo pancreatic pancreatic juice
Hence: succino &; succulente &; succose

succose adj juicy

succubar v to lie below (= not to lie on top)
Hence: succubo

succubo (súc-) n succubus

succulente adj succulent
Hence: succulentia

succulentia n succulence

succumber v to succumb

succurrer [-curr-/-curs-] v to succor, help
Hence: succurribile; succurso-succursal

succurribile adj succorable

succurs- see succurrer

succursal¹ adj subsidiary, succursal

succursal² n branch, branch office

succurso n succor, help

succuss- see succuter

succussa n shake, shaking; also: quake

succussion n [Med.] succussion

succuter [-cut-/-cuss-] v 1. to shake (as in “to shake a tree”); 2. to shake off
Hence: succussion; succusa

sucrage (-áje) n sugaring, sweetening

sucrar v to sugar, sweeten

sucrate 1. pp of sucrar; 2. adj sweet, sugary

sucreria (-ía) n sugarworks

sucrero n sugar maker

sucriera n sugar bowl

sucro n sugar
Hence: sucrero; sucreria; sucriera; sucrosa; sucrar-sucrage, sucrate

sucrosa n [Chem.] sucrose

suct- see suger

suction n suction (= act of sucking)

sud n south;
(ir) al sud (to go) south;
(vento) del sud south (wind);
polo sud South Pole;
le cruce del sud [Astron.] the Southern Cross
Hence: sud-west etc.; sud-sud-est etc.

Sudan npr Sudan
Hence: sudanese

sudanese adj/n Sudanese

sudar v to sweat, perspire;
sudar sanguine to sweat blood
Hence: sudario; sudor &; sudation; sudatori; exsudar &; transsudar &

sudario n sudary, sudarium

sudation n (excessive) perspiration

sudatori adj sudatory

sud-est n southeast

sudor n sweat, perspiration;
in le sudor de su fronte by the sweat of one’s brow
Hence: sudorifere; sudorific-sudorifico; sudoripare etc.

sudorifere adj sudoriferous

sudorific adj sudorific

sudorifico n [Pharm.] sudorific

sudoripare adj sudoriferous, sudoriparous;
glandula sudoripare sweat gland

sud-sud-est n South-Southeast

sud-west n Southwest

sue pron poss his; hers; its

suer [su-/sut-] v 1. to sew; 2. to stitch;
machina a suer sewing machine
Hence: subula &; sutura-sutural

suf- see sub-

sufficer v to suffice, be sufficient
Hence: sufficiente-sufficientia, insufficiente-insufficientia

sufficiente adj sufficient

sufficientia n 1. sufficiency (= sufficient quantity, supply, etc.); 2. (adequate) qualification, ability, competence

suffig- [-fig-/-fix-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: suffixo-suffixar

suffix- see suffig-

suffixar v to suffix

suffixo n [Gram.] suffix

sufflar v I. to blow (1. to send out a strong current of air; 2. as in “the wind blows”); II. to prompt (an actor, etc.); III. [Checkers] to blow, huff;
sufflar al aures de un persona to whisper into somebody’s ear
Hence: sufflo; suffletto; sufflator; insufflar &

sufflator n 1. blower (= one who or that which blows); 2. [Theat.] prompter

suffletto n bellows (as in “hand bellows”)

sufflo n 1. breath, breathing; 2. breeze, waft

suffocante adj choking, stifling

suffocar v 1. to suffocate, choke (someone or something); 2. to become suffocated or choked
Hence: suffocante; suffocation

suffocation n suffocation

suffraganee adj [Eccl.] suffragan;
episcopo suffraganee suffragan bishop

suffragar v 1. to vote (for); 2. to help, support; 3. [Eccl.] to intercede (for)
Hence: suffraganee; suffragio-suffragista

suffragette [A] n suffragette

suffragio n 1. suffrage, vote; 2. help, support; 3. [Eccl.] suffrage;
suffragio universal universal suffrage

suffragista n suffragist

suffrentia n suffering, pain

suffrer v to suffer (1. to undergo, endure; 2. to bear with, tolerate; 3. to experience mental or physical pain; 4. to be injured, harmed, impaired).
Hence: suffrentia; suffribile-insuffribile; suffritor

suffribile adj bearable, tolerable, sufferable

suffritor n sufferer (= one who suffers pain, etc.)

suffumigar v to suffumigate
Hence: suffumigation

suffumigation n suffumigation

sug- see sub-

suger [sug-/suct-] v to suck (as in “to suck blood”)
Hence: suction; exsug--exsuction; sanguisuga etc.

suggerer [-ger-/-gest-] v to suggest (= to prompt, put into one’s mind); also: [Hypnot.]
Hence: suggestibile-suggestibilitate; suggestion-suggestionar; suggestive

suggest- see suggerer

suggestibile adj suggestible (1. easily influenced by suggestion, esp. hypnotic suggestion; 2. that may be suggested)

suggestibilitate n suggestibility

suggestion n suggestion (= prompting); also: [Hypnot.]

suggestionar v to suggest (= to prompt, put into one’s mind); also: [Hypnot.]

suggestive adj suggestive (= tending to suggest)

[sui] pron/adj poss his, her, hers, its
(= su, sue)

suicida n suicide (= one who commits suicide)
Hence: suicidal; suicidar

suicidal adj suicidal

suicidar v -;
suicidar se to commit suicide

suicidio n suicide, self-murder

suite [F] n suite (1. following, retinue; 2. [Mus.])

sulcar v to furrow, plow

sulco n 1. furrow; 2. wake (of a ship)
Hence: sulcar

sulf- see sulfure

sulfato n [Chem.] sulphate

sulfhydric adj sulphydric;
acido sulfhydric sulphydric acid

sulfhydro n sulphydrate

sulfido n [Chem.] sulphide

sulfito n [Chem.] sulphite

sulfon n [Chem.] sulphone

sulfonal n [Med.] sulphonal

sulfurar v to sulphurize, sulphur

sulfuration n sulphurization, sulphuration

sulfurator n sulphurator

sulfure n [Chem.] sulphur;
flor de sulfure [Chem.] flowers of sulphur
Hence: sulfuriera; sulfuree; sulfuric; sulfurose-hyposulfurose; sulfurar-sulfuration, sulfurator; sulfato-hyposulfato, arseniosulfato etc.; sulfido-oxysulfido etc.; sulfito-hyposulfito; sulfon-sulfonal; sulfhydrato etc.; sulfhydric etc.

sulfuree adj sulphurous, sulphureous

sulfuric adj sulphuric

sulfuriera n sulphur mine

sulfurose adj sulphurous (as in “sulphurous acid”)

sulky [A] n sulky (= light, two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle)

sultan n sultan (= ruler of a Mohammedan state)
Hence: sultanato; sultana

sultana n 1. sultana, sultaness; 2. [Hist.] sultane (= long gown in Turkish style)

sultanato n sultanate

sum- see sub-

sumer [sum-/sumpt-] v to take, lay hold of
Hence: sumpto &; assumer &; consumer &; presumer &; resumer &

summa n sum (1. [Math.]; 2. amount of money; 3. summary, epitome);
facer le summa (de) to add up;
summa total sum total;
in summa in short
Hence: summista; summari &; summar-summator; consummar &

summar v [Math.] to add up

summari adj summary (1. expounded briefly; 2. [Law])
Hence: summario-summarisar-summarisation

summario n summary

summarisar v to summarize

summarisation n summarization

summator n one who does sums

summe adj highest, topmost
Hence: summitate; summa &

summista n summist

summitate n 1. summit, top; 2. leading or outstanding person

sumpt- see sumer

sumpto n expense, cost
Hence: sumptuari; sumptuose-sumptuositate

sumptu- see sumpto

sumptuari adj sumptuary;
lege sumptuari sumptuary law

sumptuose adj sumptuous

sumptuositate n sumptuousness

sup- see sub-

super (sú-) I. prep 1. on, upon; on top of; above, over; 2. about, concerning, on; II. adv above, on top;
super toto above all
Hence: superbe &; supere-superior &, superar-superabile-insuperabile

super- prefixo super-, over- (1. over, above; 2. very; excessively, too much)
Hence: supercarga etc.; supertaxa etc.; supertoto etc.; superhuman etc.; superflue etc.; superabundar etc.; superpagar etc.; superponer etc.

superabile adj surmountable, superable

superabundante adj superabundant

superabundantia n superabundance

superabundar v to superabound

superalimentar v to overfeed

superalimentation n overfeeding

superar v 1. to overcome, vanquish, surmount; 2. to surpass, excel, exceed

superbe adj 1. arrogant, overbearing; 2. superb
Hence: superbia

superbia n arrogance, haughtiness

supercarga n surcharge (1. overload; 2. “surcharge on a postage stamp”)

supercargar v to overload, overburden

superciliari adj superciliary

supercilio n (eye)brow

superciliose adj beetle-browed, beetling; also: supercilious

supercingula (-cíng-) n surcingle

supercostal adj [Anat.] supracostal

supere adj higher, upper

supereminente adj supereminent

supereminentia n supereminence

supererogar v tc supererogate
Hence: supererogation; supererogatori

supererogation n supererogation

supererogatori adj supererogatory (as in “supererogatory fasts”)

superexcitar v to overexcite; overstimulate

superexcitation n overexcitement; surexcitation

superfacie n surface (1. exterior of an object, superficial area)

superfetation n superfetation (1. [Physiol.]; 2. redundance, superfluity)

superficial adj superficial

superficialitate n superficiality

superficie n surface (= superficial area)
Hence: supeficial-supeficialitate

superfin adj superfine

superflue adj superfluous
Hence: superfluitate

superfluitate n superfluity

superhomine n superman

superhuman adj superhuman

superintendente n superintendent

superintendentia n supervision, superintendence

superintender v to superintend
Hence: superintendente-superintendentia

superior¹ adj 1. higher, upper; 2. superior
Hence: superioritate

superior² n superior; also: [Eccl.];
matre superior mother superior

superioritate n superiority

superlative adj superlative (1. supreme; 2. [Gram.])
Hence: superlativo

superlativo n [Gram.] superlative

supermundan adj supermundane, supernatural

supernatural adj supernatural

supernavigar v to sail above; to float or sail on (top of)

supernominar v to surname; also: to nickname, give a nickname to

supernomine n surname; also: nickname
Hence: supernominar

supernumerari adj supernumerary, extra

superpaga n overpayment

superpagar v to overpay

superpassar v to surpass (1. to excel; 2. to exceed)

superponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to superpose, superimpose
Hence: superposition

superposit- see superponer

superposition n superposition, superimposition

superproduction n overproduction

supersaturar v to supersaturate

supersaturation n supersaturation

superscarpa n overshoe

superseminar v to sow over (ground already sown)

superstition n superstition
Hence: superstitiose

superstitiose adj superstitious

superstructura n superstructure

supertaxa n surtax

supertoto n 1. overcoat, surtout; 2. topcoat; 3. overalls

supervenientia n supervenience

supervenir v to happen, supervene
Hence: supervenientia

supervivente n survivor

superviventia n survival (as in “survival of the fittest”)

superviver v to survive (= to continue to exist);
superviver a to survive (= to outlive, outlast)
Hence: supervivente-superviventia

suppa n soup
Hence: suppiera

suppiera n tureen

supplantar v to supplant, supersede
Hence: supplantation; supplantator

supplantation n supplantation

supplantator n supplanter

supplementar v to supplement

supplementari adj supplementary;
angulos supplementari supplemental angles

supplementation n supplementation

supplemento n supplement (1. addition; 2. [Math.])
Hence: supplementari; supplementar-supplementation

suppler v 1. to supply, provide, furnish; 2. to substitute, to supply for (someone); 3. to be a substitute or replacement
Hence: supplemento &; suppletion; suppletive; suppletor; suppletori

suppletion n [Gram.] suppletion

suppletive adj supplementary, suppletive

suppletor n 1. supplier, provider; 2. substitute, deputy

suppletori adj supplementary, suppletory

supplica (súp-) n request, prayer, petition

supplicante n supplicant, suppliant

supplicar v to entreat, supplicate

supplication n entreaty, supplication

supplicator n suppliant, supplicator

supplicatori adj supplicatory

supplice (súp-) adj supplicant
Hence: supplicio &; supplicar-supplica, supplicante, supplication, supplicator, supplicatori

suppliciar v 1. to execute, put to death; 2. to torture

suppliciato n 1. executed person; 2. person under torture

supplicio n punishment; torture; execution
Hence: suppliciar-suppliciato

supponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to suppose
Hence: suppositicie; supposition; suppositive; suppositorio; presupponer &

supportabile adj supportable, bearable

supportar v to support (1. to sustain, carry; 2. to endure, suffer)
Hence: supporto; supportabile-insupportabile

supporto n support (= anything that supports or holds up)

supposit- see supponer

suppositicie adj supposititious, spurious

supposition n supposition

suppositive adj suppositive

suppositorio n [Med.] suppository

suppress- see supprimer

suppression n suppression; also: [Med.]

suppressive adj suppressive

supprimer [-prim-/-press-] v to suppress (as in “to suppress newspapers, a smile, etc.”)
Hence: suppression; suppressive

suppurante¹ 1. ppr of suppurar; 2. adj suppurant, suppurative

suppurante² n suppurative

suppurar v to suppurate (= to form or secrete pus)
Hence: suppurante; suppuration; suppurative

suppuration n suppuration

suppurative adj suppurative

supra I. prep above, over; II. adv on the top, above

suprarenal adj [Anat.] suprarenal, adrenal;
capsulas, glandulas, suprarenal adrenal glands

suprasensibile adj [Philos.] supersensible; spec.: spiritual

suprematia (-ía) n supremacy

supreme adj 1. supreme; 2. last, final;
le hora supreme the last hour, the hour of death;
in le supreme grado in the highest degree;
corte supreme Supreme Court
Hence: suprematia

[sur] prep on, upon; on top of
(= super)

sur- see sub-

sura n calf (of the leg)
Hence: sural

sural adj sural (= pertaining to the calf of the leg)

surde adj 1. deaf; 2. surd, dull, muffled
Hence: surdina; surditate; assurdar; surdemute etc.

surdemute adj deaf and dumb, deaf-mute

surdina n [Mus.] mute, sordine

surditate n deafness

surgente 1. ppr of surger; 2. adj surgent

surger [surg-/surrect-] v to rise, arise; also: to loom, emerge
Hence: surgente; insurger &; resurger &

surmontabile adj surmountable

surmontar v to surmount (1. to rise above; 2. to be above or on top of; 3. to overcome)
Hence: surmontabile-insurmontabile

surplicio n [Eccl.] surplice

surplus [F] n surplus

surprendente adj surprising

surprender [-prend-/-pris-] v to surprise (1. to take unawares; 2. to astonish)
Hence: surprendente; surprisa

surpris- see surprender

surprisa n surprise (1. unexpected act, event, etc.; 2. “feeling of surprise”);
per surprisa by surprise

surrealismo n surrealism

surrealista n surrealist

surrep- [-rep-/-rept-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: surreption; surrepticie

surrept- see surrep-

surrepticie adj surreptitious

surreption n surreptitious action or manner; surreption

surrider [-rid-/-ris-] v to smile (= to be smiling)
Hence: surriso

surris- see surrider

surriso n smile

surrogar v to substitute for, replace
Hence: surrogato

surrogato n substitute (as in “substitute for coffee”), surrogate

sursum corda [L] sursum corda, lift up your hearts!

surtout [F] n overcoat

surveliante n supervisor, superintendent, watcher

surveliantia n supervision, superintendence, watch

surveliar v to supervise, superintend, watch
Hence: surveliante-surveliantia

sus- see sub-

suscept- see suscip-

susceptibile adj susceptible (= very sensitive); also: touchy;
susceptible de (amelioration) susceptible or capable of (improvement)

susceptibilitate n susceptibility; susceptibleness; also: touchiness

susception n -; [Eccl.]
susception del ordines sacre susception of holy orders

susceptive adj susceptive

suscip- [-cip-/-cept-] [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: susceptibile-susceptibilitate; susception-intussusception etc.; susceptive

suscitar v to raise up, bring into being; give rise to; stir up, instigate
Hence: suscitation; resuscitar &

suscitation n (action of) raising up; provocation; instigation

suspect- see suspic-

suspectar v to suspect

suspecte adj suspicious, suspect

suspender [-pend-/-pens-] v to suspend (1. to hang, hang up; 2. as in “to suspend sentence, publication, etc.”; 3. to remove temporarily from office, function, etc.)
Hence: suspension; suspensive; suspensor; suspensorio; suspense

suspens- see suspender

suspense adj in suspense, in suspension

suspension n suspension (= act of suspending)

suspensive adj suspending, suspensive

suspensor n suspender (= one who or that which suspends or allows to suspend);
suspensores [Clothing] suspenders

suspensorio n [Med.] suspensory

suspic- [-spic-/-spect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: suspicion-suspiciose; suspecte; suspectar

suspicion n suspicion

suspiciose adj suspicious, distrustful

suspirar v to sigh; to suspire
Hence: suspiro; suspirator

suspirator n sigher

suspiro n 1. sigh; 2. [Mus.] quarter-rest

Susquehanna npr Susquehanna

sustenente 1. ppr of sustener; 2. adj sustaining

sustenentia n sustenance

sustenepectore n brassière

sustener [-ten-/-tent-] v to sustain (1. to prop up; 2. to back, give one’s support to; 3. to keep, maintain; 4. to bear, endure);
sustener se 1. to hold oneself up; 2. to continue, last (= to continue to exist)
Hence: sustenimento; sustenente-sustenentia; sustentor; sustentar-sustentamento, sustentation; sustenepectore etc.

sustenimento n sustainment (1. sustaining; 2. means of support)

sustent- see sustener

sustentamento n sustenance

sustentar v to sustain, feed, etc.

sustentation n sustentation

sustentor n sustainer

susurrante adj whispering, murmuring, rustling, susurrant, etc.

susurrar v 1. (to make a low, continuous sound), to hum, drone, buzz, etc.; 2. to whisper, mutter, mumble, grumble, etc.
Hence: susurro; susurrante; susurration; susurrator

susurration n susurration

susurrator n murmurer, whisperer, hummer, etc.

susurro n murmur, buzz, hum, rustle, etc.; also: susurrus

sut- see suer

sutura n 1. suture (1. [Anat., Bot.]; 2. [Surg.]); II. sewing, stitching; also: needlework; III. seam (of a dress, suit, etc.)

sutural adj sutural

Sveda npr Sweden
Hence: svede-svedo

svede adj Swedish

svedo n 1. Swede; 2. Swedish

svelte adj slender, slim; also: svelte

sweater [A] n sweater, (knitted) jumper

Switza npr 1. Switzerland; 2. Schwyz
Hence: switze-switzo

switze adj Swiss;
caseo switze Swiss cheese

switzo n I. Swiss (1. native of Switzerland; 2. Swiss guard, Switzer; 3. Swiss language or dialect); II. [Eccl. etc.] hall porter (in full regalia)

syl- see syn-

syllaba (síl-) n syllable
Hence: syllabismo; syllabic; syllabar-syllabation; parisyllabe etc.; polysyllabe etc.; bisyllabe etc.; monosyllabe etc.

syllabar v to syllabify

syllabario n syllabary

syllabation n syllabification

syllabic adj syllabic

syllabismo n syllabism

syllepsis n syllepsis

sylleptic adj sylleptic

syllogisar v to syllogize
Hence: syllogismo; syllogistic

syllogismo n syllogism

syllogistic adj syllogistic

sylphide (síl-) n sylph; sylphid

sylpho n (male) sylph

-sylv- see silva

sym- see syn-

symbolic adj symbolical, symbolic; also: [Relig.]

symbolica n 1. symbolism (= system of signs or symbols); 2. symbology

symbolisar v to symbolize

symbolisation n symbolization

symbolismo n symholism (1. practice or art of using symbols; 2. system of symbols or signs)

symbolista n symbolist (= one who uses symbols or practises symbolism)

symbolo (sím-) n symbol (1. [Relig.]; 2. symbolic representation; 3. significant mark or character)
Hence: symbolismo; symbolista; symbolic; symbolica; symbolisar-symbolisation; symbologia etc.

symbologia (-ía) n symbology

symmetr- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] symmetr- (= symmetrical)
Hence: symmetria-symmetric-asymmetric, symmetrisar, pseudosymmetria etc.; asymmetre-asymmetria

symmetria (-ía) n symmetry

symmetric adj symmetric, symmetrical

symmetrisar v symmetrize

sympath- adj [occurring in derivatives] sympath- (= sympathetic)
Hence: sympathia-sympathic, sympathisar

sympathia (-ía) n 1. sympathy (= affinity between persons or things); 2. liking, friendly feeling

sympathic adj 1. sympathetic (= operating, or produced, through affinity); 2. likable, attractive;
tinta sympathic invisible ink, sympathetic ink

sympathisar v to harmonize, sympathize (= to be in harmony as to disposition, qualities, etc.)

symphone adj symphonious, symphonous
Hence: symphonia-symphonista, symphonic

symphonia (-ía) n [Mus.] symphony (as in “the Fifth Symphony”)

symphonic adj symphonic;
orchestra symphonic symphony orchestra

symphonista n symphonist (= composer of symphonies)

symphysis (sím-) n [Anat., Zool., etc.] symphysis

symptoma [-ma/-mat-] n symptom
Hence: symptomatic; symptomatologia etc.

symptomat- see symptoma

symptomatic adj symptomatic

symptomatologia (-ía) n symptomatology

syn- prefixo [syl- before -l-; sym- before -b-, -m-, -p-, -ph-; used chiefly to form technical terms] syn-, syl-, sym- (= with, together; alike)
Hence: synecologia etc.; synodo etc.; synchrone etc.; synonyme etc.; syllogisar etc.; symmetria etc.

synagoga n synagogue

synchrone adj synchronous
Hence: synchronic; synchronisar-synchronismo, synchronisation

synchronic adj synchronous, synchronic

synchronisar v to synchronize

synchronisation n synchronization

synchronismo n synchronism

syncopal adj syncopal

syncopar v to syncopate (1. [Gram.]; 2. [Mus.])

syncopation n syncopation (1. [Gram.] syncope; 2. [Mus.])

syncope (sín-) n I. syncope (1. [Gram.]; 2. [Med.]); II. [Mus.] syncopation
Hence: syncopal; syncopar-syncopation

syncrasis (-crá-) n syncrasis (= intermixture, blending)
Hence: idiosyncrasia etc.

syndical adj 1. pertaining to a syndic; 2. syndicalist

syndicalismo n 1. syndicalism; 2. tradeunionism

syndicalista n 1. syndicalist; 2. tradeunionist; also: attrib.

syndicar v 1. to syndicate (= to organize into a syndicate); 2. to organize (a union);
syndicar se 1. to combine or be combined into a syndicate; 2. to form or be formed into a trade-union

syndicato n 1. [Fin.] syndicate; 2. trade-union

syndico (sín-) n 1. [Admin.] syndic; 2. [Law] trustee
Hence: syndicato; syndical-syndicalismo-anarchosyndicalismo etc.; syndicalista-anarchosyndicalista etc.; syndicar

synecologia (-ía) n synecology

Synedrio n Sanhedrin, Synedrion, Synedrium

synodic adj synodic, synodical (1. [Eccl.] synodal; 2. [Astron.])

synodista n synodist (= member of a synod)

synodo (sí-) n synod (1. [Eccl.]; 2. assembly, convention; 3. [Astrol.] conjunction)
Hence: synodista; synodic

synonyme (-ónime) adj synonymous
Hence: synonymia; synonymic; synonymo

synonymia (-ía) n synonymy (= quality of being synonymous)

synonymic adj synonymic, synonymical

synonymo (-ónimo) n synonym

synopsis n synopsis

synoptic adj synoptic, synoptical;
evangelios synoptic Synoptic Gospels

syntactic adj syntactic, syntactical

syntaxe n [Gram.] syntax

synthese (-íntese) n synthesis; specif.: [Philos., Chem., etc.]
Hence: photosynthese etc.; polysynthese etc.

synthet- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] synthet- (= put together, compounded; synthetic)
Hence: synthetic-photosynthetic etc.; synthetisar; polysynthetic etc.

synthetic adj synthetic, synthetical;
cauchu synthetic synthetic rubber

synthetisar v to synthesize

syphil- see Syphilis

Syphilis (sí-) npr [Latin poem by Fracostoro, published in 1530 and relating the story of the shepherd Syphilus];
syphilis [Pathol.] syphilis
Hence: syphilitic-syphilitico

syphilitic adj syphilitic

syphilitico n syphilitic

Syria npr Syria
Hence: syrie-syrio; syriac-syriaco; syriarcha etc.

syriac (-rí-) adj Syriac (as in “Syriac language”); also: Syrian

syriaco (-rí-) n Syriac (language)

syriarcha n [Rom. Hist.] Syriarch

syrie adj Syrian

syringa n 1. syrinx, pipe of Pan; 2. syringe; 3. [Bot.] Syringa
Hence: syringar-syringation

syringal adj [Ornith.] syringeal

syringar v to syringe, to treat with a syringe

syringation n injection (of morphine, etc.)

syringe n syrinx (1. panpipe; 2. [Archaeol.]; 3. [Ornith.])
Hence: syringal

syrio n Syrian (= native of Syria)

systaltic adj [Physiol.] systaltic

systema [-ma/-mat-] n system
Hence: systematic; systematisar

systemat- see systema

systematic adj systematic

systematisar v systematize

systole n [Physiol.] systole
Hence: systolic

systolic adj [Physiol.] systolic