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rab- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: rabie &; rabide

rabbi n Rabbi (as in “Rabbi Ben Ezra”)

rabbin n rabbi (as in “the tradition of the rabbis”)
Hence: rabbinato; rabbinismo; rabbinista; rabbinic

rabbinato n rabbinate

rabbinic adj rabbinical

rabbinismo n rabbinism (= teachings and tradition of the rabbis)

rabbinista n rabbinist

rabiar v 1. to rage, be in a rage; 2. to go mad, develop rabies

rabide adj rabid (1. having rabies; 2. furious, raging)

rabie n 1. rabies; 2. rage (= violent anger);
rabie del (moneta, etc.) passion or mania for (money, etc.)
Hence: rabiose; rabiar; inrabiar &

rabiose adj 1. mad (as in “mad dog”); 2. furious

racemic adj racemic

racemiforme adj racemiform, clustershaped

racemo n cluster, also: [Bot.] raceme
Hence: racemic; racemose; racemiforme etc.

racemose adj racemose

racia n [Biol.] race;
de racia of good breed or stock
Hence: racial-racialismo, racialista

racial adj racial

racialismo n racialism, racism

racialista n racialist, racist

radar n [Radio] radar, radiolocator

rader [rad-/ras-] v 1. to scrape, scratch; also: to scratch out, erase; 2. to graze, brush (against)
Hence: radimento; rasorio; rasura; rasar; abrader &

radial adj radial (1. pertaining to a ray; 2. pertaining to a radius)

radiano n [Math.] radian

radiante 1. ppr of radiar; 2. adj radiant, brilliant, beaming

radiar v to radiate (= to emit rays)

radiate 1. pp of radiar; 2. adj radiate

radiation n radiation (= act of radiating, emitting rays)

radiator n radiator

radical¹ adj radical (1. proceeding from the root; 2. reaching or affecting the root; 3. [Pol., Math., etc.])
Hence: radicalismo

radical² n radical (1. [Philol.] root; 2. [Pol., Math., etc.])

radicalismo n radicalism

radicante 1. ppr of radicar; 2. adj [Bot.] radicant

radicar v to take root; also: to grow roots

radication n radication (= process of taking root)

radice (-íce) n I. root (1. as in “root of a plant”; 2. source, origin; 3. [Philol.]); II. radish;
radice quadrate, cubic [Math.] square, cube root
Hence: radicula &; radicella; radical &; radicar-radicante, radication; eradicar &

radicella n [Bot.] rootlet, radicel

radicula n [Bot.] radicle
Hence: radicular

radicular adj radicular

radimento n scraping, scratching, erasing

radio¹ n I. ray (“ray of light, etc.”); II. radius (1. [Anat.]; 2. [Math.]); III. spoke (“spoke of a wheel”);
radio X x-ray
Hence: radium; radial; radiano; radiose; radiar-radiante, radiation, radiator, radiate, irradiar &; radiologo etc.; radiographo etc.; radioconductor etc.; radiotelegraphia etc.; radiotelephonia etc.; radiotherapia etc.; radioactive etc.

radio² n radio (1. wireless telephony and telegraphy; 2. radio receiving set)
Hence: radiofrequentia etc.; radiogramma etc.; radiodiffunder etc.

radioactive adj radioactive
Hence: radioactivitate

radioactivitate n radioactivity

radioconductor n [Elec.] radioconductor

radiodiffunder [-fund-/-fus-] v [Radio] to broadcast
Hence: radiodiffusion; radiodiffusor

radiodiffus- see radiodiffunder

radiodiffusion n [Radio] broadcasting

radiodiffusor n [Radio] transmitter

radiofrequentia n radiofrequency

radiogramma n radiogram (= message transmitted by radio)

radiographia (-ía) n radiography, x-ray photography

radiographic adj radiographic

radiographo (-ógrapho) n radiograph, x-ray photograph
Hence: radiographia; radiographic

radiologia (-ía) n radiology

radiologic adj radiological

radiologista n radiologist

radiologo (-ólogo) n radiologist
Hence: radiologia-radiologista; radiologic

radiose adj radiant (= radiating rays of light)

radiotelegraphia (-ía) n radiotelegraphy

radiotelephonia (-ía) n radiotelephony

radiotherapia (-ía) n radiotherapy

radium (rá-) n radium

radon n (rá-) [Chem.] radon

raffinamento n (act of) refining (sugar, oil, etc.)

raffinar v to refine (sugar, oil, etc.)
Hence: raffinamento; raffineria; raffinator

raffinator n refiner (of sugar, oil, etc.)

raffineria (-ía) n refinery (of sugar, oil, etc.)

rage (raje) n rage, violent anger
Hence: ragiose; ragiar; inragiar-inragiamento

ragi- see rage

ragiar (-jar) v to rage, be in a rage

ragiose (-jo-) adj furious

raglan [A] n raglan

ragout [F] n ragout; stew

raid [A] n raid

rail [A] n rail (= car or railroad track)
Hence: derailar; derailamento

railway [A] n railway

raja [Hind.] n rajah

ramada n boughs, branches

ramage (-aje) n 1. branches, boughs; 2. branched pattern, flower pattern

ramificar v to cause to branch out, ramify;
ramificar se to branch out, ramify

ramification n ramification (1. dividing or spreading out into branches or parts; 2. branch, part)

ramo n branch, bough
Hence: ramada; ramage; ramose; ramificar-ramification; deramar

ramose adj branched, ramose

rampa n ramp (= sloping surface connecting two different levels)

rampante adj [Her.] rampant

rampar v to be rampant
Hence: rampa; rampante

rana n [Zool.] frog
Hence: ranario; raniera; ranides; ranula; ranunculo &; ranin-ranina; raniforme etc.

ranario n ranarium

rancer v to become rancid
Hence: rancide &; rancor &

ranchero (-tch-) n rancher, ranchman

rancho [H] n 1. rancho (= rude hut for herdsmen); 2. ranch, ranche
Hence: ranchero

rancide adj rancid
Hence: ranciditate

ranciditate n rancidity

rancor n rancor
Hence: rancorose

rancorose adj rancorous

rangi- see rango

rangiar (-jar) v to range (1. to arrange in lines or rows; 2. to place in order)

rango n rank (1. [Mil.] row, line; 2. position, grade);
de alte rango of (high) rank
Hence: rangiar-arrangiar &; disrangiar &

rani [Hind.] n ranee, rani

ranides (rá-) n [Zool.] Ranidae

raniera n froggery, frog pond, place where frogs abound

raniforme adj raniform, frog-shaped

ranin adj ranine (1. [Zool.]; 2. [Anat.]);
vena ranin ranine vein

ranina n [Anat.] ranine vein

ranula n [Med.] ranula

ranunculaceas npl [Bot.] Ranunculaceae

ranunculacee adj [Bot.] ranunculaceous

ranunculo n [Bot.] ranunculus
Hence: ranunculacee-ranunculaceas

rapa n turnip (Brassica rapa)
Hence: betarapa etc.; caule-rapa etc.

rapace adj rapacious
Hence: rapacitate

rapacitate n rapacity

raper [rap-/rapt-] 1. to carry off (by force); 2. to ravish, delight
Hence: rapina &; rapimento; raptor; rapto

rapide (rá-) adj rapid;
traino rapide express train
Hence: rapiditate; rapido

rapiditate n rapidity

rapido (rá-) n 1. rapid (in a river); 2. express (train)

rapimento n 1. plunder, ravage; 2. ravishment

rapina n rapine, plunder
Hence: rapinar

rapinar v to plunder

rapt- see raper

rapto n 1. abduction (= carrying off illegally); 2. rapture

raptor n 1. ravager; 2. ravisher

rar adj 1. thin (as in “thin hair, thin grass etc.”); 2. rare (= not frequent; also: exceptional, excellent)
Hence: raritate; rarefacer etc.

rarefacer [-fac-/-fact-] v to rarefy (= to make thinner or less dense)
Hence: rarefactibile; rarefaction; rarefactive

rarefact- see rarefacer

rarefactibile adj rarefiable

rarefaction n rarefaction (of gas, air, etc.)

rarefactive adj rarefactive

raritate n rarity (1. rareness; 2. rare object, curiosity)

ras- see rader

rasar v 1. to shave; 2. to raze

rasorio n razor

raspar v 1. to scrape, rasp; 2. to grate (as in “to grate cheese”)
Hence: raspator; raspatura

raspator n rasp, scraper, grater

raspatura n (action of) scraping, rasping

rastrellage (-aje) n (act or action of) raking

rastrellar v to rake (leaves, the soil, etc.)

rastrellator n raker (of hay, etc.)

rastrello n garden rake, etc.
Hence: rastrellar-rastrellage, rastrellator

rastro n garden rake, etc.
Hence: rastrello &

rasura n 1. shave, shaving; 2. erasure

rata n rate (as in “at the rate of”);
pro rata pro rata, proportionally

rate¹ n raft (= float)

rate² adj [Law] ratified, averred
Hence: ratificar &; irrite; rata

ratificar v to ratify
Hence: ratification; ratificator

ratification n ratification

ratificator n ratifier

ratio- see ration

ratiocinar v to ratiocinate
Hence: ratiocination; ratiocinative

ratiocination n ratiocination

ratiocinative adj ratiocinative

ration n I. reason (1. reasoning faculty; 2. as in “reason for, why,” etc.); II. [Math.] ratio; III. ration;
haber ration to be right;
con ration rightly;
ration social name (of a firm);
ration de stato reason of state;
a ration de (un dollar le hora) at the rate of (a dollar an hour)
Hence: rational-rationalismo, rationalista, rationalitate, rationalisar-rationalisation, irrational-irrationalitate; rationar-rationamento, rationabile-disrationabile, irrationabile, rationator, rationate; ratiocinar &

rationabile adj reasonable (1. endowed with reason; 2. conformable to reason)

rational¹ adj rational (1. endowed with reason; 2. conformable to reason, reasonable; 3. based on reasoning; 4. [Math.])

rational² n [Eccl. Hist.] rational (= breastplate of the Jewish high priest)

rationalisar v to rationalize (1. to bring into agreement with reason; 2. [Technol.]; 3. [Psychol.])

rationalisation n rationalization; also: [Technol.], [Psychol.]

rationalismo n [Philos.] rationalism

rationalista n rationalist

rationalitate n rationality (1. quality of being rational or endowed with reason; 2. quality of being reasonable or conformable to reason)

rationamento n 1. reasoning; 2. rationing

rationar v 1. to reason (= to use the faculty of reasoning); 2. to ration (= to allot in rations)

rationate 1. pp of rationar; 2. adj rational (= based on reasoning)

rationator n reasoner

rattero n ratter, ratcatcher

rattiera n rattrap

ratto n [Zool.] rat
Hence: rattero; rattiera

rauc adj hoarse, raucous
Hence: raucitate; inraucar &

raucitate n hoarseness, raucousness

ravina n ravine

ravioli npl [Cookery] ravioli

rayon [A] n rayon

razzia [F] n raid, razzia (1. foray, incursion; 2. police raid)
Hence: razziar-razziator

razziar v to raid

razziator n raider

re¹ n 1. [Mus.] re; 2. [Mus.] (the note) D

[re]² 1. n thing, affair, matter; 2. prep regarding, about, of, on, concerning
Hence: real &

re- prefixo [used with verbs; also in connection with verbal suffixes] re- (1. back, backwards; 2. again)
Hence: reabsorber etc.; reager etc.; reflecter etc.; revaccinar etc.

reabsorber [-sorb-/-sorpt-] v to reabsorb

reabsorption n reabsorption

react- see reager

reaction n reaction;
reaction in catena chain reaction

reactionari adj reactionary

reactionismo n reactionism

reactionista n reactionist

reactivo n reagent

reactor n reagent; also: [Atomic Phys.] reactor

readjustamento n readjustment

readjustar v to readjust

readjustator n readjuster

readmission n readmission

readmitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to readmit

reaffirmar v to reaffirm

reagente n reagent

reager [-ag-/-act-] v to react;
reager super to react upon;
reager contra to react against
Hence: reagente; reaction-reactionari, reactionismo, reactionista; reactivo; reactor

real adj real (1. actually existing; 2. pertaining to immovable property)
Hence: realismo-surrealismo; realista-realistic, surrealista; realitate; realisar-realisabile-irrealisabile, realisation; irreal-irrealitate

realisabile adj realizable

realisar v to realize (1. to make real; 2. to convert into actual money)

realisation n realization (1. act or process of converting something hoped for, aimed at, etc., into reality; 2. act or process of converting property into money)

realismo n realism (1. [Philos.]; 2. [Art., Lit.])

realista n realist

realistic adj realistic

realitate n reality;
in realitate in reality

realtiar v to raise, lift up

reanimar v to revive, reanimate

reaperir [-per-/-pert-] v to open again, reopen

reapertura n reopening

reapparer v to reappear

reapparition n reappearance

rearmamento n rearmament

rearmar v to rearm

reassecurantia n 1. reinsurance; 2. reassurance

reassecurar v 1. reassure (= to restore one’s confidence); 2. [Com.] to reinsure

reassemblar v to reassemble

reassumer v to reassume

reattaccamento n reattachment, reattaching

reattaccar¹ v to attack, assail, again

reattaccar² v to attach, fasten, again; to reattach

reavivar v to revive, enliven, quicken

rebaptisar v to rebaptize

rebaptismo n rebaptism

rebatter v 1. to beat again; 2. to beat back, repel

rebellar v to stir up to rebellion;
rebellar se to rebel
Hence: rebelle-rebello, rebellion

rebelle adj rebellious

rebellion n rebellion

rebello n rebel

rebus (ré-) n rebus

recader v to fall back or down again, to relapse
Hence: recadita

recadita n relapse

recalcitrante adj recalcitrant

recalcitrar v to recalcitrate
Hence: recalcitrante; recalcitration

recalcitration n recalcitration

recantar v 1. to sing again; 2. to recant (= to withdraw; retract)
Hence: recantation

recantation n recantation

recapitular v to recapitulate
Hence: recapitulation

recapitulation n recapitulation

recapturar v to recapture

receder [-ced-/-cess-] v to recede (= to retreat, retire)
Hence: recession; recessive; recesso

recens- see recenser

recensente n reviewer, critic

recenser [-cens-/-cens-] v to review (as in “to review a book”)
Hence: recensente; recension

recension n 1. recension (= critical revision of a text); 2. review (= book review, etc.)

recente adj recent

recept- see reciper

recepta n I. [Com.] receipts; II. receipt (1. written acknowledgment of receipt; 2. recipe); III. [Med.] prescription

receptaculo n receptacle (1. container, vessel, etc.; 2. [Bot.])

receptar v to receive (stolen goods)

receptator n receiver (of stolen goods), fence

reception n reception; also: receipt;
accusar reception de to acknowledge receipt of

receptive adj receptive

receptivitate n receptivity

receptor n receiver (1. one who receives; also: [Fin., etc.] collector; 2. [Teleph., Radio, etc.] receiving apparatus)

recerca n search, investigation; also: research, research work

recercar v to search, investigate; also: to research, make researches
Hence: recerca; recercator

recercator n searcher, investigator; also: researcher, research worker

recess- see receder

recession n recession, withdrawal

recessive adj recessive; also: [Biol.]

recesso n recess (1. act of retiring; 2. place of retirement)

reciper [-cip-/-cept-] v to receive
Hence: recipiente; reception; receptive-receptivitate; receptor; recepta; receptar-receptaculo, receptator

recipiente¹ adj recipient

recipiente² n 1. [Chem.] receiver; 2. container

reciproc (-cí-) adj reciprocal
Hence: reciprocitate; reciprocar-reciprocation

reciprocar v to reciprocate

reciprocation n reciprocation

reciprocitate n reciprocity

recital [A] n [Mus.] recital

recitar v to recite (1. to repeat from memory; 2. to recount)
Hence: recitation; recitative-recitativo

recitation n recitation (1. repetition from memory; 2. recountal)

recitative adj recitative

recitativo n recitative

reclamabile adj claimable

reclamar v to claim (= to demand as one’s due);
reclamar contra to protest against
Hence: reclamo; reclamabile-irreclamabile; reclamation; reclamator

reclamation n 1. protest; 2. claim (= demand for something due)

reclamator n claimant

reclamo n 1. [Print.] catchword; 2. advertising, publicity;
facer le reclamo pro un cosa to advertise, make publicity for, something

reclinar v to recline (as in “to recline one’s head”)

recluder [-clud-/-clus-] v to shut up, seclude
Hence: reclusion; recluse-recluso

reclus- see recluder

recluse adj recluse, secluded

reclusion n seclusion, retirement

recluso n recluse

recocer v 1. to cook again; 2. to temper (steel, glass, clay etc.)

recognition n recognition (= identification of something previously known)

recognoscentia n I. reconnaissance; II. recognition (1. identification of something previously known; 2. acknowledgment, avowal; 3. appreciation)

recognoscer [-gnosc-/-gnit-] v I. to recognize (1. to identify as known before; 2. to acknowledge the validity or existence of; also: to appreciate); II. to reconnoiter, make reconnaissance of
Hence: recognoscentia; recognoscibile; recognition

recognit- see recognoscer

recognoscibile adj recognizable

recolar v to strain again, filter again

recollection n recollection (= recollecting oneself in prayer etc.)

recolliger [-lig-/-lect-] v 1. to collect (= to make a collection of); 2. to gather harvest; 3. to take in, shelter;
recolliger se to recollect oneself
Hence: recolligimento; recollection

recolligimento n meditation, recollection

recolta n harvest, crop(s)
Hence: recoltar

recoltar v to harvest, reap, gather in

recomenciamento n recommencement

recomenciar v to begin again, recommence

recommendabile adj recommendable

recommendar v to recommend;
recommendar a (un persona) de (facer un cosa) to advise (someone) to (do something)
Hence: recommendabile; recommendation

recommendation n recommendation

recompensa n recompense (1. reward; 2. compensation);
in recompensa de as a reward, in return, for

recompensar v to recompense (1. to compensate; 2. to repay, as by rewarding or punishing);
recompensar de to recompense for

recompensator n one who recompenses, recompenser

recomponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to recompose (= to compose again, to recombine, to rearrange);
recomponer un cabinetto to recompose, reshuffle, a cabinet
Hence: recomposition

recomposit- see recomponer

recomposition n recomposition

reconciliabile adj reconcilable

reconciliar v to reconcile

reconciliation n reconciliation

reconciliatori adj reconciliatory

reconducer v to conduct back, reconduct

reconfortar v 1. to strengthen, fortify (again); 2. to comfort, console (again)

reconsiderar n to reconsider, consider anew

reconstituer [-stitu-/-stitut-] v to reconstitute

reconstitution n reconstitution

reconstruction n reconstruction

reconstruer [-stru-/-struct-] v to reconstruct

recoperir v to recover (= to cover again)

record [A] n record (= the best yet done);
batter le record to beat the record

recordar v to remind;
recordar un cosa a un persona to remind someone of something

recovrabile adj recoverable

recovrar v to recover (= to get back, regain);
recovrar le sanitate to recover one’s health
Hence: recovrabile; recovrator

recovrator n recoverer

recrear v 1. to re-create, create anew; 2. to recreate, give fresh life to
Hence: recreation; recreative

recreation n 1. re-creation, creating anew; 2. recreation (= refreshment of strength and spirits)

recreative adj recreative

recrescer v to grow again

recriminar v to recriminate
Hence: recrimination; recriminator; recriminatori

recrimination n recrimination

recriminator n recriminator

recriminatori adj recriminatory

recrudescente 1. ppr of recrudescer; 2. adj recrudescent

recrudescentia n recrudescence

recrudescer v to break out again, recrudesce
Hence: recrudescente-recrudescentia

recruta n 1. recruiting, recruitment; also: levy; 2. recruit

recrutamento n recruitment

recrutar v to recruit
Hence: recruta; recrutamento; recrutator

recrutator n recruiter

rect- see reger

rectal adj [Anat.] rectal

rectangular adj rectangular

rectangule adj right-angled, rectangular
Hence: rectangulo-rectangular

rectangulo (-ángulo) n rectangle

recte adj straight (1. not curved or bent; 2. honest, upright);
angulo recte right angle
Hence: rectitude; rectificar &; derecte &; rectilinee etc.; rectangule &; recto &

rectificabile adj rectifiable

rectificar v to rectify (1. to set right by adjustment or calculation; 2. [Chem.])
Hence: rectificabile; rectification; rectificator

rectification n rectification

rectificator n rectifier

rectilinee adj rectilinear

rectitude n 1. straightness (= quality or fact of being straight, not bent or curved); 2. rectitude

recto n 1. [Print.] recto; 2. [Anat.] rectum
Hence: rectal

rector n rector, director, chief, ruler, etc.
Hence: rectorato; rectoral

rectoral adj rectorial

rectorato n rectorate

reculamento n (act of) recoiling, drawing back

recular v I. to back (= to move or draw back); II. to recoil (1. to retreat; 2. to shrink back; 3. to rebound after impact or discharge)
Hence: reculamento

recuperabile adj recoverable

recuperar v to recover (1. to get back again; 2. to recoup, make up for);
recuperar se (de un perdita) to recoup oneself (for a loss), recuperate (from a loss)
Hence: recuperabile-irrecuperabile; recuperation: recuperator

recuperation n recuperation

recuperator n recuperator

recurrente 1. ppr of recurrer; 2. adj recurrent (1. returning periodically or from time to time; 2. [Anat.])

recurrentia n recurrence (= periodical return; frequent occurrence)

recurrer [-curr-/-curs-] v 1. to run again; 2. to resort, have recourse
Hence: recurrente-recurrentia; recurso

recurs- see recurrer

recurso n 1. recourse; 2. [Law] appeal

recurvar v 1. to curve again; 2. to bend back

recusabile adj [Law] challengeable, exceptionable

recusar v [Law] to reject, object to; to challenge
Hence: recusabile-irrecusabile

redact- see rediger

redaction n 1. redaction (= act of drafting, finished draft); 2. editorial staff

redactor n 1. redactor (= one who draws up a document, speech, etc.); 2. [Journ.] editor

redempt- see redimer

redemption n redemption; also: ransom

redemptive adj redemptive, redeeming

redemptor n 1. redeemer; 2. Redeemer

redente n [Fortif.] redan

redescender v to redescend

rediger [-ig-/-act-] v 1. to draw up (a document, speech, etc.); 2. [Journ.] to edit
Hence: redaction; redactor

redimer [-im-/-empt-] v to redeem (1. to buy back; 2. to clear of charges, obligations, etc.; 3. to ransom, liberate; 4. [Theol.])
Hence: redimibile-irredimibile; redemption; redemptive; redemptor

redimibile adj redeemable

redingote [F] n frock coat

redolente 1. ppr of redoler; 2. adj redolent

redolentia n redolence, redolency

redoler v to smell (of), be redolent (of)
Hence: redolente-redolentia

reducer [-duc-/-duct-] v to reduce (1. to cut down, diminish; 2. [Surg.]; 3. [Chem.] to deoxidize);
reducer un persona al silentio to reduce someone to silence;
reducer a pulvere to reduce to dust;
reducer fractiones al mesme denominator to reduce fractions to a common denominator
Hence: reducibile-reducibilitate, irreducibile-irreducibilitate; reduction; reductive; reductor; reducto

reducibile adj reducible

reducibilitate n reducibility

reduct- see reducer

reduction n reduction (1. diminution, cutting down; 2. copy made on a smaller scale; 3. [Surg.]; 4. [Chem.]; 5. [Arith.])

reductive adj reductive (= tending to reduce)

reducto n 1. [Mil.] redoubt; 2. casino (= building used for social meetings, gambling, etc.)

reductor n reducer (1. one who reduces or cuts down; 2. [Chem.] reducing agent)

redundante adj redundant

redundantia n redundancy, redundance

redundar v 1. to be in excess, to superabound; 2. to redound
Hence: redundante-redundantia

reduplamento n (act of) redoubling

reduplar v to redouble (1. as in “to redouble one’s efforts”; 2. to become more intense)

reduplicar v to reduplicate (1. to redouble; 2. [Gram.])

reduplication n [Gram.] reduplication

reduplicative adj reduplicative

reedificar v to rebuild

reedification n rebuilding

reelection n re-election

reeliger [-lig-/-lect-] v to re-elect

reeligibile adj re-eligible

reemplear v to reemploy, employ again

reexpedir v to send on, forward

reexpedition n sending on, forwarding

reexportar v to reexport

reexportation n reexportation

refacer [-fac-/-fact-] v 1. to do or make again; 2. to repair, restore;
refacer se to recover (one’s health)
Hence: refaction

refact- see refacer

refaction n 1. (act of) doing or making again; 2. repair, (act or process of) repairing

refect- see refic-

refection n refreshment, refection

refectorio n refectory

referendario n referendary

referendum [NL] n referendum (1. [Pol.]; 2. [Dipl.])

referentia n reference (1. as in “reference work”; 2. “letter of reference”)

referer [-fer-/-lat-] v 1. to report, relate; 2. to refer (= to attribute, ascribe);
referer se a to refer to (1. to have recourse to for information, etc.; 2. to make an allusion or reference to; 3. to be related to, have reference to)
Hence: referentia; relation-correlation; relative &; relator; relatar-correlatar

refic- [-fic-/-fect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: refection; refectorio

reflecter [-flect-/-flex-] v to reflect (1. to throw or cast back; 2. to ponder);
reflecter se in to be reflected in
Hence: reflexibile-reflexibilitate; reflexion-irreflexion; reflexive; reflexe-reflexo; reflector

reflector n [Opt.] reflector; also: [Atomic Phys.]

reflex- see reflecter

reflexe adj reflex (1. reflective; 2. [Physiol.])

reflexibile adj reflexible

reflexibilitate n reflexibility

reflexion n reflection, reflexion (1. [Opt.; Acous.]; 2. mental consideration, contemplation)

reflexive n reflective (1. as in “reflective surface”; 2. as in “reflective person”);
verbo reflexive [Gram.] reflexive verb

reflexo n reflex (1. mirrored image; likeness, copy; 2. [Physiol.])

refluer [-flu-/-flux-] v to flow back; also: to ebb
Hence: refluxo

reflux- see refluer

refluxo n reflux; also: ebb, ebb-tide;
fluxo e refluxo flux and reflux, ebb and flow

reforestar v to reforest

reforestation n reforestation

reforma n 1. reform; 2. [Eccl. Hist.] Reformation

reformabile adj reformable

reformar v to reform (1. to form a second time; 2. to convert into better form)
Hence: reforma; reformismo; reformista; reformabile; reformation; reformative; reformator; reformate

reformate 1. ppr of reformar; 2. adj reformed; also: [Eccl. Hist.] Reformed

reformation n reformation; also: [Eccl. Hist.] Reformation

reformative adj reformative

reformator n reformer; also: [Eccl. Hist.]

reformismo n reformism

reformista n reformist

refract- see refranger

refractar v to refract

refractari adj refractory

refraction n refraction

refractive adj refractive

refractivitate n refractivity

refractor n refractor

refractori adj refractory

refrain [F] n refrain (= burden of a poem)

refranger [-frang-/-fract-] v to refract
Hence: refrangibile-refrangibililate, irrefrangibile-irrefrangibilitate; refraction; refractive-refractivitate; refractor; refractori; refractari; refractar

refrangibile adj refrangible

refrangibilitate n refrangibility

refrenar v to bridle; also: to restrain, hold back

refrescamento n refreshment (= restoration of strength, vigor, etc.)

refrescar v 1. to cool (= to make or become cool in temperature); 2. to refresh, renew;
refrescar se to refresh oneself (by means of refreshments, rest, etc.);
refrescar le memoria de un persona to refresh someone’s memory
Hence: refrescamento

refrigerante¹ 1. ppr of refrigerar; 2. adj refrigerant

refrigerante² n I. refrigerant (1. [Med.]; 2. substance used in refrigeration); II. refrigeratory, condenser

refrigerar v to chill, refrigerate
Hence: refrigerante; refrigeration; refrigerative-refrigerativo; refrigerator; refrigeratori

refrigeration n refrigeration

refrigerative adj refrigerative

refrigerativo n [Med.] refrigerant

refrigerator n refrigerator

refrigeratori adj refrigeratory

refrigidar v 1. to cool, chill; 2. to cool off, become cold

refugiar v to give refuge;
refugiar se to take refuge

refugiato n refugee

refugio n refuge
Hence: refugiar-refugiato

refugir v 1. to flee back; 2. to flee again
Hence: refugio &

refulgente 1. ppr of refulger; 2. adj refulgent

refulgentia n refulgence, refulgency

refulger v to flash back, reflect
Hence: refulgente-refulgentia

refunder [-fund-/-fus-] v [Metal.] to recast, refound
Hence: refusion

refus- see refunder

refusa n refusal

refusar v to refuse
Hence: refusa

refusion n [Metal.] recast

refutabile adj refutable

refutar v to refute
Hence: refutabile-irrefutabile-irrefutabilitate; refutation; irrefutate

refutation n refutation

regal¹ adj regal, royal

regal² n royal right or privilege;
regales regalia, regalities

regalamento n regaling, regalement

regalar v to regale (= to treat, entertain);
regalar se to feast (= to eat sumptuously)

regalitate n regality (= royalty, kingship)

regalo n 1. feast, banquet; 2. treat, refreshment
Hence: regalar; regalamento

reganiar v to win back, regain

regata n regatta, boat race

rege n king
Hence: regina; regulo; regal-regalitate; vicerege; regicida etc.; regicidio etc.

regenerar v to regenerate
Hence: regeneration; regenerative

regeneration n regeneration

regenerative adj regenerative

regentar v 1. to teach, give (a class, course, etc.); 2. to rule, direct (as or like a regent)

regente n regent (1. as in “prince regent”; 2. as in “university regent”)
Hence: regentia; regentar

regentia n [Gov.] regency, regentship

reger [reg-/rect-;-rig-/-rect-] v to govern (1. to direct, control; 2. [Gram.])
Hence: regimento &; regente &; rector &; recte &; corriger &; diriger &; eriger &

regicida n regicide (= one who kills a king)

regicidio n regicide (= act of killing a king)

regime [F] n 1. regime; 2. [Med.] regimen

regimental adj regimental

regimento n 1. regime (= system of government); 2. [Mil.] regiment
Hence: regimental; inregimentar

regina n queen

region n region
Hence: regional-regionalismo, regionalista

regional adj regional

regionalismo n regionalism

regionalista n regionalist

registrar v to register (= to record in writing)

registration n registration (= act of recording in writing)

registrator n registerer, recorder; also: registrar;
(apparato) registrator [Technol.] recorder

registro n register (1. record of regular entries; 2. organ stop; 3. “register of a voice, an instrument”; 4. “register of a furnace, etc.”; also: damper; 5. [Print.])
Hence: registrar-registration, registrator

regnante I. ppr of regnar; II. adj regnant (1. as in “queen regnant”; 2. prevalent)

regnar v to reign

regnicola (-ní-) n citizen, national, subject (of a country)

regno n 1. reign; 2. kingdom, realm;
le regno vegetal the vegetable kingdom;
le regno animal the animal kingdom;
le regno mineral the mineral kingdom
Hence: regnar-regnante; interregno; regnicola etc.

regratiar v to thank

regreder [-gred-/-gress-] v to go or move back, backward, down, etc.
Hence: regression; regressive; regressar

regress- see regreder

regressar v to go or move back, backward, down, etc.; to regress

regression n regression; also: [Geom., Astron.]

regressive adj regressive

regret n regret, repentance

regrettabile adj regrettable

regrettar v 1. to miss (as in “I miss her”); 2. to regret, be sorry for
Hence: regret; regrettabile

reguardar v 1. to look at; 2. to concern, regard;
reguardar como to regard as, consider
Hence: reguardo

reguardo n 1. look, glance; 2. regard (= care, attention, consideration)

regula (ré-) n I. rule (1. regulation; 2. as in “slide rule”); II. ruler (= instrument used in drawing straight lines)
Hence: reguletto; regular¹ &; regular²-regulamento-regulamentari, regulation, regulator, disregular &

regulamentari adj regular (= according to regulations)

regulamento n regulation (1. act of regulating; 2. regulating principle or rule)

regular¹ adj regular
Hence: regularitate; regularisar-regularisation; irregular-irregularitate

regular² v I. to rule (= to mark with parallel straight lines drawn with a ruler, etc.); II. to regulate (1. to control or direct by rule or regulations; 2. to adjust to a particular standard, purpose, etc.); III. to settle (a question, quarrel, account, etc.)

regularisar v to regularize

regularisation n regularization

regularitate n regularity

regulation n regulation

regulator n regulator; attrib. regulating

reguletto n [Typog.; Arch.] reglet

regulo (ré-) n [Chem. & Metal.] regulus

regurgitar v to regurgitate, to throw up; also: to vomit
Hence: regurgitation

regurgitation n regurgitation

rehabilitar v to rehabilitate

rehabilitation n rehabilitation

Reich [G] n Reich

Reichstag [G] n Reichstag

reimbursabile adj reimbursable

reimbursamento n reimbursement, refund

reimbursar v to reimburse, refund
Hence: reimbursabile; reimbursamento

reimplaciamento n replacement (= action of replacing)

reimplaciante n replacement, substitute (= person who replaces another)

reimplaciar v to replace (1. to supply an equivalent for; 2. to take the place of)
Hence: reimplaciamento; reimplaciante

reimpler v 1. to refill; 2. to fill up, stuff

reimpression n reimpression (1. reprinting; 2. reprint)

reimprimer [-prim-/-press-] v to reprint

Reims [F] npr Reims, Rheims

reincarnar v to reincarnate

reincarnation n reincarnation

reincassamento n reboxing

reincassar v 1. to rebox; 2. to receive (money) back

reinfortiamento n reinforcement (= act of reinforcing)

reinfortiar v to strengthen, reinforce
Hence: reinfortiamento

reingagiar v to engage again (= to hire, employ, again)

reinstallar v to reinstall

reinstallation n reinstallation

reintegrar v to reintegrate

reintegration n reintegration

reiterabile adj repeatable

reiterar v to reiterate

reiteration n reiteration

reiterative adj reiterative

reject- see rejic-

rejectabile adj rejectable

rejectar v 1. to throw again; II. to throw back, fling back; III. to reject (1. to refuse; 2. to spew out)

rejection n rejection

rejic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: rejection; rejectar-rejectabile

rejuvenescer v to rejuvenate, make young again
Hence: rejuvenescimento

rejuvenescimento n rejuvenescence, rejuvenation

relais [F] n [Elec.] relay

relat- see referer

relatar v to relate (= to give an account of, to tell)

relation n relation (1. account, report; 2. “relation between things”);
facer relation de to give an account of

relative adj relative (1. not absolute; 2. [Gram.]);
pronomine relative relative pronoun;
relative a relating to, relative to
Hence: relativitate; relativismo; correlative

relativismo n relativism

relativitate n relativity

relator n relater (= narrator)

relaxamento n relaxation (= decrease of tension, strain, etc.)

relaxar v I. to loosen (= to make looser); also: to relax (something); II. to release (1. to set free; 2. to relieve from a duty, obligation, etc.)
Hence: relaxamento, relaxation

relaxation n relaxation (= decrease of tension, strain, etc.)

relegar v to relegate (= to send away, banish; also: to consign or assign to an inferior position or class)
Hence: relegation

relegation n relegation (= sending away; exile, banishment)

releger v to reread

relentamento n slackening, reduction of speed or activity

relentar v to slacken (1. to slow down; 2. to reduce activity, intensity of efforts, etc.);
relentar se to slacken, become slower or less active
Hence: relentamento

relevamento n (act of) relieving, relief

relevar v I. to point out, call attention to; II. to relieve (1. to bring relief to; 2. “to relieve from a duty, etc.”; 3. to make stand out, bring into relief; also: [Art])
Hence: relevamento; relevator

relevator n reliever (as in “reliever of the poor”)

relict- see relinquer

relicte adj abandoned, relict

relievo n relief (1. [Sculp., etc.] relievo; 2. distinctness of outline due to sharp contrast);
in relievo in relief;
poner in relievo to set off, to bring into relief;
alte relievo high relief;
basse relievo low relief, bas-relief

religar v to bind again

religion n religion (1. as in “Christian religion”; 2. scrupulousness)
Hence: correligionario; religiose-religiositate, antireligiose, irreligiose-irreligiositate, religioso, religiosa; irreligion

religiosa nf member of a religious order; also: nun

religiose adj religious (1. devout, pious; 2. as in “with religious care”)

religiositate n religiousness (1. state of being devout or religious; 2. as in “to do something with great religiousness”)

religioso nm member of a religious order; also: monk, friar

relinquer [-linqu-/-lict-] v to relinquish, leave behind; also: to abandon
Hence: reliquia &: relicte; derelinquer &

reliqu- see relinquer

reliquario n shrine, reliquary

reliquia n relic (as in “relic of a saint”);
reliquias relics, ruins
Hence: reliquario

relucer v to shine, glitter

reluctante 1. ppr of reluctar; 2. adj reluctant, resistent

reluctantia n reluctance, unwillingness, resistence

reluctar v 1. to struggle again; 2. to be unwilling, resist
Hence: reluctante-reluctantia

remanente 1. ppr of remaner; 2. adj residuous, remanent

remanentia n (state of) remaining

remaner v to remain (1. to stay; 2. to be left)
Hence: remanente-remanentia

remar v to row (= to be rowing)

remarcabile adj remarkable

remarcar v 1. to mark again; 2. to remark (= to notice)
Hence: remarcabile

remaritar v to remarry (= to unite again in wedlock);
remaritar se to remarry (= to get married again)

remasticar v to chew again; to ruminate

remate adj oared, having oars

remator n oarsman

remediabile adj remediable

remediar v to remedy

remedio n remedy (= cure, treatment; medicine)
Hence: remediar-remediabile-irremediabile

rememorar v to remind;
rememorar un cosa a un persona to remind someone of something;
rememorar se to remember (= to bear in mind)

remington [A] n Remington (gun)

remiss- see remitter

remissa n 1. remittance (= action of remitting money, etc.); 2. carriage house

remissibile adj remissible

remissibilitate n remissibility

remission n remission (1. forgiveness; 2. abatement, lessening)

remitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v I. to put back, restore; II. to remit (1. to transmit, send; 2. to forgive; 3. to abate, become less); III. to postpone, remit;
remitter se a to rely on
Hence: remissibile-remissibilitate, irremissibile-irremissibilitate; remission; remissa

remo n oar (= implement for rowing)
Hence: remar-remator, remate; bireme etc.

remonstrantia n remonstrance

remonstrar v to expostulate, protest, remonstrate
Hence: remonstrantia

remonta n [Mil.] remount

remontar v to remount (1. to ascend again; 2. to refix, reset, etc.)
Hence: remonta

remora (ré-) n 1. hindrance, drag; 2. [Zool.] remora, shark sucker

remorar v to retard, hinder, hold back
Hence: remora

remorder [-mord-/-mors-] v 1. to bite again; 2. to afflict, torment
Hence: remorso

remors- see remorder

remorso n remorse

remot- see remover

remote adj remote, distant

remotion n removal, remotion

remover [-mov-/-mot-] v to remove (to a distance)
Hence: removibile; remotion; remote

removibile adj removable

remunerabile adj remunerable

remunerar v to remunerate
Hence: remunerabile-irremunerabile; remuneration; remunerative; remunerator; remuneratori

remuneration n remuneration

remunerative adj remunerative (1. serving to remunerate; 2. profitable)

remunerator n remunerator

remuneratori adj remunerative (= serving to remunerate)

ren¹ n kidney;
renes loins
Hence: renal-adrenal-adrenalina, suprarenal; reniforme etc.

ren² n reindeer

renal adj renal

renascente 1. ppr of renascer; 2. adj renascent, reviving, springing up again, etc.

renascentia n re-birth, renascence, revival (as in “revival of learning”);
le Renascentia the Renaissance

renascer v to be born again, reborn

render v I. to give back, return; II. to render (1. to give up, yield; 2. to translate; 3. to cause to become)
Hence: rendimento; rendition

rendez-vous [F] n rendezvous

rendimento n yield, return;
le rendimento de un machina the efficiency of a machine

rendition n surrender (as in “surrender to the enemy”)

renegamento n disowning, repudiation, denial, etc.

renegar v to disown, repudiate, deny, etc.
Hence: renegamento; renegate-renegato

renegate 1. pp of renegar; 2. adj renegade

renegato n renegade

reniforme adj kidney-shaped

renominar v 1. to renominate; 2. to celebrate, give renown to
Hence: renomine; renominate

renominate adj renowned, famed

renomine n renown

renovabile adj renewable (= that can be renewed, replaced, etc.)

renovar v to renovate (1. to make new or like new; 2. to renew, replace)
Hence: renovabile; renovation; renovator

renovation n renovation (1. making new or like new; 2. renewal, replacing)

renovator n renovator

renta n (unearned) income;
viver de su rentas to live on one’s private means
Hence: rentero; arrentar

rentero n independent gentleman, rentier

renunciamento n renouncement

renunciar v to renounce (1. to give up in a complete and formal manner; 2. [Cards])
Hence: renunciamento; renunciation; renunciator

renunciation n renunciation, renouncement

renunciator n renouncer

reoccupar v to reoccupy (= to take possession of a place again)

reoccupation n reoccupation (= act of taking possession of a place again)

reordinar v 1. [Eccl.] to reordain; 2. to put in order again

reordination n reordination (1. [Eccl.]; 2. a second or repeated disposition in harmonious form)

reorganisar v to reorganize

reorganisation n reorganization

reorganisator n reorganizer

reorientar v to reorient

reorientation n reorientation

repagamento n repayment

repagar v to repay, refund

reparabile adj reparable

reparar v to repair (1. to mend; 2. to make up for, make amends for)
Hence: reparo; reparabile-irreparabile-irreparabilitate; reparation; reparator

reparation n reparation (1. restoration to good condition; 2. act of giving satisfaction for wrong or injury done; 3. amends)

reparator n repairer, repairman

reparo n repair (= act or work of repairing)

repartir v to distribute (= to allot to each as his share)
Hence: repartition; repartitor

repartition n distribution, allotment

repartitor n distributor (= one who allots to each as his share)

repascer [-pasc-/-past-] v to pasture again

repassar v 1. to repass, pass again; 2. to iron;
ferro de repassar flatiron

repast- see repascer

repasto n repast, meal

repatriar v to repatriate
Hence: repatriation

repatriation n repatriation

repeller [-pell-/-puls-] v to repel, repulse (1. to drive back; 2. to reject)
Hence: repulsion; repulsive; repulsa; repulsar

repentente adj repentant

repententia n repentance

repentir v -;
repentir se de (un action, etc.) to repent (an action, etc.)
Hence: repentente-repententia

reper [rep-/rept-] v to creep, crawl
Hence: reptile; reptar-reptation, reptatori

repercuss- see repercuter

repercussion n 1. repercussion, reverberation; 2. [Med.] (action of) repelling (humors, swellings, eruptions, etc.)

repercussive adj 1. repercussive; 2. [Med.] repellent

repercuter [-cut-/-cuss-] v 1. to reflect back, reverberate; 2. [Med.] to repel
Hence: repercussion; repercussive

repertoire [F] n [Theat.; etc.] repertoire, repertory

repeter v 1. to repeat; 2. [Law] to claim back
Hence: repetition; repititor

repetition n repetition;
horologio de repetition repeater (watch or clock);
fusil de repetition repeating rifle

repetitor n 1. one who repeats something said or done previously; 2. coach, tutor

replantabile adj replantable

replantar v to replant

replenamento n replenishment

replenar v to refill, replenish
Hence: replenamento

repler v to refill, replenish
Hence: repletion

repletion n repletion

replica (ré-) n 1. reply, answer; 2. [Art] replica

replicamento n 1. (act of) folding up; 2. [Mil.] withdrawal, falling back

replicar v 1. to fold up (= to make smaller by folding); 2. to reply, answer;
replicar se [Mil.] to fall back
Hence: replica; replicamento

reportage (-aje) n [Journ.] reporting

reportamento n 1. (action of) carrying back; 2. [Journ.] (action of) reporting

reportar v 1. to carry back; 2. to report (= to give an account of)
Hence: reporto; reportage; reportamento

reporter [A] n reporter (= journalist)

reporto n report, account

reposante 1. ppr of reposar; 2. adj restful

reposar v to repose (1. as in “to repose one’s head on”; 2. to take a rest or lie at rest);
reposar super to repose on (= to be based or founded on)
Hence: reposo; reposante

reposo n rest, repose;
prender reposo to take a rest;
in reposo at rest; in repose;
lecto de reposo couch

reprehender [-hend-/-hens-] v to reprehend
Hence: reprehensibile-reprehensibilitate, irreprehensibile; reprehension; reprehensive

reprehens- see reprehender

reprehensibile adj reprehensible

reprehensibilitate n reprehensibility, reprehensibleness

reprehension n reprehension

reprehensive adj reprehensive

reprender [-prend-/-pris-] v to take back again, retake
Hence: reprisa

represalia n reprisal

representabile adj representable

representante n representative;
Camera del Representantes House of Representatives

representar v I. to re-present, present again; II. to represent (1. to be a representative of; 2. to give a representation of; also: to present, perform)
Hence: representante; representabile; representation; representative; representator

representation n I. re-presentation (= second or new presentation); II. representation (1. portrayal; also: performance; 2. act or state of representing as a representative)

representative adj representative

representator n representer

repress- see reprimer

repressibile adj repressible

repression n repression

repressive adj repressive

repressor n represser

reprimenda n reprimand
Hence: reprimendar

reprimendar v to reprimand; to scold

reprimer [-prim-/-press-] v to repress (1. to check, restrain, control; 2. to put down by force, suppress)
Hence: reprimenda &; repressibile-irrepressibile; repression; repressive; repressor

repris- see reprender

reprisa n 1. retaking, recapture, recovery; 2. resumption, resuming; 3. [Mus.] reprise, repetition

reprobabile adj reprovable

reprobar v I. to test again, try again; II. to reprove (1. to express disapprobation of; 2. to rebuke); III. [Theol.] to reprobate

reprobate 1. pp of reprobar; 2. adj [Theol.] reprobate
Hence: reprobabile; reprobation; reprobative; reprobator; reprobate-reprobato

reprobation n reprobation (1. disapproval, censure; 2. [Theol.])

reprobative adj reprobative

reprobato n [Theol.] reprobate, lost soul

reprobator n reprover

reprochabile (-sh-) adj reproachable

reprochar (-sh-) v to reproach (= to upbraid, censure)

reproche (-sh-) n reproach (= censure)
Hence: reprochar-reprochabile-irreprochabile

reproducer [-duc-/-duct-] v to reproduce (1. to produce again; 2. to make a copy or copies of);
reproducer se to reproduce, multiply
Hence: reproducibile; reproduction; reproductive

reproducibile adj reproducible

reproduct- see reproducer

reproduction n reproduction (1. act of reproducing or producing again; 2. [Biol.]; 3. copy, likeness, etc.)

reproductive adj reproductive

rept- see reper

reptar v to creep, crawl

reptation n (act or action of) creeping, crawling; reptation

reptatori adj [Zool.] reptant

reptile adj/n reptile

republica (-pú-) n 1. commonwealth, state; 2. republic
Hence: republican-republicanismo, republicanisar, republicano

republican adj republican (1. of a republic; 2. consonant with the principles of a republic)

republicanisar v to republicanize

republicanismo n republicanism

republicano n republican (= one who favors a republican government)

repudiabile adj repudiable

repudiar v I. to repudiate (1. [Hist.] to divorce; 2. to reject); II. [Law] to disclaim

repudiation n 1. repudiation; 2. [Law] disclaimer (= action of renouncing a legal claim)

repudiator n repudiator

repudio n repudiation (1. [Hist.] divorce; 2. rejection)
Hence: repudiar-repudiabile, repudiation, repudiator

repugnante I. ppr of repugnar; II. adj repugnant (1. contradictory; 2. refractory; 3. distasteful)

repugnantia n repugnance (1. contradiction; 2. dislike, disgust);
sentir repugnantia a facer un cosa to feel repugnance to doing something

repugnar v to cause repugnance
Hence: repugnante-repugnantia

repuls- see repeller

repulsa n repulse

repulsar v to repel, repulse (1. to drive back; 2. to reject)

repulsion n repulsion (1. act of repulsing; fact of being repulsed; 2. feeling of aversion; 3. [Phys.])

repulsive adj repulsive (1. as in “repulsive force”; 2. arousing aversion)

reputar v to consider, deem;
esser reputate to be reputed (to be), have the reputation (of being)
Hence: reputation

reputation n reputation (as in “of great reputation”)

request- see requirer

requesta n request;
al requesta de at the request of

requestar v to request

requiem (ré-) n requiem

requiescat in pace!, R.I.P. [L] requiescat in pace!, R.I.P., may he rest in peace!

requirente n applicant, suitor

requirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] v to require (= to demand as necessary)
Hence: requirimento; requirente; requesta-requestar; requisition-requisitionar; requisitorio; requisite-requisito

requirimento n requirement

requisit- see requirer

requisite adj requisite

requisition n requisition (= act of requiring as of right)

requisitionar v to requisition, commandeer

requisito n requisite

requisitorio n [Law] summation, summing-up (of the prosecuting attorney)

rescinder [-scind-/-sciss-] v to rescind (1. to cut off, remove; 2. to annul, abrogate)
Hence: rescission; rescissori

resciss- see rescinder

rescission n rescission

rescissori adj rescissory, rescinding

rescriber [-scrib-/-script-] v to write over again, rewrite
Hence: rescripto

rescript- see rescriber

rescripto n rescript (1. [Hist.]; 2. [Eccl.]; 3. rewriting)

resecar [-sec-/-sect-] v [Surg.] to resect
Hence: resection

resect- see resecar

resection n [Surg.] resection

reseda n [Bot.] mignonette, reseda; also: reseda (color)
Hence: resedacee-resedaceas

resedaceas npl [Bot.] Resedaceae

resedacee adj [Bot.] resedaceous

reseminar v to sow again

resentimento n resentment;
con resentimento resentfully

resentir v 1. to feel keenly; 2. to resent;
resentir se de to feel the effects of (an injury, illness, etc.)
Hence: resentimento

reserva n reserve (1. part of something kept back for future use; also: [Mil.]; 2. reservation, restriction; 3. self-restraint)

reservar v to reserve (1. to save, keep back for a later occasion; 2. as in “to reserve a seat in a theater”);
reservar se pro to reserve or save oneself for
Hence: reserva-reservista; reservation; reservate

reservate 1. pp of reservar; 2. adj reserved (= reticent)

reservation n reservation (= act of reserving or keeping back)

reservir v to serve again

reservista n [Mil.] reservist

reservoir [F] n reservoir (1. place where anything is kept in store; 2. “water reservoir”)

residente¹ 1. ppr of resider; 2. adj residing, resident

residente² n 1. resident (= one who resides in a place); 2. (minister) resident

residentia n residence (1. “place of residence”; 2. [Dipl.] resident’s function, office, tenure)

resider v to reside, dwell
Hence: residente-residentia; residue &

residual adj residual

residue adj residual
Hence: residuo-residual

residuo n 1. residue, residuum; 2. [Math.] remainder

resignar v to resign (an office, right, etc.);
resignar se (a) to resign oneself (to)
Hence: resignation

resignation n resignation (1. act of resigning or giving up; 2. state of being resigned or submissive)

resimilante 1. ppr of resimilar; 2. adj resembling, similar (to)

resimilantia n resemblance

resimilar v to resemble
Hence: resimilante-resimilantia

resina n resin
Hence: resinifere; resinose; resinificar

resinifere adj resiniferous, resin-producing

resinificar v to resinify

resinose adj resinous

resistentia n resistance

resister v to resist;
resister al autoritate to resist authority
Hence: resistentia; resistibile-irresistibile-irresistibilitate

resistibile adj resistible

resolu- see resolver

resolubile adj resoluble, resolvable

resolut- see resolver

resolute adj resolute

resolution n resolution (1. act of disinvolving, decomposing, etc.; also: solution, as in “solution of a difficulty”; 2. decision; 3. resoluteness);
prender un resolution to make a resolution

resolvente¹ 1. ppr of resolver; 2. [Med.] resolvent

resolvente² n [Med.] resolvent

resolver [-solv-/-solut-] v to resolve (1. to disinvolve, decompose, etc.; also: to solve; 2. to decide, determine);
resolver se a (facer un cosa) to resolve, make up one’s mind to (do something);
resolver un tumor to resolve a tumor;
resolver un dissonantia to resolve a discord
Hence: resolvente; resolubile-irresolubile; resolution-irresolution; resolute-irresolute

resonante 1. ppr of resonar; 2. adj resonant, resounding

resonantia n resonance (1. quality of being resonant; 2. act of resounding)

resonar v to resound, reverberate, echo
Hence: resonante-resonantia; resonator

resonator n resonator

resorber [-sorb-/-sorpt-] v to resorb, absorb
Hence: resorption

resorpt- see resorber

resorption n resorption, absorption

resortir v to go or come out again

resorto n spring (“spring in a piece of mechanism”); also: mainspring

respect- see respicer

respectabile adj respectable

respectabilitate n respectability

respectar v to respect

respective adj respective

respecto n respect (1. esteem, deferential regard; 2. relation, reference);
respectos respects, regards;
in omne respectos in all respects, in every respect

respectuose adj respectful

respicer [-spic-/-spect-] v 1. to look back; 2. to look after, take care of; 3. to examine carefully, verify, check
Hence: respective; respecto-respectuose; respectar-respectabile-respectabilitate

respirabile adj respirable, breathable

respirabilitate n respirability, breathableness

respirar v to breathe (1. to respire; 2. to exhale, give off)
Hence: respirabile-respirabilitate, irrespirabile; respiration; respirator; respiratori

respiration n respiration, breathing

respirator n respirator

respiratori adj respiratory

resplendente adj resplendent;
resplendente de resplendent with

resplendentia n (great) brightness, resplendence

resplender v to shine, be resplendent
Hence: resplendente-resplendentia

respondente 1. ppr of responder; 2. adj respondent

responder [-spond-/-spons-] v to answer (= to reply);
responder a (un persona, or un littera, un question, etc.) to answer (someone, or a letter, question, etc.);
responder a (un cosa) to correspond to (something);
responder de (un cosa) to answer, vouch for (a thing);
responder pro (un persona) to answer, vouch for (a person)
Hence: respondente; responsabile-responsabilitate, irresponsabile-irresponsabilitate; responsive, responsorio; responso; responsa; corresponder &

respons- see responder

responsa n answer

responsabile adj responsible (= answerable, accountable);
responsabile de 1. responsible for; 2. liable for

responsabilitate n accountability, responsibility

responsive adj answering, replying;
responsive a in reply to

responso n [Eccl.] responsory

responsorio n [Eccl.] responsory

resposar v to remarry

ressource [F] n resource (= reserve source of supply);
ressources resources, means;
un persona de ressources a resourceful person

restabilimento n re-establishment

restabilir v to re-establish, restore;
restabilir se to recover, get well again

restablimento n re-establishment

restablir v to re-establish, restore;
restablir se to recover, get well again

restar v to remain (1. to be left; 2. to stay)
Hence: resto-restive; arrestar &

restaurabile adj restorable

restaurant [F] n restaurant

restaurante¹ 1. ppr of restaurar; 2. adj restorative

restaurante² n restaurant

restaurar v to restore (as in “to restore a dynasty, a picture, etc.”)
Hence: restaurante; restaurabile; restauration; restaurative; restaurator

restauration n restoration, restoring

restaurative adj restorative

restaurator n 1. restorer (of pictures, etc.); 2. restaurant keeper

restituer [-stitu-/-stitut-] v to restore (1. to give back, return; 2. to bring back to the former or original state)
Hence: restituibile; restitution; restitutor; restitutori

restituibile adj restorable (1. returnable; 2. that can be brought back to its former or original state)

restitut- see restituer

restitution n restoration (1. act of restoring or returning, to its former owner, restitution; 2. act of restoring to its former or original state)

restitutor n restorer

restitutori adj [Law] restitutory

restive adj restive (= mulish, stubborn)

resto n rest, remainder; specif.: [Arith.] remainder;
restos remains

restrict- see restringer

restriction n restriction;
restriction mental mental reservation

restrictive adj restrictive

restringer [-string-/-strict-] 1. v to restrict, restrain;
restringer se (a) to confine oneself (to)
Hence: restriction; restrictive; restringitor

restringitor n restrainer

resultante 1. ppr of resultar; 2. adj resulting, resultant;
(fortia) resultante resultant (force)

resultar v to result;
resultar de to result from;
resultar in to result in
Hence: resultante; resultato

resultato n result

résumé [F] n résumé

resumer v to sum up, summarize
Hence: resumitor

resumitor n summarizer

resurger [-surg-/-surrect-] v 1. to resurge, rise again; 2. to resurrect (= to bring back to life or existence); 3. to rise again (from the dead)
Hence: resurrection

resurrect- see resurger

resurrection n resurrection (1. as in “the resurrection of nature in the Spring”; 2. [Theol.])

resuscitar v to resuscitate
Hence: resuscitation; resuscitator

resuscitation n resuscitation

resuscitator n resuscitator

retabulo (-tá-) n [Eccl.] retable

retaliar¹ v to cut again
Hence: retalio

retaliar² v to retaliate
Hence: retaliation

retaliation n retaliation

retalio n cutting, shred, clipping, etc.

retardamento n retardation (= act of retarding), retardment

retardar v 1. to delay (= to make slow or late, retard); 2. to be slow or delayed
Hence: retardo; retardamento; retardation; retardative; retardator; retardatario

retardatario n latecomer

retardation n retardation (= act of retarding)

retardative adj retardative (= having power to retard)

retardator n retarder

retardo n delay (as in “delay of a day”), retard;
in retardo late, behindhand

rete n 1. net (as in “fish net,” “hair net,” etc.); 2. network (as in “a network of railroads”)
Hence: reticulo &; retiario; retina &

retemperar v [Metal.] to retemper

retenaculo n [Bot.] retenaculum

retener [-ten-/-tent-] v I. to keep, hold (back), detain, withhold, hinder, etc.; II. to retain (1. to preserve; 2. to reserve; 3. to remember); III. to restrain, curb, keep from, etc.;
retener se to check oneself
Hence: retenaculo; retenibile; retention; retentive-retentivitate; retentor

retenibile adj retainable

retent- see retener

retention n I. detention; also: withholding; II. retention (1. reservation; 2. memory; 3. [Med.])

retentive adj retentive (= good at remembering)

retentivitate n retentivity

retentor n retainer (1. detainer; 2. maintainer, preserver)

reti- see rete

retiario n [Rom. Antiq.] retiarius

retic- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: reticente-reticentia

reticente adj reticent

reticentia n 1. reticence; 2. [Rhet.] apophasis

reticular¹ v to reticulate

reticular² adj netlike, reticular, reticulated;
structura reticular [Atomic Phys.] lattice structure

reticulate adj reticulate, reticulated

reticulation n reticulation

reticulo n I. reticulum (1. net, netlike structure, membrane, etc.; 2. [Zool.] second stomach of a ruminant); II. reticule (= ladies’ handbag); III. [Opt.] reticle; also: lattice, etc.
Hence: reticular¹; reticulate; reticular²-reticulation

retina n retina
Hence: retinitis

retinitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] retinitis

retirada n [Fortif.] retrenchment

retiramento n 1. retirement (= act of retiring); 2. retreat (= place of seclusion)

retirar v to withdraw, take away;
retirar se I. to retire (1. to seek seclusion; 2. “to retire from business”); II. [Mil.] to retreat
Hence: retiro; retirada; retiramento

retiro n 1. retirement (= act of retiring); 2. retreat (= place of seclusion)

retoccar v 1. to touch again; 2. to retouch, touch up, rework; also: [Photog.] to retouch
Hence: retocco; retoccator

retoccator n [Photog.] retoucher

retocco n (act of) retouching, touching up

retornar v to return (1. to give back; 2. to go or come back)
Hence: retorno

retorno n return (1. act of going or coming back; 2. requital, recompense);
(viage) de retorno return (trip);
esser de retorno to be back (again)

retorquer [-torqu-/-tort-/-tors-] v 1. to turn or twist again or back; 2. to retort (an argument, etc.)
Hence: retorta; retorsion; retorsive

retors- see retorquer

retorsion n 1. retortion (= act of turning or twisting again or back); 2. (act of) retorting (an argument, etc.), retort

retorsive adj retortive (= of the nature of a retort)

retort- see retorquer

retorta n [Chem.] retort

retraciar v to retrace

retract- see retraher

retractar v to treat again

retractile adj retractile

retractilitate n retractility

retraction n retraction (1. act of drawing back; 2. retractation, recantation)

retractive adj retractive

retraher [-trah-/-tract-] v to withdraw (1. to draw or take back; 2. to retract);
retraher se to withdraw, retire
Hence: retractile-retractilitate; retraction; retractive

retraite [F] n 1. retreat, withdrawal; 2. [Mil.] tattoo, (signal of) retreat

retro adv back (1. backwards; 2. ago; 3. as in “to give back”);
a retro backwards
Hence: arretrar-arretrate-arretrato

retro- prefixo [used mainly with verbs] retro- (= back, backwards)
Hence: retroager etc.; retroceder etc.

retroaction n retroaction

retroactive adj retroactive

retroactivitate n retroactivity

retroager [-ag-/-act-] v to retroact

retroceder [-ced-/-cess-] v to retrocede (1. to move backwards; 2. as in “to retrocede territory”)
Hence: retrocession

retrocess- see retroceder

retrocession n retrocession

retrograd- [-grad-/-gress-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: retrograde; retrogression; retrogradar-retrogradation

retrogradar v to retrograde (1. to move backwards, retrogress; 2. [Astron.])

retrogradation n retrogradation; also: [Astron.]

retrograde (-tró-) adj retrograde (= reversed in order, movement, direction, etc.)

retrogress- see retrograd-

retrogression n retrogression, also: [Math., Astron.]

retroguarda n [Mil.] rearguard

retrospect- see retrospic-

retrospective adj retrospective

retrospecto n retrospect

retrospic- [-spic-/-spec-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: retrospecto; retrospective

reunion n reunion (1. action of reuniting, state of being reunited; 2. gathering, meeting assembly)

reunir v 1. to reunite (= to bring together again); 2. to unite (= to join together);
reunir se 1. to gather together, meet; 2. to unite (= to become united)

revaccinar v to vaccinate again, revaccinate

revaccination n repeated vaccination, re-vaccination

revalorisar v [Fin.] to revalorize

revelamento n revealment

revelar v 1. to reveal; 2. [Photog.] to develop
Hence: revelamento; revelation; revelator

revelation n revelation;
Revelation Revelation, Apocalypse

revelator n 1. revealer; 2. [Photog.] developer

reveller [-vell-/-vuls-] v [Med.] to revulse (= to divert by revulsion)
Hence: revulsion; revulsive

revender v to resell

revendita (-vén-) n resale

revenditor n reseller

revenir v 1. to come again; 2. to come back, return

reverberar v to reverberate (1. to rebound; 2. to reflect, re-echo)
Hence: reverbero; reverberation

reverberation n reverberation, reflection

reverbero (-vér-) n reverberator, reflector

reverende adj reverend (= worthy of reverence)

reverendo n reverend

reverente 1. ppr of reverer; 2. adj reverent, reverential

reverentia n 1. reverence (= deep respect or regard); 2. deep bow, obeisance; also: curtsy

reverential adj reverential

reverentiose adj (over)reverential, ceremonious

reverer v to revere
Hence: reverende-reverendo; reverente-reverentia-reverential, reverentiose, irreverente-irreverentia

réverie [F] n reverie, revery; also: [Mus.]

revers- see reverter

reverse adj reverse, reversed

reversibile adj reversible (= capable of being reversed)

reversibilitate n reversibility, reversibleness

reversion n reversion (1. [Law]; 2. [Biol.])

reverso n I. reverse (1. opposite, contrary; 2. back, opposite side; 3. adverse change of fortune); II. revers; also: lapel; III. cuff (of trousers, boots, etc.);
le reverso del medalia the reverse of the medal;
obverso e reverso obverse and reverse

reverter [-vert-/-vers-] v to turn, turn round, reverse
Hence: reversibile-reversibilitate; reversion; reverse-reverso

revestimento n 1. (act of) dressing (a person) again; 2. covering, coating, facing (of a wall bank, etc.); also: revetment

revestir v 1. to dress (a person) again; 2. to attire, deck out; 3. to clothe (= to endow or invest); 4. to revet
Hence: revestimento

revider [-vid-/-vis-/-vist-] v 1. to see (someone or something) again; 2. to review (= to inspect or examine again); also: to revise
Hence: revision-revisionista; revisor; revista

revindicar v to reclaim, vindicate

revindication n [Law] reclaim, revendication

revis- see revider

revision n revision (as in “the revision of a book”)

revisionista n revisionist

revisor n reviser

revist- see revider

revista n review (1. act of looking over or re-examining something; also: [Mil.]; 2. periodical containing critical articles; 3. [Theat.] revue);
passar in revista to pass in review

reviver v to revive (= to recover life)

revivificar v to revivify

revivification n revivification

reviviscente 1. ppr of reviviscer; 2. adj reviviscent

reviviscentia n reviviscence

reviviscer v to revive, come to life again
Hence: reviviscente-reviviscentia

revocabile adj revocable

revocabilitate n revocability

revocar v 1. to call back (= to bid come back); 2. to revoke, cancel
Hence: revoco; revocabile-revocabilitate, irrevocabile-irrevocabilitate; revocation; revocator; revocatori

revocation n revocation

revocator n revoker

revocatori adj revocatory

revoco n revoke, annulment

revolar v 1. to fly back; 2. to fly again

revolt- see revolver

revolta n revolt (= rebellion)

revoltar v to revolt (= to rebel)
Hence: revolta

revolut- see revolver

revolute adj [Bot.] revolute

revolution n revolution (1. rotation; 2. [Pol.])
Hence: revolutionari; revolutionario; revolutionar; contrarevolution

revolutionar v to revolutionize (1. to overthrow the government of; 2. to change completely)

revolutionari adj revolutionary

revolutionario n revolutionary, revolutionist

revolver¹ [A] n revolver (= pistol with a cylinder)

revolver² [-volv-/-volut-/-volt-] v to revolve (1. to cause to revolve or rotate; 2. to turn over and over in the mind)
Hence: revolution &; revolute; revoltar &

revuls- see reveller

revulsion n [Med.] revulsion

revulsive adj [Med.] revulsive

rhachis (rá-) n [Anat.; Bot.; etc.] rachis, spine
Hence: rhachitis-rhachitic; rhacitomia etc.

rhachitic adj [Med.] rickety, rachitic

rhachitis (-ítis) n [Med.] rickets, rachitis

rhachitomia (-ía) n rachitomy

-rhag [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: -rhagia-hemorrhagia etc.; pneumorrhagia etc. ...

-rhagia (-ía) n [occurring in compounds] -rhage, - rhagia (= bursting forth)

rhapsodia (-ía) n rhapsody (1. [Gr. Antiq.]; 2. literary miscellany; 3. [Mus.])

rhapsodic adj rhapsodic, rhapsodical

rhapsodista n rhapsodist (1. [Gr. Antiq.]; 2. one who makes rhapsodies)

rhapsodo n [Gr. Antiq.] rhapsode
Hence: rhapsodia; rhapsodista; rhapsodic

rhenan adj Rhenish

Rhenania npr Rhineland

Rheno npr Rhine
Hence: rhenan-Rhenania

rheo- n [occurring in compounds] rheo- (= current; electric current)
Hence: rheometro etc.; rheotomo etc.

rheometro (-ó-) n [Elec.] rheometer

rheophoro (-óforo) n [Elec.] rheophore

rheostato (-ó-) n rheostat

rheotomo (-ó-) n [Elec.] rheotome, interrupter

Rhetia n Rhaetia

rhetian adj Rhaetian

rhetic adj Rhaetic (1. Rhaetian, pertaining to Rhaetia; 2. [Geol.])

rhetico n [Geol.] Rhaetic

rheto n Rhaetian
Hence: Rhetia-rhetian, rhetic-rhetico; rhetoroman etc.

rhetor n rhetorician (1. teacher of rhetoric; 2. one who uses rhetorical language); also: rhetor
Hence: rhetoric; rhetorico; rhetorica

rhetoric adj rhetorical

rhetorica n rhetoric

rhetorico n rhetorician (= teacher of rhetoric)

rhetoroman adj Rhaeto-Romanic
Hence: rhetotomano

rhetoromano n Rhaeto-Romanic

rheubarbaro (-bárbaro) n rhubarb

rheuma [-ma/-mat-] n catarrh, cold, rheum
Hence: rheumatic-rheumatico; rheumatisar-rheumatismo

rheumat- see rheuma

rheumatic adj 1. rheumy, catarrhal; 2. rheumatic

rheumatico n rheumatic

rheumatisar v to make rheumy or rheumatic;
rheumatisar se to have a cold

rheumatismo n [Med.] rheumatism

rhin- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] rhino-, rhin- (= nose)
Hence: rhinitis; rhinal; catarrhin &; rhinalgia etc.; rhinologo etc.; rhinocerote etc.; rhinoplastia etc.; rhinoscopio etc.; platyrrhin etc.; otorhinolaryngologia etc.

rhinal adj rhinal

rhinalgia (-ía) n [Pathol.] rhinalgia

rhinitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] rhinitis

rhinocerote n rhinoceros

rhinologia (-ía) n rhinology

rhinologic adj rhinological

rhinologo (-ólogo) n rhinologist
Hence: rhinologia; rhinologic

rhinoplastia (-ía) n [Surg.] rhinoplasty
Hence: rhinoplastic

rhinoplastic adj [Surg.] rhinoplastic

rhinorrhea (-réa) n [Pathol.] rhinorrhea

rhinoscopia (-ía) n rhinoscopy

rhinoscopic adj rhinoscopic

rhinoscopio n rhinoscope
Hence: rhinoscopia; rhinoscopic

rhiz- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] -(r)rhiza, rhizo-, rhiz- (= root)
Hence: rhizoide; rhizopode etc.; rhizophage etc.; glycyrrhiza etc.

rhizoide adj [Bot.; Zool.] rhizoid

rhizophage (-óphage) adj rhizophagous

rhizopode (-ópode) adj [Zool.] rhizopod
Hence: rhizopodo

rhizopodo (-ópodo) n [Zool.] rhizopod

Rhodano (ró-) npr Rhone (river);
canal del Rhodano al Rheno Rhine-Rhone Canal

Rhode-Island [A] npr Rhode Island

rhodic adj [Chem.] rhodic

rhodie adj Rhodian (= of Rhodes)

rhodio n Rhodian (= native of Rhodes)

rhodium (ró-) n [Chem.] rhodium
Hence: rhodic

rhodo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] rhod-, rhodo- (= rose, rose color)
Hence: rhodium &; rhodonite; rhododendro etc.; Rhodos &

rhododendro n [Bot.] rhododendron

rhodon- see rhodo-

rhodonite n [Mineral.] rhodonite

Rhodos (ró-) npr [Geog.] Rhodes;
Colosso de Rhodos Colossus of Rhodes
Hence: rhodie-rhodio

rhombic adj rhombic

rhombo n 1. [Geom.] rhombus; 2. [Ichthyol.] turbot
Hence: rhombic; rhomboido-rhomboidal; rhombohedro etc.

rhombohedric adj rhombohedral

rhombohedro n rhombohedron
Hence: rhombohedric

rhomboidal adj rhomboidal

rhomboido n rhomboid

rhyncho- n [occurring in compounds] rhyncho-, -rhynch- (= snout; beak)
Hence: ornithorhynche etc. ...

rhythmar v to mark with rhythm

rhythmic adj rhythmical

rhythmica n rhythmics

rhythmo n rhythm
Hence: rhythmic; rhythmica; rhythmar; eurhythmia etc.

ribes (rí-) n currant (= acid berry of several species of Ribes);
ribes (rubie, nigre, etc.) (red, black, etc.) currant

ric adj rich (1. wealthy; 2. abundant; 3. valuable, costly)
Hence: ricchessa; inricchir-imicchimento; ricco

Ricardo npr Richard

ricc- see ric

ricch- see ric

ricchessa n 1. wealth; 2. richness (= abundance, costliness, etc.); 3. object of value;
ricchessas riches

ricco n rich (person);
le riccos the rich

rider [rid-/ris-] v to laugh;
rider (se) de to laugh at, make fun of
Hence: ridicule &; risibile-risibilitate; riso-risada; derider &; irrider &;surrider &

ridicule adj ridiculous
Hence: ridiculo

ridiculo n 1. ridiculous thing, characteristic, etc.; 2. ridicule

rig- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: rigide &; rigor &

rigar v to water, wet
Hence: irrigar &

rigaudon [F] n [Dancing] rigadoon

-riger see reger

rigide adj rigid, stiff
Hence: rigiditate

rigiditate n rigidity, stiffness

rigor n rigor (1. rigidity, stiffness; 2. strictness, harshness; 3. [Med., Physiol.])
Hence: rigorismo; rigorista; rigorose

rigorismo n rigorism

rigorista n rigorist

rigorose adj rigorous

rima n [Pros.] rhyme
Hence: rimario; rimar-rimator

rimar v 1. to make rhymes or verses; 2. to rhyme (= to accord in rhyme)

rimario n rhyming dictionary

rimator n versifier, rhymer

ripa n bank (= land bordering a river, lake, etc.)
Hence: ripari

ripari adj riparian

ris n rice
Hence: riseria; risiera

ris- see rider

risada n burst of laughter

riscar v to risk, run the risk of

risco n risk, hazard, peril;
currer le risco de to run the risk of
Hence: riscose; riscar

riscose adj risky

riseria (-ía) n rice mill

risibile adj risible (1. capable of laughter; 2. laughable)

risibilitate n risibility

risiera n rice field

riso n laughter; also: laugh

-rite see rate

rito n rite
Hence: ritual-ritualismo, ritualista

ritu- see rito

ritual¹ adj ritual

ritual² n ritual (1. as in “Catholic ritual”; 2. book containing prescribed ritual)

ritualismo n ritualism

ritualista n ritualist; attrib. ritualistic

rival¹ adj rival, competing
Hence: rivalitate; rivalisar

rival² n rival, competitor

rivalisar v to rival (= to be a rival)

rivalitate n 1. rivalship; 2. rivalry

rivetage (-aje) n (action of) riveting

rivetar v to rivet

rivetator n riveter

rivete n rivet
Hence: rivetar-rivetage, rivetator

riviera n river; stream

rivo n brook, small stream
Hence: derivar &

roast beef [A] n roast beef

roba n clothing, clothes; also: garment, robe, frock, etc.
Hence: inrobar; guardaroba etc.

robamento n robbery

robar v to rob, steal
Hence: robamento; robator

robator n robber

roborar v to strengthen, make strong
Hence: corroborar &

robore n 1. [Bot.] British or red oak; 2. strength
Hence: roboreto; roborar &

roboreto n plantation of red or British oaks

robot [Cz.] n robot

robuste adj robust
Hence: robustessa

robustessa n robustness

roc n [Chess] rook, castle

rocca¹ n distaff (= staff for holding flax, wool, etc., in spinning)
Hence: roccata; rocchetta

rocca² n rock (= large mass of stone)
Hence: roccose

roccata n distaff-full

rocch- see rocca

rocchetta n rocket (as in “signal rocket”)

roccose adj rocky (as in “a rocky shore”)

rococo (-có-) n rococo; also: attrib. rococo (as in “rococo mirror”)

rodente 1. ppr of roder; 2. adj rodent

roder [rod-/ros-] v to gnaw
Hence: rodente; corroder &; eroder &

rodomontada n rodomontade

Rodomonte npr [boastful character in a work by Ariosto];
rodomonte boaster, bragger, rodomont
Hence: rodomontada

rogar v to ask for, beg, request
Hence: rogation; rogatori; abrogar &; arrogar &; derogar &; erogar &: interrogar &; prerog- &; prorogar &; subrogar &; surrogar &

rogation n [Rom. Law] rogation;
rogationes [Eccl.] rogations;
septimana del rogationes Rogation week

rogatori adj [Law] rogatory

rolamento n 1. (act of) rolling; 2. [Naut.] roll (= continued motion from side to side)

rolar v to roll (1. as in “to roll a ball along the ground”; 2. to be rolling; 3. [Naut.] to sway from one side to the other);
le tambur rola the drum rolls
Hence: rolo &; rolamento; inrolar²

rolo n I. roll (1. something rolled up; 2. cylindrical mass; 3. record, list of names, etc.); II. roller; also: rolling pin; III. role;
rolo compressor steam roller
Hence: controlo &; inrolar¹ &

Roma npr Rome
Hence: Romulo; roman-Romania &, romanismo, romanista, romanic, romanisar, Roman, romano; romaic-romaico; grecoroman etc.

Romagna [I] npr Romagna (= former province of Italy)
Hence: romagnol-romagnolo

romagnol (-nyól) adj Romagnol

romagnolo (-nyólo) n Romagnol

romaic (-áic) adj Romaic

romaico (-áico) n Romaic

roman adj Roman;
(lactuca) roman romaine (lettuce)

romance n 1. [Philol.] Romance; 2. [Lit., Mus.] romance; also: ballad; 3. [Lit.] novel
Hence: romancero; romancesc

romancero¹ n 1. romancer; also: ballad writer; 2. novelist

romancero² [H] n romancero (= a collection of ballads)

romancesc adj romantic (= of the nature of a romance or novel)

romancio n Romansh, Romansch

Romania npr 1. Romania, Rumania; 2. Roman realm, realm of Latin (language and culture)
Hence: romanian-romaniano

romanian adj Romanian, Rumanian

romaniano n Romanian, Rumanian

romanic adj 1. Romanic; 2. [Arch.] Romanesque

romanisar v to Romanize

romanismo n Romanism

romanista n Romanist (1. one versed in Roman law; 2. student of Romance languages or philology)

romano n Roman (= inhabitant of Rome)

romantic adj romantic
Hence: romanticismo; romantico

romanticismo n romanticism

romantico n romantic; specif.: romanticist

Romulo npr Romulus

-ron see electron

roncar v to snore; also: to snort

roncator n snorer

ronco n (act of) snoring; snort
Hence: roncar-roncator

ronda n [Mil., etc.] round(s)
Hence: contraronda

ronde adj round (1. spherical, globular; 2. circular)
Hence: rondo

rondeau [F] n rondeau (1. [Pros.]; 2. [Mus.])

rondo n round (1. spherical or globular body; 2. circle, ring)

Röntgen, Wilhelm Konrad npr [1845-1923; German physicist];
radios Röntgen Roentgen rays, x-rays
Hence: röntgen; röntgenogramma etc.; röntgenologia etc.

röntgen n [Phys.] roentgen (= international unit of quantity of x-rays)

röntgenogramma n roentgenogram

röntgenologia (-ía) n roentgenology
Hence: röntgenologista

röntgenologista n roentgenologist

roral adj dewy

rore n dew
Hence: roral; irrorar &; roriflue etc.

roriflue adj dripping dew

ros n dew
Hence: rosmarino etc.

rosa n rose (1. rose flower; also: plant; 2. “rose color”; 3. [Arch.] rosette; also: rosace, rose window; 4. [Pathol.] erysipelas; 5. “rose diamond”);
rosa del ventos compass card;
rosa nautic mariner’s compass
Hence: rosario; rosetta; rosacee-rosaceas; rosate; rosee-roseina, roseola; rosar

rosaceas npl [Bot.] Rosaceae

rosacee adj [Bot.] rosaceous

rosar v to rose, give a roseate tint to

rosario n 1. rosebush, rose; 2. [Eccl.] rosary

rosate adj rose (1. pink, rosy; 2. as in “rose vinegar”)

rosee adj rose, rose-colored

roseina (-í-) n [Chem.] rosaniline; also: fuchsin

roseola (-sé-) n [Pathol.] roseola, rose rash

rosetta n rosette; also: [Arch.]

rosmarino n rosemary

rossiniolo n nightingale

rostimento n [Cookery] roasting, broiling, grilling, etc.

rostir v [Cookery] to roast, broil, grill, etc.
Hence: rostimento

rostral adj 1. pertaining to a beak, bill; 2. rostral, pertaining to a rostrum

rostrate adj 1. beaked, billed; 2. rostrate (= having a rostrum)

rostro n 1. beak, bill; 2. [Rom. Antiq.] rostrum (= curved end of a ship’s prow);
rostros [Rom. Antiq.] rostrum (= platform in the Forum)
Hence: rostral; rostrate; dentirostre etc.; tenuirostre etc.; fissirostres etc.

rota n I. wheel (1. as in “wheel of a car”; 2. as in “to break on the wheel”); II. [R.C.Ch.] rota
Hence: rotalia; rotula; rotifere; rotunde &: rotar-rotation, rotative, rotator, rotatori; rotogravure etc.

rotalia n [Zool.] rotalia

rotar v to rotate, turn, revolve

rotari- see Rotary

rotarian adj Rotarian

rotariano n Rotarian

Rotary [A] n Rotary;
Rotary Club Rotary Club;
Rotary International Rotary International
Hence: rotarian-rotariano

rotation n rotation (= act of rotating, turning, revolving)

rotative adj rotary, rotatory, rotative

rotator n rotator (1. that which rotates; 2. [Anat.]);
rotatores [Zool.] Rotatoria, Rotifera

rotatori adj rotatory, rotary

rotifero (-tí-) n [Zool.] rotifer (= one of the Rotifera)

rotisserie [F] n rotisserie, grillroom

rotogravure n rotogravure

rotor [A] n [Mach.] rotor

rotula n kneecap, patella

rotunda n [Arch.] rotunda

rotundar v to round, make round

rotunde adj round, rotund
Hence: rotunditate; rotundar; arrotundar; rotundo; rotunda

rotunditate n roundness, rotundity

rotundo n round (= round object)

rouge [F] n rouge, paint

roulette [F] n (game of) roulette

route [F] n route (= way taken in getting from starting point to destination)

routinari adj routine, routinary

routine [F] n routine
Hence: routinero; routinari

routinero n routineer

royal adj royal;
prince royal prince royal
Hence: royalismo; royalista

royalismo n royalism

royalista n royalist; attrib. royalist, royalistic

-rrhagia see -rhagia

-rrhea (-réa) [occurring in compounds] -rrhoea, -rrhea (= flow; discharge)
Hence: gonorrhea etc.; rhinorrhea etc.

-rrhin see rhin-

-rrhiza see rhiz-

-rrho- [occurring in compounds] -rrho- (= flowing)
Hence: hemorrhoide etc.

rubee adj red, reddish

rubefacer [-fac-/-fact-] v [Med.] to produce irritation of the skin
Hence: rubefaciente; rubefaction

rubefaciente adj [Med.] rubefacient

rubefact- see rubefacer

rubefaction n [Med.] rubefaction

rubeola (-bé-) n [Med.] measles

ruber v to redden, grow red
Hence: rubicunde; rubee-rubeola; rubie-rubino, infrarubie, pectore-rubie etc., rubia &; rubide-rubidium; rubor; rubescer-rubescente, erubescer &; rubificar; rubefacer etc.

rubescente 1. ppr of rubescer; 2. adj rubescent

rubescer v to redden, grow red; also: to blush

rubia n madder
Hence: rubiacee-rubiaceas

rubiaceas npl [Bot.] Rubiaceae

rubiacee adj rubiaceous

rubicunde adj rubicund, ruddy

rubide adj (dark) red

rubidium (-bí-) n [Chem.] rubidium

rubie adj red

rubificar v to redden, make red

rubino n (Oriental) ruby

rublo n [Monet.] ruble

rubo n blackberry

rubor n redness; also: blush

rubre adj red
Hence: rubrica &

rubrica (-íca) n 1. red ocher, ruddle; 2. [Eccl., Law] rubric
Hence: rubricista; rubricar-rubricator

rubricar v to rubricate

rubricator n rubricator

rubricista n rubrician, rubricist

ruct- see rug-

ructar v to belch; also: to vomit forth

ructator n belcher

ructo n belch, belching

rude adj rude (1. roughly made or done, without finish or polish; 2. impolite, not courteous)
Hence: erudir &

rug- [rug-/ruct-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: ructo; ructar-ructator, eructar &

ruga n wrinkle, crease, fold
Hence: rugose-rugositate; rugar-corrugar &; arrugar

rugar v to wrinkle, crease

rugir v to roar
Hence: rugito

rugito n (act of) roaring

rugose adj rugose, wrinkled

rugositate n rugosity

ruina (-ína) n ruin (1. downfall, decay, etc.; 2. building in ruins);
ruinas ruins;
cader in ruina to fall into ruin;
ir a ruina to go to ruin
Hence: ruinose; ruinar-ruinamento

ruinamento n (act of) ruining, ruin

ruinar v to ruin

ruinose adj ruinous

ruitar v to bruit

ruito (-íto) n 1. noise, din; 2. rumor, report
Hence: ruitose; ruitar

ruitose adj noisy

rum [A] n rum

ruminante n ruminant (= one of the Ruminantia)

ruminar v to ruminate

rumination n rumination

rumine n rumen (= first stomach of ruminants)
Hence: ruminar-ruminante; rumination

rumor n 1. rumor, report; 2. hum, murmur; din, hubbub, etc.
Hence: rumorose; rumorar

rumorar v 1. to rumor; 2. to create a hubbub

rumorose adj 1. much talked of, rumored; 2. noisy

rumpeglacie n icebreaker

rumpente n breaker (= foam-crested wave)

rumpenuces (-nú-) n nutcracker

rumper [rump-/rupt-] v to break (1. to make come apart or to pieces; 2. to put an end to; 3. to come apart or to pieces);
rumper se le capite to rack one’s brains;
rumper con un persona to break with someone;
rumper le silentio to break silence
Hence: rumpimento; rumpente; ruptura; rupte-bancarupta etc.; abrump- &; corrumper &; disrumper &; erumper &; interrumper &; irrumper &; rumpeglacie etc.; rumpenuces etc.

rumpimento n rupture, breaking

runa n rune
Hence: runic

runic adj runic

rupia n rupee

rupt- see rumper

rupte adj broken

ruptura n rupture, breaking;
ruptura de pneu [Motoring] blowout

rural adj rural
Hence: ruralisar

ruralisar v to ruralize (= to make rural)

russe adj Russian

Russia npr Russia;
Czar de omne le Russias Czar of All the Russias

russificar v to Russify

russo n I. one of the Ros or Rus; II. Russian (1. native of Russia; 2. Russian language)
Hence: Russia; russe-russificar; russophile etc.

russophile adj Russophile
Hence: russophilo

russophilo (-só-) n Russophile

rustic adj rustic (1. pertaining to the country; 2. rough, unrefined)
Hence: rusticitate; rusticar-rustication; rustico

rusticar v to rusticate (1. to reside in the country; 2. [Masonry])

rustication n rustication (1. living in the country; 2. [Masonry])

rusticitate n rusticity

rustico (rús-) n rustic, countryman

Ruth npr Ruth

ruthen adj Ruthenian
Hence: rutheno-Ruthenia-ruthenium &; ruthenic

Ruthenia npr Ruthenia

ruthenic¹ adj Ruthenian

ruthenic² adj [Chem.] ruthenic

ruthenium (-té-) n [Chem.] ruthenium
Hence: ruthenic

rutheno n Ruthenian

rutilante 1. ppr of rutilar; 2. rutilant, glowing, gleaming (red)

rutilar v to glow or gleam red

rutile adj golden red, rutilant
Hence: rutilar-rutilante; rutilo

rutilo (rú-) n [Mineral.] rutil