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[qua] adv as, in the capacity of, qua

quaderno n notebook

quadr- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: quadragenari; quadragesima; quadrilla &; quadrigemine etc.; quadrilatere etc.; quadrivio etc.; quadrangule etc.; quadrennal etc.; quadrupede etc.; quadruple etc.; quadruplicar etc.; quadro-quadrar &, esquadrar &, inquadrar &

quadrabile adj squarable

quadragenari adj quadragenarian

quadragesima (-gé-) n Quadragesima (= first Sunday in Lent)

quadrangular adj quadrangular

quadrangule adj quadrangular
Hence: quadrangulo-qundrangular

quadrangulo (-ráng-) n quadrangle

quadrante n 1. [Math., Astron.] quadrant; 2. dial (= face of a clock);
quadrante solar sundial

quadrar v I. to square (1. to give the shape of a square; 2. [Math.]); II. to suit or fit to a T
Hence: quadrante; quadrabile; quadratura; quadrate-quadrato-quadratino, quadratic

quadrate 1. pp of quadrar; 2. adj square (as in “a square foot,” “a square piece of cloth”)

quadratic adj quadratic

quadratino n [Print.] em quad

quadrato n I. square (1. a rectangle of four equal sides; 2. [Math.]); II. [Print.] quad, quadrat

quadratura n quadrature (1. [Math.]; 2. [Astron.])

quadriennal adj quadrennial

quadrigemine adj born four at one birth
Hence: quadrigemino

quadrigemino (-gé-) n quadruplet

quadrilateral adj quadrilateral

quadrilatere adj quadrilateral, four-sided
Hence: quadrilatero

quadrilatero (-lá-) n quadrilateral
Hence: quadrilateral

quadrilla n quadrille
Hence: quadrillar

quadrillar v to dance a quadrille

quadrireme¹ adj quadrireme, four-oared

quadrireme² n quadrireme

quadrisyllabe (-sí-) adj quadrisyllabic
Hence: quadrisyllabo

quadrisyllabo (-sí-) n quadrisyllable

quadrivio n [Hist.] quadrivium

quadro n 1. frame (of a picture, etc.); 2. [Cards] diamond, card of the suit of diamonds

quadru- see quadr-

quadrumane adj [Zool.] quadrumanous

quadrupede¹ (-drú-) adj four-footed, quadruped

quadrupede² (-drú-) n quadruped

quadruplar v to quadruple

quadruple (quá-) adj quadruple
Hence: quadruplar

quadruplicar v to quadruple
Hence: quadruplication

quadruplication n quadruplication

quai [F] n quay, key, pier

quaker [A] n Quaker, Friend
Hence: quakerismo

quakerismo n Quakerism

qual 1. adj which, what; 2. interr pron which;
le qual rel pron which; that; who
Hence: qualitate &; qualificar &; qualcunque etc.

qual- see qualque

qualc- see qualque

[qualcosa] pron something, anything

[qualcun] adj some, any; also: a few

[qualcuno] indef pron someone, anyone

qualcunque adj any, whatever, of whatever kind

qualificar v 1. to characterize as (= to term); 2. to qualify (= to fit for a place, office, privilege, etc.)
Hence: inqualificabile; qualification; qualificative; qualificator; qualificate; disqualificar-disqualification

qualificate I. pp of qualificar; II. adj 1. of quality or rank; 2. [Law] aggravated

qualification n characterization (= act of characterizing or terming)

qualificative adj qualifying, qualificative

qualificator n 1. characterizer; 2. [R.C.Ch.] qualificator

qualit- see qualitate

qualitate n quality;
de qualitate of quality, of rank;
in qualitate de in the quality, capacity of
Hence: qualitative

qualitative adj qualitative;
analyse qualitative qualitative analysis

[qualque] (quálke) adj some, any; also: a few
Hence: qualcosa etc.; qualcun etc.; qualcuno etc.

[quam] 1. adv in what manner, how; 2. conj as, than;
tam ... quam as ... as
Hence: [quamquam] etc.; [quanquam] etc.; plusquampertecto etc.; postquam etc.

[quamquam] (quámquam) 1. though, although; 2. however, yet, nevertheless
(= quanquam)

quan- see quam

quando adv/conj when
Hence: quandocunque etc.; aliquando etc.

quandocunque adv/conj whenever

[quanquam] (quánquam) 1. though, although; 2. however, yet, nevertheless
(= quamquam)

quante adj how much, how many
Hence: quantitate &: quanto¹; quanto²-aliquanto etc.; [alquanto] etc.

quantit- see quantitate

quantitate n quantity (1. amount, number; 2. [special: Math., Mus., Pros., etc.])
Hence: quantitative

quantitative adj quantitative;
analyse quantitative quantitative analysis

quanto¹ n quantum (1. quantity; 2. [Phys.]);
theoria del quantos quantum theory

quanto² adv as much as; as far as;
quanto ... tanto the ... the;
quanto a as for

quar- see quaranta

quaranta adj forty
Hence: quarantena &; quaresime &; quarantesime

quarantena n 1. about forty; 2. quarantine
Hence: quarantenari; quarentenar

quarantenar v to quarantine

quarantenari adj quarantine

quarantesime (-ésime) adj fortieth;
le quarantesime parte, le quarantesimo the fortieth part, the fortieth

quare adv wherefore, why

quaresima (-ésima) n Lent;
facer quaresima to keep Lent
Hence: quaresimal; quaresimar

quaresimal adj Lenten

quaresimar v to observe Lent

quaresime (-ésime) adj fortieth;
le quaresime parte, le quaresimo the fortieth part, the fortieth
Hence: quaresima &

quarta n 1. [Mus.] fourth; 2. [Fencing] carte

quartan adj quartan
Hence: quartana

quartana n quartan (fever)

quarte adj fourth;
le quarte parte, le quarto the fourth part, the fourth or quarter
Hence: quartiero &; quartetto; quartan &; decequarte etc.; quarta

quarter- see quartiero

quarteron n quadroon

quartetto n quartet

quartierar v to quarter (1. to cut into quarters; 2. to assign living quarters to)

quartiero n I. quarter (1. fourth part; 2. district, neighborhood); II. quarters;
quartiero general headquarters;
dar quartiero to give quarter
Hence: quartierar; quarteron

quarz [G] n [Mineral.] quartz
Hence: quarzite; quarzifere; quarzose

quarzifere (quartsífere) adj quartziferous

quarzite (-tsí-) n [Mineral.] quartzite

quarzose (-tsó-) adj quartzose

quasi adv almost, nearly; in a certain sense, in a way, etc.;
quasi que as if
Hence: quasi-contracto etc.

quasi-contracto n [Law] quasi contract

quasi-delicto n [Law] quasi delict

quatrillion n quadrillion (1. number denoted by a unit with fifteen zeros annexed; 2. number denoted by a unit with twenty-four zeros annexed)

quatro adj four
Hence: quatrillion; dece-quatro etc.

quattar v to squat, crouch

quatte adj squatting, crouching
Hence: quattar

[quattuor] (quát-) adj four
(= quatro)
Hence: quattuordece etc.

quattuordece (-ór-) adj fourteen

que¹ (ke, kwe) 1. interr pron/adj what; 2. rel pron who, whom, which, that; what (= that which)
Hence: [quem]; [quecunque] etc.

que² (ke, kwe) conj 1. that; 2. than
Hence: [esque] etc.; proque etc.; [porque] etc.; ubique etc.; [itaque] etc.

[quecunque] (kekúnkwe, kwekúnkwe) rel pron whatever

[quem] rel pron acc what, which, whom

querco n oak

querela n I. complaint (1. utterance of grievance; 2. [Law]); II. quarrel (= angry dispute or disagreement)
Hence: querelar-querelator

querelar v 1. to complain; 2. to quarrel

querelator n quarreler

querer [quer-/quest-;-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] v 1. to seek, search, look for; 2. to ask, query, question
Hence: question &; questor; questura; questa; acquirer &; conquirer &; disquir- &; exquir- &; inquirer &; perquirer &; requirer &

quest- see querer

questa n [Eccl.] collection

question n question (1. interrogation, query; 2. problem; 3. application of torture as part of judicial examination)
Hence: questionario; questionar-questionabile, questionator

questionabile adj questionable, doubtful

questionar v to question, call in question

questionario n questionnaire

questionator n questioner

questor n quaestor, questor (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [R.C.Ch.]; 3. [French, Italian, etc., Parl.])

questura n questorship; questor’s office

qui¹ (ki, kwi) interr pron who, whom;
de qui whose;
(con, a, etc.) qui (with, to, etc.) whom

[qui]² adv here
(= hic, ci)

quia (quía) conj because

quicunque (ki-, kwi-) pron whoever

[quid]¹ adv why, how, wherefore

[quid]² rel pron what
Hence: quidem

[quidem] (quí-) adv certainly, truly; indeed, even

quiescente 1. ppr of quiescer; 2. adj quiescent

quiescentia n quiescence

quiescer [quiesc-/quiet-] v to become quiescent, quiesce
Hence: quiescente-quiescentia; quiete &; acquiescer &

quiet- see quiescer

quietar v to quiet (1. to make quiet; 2. to appease)

quiete¹ adj quiet (1. peaceful; 2. noiseless; 3. motionless)
Hence: quietismo; quietista; quietude; quietar; inquiete-inquietude, inquietar-inquietator

quiete² n quiet

quietismo n [Relig.] quietism

quietista n quietist

quietude n quietude

quillia n pin (as in “ninepins”)

quin why not, that not

quin- see quinqu-

quina¹ n quina, china, cinchona (1. cinchona tree; 2. cinchona bark, Peruvian bark)
Hence: quinismo, quinon-anthraquinon etc.; quinic; quinina-quininismo, quininic; quinoidina; quinoleina etc.; quinaquina etc.; quinquina etc.

quina² n 1. [Lotto, Keno] winning series of five numbers; 2. [Dominoes] (a throw of) double fives

quinaquina n quinaquina, cinchona (1. cinchona tree; 2. cinchona bark, Peruvian bark)

quinari adj quinary

quincalia n hardware
Hence: quincaliero; quincalieria

quincalieria (-ía) n hardware store

quincaliero n hardware dealer

quindece (quín-) adj fifteen

quinic adj [Chem.] quinic;
acido quinic quinic acid

quinina n quinine

quininic adj quininic

quininismo n [Med.] quininism, quinism, cinchonism

quinismo n [Med.] quinism, quininism, cinchonism

quinoidina n [Chem.] quinoidine

quinoleinia (-ínia) n [Chem.] quinoline, chinoline

quinon n [Chem.] quinone

quinqu- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: quinquagesime &; quinari; quinquereme etc.; quindece etc.; quina

Quinquagesima (-gé-) n Shrove Sunday

quinquagesime (-gé-) adj fiftieth;
le quinquagesime parte, le quinquagesimo the fiftieth part, the fiftieth
Hence: Quinquagesima

quinquereme¹ adj quinquereme, five-oared

quinquereme² n quinquereme

quinquina n quinquina, cinchona (1. cinchona tree; 2. cinchona bark, Peruvian bark)

quinta n quint (1. [Mus.] fifth; 2. [Cards])

quintan adj [Med.] quintan
Hence: quintana

quintana n quintan (fever)

quintar v 1. to divide into fifths; 2. to take one fifth of

quinte adj fifth;
(le) quinte parte, (le) quinto (the) fifth part, fifth;
quinte columna fifth column
Hence: quintetto; quintillion; quintan &; quintar; quintessentia etc.; quintuple etc.; quintuplicar etc.; dece-quinte etc.; quinta

quintessentia n quintessence

quintetto n quintette

quintillion n quintillion (1. unit with eighteen zeros annexed; 2. unit with thirty zeros annexed)

quintu- see quinte

quintuplar v to quintuple (= to multiply fivefold)

quintuple (quín-) adj quintuple, fivefold
Hence: quintuplar

quintuplicar v to quintuplicate

quitantia n receipt (= written acknowledgment of receipt)

quitar v 1. to acquit (= “to release from a duty or obligation”); 2. to quit, leave

quite adj 1. quit, rid; 2. quits
Hence: quitar-quitantia

quixoteria (kishotería, kihotería) n quixotry, quixotism

quixotic (kisho-, kiho-) adj quixotic

quixotismo (kisho-, kiho-) n quixotism

quo¹ I. adv 1. whither, where; 2. wherefore; II. conj so that, in order that

[quo]² rel pron who, what
Hence: quomodo etc.

[quod]¹ rel pron that, what

[quod]² conj that, because, why

quod erat demonstrandum, QED [Math.] quod erat demonstrandum, QED

[quomodo] (quó-) adv 1. how, in what manner; 2. in the manner that, as
(= como)

[quot] adj how many; as many; each, every
Hence: [quotiens]; quotidian etc.

quota n 1. quota; 2. dues (= membership fee)
Hence: quotar &; quotisar &

quotar v [Stock Market] to quote
Hence: quotation

quotation n [Stock Market] quotation

quotidian adj daily;
le vita quotidian everyday life;
febre quotidian quotidian fever

[quotiens] (quó-) adv 1. how often, how many times; 2. as often as

quotiente n [Math.] quotient

quotisar v to assess (as in “to assess each club member five dollars”);
quotisar se to contribute, chip in; club together
Hence: quotisation

quotisation n assessment (as in “assessment of each club member”)