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m abbr = metro;
= metro quadrate;
= metro cubic

[ma] conj but;
non solmente ... ma alsi not only ... but also
(= mais)

macabre adj gruesome, macabre;
dansa macabre dance of death, danse macabre

MacAdam, John London npr [1756-1836; Scottish engineer who invented macadam pavement]
Hence: macadam-macadamisar-macadamisation

macadam [A] n macadam

macadamisar v to macadamize

macadamisation n macadamization

macaron n macaroon

macaronea (-éa) n macaronic composition, macaronics

macaroni npl [Cookery] macaroni
Hence: macaronea; macaronic

macaronic adj macaronic (as in “macaronic verse”)

Maccabeos (-éos) nprpl Maccabees

macedone¹ n Macedonian (= inhabitant of Macedonia)
Hence: Macedonia; macedonie-macedonia

macedone² adj Macedonian (= pertaining to Macedonia)

Macedonia¹ npr Macedon, Macedonia

macedonia² n [Cookery] macédoine

macedonie adj Macedonian (= pertaining to Macedonia)

macellar v to butcher, slaughter

macelleria (-ía) n butchershop

macellero n butcher

macello n slaughterhouse
Hence: macellero; macelleria; macellar

mach- [occurring in compounds] mach- (= fight)
Hence: machopolypo etc.; logomache etc.; sciamachia etc.; tauromachia etc.; batrachomyomachia etc.

Machiavelli, Niccolo (níc-) npr [1469-1527; Florentine statesman]
Hence: machiavellismo; machiavellista; machiavellic

machiavellic adj Machiavellian

machiavellismo n Machiavellism

machiavellista n Machiavellian

machina (má-) n machine; also: engine;
machina infernal infernal machine;
machina (de scriber) typewriter;
machina de vapor (steam) engine
Hence: machinal; machineria; machinista; machinar &

machinal adj mechanical (1. as in “mechanical powers”; 2. as in “mechanical action”)

machinar v to machinate
Hence: machination, machinator

machination n machination

machinator n plotter, machinator

machineria (-ía) n machinery (= machines collectively)

machinista n 1. machinist (= one who invents, makes or controls machines); 2. engineman; 3. stagehand, scene shifter

machopolypo (-pó-) n [Zool.] machopolyp

macie n leanness, thinness
Hence: emaciar &

macr- adj [occurring in compounds] macro- (= long, large)
Hence: macrocosmo etc.; macroseismo etc.; macrocephale etc.; macroscopic etc.

macrocephale adj macrocephalic
Hence: macrocephalia

macrocephalia (-ía) n macrocephaly

macrocosmic adj macrocosmic

macrocosmo n macrocosm
Hence: macrocosmic

macrocyste n [Biol.; Bot.] macrocyst

macroscele adj macroscelous, long-legged
Hence: macroscelia

macroscelia (-ía) n macroscelia, long-leggedness

macro-scelide (-scé-) n [Zool.] elephant shrew, Macroscelides

macroscopic adj macroscopic

macroseismo (-séizmo) n macroseism, major earthquake

macula n stain, spot;
sin macula spotless, immaculate
Hence: macular-maculamento, maculabile, maculate-immaculate; dismacular-dismaculator, dismaculatura

maculabile adj spotting easily

maculamento n spotting, staining

macular v to stain, spot

maculate 1. pp of macular; 2. adj spotted, speckled, flecked

madonna n madonna

madrigal n [Poet., Mus.] madrigal

maestra n mistress (= female teacher)

maestrabile adj teachable

maestral adj masterly

maestramento n instruction, training

maestrar v 1. to master; 2. to instruct, train

maestrative adj instructive

maestria (-ía) n mastery (= skill, dexterity, worthy of a master)

maestro n master (1. lord, owner, etc.; 2. person possessing approved skill or mastery); attrib. master (= main);
maestro de ceremonias master of ceremonies;
maestro (carpentero, etc.) master (carpenter etc.);
maestro (de schola) (school)master
Hence: maestria; maestral; maestrar-maestramento, maestrabile, maestrative; burgomaestro etc.; maestra

maga n enchantress, sorceress; also: witch

magazin n 1. warehouse, storehouse; 2. store, shop; 3. [Mil.] magazine (of military supply); 4 magazine (= entertaining periodical for the general reader)
Hence: magazinero; immagazinar-immagazinage

magazine [A] n magazine (= entertaining periodical for the general reader)

magazinero n warehouseman

magia (-ía) n magic; also: witchcraft;
magia blanc white magic;
magia nigre black magic

magic adj magic, magical;
lanterna magic magic lantern

magico n magician

[magis] (má-) adv 1. more; 2. rather

magistral adj 1. magisterial (as in “magisterial air”); 2. [Pharm.] magistral

magistrato n magistrate
Hence: magistratura

magistratura n magistracy, magistrature (1. dignity or office of a magistrate; 2. magistrates collectively)

magistro n master (as in “master of arts”)
Hence: magistrato &; magistral

magnanime (-ná-) adj magnanimous
Hence: magnanimitate

magnanimitate n magnanimity

magnate n magnate (1. person of eminence or great influence; 2. [Hist.] member of the Upper House in the Diets of Hungary and Poland)

magne adj great, eminent
Hence: magnate; magnitude; magnific &; magnificar-magnification; magnamime etc.

magnesia n [Chem.] magnesia (= magnesium oxide)
Hence: magnesium; magnesian; magnesic

magnesian adj [Chem.] magnesian

magnesic adj [Chem.] magnesic

magnesium (-né-) n magnesium

magnete n magnet
Hence: magnetismo; magnetic; magnetisar; magnetron etc.; magneto-electric etc.; electromagnete etc.

magnetic adj magnetic

magnetisar v to magnetize (1. to charge with magnetic properties; 2. to mesmerize)

magnetismo n magnetism;
magnetismo animal animal magnetism, mesmerism

magneto n [Elec.] magneto

magneto-electric adj magneto-electric

magnetron n [Atomic Phys.] magnetron

magnific adj 1. magnificent; 2. munificent
Hence: magnificente-magnificentia

magnificar v to exalt, extol, magnify

magnification n exaltation (= act of exalting or extolling)

magnificente adj 1. magnificent; 2. munificent

magnificentia n 1. magnificence; 2. munificence

magnitude n magnitude (1. greatness; 2. [Astron.])

mago n 1. magus, mage; 2. magician, sorcerer;
le (tres) magos the (three) Magi
Hence: magic-magico; magia; maga

magre adj lean, thin, meager;
die magre [Eccl.] fast day
Hence: magressa; magrir

magressa n leanness, thinness

magrir v to become lean or thin, reduce

mahagoni (-há-) n mahogany

maharaja [Hind.] n maharaja

maharani [Hind.] n maharanee

mahatma n mahatma

mahdi (-dí) n Mahdi

Mahomet npr Mohammed
Hence: mahometismo; mahometista; mahometan-mahometano

mahometan adj Mohammedan, Mahometan

mahometano n Mohammedan, Mahometan

mahometismo n Mohammedanism, Mahometanism

mahometista n Mohammedan

maio n May

mais¹ (-ís) n (Indian) corn, maize

mais² (máis) conj but;
non solmente ... mais etiam not only ... but also

majest- see majestate

majestate n 1. majesty; 2. Majesty
Hence: majestose; majestatic

majestatic adj majestic

majestose adj majestic, majestical

major¹ adj major (1. greater in dimension, rank, age, etc.; 2. [Mus.]; 3. [Law] of full age);
fortia major force majeure;
le major parte del tempore most of the time;
stato major [Mil.] general staff
Hence: majoritate; majorar; major-majoria, majordomo etc.

major² n major (1. [Army]; 2. person who is of age);
major general major-general

majorar v to make greater

majordomo n major-domo

majoria (-ía) n majority (1. rank of an army major; 2. legal age of responsibility)

majoritate n majority (1. greater or greatest number; 2. legal age of responsibility; 3. rank of an army major)

majuscula n capital (= capital letter)

majuscule adj capital (as in “capital letter”)
Hence: majuscula

mal¹ adj bad, evil;
le mal oculo the evil eye
Hence: malitia &; malefic &: maligne &: malformation etc.; malgrado etc.; malodor etc.; malsan etc.; malevole etc.; malevolente etc.; malfamate etc.; maledicer etc.; maltractar etc.

mal² adv badly

mal³ n 1. evil, also: bad (= badness, that which is bad); 2. illness; 3. pain, ache;
mal caduc falling sickness, epilepsy;
mal de mar seasickness;
facer mal a un persona to hurt, injure, a person;
mal de capite headache;
mal del pais homesickness;
mal del aviatores airsickness

malaceas npl [Bot.] Malaceae

malacee adj [Bot.] malaceous

malade adj ill, sick
Hence: maladia

maladia (-ía) n illness, sickness

malaria [I] n [Pathol.] malaria
Hence: malaric

malaric adj malarial

malay¹ (-ái) n Malay (1. member of the Malayan Race; 2. Malay language)
Hence: Malaya

malay² (-ái) adj Malay, Malayan

Malaya npr Malaya, Malay Peninsula

malcontente adj dissatisfied; also: malcontent

maledicente adj slanderous

maledicentia n slander

maledicer [-dic-/-dict-] v to curse (= to utter a curse or curses against)
Hence: maledicente-maledicentia; malediction; maledicte

maledict- see maledicer

maledicte adj cursed, accursed

malediction n malediction, curse

malefic (-lé-) adj malefic, harmful
Hence: maleficio; maleficente-maleficentia

maleficente adj maleficent, evil-doing

maleficentia n maleficence, mischievousness

maleficio n evil deed, mischief

malevole adj malevolent

malevolente adj malevolent
Hence: malevolentia

malevolentia n malevolence

malfacer [-fac-/-fact-] v to do evil, wrong
Hence: malfaciente; malfactor

malfaciente adj maleficent, harmful

malfact- see malfacer

malfactor n malefactor

malfamate adj in bad repute

malformation n malformation

malgrado conj in spite of

malgratiose adj churlish, rude

[malgre] (-gré) prep in spite of
(= malgrado)

malia n 1. mesh (of a net); 2. stitch (in knitting, etc.); 3. mail-armor
Hence: maliar; inmaliar

maliar v to net (as in “to make a living by netting purses”)

malic adj malic;
acido malic malic acid

malignar v to be malignant

maligne adj malignant (1. malicious; 2. malign, harmful)
Hence: malignitate; malignar

malignitate n malignancy, malignity

malitia n malice
Hence: malitiose

malitiose adj malicious

malleabile adj malleable

malleabilitate n malleability

mallear v 1. to hammer, hammer out; 2. to thresh (grain), etc.
Hence: malleabile-malleabilitate

malleo n I. mall (1. mallet used in game of mall; 2. the game “mall”; 3. the alley in which mall was played); II. sledgehammer
Hence: mallette; mallear &

mallette n mallet

malo n apple
Hence: malacee-malaceas; malic

malodor adj malodorous

malsan adj unhealthy (1. not in good health; 2. unwholesome)

malsonante adj 1. ill-sounding; 2. offensive, scandalous

malt n malt
Hence: maltosa; maltar-maltator

maltar v to malt (= convert into malt)

maltator n malter, maltster

maltosa n [Chem.] maltose

maltractamento n maltreatment

maltractar v to maltreat
Hence: maltractamento

malversar v to be guilty of malversation or corruption in office
Hence: malversation

malversation n malversation (= corruption in office)

mam- see mamma

mamilla n [Anat.] mamma
Hence: mamillon; mamillari; mamillate; mamilliforme etc.

mamillari adj mamillary (1. pertaining to the breast; 2. mammiform)

mamillate adj mamillated, mamillary

mamilliforme adj mamillary, mamilliform

mamillon n [Geog.] mamelon

mamma n 1. [Anat.] mamma; 2. mama (= mother)
Hence: mammal &; mammari; mammifere &; mammiforme etc.; mamilla &

mammal n mammal
Hence: mammalogia etc.

mammalogia (-ía) n mammalogy
Hence: mammalogic

mammalogic adj mammalogical

mammari adj mammary

mammifere adj mammiferous
Hence: mammifero

mammifero (-í-) n mammal

mammiforme adj mammiform

mammona n [Bib.] mammon

mammut n mammoth

man-¹ [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: mania-maniac-maniaco, anglomania etc., bibliomania etc., megalomania etc.; bibliomane etc.; megalomane etc.; anglomano etc.; kleptomano etc.; theatromano etc.

man-² adj [occurring in compounds] mano- (1. rare, thin; 2. gaseous)
Hence: manometro etc.

manar v 1. to flow, trickle; 2. to emanate
Hence: emanar &

manata n handful

mancar v to be lacking (= to be deficient or missing)

manchette [F] n cuff (of a sleeve)

manchu¹ (-tchú, -djú) adj Manchu, Manchurian
Hence: Manchuria, Manchukuo etc.

manchu² (-tchú, -djú) n Manchu (1. Manchurian; 2. Manchu language)

Manchukuo (-tchúkwó, -djúkwó) npr Manchukuo

Manchuria (-tch-, -dj-) npr Manchuria

mancipar v to make over or deliver up as property

mancipe (mán-) n purchaser
Hence: mancipar-emancipar etc.

manco n lack, want
Hence: mancar

mand- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: mandibula &; manducar &

mandante n [Law] principal, mandator

mandar v 1. to order (= to have a person follow an order or instruction); 2. to send
Hence: mandante; mandato &; commandar &; contramandar; demandar &

mandarin n mandarin (= Chinese public official);
lingua mandarin Mandarin (language)
Hence: mandarinato; mandarinismo

mandarina n mandarin (= tangerine)
Hence: mandariniero

mandarinato n mandarinate

mandariniero n mandarin (tree)

mandarinismo n mandarinism

mandatario n mandatary, mandatory; also: attorney, agent, etc.

mandato n 1. order, command; 2. [Law, Pol.] mandate;
mandato postal (postal) money order
Hence: mandatario

mandibula n [Anat.] jaw; also: [Anat., Zool.] mandible
Hence: mandibular

mandibular adj mandibular

mandola [I] n mandola, mandora, pandora, pandore, bandore, etc. (= musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger)

mandolino [I] n mandolin

manducabile adj edible

manducar v to eat;
manducar (un persona) vive to eat (someone) alive;
manducar le parolas to mumble, chew one’s words
Hence: manducabile; manducation

manducation n (act of) eating

[mane] 1. n morning; 2. adv early in the morning

maneabile adj easy to handle; manageable

maneabilitate n wieldiness; manageability

maneamento n handling (of a tool, instrument, etc.)

manear v to handle (a tool, instrument); also: [Equit.] to manage; train, break in
Hence: maneo; maneamento; maneabile-maneabilitate, immaneabile

maneo (-éo) n I. stratagem, trick; II. manège (1. horsemanship; 2. riding school)

-maner v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: immaner &; permaner &; remaner &

mangan- see manganese, manganic

manganato n [Chem.] manganate

manganese n [Chem.] manganese (= the metal “manganese”)
Hence: manganite; manganic-manganato, permanganic-permanganato; manganifere; manganose

manganic adj [Chem.] manganic

manganifere adj manganiferous

manganite n [Mineral.] manganite

manganose adj [Chem.] manganous

mangiabile (-já-) adj edible

mangiar¹ (-jár) v to eat
Hence: mangiabile; mangiator; mangiatoria

mangiar² (-jár) n food

mangiator (-ja-) n eater

mangiatoria (-ja-) n manger, crib

mania (-ía) n mania (1. [Pathol.]; 2. as in “sport mania”);
haber le mania de to have a mania for

maniac (-í-) adj maniac

maniaco (-í-) n maniac

manica n 1. [Clothing] sleeve; 2. hose (= flexibile tube for conveying water, etc.); 3. channel, strait; 4 handcuff; 5 gas-mantle;
in manicas de camisa in shirt sleeves;
haber le manica large to be lenient (in judging moral matters);
le Manica the (English) Channel

manich- see manico

manichetto n muff

manico n handle (of a hammer, broom, plow, etc.); neck (of a violin)
Hence: manichetta; dismanicar; immanicar

manicuro n manicurist

maniera n manner, way;
de maniera que so that;
manieras manners;
bon manieras good manners;
mal manieras bad manners
Hence: manierismo; manierista; manierose; manierar

manierar v to fill with mannerism, to make affected, to stylize

manierismo n mannerism

manierista n mannerist

manierose adj well-mannered, mannerly

manifestar v to manifest

manifestation n manifestation (1. act of manifesting; 2. public demonstration)

manifeste adj manifest
Hence: manifestar-manifestation; manifesto

manifesto n 1. manifesto; 2. manifest

manilla n 1. bracelet; 2. shackle

maniluvio n [Med.] maniluvium, bath for the hands

manipular v to manipulate
Hence: manipulation; manipulative; manipulator; manipulatori

manipulation n manipulation

manipulative adj manipulative

manipulator n manipulator

manipulatori adj manipulatory

manivella n [Mach.] crank
Hence: manivellar

manivellar v to crank, turn a crank

manna n manna (1. “Biblical manna”; 2. [Pharm.])

mannequin [F] n mannequin (1. figure of a person used by artists, tailors, etc.; 2. dressmaker’s live model)

mano n I. hand (1. hand of a person; 2. handwriting); II. quire (of paper);
sub mano in an underhanded way;
del mano al mano directly, without intermediary;
de prime mano first-hand;
dar le ultime mano a to give the final touch to;
un mano lava le altere you scratch my back, I scratch yours;
demandar le mano de un persona to ask for someone’s hand;
mano morte mortmain;
lavar se le manos de to wash one’s hands of;
venir al manos to come to blows;
de secunde mano second-hand
Hence: manata; manilla; manual; manico &; manica; manear &; manumitter etc.; manicuro etc.; quadrumane etc.; manufac- etc.; manuscripte etc.; manomorte etc.; manicuro etc.; maniluvio etc.; mantener etc.; mancipe etc.; sinistromane etc.; quadrumane etc.; lavamanos etc.

manographo (-ó-) n [Engin.] manograph

manometro (-ó-) n manometer

manomorte n [Law] mortmain

manovra n 1. operation (= act of putting and keeping in operation); 2. [R.R.] shunting; switching; 3. seamanship; 4 maneuver;
manovras 1. [Mil.] maneuvers; 2. [Naut.] rigging, tackle
Hence: manovrar-manovrabile-manovrabilitate, manovrator

manovrabile adj maneuverable

manovrabilitate n maneuverability

manovrar v 1. to operate (= to put and keep in operation); 2. to maneuver

manovrator n maneuverer

Mansard, François npr [1598-1666; French architect]
Hence: mansarda

mansarda n [Arch.] mansard (1. mansard roof; 2. mansard story or room); also: garret, attic

mansuete adj tame; also: gentle, mild, meek, etc.
Hence: mansuetude

mansuetude n tameness; also: gentleness, meekness, mildness, etc.

mante n [Zool.] mantis

-mante n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] -mancer (= prophet, seer)
Hence: -mantia-bibliomantia etc., hieromantia etc.; mantic-mantica; chiromante etc.; necromante etc.

mantelletto n mantelet (1. short mantle or cape; 2. [Fortif.])

mantello n coat, mantle, cloak, etc.
Hence: mantelletto; dismantellar &; portamantello etc.

mantenentia n maintenance (1. as in “maintenance of order”; 2. means of sustenance)

mantener v to maintain (1. to keep in the same position or status; 2. to adhere to an opinion)
Hence: mantenimento; mantenentia; mantenitor

mantenimento n maintenance (1. as in “maintenance of order”; 2. means of sustenance)

mantenitor n maintainer

-mantia (-ía) n [occurring in compounds] -mancy (= divination)

mantic adj mantic

mantica n manticism, mantic, divination

mantilla [H] n (Spanish) mantilla

manu- see mano

manual¹ adj manual

manual² n manual (= handbook)

manufac- [fac-/-fact-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: manufactura-manufacturari, manufacturar

manufact- see manufac-

manufactura n 1. factory, manufactory; 2. manufacture, fabrication

manufacturar v to manufacture

manufacturari adj manufacturing (as in “manufacturing town”)

manumiss- see manumitter

manumission n manumission

manumitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to manumit
Hence: manumission

manuscripte adj manuscript
Hence: manuscripto

manuscripto n manuscript

mappa n map

mappamundi [NL] n map of the world

maquerello (makeréllo) n mackerel

mar n sea (= large body of salt water);
un mar de (sanguine) a sea of (blood);
(in) alte mar (on) high seas;
homine de mar seaman, seafaring man;
mal de mar seasickness;
mar grosse heavy sea;
Mar Nigre Black Sea;
Mar Morte Dead Sea;
Mar del Nord North Sea
Hence: marea; marin &; maritime; amarar &; ultramar; verdemar etc.

marabu (-bú) n [Ornith.] marabou

marabut n marabout (= Mohammedan saint or hermit)

marasca [I] n marasca (cherry)
Hence: maraschino

marasch- see marasca

maraschino n maraschino

marca¹ n I. mark (1. trace, impression; 2. sign, indication; 3. stamp, brand, label, etc.); II. marker (= instrument for marking);
marca de fabrica trademark;
(de) marca (superior) (of a superior) brand;
(vino) de marca quality or choice (wine);
(persona) de marca (person) of mark
Hence: marcar-marcator, marcate, demarcar &, dismarcar, remarcar &; contramarca-contramarcar

marca² n marchland, march
Hence: marchese &

marcar v to mark (= to indicate, distinguish etc. by a mark or marks)

marcate 1. pp of marcar; 2. adj marked (as in “a marked difference”)

marcator n marker (= one who marks)

marcer v to wither, wilt
Hence: marcide; marcor; marcescer &

marcescente 1. ppr of marcescer; 2. adj [Bot.] marcescent

marcescentia n [Bot.] marcescence

marcescer v to wither, wilt
Hence: marcescente-marcescentia; marcescibile-immarcescibile

marcescibile adj withering, wilting (= liable to wither or wilt)

march- see marca

marcha (-sh-) n march (as in “military, processional, funeral, etc., march”);
marcha fortiate forced march;
marcha funebre funeral march;
poner se in marcha to start, get under way, etc.;
ordine de marcha order of march, marching order

marchar (-sh-) v to march
Hence: marcha-contramarcha-contramarchar

marchesa n marchioness, marquise

marchesato n marquisate

marchese n 1. marquess, marquis; 2. marchioness, marquise
Hence: marchesato; marchesa

marcide adj withered, wilted; also: languid, weak

marco¹ n mark (1. [Hist.] unit of weight for gold and silver; 2. [Fin.] monetary unit)

Marco² npr Mark

marcor n withering, wilting; decaying, decay; also: languishing

marea (-éa) n tide;
marea alte high water, high tide;
marea basse low water, low tide

marechal [F] n marshal, field marshal
Hence: marechalato; marechala

marechala (-sh-) n field marshal’s wife

marechalato (-sh-) n marshalship

maremma n fen, salt marsh, etc.; also: maremma

margar- n [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: margarina &; margarita; margaric

margaric adj [Chem.] margaric

margarina n margarine
Hence: oleomargarina etc.

margarita n 1. pearl; 2. daisy, marguerite;
jectar margaritas ante porcos to cast pearls before swine;
Margarita Margaret

marginal adj marginal;
nota marginal marginal note

marginar v 1. to leave a margin on; 2. to make marginal notes on

marginate 1. pp of marginar; 2. adj bordered, marginate

margine n margin (1. border, edge; 2. “margin of a printed or written page”)
Hence: marginal; marginose; marginar-marginate; emarginar &

marginose adj with a wide margin

Maria (-ía) npr Mary, Marie
Hence: marista; Marion; marian-marianismo; Marianna etc.

marian adj Marian

marianismo n Mariolatry (= excessive veneration of the Virgin Mary)

Marianna nprf Marian, Marianne;
Mariannas [Geog.] Marianas

marin adj marine (= of the sea);
millia marin nautical mile;
(planta) marin sea (plant)
Hence: marinar &; submarin &; ultramarin; aquamarin etc.; rosmarino etc.; marino; marina-marinero

marina n marine (1. as in “merchant marine”; 2. [Paint.]);
marina de guerra navy;
officiero de marina naval officer;
ministerio del marina admiralty;
infanteria de marina marines;
marina mercante merchant or mercantile marine

marinada n marinade

marinar v to marinade, marinate
Hence: marinada

marinero n sailor, seaman, mariner

marino n seaman

Mario nprm Marius

Marion npr Marion

marionette [F] n marionette, puppet;
theatro de marionettes puppet show
Hence: marionettista

marionettista n puppeteer

marisco n marsh, bog

marista n [R.C.Ch.] Marist

maritabile adj marriageable

maritage (-aje) n marriage

marital adj marital

maritar v to marry (= to unite in wedlock);
maritar se to marry (= to get married)

maritime (-rí-) adj maritime;
commercio maritime seaborne trade;
citate maritime seaside town;
assecurantia maritime marine insurance;
derecto maritime maritime law

marito n husband
Hence: marital; maritar-maritage, maritabile, remaritar; ex-marito

marmelada n jam, preserves;
marmelada (de oranges) (orange) marmelade

marmita n [Cookery] pot

marmorar v to marble, marbleize

marmorari adj marble

marmorator n marbler, marbleizer

marmore n marble (1. as in “Carrara marble”; 2. as in “to play marbles”)
Hence: marmorero; marmoreria; marmoriera; marmorari; marmorar-marmorator; marmorisar

marmoreria (-ía) n 1. marble cutting; 2. marble works

marmorero n 1. marble cutter, marble carver; 2. marble polisher

marmoriera n marble quarry

marmorisar v 1. to marmorize; 2. to marbleize, marble

marocch- see Marocco

marocchin¹ adj 1. Moroccan; 2. morocco

marocchin² n morocco (leather), maroquin
Hence: marocchinero; marocchineria; marocchinar

marocchinar v to dress (skin) like morocco

marocchineria (-ería) n 1. (action or process of) dressing morocco; 2. trade in morocco (leather)

marocchinero n 1. morocco dresser; 2. morocco dealer

marocchino n Moroccan

Marocco npr Morocco
Hence: marocchin¹-marocchino, marocchin² &

Marquesas [H] npr Marquesas (Islands)

marquis [F] n marquis

marquise [F] n 1. marquise, marchioness; 2. marquee

marron n chestnut (= edible nut of the sweet chestnut tree)
Hence: marroniero

marroniero n (sweet) chestnut tree

Marte npr Mars (1. [Rom. Relig.]; 2. [Astron.])
Hence: martial; martedi etc.

martedi (-dí) n Tuesday

martellar v to hammer

martellator n hammerer; hammer operator

martello n 1. hammer; 2. hammerhead (shark)
Hence: martellar-martellator

martial adj martial (1. pertaining to war; 2. warlike, eager to fight; 3. [Old Chem.] containing iron);
lege martial martial law;
corte martial court-martial

Martin nprm Martin;
martin piscator kingfisher

Martino nprm Martin

martio n March

martyre n martyr
Hence: martyrio; martyrisar; martyrologio etc.; protomartyre etc.

martyrio n martyrdom

martyrisar v to martyr, martyrize

martyrologio n martyrology (= register of martyrs; also: histories of martyrs collectively)

Marx, Karl npr [1818-1883; German socialist]
Hence: marxismo; marxista

marxismo n Marxism

marxista n/adj Marxist, Marxian

Maryland [A] npr Maryland

marzapane [I] n marzipan, marchpane

masca n mask (1. cover for the face, used for disguise; 2. person wearing a mask, masker; 3. as in “death mask”)
Hence: mascar-dismascar

mascar v to mask;
mascar se to put on, assume, etc., a mask

mascara (más-) n mask (1. cover for the face, used for disguise; 2. person wearing a mask, masker; 3. as in “death mask”)
Hence: mascarar-mascarada

mascarada n masquerade

mascarar v to mask

mascotte [F] n mascot

mascule adj male
Hence: masculin-masculinitate, masculinisar; emascular &; masculo

masculin adj masculine (1. male, manly; 2. [Gram.])

masculinisar v 1. to make manly; 2. [Gram.] to make masculine

masculinitate n masculinity

masculo (más-) n male

mason n 1. mason; 2. Mason, Freemason
Hence: masoneria; francmason etc.

masoneria (-ía) n masonry (1. work of a mason; 2. Freemasonry)

massa¹ n I. mace (1. herald’s staff; 2. club); II. sledge hammer, mallet, beetle, ram, etc.
Hence: massero; massetta; massar

massa² n mass (= coherent body of matter or of individual objects);
in massa in a body;
le massa (de un patrimonio) the (total) estate;
le massas the masses
Hence: massive; massar; amassar &

massacrar v to massacre

massacrator n massacrer

massacro n massacre
Hence: massacrar-massacrator

massage (-aje) n massage

massar¹ v 1. to beat (with a club), to cudgel, thump; 2. to ram (= to drive with a ram)

massar² v to mass, group together

massar³ v to massage
Hence: massage

massero n mace-bearer

massetta n small mallet

masseur [F] n masseur

masseuse [F] n masseuse

massive adj massive

mast n [Naut.] mast;
a medie mast at half-mast

masticar¹ v to chew, masticate
Hence: mastication; masticator; masticatori; remasticar

masticar² v to cement, putty, etc.

mastication n mastication

masticator¹ n chewer

masticator² adj masticatory

mastico (más-) n mastic (1. resin exuding from the mastic tree; 2. any of various pasty cements; also: putty)
Hence: masticar

masto- n [occurring in compounds] masto-, mast- (= breast)
Hence: mastoide-mastoiditis; mastodonte etc.

mastodonte n mastodon

mastoide adj mastoid

mastoiditis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] mastoiditis

mat adj 1. checkmated; 2. dull, mat;
chaco mat checkmate
Hence: matar

matador [H] n matador

matar v 1. to checkmate, mate; 2. to dull, mat (metals, etc.)

match [A] n [Sports] match

mater- see matre

materia n matter (1. physical substance; 2. material of thought);
materia prime raw material;
tabula del materias table of contents
Hence: material &

material¹ adj material
Hence: materialitate; materialismo; materialista-materialistic; materialisar-materialisation; immaterial-immaterialitate

material² n 1. material; 2. matériel

materialisar v to materialize (= to render material)

materialisation n materialization

materialismo n materialism

materialista n materialist

materialistic adj materialistic

materialitate n materiality

maternal adj maternal (1. pertaining to the mother; 2. characteristic of a mother; motherly)

materne adj maternal (1. pertaining to the mother; 2. characteristic of a mother, motherly)
Hence: maternitate; maternal

maternitate n 1. motherhood, maternity; 2. maternity hospital

mathematic adj mathematical
Hence: mathematico; mathematica

mathematica n mathematics

mathematico n mathematician

Mathusala (-tú-) npr Methuselah

matinal adj 1. morning; 2. rising early

matinas npl [Eccl.] matins

matinata n morning (= morning’s duration)

matinee [F] n 1. woman’s negligee; 2. [Theat.] matinee

matinero n early riser

matino n morning
Hence: matinata; matinero; matinal; matinas

matras (-ás) n mattress
Hence: matrassero

matrass- see matras

matrassero n mattress maker

matrastra n stepmother

matre n mother;
lingua matre parent language;
matre vite [Mech.] nut;
matre affin mother-in-law
Hence: matrastra; matrice &; matrina; matrimonio &; matrona &; materne &; commatre &; granmatre &; matriarcha etc.; matreperla etc.; matricida etc.; matricidio etc.

matreperla n mother-of-pearl

matriarcha n matriarch
Hence: matriarchato; matriarchal

matriarchal adj matriarchal

matriarchato n matriarchate

matrice n matrix (1. [Anat.]; 2. [Technol.])
Hence: matricula &

matricida n matricide (= one who kills his mother)

matricidio n matricide (= act of killing one’s mother)

matricula n roll, register, list (of members), etc.
Hence: matricular¹; matricular²-matriculation

matricular¹ adj pertaining to registration or enrollment

matricular² v to register, enroll (someone); also: to matriculate (a student);
matricular se to matriculate (as a student)

matriculation n matriculation

matrimonial adj matrimonial

matrimonio n matrimony
Hence: matrimonial

matrina n godmother

matrona n matron (= elderly wife or widow)
Hence: matronal

matronal adj matronly

matta n 1. mat (as in “door mat”); 2. [Foundry] matte
Hence: mattar

mattar v to lay with a mat

Mattheo (-éo) nprm Matthew

matthiol- see Mattioli, P. A.

matthiola n gillyflower, stock

Mattioli, P. A. npr [1500-1577; Italian physician]
Hence: matthiola

matur adj ripe; mature
Hence: maturitate; maturar-maturation, maturative; immatur-immaturitate; prematur-prematuritate

maturar v 1. to ripen; to mature; 2. [Med.] to ripen (1. to bring to a head; 2. to maturate)

maturation n maturation

maturative adj maturative

maturitate n ripeness, maturity

matutin adj morning
Hence: matutino-matutinal; matutinas

matutinal adj 1. matutinal; 2. rising early

matutinas (-tí-) npl [Eccl.] matins

matutino n morning

maure adj Moorish
Hence: mauro-mauresc-hispanomauresc etc., mauresca, Mauritania

mauresc adj Moresque, Moorish

mauresca n morris (dance)

Mauritania npr 1. [Hist.] Mauritania, Mauretania (= ancient district of North Africa); 2. Mauritania (= French colony of Mauritania)

Mauritio npr 1. Maurice, Mauritius; 2. [Geog.] Mauritius

mauro n Moor

mauser [G] n Mauser (rifle)

mausoleo (-éo) n mausoleum

Mausolo npr [Anc. Hist.] Mausolus
Hence: mausoleo

mauve [F] adj/n mauve

maxilla n jawbone, jaw
Hence: maxillar-intermaxillar, submaxillar; maxilliforme etc.

maxillar adj maxillary;
osso maxillar maxillary bone

maxilliforme adj maxilliform

maxim [A] n maxim (gun), machine gun

maxima (máx-) n maxim

maximal adj maximal

maxime¹ (máx-) adj greatest, highest, maximal;
precio maxime maximum price, ceiling price
Hence: maximo-maximal; maxima

[maxime]² (máx-) adv 1. most; 2. especially, principally; 3. exceedingly, very; 4. certainly

maximo (máx-) n maximum

mayonnaise [F] n mayonnaise

mazurka [Polish] n [Dancing] mazurka

me pron 1. pers me; 2. refl myself (as in “I hurt myself”, “I said to myself”)

mear v to go, pass
Hence: meato; commear &; permear &

meato n [Anat.] meatus

mechan- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: mechanic; mechanico; mechanica-telemechanica etc.; mechanismo; mechanisar-mechanisation; mechanotherapia etc.

mechanic adj mechanical;
ingeniero mechanic mechanical engineer

mechanica n mechanics

mechanico n mechanic

mechanisar v to mechanize

mechanisation n mechanization

mechanismo n mechanism

mechanotherapia (-ía) n [Med.] mechanotherapy

medalia n medal
Hence: medaliario; medalista; medalion

medaliario n 1. collection of medals; 2. medal cabinet

medalion n I. medallion (1. large medal; 2. round, flat ornament or portrait); II. locket

medalista n medalist (1. maker of medals; 2. one skilled in medals)

mede adj Median

media¹ n average, mean;
media arithmetic arthimetical mean;
media geometric geometrical mean

Media² npr Media

medial adj [Philol.] medial

median adj median, medium;
de etate median middle-aged;
nervo median median nerve

mediana n [Geom.] median

mediante n [Mus.] mediant

mediar v to mediate (1. to form a connecting link between; 2. to act as an intermediary)

mediastino n [Anat.] mediastinum

mediate 1. pp of mediar; 2. adj mediate (as in “a mediate cause”)

mediation n mediation

mediator n mediator

medic (mé-) adj medical
Hence: medicina &; medicar-medicamento-medicamentose, medicamentar, medicabile-immedicabile, medication; medico-medicastro, medical

medicabile adj medicable

medical adj medical

medicamentar v to treat with medicaments

medicamento n medicament, medication, medicine

medicamentose adj medicinal

medicar v to medicate; to treat (medically)

medicastro n medicaster, quack

medication n medication (= act or process of medicating)

medicina n medicine (1. medical science or art; 2. substance or compound taken internally to cure disease);
doctor in medicina doctor of medicine;
medicina legal forensic medicine
Hence: medicinal, medicinar

medicinal adj medicinal

medicinar v to give or administer medicine to

medico (mé-) n physician, doctor

medie adj 1. half; 2. middle; 3. average, mean;
termino medie [Philos.] middle term;
medie hora half an hour;
medie fratre half-brother;
medie etate Middle Ages
Hence: medietate; mediar-mediante, mediation, mediator, mediate-immediate; mediastino; intermedie &; mediterranee etc.; mediedie etc.; medievo etc.; medio¹ &; medio²

mediedie (-díe) n 1. noon; 2. south

medienocte n midnight

medietate n half;
le medietate del (mundo) half the (world);
a medietate half (= to half the full amount or degree);
a medietate del cammino halfway;
(mi) car medietate (my) better half, wife

medieval adj medieval

medievo n Middle Ages
Hence: medieval

medio¹ adv half

medio² n 1. middle, also: midst; 2. mean, medium; 3. means (= agent or instrument by which an end is attained);
per medio de by means of;
medios means (= pecuniary resources)
Hence: medial; median-mediana; media

mediocre adj mediocre
Hence: mediocritate

mediocritate n mediocrity (1. quality or state of being mediocre; 2. mediocre person)

meditar v I. to meditate (1. to be engaged in meditation; 2. to plan, contemplate); II. to think of, ponder;
meditar super to meditate upon
Hence: meditation; meditative; meditator; premeditar-premeditation, premeditate-impremeditate

meditation n meditation

meditative adj meditative

meditator n meditator

mediterranee adj 1. inland; 2. Mediterranean
Hence: mediterraneo

mediterraneo n inland sea;
Mediterraneo Mediterranean

medium [L] n medium (as in “a spiritualistic medium”)
Hence: mediumnic

mediumnic (-úm-) adj [Spiritualism] mediumistic

medo n 1. Mede, Median; 2. Median (language), Medic
Hence: Media; mede

medulla n 1. marrow; 2. pith;
medulla spinal spinal cord
Hence: medullar; medullose

medullar adj medullary (= containing, consisting of, or resembling, marrow)

medullose adj 1. marrowy; 2. pithy

Medusa npr [Gr. Mythol.] Medusa;
medusa [Zool.] medusa

meeting [A] n (political) meeting

mega- [occurring in compounds] mega- (= great, extended; a million times)
Hence: megametro etc.; megaphono etc.; megalopole etc.; megalosauro etc.; megalomania etc.; megalocephale etc.; megalomane etc.

megal- see mega-

megalocephale adj megalocephalic

megalomane adj megalomanical
Hence: megalomano

megalomania (-ía) n megalomania

megalomano (-ó-) n megalomaniac

megalopole n megalopolis

megalosauro n [Paleontol.] megalosaurus, megalosaur

megametro (-gá-) n megameter

megaphono (-gá-) n megaphone

melancholia (-ía) n melancholy; also: [Pathol.] melancholia
Hence: melancholic

melancholic adj melancholy

melassa n molasses

melic adj melic (= of song; meant to be sung)

melio adv better;
tanto melio so much the better

melior adj better;
(le) melior (the) best
Hence: meliorismo; meliorar-melioration, meliorator

meliorar v to improve, ameliorate

melioration n improvement, amelioration

meliorator n improver, ameliorator

meliorismo n meliorism

mellar v to make honey, to honey

mellate adj 1. honey, honeyed; 2. honeycolored

melle n honey;
luna de melle honeymoon
Hence: mellero; mellate; mellifere; mellose; mellar; mellificar-mellification; melliflue etc.

mellero n honey dealer

mellifere adj melliferous

mellificar v to make honey (as in “bees making honey”)

mellification n honey making

melliflue adj mellifluous
Hence: mellifluitate

mellifluitate n mellifluence, mellifluousness

mellose adj honeyed, honeylike

melo- n [occurring in compounds] melo-, mel- (= song)
Hence: melic; melodrama etc.; melomania etc.; melodia etc.; melomane etc.; melopeia etc.

melodia (-ía) n melody
Hence: melodista; melodic; melodiose

melodic adj melodic

melodiose adj melodious

melodista n melodist (= composer of melodies)

melodrama [-ma-/-mat-] n melodrama
Hence: melodramatic

melodramat- see melodrama

melodramatic adj melodramatic

melomane (-ó-) n melomaniac

melomania (-ía) n melomania

melon n melon;
melon de aqua watermelon
Hence: meloniera

meloniera n melon bed

melopeia (-péya) n [Antiq.] melopoeia (1. composition of melodies; 2. chanting of verses)

membrana n membrane;
membrana mucose mucous membrane;
membrana false [Pathol.] false membrane
Hence: membranacee; membranose

membranacee adj membranous, membranaceous

membranose adj membranous (= consisting of membranes)

membratura n (human) frame

membro n I. member (1. constituent part of a whole; 2. “member of a social group, organization, etc.”); II. limb (of animal or human body);
membro del parlamento member of Parliament
Hence: membrana &; membratura; membrute; dismembrar &

membrute adj stout-limbed

memorabile adj memorable

memorandum (-án-) n I. memorandum (1. note, record of events, etc.; 2. informal communication or report); II. memorandum book

memorar v to remember (= to recollect, recall; bear in mind)
Hence: memorabile-immemorabile; memorative; commemorar &; rememorar

memorative adj commemorative

memore adj mindful (of a person or a thing)
Hence: memoria &; memorar &

memoria n I. memory (1. faculty of remembering; 2. remembrance, recollection); II. memoir (memorandum, record, etc.); III. [Law] factum (= memorial);
memorias memoirs (1. autobiographical record; 2. transactions of a learned society);
de memoria from memory, by heart;
in memoria de in memory of;
facer memoria de to commemorate;
de memoria de homine within living memory
Hence: memorial-memorialista; immemorial

memorial n I. memorials; II. memorial (= statement of facts in form of a petition)

memorialista n memorialist (= a writer of memoirs)

menacia n menace, threat
Hence: menaciar

menaciar v to menace, threaten

menage [F] n household, ménage

menagerie [F] n menagerie

menar v to lead, guide, conduct
Hence: promenar &

menchev- see menchevico

menchevico (menshevíco) n menshevik, menshevist
Hence: menchevismo; menchevista

menchevismo (-sh-) n menshevism

menchevista (-sh-) n menshevist, menshevik; attrib. menshevist, menshevistic

menda n 1. defect, blemish; 2. fault, error
Hence: mendose; emendar &

mendace adj mendacious (1. lying, untruthful; 2. false, untrue)

mendacio n lie (= falsehood);
mendacio officiose white lie

mendic (-díc) adj beggarly
Hence: mendicitate; mendicar-mendicante, mendication; mendico

mendicante n beggar, mendicant; specif: [Eccl.] mendicant friar

mendicar v to beg; to go begging

mendication n (action of) begging

mendicitate n mendicity

mendico (-íco) n beggar

mendose adj 1. defective, faulty; 2. erroneous

menestrel n minstrel

meninge n [Anat.] meninx;
meninges meninges
Hence: meningitis

meningitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] meningitis;
meningitis cerebro-spinal cerebrospinal meningitis

[meno] adv (= minus)

mens- see metir

mense n 1. month; 2. monthly salary
Hence: mensual-mensualitate; menstruo &; bimestre etc.; semestre etc.

mensor n measurer; also: gauge

menstrual adj menstrual (= pertaining to the menses)

menstruar v to menstruate

menstruation n menstruation

menstruo n menstruation
Hence: menstrual; menstruar-menstruation

mensual adj monthly

mensualitate n monthly payment

mensura n measure
Hence: mensurar-mensurabile-mensurabilitate, immensurabile-immensurabilitate, mensuration, mensurator, mensurate-dismensurate, commensurar &; agrimensura etc.

mensurabile adj measurable, mensurable

mensurabilitate n measurability, mensurability

mensurar v to measure

mensurate 1. pp of mensurar; 2. adj moderate, temperate

mensuration n measuring, measurement, mensuration

mensurator n measurer

mental adj mental;
restriction mental mental reservation

mentalitate n mentality

mente n mind (= intellectual powers, mental force)
Hence: mental-mentalitate; demente &; mentecapte etc.

mentecapte adj feeble-minded

mentha n [Bot.] mint;
mentha piperate peppermint
Hence: menthol &

menthol n menthol
Hence: mentholate

mentholate adj mentholated

mention n mention;
facer mention de to make mention of, to mention;
mention honorabile honorable mention
Hence: mentionar-mentionabile-immentionabile

mentionabile adj mentionable

mentionar v to mention

mentir v to lie, tell lies
Hence: mentitor; mentita; dismentir

mentita n lie, falsehood

mentitor n liar

mento n chin

menu [F] n menu, bill of fare

menuet n minuet

meravilia n marvel (= that which excites wonder)
Hence: meraviliose; meraviliar

meraviliar v to marvel

meraviliose adj marvelous

mercabile adj merchantable

mercante n merchant, dealer

mercantia n 1. trade, traffic; 2. merchandise, ware

mercantil adj 1. mercantile; 2. mercenary, grasping

mercantilismo n mercantilism (1. commercialism, mercenary spirit; 2. theory and practice of the mercantile system)

mercar v to trade, deal (= to do business)

mercato n market (1. market place; 2. as in “cattle market”; 3. [Econ., Com.]);
a bon mercato at a low rate, cheap(ly);
mercato nigre black market

mercator n merchant, dealer, marketer

merce n merchandise;
traino de merces freight train
Hence: mercero; merceria; mercar-mercante, mercantia, mercantil-mercantilismo; mercabile, mercator, mercato; commercio &

mercede n grace, mercy, clemency, etc.;
esser al mercede de to be at the mercy of

mercenari adj mercenary
Hence: mercenario

mercenario n 1. hired worker; 2. mercenary

Mercer, John npr [1791-1866; inventor of mercerizing process]
Hence: mercerisar-mercerisage, mercerisation, mercerisate

merceria (-ía) n 1. notions, small ware; notion or small-ware trade or store

mercerisage (-aje) n mercerizing, mercerization

mercerisar v to mercerize

mercerisate 1. pp of mercerisar; 2. adj mercerized

mercerisation n mercerizing, mercerization

mercero n dealer in notions, small-ware dealer

mercurial adj I. mercurial (1. as in “mercurial temperament”; 2. as in “mercurial barometer”); II. Mercurial

mercuric adj [Chem.] mercuric

mercuridi (-dí) n Wednesday;
mercuridi del cineres Ash Wednesday

Mercurio¹ npr Mercury (1. [Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.])
Hence: mercurial; mercuridi etc.; mercurio &

mercurio² n mercury, quicksilver
Hence: mercurial; mercuric; mercuriose

mercuriose adj [Chem.] mercurous

merer v to merit, deserve
Hence: meretrice &; meritori; merito-meritar; demer- &; emer- &

meretrice n prostitute
Hence: meretricie

meretricie adj meretricious (= of a prostitute)

merger [merg-/mers-] v to plunge (into), sink (in)
Hence: emerger &; immerger &; submerger &

meridian adj meridian

meridiano n meridian;
meridiano magnetic magnetic meridian

meridie (-rí-) n 1. noon; 2. south;
a meridie at noon;
ante meridie in the forenoon
Hence: meridian-meridiano; meridional; antemeridian; postmeridie-postmeridian

meridional¹ adj southern, meridional

meridional² n southerner, meridional

meringue [F] n meringue (1. mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar; 2. thin case of meringue filled with whipped cream)

merino n merino

meritar v to merit, deserve

merito (mé-) n merit

meritori adj meritorious

merla n blackbird, merl

mero- n [occurring in compounds] mero-, mer- (= part)
Hence: metamere-metameria, metamero; meropia etc.; isomere etc.; polymere etc.; pentamere etc.

meropia (-ía) n [Med.] meropia, partial blindness

-mes- see mense

mes- adj [occurring in compounds] mes-, meso- (= middle)
Hence: mesenterio etc.; Mesopotamia etc.; mesocarpio etc.; mesozoic etc.; mesocephale etc.; mesolabio etc.

mésalliance [F] n misalliance, mésalliance

meschin adj mean, paltry, shabby
Hence: meschineria

meschineria (-ía) n meanness, shabbiness

mesenteric adj mesenteric

mesenterio n [Anat.] mesentery
Hence: mesenteritis; mesenteric

mesenteritis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] mesenteritis

mesme 1. same; 2. myself, yourself, himself, etc. (as in “the king himself”)
Hence: mesmo

Mesmer, Friedrich Anton npr [1734-1815; Austrian doctor]
Hence: mesmerismo; mesmerista; mesmerian; mesmerisar

mesmerian adj mesmeric, mesmerian

mesmerisar v to mesmerize; also: to magnetize

mesmerismo n mesmerism; also: animal magnetism

mesmerista n mesmerist; also: animal magnetist

mesmo adv 1. likewise; 2. even;
hodie mesmo this very day;
ora mesmo right now

mesocarpio n [Bot.] mesocarp

mesocephale adj mesocephalic
Hence: mesocephalo

mesocephalo n mesocephal

mesolabio n mesolabe

Mesopotamia npr Mesopotamia
Hence: mesopotamian

mesopotamian adj Mesopotamian

mesozoic adj [Geol.] Mesozoic

message (-aje) n message
Hence: messagero; messageria

messageria (-ajería) n shipping office, shipping service

messagero (-ajéro) n messenger

messe n harvest, crop(s)
Hence: messidor etc.

Messia (-ía) n Messiah
Hence: messianismo; messianic

messianic adj Messianic

messianismo n Messianism

messidor n [French Revolutionary Calendar] Messidor

mesticiage (aje) n (action or process of) cross breeding

mesticiar v to cross (= to cause to interbreed)

mesticio n half-breed, mestizo
Hence: mesticiar-mesticiage

mestiero n craft, trade

mesura n measure (1. size, extent, dimension, etc.; also: measurement; 2. standard of measure; also: system of measure units, measurement; 3. [Mus.; Pros.]; 4 degree, proportion; 5 as in “drastic measure(s)”);
bon mesura good or ample measure;
medie mesura half measure;
a mesura que (in proportion) as;
prender le mesuras de to take measurements of;
prender su mesuras to take steps or measures
Hence: mesurar-mesurabile-mesurabilitate, immesurabile-immesurabilitate, mesuration, mesurator, mesurate-dismesurate

mesurabile adj measurable, mensurable

mesurabilitate n measurability, mensurability

mesurar v to measure (1. to ascertain the size, capacity, extent, measurements, etc., of; 2. to be of a certain measurement);
mesurar su parolas to weigh one’s words;
mesurar se con (un persona) to measure one’s strength against (someone);
passo mesurate measured tread

mesurate 1. pp of mesurar; 2. adj moderate, temperate

mesuration n measuring, measurement, mensuration

mesurator n measurer

met- see meta-

meta- prefixo [met- before vowels and -h-; used chiefly to form technical terms] meta-, met- (1. behind; 2. beyond, transcending, higher; 3. changed, transferred, transformed)
Hence: metastase etc.; metempsychose etc.; metaphysic etc.; metamorphe etc.; methodo etc.

metabole n [Rhet.] antimetabole
Hence: metabolismo

metabolismo n [Biol.] metabolism

metacarpal adj [Anat.] metacarpal

metacarpo n [Anat.] metacarpus

metallic adj metallic;
reserva metallic [Fin.] bullion reserve

metallifere adj metalliferous

metallin adj metalline

metallisar v to metallize

metallisation n metallization

metallo n metal (as in “gold is a metal”);
metallo blanc white metal, babbitt
Hence: metallic; metallifere; metallin; metalloide-metalloidic; metallisar-metallisation; metallographia etc.; metallurgo etc.; bimetallismo etc.; monometallista etc.

metallographia (-ía) n metallography (1. study of metals; 2. [Print.])
Hence: metallographic

metallographic adj metallographic

metalloide n metalloid

metalloidic adj metalloidal

metallotherapia (-ía) n metallotherapy

metallurgia (-ía) n metallurgy

metallurgic adj metallurgical, metallurgic

metallurgista n metallurgist

metallurgo n metallurgist
Hence: metallurgia-metallurgista; metallurgic

metamere adj metamerous, metameric (1. [Zool.]; 2. [Chem.])

metameria (-ía) n metamerism, metamery (1. [Zool.]; 2. [Chem.])

metamero (-tá-) n [Zool.] metamere

metamorphe adj metamorphic, metamorphous

metamorphic adj metamorphic; also: [Geol.]

metamorphismo n metamorphism (1. metamorphosis; 2. [Geol.])

metamorphosar v to metamorphose, transform (= to cause to change form)

metamorphose n metamorphosis
Hence: metamorphosar

metaphora (-tá-) n metaphor
Hence: metaphoric; metaphorisar

metaphoric adj metaphorical, metaphoric

metaphorisar v to metaphorize

metaphras- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: metaphrase-metaphrasar; metaphraste; metaphrastic

metaphrasar v to metaphrase

metaphrase (-tá-) n metaphrase

metaphraste n metaphrast

metaphrastic adj metaphrastic

metaphysic adj metaphysical

metaphysica n metaphysics

metaphysico n metaphysician

metastase (-tástase) n [Pathol.] metastasis

metathese (-átese) n [Gram.] metathesis

metempsychose n metempsychosis

meteoric adj meteoric

meteorite n meteorite

meteoro n meteor (1. atmospheric phenomenon; 2. shooting star)
Hence: meteorite; meteoric; meteorologo etc.

meteorologia (-ía) n meteorology

meteorologic adj meteorologic, meteorological

meteorologista n meteorologist

meteorologo (-ró-) n meterorologist
Hence: meteorologia-meteorologista; meteorologic

meth- see methy-; methyleno

methano n [Chem.] methane, swamp gas

methodic adj methodical

methodisar v to methodize

methodismo n Methodism

methodista n Methodist

methodo (mé-) n method
Hence: methodismo; methodista; methodic; methodisar; methodologia etc.

methodologia (-ía) n methodology

methy- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] methy- (= wine)
Hence: methyleno &; amethysto

methyl- see methyleno

methylamino n [Chem.] methylamine

methyleno n methylene (1. wood alcohol, methyl alcohol; 2. [Chem.] methyl)
Hence: methylo-methylic, methano, methylamino etc.

methylic adj [Chem.] methylic;
alcohol methylic methyl alcohol, methylic alcohol, wood alcohol

methylo n [Chem.] methyl, methylene

meticulose adj meticulous
Hence: meticulositate

meticulositate n meticulosity, meticulousness

metir [met-/mens-] v to measure; also: to scan (verses); to survey (lands);
metir se to be moderate, practice moderation
Hence: mensor-agrimensor etc.; mensura &; immense &; dimetir &

metonymia (-ía) n [Rhet.] metonymy
Hence: metonymic

metonymic adj metonymical

metr- n [occurring in compounds] metro- (= mother)
Hence: metropole etc.

-metra n [occurring in compounds] -meter (= one occupied in -metry)
Hence: -metria &; geometra etc.

metrage (-aje) n measurement (in meters), metrage

metrar v to meter (= to measure by the meter)

-metria (-ía) [occurring in compounds] -metry
Hence: stereometria etc.

metric adj 1. metric (= pertaining to that system of measures of which the meter is the unit); 2. metrical (= relating to measurement); 3. [Poet.] metric, metrical

metrica n metrics

metro n I. meter (1. one forty millionth part of the terrestrial meridian; 2. [Poet.]); II. tape measure, tapeline
Hence: metric-metrica, isometric etc.; metrar-metrage; diametro etc.; perimetro; symmetr- &; metronomo etc.; metrologia etc.; alcalimetro etc.; thermometro etc.; centimetro etc.; kilometro etc.; hexametre etc.; -metra &

metrologia (-ía) n metrology

metronomo (-tró-) n metronome

metropole n metropolis (1. parent state of a colony; 2. [Eccl.]; 3. chief town or city of a country or state)
Hence: metropolita-metropolitan-metropolitano

metropolita n [Gr. Church] metropolite

metropolitan adj metropolitan (1. belonging to the parent state of a colony; 2. [Eccl.]; 3. belonging to the chief town or city of a country or state);
ecclesia metropolitan metropolitan church

metropolitano n 1. [Eccl.] metropolitan; 2. urban railway; also: subway, underground (railway)

mexican adj Mexican

mexicano n Mexican (= native of Mexico)

Mexico (méx-) n Mexico
Hence: mexican-mexicano

mezzanin n 1. mezzanine (floor or story); 2. mezzanine window

mezzosoprano [I] n [Mus.] mezzo-soprano

mi¹ n 1. [Mus.] mi; 2. [Mus.] (the note) E
Hence: solmisar etc.

mi² adj poss my
Hence: mie

[mi] pron me
(= me)

mi- adj [occurring in compounds] mi-, mio- (= less)
Hence: miocen etc.

miasma [-ma/-mat-] n miasma
Hence: miasmatic

miasmat- see miasma

miasmatic adj miasmatic

miau (-áu) interj/n miaow, meow
Hence: miaular

miaular v to miaow, meow, mew

mica n 1. crumb (= small piece of bread, cake, etc., rubbed or broken off); 2. [Mineral.] mica
Hence: micacee; micar; micaschisto etc.

micacee adj [Mineral.] micaceous

micar v to crumble (= to cause to crumble)

micaschisto n [Mineral.] mica schist

micca n 1. wick; 2. [Artil.; Min.; etc.] fuse, match

Michael nprm Michael

micr- adj [occurring in compounds] micro-, micr- (1. small; 2. [Metric System, etc.] millionth part)
Hence: microbio etc.; microcosmo etc.; microfarad etc.; microfilm etc.; Micronesia etc.; microphotographia etc.; microscopio etc.; microtomo etc.; microcephale etc.

microbicida n microbicide

microbio n microbe
Hence: microbiologo etc.; microbicida etc.

microbiologia (-ía) n microbiology

microbiologo (-ólogo) n microbiologist
Hence: microbiologia

microcephale adj microcephalic
Hence: microcephalia

microcephalia (-ía) n microcephaly

microcosmic adj microcosmic

microcosmo n microcosm
Hence: microcosmic

microcyste n [Bot.] microcyst

microfarad n [Elec.] microfarad

microfilm n microfilm

micrometro (-cró-) n micrometer

micron (míc-) n micron (= one thousandth millimeter)

Micronesia npr Micronesia
Hence: micronesian-micronesiano

micronesian adj Micronesian

micronesiano n Micronesian

microphono (-ró-) n microphone

microphotographia (-ía) n 1. microphotography; 2. microphotograph

microscopia (-ía) n microscopy

microscopic adj microscopic

microscopio n microscope
Hence: microscopia; microscopista; microscopic

microscopista n microscopist

microseismo (-séi-) n microseism (= feeble earth tremor)
Hence: microseismographo

microseismographo (-mó-) n microseismograph

microtomo (-ró-) n microtome

mie pron poss mine;
le mie e le tue mine and thine;
le mios my people or family

migraine [F] n migraine (= headache)
Hence: migrainose

migrainose (-grenóse) adj migrainous

migrante adj migratory, migrant

migrar v to migrate
Hence: migrante; migration; migrator; migratori; emigrar &; immigrar &

migration n migration

migrator n migrant; attrib. migratory;
aves migratores migratory birds

migratori adj migratory (= pertaining to migrations)

mikado [J] n mikado

mildew [A] n (vine) mildew, (grape) mildew

milieu [F] n milieu, environment

militante adj militant;
Ecclesia militante Church militant

militantia n militancy

militar¹ adj military

militar² n military man, soldier;
militares military

militar³ v to fight (= to take part in a fight);
militar in favor de to tell in favor of;
militar contra to tell or militate against

militarisar v to militarize

militarisation n militarization

militarismo n militarism

militarista n militarist (= supporter of militarism)

milite (mí-) n soldier, warrior
Hence: militia &; militar¹-militarismo, militarista, militarisar-militarisation, dismilitarisar-dismilitarisation; militar³-militante-militantia

militia n militia
Hence: militiano

militiano n militiaman

mille n/adj (a, one) thousand
Hence: milliardo &; millia-milliari; million &; millesime; millennio etc.; millimetro etc.; millepedes etc.

milleflores n mille-fleurs (perfume)

millennio n millennium

mille-pedes (-pé-) n centipede, millepede

millesime (-ésime) adj thousandth;
le millesime parte, le millesimo the thousandth part, the thousandth

milli- see mille

millia n mile;
millia marin nautical or sea mile

milliardario n billionaire, milliardaire

milliardesime (-ésime) adj billionth (= thousand millionth)

milliardo n billion, milliard
Hence: milliardario; milliardesime

milliari adj mile, milliary;
petra milliari, columna milliari milestone

milligramma n milligram

millilitro (-ílitro) n milliliter

millimetro (-ímetro) n millimeter

million n million;
(duo) milliones de (homines) (two) million (men)
Hence: millionari; millionario-multimillionario etc.; millionesime

millionari adj millionaire

millionario n millionaire

millionesime (-ésime) adj millionth;
le millionesime parte, le millionesimo the millionth part, the millionth

mimar v to mimic

mime- v [occurring in derivatives and compounds] mime (= to imitate)
Hence: mimese etc.; mimetic-mimetismo; mimeographo etc.

mimeographar v to mimeograph

mimeographo (-ógrapho) n mimeograph
Hence: mimeographar

mimese n [Rhet.] mimesis, mimicry

mimet- see mimetic

mimetic adj mimetic, mimic, imitative

mimetismo n [Biol.] mimicry

mimic adj mimic (1. of a mime; 2. imitative)

mimica n gesticulation, use of gestures; also: mimetic expression; specif: facial expression

mimo n mime (1. [Antiq.] farce; 2. actor in a mime; 3. mimic, person skilled in mimicry)
Hence: mimic: mimica; mimose &; mimar; mimologo etc.; pantomime etc.

mimodrama n mimodrama, pantomime

mimographo (-ó-) n mimographer, writer of mimes

mimologia (-ía) n [Rhet.] mimesis, mimicry

mimologo (-mó-) n 1. mimologist (= reciter of mimes); 2. mimic, imitator
Hence: mimologia

mimosa n [Bot.] mimosa, sensitive plant

mimosaceas npl [Bot.] Mimosaceae

mimosacee adj [Bot.] mimosaceous

mimose adj sensitive (as in “sensitive plant”)
Hence: mimosa-mimosacee-mimosaceas

min-¹ [Chinese] n/adj [occurring in compounds] min- (= people; people’s, popular)
Hence: Kuomintang etc.

min-² see also minus

-min- v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: emin- &; immin- &; promin- &

mina n mine (1. as in “coal mine”); 2. [Mil.])
Hence: minar-minator; dragaminas etc.; poneminas etc.

minar v I. to undermine; II. to mine (1. as in “to mine a bridge”; 2. to dig for ore or metal)

minaret n [Arch.] minaret

minator n miner (1. as in “coal miner”; 2. [Mil.])

mineral¹ adj mineral;
regno mineral mineral kingdom;
aqua mineral mineral water;
oleo mineral mineral oil
Hence: mineralisar-mineralisation, mineralisator; vegetomineral etc.; mineral²-mineralogo etc.

mineral² n 1. mineral; 2. ore (as in “iron ore”)

mineralisar v to mineralize (= to transform into a mineral)

mineralisation n mineralization

mineralisator n mineralizer (as in “sulphur is a mineralizer”)

mineralogia (-ía) n mineralogy

mineralogic adj mineralogical

mineralogista n mineralogist

mineralogo (-ólogo) n mineralogist
Hence: mineralogia-mineralogista; mineralogic

Minerva npr [Rom. Relig.] Minerva
Hence: minerval

minerval adj Minervic, Minervan

miniar v I. to miniate (1. to paint with red lead; 2. to illuminate pages, manuscripts, etc.); II. to miniature, paint miniatures

miniatura n miniature (1. an illumination; 2. miniature portrait; 3. miniature representation, model, etc.);
in miniatura in miniature

miniaturar v to miniature; to paint, embellish with, miniatures

miniaturista n miniaturist

minima (mí-) n [Mus.] minim

minime¹ (mí-) adj 1. least, smallest, minimal; 2. very small, tiny;
precio minime minimum price
Hence: minimo; minima

[minime]² (mí-) adv 1. least; 2. very little; 3. by no means, not in the least, no!

minimo (mí-) n minimum;
Minimo [R.C.Ch.] Minim;
reducer al minimo to reduce to a minimum

minio n minium, red lead
Hence: miniar-miniatura-miniaturista, miniaturar

minister- see ministro

ministerial adj [Gov.] ministerial

ministerio n 1. office, function; 2. [Gov.] ministry, department

ministrar v to minister (1. to attend, be in attendance, serve; 2. to perform the function of a minister of the church)

ministro n I. agent, representative; II. minister (1. [Gov.]; 2. [Dipl.]; 3. [Prot. Churches]);
prime ministro Prime Minister;
ministro sin portafolio minister without portfolio
Hence: ministerio-ministerial; ministrar-administrar &, subministrar; ex-ministro

minoan adj Minoan

minoano n Minoan

minor adj minor (1. lesser, smaller; 2. [Law] under age; 3. [Mus.]);
Asia Minor Asia Minor;
le ordines minor [Eccl.] the minor orders
Hence: minoritate; Minorita

Minorita n [R.C.Ch.] Minorite

minoritate n minority (1. smaller number or part; 2. [Law]);
esser in minoritate to be in the minority

Minos (mí-) npr [Mythol.] Minos
Hence: minoan-minoano; minotauro etc.

minotauro n [Mythol.] Minotaur

minuendo n [Arith.] minuend

minuer [minu-/minut-] v to diminish, lessen
Hence: minuendo; minute &; diminuer &

minus (mí-) adv less;
minus belle (que) less beautiful (than);
le minus belle the least beautiful;
plus o minus more or less;
minus de (dece annos) less than (ten years);
a minus que unless;
al minus at least;
(le) minus (the) least (as in “what pleases me (the) least”);
minus (de) (moneta, etc.) less (money, etc.);
(quatro) minus (tres) (four) minus (three);
(totos) minus (ille) (all) except, but (him)
Hence: minuscule &; minime &; minuspreciar etc.

minuscula n 1. small or lower case letter; 2. minuscule

minuscule adj tiny, minute;
littera minuscule small or lower case letter
Hence: minuscula

minuspreciar v to despise
Hence: minusprecio

minusprecio n contempt, scorn

minuta n 1. draft (“the draft of a contract, etc.”); 2. minute (= the sixtieth part of an hour or of a geometric degree)
Hence: minutar

minutar v to draft (= to make a draft of)

minute adj minute (1. diminutive; 2. as in “a minute investigation”)
Hence: minutia-minutiose, minutiar; minuta &

minutia n minutia (= trifling detail);
minutias minutiae

minutiar v to mince (= to cut or chop into small pieces)

minutiose adj 1. meticulous, particular; 2. detailed, thorough

miocen adj [Geol.] Miocene
Hence: mioceno

mioceno n [Geol.] Miocene

mir- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: mirific; mirar &

mira n 1. aim (as in “take aim,” “good aim,” etc.); 2. sight (= device on a firearm)

mirabile dictu [L] mirabile dictu, wonderful to relate

miraculo n miracle
Hence: miraculose

miraculose adj miraculous

mirage (-aje) n mirage

mirar v 1. to look at (searchingly); 2. to (take) aim at
Hence: mira; miraculo &; mirage; admirar &

mirific adj marvelous

mis- prefixo mis- (1. badly, wrongly; 2. not)
Hence: miscontente etc.; miscredente etc.; misinterpretar etc.; misusar etc.

misanthrope adj misanthropic
Hence: misanthropia; misanthropo-misanthropic

misanthropia (-ía) n misanthropy

misanthropic adj misanthropic

misanthropo n misanthrope, misanthropist

miscellanea n miscellany; also: miscellanies

miscellanee adj miscellaneous
Hence: miscellanea

miscer [misc-/mixt-] v to mix, blend
Hence: miscibile-miscibilitate; mixtion; mixtura; mixte-mixtilinee etc.; admiscer &; commiscer &; immiscer &; promiscue &

miscibile adj miscible, mixable

miscibilitate n miscibility, mixability

miscontente adj discontent

miscredente¹ adj miscreant, unbelieving

miscredente² n miscreant, unbeliever

miscredentia n miscreance

mise en scène [F] n mise en scène, staging; also: stage setting

miserabile adj miserable (1. wretched; 2. vile, base)

miserar v to deplore, bewail;
miserar se to lament, moan

misere adj miserable, wretched
Hence: miseria; miserar-miserabile, commiserar &; misericorde etc.

miserere (-rére) n [Eccl.] Miserere (1. the 50th Psalm in the Vulgate; 2. musical setting of this Psalm)

miseria n 1. misery, wretchedness; 2. need, penury

misericorde adj merciful, compassionate, sympathizing
Hence: misericordia-misericordiose

misericordia n I. mercy, compassion, pity; II. misericord (1. [R.C.Ch.] dispensation from fasting, etc.; 2. [Eccl. Arch.] miserere; 3. dagger for giving the coup de grâce);
misericordia! mercy! gracious! etc.

misericordiose adj merciful, full of pity

misinterpretar v to misinterpret

misinterpretation n misinterpretation

miso- [occurring in compounds] miso-, mis- (= hatred, hating)
Hence: misogame etc.; misanthrope etc.; misoneismo etc.

misogame (-ó-) adj misogamic

misogamia (-ía) n misogamy

misogamo (-ó-) n misogamist

misogyne adj misogynic

misogynia (-ía) n misogyny, misogynism

misogyno (-ó-) n misogynist, misogyne

misoneismo (-ízmo) n misoneism (= hatred of the new)

misoneista (-ísta) n misoneist

misplaciar v to misplace, mislay

miss- see mitter

missa n [R.C.Ch.] Mass;
missa basse Low Mass;
missa solemne Solemn Mass, High Mass
Hence: missal

missal n missal

mission n mission (1. duty on which a person is sent; 2. body of persons sent out)
Hence: missionario

missionario n missionary

Mississippi npr Mississippi (1. Mississippi River; 2. State of Mississippi)

missiva n missive

misusage (-aje) n misusage

misusar v to misuse, also: to abuse

misuso n misuse; also: abuse

mitigar v to mitigate (= to make milder or gentler)
Hence: mitigation

mitigation n mitigation

miton n 1. mitten; 2. mitt

mitra n miter
Hence: mitrar

mitralia n mitraille; also: grape shot; canister shot
Hence: mitraliar-mitraliator, mitraliatrice

mitraliar v 1. to fire at with mitraille; 2. to machine-gun

mitraliator n machine gunner

mitraliatrice n machine gun

mitrar v to miter (= to invest with a miter)

mitter [mitt-/miss-] v -;
mitter in to put or place in or into;
mitter le naso in un cosa to poke one’s nose into something
Hence: mission &; missiva; admitter &; committer &; dimitter &; emitter &; intermitter &; intromitter &; omitter &; permitter &; premitter &; pretermitter &; promitter &; remitter &; submitter &; transmitter &; manumitter etc.

mixt- see miscer

mixte adj mixed;
traino mixte mixed train

mixtilinee adj [Geom.] mixtilineal, mixtilinear

mixtion n mixture (1. act of mixing; 2. something mixed)

mixtura n mixture (= something mixed)

mm abbr = millimetro;
mm² = millimetro quadrate;
mm³ = millimetro cubic

mnemo- n [occurring in compounds] mnemo- (= memory)
Hence: mnemogenese etc.; mnemotechnic etc.

mnemogenese (-gé-) n mnemogenesis

mnemogenesis (-gé-) n mnemogenesis

mnemonic adj mnemonic
Hence: mnemonica

mnemonica n mnemonics, mnemotechny

mnemotechnia (-ía) n mnemotechny, mnemonics

mnemotechnic adj mnemonic
Hence: mnemotechnica

mnemotechnica n mnemotechny, mnemonics

mnes- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] mnes- (= memory)
Hence: mnesic; amnesia &; cryptomnesia etc.

-mnesia see amnesia

mnesic adj mnesic (= pertaining to memory)

-mo see -ismo

mo- see mover; mon-

mobilar v to furnish (as in “to furnish a room”);
domo mobilate rooming or lodging house

mobile¹ adj mobile;
festas mobile movable feasts;
benes mobile personal estate, movables
Hence: mobilitate; mobiliari-immobiliari; mobilisar &; automobile &; immobile-immobilitate, immobilisar-immobilisation; locomobilo etc.; mobile² &

mobile² n piece of furniture;
mobiles furniture
Hence: mobiliario; mobilar-dismobilar

mobili- see mobile

mobiliari adj -;
benes mobiliari personal estate, movables

mobiliario n (set of) furniture

mobilisabile adj mobilizable

mobilisar v to mobilize (1. as in “to mobilize resources, wealth, etc.”; 2. to put troops on a war footing)
Hence: mobilisabile; mobilisation; demobilisar-demobilisation

mobilisation n [Mil.] mobilization

mobilitate n mobility

mocassin (móc-) n moccasin (as in “buckskin moccasins”)

moda n mode (= prevailing fashion);
modas women’s apparel;
al moda alamode, fashionable;
esser de moda to be in fashion;
passate de moda out of fashion
Hence: modista

modal adj modal (1. [Philos.]; 2. [Gram.]; 3. [Mus.])

modalitate n [Philos.] modality

modellar v to model (“to model in clay, etc.”);
modellar (se) super to model (oneself) on, upon

modellator n modeler

modello n model (1. thing, person, etc. to be copied; 2. mannequin); attrib. model (as in “a model marriage”)
Hence: modellar-modellator

moderante adj 1. ppr of moderar; 2. adj moderate (= inclined to compromise)

moderantismo n [Pol.] moderantism

moderantista n [Pol.] moderantist

moderar v to moderate;
moderar (un pena) to mitigate (a penalty)
Hence: moderante-moderantismo, moderantista; moderation-immoderation; moderator; moderate-moderatessa, immoderate-immoderatessa

moderate 1. pp of moderar; 2. adj moderate

moderatessa n moderateness

moderation n moderation

moderator n moderator (1. one who or that which renders moderate; 2. [Mech.])

moderne adj modern;
(construer) al moderne (to build) in modern style
Hence: modernismo; modernista; modernitate; modernisar-modernisation

modernisar v to modernize

modernisation n modernization

modernismo n modernism

modernista n modernist

modernitate n modernness, modernity

modeste adj modest
Hence: modestia, immodeste-immodestia

modestia n modesty

modic adj moderate;
precio modic reasonable price
Hence: modicitate

modicitate n moderateness;
modicitate de precios reasonableness of prices

modificabile adj modifiable

modificar v to modify; also: [Gram.]
Hence: modificabile; modification; modificative; modificator

modification n modification

modificative adj modificatory, modifying

modificator n modifier

modio n 1. modius (= Roman corn measure); 2. [Bib.] bushel
Hence: modiolo

modiolo (-dí-) n hub (of a wheel)

modista n milliner

modo n I. mode (1. [Mus.]; 2. way, manner); II. [Gram.] mood;
in modo ... -ly;
in modo special especially
Hence: modal-modalitate; modic &; modulo &; modificar &; omnimode etc.

modular v I. to mold, mould (a statue, etc.); II. to cast (a statue, etc.); III. to modulate (1. as in “to modulate one’s voice”; 2. [Mus.] to pass from one key into another)

modulation n modulation (1. act of modulating tone, inflection, or pitch; 2. [Mus.])

modulator n 1. molder, moulder; 2. modulator

modulatura n [Arch.] molding, moulding

modulo n I. mold, mould (1. as in “to cast in a mold”; 2. model); II. [Arch.] module
Hence: modular-modulation; modulator; modulatura

mohair [A] n mohair

Mohammed (-hám-) npr Mohammed
Hence: mohammedan-mohammedanismo, mohammedano

mohammedan adj Mohammedan

mohammedanismo n Mohammedanism

mohammedano n Mohammedan

mola n 1. millstone; 2. grindstone

molar¹ adj molar;
dente molar molar (tooth)

molar² n molar

mole n 1. mass, pile; 2. [Naut.] mole
Hence: molecula &; demolir &

molecula n molecule
Hence: molecular

molecular adj molecular

moler v to grind (as in “to grind coffee”)
Hence: mola-moletta, molar, molino &

molestar v to molest

molestation n molestation

moleste adj troublesome, irksome, annoying
Hence: molestia; molestar-molestation

molestia n trouble, annoyance

moletta n knurling tool

Molina, Luis npr [1535-1600; Spanish Jesuit and theologian]
Hence: molinismo, molinista

molinar v to mill (= to subject to the operation of a mill)

molinero n miller (= one who works a mill)

molinismo n Molinism (= the doctrine of Luis Molina)

molinista n Molinist (= a follower of Luis Molina)

molino n mill (= machine for grinding grain, etc.);
molino de vento, aqua, caffe, etc. windmill, water mill, coffee mill, etc.;
combatter le molinos de vento to tilt at or fight windmills
Hence: molinero; molinar

Molinos, Miguel de npr [1640-1697; Spanish priest and mystic, one of the chief exponents of Christian Quietism]
Hence: molinosismo; molinosista

molinosismo n Molinism (= the Quietistic doctrine of Miguel de Molinos)

molinosista n Molinist (= a follower of Miguel de Molinos)

molle adj soft (= not hard; also: not hardy)
Hence: mollessa; mollusco; mollir-amollir &; emollir &; mollificar &

mollessa n softness (= absence or lack of hardness; also: absence or lack of hardiness)

molliamento n moistening, wetting

molliar v to moisten, wet
Hence: molliamento; molliatura

molliatura n moistening, wetting; also: moisture, wetness

mollificar v to mollify
Hence: mollification

mollification n mollification

mollir v to soften (= to become soft)

mollusco n mollusk

momentanee adj momentary

momento n moment (1. instant; 2. [Mech.]);
de grande (parve) momento of great (little) moment;
momento de un fortia moment of a force;
momento de inertia moment of inertia;
le moda del momento the fashion of the moment;
le momento psychologic the psychological moment
Hence: momentanee; momentose

momentose adj momentous

mon- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] mon-, mono- (= only, single, alone)
Hence: monade &; monismo; monista-monistic; monoculo etc.; monadelphe etc.; monatomic; monarch-; monographo etc.; monolitho etc.; monologo etc.; monoplano etc.; monometallismo etc.; monophysita etc.; monotheista etc.; monochordo etc.; monochromatic etc.; monosyllabe etc.; monogame etc.; monomie etc.; monopolio etc.

monacha (mó-) n nun

monachal adj monkish, monachal

monachato n monkdom

monachismo n monachism

monacho (-mó-) n monk
Hence: monachismo; monachato; monachal; monacha

monade (mó-) n monad; also: [Philos.; Zool.; etc.]
Hence: monadismo; monadic; monadologia etc.

monadelphe adj [Bot.] monadelphous
Hence: monadelphia

monadelphia (-ía) n [Bot.] monadelphy

monadic adj monadic

monadismo n monadism

monadologia (-ía) n monadology

monandre adj monandrous
Hence: monandria

monandria (-ía) n monandry (1. [Anthropol.]; 2. [Bot.])

monarch- [occurring in derivatives] monarch- (1. to rule as monarch; 2. monarchic)
Hence: monarcha; monarchia-monarchismo, monarchista, monarchic

monarcha n monarch (= head of a monarchy)

monarchia (-ía) n monarchy

monarchic adj monarchic, monarchical; also: monarchistic

monarchismo n monarchism

monarchista n monarchist; also: attrib.

monas- v [occurring in derivatives] monas- (= to live alone)
Hence: monasterio &; monastic &

monasterial adj monasterial

monasterio n monastery
Hence: monasterial

monastic adj monastic, monasterial
Hence: monasticismo

monasticismo n monasticism

monatomic adj [Chem.] monatomic

moner v to admonish, advise
Hence: monition; monitor; monitori; monitorio; admoner &; premoner &; admonestar &

Moneta npr [Rom. Relig.] Moneta (as in “Juno Moneta”);
moneta 1. mint (= place where money is coined); 2. (current) coin; 3. money;
batter moneta to coin or mint money;
papiro moneta paper money;
moneta false counterfeit money;
moneta de tasca pocket money, pin money
Hence: monetari; monetero; monetar-monetage; monetisar-dismonetisar-dismonetisation; portamoneta etc.

monetage (-aje) n 1. minting, coining; 2. [Hist.] moneyage (= fee paid for minting privilege)

monetar v to mint (= to stamp and make into money)

monetari adj monetary

monetero n minter

monetisar v to monetize

mongol adj/n 1. Mongol, Mongolian (= native of Mongolia); 2. Mongolian, Mongolic
Hence: Mongolia; mongolismo; mongolic-mongolico; mongoloide

Mongolia npr Mongolia

mongolic adj Mongolian, Mongolic

mongolico n Mongolian (1. Mongol; 2. Mongolian language, Mongolic; 3. member of the Mongolian race)

mongolismo n [Pathol.] Mongolism

mongoloide adj Mongoloid

monismo n [Philos.] monism

monista n monist

monistic adj monistic

monition n admonition

monitor n monitor, admonisher

monitori adj monitory, admonitory

monitorio n monitory (letter)

monochordo n monochord

monochromatic adj monochromatic

monochrome adj monochrome

monoculo (-nó-) n monocle

monogame (-nó-) adj monogamous
Hence: monogamia-monogamic; monogamo

monogamia (-ía) n monogamy

monogamic adj monogamic

monogamo (-nó-) n monogamist

monogramma n monogram

monographia (-ía) n monograph

monographic adj monographic

monographo (-ógrapho) n monographer
Hence: monographia; monographic

monolithic adj monolithic

monolitho (-ólito) n monolith
Hence: monolithic

monologar v to deliver a monologue, monologize

monologo (-ólogo) n monolog(ue)
Hence: monologar

monometallismo n monometallism

monometallista n monometallist

monometric adj monometric

monometro (-ómetro) n monometer
Hence: monometric

monomie adj [Alg.] monomial
Hence: monomio

monomio n [Alg.] monomial

monophysita n [Theol.] Monophysite

monoplano n monoplane

monopolio n monopoly
Hence: monopolismo; monopolista; monopolisar-monopolisation

monopolisar v to monopolize

monopolisation n monopolization

monopolismo n monopolism

monopolista n monopolist

monosticho (-nó-) n [Pros.] monostich

monosyllabe (-sí-) adj monosyllabic
Hence: monosyllabo

monosyllabo (-sí-) n monosyllable

monotheismo (-ízmo) n monotheism

monotheista¹ (-ísta) n monotheist
Hence: monotheistic

monotheista² (-ísta) adj monotheistic

monotheistic (-ístic) adj monotheistic

monotone adj monotonous
Hence: monotonia

monotonia (-ía) n monotony

monotypo n [Print.] monotype

monstra n 1. show, display; 2. show window, display window; 3. sample;
facer monstra de (corage, etc.) to show, display (courage, etc.)

monstrabile adj fit to be seen, presentable

monstrar v to show; also: to display, point out, etc.
Hence: monstra; monstrabile; monstrator; demonstrar &; remonstrar &; monstravento etc.

monstrator n one who shows; also: demonstrator (= one who makes evident)

monstravento n weather vane

monstro n monster; attrib. monster
Hence: monstruose-monstruositate

monstruose adj monstrous

monstruositate n monstrosity

montacargas (-cár-) n hoist, lift (= lifting apparatus)

montage (-aje) n (action of) mounting (a jewel, picture, gun, etc.); also: montage

montan adj montane (1. mountainous; 2. mountain)
Hence: cismontan; transmontan; ultramontan &

montania n mountain;
montanias russe [Amusements] roller coaster, switchback railway;
catena de montanias chain of mountains, mountain range
Hence: montaniero; montaniose

montaniero n mountaineer

montaniose adj mountainous

montar v I. to mount (1. to ascend; 2. to fix in a setting, backing, support; etc.); II. [Breeding] to cover, serve;
montar un cavallo to mount a horse;
montar a pilo to ride bareback
Hence: montage-photomontage etc.; montatura; montata; dismontar &; remontar &; surmontar &; montacargas etc.

montata n climb, ascent; also: upward slope

montatura n (action of) mounting (a jewel, picture, gun, etc.); also: montage

monte n mountain, mount;
monte de pietate pawnshop;
a monte uphill
Hence: monticulo; montania &; montan &; montuose; amontar &; pedemonte etc.

monticulo n (small mountain), hill, monticule

montuose adj mountainous; also: hilly

monumental adj monumental

monumento n monument
Hence: monumental

mora¹ n 1. delay; 2. [Pros.] mora
Hence: morose-morositate; morar-moratori, moratorio, demorar &; remorar &

mora² n mulberry (= fruit of the mulberry)

moral¹ adj moral (1. as in “moral conduct”; 2. as in “moral victory”)
Hence: moralismo; moralista; moralitate; moralisar-moralisation, moralisator, dismoralisar &; amoral &; immoral &

moral² n 1. morals; 2. moral; 3. morale (as in “the morale of an army”)

moralisar v to moralize (1. to improve the morals of; 2. to study moral problems)

moralisation n moralization (1. action of improving the morals; 2. moral reflection)

moralisator n moralizer

moralismo n moralism (= moral practice, attitude, etc.)

moralista n moralist

moralitate n morality

morar v to delay, tarry, linger

moratori adj moratory

moratorio n moratorium

morbide adj 1. morbid; 2. [Art] delicately tinted, soft

morbiditate n morbidity

morbifere adj morbiferous

morbific adj morbific

morbo n disease, illness
Hence: morbide-morbiditate; morbifere; morbific

mordace adj biting (as in “biting sarcasm”), mordacious
Hence: mordacitate

mordacia n gag (= something thrust into a person’s mouth to prevent him from speaking)

mordacitate n mordacity

mordente¹ I. ppr of morder; II. adj mordant (1. corrosive; 2. biting, caustic)

mordente¹ n 1. [Dyeing] mordant; 2. [Mus.] mordent

morder [mord-/mors-] v to bite;
morder le pulvere to bite the dust
Hence: mordacia; mordace &; mordente; morsura; morso &; remorder &

more n manner, custom, usage;
mores mores
Hence: moral &

morena n [Geol.] moraine

morgue [F] n morgue (= place where bodies are kept for identification)

moribunde adj moribund, dying

moriente 1. ppr of morir; 2. adj dying

morir [mor-/mort-] v to die;
morir se to be dying slowly
Hence: moribunde; moriente; morte-amortir &, amortisar &, manomorte etc.; semimorte etc., morto; mortuari

Mormon n Mormon (as in “the Book of Mormon”);
mormon Mormon (= member of the Mormon Church)
Hence: mormonismo; mormonic

mormonic adj Mormon

mormonismo n Mormonism

moro n mulberry (= mulberry tree)
Hence: mora²

morose adj tardy, dilatory, lingering

morositate n slowness, tardiness

morph-¹ n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] morph-, morpho- (= form)
Hence: Morpheo &; amorphe-amorphia, amorphismo; metamorphe-metamorphismo, metamorphic; morphologo etc.; anthropomorphe etc.; isomorphe etc.; dimorphe etc.

morph-² see Morpheo

Morpheo (-éo) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Morpheus
Hence: morphina &

morphina n morphine
Hence: morphinismo; morphinomania etc.; morphinomano etc.

morphinismo n [Med.] morphinism

morphinomania (-ía) n morphinomania

morphinomano (-ómano) n morphinomaniac

morphologia (-ía) n morphology

morphologic adj morphological

morphologista n morphologist

morphologo (-ólogo) n morphologist
Hence: morphologia-morphologista; morphologic

mors- see morder

Morse, Samuel Finely Breese npr [1791-1872; American inventor and artist];
(alphabeto) Morse Morse (alphabet), Morse (code)

morsellar v to morsel

morsello n morsel (1. small bite; 2. piece, fragment)
Hence: morsellar

morso n bit (= part of the bridle that goes in a horse’s mouth)
Hence: morsello &

morsura n bite (1. act of biting; 2. wound caused by biting)

mort- see morir

mortal¹ adj mortal (1. destined to die; 2. fatal);
inimico mortal mortal foe;
peccato mortal mortal sin

mortal² n mortal

mortalitate n mortality (1. mortal nature; 2. death rate);
tabulas de mortalitate mortality tables

morte¹ n death;
morte civil civil death;
condemnar a morte to sentence (someone) to death;
poner a morte to put to death
Hence: mortal-mortalitate, immortal-immortalitate, immortalisar; mortifere; mortificar &

morte² adj dead;
natura morte still life;
aqua morte still, stagnant, water;
littera morte [Law] dead letter;
moneta morte dead capital;
puncto morte dead point, dead center

mortero n mortar (1. as in “mortar and pestle”; 2. [Mil.]; 3. as in “to plaster with mortar”)

mortifere adj deadly, fatal, death-bearing

mortificar v I. to mortify (1. [Eccl.]; 2. to cause to feel humiliated); II. [Pathol.] to cause to mortify
Hence: mortification-immortification; mortificator; mortificate-immortificate

mortificate 1. pp of mortificar; 2. adj mortified

mortification n mortification (1. [Eccl.]; 2. humiliation, shame; 3. [Pathol.])

mortificator n mortifier

morto n dead man or person, deceased

mortuari adj mortuary;
(camera, etc.) mortuari death (chamber, etc.)

mosaic (-áic) adj Mosaic

mosaico (-áico) n mosaic

mosaismo (-ízmo) n Mosaism

moschea (-éa) n mosque

Moscova npr 1. Moscow; 2. Moskva, Moscow River
Hence: Moscovia; moscovita

Moscovia npr Muscovy

moscovita n Muscovite

Moses (mó-) npr Moses
Hence: mosaismo, mosaic

moslem (mó-) n/adj Moslem, Mussulman

mosquitiera n mosquito net

mosquito [H] n mosquito; also: gnat
Hence: mosquitiera

mot- see mover

motin n mutiny
Hence: motinero; motinose; motinar

motinar v to cause to mutiny;
motinar se to mutiny

motinero n mutineer

motinose adj mutinous

motion n motion (1. movement; 2. [Parl.])
Hence: locomotion etc.

motivar v 1. to state the reason for; 2. to motivate

motivation n motivation

motive adj motive
Hence: locomotive etc.; motivo-motivar-motivation

motivo n 1. motive; 2. motif

moto- see motor

motocultura n mechanized agriculture

motocycletta n motorcycle

motocyclista n motorcyclist

motocyclo n motorcycle
Hence: motocycletta; motocyclista

motor n motor (as in “an electric motor”); attrib. motor, motive;
fortia motor motive power or force;
nervos, musculos motor motor or motory nerves, muscles;
motor Diesel Diesel motor or engine
Hence: motorisar-motorisation; motorcyclo etc.; locomotor etc.; electromotor etc.; motocultura etc.

motorcyclista n motorcyclist

motorcyclo n motorcycle
Hence: motorcyclista

motorisar v to motorize

motorisation n motorization

mottetto n [Mus.] motet

motto n motto
Hence: mottetto

mover [mov-/mot-] v to move (1. to cause to move; 2. to affect with emotion, stir up)
Hence: movimento; mobile &; movibile; motion &; motive &; motor &; amover &; commover &; emover &; promover &; remover &

movibile adj movable

movimento n movement (1. action or process of moving; 2. as in “popular movement, youth movement, etc.”);
movimento perpetue perpetual motion

Moyse (-sé) npr Moses

[mox] adv soon, at once, directly

mozarabe [H] n Mozarab (= member of the Christian population of Spain under the Arabs)
Hence: mozarabic

mozarabic adj Mozarabic;
rito mozarabic Mozarabic rite

mucer v 1. to be moldy; to be musty
Hence: mucide; mucor

mucide adj moldy, musty; mucid

mucilagine n [Bot.] mucilage (= mucilaginous sap)
Hence: mucilaginose

mucilaginose adj mucilaginous (as in “mucilaginous glands”)

mucina n [Biochem.] mucin

mucipare adj muciparous

muco n mucus
Hence: mucilagine &; mucina; mucose-mucositate, mucosa; mucipare etc.

mucor n 1. mold, moldiness; mustiness; 2. [Bot.] Mucor

mucosa n [Anat.] mucosa; mucous membrane

mucose adj mucous;
membrana mucose mucous membrane

mucositate n mucosity, mucousness

muezzin n muezzin

mufti n mufti (= official expounder of Mohammedan law)

mugir v 1. to bellow (= to roar as the bull does); 2. to low, moo;
le vento mugi the wind howls

mula n she-mule

mulatto n mulatto

mulcta n fine (as in “fine of ten dollars”), mulct
Hence: mulctar

mulctar v to fine, mulct

mulero n muleteer, mule driver

mulger [mulg-/muls-] v to milk (cows, goats, etc.)
Hence: mulsion; mulgitor; mulgitura; emulger &

mulgitor n one who milks, milker

mulgitura n (action of) milking

mullah (-lá) n [Moham.] mullah

mulo n [Zool.] mule; specif: he-mule
Hence: mulero; mula

muls- see mulger

mulsion n (action of) milking

multarticulate adj [Zool.] multarticulate, multiarticulate

multe adj 1. much; 2. many
Hence: multitude; [permulte] &; multimillionario etc.: multiforme etc.; multicolor etc.; multicellular etc.; multiloque etc.; multiloquente etc.; multiple etc.; multiplice etc.; multungule etc.; multo

multiarticulate adj [Zool.] multarticulate, multiarticulate

multicapsular adj multicapsular

multicaule (-cáu-) adj [Bot.] multicauline, having several stems

multicellular adj multicellular

multicolor adj multicolored

multicuspide (-cús-) adj [Bot.] multicuspid, multicuspidate

multifide (-tí-) adj multifid (= cleft severally)

multi-flor adj multiflowered

multiforme adj multiform
Hence: multiformitate

multiformitate n multiformity

multilatere adj many-sided, multilateral

multilobate adj [Bot., Zool.] multilobate, multilobed, multilobar

multilobe (-tí-) adj [Bot., Zool.] multilobar, multilobed, multilobate

multilocular adj [Bot., Zool.] multilocular

multiloque (-tí-) adj multiloquous, talkative

multiloquente adj multiloquent, talkative
Hence: multiloquentia

multiloquentia n multiloquence, talkativeness

multimillionario n multimillionaire

multinomie adj [Math.] multinominal, polynomial
Hence: multinomio

multinomio n [Math.] multinominal, polynominal

multipara (-tí-) n multipara

multipare adj multiparous
Hence: multiparitate, multipara

multiparitate n multiparity

multipartite adj multipartite

multipede (-tí-) adj multiped, multipede

multiple (múl-) adj multiple (1. manifold, multiplex; 2. [Math.])
Hence: multiplo

multiplicabile adj multiplicable, multipliable

multiplicando n multiplicand

multiplicar v to multiply (1. to make more numerous; 2. [Math.]);
multiplicar se 1. to multiply (= to become more numerous); 2. to be half a dozen places at once

multiplication n multiplication;
tabula de multiplication multiplication table

multiplicative adj multiplicative

multiplicator n [Math.] multiplier;
multiplicator de frequentia [Elec.] frequency multiplier

multiplice (-tí-) adj multiple (1. manifold, multiplex; 2. [Math.])
Hence: multiplicitate, multiplicar-multiplicando, multiplicabile, multiplication, multiplicative, multiplicator

multiplicitate n multiplicity

multiplo (múl-) n [Math.] multiple;
le minime commun multiplo the least common multiple, LCM

multipolar adj [Anat., Elec.] multipolar

multisense adj multisensual, multivocal (= having many meanings)

multisone adj multisonous, multisonant

multitubular adj multitubular

multitude n multitude (1. large number; 2. crowd, throng)

multivage (-tí-) adj multivagant, muchwandering

multivalve adj [Bot., Zool.] multivalve, multivalved

multivalvular [Bot., Zool.] multivalvular

multivie (-tí-) adj multivious (= having many roads)

multo adv 1. very; 2. much

multungulate adj [Zool.] multungulate

multungule adj [Zool.] multungulate

mumia n mummy
Hence: mumificar-mumification

mumificar v to mummify (= to embalm as a mummy)

mumification n mummification

-mun adj [occurring in compounds]
Hence: immun &; commun &

München [G] npl Munich, München

mundadentes (-dén-) n toothpick

mundan adj 1. mundane, worldly; 2. society (attrib.), of the world

mundanitate n 1. worldliness; 2. fashionableness

mundar v to cleanse; also: to clean (= to make clean)

munde adj clean
Hence: munditia; mundar-mundadentes etc.; mundificar-mundification; immunde-immunditia

mundial adj world-wide;
guerra mundial World War

mundificar v to cleanse, purify

mundification n cleansing, purification

munditia n cleanness, cleanliness

mundo n world (1. Universe; 2. earth; 3. society);
tote le mundo everybody;
le vetule mundo the Old World;
le nove mundo the New World;
le mundo literari the literary world
Hence: mundial; mundan-mundanitate, supermundan

munerar v to present, give
Hence: remunerar &

muni- [occurring in compounds]
Hence: municipe etc.; munificente etc.

Munich (mú-) npr Munich

municipal adj municipal;
consilio municipal city or town council

municipalisar v to municipalize

municipalitate n 1. municipality (= town, city, etc., having local self-government); 2. town or city council, municipality; 3. town or city hall

municipe (-ní-) n townsman
Hence: municipio; municipal-municipalitate, municipalisar

municipio n 1. [Rom. Hist.] municipium; 2. town district

munificente adj munificent
Hence: munificentia

munificentia n munificence

munir v 1. to fortify (as in “to fortify a city”); 2. to provide with, furnish
Hence: munition-munitionero, munitionar; premunir

munition n 1. military supplies, munitions; 2. ammunition;
pan de munition [Mil.] ration bread

munitionar v to munition, supply with munitions

munitionero n munitioner, munitioneer

mural adj mural;
pictura mural mural (painting);
(mappa) mural wall (map)

muralia n [Fortif.] wall

murar v 1. to wall in, surround with a wall; 2. to wall up

mure n mouse
Hence: murides

muria n brine
Hence: muriato; muriate; muriatic; salmuria etc.

muriate adj muriated (= impregnated with chloride)

muriatic adj muriatic;
acido muriatic muriatic acid, hydrochloric acid

muriato n muriate, chloride

murides (múr-) n [Zool.] Muridae

murmurar v to murmur; also: to mutter, mumble, grumble, babble etc.

murmuration n (action of) murmuring; also: muttering, mumbling, grumbling, babbling, babble, etc.

murmurator n murmurer; also: mutterer, mumbler, grumbler, etc.

murmure n murmur; also: muttering, mumbling, grumbling, etc.
Hence: murmurose; murmurar-murmuration, murmurator; murmurear

murmurear v to murmur; also: to mutter, mumble, grumble, etc.

murmurose adj murmurous (= filled with, or making, murmurs)

muro n wall (= upright structure of masonry, etc.)
Hence: muralia; mural-antemural, extramural, intramural; murar

mus n mouse
Hence: musaranea etc.

musa n Muse, muse
Hence: museo; music; musico; musica &

musaranea n [Zool.] shrew

musca n 1. [Entom.] fly; 2. tuft of hair (on lower lip); 3. beauty spot, patch;
muscas volante [Pathol.] muscae volitantes;
musca de Hispania Spanish fly, blister beetle;
musca artificial [Angling] fly
Hence: muscides

muscate adj -;
bove muscate musk ox;
ratto muscate muskrat;
nuce muscate nutmeg;
rosa muscate musk rose

muscatello n muscatel (1. muscat grape; 2. muscatel wine)

muscato n muscat (1. muscat grape; 2. muscatel wine)

muschettero n musketeer

muschetto n musket, rifle
Hence: muschettero

muscides (mús-) npl [Zool.] Muscidae

musco¹ n moss
Hence: muscose; muscologia etc.

musco² n musk (1. musk deer; 2. “musk substance or perfume”)
Hence: muscate-muscato-muscatello

muscologia (-ía) n bryology, muscology (= science af mosses)

muscose adj mossy

muscular adj muscular (as in “muscular energy”)

musculate adj muscled, muscular

musculatura n muscular system, musculature

musculina n [Biochem.] musculin

musculo¹ (mús-) n muscle
Hence: musculatura; muscular; musculate; musculina; musculose-musculositate

musculo² (mús-) n mussel; also: clam

musculose adj muscular (as in “muscular man”)

musculositate n muscularity

musellar v to muzzle

musello n muzzle (as in “a dog wearing a muzzle”)
Hence: musellar

museo (-éo) n museum

music adj 1. artistic, disposed for the fine arts; 2. musical (= of or pertaining to music)

musica n music;
poner in musica to set to music
Hence: musichetta; musical; musicar-musicante; musicologo etc.

musical adj musical (as in “musical arrangement”);
aure musical musical ear

musicante n musician

musicar v to play, make music

musich- see musica

musichetta n easy unpretentious music

musico n musician

musicologia (-ía) n musicology

musicologo (-có-) n musicologist
Hence: musicologia

musicomania (-ía) n musicomania

musicomano (-có-) n musicomaniac
Hence: musicomania

muso n snout, muzzle
Hence: musello &

musselina n muslin

mustachio n moustache

mustang [A] n mustang

mustarda n mustard
Hence: mustardero; mustardiera

mustardero n mustard maker, mustard seller

mustardiera n mustard jar, mustard pot

mustela n weasel

musto n must (= new wine, sweet cider)
Hence: mustarda &

musulman n Mussulman, Moslem

muta n molt (= process of molting)

mutabile adj changeable, mutable

mutabilitate n mutability

mutar v 1. to change (= to make or become different); 2. to molt
Hence: muta; mutue &; mutabile-mutabilitate, immutabile-immutabilitate; mutation; commutar &; permutar &; transmutar &

mutation n mutation (1. change; 2. [Biol.])

mutatis mutandis [L] mutatis mutandis

mute adj mute, dumb, silent;
littera mute [Phonet.] mute or silent letter
Hence: mutismo; mutescer; surdemute etc.

mutescer v to grow mute, grow silent

mutilar v to mutilate

mutilate 1. pp of mutilar; 2. adj wounded (as in “wounded soldier”)

mutilation n mutilation

mutilato n wounded (soldier);
mutilatos de guerra wounded (soldiers)

mutilator n mutilator

mutile adj maimed, mutilated
Hence: mutilar-mutilation, mutilator, mutilate-mutilato

mutismo n muteness, dumbness, mutism

mutual adj mutual, reciprocal

mutualitate n mutuality, reciprocity

mutue adj mutual, reciprocal
Hence: mutual-mutualitate

muzhik [R] n muzhik

my- v [occurring in compounds] my- (= to shut the eyes, blink)
Hence: myope etc.

myope adj short-sighted, near-sighted, myopic
Hence: myopia

myopia (-ía) n short-sightedness, near-sightedness, myopia

myosotis (-só-) n [Bot.] forget-me-not, myosotis

myri- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] myria-, myri- (1. countless; 2. ten thousand)
Hence: myriade; myriagramma etc.; myriapode etc.

myriade (-íade) n myriad (1. ten thousand; 2. indefinitely large number)

myriagramma n myriagram

myriametro (-á-) n myriameter

myriapode (-á-) adj myriapod
Hence: myriapodo

myriapodo (-á-) n myriapod;
myriapodos [Zool.] Myriapoda

myrrha n myrrh (= gum resin produced by the myrrh tree)
Hence: myrrhic; myrrhar

myrrhar v to perfume with myrrh

myrrhic adj myrrhic

myrtaceas npl [Bot.] Myrtaceae

myrtacee adj myrtaceous

myrtiforme adj myrtiform

myrtillo n whortleberry, blueberry

myrto n myrtle
Hence: myrtacee-myrtaceas; myrtiforme etc.

mysta n [Gr. Relig.] mystes (= an initiate in the mysteries)
Hence: mysterio &; mystic &; mystico; mystica; mystificar &; mystagogo etc.

mystagogia (-ía) n mystagogy

mystagogo n mystagogue
Hence: mystagogia

mysterio n mystery (1. as in “the Eleusinian mysteries”; 2. [Eccl.]; 3. secret, obscure fact or force, motive, etc.; 4 mystery play)
Hence: mysteriose

mysteriose adj mysterious

mystic adj mystic, mystical
Hence: mysticismo; mysticitate

mystica n mystical theology, mysticism

mysticismo n mysticism

mysticitate n mysticalness

mystico n mystic

mystificar v to mystify, hoax
Hence: mystification; mystificator

mystification n mystification, hoax

mystificator n mystifier, hoaxer

mythic adj mythical

mytho n myth
Hence: mythic; mythographo etc.; mythologo etc.; stichomythia etc.

mythographia (-ía) n mythography

mythographo (-tó-) mythographer
Hence: mythographia

mythologia (-ía) n mythology

mythologic adj mythological

mythologista n mythologist

mythologo (-tó-) n mythologist
Hence: mythologia-mythologic; mythologista