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i- see in-

-i- see -ion

-ia¹ suffixo substantive [used with nouns and adjectives] 1. [used with adjectives, especially verbal adjectives in -nt-] -(c)y, -(c)e (= state or quality of being ...); 2. [used with names of peoples and persons] -ia, -y (= country, province, or region of the ...s, or named for ...)
Hence: -antia; -entia; -ientia; efficacia etc.; perfidia etc.; fortia etc.; ineptia etc.; modestia etc.; insomnia etc.; Arabia etc.; Francia etc.; Georgia etc.; Burgundia etc.

-ia² (-ía or stressed on preceding vowel) suffixo substantive [used especially with compounds] -ia, -y (1. [expressing state, quality, and status]; 2. [expressing action, result, and product]; 3. [expressing art, science, and practice])
Hence: -eria; abbatia etc.; bizarria etc.; zelosia etc.; nostalgia etc.; monarchia etc.; hemorrhagia etc.; photographia etc.; anatomia etc.; geologia etc.; metallurgia etc.; idolatria etc.

iambic adj [Pros.] iambic

iambico n iambic (= verse composed of iambic feet)

iambo n [Pros.] iamb
Hence: iambic-iambico

-ian suffixo adjective [used with names of places and persons] -ian (1. pertaining to ...; 2. native to or inhabiting ...)
Hence: -iano; christian etc.; parisian etc.

-iano suffixo substantive [used with names of places and persons] -ian (1. native or inhabitant of ...; 2. adherent of ...)
Hence: parisiano etc.; christiano etc.

iatro- n [occurring in compounds] iatro- (= physician)
Hence: hippiatro etc.; psychiatro etc. ...

iber adj Iberian, Iberic
Hence: ibero-Iberia, iberic, celtibero etc.

Iberia npr Iberia

iberic adj Iberic, Iberian;
Peninsula Iberic Iberian Peninsula

ibero n Iberian

ibi adv there

ibidem (-bí-) adv 1. in the same place, in that very place; 2. ibidem;
ibid., ib. ibid., ib.

-ibile suffixo adjective [used with verbs in -er and -ir] -ible, -able (= that can be ...ed; that is worthy to be ...)
Hence: legibile etc.; audibile etc.; deducibile etc.; deductibile etc.; defensibile etc.; flexibile etc.; sensibile etc.

-ic suffixo adjective [-c after -i- of the stem, or of another suffix; used with nouns] -ic, -ical (= of, pertaining to etc., ... or ...s)
Hence: -ico; -ica; prosaic etc.; arabic etc.; cubic etc.; dramatic etc; jornalistic etc.; methodic etc.; nostalgic etc.; psychologic etc.

-ica suffixo substantive [used with nouns] -ic, -ics (= the science or study of ...)
Hence: logica etc.; ethica etc.; botanica etc.; gymnastica etc.

icarie adj Icarian;
Mar Icarie Icarian Sea

Icaro (í-) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Icarus
Hence: icarie

iceberg [A] n iceberg

ichthy- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] ichthy-, ichthyo- (= fish)
Hence: ichthyic; ichthyocolla etc.; ichthyol etc.; ichthyologo etc.; ichthyophage etc.

ichthyic adj [Zool.] ichthyic

ichthyocolla n fish-glue, ichthyocol

ichthyol n [Pharm.] ichthyol

ichthyolitho (-ó-) n [Paleontol.] ichthyolite

ichthyologia (-ía) n ichthyology

ichthyologic adj ichthyological

ichthyologista n ichthyologist

ichthyologo (-ólogo) n ichthyologist
Hence: ichthyologia-ichthyologista; ichthyologic

ichthyophage (-ófage) adj ichthyophagous, fish-eating
Hence: ichthyophagia; ichthyophago

ichthyophagia (-ía) n ichthyophagy

ichthyophago (-ófago) n ichthyophagist

ichthyosauro n [Paleontol.] ichthyosaur, ichthyosaurus

-ico suffixo substantive [used with nouns; usually correlative to words in -ic and -ica] -ic, -ician, -icist (= one skilled in the art or science of ...)
Hence: critico etc.; diplomatico etc.; historico etc.; magico etc.; musico etc.; physico etc.

icone n icon
Hence: iconic; iconographo etc.; iconoclasta etc.; iconolatra etc.; iconostase etc.

iconic adj iconic

iconoclasta n iconoclast
Hence: iconoclastic

iconoclastic adj iconoclastic

iconographia (-ía) n iconography

iconographic adj iconographic

iconographo (-nó-) n iconographer
Hence: iconographia; iconographic

iconolatra (-nó-) n iconolater
Hence: iconolatria

iconolatria (-ía) n iconolatry

iconologia (-ía) n iconology

iconologo (-nó-) n iconologist
Hence: iconologia

iconostase (-nó-) n iconostasis

[id] 1. pron pers it; 2. dem pron that;
id es, i.e. that is (to say), i.e.

idea (-éa) n idea
Hence: ideal &; idear-ideation; ideogramma etc.

ideal¹ adj ideal
Hence: idealitate; idealismo; idealista; idealisar-idealisation, idealisator

ideal² n ideal

idealisar v to idealize

idealisation n idealization

idealisator n idealizer

idealismo n idealism

idealista¹ adj idealist, idealistic

idealista² n idealist

idealitate n ideality

idear v to ideate, conceive

ideation n ideation

idem (í-) pron 1. the same (thing); 2. idem

ident- [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: identitate; identic; identificar &

identic adj identical;
identic a identical with

identificabile adj identifiable

identificar v to identify (1. to make identical, to treat as identical; 2. to establish the identity of)
Hence: identificabile; identification

identification n identification

identitate n identity

ideogramma n ideogram

ideographia (-ía) n ideography
Hence: ideographic

ideographic adj ideographic

ideologia (-ía) n ideology (1. science of ideas; 2. as in “Fascist ideology”)

ideologic adj ideologic, ideological

ideologo (-ólogo) n ideologist
Hence: ideologia; ideologic

idi- adj [occurring in compounds] idio- (= own, peculiar; separate, distinct)
Hence: idiosyncrasia etc.

idioma [-ma/-mat-] n idiom (= language peculiar to a people, region, etc.)
Hence: idomatic

idiomat- see idioma

idiomatic adj idiomatic

idiom neutral [I.N.] n [Interling.] Idiom Neutral

idiosyncrasia (-ía) n idiosyncrasy
Hence: idiosyncrasic

idiosyncrasic adj idiosyncratic

idiota n idiot; attrib. idiotic
Hence: idiotia; idiotic; idiotismo

idiotia (-ía) n idiocy

idiotic adj idiotic

idiotismo n 1. idiom, idiomatic expression; 2. idiocy

idista n [Interling.] Idist

ido [Ido] n [Interling.] Ido
Hence: idista

idolatra (-dó-) n idolater; attrib. idolatrous
Hence: idolatria; idolatric; idolatrar

idolatrar v to idolize (= to make an idol of)

idolatria (-ía) n idolatry

idolatric adj idolatrous, idolatric

idolisar v idolize (= to make an idol of)

idolo (í-) n idol
Hence: idolisar; idolatra etc.

idyllic adj idyllic

idyllio n idyll
Hence: idyllic

-iente¹ suffixo adjective [used with verbs in -ir; forming verbal adjectives] -ing, -ient (as in “nourishing,” “nutrient”)
Hence: -ientia; conveniente etc.; obediente etc.

-iente² suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -ir] -ient (1. one who or that which is ...ient; 2. one who or that which ...)
Hence: emolliente etc.; expediente etc.

-ientia suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -ir] -ience, -iency (= state or quality of or being ...ient)
Hence: convenientia etc.; experientia etc.

-iera suffixo substantive 1. container, holder, etc. (= that which contains, covers, or protects ...); 2. field; mine, quarry, etc. (= place where ... grows or is found)
Hence: sucriera etc.; garrettiera etc.; risiera etc.; carboniera etc.

-iero suffixo substantive [used with names of fruits, nuts, etc.] tree, bush, plant (= tree, etc. bearing or producing ...s)
Hence: amandoliero etc.; fragiero etc.

-ifere suffixo adjective [used with nouns] -iferous (= bearing, producing, yielding)
Hence: carbonifere etc.; conifere etc.; herbifere etc.; prolifere etc.

-ific (-ífic) suffixo adjective [-fic after -i-; used with nouns] -ific, -fic (= making, causing)
Hence: -ificar; calorific etc.; pacific etc.; scientific etc.

-ificar suffixo verbal [-ficar after -i-; used with nouns and adjectives] -ify, -fy (= to make, render ...; to convert into ...)
Hence: amplificar etc.; clarificar etc.; magnificar etc.; petrificar etc.

-ig- see ager

igitur (í-) adv/conj then, therefore, thereupon

igne n fire
Hence: ignee; ignir-ignition; ignicola etc.; ignivome etc.

ignee adj igneous (1. fiery; 2. [Geol.])

ignicola (-í-) n fire worshipper

ignir v to ignite

ignition n (state of) ignition, combustion

ignivome (-í-) adj vomiting fire, ignivomous

ignobile adj ignoble (1. of low birth or position; 2. mean, base)
Hence: ignobilitate

ignobilitate n ignobleness

ignominia n ignominy
Hence: ignominiose

ignominiose adj ignominious

ignorabile adj ignorable

ignorante adj ignorant (= knowing nothing)

ignorantia n ignorance

ignorantismo n ignorantism

ignorar v 1. not to know, to be ignorant of; 2. to ignore;
non ignorar to know very well, be well aware of
Hence: ignorante-ignorantia, ignorantismo; ignorabile

il impers pron it

[il] pron pers 1. he; 2. him (as in “with him, with it”, “for him, for it”)
(= ille)

il- see in-

ilice (í-) n holly

illa pron pers 1. she; 2. her (as in “of her,” “with her”)

illac adv there

ille¹ I. dem adj 1. that, those; 2. (the) former (= first of two); II. dem pron 1. that (one); 2. the former

ille² pron pers 1. he; it; 2. him; it (as in “with him,” “with it”; “for him,” “for it”)

illegal adj illegal

illegalitate n illegality

illegibile adj illegible

illegibilitate n illegibility

illegitime (-gí-) adj illegitimate;
(filio) illegitime illegitimate (son)

illegitimitate n illegitimacy

illes I. pron pers 1. they; 2. them (as in “with them,” “for them”); II. dem pron those

illese adj uninjured, unhurt

[illi] pron pers they
(= illes)

illiberal adj illiberal (1. not liberal, narrow-minded; 2. not generous, stingy)

illiberalitate n illiberality

[illic] adv there, in that place
(= illac)

illicite (-lí-) adj illicit

illimitabile adj illimitable

illimitate adj unlimited

illitterate, iliterate adj illiterate (1. unlettered; 2. unable to read or write)

illo pron pers it [used as subject, and as object of a prep.]

illogic adj illogical

illuder [-lud-/-lus-] v to deceive, put under an illusion
Hence: illusion-illusionismo, illusionista, illusionar, disillusion-disillusionar-disillusionamento; illusori

illuminabile adj illuminable

illuminante adj illuminating, illuminant

illuminar v to illuminate, iliumine (1. to light up; 2. to adorn with decorative letters and miniatures; 3. to enlighten)
Hence: illuminante; illuminista; illuminismo; illuminabile; illumination; illuminative; illuminator; illuminate-illuminato

illuminate 1. pp of illuminar; 2. adj enlightened, illuminate

illumination n illumination (1. action of illuminating or lighting up; 2. “illumination of a manuscript”; 3. enlightenment)

illuminative adj illuminating, illuminative

illuminato n illuminato (= one of the illuminati)

illuminator n illuminator

illuminismo n illuminism

illuminista n illuminist

illus- see illuder

illusion n illusion

illusionar v to delude

illusionismo n illusionism

illusionista n illusionist (1. adherent of illusionism; 2. prestidigitator, conjurer)

illusori adj illusory, illusive

illustrar¹ v to illustrate (1. to elucidate; 2. to provide with illustrations)
Hence: illustration¹; illustrative; illustrator

illustrar² v to illustrate, make illustrious

illustration¹ n illustration (1. elucidation; 2. drawing, or picture used to illustrate)

illustration² n illustration (= state of being illustrious)

illustrative adj illustrative

illustrator n illustrator

illustre adj illustrious
Hence: illustrar-illustration²

Illyria npr Illyria

illyric adj Illyric, Illyrian

illyrie adj Illyrian, Illyric

illyrio n Illyrian
Hence: Illyria; illyrie; illyric

im- see in-

imaginabile adj imaginable

imaginar v 1. to imagine; 2. to devise, invent

imaginari adj imaginary

imagination n imagination (1. act of imagining or picturing in the mind; 2. power of imagination)

imaginative adj imaginative

imagine n image
Hence: imaginari; imaginar-imaginabile, imagination, imaginative

imballar v to pack (as in “to pack in a trunk”)
Hence: disimballar

imbalsamamento n 1. embalming, embalmment (of dead bodies); 2. (action of) perfuming

imbalsamar v 1. to embalm (“to embalm a dead body”); 2. to scent, perfume (= to fill with sweet odor)
Hence: imbalsamamento; imbalsamator

imbalsamator n embalmer

imbarcamento n embarkation, embarkment

imbarcar v to embark (= to put on board ship);
imbarcar se in (un interprisa) to embark upon, in (an enterprise)

imbarcation n 1. embarkation; 2. small vessel, boat

imbarcatorio n quay, wharf, dock

imbarrilar v to barrel

imbecille¹ adj imbecile; foolish
Hence: imbecillitate

imbecille² n imbecile; fool

imbecillitate n imbecility

imbellimento n embellishment (1. act of embellishing; 2. adornment, ornament)

imbellir v to embellish (= to make beautiful)

imbiber v 1. to imbibe, absorb; 2. to soak, be soaked; 3. to imbue, inspire

imbibibile adj undrinkable

imbibimento n absorption, soaking

imbibition n 1. absorption, imbibition; 2. act of soaking

imboscada n ambush;
cader in un imboscada to fall into an ambush

imboscar v to ambush (= to place in ambush);
imboscar se to ambush, lie in ambush
Hence: imboscada

imbottiliar v to bottle

imbraciamento n embrace

imbraciar v to embrace (1. to clasp in one’s arms, hug; 2. “to embrace a career, cause, etc.”; 3. to comprise, include)
Hence: imbraciamento

imbroglio [I] n imbroglio (= intricate and complicated situation)

imbroliamento n entanglement, embroilment

imbroliar v to entangle, embroil (= to throw into a state of confusion)
Hence: imbroliamento

imbrunir v to brown (= to make brown)

imbrutiente adj besotting, stupefying

imbrutimento n sottishness, brutishness

imbrutir v to stupefy, besot

imbuccamento n 1. (act of) putting (food, also: words, etc.) into (someone’s) mouth; also: (act of) forcing down; 2. (act of) raising (the mouthpiece of a wind instrument) to the lips; also: (act of) blowing (a wind instrument); 3. (action of) flowing into

imbuccar v 1. to put (food, also: words, etc.) into (someone’s) mouth; also: to force down; 2. to raise (the mouthpiece of a wind instrument) to the lips; also: to blow (a wind instrument);
imbuccar in to flow into
Hence: imbuccamento; imbuccatura

imbuccatura n I. [Mus.] embouchure (1. the shaping of lips, tongue, etc., in producing a tone; 2. mouthpiece of a wind instrument); II. mouthpiece (of a horse’s bit); III. mouth (of a river)

imbursar v to take in, imburse
Hence: reimbursar &

-imento suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -er and -ir] -iment, -ishment, -ment (= action or result of
Hence: abolimento etc.; assortimento etc.; blandimento etc.; experimento etc.; sedimento etc.

-imer see emer

-imic see amic

imitabile adj imitable

imitar v to imitate
Hence: imitabile-inimitabile; imitation; imitative; imitator; imitate

imitate 1. pp of imitar; 2. adj imitation (as in “imitation lace”)

imitation n imitation

imitative adj imitative

imitator n imitator; attrib imitative (= given to imitation)

immaculate adj immaculate;
le Immaculate Conception the Immaculate Conception

immagazinage (-aje) n warehousing, storing up

immagazinar v to warehouse, store up

immaliar v to enmesh

immaneabile adj unmanageable

immanente adj immanent

immanentia n immanence

immaner v to stay within, be immanent
Hence: immanente-immanentia

immanicar v to fix a handle to

immarcescibile adj not withering, not wilting (= not liable to wither or wilt)

immaterial adj immaterial (= not material)

immaterialitate n immateriality

immatur adj unripe; immature

immaturitate n unripeness; immaturity

immediate adj immediate

immedicabile adj immedicable

immemorabile adj immemorial

immemorial adj immemorial

immense adj immense
Hence: immensitate

immensitate n immensity

immensurabile adj immeasurable, immensurable

immensurabilitate n immeasurability, immensurability

immentionabile adj unmentionable

immerger [-merg-/-mers-] v to immerse, immerge (= to dip, plunge)
Hence: immersion

immers- see immerger

immersion n immersion (1. dipping, plunging; 2. [Astron.])

immesurabile adj immeasurable, immensurable

immesurabilitate n immeasurability, immensurability

immigrante n immigrant

immigrar v to immigrate
Hence: immigrante; immigration; immigrato

immigration n immigration (= act of immigrating)

immigrato n immigrant

immin- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: imminente-imminentia

imminente adj imminent

imminentia n imminence

immiscer [-mise-/-mixt-] v to commingle, mix up, immix
Hence: immixtion

immixt- see immiscer

immixtion n immixture

immobile¹ adj immovable, immobile (1. incapable of movement; 2. not moving, motionless);
benes immobile real estate, immovables

immobile² n piece of real property;
immobiles real estate, realty, immovables

immobiliari adj -;
benes immobiliari real estate, immovables

immobilisar v to immobilize

immobilisation n immobilization

immobilitate n immobility

immoderate adj immoderate

immoderatessa n immoderateness

immoderation n immoderation

immodeste adj immodest (1. presumptuous, forward; 2. indecent, improper)

immodestia n immodesty (1. presumptuousness, forwardness; 2. indelicacy, unchastity)

immolar v to immolate
Hence: immolation; immolator

immolation n immolation

immolator n immolator

immoral adj immoral; also: unethical
Hence: immoralismo; immoralista; immoralitate

immoralismo n immoralism

immoralista n immoralist

immoralitate n immorality

immortal adj immortal

immortalisar v to immortalize

immortalitate n immortality

immortificate adj unmortified

immortification n immortification

immun adj 1. exempt; 2. immune
Hence: immunitate; immunisar-immunisation

immunde adj unclean (1. dirty, filthy; 2. ceremonially unclean);
spirito immunde unclean, evil, spirit

immunditia n 1. dirt, filth; 2. [Theol.] impurity;
immunditias refuse, garbage, etc.

immunisar v to immunize

immunisation n immunization

immunitate n immunity (1. exemption; 2. resistance to disease, poison, etc.)

immutabile adj immutable

immutabilitate n immutability

impaccar v to pack (up)

impaccator n packer

impacchettar v to pack (up), wrap (up)

impact- see impinger

impaction n impaction

impacto n impact

impagabile adj priceless

impalamento n impalement

impalar v to impale (= to pierce with a pointed stake)

impaleage (-aje) n packing (in straw)

impalear v 1. to pack (in straw); 2. to thatch
Hence: impaleage

impalpabile adj impalpable

impalpabilitate n impalpability

impaludar v to turn or transform into a marsh;
impaludar se to become marshy

impanar v [Eccl.] to impane
Hence: impanation

impanation n [Eccl.] impanation

impardonabile adj unpardonable

impare adj [Arith.] odd, uneven
Hence: imparitate

imparisyllabe (-sí-) adj imparisyllabic

imparisyllabo (-sí-) n imparisyllabic

imparitate n 1. imparity, inequality; 2. [Arith.] oddness

impartial adj impartial

impartialitate n impartiality

impartibile adj indivisible

impartir v 1. to impart, bestow; 2. to grant, concede
Hence: impartitor

impartitor n imparter

impasse [F] n impasse (1. dead end; 2. deadlock)

impassibile adj impassible, impassive

impassibilitate n impassibility, impassivity

impastamento n [Art] impasto

impastar v 1. to make into dough; also: to knead; 2. to enclose in dough; 3. [Art] to impaste
Hence: impastamento

impatientar v to make impatient;
impatientar se to grow impatient

impatiente adj impatient

impatientia n impatience

impavide adj fearless

impeccabile adj impeccabile (1. not liable to sin; 2. faultless)

impeccabilitate n impeccability

impecuniose adj impecunious

impedimento n 1. (act of) impeding; 2. impediment, hindrance

impedir v to impede, hinder
Hence: impedimento; impeditive

impeditive adj impeding, impeditive

impejorar v to worsen (= to make or become worse)

impellente 1. ppr of impeller; 2. adj impellent

impeller [-pell-/-puls-] v to impel
Hence: impellente; impulsion; impulsive-impulsivitate; impulsor; impulso

impenetrabile adj impenetrable

impenetrabilitate n impenetrability

impenitente adj unrepentant, impenitent

impenitentia n impenitence

imperar v to govern, rule over
Hence: imperio &; imperative-imperativo; imperator; imperatrice

imperative adj imperative (1. implying or expressing a command; 2. [Gram.]);
modo imperative [Gram.] imperative mood

imperativo n imperative (1. [Philos.]; 2. [Gram.]);
imperativo categoric categorical imperative

imperator n emperor

imperatrice n empress

imperceptibile adj imperceptible

imperceptibilitate n imperceptibility

imperdibile adj unlosable

imperfecte adj imperfect (1. not perfect; 2. [Gram.])

imperfectibile adj imperfectible

imperfectibilitate n imperfectibility

imperfection n imperfection

imperfecto n [Gram.] imperfect

imperforabile adj imperforable (= that cannot be perforated)

imperforate adj imperforate, imperforated

imperforation n imperforation

imperial¹ adj imperial (1. pertaining to an empire or an emperor; 2. of special excellence)

imperial² n top deck (of a bus, etc.)

imperialismo n imperialism

imperialista n imperialist

imperibile adj imperishable

impericular v to imperil

imperio n empire (1. supreme authority; 2. country ruled by an emperor or empress)
Hence: imperial-imperialismo, imperialista; imperiose

imperiose adj imperious (1. domineering; 2. imperative)

impermeabile¹ adj impermeable; also: waterproof

impermeabile² n raincoat

impermeabilitate n impermeability

impermutabile adj impermutable

impermutabilitate n impermutability

impersonal adj impersonal;
verbo impersonal impersonal verb

impertinente adj impertinent (1. irrelevant; 2. impudent)

impertinentia n impertinence (1. irrelevance; 2. impudence)

imperturbabile adj imperturbable

imperturbabilitate n imperturbability

impervie adj impassable, impervious

impet- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: impeto &

impeto (ím-) n impetus (of a moving body)
Hence: impetuose-impetuositate

impetrar v to impetrate (= to obtain by request or entreaty)
Hence: impetration; impetrative

impetration n impetration

impetrative adj impetrative

impetu- see impeto

impetuose adj impetuous

impetuositate n impetuosity

impie adj impious

impietate n impiety

impietose adj pitiless

impinger [-ping-/-pact-] v to strike, collide with
Hence: impaction; impacto

implacabile adj implacable

implacabilitate n implacability

implaciamento n 1. location, site; 2. [Mil.] emplacement

implaciar v to put into position, emplace
Hence: implaciamento; reimplaciar &

implantar v to implant
Hence: implantation

implantation n implantation

impler [-pler/-plet-] v to fill (= to make full)
Hence: impletion; reimpler

impletion n impletion

implicar v to implicate (= to involve)
Hence: implication; implicative; implicite

implication n implication (= condition of being implicated)

implicative adj implicative

implicite (-lí-) adj implicit

implorabile adj open to entreaty

implorar v to implore, beseech
Hence: implorabile; imploration; implorator

imploration n entreaty, imploration

implorator n implorer

implumar v to plume (= to adorn with plumes)

impluv- v [occurring in derivatives]

impluvio n [Rom. Antiq.] impluvium

impolite adj 1. unpolished, crude; 2. impolite, rude

impolitessa n impoliteness

impolitic adj impolitic

imponderabile¹ adj imponderable

imponderabile² n -;
imponderabiles imponderables

imponderabilitate n imponderability

imponente 1. pres part of imponer; 2. adj imposing, impressive

imponer [-pon-/-posit-/-post-] v 1. to lay (up)on; also: [Eccl.] to impose; 2. to impose (= to practice tricks or deception);
imponer (un mulcta, contribution, etc.) to impose (a fine, tax, etc.);
imponer le manos [Eccl.] to impose, lay on, hands
Hence: imponente; imposition; impostor; impostura; imposto; imposta

impopular adj unpopular

impopularitate n unpopularity

importabile adj importable

importante 1. ppr of importar; 2. adj important;
esser importante to be important

importantia n importance;
haber (multe) importantia to be of (great) importance

importar v 1. to import; 2. to be important, to matter;
non importa it doesn’t matter, never mind;
il importa que... it is essential that...
Hence: importante-importantia; importabile; importation; importator

importation n importation, import

importator n importer

importun adj importune, importunate
Hence: importunitate; importunar

importunar v to importune

importunitate n importunity

imposit- see imponer

imposition n I. laying (up) on; also: imposition; II. imposition (1. as in “imposition of a law, tax, fine”; 2. tax, fine, etc. imposed or levied)

impossibile adj impossible

impossibilitate n impossibility

impost- see imponer

imposta n [Arch.] impost

imposto n tax, duty, impost

impostor n swindler, cheat, impostor

impostura n imposture

impotente adj impotent

impotentia n impotence

impovrimento n impoverishment

impovrir v to impoverish

impracticabile adj impracticable;
via impracticabile impracticable or unpassable road

impracticabilitate n impracticability

imprecar v to imprecate
Hence: imprecation; imprecator; imprecatori

imprecation n imprecation

imprecator n imprecator

imprecatori adj imprecatory

imprecise adj lacking in precision

imprecision n lack of precision

impregnabile adj (apt or liable) to be impregnated (1. capable of being fecundated; 2. permeable)

impregnar v to impregnate (1. to fecundate, make pregnant; 2. to permeate, imbue)
Hence: impregnabile; impregnation

impregnation n impregnation (1. fecundation; 2. action of permeating or imbuing)

impremeditate adj unpremeditated

imprendibile adj impregnable

imprendibilitate n impregnability

impresario [I] n impresario

imprescriptibile adj imprescriptible (= not subject to prescription)

imprescriptibilitate n imprescriptibility

impress- see imprimer

impression n impression (1. “impression produced in a substance”; 2. “impression made on a person”; 3. [Print.]);
impression in colores color printing;
(le secunde, etc.) impression (de un libro) (the second, etc.) printing (of a book)

impressionabile adj impressionable

impressionabilitate n impressionability

impressionar v to impress (1. to make marks on by pressing or stamping; 2. to affect, move)

impressionismo n impressionism

impressionista n impressionist

impressive adj impressive

imprevidente adj improvident

imprevidentia n improvidence

imprevisibile adj unforeseeable

impreviste adj unforeseen, unexpected

imprimatur n imprimatur

imprimer [-prim-/-press-] v 1. to impart, communicate (direction, motion, etc.); 2. to impress, imprint; 3. to print
Hence: imprimibile; impression-impressionismo, impressionista, impressionar-impressionabile-impressionabilitate; impressive, reimprimer-reimpression

imprimibile adj printable

imprisionamento n imprisonment

imprisionar v to imprison (= to put in prison)

improbabile adj improbable

improbabilitate n improbability

improbe (ím-) adj dishonest, lacking probity

improbitate n dishonesty, improbity

improductive adj unproductive

impromptu [F] n impromptu

impronunciabile adj unpronounceable

improprie adj improper (1. incorrect, wrong; 2. unsuitable; 3. unseemly);
fraction improprie improper fraction

improprietate n impropriety (= improper use of a word, expression, etc.)

improvisar v to improvise
Hence: improvisation; improvisator

improvisation n improvisation

improvisator n improviser

improvise adj unforeseen, unexpected

imprudente adj imprudent

imprudentia n imprudence

impubere adj who has not arrived at puberty

impublicabile adj unpublishable

impudente adj impudent

impudentia n impudence

impudic adj lewd, immodest

impugnar¹ v to impugn
Hence: impugnation

impugnar² v to clutch, grasp, seize

impugnation n (action of) impugning

impuls- see impeller

impulsion n impulsion (1. act of impelling; 2. impulse; also: momentum; impetus; etc.)

impulsive adj impulsive (1. impelling; 2. actuated by impulse)

impulsivitate n impulsiveness

impulso n impulse (1. impulsion, act of impelling; 2. as in “to act on impulse”)

impulsor n impeller

impun adj with impunity
Hence: impunitate

impunctual adj 1. not punctilious, inexact; 2. unpunctual

impunctualitate n 1. lack of punctiliousness, inexactness; 2. unpunctuality

impunibile adj impunible

impunitate n impunity

impunite n unpunished

impur adj impure

impuressa n impureness

impuritate n impurity

imputabile n imputable

imputabilitate n imputability

imputar v to impute
Hence: imputabile-imputabilitate; imputation

imputation n imputation

imputrescibile adj imputrescible

imputrescibilitate n imputrescibility

in prep in, into;
for in plus, in fin, etc. cf. plus, fin, etc.

in-¹ prefixo verbal [il- before -l-; im- before -b-, -m-, -p-; ir- before -r-; used with verbs, and, in combination with verbal suffixes, with nouns and adjectives] in-, il-, im-, ir- (= in, into [expressing position in or on, motion into, change into, etc.])
Hence: illuminar etc.; imbiber etc.; imbursar etc.; incarnar etc.; incrustar etc.; incubar etc.; inducer etc.; irradiar etc.

in-² prefixo [i- before -gn-; il- before -l-; im- before -b-, -m-, -p-; ir- before -r-; used with adjectives and nouns] in-, i-, il-, im-, ir-, un- (= not ...; lacking ...; lack of ...)
Hence: ignobile etc.; illimitabile etc.; immaterial etc.; inactive etc.: indigestion etc.; infame etc.; informe etc.; irreligion etc.: irregular etc.

-in suffixo adjective [-n after -i-; used with nouns, particularly with names of animals] -ine (= of, pertaining to, etc. ...)
Hence: -ina; alcalin etc.; argentin etc.; bovin etc.; canin etc.; elephantin etc.; marin etc.; latin etc.; palatin etc.

-ina suffixo substantive [used with nouns; used chiefly to form technical terms] -ine, -in (= substance made from, characterizing, related to, etc., ...)
Hence: benzina etc.; caseina etc.; cocaina etc.; insulina etc.; tuberculina etc.; vaccina etc.

inacceptabile adj unacceptable

inaccessibile adj inaccessible

inaccessibilitate n inaccessibility

inaccostumate adj unaccustomed

inaction n inaction

inactive adj inactive

inactivitate n inactivity

inadeptabile adj inadeptable

inadequate adj inadequate

inadmissibile adj inadmissible

inadmissibilitate n inadmissibility

inadmission n refusal of admission

inadoptabile adj unadoptable

inadvertente adj inadvertent

inadvertentia n inadvertence;
per inadvertentia 1. inadvertently; 2. through carelessness

inalienabile adj inalienable

inalienabilitate n inalienability

inalterabile adj unalterable

inalterabilitate n inalterability

inambigue adj unambiguous

inambiguitate n unambiguity, unambiguousness

inamical adj unkind (= not like a friend)

inamorar v to enamor;
inamorar se de to fall in love with

inamorate 1. pp of inamorar; 2. adj enamored, in love

inamovibile adj not removable, irremovable

inanimate adj inanimate

inappaciabile adj unappeasable, inappeasable

inappellabile adj unappealable

inappetente adj without desire, inappetent

inappetentia n inappetence, inappetency, lack of appetite

inapplicabile adj inapplicable

inapplicabilitate n inapplicability

inapplication n want of assiduity, inapplication

inappreciabile adj 1. inappreciable; 2. inestimable, priceless

inapte adj inapt

inaptitude n inaptitude

inarticulabile adj unpronounceable

inarticulate adj inarticulate (1. not jointed; 2. indistinctly uttered)

in articulo mortis [L] in articulo mortis, at the point of death

inattaccabile adj unattackable, unassailable

inattention n inattention

inaudibile adj inaudible

inaudite adj unheard-of

inaugurar v to inaugurate

inauguration n inauguration

inaugurator n inaugurator

inauthentic adj inauthentic, unauthentic

inauthenticitate n inauthenticity, unauthenticity

incalculabile adj incalculable

incamminar v to put on the right road

incanaliar v to degrade, debase (= to exert a demoralizing influence on);
incanaliar se to keep low company

incandescente 1. ppr of incandescer; 2. adj incandescent

incandescentia n incandescence;
lampa de incandescentia incandescent lamp

incandescer v to incandesce (= to cause to become incandescent)
Hence: incandescente-incandescentia

incantamento n enchantment (1. magic spell; 2. delight)

incantar v to enchant (1. to use magic on; also: to bewitch; 2. to charm, delight);
esser incantate de un cosa to be delighted at something
Hence: incantamento; incantation; incantator; disincantar-disincantamento, disincantator

incantation n incantation

incantator n enchanter, sorcerer; attrib enchanting, charming

incapabile adj incapable

incapabilitate n incapability

incapace adj incapable

incapacitate n incapacity

incappuciar v to hood (= to cover with a hood)

incarcerar v to incarcerate

incarceration n incarceration

incargar v to charge, burden, entrust;
incargar (un persona) de to entrust (someone) with

incaritabile adj uncharitable

incarnar v to incarnate (= to embody)
Hence: incarnation; incarnate; reincarnar-reincarnation

incarnate 1. pp of incarnar; 2. adj fleshcolored

incarnatin adj flesh-pink, rosy, incarnadine

incarnation n incarnation

incassamento n 1. encasing, encasement; 2. embankment; 3. encashment

incassar v I. to encase; to pack; II. to embank; III. to encash (1. to convert into cash, cash; 2. to receive in cash, realize)

incassator n 1. collector (of a bill, check, etc.); 2. bank messenger

incastrar v to embed, fix in, house, etc.; also: to set (as in “to set a jewel”)
Hence: incastratura

incastratura n 1. housing, hollow, bed, etc.; 2. setting (as in “setting of a jewel”)

incatenamento n enchainment

incatenar v 1. to chain up, enchain; 2. to link together, concatenate

incaute adj incautious

incaviliar v to peg (= to fasten with pegs)

incender [-cend-/-cens-] v to light, set alight
Hence: incendio-incendiari, incendiario-incendiarismo, incendiar; incenso &

incendiar v to set on fire

incendiari adj incendiary

incendiario n incendiary

incendiarismo n incendiarism; also: arson

incendio n fire (= destructive burning);
pumpa de incendio fire-engine

incens- see incender

incensar v [Eccl.] to burn incense before or to; also: to pay homage to, flatter

incensario n censer

incensation n [Eccl.] offering of incense

incensator n 1. [Eccl.] thurifer; 2. flatterer

incenso n incense
Hence: incensario; incensar-incensation, incensator, incensorio

incensorio n censer

incentive adj inciting, incentive
Hence: incentivo

incentivo n incentive

incept- see inciper

inceptar v to incept, begin

inception n inception

inceptive adj inceptive (1. beginning; 2. [Gram.])

inceramento n (act of) waxing (as in “the waxing of a floor”)

incerar v to wax (as in “to wax a floor”)
Hence: inceramento

inceremoniose adj unceremonious

incerte adj uncertain (1. not ohjectively certain; 2. not convinced)

incertitude n uncertainty (1. “objective uncertainty”; 2. incertitude, doubt)

incessante adj incessant, ceaseless

incestar v to commit incest

inceste adj unchaste, lewd
Hence: incesto-incestuose, incestar

incesto n incest

incestuose adj incestuous

incholerisar v to anger, enrage

incidental adj incidental (= fortuitous)

incidente¹ adj 1. incident (as in “incident ray”); 2. incidental (= fortuitous);
proposition incidente [Gram.] nonrestrictive or descriptive clause

incidente² n incident

incidentia n incidence (as in “angle of incidence”)

incider¹ [-cid-/-cis-] v to cut into
Hence: incision; incisive-incisivo; incisori; incisar

incider² v to fall upon
Hence: incidente¹-incidentia, incidente²-incidental; coincider &

incinerar v to burn (to ashes), incinerate
Hence: incineration; incinerator

incineration n incineration

incinerator n incinerator

inciper [-cip-/-cept-] v to begin
Hence: incipiente; inception; inceptive; inceptar

incipiente adj beginning, incipient, initial

incircular v to encircle (= to surround with a circle)

incircumcise adj uncircumcised

incis- see incider

incisar v to cut into, incise

incision n incision

incisive adj incisive;
dente incisive incisor tooth

incisivo n incisor (tooth)

incisori adj incisory

incitabile adj incitable

incitabilitate n incitability

incitamento n incitement, spur

incitar v to incite
Hence: incitamento; incitabile-incitabilitate; incitation

incitation n incitation, incitement

incivil adj uncivil

incivilitate n incivility

inclavar v 1. to prick (horse in shoeing); 2. [Artil.] to spike (gun)

inclavatura n prick (given in shoeing)

inclemente adj inclement

inclementia n inclemency

inclinar v to incline (1. to bend, bow; 2. to make willing; 3. to slope, slant; 4. to be willing);
inclinar a to incline, be inclined, to;
inclinar se to bow (down)
Hence: inclination; inclinometro etc.

inclination n inclination (1. act of bowing or bending; 2. incline, slope; 3. propensity, liking; 4. [Gram., Astron.])

inclinometro (-ó-) n inclinometer

includer [-clud-/-clus-] v I. to enclose (1. to fence in; 2. as in “to enclose a letter”); II. to include
Hence: inclusion; inclusive; inclusura; incluse-incluso

inclus- see includer

incluse adj enclosed (as in “the enclosed letter”)

inclusion n inclusion

inclusive adj inclusive, inclusively

incluso n enclosure (= enclosed letter, check, etc.)

inclusura n enclosure, (act of) enclosing

incoercibile adj incoercible

incoffrar v to coffer (= to lock up in a coffer, chest, etc.)

incognite (-cóg-) adj unknown

incognito (-cóg-) n incognito

incognoscibile adj unknowable

incoherente adj incoherent, disconnected

incoherentia n incoherence, disconnectedness

incolor adj colorless, uncolored

incombramento n encumberment

incombrar v to encumber, obstruct, hamper
Hence: incombramento

incombustibile adj incombustible, fireproof

incombustibilitate n incombustibility

incommensurabile adj incommensurable

incommensurabilitate n incommensurability

incommodar v to inconvenience, incommode

incommode (-có-) adj inconvenient, unsuitable, etc.

incommoditate n inconvenience, disadvantage, discomfort, etc.

incommunicabile adj incommunicable

incommunicabilitate n incommunicability

incommutabile adj incommutable

incommutabilitate n incommutability

incompacte adj not compact

incomparabile adj incomparable

incomparabilitate n incomparability

incompatibile adj incompatible

incompatibilitate n incompatibility

incompetente adj incompetent

incompetentia n incompetence

incomplete adj incomplete

incomprehensibile adj incomprehensible

incomprehensibilitate n incomprehensibility

incomprehension n incomprehension

incomprensibile adj incomprehensible

incomprensibilitate n incomprehensibility

incomprension n incomprehension

incompressibile adj incompressible

incompressibilitate n incompressibility

inconcipibile adj inconceivable

inconcipibilitate n inconceivability

inconditional adj unconditional

incongenial adj uncongenial

incongrue adj incongruous

incongruente adj incongruent

incongruentia n incongruence

incongruitate n incongruity, incongruousness

inconsciente adj unconscious (= without consciousness)

inconscientia n unconsciousness

inconsequente adj 1. inconsequent, inconsecutive; 2. inconsistent (in reasoning, behavior, etc.)

inconsequentia n inconsequence (1. want of logical sequence; 2. inconsistency (of reasoning, behavior, etc.))

inconsequential adj inconsequential

inconsiderate adj unconsidered, rash

inconsistente adj 1. unsubstantial, not solid or firm; 2. inconsistent (= incoherent, incongruous)

inconsistentia n 1. unsubstantiality, (= want of firmness); 2. inconsistency

inconsolabile adj inconsolable

inconsolate adj disconsolate, unconsoled

inconsonante adj inconsonant

inconspicue adj inconspicuous; unapparent

inconstante adj inconstant

inconstantia n inconstancy

inconstitutional adj unconstitutional

inconstitutionalitate n unconstitutionality

incontaminate adj uncontaminated, incontaminate

incontentabile adj not to be contented, not easily contented

incontestabile adj incontestable

incontestabilitate n incontestability

incontinente adj incontinent

incontinentia n incontinence (1. lack of self-restraint; 2. [Med.])

incontrar v to encounter, meet
Hence: incontro

incontro n encounter, meeting;
ir al incontro de to meet (= to go to meet)

incontrovertibile adj incontrovertible

inconveniente¹ adj improper, not decent

inconveniente² n inconvenience

inconvenientia n impropriety (= incorrectness of behavior)

inconvertibile adj inconvertible

inconvertibilitate n inconvertibility

incoragiamento (-ja-) n encouragement

incoragiar (-ja-) v to encourage

incorporal adj incorporeal (as in “incorporeal being”)

incorporalitate n incorporeity

incorporar v to incorporate (“to incorporate one thing in another”)
Hence: incorporation

incorporation n incorporation (= synthesis, assimilation, embodiment, etc.)

incorporee adj incorporeal

incorporeitate n incorporeity

incorrecte adj incorrect (1. improper; 2. wrong, inaccurate)

incorrection n incorrectness

incorrigibile adj incorrigible

incorrigibilitate n incorrigibility, incorrigibleness

incorrupte adj incorrupt

incorruptibile adj incorruptible

incorruptibilitate n incorruptibility

incortinar v to curtain

increate adj increate

incredibile adj incredible

incredibilitate n incredibility

incredule adj incredulous

incredulitate n incredulity

incriminar v to incriminate

incrimination n incrimination

incrustar v 1. to encrust (= to cover with a crust, hard coating, or ornamental layer); 2. to inlay (= to decorate with something set in the surface)
Hence: incrustation

incrustation n I. incrustation (1. act of encrusting; 2. crust, deposit, etc.); II. inlay

incubar v to brood, incubate
Hence: incubo; incubation; incubator

incubation n incubation (1. act of brooding, incubating; 2. [Med.])

incubator n incubator

incubo (ín-) n incubus; also: nightmare

incude n anvil (1. “anvil used by a smith”; 2. [Anat.] incus)

inculcar v to inculcate
Hence: inculcation; inculcator

inculcation n inculcation

inculcator n inculcator

inculpabile adj innocent

inculpar v to inculpate, incriminate

inculpation n inculpation, incrimination

inculte adj 1. uncultivated, untilled; 2. uncultured, untutored; 3. unkempt

incumbente adj incumbent (= imposed as a duty or obligation)

incumbentia n incumbency (= that which is imposed as a duty or obligation)

incumber v -;
incumber a to be incumbent (up)on

incunabulo n [Bibliog.] incunabulum

incunar v to put in a cradle

incurabile adj incurable

incurabilitate n incurability

incuria n carelessness (= lack of care)

incuriose adj incurious (1. not desirous of seeing or knowing; 2. not deserving or exciting curiosity)

incurrer [-curr-/curs-] v 1. to run into; 2. to incur
Hence: incursion

incurs- see incurrer

incursion n incursion

incurvar v to bend, curve
Hence: incurvatura

incurvatura n curve, curvature

[inde] adv 1. from that place, from there, thence; 2. from that time, after that, thereupon, thenceforward; 3. from that cause, therefore
Hence: deinde etc.

indebitar v to involve in debt, to indebt;
indebitar se to get or run into debt;
esser indebitate to be in debt or indebted

indecente adj indecent (1. unbecoming, unseemly; 2. offending against propriety or delicacy)

indecentia n indecency (= lack of decency)

indecifrabile adj indecipherable

indecise adj indecisive, undecided (1. inconclusive, unsettled; 2. irresolute, hesitating)

indecision n indecision

indeclinabile adj 1. (that cannot be declined or refused) unavoidable; 2. [Gram.] indeclinable

indecorose adj indecorous

indefectibile adj indefectible

indefectibilitate n indefectibility

indefendibile adj indefensible

indefensibile adj indefensible

indefinibile adj indefinable

indefinite adj indefinite;
articulo indefinite [Gram.] indefinite article

indelibile adj indelible

indelibilitate n indelibility, indelibleness

indelicate adj coarse (1. not fine; 2. unrefined, gross)

indelicatessa n coarseness (1. quality of being coarse, not fine; 2. grossness)

indemne adj unharmed, undamaged, uninjured; scatheless, whole, etc.
Hence: indemnitate; indemnisar-indemnisation

indemnisar v to indemnify (= to compensate for damage, loss, or expenses incurred)

indemnisation n indemnification (act of indemnifying, compensating)

indemnitate n 1. wholeness, scathelessness (= state or condition of being whole, unharmed, etc.); 2. indemnity (= compensation for damage, loss, or expenses incurred)

indemonstrabile adj undemonstrable

indentar v 1. to tooth, indent; 2. [Carp.] to join; also: to dovetail
Hence: indentation

indentation n indentation

independente adj independent;
independente de independent of

independentia n independence;
independentia de independence of

indescriptibile adj indescribable

indesiderabile adj undesirable

indesirabile adj undesirable

indestructibile adj indestructible

indestructibilitate n indestructibility

indeterminabile adj indeterminable

indeterminate adj undetermined (1. indeterminate; 2. irresolute)

indetermination n indetermination (1. quality of being indeterminate; 2. irresoluteness)

indeterminismo n [Philos.] indeterminism

indeterminista n [Philos.] indeterminist

indevote adj indevout, irreverent

indevotion n indevotion, lack of devotion

India npr India;
Indias (oriental, occidental) (East, West) Indies

indiabolar v to infuriate

indiabolate adj possessed (by the devil)

indian adj Indian (1. of or pertaining to India; 2. pertaining to the American Indians);
Oceano Indian Indian Ocean

indiana¹ n print, printed fabric

Indiana² npr Indiana
Hence: Indianapolis etc.

Indianapolis (-ná-) npr Indianapolis

indiano n 1. Indian, Hindu; 2. (American) Indian

indicar v to indicate, be indicative of

indication n indication

indicative adj indicative (1. that indicates; 2. [Gram.]);
modo indicative indicative mood

indicativo n indicative, indicative mood

indicator n indicator (1. one who, that which indicates; 2. [Technol.] gauge, meter, etc.);
indicator (del stratas) (street) directory

indice (ín-) n I. index (1. indicator; 2. forefinger; 3. as in “index of a book”); II. [R.C.Ch.] Index;
poner al indice to put on the Index
Hence: indicio; indicar-indication; indicative-indicativo; indicator

indicer [-dic-/-dict-] v to announce
Hence: indiction

indicibile adj ineffable, inexpressible

indicio n indication, mark, token; also: clue;
indicios [Law] circumstantial evidence

indict- see indicer

indiction n I. indiction (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Chronol.] cycle of indiction); II. [R.C.Ch.] convocation (of a council)

indifferente adj indifferent
Hence: indifferentia; indifferentismo; indifferentista

indifferentia n indifference

indifferentismo n indifferentism

indifferentista n indifferentist

indigena (-dí-) n native; attrib indigenous, native

indigente adj indigent

indigentia n indigence

indiger v to need, be in need of
Hence: indigente-indigentia

indigeste adj 1. indigestible; 2. confused, disordered

indigestibile adj indigestible

indigestibilitate n indigestibility

indigestion n indigestion

indignar v to make indignant;
indignar se (contra, de) to be indignant (with, at)
Hence: indignation; indignate

indignate adj indignant

indignation n indignation

indigne adj unworthy (1. undeserving; 2. unbecoming to the character or dignity of a person)

indignitate n 1. unworthiness; 2. indignity, insult

indigo (ín-) n indigo (1. the dye “indigo”; 2. the color “indigo”; 3. indigo plant)
Hence: indigotina

indigotina n [Chem.] indigotin

indirecte adj indirect

indiscernibile adj indiscernible

indiscrete adj indiscreet

indiscretion n indiscretion

indiscutibile adj undebatable

indispensabile adj indispensable

indispensabilitate n indispensability

indisponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to indispose (1. to make unwell; 2. to make unwilling);
indisponer un persona contra un persona to set someone against someone
Hence: indisposition; indisposite

indisposit- see indisponer

indisposite (-pó-) adj indisposed (= unwell);
esser indisposite contra un persona to be unfriendly to someone

indisposition n indisposition (1. slight ailment; 2. unwillingness, aversion)

indisputabile adj indisputable

indissolubile adj indissoluble

indissolubilitate n indissolubility

indistincte adj indistinct

indistinction n indistinction (= want of distinction; confusion)

indistinguibile adj indistinguishable

individual adj individual

individualisar v to individualize

individualisation n individualization

individualismo n individualism

individualista n individualist;
attitude individualista individualistic attitude

individualitate n individuality (= individual character)

individuar v to single out, individuate

individuation n individuation (1. action or process of singling out or individuating; 2. individuality, personal identity)

individuo n individual
Hence: individual-individualismo, individualista, individualitate, individualisar-individualisation; individuar-individuation

indivise adj undivided

indivisibile adj indivisible

indivisibilitate n indivisibility

indivision n indivision

Indo npr Indus, Sind;
indo- [occurring in compounds] Indo- (= Indian, Hindu)
Hence: India-indian-indiano, indiana; Indochina etc.; Indonesia etc.; indoeuropee etc.

Indochina (-sh-) n Indo-China;
Indochina francese French Indo-China
Hence: indochinese

indochinese (-sh-) adj Indo-Chinese;
linguas indochinese Indo-Chinese languages

indocile adj indocile

indocilitate n indocility

indoeuropee adj Indo-European
Hence: indoeuropeo

indoeuropeo n Indo-European

indolente adj indolent (1. [Pathol.] painless; 2. averse to toil or exertion)
Hence: indolentia

indolentia n 1. indolence; 2. insensibility (lack of feeling)

indolor adj painless

indomabile adj untamable; indomitable

indomabilitate n indomitability

indomate adj untamed

Indonesia npr Indonesia
Hence: indonesian-indonesiano

indonesian adj Indonesian

indonesiano n Indonesian

indorsamento n [Com.] endorsement, indorsement

indorsar v [Com.] to endorse
Hence: indorsamento; indorsator

indorsator n [Com.] endorser

indubitabile adj indubitable

indubitate adj undoubted

inducer [-duc-/-duct-] v to induce (1. as in “to induce a person to do something”; 2. [Logic]; 3. [Elec.]);
inducer in error to mislead;
inducer in tentation to lead into temptation;
circuito inducite [Elec.] induced circuit
Hence: induction; inductive; inductor

induct- see inducer

induction n induction (1. [Logic]; 2. [Elec.; Magnet.]);
bobina de induction induction coil

inductive adj I. inducing, leading; II. inductive (1. [Logic]; 2. [Elec., Magnet.])

inductor n 1. [Elec.] inductor; attrib [Elec.] inductive; 2. inducer

indulgente 1. pp of indulger; 2. adj indulgent

indulgentia n indulgence (1. state or quality of being indulgent; 2. [R.C.Ch.])

indulgentiar v [R.C.Ch.] to indulgence

indulger [-dulg-/-dult-] v to be indulgent
Hence: indulgente-indulgentia-indulgentiar; indulto

indult- see indulger

indulto n [Canon Law] indult

indurabile adj 1. that can be hardened; 2. endurable

indurar v 1. to harden, indurate (= to make or become hard); 2. to endure (= to bear)
Hence: indurabile; induration; indurate

indurate 1. ppr of indurar; 2. adj indurate

induration n induration; also: [Med.]

industria n 1. skill, ingenuity; 2. [Econ.] industry;
cavallero de industria sharper
Hence: industrial-industrialismo; industriose

industrial¹ adj industrial

industrial² n industrialist

industrialismo n industrialism

industriose adj 1. skilful, ingenious; industrious

inebriar v to make drunk, inebriate;
inebriar se to get drunk

inedibile adj inedible, uneatable

inedibilitate n inedibility

inedite (-né-) adj 1. inedited; 2. unpublished

ineffabile adj ineffable

ineffabilitate n ineffability

inefficace adj ineffective, inefficacious

inefficacia n inefficacy

inefficiente adj inefficient, inefficacious

inefficientia n inefficiency

inelegante adj inelegant

inelegantia n inelegance, inelegancy

ineligibile adj ineligible

ineligibilitate n ineligibility

ineluctabile adj ineluctable

inenarrabile adj indescribable

inepte adj inept, inapt
Hence: ineptia; ineptitude

ineptia n absurdity, nonsense

ineptitude n 1. inaptitude; 2. ineptitude

inequabile adj unequable

inequal adj 1. unequal; 2. unequable, uneven

inequalitate n 1. inequality; 2. unevenness

inerte adj inert
Hence: inertia

inertia n inertia (1. [Phys.]; 2. inertness, apathy)

inestimabile adj inestimable

inevitabile adj inevitable

inexacte adj inexact, inaccurate

inexactitude n inexactitude, inaccuracy

inexcitabile adj unexcitable

inexcusabile adj inexcusable

inexecutabile adj inexecutable, impracticable

inexhauribile adj inexhaustible

inexhauste adj unused, unexhausted

inexhaustibile adj inexhaustible

inexigibile adj unclaimable

inexistente adj inexistent

inexistentia n inexistence

inexorabile adj inexorable

inexorabilitate n inexorability

inexperientia n inexperience

inexperimentate adj inexperienced

inexperte adj inexpert

inexpiabile adj inexpiable

inexpiate adj not expiated or atoned, unexpiated, inexpiate

inexplicabile adj inexplicable

inexplicabilitate n inexplicability

inexplicate adj unexplained

inexplorabile adj inexplorable

inexplorate adj unexplored

inexpressive adj inexpressive

inexprimibile adj inexpressible

inexpugnabile adj unassailable, impregnable

inextensibile adj inextensible

inextension n lack of extension

inextinguibile adj inextinguishable

inextirpabile adj ineradicable, inextirpable

in extremis [L] in extremis

infacete adj witless, insipid, unfunny

infacibile adj infeasible, unfeasible

infacibilitate n infeasibility, unfeasibility

infallibile adj infallible

infallibilitate n infallibility

infamante adj [Law] infamous (as in “infamous punishment”)

infamar v to render infamous

infame adj infamous (= of ill fame or repute)
Hence: infamia; infamar-infamante, disinfamar

infamia n infamy

infante n 1. baby, infant; also: child; 2. infante
Hence: infanteria; infantia; infantil-infantilismo; infanticida etc.; infanticidio etc.

infanteria (-ía) n infantry

infantia n 1. babyhood; 2. childhood

infanticida n infanticide (= one who commits infanticide)

infanticidio n infanticide (= act of killing an infant)

infantil adj infantile (= pertaining to an infant or infants);
paralyse infantil infantile paralysis

infantilismo n infantilism

infarinar v to flour (= to sprinkle or cover with flour)

infatigabile adj indefatigable

infatigabilitate n indefatigability

infatuar v to infatuate;
infatuar se to become infatuated
Hence: infatuation

infatuation n infatuation

infebramento n 1. (action of) throwing into a fever; 2. feverishness

infebrar v to throw into a fever, make feverish

infect- see infic-

infectar v to infect

infecte adj foul (= offensive to the senses)

infection n infection

infectiose adj infectious

infective adj infectious, infective

infecunde adj infecund

infecunditate n infecundity

infelice adj unhappy, unfortunate

infelicitate n 1. infelicity, unhappiness; 2. bad fortune, misfortune

infere adj [Bot.] inferior (as in “inferior ovary”)
Hence: inferior &

inferentia n [Logic] inference

inferer v [Logic] to infer
Hence: inferentia; inferibile

inferibile adj inferrible

inferior adj 1. lower; 2. inferior
Hence: inferioritate

inferioritate n inferiority

infernal adj infernal;
petra infernal [Med.] lunar caustic;
machina infernal infernal machine

inferno n hell, inferno
Hence: infernal

infertile adj infertile

infertilitate n infertility

infestar v to infest

infestation n infestation

infestator n infester

infeste adj 1. harmful; 2. hostile
Hence: infestar-infestation; infestator

infeudar v to enfeoff (= to give in vassalage)

infeudation n infeudation, enfeoffment

infic- [-fic-/-fect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: infection-infectiose, disinfection; infective; infecte; infectar-disinfectar-disinfectante¹-disinfectante², disinfectator

infidel adj 1. unfaithful; 2. infidel

infidelitate n infidelity (1. unfaithfulness; 2. want of religious belief)

infilada n 1. succession, series (of doors, etc.); 2. [Mil.] enfilade

infilar v to thread (a needle), string (beads, etc.)
Hence: infilada

infiltrar v -;
infiltrar se to infiltrate (= to enter by penetrating the pores or interstices of a substance)

infiltration n infiltration

infinitate n infinity;
un infinitate de (cosas) an infinity of, no end of (things)

infinite adj infinite
Hence: infinitate; infinitude; infinitesime-infinitesimal; infinito

infinitesimal adj infinitesimal;
calculo infinitesimal infinitesimal calculus

infinitesime (-ésime) adj infinitesimal

infinitive adj [Gram.] infinitive
Hence: infinitivo

infinitivo n [Gram.] infinitive

infinito n 1. infinite; 2. [Math.] infinity;
al infinito ad infinitum

infinitude n infinitude, infiniteness

infirmar v 1. to weaken, make infirm; 2. to invalidate

infirmation n 1. (action of) weakening, making infirm; 2. invalidation

infirme adj infirm, frail
Hence: infirmero; infirmera; infirmeria; infirmitate; infirmar-infirmation

infirmera n nurse (= woman who takes care of the sick)

infirmeria (-ía) n infirmary, sickroom

infirmero n male nurse

infirmitate n chronic ailment

inflammabile adj inflammable (1. easily set on fire; 2. easily excited)

inflammabilitate n inflammability

inflammar v I. to fire, set on fire; II. to inflame (1. [Med.]; 2. to fire, stir up)

inflammate I. pp of inflammar; II. adj 1. blazing, burning; glowing; ardent; 2. inflamed

inflammation n inflammation (1. ignition; 2. [Med.])

inflammative adj inflammative

inflammatori adj inflammatory (1. [Med.]; 2. as in “inflammatory writings”)

inflar v 1. to inflate; 2. to swell
Hence: inflation &; disinflar

inflation n 1. inflation; also: [Econ.]; 2. swelling
Hence: inflationismo; inflationista

inflationismo n infationism

inflationista n inflationist

inflecter [-flect-/-flex-] v to inflect (1. to bend; 2. [Gram.]);
inflecter (su voce) to inflect (one’s voice);
inflecter se [Opt.] to be diffracted
Hence: inflexion

inflex- see inflecter

inflexibile adj inflexible

inflexibilitate n inflexibility

inflexion n I. inflection, inflexion (1. action of inflecting or bending; 2. [Gram.]); II. [Opt.] diffraction;
inflexion (de voce) inflection (of the voice)

inflict- see infliger

infliction n infliction

infliger [-flig-/-flict-l v to inflict
Hence: infliction

infloramento n (action of) strewing flowers

inflorar v to strew with flowers
Hence: infloramento

inflorescentia n [Bot.] inflorescence

inflorescer v to begin to blossom
Hence: inflorescentia

influente adj influential

influentia n influence

influentiar v to influence

influenza [I] n [Pathol.] influenza

influer [-flu-/-flux-] v -;
influer super to affect, have an effect on
Hence: influente-influentia-influentiar; influxo

influx- see influer

influxo n influx, inflow

in-folio n folio (= book in folio)

informante n informant

informar v to inform (1. to give form to; 2. to impart knowledge to);
mal informate misinformed
Hence: informante; information; informative; informator

information n information

informative adj informative

informator n informer, informant

informe adj unformed, inform

infortuna n misfortune

infortunate adj unfortunate

infra 1. adv below, underneath, beneath; 2. prep below, under, beneath

infract- see infringer

infraction n infraction

infrangibile adj unbreakable

infrangibilitate n unbreakableness

infrarubie adj infra-red

infrastructura n substructure

infrequente adj infrequent

infrequentia n infrequency, infrequence

infringer [-fring-/-fract-] v to infringe (= to break, violate)
Hence: infringimento; infraction

infringimento n infringement

infructuose adj fruitless

infunder [-fund-/-fus-] v 1. to pour in; also: to infuse; 2. to infuse (as in “to infuse tea”)
Hence: infundibulo; infusion; infusorio &

infundibulo n funnel (1. small, tapering tube with a cone-shaped mouth; 2. [Anat.] infundibulum)

infuriar v to infuriate

infuriate 1. pp of infuriar; 2. adj infuriate, infuriated

infus- see infunder

infusibile adj infusible, not fusible

infusibilitate n infusibility

infusion n I. pouring in; also: infusion; II. infusion (1. [Eccl.]; 2. extract obtained by infusing or steeping)

infusorial adj infusorial

infusorio n infusorian;
infusorios Infusoria
Hence: infusorial

ingagiamento (-ja-) n engagement (= act of engaging or hiring; condition of being engaged or hired)

ingagiar (-ja-) v to engage (= to hire, employ)
Hence: ingagiamento; ingagiator; reingagiar

ingagiator (-ja-) n engager (= one who engages or employs)

ingemmar v to adorn with gems, ingem

ingeneramento n begetting, engenderment

ingenerar v to beget, engender
Hence: ingeneramento

ingenerose adj ungenerous

ingenerositate n ungenerousness

ingeniar v -;
ingeniar se to exercise one’s wits, strain one’s ingenuity

ingenieria (-ía) n engineering (= profession of engineering)

ingeniero n engineer (as in “civil engineer”)

ingenio n 1. inborn skill, talent, genius; 2. engine (= mechanical contrivance, tool, instrument, etc.)
Hence: ingeniero; ingenieria; ingeniose-ingeniositate; ingeniar

ingeniose adj ingenious (1. having an aptitude for invention or construction; 2. cleverly planned or made)

ingeniositate n ingenuity

ingenue adj 1. freeborn; 2. ingenuous
Hence: ingenuitate

ingenuitate n ingenuousness

ingerentia n interference, meddling

ingerer [-ger-/-gest-] v to introduce, insert; also: to ingest;
ingerer se to interfere, meddle
Hence: ingerentia; ingestion

ingest- see ingerer

ingestion n introduction, insertion; also: ingestion

inglobar v to enclose, include

ingloriose adj inglorious

inglutimento n 1. (act of) swallowing, gulping down; 2. engulfment; swallowing up

inglutir v 1. to swallow, gulp down; 2. to swallow up, engulf
Hence: inglutimento

ingorgamento n engorgement; specif.: [Pathol.]

ingorgar v to engorge
Hence: ingorgamento

ingovernabile adj ungovernable, uncontrollable

ingranage n gear, gearing;
ingranage conic bevel gear;
ingranage helicoidal helical or screw gear

ingranar v to gear (1. to put into gear; 2. [Mech.] to mesh)
Hence: ingranage; disingranar

ingrassar v to grease

ingrassiar v to fatten (= to make or grow fat)

ingrate adj 1. unpleasing, unpleasant; 2. ungrateful, ingrate;
(labor) ingrate ungrateful or thankless (work)

ingratiar v to make pleasant;
ingratiar se to ingratiate oneself

ingratiose adj ungracious

ingratitude n ingratitude

ingred- [-gred-/-gress-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: ingrediente; ingresso

ingrediente n ingredient

ingress- see ingred-

ingresso n ingress, entrance

inguirlandar (-gi-) v to wreathe

ingummar v to gum (= to treat, smear, etc., with gum)

ingurgitar v to ingurgitate, swallow (1. to engulf; 2. to swallow up greedily)
Hence: ingurgitation

ingurgitation n ingurgitation

ingypsar v 1. to gypsum; 2. to plaster, cover with plaster

inhabile adj unskilful, clumsy

inhabilitate n unskilfulness, clumsiness

inhalar v [Med.] to inhale
Hence: inhalation; inhalator

inhalation n [Med.] inhalation

inhalator n inhaler (1. one who inhales; 2. contrivance for inhalation); inhalator

inhardir v to embolden

inharmonia (-ía) n inharmony

inharmonic adj inharmonic

inharmoniose adj inharmonious

inherente 1. ppr of inherer; 2. adj inherent

inherentia n inherence

inherer v to inhere, be inherent
Hence: inherente-inherentia

inhibir v to inhibit (1. to forbid; 2. to restrain, hinder)
Hence: inhibition; inhibitori

inhibition n inhibition (1. act of forbidding; 2. [Physiol.]; 3. [Psychol.])

inhibitori adj inhibitory (1. prohibitory; 2. [Physiol.])

inhoneste adj dishonorable; indecent

inhospital adj inhospitable

inhospitalitate n inhospitality

inhuman adj inhuman; inhumane

inhumanitate n inhumanity

inhumar v to bury, inter, inhume
Hence: inhumation

inhumation n burial, interment, inhumation

inhygienic adj unhygienic

inimic (-íc) adj inimical (1. hostile; 2. harmful)
Hence: inimicitate; inimicar; inimico

inimicar v to make enemies of;
inimicar se to become an enemy (of)

inimicitate n enmity

inimico (-íco) n enemy

inimitabile adj inimitable

inintelligente adj unintelligent, obtuse

inintelligentia n want of intelligence, obtuseness

inintelligibile adj unintelligible

ininterrupte adj uninterrupted

inique adj inequitable; iniquitous
Hence: iniquitate

iniquitate n inequity; iniquity

initial¹ adj initial

initial² n initial

initiar v to initiate (1. to originate; 2. to introduce into a society, sect, etc.; also: to introduce to the secrets, elements, etc., of a doctrine or science)

initiation n initiation

initiativa n initiative;
prender le initiativa to take the initiative

initiative adj initiative, initiating

initiato n initiate

initiator n 1. initiator; 2. mystagogue

initio n start, beginning
Hence: initial; initiar-initiation, initiative-initiativa; initiator; initiato

inject- see injicer

injectar v to inject

injectate 1. pp of injectar; 2. adj inflamed, congested; also: bloodshot

injection n injection

injector n [Med.] injector

injicer [-jic-/-ject-] v to inject
Hence: injection; injector; injectar-injectate

injunct- see injunger

injunction n injunction (= authoritative admonition or order)

injunger [-jung-/-junct-] v to enjoin (= to command, direct with authority)
Hence: injunction

injuria n I. injury (1. wrong; 2. damage); II. insult
Hence: injuriose; injuriar

injuriar v to abuse, insult

injuriose adj injurious, insulting

injuste adj unjust, unfair

injustificabile adj unjustifiable

injustificate adj unjustified

injustitia n injustice

in medias res [L] in medias res

innate adj innate; inborn

innatural adj unnatural

innavigabile adj 1. unnavigable; 2. unseaworthy

innavigabilitate n 1. unnavigability; 2. unseaworthiness

innervar v to innervate
Hence: innervation

innervation n innervation

innobilimento n ennoblement (1. act of giving the rank of nobleman to; 2. act of elevating in excellence or worth)

innobilir v to ennoble (1. to give the rank of nobleman to; 2. to elevate in excellence or worth)

innocente adj innocent (1. not guilty; 2. having no knowledge of evil; 3. harmless, innocuous)
Hence: innocentia

innocentia n I. innocence (1. guiltlessness; 2. freedom from the knowledge of evil); II. innocuousness, harmlessness

innocue adj innocuous, harmless

innocuitate n innocuousness, harmlessness

innominabile adj unnamable

innominate adj unnamed

innovar v to innovate (= to introduce as new)
Hence: innovation; innovator

innovation n innovation (1. process of innovating; 2. something newly introduced)

innovator n innovator

innumerabile adj innumerable

innumerabilitate n innumerability

inoblidabile adj unforgettable

inobservabile adj inobservable

inobservante adj inobservant

inobservantia n inobservance, non-observance

inoculabile adj inoculable

inocular v 1. [Hort.] to graft; 2. to inoculate;
inocular (un virus, etc.) a un persona to inoculate (a virus, etc.) into someone, inoculate someone with (a virus, etc.)
Hence: inoculabile; inoculation

inoculation n 1. [Hort.] grafting; 2. inoculation

inodor adj odorless, inodorous

inoffensive adj inoffensive

inofficiose adj [Law] inofficious

inofficiositate n [Law] inofficiosity

inope (ín-) adj 1. helpless; 2. destitute
Hence: inopia

inopia n 1. helplessness; 2. destitution

inopinate adj unexpected

inopportun adj inopportune

inopportunitate n inopportuneness, inopportunity

inorganic adj inorganic;
chimia inorganic inorganic chemistry

inorgoliar v to make proud

inoxydabile adj not oxidizable; also: rustproof

inquadramento n 1. (action of) framing; 2. framework, frame

inquadrar v to frame (as in “to frame a picture”)
Hence: inquadramento; inquadrator

inquadrator n 1. (picture) framer; 2. frame maker

inqualificabile adj unspeakable (= indescribably or inexpressibly bad)

inquest- see inquirer

inquesta n 1. inquiry (= investigation); 2. [Law] inquest

inquietar v to disquiet, disturb

inquietator n disturber

inquiete adj inquiet, unquiet

inquietude n inquietude, disquietude

inquirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] v to inquire, enquire (= to make inquiries)
Hence: inquesta; inquisition; inquisitor-inquisitorial; inquisitori; inquiritor

inquiritor n inquirer, enquirer

inquisit- see inquirer

inquisition n 1. inquiry, inquisition; 2. [Law] inquisition; 3. [Eccl.] Inquisition

inquisitor n inquisitor (1. one who makes inquiry; 2. [Ch. Hist.])

inquisitori adj inquisitory, inquisitorial

inquisitorial adj inquisitorial

inrabiamento n enragement

inrabiar v 1. to enrage; 2. to be enraged
Hence: inrabiamento

inragiamento (-ja-) n enragement

inragiar (-ja-) v 1. to enrage; 2. to be enraged

inraucamento n hoarseness, huskiness

inraucar v to make hoarse or husky
Hence: inraucamento; disinraucar-disinraucamento

inregimentar v to regiment (= to assign to a regiment)

I.N.R.I. [L] I.N.R.I. (= Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum)

inricchimento n enrichment

inricchir v to enrich (= to make rich with material, mental or spiritual wealth);
pila inricchite [Atomic Phys.] enriched pile

inrobar v to clothe, attire; enrobe

inrolamento n [Mil.] enrollment, enlistment

inrolar¹ v [Mil.] to enlist (= to enroll someone for military service)
Hence: inrolamento

inrolar² v to roll, roll up, coil

insablamento n 1. (act of) stranding, running aground, silting, etc.; 2. silt, sand bank, etc.

insablar v to strand, run aground;
insablar se to silt

insaccar v to bag, sack (= to put in a bag or sack)

insalar v to salt down, corn

insalubre adj unhealthy, unwholesome; insalubrious

insalubritate n insalubrity, unhealthiness, unwholesomeness

insan adj insane
Hence: insanitate

insanabile adj incurable

insanabilitate n incurability

insanguinar v to bloody (= to stain with blood)

insanitate n insanity

insatiabile adj insatiable

insatiabilitate n insatiability

insatiate adj insatiate

insaturabile adj not saturable

inscenar v to stage, put on the stage
Hence: inscenation; inscenator

inscenation n (action of) staging

inscenator n stage director

insciente adj not knowing, uninformed
Hence: inscientia

inscientia n ignorance (= lack of knowledge, information)

inscriber [-scrib-/-script-] v I. to inscribe (1. to engrave or write on metal, stone, paper, etc.; 2. [Geom.]); II. to enter, inscribe (in a list);
inscriber se to enroll, enlist, register
Hence: inscription

inscript- see inscriber

inscription n inscription (1. as in “an inscription on a tombstone”; 2. entry in a roll, register, etc.)

inscrupulose adj unscrupulous

inscrutabile adj inscrutable

inscrutabilitate n inscrutability

insecabile adj that cannot be cut, indivisible

insecar [-sec-/-sect-] v to cut in, notch
Hence: insecto &

insect- see insecar

insecticida n insecticide

insectivore adj insectivorous
Hence: insectivoro

insectivoro (-tí-) n insectivore

insecto n insect
Hence: insectologia etc.; insecticida etc.; insectivore etc.

insectologia (-ía) n insectology

insecur adj I. insecure, unsafe; II. unsure, uncertain (1. doubting; 2. doubtful)

insecuritate n insecurity

insellar v to saddle (= to put saddle upon)

insellate 1. pp of insellar; 2. adj swaybacked, saddle-backed

inseminar v to inseminate
Hence: insemination

insemination n insemination

inseniabile adj teachable

inseniamento n 1. (act or art of) teaching; 2. instruction, education, tuition

inseniar v to teach;
inseniar un cosa a un persona to teach someone something
Hence: inseniamento; inseniabile

insensate adj senseless, foolish, insensate

insensibile adj insensible (1. imperceptible; 2. insensitive)

insensibilitate n insensibility, insensitiveness

inseparabile adj inseparable

inseparabilitate n inseparability

inserer [-ser-/-sert-] v to insert
Hence: insertion; insertar

insert- see inserer

insertar v to insert; also: to graft

insertion n insertion

insid- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: insidia &

insidia n 1. snare, ambush; 2. insidiousness
Hence: insidiose; insidiar-insidiator

insidiar v 1. waylay, ambush; 2. to plot against

insidiator n 1. waylayer; 2. plotter

insidiose adj insidious

insigne adj distinguished, illustrious
Hence: insignia

insignia n I. ensign (1. badge or emblem of office or dignity; 2. standard, banner); II. standard-bearer;
insignias insignia

insignificante adj insignificant

insignificantia n insignificance

insimul¹ (-sí-) adv together

insimul² (-sí-) n general effect, ensemble

insincer adj insincere

insinceritate n insincerity

insinuante 1. ppr of insinuar; 2. adj insinuating, ingratiating

insinuar v I. to introduce or insert (gently); II. to insinuate (1. as in “to insinuate oneself into a person’s confidence”; 2. to hint, imply)
Hence: insinuante; insinuation; insinuative; insinuator

insinuation n insinuation

insinuative adj insinuative

insinuator n insinuator

insipide (-sí-) adj insipid, flat
Hence: insipiditate

insipiditate n insipidity

insipiente adj foolish
Hence: insipientia

insipientia n foolishness

insistentia n insistence

insister v to insist;
insister super to insist on
Hence: insistentia

in situ [L] in situ

insobrie adj unsober

insobrietate n unsoberness, insobriety

insociabile adj unsociable

insociabilitate n unsociability

insolar v to (place in the) sun, insolate
Hence: insolation

insolation n 1. insolation, sunning; 2. sunstroke

insolente adj insolent
Hence: insolentia

insolentia n insolence

insolite (-só-) adj unusual, unaccustomed

insolubile adj insoluble (1. that cannot be dissolved; 2. that cannot be solved)

insolubilitate n insolubility (1. incapacity of being dissolved; 2. incapacity of being solved)

insolvente adj insolvent

insolventia n [Com.] insolvency

insomne adj sleepless, insomnious
Hence: insomnia

insomnia n insomnia

inspect- see inspicer

inspectar v to inspect

inspection n inspection

inspector n inspector

inspectorato n inspectorate, inspectorship

insperabile adj not to be hoped (for)

insperate adj unhoped-for

inspicer [-spic-/-spect-] v to inspect, superintend
Hence: inspection; inspector-inspectorato; inspectar

inspirar v 1. to inhale, inspire; 2. to inspire (= to infuse life, feeling, enthusiasm, etc.)
Hence: inspiration; inspirator

inspiration n 1. inhalation; 2. inspiration

inspirator n inspirer

inspissar v to inspissate, thicken

inspissation n inspissation, thickening

instabile adj unstable

instabilitate n instability

installar v to install (1. to place in office; 2. to put in position for use);
installar se to settle down, install oneself
Hence: installation; reinstallar-reinstallation

installation n installation

instantanee adj instantaneous

instantaneitate n instantaneousness, instantaneity

instante¹ adj instant (= pressing, urgent)

instante² n instant;
(a) omne instante continually, at every moment
Hence: instantanee-instantaneitate

instantia n instance (1. urgent request; 2. [Law])

instar v to press, urge
Hence: instante¹-instantia, instante² &

instaurar v to establish, set up (a new order, method, etc.)
Hence: instauration; instaurator

instauration n establishment (of a government, etc.)

instaurator n founder, establisher (of an institution, etc.)

instigar v to instigate
Hence: instigation; instigator; instigatrice

instigation n instigation

instigator n instigator

instigatrice n instigatrix

instillar v to instill, instil (1. to put in drop by drop; 2. to impart gradually)
Hence: instillation

instillation n instillation

instinct- see instingu-

instinctive adj instinctive

instincto n instinct;
instincto de conservation instinct of self-preservation

instingu- [-stingu-/-stinct-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: instinctive; instincto

instituer [-stitu-/-stitut-] v to institute;
instituer alicuno herede to institute someone as heir, to appoint someone as heir
Hence: institution; institutor; instituto; instituta

institut- see instituer

instituta n -;
institutas [Rom. Law] Institutes (of Justinian)

institution n institution

instituto n institute (= organization for the promotion of literature, science, art, etc.)

institutor n 1. institutor, founder; 2. teacher

instruct- see instruer

instruction n I. instruction (1. education; 2. direction); II. [Law] preliminary investigation

instructive adj instructive

instructor n teacher, instructor; also: drillmaster;
judice instructor examining magistrate

instruer [-stru-/-struct-] v to instruct (1. to teach, educate; 2. to inform);
instruer (un causa) [Law] to examine, investigate (a case)
Hence: instruction; instructive; instructor

instrumental adj instrumental (1. performed on musical instruments; 2. [Gram.]);
causa instrumental instrumental cause

instrumentar v to instrument (1. [Law] to draw up an instrument; 2. [Mus.] to arrange for instruments; also: to orchestrate)

instrumentation n [Mus.] instrumentation; also: orchestration

instrumentista n [Mus.] instrumentalist

instrumento n instrument (1. tool; 2. “musical instrument”; 3. [Law]);
instrumento de percussion percussion instrument;
instrumento de vento wind instrument;
instrumento de ligno woodwind instrument
Hence: instrumentista; instrumental; instrumentar-instrumentation

insubmersibile adj insubmersible

insubmission n insubordination, insubmission

insubordinate adj insubordinate

insubordination n insubordination

insubstantial adj insubstantial, unsubstantial

insubstantialitate n insubstantiality, unsubstantiality

insuccesso n failure (= want of success)

insufficiente adj 1. insufficient; 2. incapable, incompetent

insufficientia n 1. insufficiency; 2. incapacity, incompetence

insufflar v to blow upon or into, insufflate
Hence: insufflation; insufflator

insufflation n insufflation; also: [Med.]

insufflator n insufflator (= device for insufflating); also: [Med.]

insuffribile adj insufferable, unbearable

insula (ín-) n 1. island, isle; 2. block (of buildings)
Hence: insular¹-insularitate; insulario; insular² &; peninsula &

insulamento n 1. isolation; 2. [Elec., etc.] insulation

insular¹ adj insular

insular² adj 1. to isolate, insulate; 2. [Elec., etc.] to insulate
Hence: insulamento; insulation; insulator

insulario n islander

insularitate n insularity

insulation n [Elec., etc.] insulation

insulator n [Elec.] insulator; attrib [Elec., etc.] insulating

insulina n insulin

insultar v 1. to attack; 2. to insult
Hence: insulto; insultator

insultator n 1. attacker, aggressor; 2. insulter

insulto n 1. attack; 2. insult

insuperabile adj insuperable

insupportabile adj insupportable, unbearable

insurgente 1. ppr of insurger; 2. adj insurgent

insurger [-surg-/-surrect-] v to rise (in revolt)
Hence: insurgente; insurrection-insurrectional; insurgite-insurgito

insurgite 1. pp of insurger; 2. adj insurgent

insurgito n insurgent

insurmontabile adj insurmountable

insurrect- see insurger

insurrection n insurrection

insurrectional adj insurrectional

intabulamento n [Arch.] entablature, entablement

intabular v to board up

intacte adj intact

intactile adj not tactile, intactile

intangibile adj intangible

intangibilitate n intangibility

intascar v to pocket, put in a pocket

integrabile adj [Math.] integrable

integrabilitate n [Math.] integrability

integral¹ adj 1. complete, whole; 2. [Math.] integral

integral² n [Math.] integral

integrante 1. ppr of integrar; 2. adj integral (= constituent)

integrar v to integrate (= to complete); also: [Math.]

integration n integration (= act of integrating; also: [Math.])

integrator n integrator

integre (ín-) adj 1. entire, whole; 2. upright (= of unfailing integrity)
Hence: integritate; integral; integrar-integrante, integrabile-integrabilitate, integration, integrator, disintegrar-disintegration, reintegrar-reintegration

integritate n integrity (1. entirety; 2. uprightness)

intellect- see intellig-

intellection n intellection (= action or process of understanding)

intellective adj intellective

intellecto n intellect
Hence: intellectual-intellectualitate

intellectu- see intellecto

intellectual¹ adj intellectual

intellectual² n intellectual

intellectualitate n intellectuality

intellig- [-lig-/-lect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: intelligente-intelligentia; inintelligente-inintelligentia; intelligibile-inintelligibile; intellection; intellective; intellecto &

intelligente adj intelligent

intelligentia n 1. intelligence (as in “intelligence quotient”); 2. understanding; also: knowledge, intelligence (of a thing);
haber intelligentia de to understand, have knowledge of;
haber intelligentia con (le inimico) to have an understanding with (the enemy)

intelligentsia [R] n intelligentsia, educated (class or classes)

intelligibile adj intelligible

intemperante adj intemperate

intemperantia n intemperance

intemperate adj intemperate

intendente n intendant; also: administrator, superintendent, etc.

intendentia n intendency (= office and function of an intendant); also: administration, superintendence, management, etc.

intender [-tend-/-tent-/-tens-] v 1. to intend (= to plan); 2. to understand, apprehend;
intender se to get along (together);
dar a intender to give to understand
Hence: intendimento; intendente-intendentia; intention-intentional, intentionate; intente; intento; intentar; intension; intensive; intense-intensitate, intensificar-intensification; superintender &

intendimento n understanding (= ability to understand)

intenibile adj untenable

intenibilitate n untenability, intenability

intens- see intender

intense adj intense (=existing in an extreme degree)

intensificar v to intensify (= to increase the intensity of)

intensification n intensification

intension n intension, intenseness

intensitate n intensity

intensive adj intensive (1. having intensity; 2. [Gram.]);
cultura intensive [Agr.] intensive cultivation

intent- see intender

intentar v -;
intentar un accusation contra [Law] to direct an accusation against;
intentar un processo or un action contra [Law] to institute proceedings, or enter an action, against

intente adj intent

intention n intention;
con intention intentionally, purposely

intentional adj intentional

intentionate adj -;
ben, mal, intentionate well-, ill-, intentioned

intento n intent, intention

inter (ín-) prep 1. between; 2. among
Hence: intertanto etc.; [interdum] etc.

inter- prefixo [used with nouns, adjectives, and verbs; also in combination with adjectival suffixes] inter- (= between, among)
Hence: interacto etc.; interlingua etc., interstellar etc; intervertebral etc.; intercambiar etc.; intervenir etc.

interacto n entr’acte (1. intermission;, piece of music, etc.; performed between the acts of a play)

intercalar v intercalate
Hence: intercalari; intercalation

intercalari adj intercalary

intercalation n intercalation

intercambiabile adj interchangeable

intercambiar v to interchange, exchange
Hence: intercambio; intercambiabile

intercambio n interchange

interceder [-ced-/-cess-] v to intercede
Hence: intercession; intercessor

intercept- see intercip-

interceptar v to intercept (= to seize or stop on the way from one place to another)

interception n interception

intercess- see interceder

intercession n intercession

intercessor n intercessor

intercip- [-cip-/-cept-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: interception; interceptar

intercostal adj [Anat.] intercostal

intercruciar v to intercross (= to put crosswise);
intercruciar se to intercross (= to form a cross with one another)

intercurr- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: intercurrente

intercurrente adj intercurrent (1. intervening; 2. [Med.])

intercutanee adj intercutaneous, subcutaneous

interdicer [-dic-/-dict-] v to interdict (1. to forbid; 2. [Eccl.])
Hence: interdiction; interdicto

interdict- see interdicer

interdiction n interdiction (1. prohibition; 2. [Law])

interdicto n [Eccl.] interdict

interdigital adj situated between the digits, interdigital

[interdum] (-tér-) adv sometimes, occasionally; for some time; meanwhile, in the meantime

[interea] (-té-) adv meanwhile, in the meantime

interessante 1. ppr of interessar; 2. adj interesting

interessar v to interest;
interessar se to be interested, take an interest

interessate 1. pp of interessar; 2. adj interested (= self-interested, self-seeking)

interessato n interested party

interesse n interest (1. as in “to have an interest in some enterprise”; 2. as in “to take an interest in some subject”; 3. [Fin.]);
in le interesse de un persona in or to somebody’s interest;
prender interesse to take an interest;
(libro) sin interesse uninteresting (book);
interesse simplice, composite simple, compound, interest
Hence: interessar-interessante, interessate-interessato-cointeressato; disinteresse-disinteressar-disinteressate

interferentia n [Phys.] interference

interferer v [Phys.] to interfere
Hence: interferentia

interfoliacee adj [Bot.] interfoliaceous

interfoliar v to interleave (a book, etc.)

interim¹ (ín-) adv meanwhile, (in the) meantime
Hence: interime

interim² (ín-) n interim;
in le interim in the interim

interime (té-) adj interim

interior¹ adj interior; also: inside, inner, etc.;
vita interior inner life;
commercio interior domestic, interior trade

interior² n inside, interior

interject- see interjic-

interjection n [Gram.] interjection

interjective adj interjectional

interjic- [jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: interjection; interjective

interlardamento n (action of) larding or interlarding

interlardar v 1. [Cookery] to lard; 2. to interlard

interlinea n (blank) space (between two written or printed lines)

interlinear¹ adj interlinear

interlinear² v to interlineate, to interline

interlineation n interlineation

interlingua n interlanguage, interlingua

interlingual adj interlingual

interlinguista n interlinguist

interlinguistica n interlinguistics

interlocut- see interloquer

interlocution n interlocution (= interchange of speech)

interlocutor n interlocutor

interlocutori adj [Law] interlocutory

interloquer [loqu-/-locut-] v 1. to interject (a remark); 2. [Law] to award or pronounce an interlocutory decree
Hence: interlocution; interlocutor; interlocutori

interludio n interlude

interlunio n interlunation, interlunar period

intermaxillar adj intermaxillary;
osso intermaxillar intermaxillary bone

intermediari adj intermediary, intermediate

intermediario n intermediary

intermedie adj intermediary, intermediate
Hence: intermediari-intermediario; intermedio

intermedio n entr’acte (= dance, piece of music, etc., performed between the acts of a play)

intermezzo [I] n intermezzo

interminabile adj interminable

intermiss- see intermitter

intermission n intermission

intermittente adj intermittent;
pulso intermittente [Med.] intermittent pulse

intermittentia n intermittence, intermittency

intermitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to intermit; interrupt
Hence: intermittente-intermittentia; intermission

internamento n internment;
campo de internamento internment camp

internar v to intern

international adj international

internationalisar v to internationalize

internationalisation n internationalization

internationalismo n internationalism

internationalista n internationalist

internationalitate n internationality

internato n boarding school

interne adj internal; also: inner, inside, etc.;
angulo interne interior angle;
medicina interne internal medicine;
(medicamento) pro uso interne (medicine) for internal use
Hence: internar-internamento; interno-internato

interno n 1. [School] boarder, boarding student; 2. [Med.] intern(e)

internodio n internode

internuncio n internuncio (= representative of the Pope)

interossee adj [Anat.] interosseous

interpellante n interpellant

interpellar v 1. to challenge (someone) to answer; 2. [Parl.] to interpellate
Hence: interpellante; interpellation; interpellator

interpellation n 1. (peremptory) questioning; 2. interpellation

interpellator n interpellant

interpolar v to interpolate
Hence: interpolation; interpolator

interpolation n interpolation

interpolator n interpolator

interponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to interpose
Hence: interposition

interposit- see interponer

interposition n interposition

interprendente adj enterprising

interprender [-prend-/-pris-] v to undertake
Hence: interprendente; interprisa; interprenditor

interprenditor n (one who undertakes something) undertaker, entrepreneur; also: contractor

interpretabile adj interpretable

interpretar v to interpret (1. to explain or expound; 2. to translate as interpreter)

interpretation n interpretation

interpretative adj interpretive, interpretative

interprete (-tér-) n interpreter (1. one whose profession is to translate orally; 2. one who explains or expounds)
Hence: interpretar-interpretabile, interpretation, interpretative, misinterpretar-misinterpretation

interpris- see interprender

interprisa n undertaking, enterprise

interramento n interment, burial

interrar v to inter, bury
Hence: interramento

interregno n interregnum

interrogar v to interrogate, examine
Hence: interrogation; interrogative; interrogator; interrogatori; interrogatorio

interrogation n interrogation;
puncto de interrogation question mark

interrogative adj [Gram.] interrogative

interrogator n interrogator

interrogatori adj interrogatory

interrogatorio n [Law] interrogatory

interrumper [-rump-/-rupt-] v to interrupt (1. to break in upon; 2. as in “a building interrupts the view”)
Hence: interruption; interruptive; iuterruptor; interrupte-ininterrupte

interrupt- see interrumper

interrupte adj interrupted

interruption n interruption (= action of interrupting, breaking in upon)

interruptive adj interruptive

interruptor n interrupter (1. one who interrupts; 2. [Elec.])

intersection n [Geom.] intersection

interstellar adj interstellar

interstitial adj interstitial

interstitio n 1. interstice; 2. interval (= space of time between two events)
Hence: interstitial

intertanto adv meanwhile, in the meantime

intertener v to entertain (= to divert, amuse)
Hence: intertenimento

intertenimento n entertainment (= diversion, amusement)

intertropical adj intertropical

intervallo n interval

intervenir [-ven-/-vent-] v to intervene (as in “to intervene in a quarrel”)
Hence: intervention

intervent- see intervenir

intervention n intervention (as in “intervention in a quarrel”)

intervertebral adj intervertebral

intervider [-vid-/-vist-] v to catch sight of, catch a glimpse of
Hence: intervista

interview [A] n [Journ.] interview
Hence: interviewar

interviewar v [Journ.] to interview

interviewer [A] n [Journ.] interviewer

intervist- see intervider

intervista n interview (= meeting, conference)

intervocalic adj [Phonet.] intervocalic

intestate adj [Law] intestate (= without having made a valid will)

intestin adj intestine
Hence: intestino-intestinal

intestinal adj intestinal

intestino n intestine, bowel

inthronamento n enthronement

inthronar v to enthrone

intimar v to intimate (= to make known formally)
Hence: intimation

intimation n intimation (= formal notification)

intime (ín-) adj intimate (1. inward, deepseated; 2. close)
Hence: intimitate; intimar &

intimidabile adj easily intimidated

intimidar v to intimidate

intimidation n intimidation

intimitate n intimacy

intitular v to entitle (as in “to entitle a book, etc.”)
Hence: intitulation

intitulation n (act of) entitling (as in “entitling a book, etc.”)

intolerabile adj intolerable

intolerabilitate n intolerability

intolerante adj intolerant

intolerantia n intolerance

intonar v to intonate, intone
Hence: intonation

intonation n intonation

intonnar v to tun, barrel

intorquer [-torqu-/-tors-] v to twist inwards
Hence: intorsion

intors- see intorquer

intorsion n intorsion

intoxicar v to poison
Hence: intoxication

intoxication n toxication, poisoning

intra adv/prep within

intra- prefixo [used chiefly with adjectives] intra- (= inside, within)
Hence: intradorso etc.; intramural etc.; intravenose etc.

intractabile adj intractable

intractabilitate n intractability

intradorso n [Arch.] intrados

intraducibile adj untranslatable

intramural adj intramural

intransferibile adj not transferable, untransferable

intransigente adj uncompromising, intransigent

intransigentia n intransigence

intransmissibile adj not transmissible

intransmutabile adj not transmutable

intravenose adj intravenous;
injection intravenose intravenous injection

intrepide adj intrepid

intrepiditate n intrepidity

intricar v I. to entangle, confuse, intricate; II. to intrigue (1. to excite the curiosity or interest of; 2. to carry on underhand plotting or scheming);
intricar se to get entangled
Hence: intrico; intrication; intricate

intricate 1. pp of intricar; 2. adj intricate

intrication n intrication, intricacy, complication

intrico n I. intricacy, complication; 2. intrigue (= underhand plotting or scheming)

intriga n intrigue (1. underhanded plotting or scheming; 2. plot of a play, novel, etc.);
intriga amorose, intriga galante intrigue (= secret love affair)

intrigante¹ 1. ppr of intrigar; 2. adj scheming

intrigante² n intriguer, intrigant

intrigar v to intrigue (1. to excite the curiosity or interest of; 2. to carry on underhand plotting or scheming)
Hence: intriga; intrigante

intrinsec (-trín-) adj intrinsic

intro adv inwardly, internally, on the inside, in

intro- prefixo [used with verbs] intro- (= inwards, to the inside)
Hence: introducer etc.; introspicer etc.

introducer [-duc-/-duct-] v to introduce (= to insert, put in, bring in, etc.)
Hence: introduction; introductive; introductor; introductori

introduct- see introducer

introduction n introduction;
littera de introduction letter of introduction

introductive adj introductory, introductive

introductor n 1. introducer; 2. introductor (of ambassadors)

introductori adj introductory

intromiss- see intromitter

intromission n intromission

intromitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to intromit
Hence: intromission

introspect- see introspicer

introspection n introspection

introspective adj introspective

introspicer [-spic-/-spect-] v to introspect (1. to look within; 2. to practice introspection)
Hence: introspection; introspective

introvabile adj not to be found

introvers- see introverter

introversion n introversion (1. action or state of turning inwards; 2. [Relig.] contemplation of the indwelling divine presence; 3. [Psychol.])

introverter [-vert-/-vers-] v to introvert (1. Zool.] to draw inward, invaginate; 2. to turn the mind, direct the attention, inward; 3. to be introverted)
Hence: introversion; introvertite-introvertito

introvertite 1. pp of introverter; 2. adj [Psychol.] introverted

introvertito n [Psychol.] introvert

intruder [-trud-/-trus-] v to intrude (= to thrust or force in or upon);
intruder se to intrude (= to thrust oneself in, to encroach)
Hence: intrusion; intruse-intruso

intrus- see intruder

intruse adj intruding

intrusion n intrusion (= act of intruding upon someone)

intruso n intruder

intuer v to perceive by intuition, to intuit
Hence: intuition; intuitive

intuition n intuition

intuitive adj intuitive

intumescente 1. ppr of intumescer; 2. adj intumescent

intumescentia n intumescence

intumescer v to intumesce
Hence: intumescente-intumescentia

intus (ín-) adv inside (1. on the inside, within; 2. into, to the inside)
Hence: intussusception etc.

intussusception n [Physiol.] intussusception

inundar v to flood, inundate
Hence: inundation

inundation n inundation, flood

inurban adj inurbane

inusabile adj unusable

inusual adj unusual (1. out of the ordinary; 2. not customary)

inutile adj useless

inutilisabile adj unutilizable, unusable

inutilisar v to render useless

inutilisate adj not utilized, unused

inutilitate n uselessness

invader [-vad-/-vas-] v to invade
Hence: invasion; invasive; invasor

invaginar v to invaginate
Hence: invagination; invaginate

invaginate 1. pp of invaginar; 2. adj invaginated, invaginate

invagination n invagination, intussuception

invainar v to sheathe (a sword, etc.)

invalidar v to invalidate

invalidation n invalidation

invalide (-vá-) adj 1. invalid, disabled; 2. invalid, without legal force

invaliditate n invalidity (1. want of bodily strength; 2. want of validity, invalidness)

invalido (-vá-) n invalid; specif.: disabled soldier

invariabile adj invariable

invariabilitate n invariability

invas- see invader

invasar v to fill into containers; also: to bottle, etc.

invasion n invasion

invasive adj invasive

invasor n invader

invect- see inveher

invectiva n invective, abuse

invective adj abusive, reviling

inveher [-veh-/-vect-] v to inveigh
Hence: invective-invectiva

inveloppamento n envelopment

inveloppar v to envelop, wrap up
Hence: inveloppe; inveloppamento; disinveloppar

inveloppe n envelope

inven- [-ven-/-vent-] v [occurring in derivatives)
Hence: invention; inventive; inventor; inventar

invendibile adj unsalable

invenenamento n (act of) poisoning

invenenar v to poison

invent- see inven-

inventar v to invent

inventariar v to inventory

inventario n inventory;
facer le inventario to take stock;
beneficio de inventario [Law] beneficium inventarii, benefit of inventory
Hence: inventariar

invention n invention;
invention del cruce Invention of the Cross

inventive adj inventive

inventor n inventor

inverisimile adj unlikely, improbable

inverosimilante adj unlikely, improbable

inverosimilantia n lack of verisimilitude, improbability

invers- see inverter

inverse adj inverse

inversion n inversion

inversive adj inversive

inverso n inverse

inversor n [Elec.] reversing switch

invertebrate adj invertebrate

invertebrato n [Zool.] invertebrate

inverter [-vert-/-vers-] v 1. to invert; 2. to capsize;
inverter le currente electric to reverse the electric current
Hence: invertina; inversion; inversive; inversor; inverse-inverso

invertina n [Biochem.] invertase, invertin

investigabile adj investigable

investigar v to investigate
Hence: investigabile; investigation; investigator

investigation n investigation

investigator n investigator

investimento n 1. investiture (= formal investing of a person with an office, power, etc.); 2. beleaguerment; 3. [Fin.] investment

investir v to invest (1. as in “to invest with supreme authority”; 2. to beleaguer; 3. [Fin.])
Hence: investimento, investitura

investitura n investiture (= formal investing of a person with an office, power, etc.)

inveterar v 1. to grow old; 2. to grow inveterate
Hence: inveterate

inveterate adj inveterate

inviar v to send
Hence: invio; inviato

inviato n envoy (1. messenger, representative; 2. [Dipl.])

invicte adj unvanquished

invide (ín-) adj envious
Hence: invidia-invidiose, invidiar-invidiabile

invidia n 1. covetousness; 2. envy (= feeling of envy)

invidiabile adj enviable

invidiar v to envy (1. to covet; 2. to be envious of)

invidiose adj envious

invincibile adj invincible

invincibilitate n invincibility

invio (-ío) n sending, dispatch

inviolabile adj inviolable

inviolabilitate n inviolability

inviolate adj inviolate

invirgar v [Naut.] to bend (a sail)

invirgatura n 1. [Naut.] (action of) bending (a sail); 2. [Naut.] spread (of sails)

invisibile adj invisible

invisibilitate n invisibility

invitar v to invite
Hence: invitation; invitator; invitatori; invitatorio; invitato; convitar &

invitation n invitation

invitato n (invited) guest

invitator n one who invites, inviter

invitatori adj inviting, invitatory

invitatorio n [Eccl.] invitatory

invocar v to invoke (1. to call upon for help or protection; 2. to conjure);
invocar le adjuta de un persona to appeal to someone for help
Hence: invocation; invocator; invocatori

invocation n invocation

invocator n invoker

invocatori adj invocatory

involuntari adj involuntary

involut- see involver

involute adj involute (1. involved, intricate; 2. [Bot.])

involution n involution (1. act of involving; state of being involved; 2. retrograde development)

involver [-volv-/-volut-] v I. to wrap (up), envelop; II. to involve (1. to entangle, implicate; 2. to imply)
Hence: involution; involute; disinvolver &

invulnerabile adj invulnerable

invulnerabilitate n invulnerability

*inyame n yam

io pron pers I

iodar v to iodate

iodato n iodate

iodic adj iodic

iodismo n [Med.] iodism

iodo n iodine
Hence: iodato; iodic; iodose; iodismo; iodar; iodometria etc.; iodoformo etc.

iodoformo n iodoform

iodometria (-ía) n iodometry

iodose adj iodous

ion (í-) n ion
Hence: ionic; ionisar-ionisation

-ion suffixo substantive [used with the second stem of verbs in -er and -ir; note: -ion + -ose = -iose] -ion (= action or result of
Hence: election etc.; vision etc.; inflexion etc.; distribution etc.; solution etc.; sanction etc.

ionic adj [Phys.] ionic

ionisar v to ionize

ionisation n ionization

iota n iota (1. ninth letter of the Greek alphabet; 2. as in “not an iota of evidence”)

Iphigenia (-ía) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Iphigenia

ipse myself, yourself, himself, etc. (as in “the king himself”);
hodie ipse this very day

-ique see eque

ir v to go;
ir a (un persona) to suit, be becoming to (someone);
ir e venir to walk up and down
Hence: adir &; ambir &; circuir &; exir &; obir &; preterir &; transir &; see also verbal forms va, [van], [vamos]

ir-¹ see Eire

ir-² see in-

ira n anger, wrath, ire
Hence: irate; irascer &

irascer v to become angry
Hence: irascibile-irascibilitate

irascibile adj irascible

irascibilitate n irascibility

irate adj angry, wrathful, irate

iridaceas npl [Bot.] Iridaceae

iridacee adj [Bot.] iridaceous

Iride npr [Gr. Relig.] Iris;
iride iris (1. rainbow; 2. “iris of the eye”; 3. [Bot.]; also: orris);
diaphragma iride [Photog.] iris diaphragm
Hence: iridium; iridacee-iridaceas; iridescer-iridescente-iridescentia

iridescente 1. ppr of iridescer; 2. adj iridescent

iridescentia n iridescence

iridescer v to iridesce

iridium n iridium

Iris npr [Gr. Relig.] Iris;
iris iris (1. rainbow; 2. “iris of the eye”; 3. [Bot.]; also: orris);
diaphragma iris [Phot.] iris diaphragm
Hence: irisar-irisation; iritis

irisar v to make iridescent, iridize

irisation n iridescence, irization

iritis (-ítis) n [Med.] iritis

Irlanda npr Ireland
Hence: irlandese

irlandese¹ adj Irish

irlandese² n 1. Irish (language); 2. Irishman, Irishwoman

ironia (-ía) n irony
Hence: ironista; ironic; ironisar

ironic adj ironical, ironic

ironisar v to speak ironically, ironize

ironista n ironist; ironical person

irradiante 1. ppr of irradiar; 2. adj irradiant

irradiar v to radiate, irradiate (1. to shine; 2. to give out, shed)
Hence: irradiante; irradiation; irradiator

irradiation n irradiation (1. act of irradiating; 2. state of being irradiated)

irradiator n irradiator

irrationabile adj unreasonable (1. not endowed with reason; 2. not conformable to reason)

irrational adj irrational (1. not endowed with reason; 2. not conformable to reason, unreasonable; 3. [Math.])

irrationalitate n irrationality (1. state of lacking reason; 2. unreasonableness; 3. [Math.])

irreal adj unreal

irrealisabile adj unrealizable

irrealitate n unreality

irreclamabile adj nonclaimable

irreconciliabile adj irreconcilable

irreconciliabilitate n irreconcilability

irrecuperabile adj irrecoverable

irrecusabile adj [Law] not challengeable, not exceptionable, irrecusable

irredenta [I] n irredenta
Hence: irredentismo; irredentista

irredentismo n Irredentism; irredentism

irredentista n Irredentist; irredentist

irredimibile adj irredeemable (= not redeemable)

irreducibile adj irreducible

irreducibilitate n irreducibility

irreflexion n want of reflection, thoughtlessness

irreformabile adj irreformable

irrefrangibile adj irrefrangible

irrefrangibilitate n irrefrangibility

irrefutabile adj irrefutable

irrefutabilitate n irrefutability

irrefutate adj unrefuted

irregular adj irregular

irregularitate n irregularity (1. quality of being irregular; 2. that which is irregular)

irreligion n irreligion

irreligiose adj irreligious

irreligiositate n irreligiousness

irremediabile adj irremediable

irremissibile adj irremissible

irremissibilitate n irremissibility

irremunerabile adj irremunerable

irreparabile adj irreparable

irreparabilitate n irreparability

irreprehensibile adj irreprehensible, irreproachable

irrepressibile adj irrepressible

irreprochabile adj irreproachable

irresistibile adj irresistible

irresistibilitate n irresistibility

irresolubile adj irresoluble, irresolvable

irresolute adj irresolute

irresolution n irresolution, irresoluteness

irrespirabile adj irrespirable (= not fit for respiration)

irresponsabile adj irresponsible

irresponsabilitate n irresponsibility

irreverente adj irreverent

irreverentia n irreverence

irrevocabile adj irrevocable

irrevocabilitate n irrevocability

irrider [-rid-/-ris-] v to deride
Hence: irrision; irrisor; irrisori

irrigabile adj irrigable

irrigar v to irrigate
Hence: irrigabile; irrigation; irrigator; irrigatori

irrigation n irrigation

irrigator n 1. irrigator; 2. [Med.] syringe, clyster

irrigatori adj irrigative, irrigatory

irris- see irrider

irrision n derision

irrisor n derider

irrisori adj derisive, derisory

irritabile adj irritable

irritabilitate n irritability

irritante n irritant; also: [Med.]

irritar v to irritate (1. to annoy; 2. [Pathol.] to make morbidly sensitive; 3. [Physiol.] to stimulate to vital action)
Hence: irritante; irritabile-irritabilitate; irritation

irritation n irritation (1. annoyance; 2. [Pathol.]; 3. [Physiol.])

irrite (ír-) adj [Law] void, nullified

irrorar v to bedew; also: to sprinkle, spray
Hence: irroration

irroration n bedewment; also: sprinkling, spraying

irrumper [-rump /-rupt-] v to break or burst into, irrupt
Hence: irruption

irrupt- see irrumper

irruption n irruption

[is] 1. dem pron this, that; 2. dem adj this, that

is-¹ n [occurring in geographical compounds] is-, ice- (= ice)
Hence: Islanda etc.

is-² adj [occurring in compounds] iso- (as in “isotope, isometric”)
Hence: isotope etc.; isometric etc.; isobare etc.

Isaac nprm Isaac

Isaia (-sáia) npr Isaiah

-isar suffixo verbal [used with nouns and adjectives] -ize (1. [with nouns] to make into ...; to apply ...; to make use of ...; etc.; 2. [with adjectives] to render ..., to make ...)
Hence: chloroformisar etc.; pasteurisar etc.; pulverisar etc.; commercialisar etc.; standardisar etc.

islam n Islam
Hence: islamismo; islamita-islamitic; islamic; islamisar

islamic adj Islamic, Islamitic

islamisar v to Islamize

islamismo n Islamism

islamita n/adj Islamite, Mohammedan

islamitic adj Islamitic, Islamic

Islanda npr Iceland
Hence: islandese; islandic

islandese¹ adj Icelandic

islandese² n 1. Icelander; 2. Icelandic (language)

islandic adj Icelandic

-ismo suffixo substantive [used with nouns, adjectives, and verbs in -isar] -ism (1. action, process, practice, or result of ...izing; 2. state or practice of being ...; 3. [Med.] abnormal condition resulting from excess of ...; 4. doctrine or practice of ... or concerned with what is ...; 5. something characteristic of ...; also: the language of ...)
Hence: baptismo etc.; hypnotismo etc.; magnetismo etc.; barbarismo etc.; despotismo etc.; alcoholismo etc.; plumbismo etc.; calvinismo etc.; socialismo etc.; gallicismo etc.; provincialismo etc.

isobare adj [Phys., Geog.] isobaric;
linea(s) isobare isobaric line(s), isobar(s)
Hence: isobaro-isobaric

isobaric adj isobaric (1. [Phys., Geog.]; 2. [Chem.] )

isobaro (-ó-) n isobar (1. [Meteorol.]; 2. [Chem.])

isochrone adj isochronal
Hence: isochronismo

isochronismo n isochronism

isocline adj isoclinal
Hence: isoclino

isoclino (-ó-) n isocline

isodiametric adj isodiametric

isodynamic adj isodynamic

isogame (-ó-) adj [Biol.] isogamous
Hence: isogamia

isogamia (-ía) n isogamy

isogone adj isogonal

isolamento n 1. isolation; 2. [Elec., etc.] insulation

isolar v 1. to isolate, insulate; 2. [Elec., etc.] to insulate
Hence: isolamento; isolation; isolator; isolate

isolate 1. pp of isolar; 2. adj isolated, lonely, solitary

isolation n 1. isolation; 2. [Elec., etc.] insulation

isolator n 1. isolator (= one who or that which isolates); 2. [Elec., etc.] insulator

isomere adj [Chem. ] isomeric, isomerous
Hence: isomerismo

isomerismo n [Chem.] isomerism

isometric adj isometric

isomorphe adj isomorphic
Hence: isomorphismo

isomorphismo n isomorphism

isoscele adj isosceles

isotherma n isotherm

isotherme adj isothermal
Hence: isotherma

isotope (-só-) adj [Chem.] isotopic
Hence: isotopo

isotopo (-só-) n [Chem.] isotope

Israel npr Israel
Hence: israelita

israelita¹ n 1. Israelite; 2. Israeli (= national of the State of Israel)

israelita² adj 1. Israelitic, Israelite; 2. Israel, of (the State of) Israel

[isse] dem adj this, that, these, those (= esse)
Hence: isso

-issime (-íssime) suffixo adjective [used with adjectives] most, very, greatly ...
Hence: -issimo; fortissime etc.

-issimo¹ (-íssimo) suffixo substantive [used with adjectives] -issimo (= one who or that which is most or most highly ...)
Hence: generalissimo etc.; pianissimo etc.

-issimo² (-íssimo) suffixo adverbial [used with adjectives and adverbs] -issimo (= most, very, greatly
Hence: bravissimo etc.; pianissimo etc.

[isso] dem pron this, that;
pro isso for this reason, for that reason, therefore
(= esso)

-ista¹ suffixo substantive [used with nouns and adjectives, and with verbs in -isar] -ist (1. one who ...izes or believes in ...izing; 2. one who practices the art or science of ...; 3. adherent of the doctrine of or of the ...)
Hence: baptista etc.; clarinettista etc.; novellista etc.; biologista etc.; calvinista etc.; evolutionista etc.; socialista etc.

-ista² suffixo adjective [used with nouns and adjectives, and with verbs in -isar] -ist, -istic (= pertaining to ...ism or to ...ists)
Hence: baptista etc.; socialista etc.

iste I. dem adj 1. this; these; 2. (the) latter (= second of two); II. dem pron 1. this (one); 2. the latter;
istes dem pron these

-ister see -sister

isthmic adj isthmian

isthmo n isthmus
Hence: isthmic

-it- see -itate

[ita] adv 1. thus, so; 2. just so, yes; 3. and so, consequently; 4. accordingly, under the circumstances
Hence: itaque etc.

-ita suffixo substantive [used with nouns] -ite (1. inhabitant, citizen, or native of ...; 2. member, adherent, or partisan of ...)
Hence: cosmopolita etc.; jesuita etc.; semita etc.

Italia npr Italy
Hence: italian-italianismo, italianisar, italiano; italic-italico

italian adj Italian

italianisar v to Italianize

italianismo n Italianism

italiano n Italian (1. language of Italy; 2. inhabitant of Italy)

italic adj 1. Italic; 2. [Print.] italic

italico n [Print.] italic

[itaque] (í-) conj and so, therefore

-itate suffixo substantive [used with adjectives; -it- before additional suffix] -ity, -iety (= state or quality of being ...)
Hence: regularitate etc.; varietate etc.

-ite suffixo substantive [used mainly with nouns] [Geol., Mineral.] -ite (= mineral or rock containing ..., resembling ..., characterized by ..., etc.)
Hence: graphite etc.; lignite etc.; meteorite etc.

item (í-) adv I. item; II. likewise (1. in the same manner; 2. moreover, furthermore)

iterabile adj repeatable

iterar v to iterate, repeat (1. to do again; 2. to say again)

iteration n iteration, repetition

iterative adj iterative (1. repetitive; 2. [Gram.] frequentative)

iterator n repeater (= one who repeats)

-iterne see eterne

[itero] (í-) adv again, anew;
itero e itero again and again, repeatedly
Hence: iterar-iterabile, iteration, iterative, iterator, reiterar-reiterabile, reiteration, reiterative

itinerante adj itinerant

itinerantia n itinerancy

itinerar v to travel from place to place

itinerari adj itinerary (= pertaining to roads, a route, or a journey)

itinerario n itinerary (1. course of travel; 3. guidebook)

itinere n road, route; line of travel
Hence: itinerari; itinerario; itinerar-itinerante-itinerantia

-ition suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -er and -ir; note: -ition + -ose = -itiose] -ition (= action or result of
Hence: addition etc.: apparition etc.; audition etc.; fruition etc.; volition etc.

-itis (-ítis) suffixo substantive [used with names of parts of the body] [Med.] -itis (= inflammatory disease of the ...)
Hence: appendicitis etc.; laryngitis etc.

-itive suffixo adjective [used with verbs in -er and -ir] -itive (1. tending to ...; 2. having the function of
Hence: definitive etc.; fugitive etc.; intuitive etc.

-itor suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -er and -ir] -itor, -er (= one who, or that which ...s)
Hence: editor etc.; consumitor etc.; servitor etc.

-itori suffixo adjective [used with verbs in -er and -ir] -itory (= pertaining to, or serving for, the action of
Hence: -itoria; -itorio; meritori etc.; auditori etc.; transitori etc.

-itoria suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -er and -ir] -e (= instrument for
Hence: frigitoria etc.; fritoria etc.

-itorio suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -er and -ir] -itory, -itorium (= place where is done)
Hence: auditorio etc.: dormitorio etc.

-itude suffixo substantive [used with adjectives; -itudin- before additional suffix] -itude (= state or quality of being ...)
Hence: aptitude etc.: certitude etc.

-itudin- see -itude

-itura suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -er and -ir] -iture (= action or result of]
Hence: brunitura etc.; vestitura etc.

-ive suffixo adjective [used with the second stem of verbs in -er and -ir] -ive (1. tending to ...; 2. having the function of
Hence: receptive etc.; decisive etc.; reflexive etc.; executive etc.; diminutive etc.; inventive etc.