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fa n 1. [Mus.] fa; 2. [Mus.] (the note) F

faba n bean

fabrica (fá-) n 1. factory (= manufactory); 2. forge, smithy;
marca de fabrica trademark;
fabrica metallurgic metallurgical plant
Hence: fabricar-fabricante; fabrication; fabricato

fabricante n maker, manufacturer

fabricar v 1. to manufacture, make; 2. to fabricate (as in “to fabricate a bridge, book, etc.; also: a story, lie, etc.”); 3. to forge (= to form by heating and hammering)

fabrication n fabrication, manufacture

fabricato n manufactured article

fabula (fá-) n I. fable (1. as in “Aesop’s Fables”; 2. historical legend or myth; 3. falsehood, fiction); II. plot, story (of a a play, etc.)
Hence: fabulista; fabulose; fabular-confabular &

fabular v to fable, fabulate

fabulista n fabulist, story-teller

fabulose adj fabulous

face n torch, brand
Hence: facula-facular

facer [fac-/fact-;-fic-/-fect-] v I. to make (1. to create, produce, etc.; 2. to render, cause to be or become); II. to do (something);
facer + n: facer le barba, facer allusion, etc., see barba, allusion, etc.;
facer (venir, etc.) to cause to (come etc.), make (come, etc.), have (come, etc.);
facer se (tarde, etc.) to become, get (late, etc.)
Hence: facile &; facibile-facibilitate, infacibile-infacibilitate; facticie; faction &; factor &; factura &; facto-artefacto etc.; facitor; affic- &; confic- &; defic- &; effic- &; infic- &; perfic- &; prefic- &; profic- &; refic- &; sufficer &; contrafacer &; disfacer &; refacer &; calefacer etc.; manufac- etc.; satisfacer etc.; benefacer etc.; olfacer etc.; facsimile etc.

facete adj witty, humorous, jocular
Hence: facetia-facetiose; infacete

facetia n witty remark, witticism;
facetias facetiae

facetiose adj witty, humorous, jocular; also: facetious

faciada n [Arch.] façade

facial adj facial;
angulo facial facial angle

facibile adj feasible (= that can be done or carried out)

facibilitate n feasibility

facie n face (1. [Anat.]; 2. surface, outer part of something;
facie a facie face to face
Hence: faciada; facietta &; facial-trifacial etc.; superficie &; superfacie

facietta n facet (of diamond, of insect’s eye, etc.)
Hence: faciettar

faciettar v to facet (diamonds, etc.)

facile adj 1. easy (= not difficult); 2. facile (= working with ease)
Hence: facilitate-facilitar-facilitation; facultate &; difficile &

facilit- see facilitate

facilitar v to facilitate, make easy

facilitate n facility, ease (1. absence of difficulty; 2. power to do anything easily and quickly);
facilitates facilities (as in “special facilities for studies”)

facilitation facilitation (= act of facilitating)

facitor n maker, doer

facsimile n facsimile

fact- see facer

facticie adj factitious

faction n 1. faction (as in “political factions”); 2. sentry, watch, guard; 3. shape, form; 4. fashion, manner
Hence: factionario; factiose

factionario n factionary

factiose n factious

facto n 1. feat, deed; 2. fact;
de facto in fact, de facto;
vias de facto acts of violence

factor n factor (1. agent; 2. “contributing factor”; 3. [Math.])
Hence: factoria

factoria (-ía) n factory (= trading station, office or post of a factor)

factotum [L] n factotum

factura n 1. invoice, bill; 2. workmanship, work
Hence: facturar

facturar v to bill, invoice

facul- see facile

facula (fácula) n 1. torch, brand; 2. [Astron.] facula

facular adj [Astron.] facular

facultate n faculty (1. ability; 2. authority, power; 3. “the faculty of a university, etc.”);
haber le facultate de facer un cosa to be entitled to do something
Hence: facultative

facultative adj optional

fago n beech

fagottar v to fagot, form into bundles

fagottista n bassoonist, fagottist

fagotto n 1. fagot (= bundle of sticks); 2. bassoon, fagotto
Hence: fagottista; fagottar

Fahrenheit, Gabriel Daniel npr [1686-1736; German physicist];
thermometro Fahrenheit Fahrenheit thermometer

faisan n pheasant

falcar v to mow (= to cut down with a scythe, sickle, etc.)

falcata n 1. day’s cutting or mowing; 2. swath, sweep (of the scythe or sickle)

falcator n mower

falcatura n (act of) mowing

falce n 1. scythe; 2. sickle
Hence: falcifere; falcar-falcator, falcatura, falcata; defalcar &; falciforme etc.

falcifere adj sickle-bearing, scythe-bearing

falcon n falcon (1. [Ornith.]; 2. [Artil.])
Hence: falconetto; falconides; falconero; falconeria; falconar

falconar v to hawk (= to hunt with a hawk or falcon)

falconeria (-ía-) n falconry

falconero n falconer

falconetto n falconet (1. [Ornith.]; 2. [Artil.])

falconides (-có-) npl [Ornith.] Falconidae

Falia npr Phalia (= Westphalia and Eastphalia together)
Hence: Westfalia etc.

fallace adj 1. fallacious, delusive, misleading; 2. deceitful
Hence: fallacia

fallacia n fallacy, fallaciousness

faller v to fail (1. to fall short in attainment or performance; 2. to become insolvent or bankrupt)
Hence: fallace &; fallia; fallimento; fallibile-fallibilitate, infallibile-infallibilitate; fallito

fallia n [Geol.] fault

fallibile adj fallible

fallibilitate n fallibility

fallimento n failure; bankruptcy

fallito n bankrupt

falsar v to falsify, pervert; also: to warp; to put out of tune

falsario n forger (= one who commits forgery)

false adj false (1. incorrect; 2. deceitful, treacherous; 3. as in “false teeth”);
false clave skeleton key
Hence: falsitate; falsar-disfalsar; falsificar-falsificabile, falsification, falsificator; falso-falsario

falsificabile adj falsifiable

falsificar v to falsify (as in “to falsify a record”)

falsification n falsification

falsificator n falsifier

falsitate n 1. falsity (= quality or condition of being false); 2. falsehood, lie

falso n forgery

falta n fault (1. flaw, imperfection; 2. mistake, error; 3. moral transgression);
sin falta without fail

fama n I. public report, rumor; II. fame (1. reputation; 2. renown);
mal fama ill repute
Hence: famose; diffamar &; infame &; malfamate

fame n 1. hunger; 2. famine (= acute shortage of foodstuffs in given area);
haber fame to be hungry
Hence: famelic; affamar &

famelic adj starving, famished; also: hungry

familia n family (1. as in “the Smith family”; 2. [special: Sci. etc.]);
patre de familia paterfamilias, head of a family
Hence: familial; familiar &

familial adj family, familial

familiar¹ adj I. domestic; II. familiar (1. intimate, friendly; 2. too friendly, forward; 3. well known, common);
esser familiar con to be familiar with;
expression familiar familiar expression, colloquialism
Hence: familiaritate; familiarisar-familiarisation

familiar² n familiar (1. familiar friend; 2. officer of the Inquisition)

familiarisar v to familiarize (= to make well acquainted)

familiarisation n familiarization

familiaritate n familiarity (1. close acquaintance; 2. freedom of behavior);
familiaritates familiarities

famose adj famous (1. renowned; 2. excellent)

fanal n beacon; also: ship’s lantern, (automobile) headlight, etc.

fanat- see fanatic

fanatic adj fanatic, fanatical
Hence: fanatismo; fanatisar; fanatico

fanatico n fanatic

fanatisar v to fanaticize

fanatismo n fanaticism

fanfar n fanfare

fanfaron n fanfaron, braggart
Hence: fanfaronar-fanfaronada

fanfaronada n fanfaronade, swaggering

fanfaronar v to brag, swagger

fango n mud, mire, etc.
Hence: fangose-fangositate; guardafango etc.

fangose adj muddy, miry, etc.

fangositate n muddiness

fano n [Rom. Antiq.] temple, sanctuary, etc.
Hence: fanatic &; profan &

farad n [Elec.] farad

farad- see Faraday, Michael

Faraday, Michael npr [1791-1867; physicist after whom the “farad” is named]
Hence: faradic; faradisar-faradisation; farad-microfarad etc.

faradic adj [Elec.] faradic

faradisar v [Med.] to faradize

faradisation n [Med.] faradization

farce [F] n 1. [Theat.] farce; 2. [Cookery] stuffing, forcemeat

fardar v to paint, make up;
fardar se to make up, paint oneself

fardello n burden, load; also: pack, bundle

fardo¹ n [Cosmetics] paint, make-up, rouge
Hence: fardar

fardo² n bundle, bale
Hence: fardello

farina n flour, meal
Hence: farinacee; farinero; fariniera; farinose; farinar; infarinar

farinacee adj farinaceous

farinar v to flour (= to convert into flour)

farinero n flour merchant

fariniera n 1. flour bin; 2. flour storehouse

farinose adj floury

farsa n [Theat.] farce
Hence: farsista; farsal; farsator

farsal adj farcial

farsator n joker, wag, farceur

farsista n farce writer

fasce n bundle; also: fagot;
fasce (del projector) beam (of the searchlight);
fasce molecular [Atomic Phys.] molecular beam
Hence: fasciculo-fascicular; fascina; fascismo; fascista-antifascista

fascicular adj fascicular

fasciculo n fascicle (1. bundle, cluster; 2. [Bookbinding] signature)

fascina n bundle, fagot; also: fascine

fascinante 1. ppr of fascinar; 2. adj fascinating

fascinar v to fascinate

fascination n fascination

fascinator n fascinator

fascino (fá-) n 1. spell, hex, evil eye; 2. fascination
Hence: fascinar-fascinante, fascination, fascinator

fascismo n fascism

fascista n fascist

fashion [A] n fashion (1. as in “the latest fashion”; 2. fashionable people)

fashionable [A] adj fashionable

fasto n pomp, display, ostentation
Hence: fastose

fastose adj ostentatious

fatal adj fatal (1. fated, fateful; 2. causing destruction or death);
hora fatal fatal hour, hour of death

fatalismo n fatalism

fatalista n fatalist

fatalitate n fatality (1. destiny; 2. calamity)

fathom [A] n [Meas.] fathom

fatidic (-ídic) adj prophetic, fatidic

fatiga n fatigue, weariness

fatigabile adj easily tired

fatigante adj fatiguing, tiring

fatigar v to fatigue; also: to weary, tire, etc.
Hence: fatiga; fatigante; fatigabile-infatigabile-infatigabilitate; fatigate

fatigate 1. pp of fatigar; 2. adj tired; also: weary

fato n fate (1. as in “the decrees of fate”; 2. lot or fortune)
Hence: fatal-fatalismo, fatalista, fatalitate; fatidic etc.

fatue adj fatuous, foolish;
foco fatue ignis fatuus, will-o-the-wisp
Hence: fatuitate; infatuar &

fatuitate n fatuity

fauna n fauna

faunic adj faunal

fauno n [Rom. Relig.] faun
Hence: faunic, fauna

favo n 1. honeycomb; 2. [Pathol.] favus
Hence: favose

favor n favor, good will;
billet de favor complimentary ticket;
in favor de on behalf of, in favor of
Hence: favorar-favorabile, disfavorar-disfavorabile; favorir-favorite-favorito, favoritismo; disfavor

favorabile adj favorable

favorar v to favor (1. to be in favor of; 2. to be favorable to)

favorir v to favor (1. to be in favor of; 2. to be favorable to)

favorite adj favorite

favoritismo n favoritism

favorito n favorite (1. person regarded with peculiar favor; 2. person, horse, etc., expected to win in a contest)

favose adj [Pathol.] favose

febre adv fever;
febre scarlatin scarlet fever;
febre typhoide typhoid fever;
febre rheumatic rheumatic fever;
febre del feno hay fever;
febre puerperal puerperal fever;
febre quartan quartan (fever);
febre jalne yellow fever
Hence: febril-febrilitate; febricitar-febricitante; infebrar-infebramento; febrifuge etc.

febricitante adj feverish (= affected with fever)

febricitar v to be feverish, have a fever

febrifuge (-í-) adj febrifuge

febril adj feverish (1. indicative of fever, febrile; 2. excited, restless)

febrilitate n feverishness (1. state of having a fever; 2. restlessness)

februario n February

fecal adj fecal

fece n 1. dregs; 2. excrement
Hence: fecula &; fecal; feculente &; defecar &

fecula n starch, fecula
Hence: feculeria

feculente adj feculent
Hence: feculentia

feculentia n feculence

feculeria (-ía) n starchworks

fecundar v to fecundate

fecundation n fecundation

fecundator n fecundator

fecunde adj fecund, fertile
Hence: fecunditate; fecundar-fecundation, fecundator; infecunde-infecunditate

fecunditate n fecundity

fede adj ugly, homely
Hence: feditate

feder- n [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: federal &;, federar &

federal adj federal (= connected with or based upon federation)
Hence: federalismo; federalista

federalismo n federalism

federalista n federalist

federar v to federate
Hence: federation; federative; federate; confederar &

federate 1. pp of federar; 2. adj federate

federation n federation (1. union of several states, etc., under a federal government; 2. as in “federation of labor”)

federative adj federative

feditate n ugliness, homeliness

fee (fée) n fairy, fay;
conto de fees fairy tale
Hence: feeria-feeric

feeria (-ía) n 1. fairyland: 2. [Theat.] fairy play, spectacular play

feeric adj fairy, fairy-like

felice adj happy, fortunate
Hence: felicitate-felicitar &; infelice-infelicitate

felicitar v to congratulate, felicitate
Hence: felicitation

felicitate n 1. felicity, happiness; 2. good fortune, prosperity

felicitation n congratulation, felicitation

feltrar v to felt (1. to make into felt; 2. to cover with felt)

feltrero n feltmaker

feltro n felt (1. the material “felt”; 2. felt hat)
Hence: feltrero; feltrar

femina (fé-) n 1. women; 2. female;
(cavallo, etc.) femina female (horse, etc.)
Hence: feminismo; feminista; feminin-femininitate, feminino; feminisar, effeminar &

feminin adj I. feminine (1. womanly; 2. [Gram.]); II. female

femininitate n femininity, womanliness

feminino n [Gram.] feminine (= feminine gender);
le eterne feminino the eternal feminine

feminisar v to feminize (= to render feminine)

feminismo n feminism

feminista n feminist

femoral adj [Anat.] femoral

femore n thigh; thighbone; also: [Anat.] femur
Hence: femoral

fenar v to (make) hay

fenation n haying, hay-making

-fender [-fend-/-fens-] v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: defender &; offender &

fenestra n window
Hence: fenestrar-fenestrate; defenestrar-defenestration

fenestrar v to furnish with windows

fenestrate 1. pp of fenestrar; 2. adj [Bot., Zool.] fenestrate

fenil n hayloft; storage room for hay

feno n hay;
febre del feno hay fever
Hence: fenil; fenuculo; fenar-fenation

fenuculo n fennel

fer adj 1. fierce (as in “a fierce animal”); 2. proud (= feeling pride)
Hence: feritate; feroce &

Ferdinando nprm Ferdinand

-ferer [-fer-/-lat-] v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: circumferer &; conferer &; deferer &; differer &; inferer &; interferer &; preferer &; referer &; transferer &; legisfer- etc.

feretro (fé-) n bier

feria n 1. fair (as in “county fair”); 2. [Eccl.] feria;
ferias holidays; vacation
Hence: ferial; feriar

ferial adj 1. vacation (as in “vacation time”); 2. [Eccl.] ferial

feriar v to keep holiday, be on vacation

ferimento n (act of) smiting, wounding

ferir v to hit, strike; also: to smite, wound, hurt
Hence: ferimento

feritate n 1. fierceness, ferocity; 2. pride

ferma n farm, farmstead
Hence: fermero

fermentabile adj fermentable

fermentar v to ferment (1. to be in a state of fermentation; 2. to cause to ferment)

fermentation n fermentation

fermentative adj fermentative

fermento n ferment (= agent used in producing fermentation)
Hence: fermentar-fermentabile, fermentation, fermentative

fermero n farmer

feroce adj ferocious
Hence: ferocitate

ferocitate n ferocity

ferralia n scrap iron

ferramento n iron work

ferrar v 1. to iron (= to furnish or cover with iron; 2. to shoe (a horse, etc.)

ferrato n [Chem.] ferrate

ferrator n blacksmith, farrier

ferratura n (action of) shoeing (a horse)

ferree adj ferreous (1. pertaining to or containing iron; 2. like iron)

ferreria (-ía) n 1. smithy, blacksmith’s shop; 2. smithing, blacksmith’s work

ferrero n blacksmith, farrier

ferric adj ferric (1. containing iron; 2. [Chem.])

ferrifere adj ferriferous

ferro n iron;
ferros irons, chains;
ferro (de repassar) (flat)iron;
ferro fundite cast iron
Hence: ferralia; ferrato; ferrero; ferreria; ferrugine &; ferree; ferric; ferrifere; ferrose; ferrar-ferramento, ferrator, ferratura, disferrar; ferrovia etc.

ferrose adj [Chem.] ferrous

ferrovia (-ía) n railway
Hence: ferroviari

ferroviari adj railway

ferrugine n rust (1. iron oxide; 2. [Agr.])
Hence: ferruginose

ferruginose adj ferruginous (1. containing iron; 2. resembling iron rust in color); also: rusty

ferry-boat [A] n ferry, ferryboat

fertile adj fertile (as in “fertile soil”)
Hence: fertilitate; fertilisar-fertilisante, fertilisabile, fertilisation; infertile-infertilitate

fertilisabile adj fertilizable

fertilisante¹ 1. ppr of fertilisar; 2. adj fertilizing

fertilisante² n fertilizer

fertilisar v to fertilize (= to render fertile)

fertilisation n fertilization (= act or process of rendering fertile)

fertilitate n fertility

fervente I. ppr of ferver; II. adj fervent (1. hot, flowing; 2. showing fervor)

ferventia n fervency

ferver v 1. to boil; to be boiling hot; 2. to be in a state of agitation, heat, fervor, etc.
Hence: fervide; fervente-ferventia; fervor; effervescer &

fervide adj fervid, fervent

fervor n fervor (1. intense heat; 2. intense emotion);
con fervor fervently

festa n festival, feast, fete, etc.;
facer festa a un persona to give someone a cordial reception
Hence: festino &; festive-festvitate; festar; festear

festar v 1. to celebrate, keep (a festival or feast day); 2. to feast, regale oneself; 3. to fete, honor (by festive observances)

festear v to feast (= to entertain lavishly)

festinar v 1. to feast, regale oneself; 2. to fete (= to honor by festive observances)

festino n feast (= entertainment, banquet)
Hence: festinar

festive adj festive

festivitate n festivity (= gaiety, merriment)

feston n festoon
Hence: festonar

festonar v to festoon

fetal adj fetal

fetar v to bring forth young

fetation n fetation

fetiche [F] n fetish, fetich
Hence: fetichismo; fetichista

fetichismo (-sh-) n fetishism

fetichista (-sh-) n fetishist

feticida n killer of a fetus

feticidio n feticide, (criminal) abortion

feto n fetus
Hence: fetal; fetar-fetation-superfetation; feticida etc.; feticidio etc.

feudal adj feudal (1. pertaining to a fief; 2. pertaining to the feudal system)

feudalisar v to feudalize

feudalismo n feudalism

feudalista n feudalist

feudalitate n feudality (= quality or state of being feudal)

feudatario n feudatory (= one holding lands by feudal tenure)

feudo n fief, feudal estate
Hence: feudal-feudalismo, feudalista, feudalitate, feudalisar; feudatario; infeudar-infeudation

Fez npr Fez;
fez fez

Fiacre (fiácr) nprm Fiacre;
fiacre hack, hackney coach

fiasco n fiasco;
facer fiasco to fail, end in failure

fibra n fiber
Hence: fibrilla-fibrillose; fibrina-fibrinose; fibrose

fibrilla n fibril (1. small fiber; 2. root hair)

fibrillose adj fibrillous

fibrina n fibrin

fibrinose adj fibrinous

fibrose adj fibrous

fibula (fí-) n I. fibula (1. [Antiq.]; 2. [Anat.]); II. clasp, buckle, brooch

-fic- see facer; -ific

-ficar see -ificar

ficato (fí-) n [Anat.] liver

-fice n [occurring in compounds]
Hence: artifice etc.; carnifice etc.; munificente etc.; edificio etc.; veneficio etc.; orificio etc.; edificar etc.

fich- see fico

fichiero n fig tree

fichu [F] n [Clothing] fichu

-ficie see facie

-ficile see facile

fico n fig (= fruit of the fig tree)
Hence: fichiero; ficoide; beccafico etc.

ficoide adj [Bot.] ficoid

fict- see finger

ficticie adj fictitious

fiction n fiction (as in “truth stranger than fiction”);
fiction legal legal fiction

fictive adj fictive, fictitious

-fid- see finder

fidantia n pledge of (good) faith
Hence: fidantiar-fidantiamento, fidantiato

fidantiamento n betrothal

fidantiar v to betroth, affiance

fidantiato n fiancé

fide n faith (1. trust, confidence; 2. “religious faith”; 3. system of religious beliefs; 4. word (of honor); 5. fidelity, loyalty);
acto, articulo de fide act, article, of faith;
haber fide in to have faith, believe, in;
bon (mal) fide good (bad) faith;
fide punic Punic faith, faithlessness;
dar fide to give, pledge, one’s faith
Hence: fideismo; fideista; fidel &; perfide &; fideicommitter etc.

fideicomiss- see fideicomitter

fideicommissari adj [Law] fideicommissary

fideicommissario n [Law] fideicommissioner

fideicommisse adj [Law] fideicommissary

fideicommisso n [Law] fideicommissum

fideicommitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to make a fideicommissum
Hence: fideicommisse-fideicommisso-fideicommissari, fideicommissario

fideismo (-ízmo) n fideism

fideista (-ísta) n fideist

fidel adj faithful
Hence: fidelitate; infidel-infidelitate

fidelitate n fidelity, faithfulness

fider v to entrust;
fider un cosa a un persona to entrust something to someone;
fider se a un persona to trust, have faith in, someone
Hence: fiducia &; confider &; diffider

fiducia n confidence, trust
Hence: fiducial; fiduciari

fiducial n fiducial (1. founded on faith or trust; 2. [Phys.] as in “fiducial line”)

fiduciari adj fiduciary (1. [Rom. Law]; 2. founded on trust or confidence)

figer [fig-/fix-] v to drive in, thrust in
Hence: fixe &; affiger &; prefiger &; suffig- &; transfiger &; crucifiger etc.

figura n I. figure (1. form, shape; 2. appearance; 3. person, character; 4. [Art, etc.]; 6. [Gram.]; 6. [Dancing, Skating, etc.]; 7. “figure of speech”); II. face, countenance;
facer figura to cut or make a figure;
le figuras del syllogismo the figures or forms of syllogism
Hence: figurina; figurar-figurante, figuration, figurative, figurate, configurar &, disfigurar &, prefigurar &, transfigurar &

figurante n [Theat.] 1. figurant; 2. figurante

figurar v to figure (1. to represent in a picture; 2. to be conspicuous);
figurar se to figure, imagine;
figurar (in un lista, etc.) to appear (on a list, etc.)

figurate I. pp of figurar; II. adj 1. figured (= decorated with figures); 2. figurative (language, style, etc.); 3. [Mus.] figurate;
senso figurate figurative meaning

figuration n figuration (= representation in figures and shapes)

figurative adj figurative (1. as in “figurative design”; 2. as in “figurative sense”)

figurina n figurine

fila n file (= line of persons or things one behind another);
fila indie Indian file
Hence: defilar

filamento n filament
Hence: filamentose

filamentose adj filamentous

filanda n spinning mill, spinnery
Hence: filandero; filandera

filandera n spinner, spinning woman

filandero n (male) spinner

filar v to spin (as in “to spin flax”)

filaria n [Zool.] filaria

filator n spinner

filatorio n spinning machine

filatura n (art of) spinning

filet [F] n [Cookery] filet, fillet

filettar v to fillet (= to adorn with a fillet)

filetto n fillet (= narrow ribbon)
Hence: filettar

filia n daughter;
filia affin daughter-in-law
Hence: filiastra; granfilia

filial¹ adj filial

filial² n branch (= branch office)

filiar v to give birth (to), bear (a child, a litter, etc.]; 2. to take on (as a child), adopt

filiastra n stepdaughter

filiastro n stepson, stepchild

filiation n I. bearing, giving birth; II. adoption; III. filiation (1. genealogical relationship, descent; 2. connection)

filical adj fern, of ferns

filice (fí-) n fern
Hence: filical, filiciforme etc.

filiciforme adj filiciform

filiera n wiredrawer (= mechanism for drawing out wire)

filiforme adj filiform

filigrana n filigree
Hence: filigranar

filigranar v to filigree

filio n son;
(John Smith) filio (John Smith) junior;
filio affin son-in-law
Hence: filiastro; filiolo-filiola; filial; filiar-filiation; affiliar &; granfilio; filia &

filiola n goddaughter

filiolo n 1. godchild; 2. godson

film [A] n film (1. “camera film”; 2. moving picture)
Hence: filmar; microfilm etc.

filmar v to film (= to make a moving picture)

filo n 1. thread; yarn; 2. edge (of a knife, razor, etc.);
filo (de ferro, de auro, etc.) (iron, gold, etc.) wire;
filo (del discurso) thread (of the discourse);
filo de Ariadna Ariadne’s clew;
filo del vita thread of life;
filo metallic wire (= thread of metal);
filo telegraphic telegraph wire
Hence: filiera; filetto &: filon; filaria; filar-filamento &, filanda &, filator, filatorio, filatura; affilar &; infilar &; filiforme etc.; filigrana etc.

filon n [Geol. and Mining] vein, lode

filtrabile adj filterable

filtrar v to filter

filtration n filtration

filtro n filter
Hence: filtrar-filtrabile, filtration; infiltrar-infiltration

fimbria n fringe, border; also: [Anat., etc.] fimbria
Hence: fimbriate; fimbriar-fimbriation

fimbriar v to (finish with a) border, fimbriate

fimbriate adj fringed; also: [Bot., etc.] fimbriate, fimbriated

fimbriation n bordering, fimbriation; also: border, fringe

fin¹ n end (1. termination; 2. aim, purpose);
le fin justifica le medios the end justifies the means;
a fin de in order to;
al fin in the end, at last;
in fin 1. in conclusion; 2. in short, to sum up;
a fin que in order that
Hence: final-finalismo, finalista, finalitate; finir-infinitive &, finitor, finite-infinite &, definir &, prefinir; affin &; confin &

fin² adj fine (1. superior, excellent, etc.; 2. not coarse);
(auro, etc.) fin fine (gold, etc.)
Hence: finessa; affinar &; extrafin; superfin

Fin- see finno

final¹ adj final;
causa final final cause

final² n [Mus.] finale

finalismo n [Philos.] finalism

finalista n [Philos.] finalist

finalitate n finality

financia n finance;
financias finances (= pecuniary resources of a state or an individual)
Hence: financiero; financiari; financiar

financiar v to finance (= to provide money for)

financiari adj financial

financiero n financier

finder [find-/fiss-] v to cleave, split
Hence: fissile; fission; fissura; fisse-fissirostros etc., fissipede etc.; bifide etc.; multifide etc.

finessa n 1. fineness; 2. finesse, subtlety

finger [fing-/fict-] v to feign, pretend, make believe, simulate
Hence: fingimento; fiction; ficticie; fictive; fingitor

fingimento n figment

fingitor n feigner

finir v to finish; also: to end

finite 1. pp of finir; 2. adj finite

finitor n finisher

Finlandia npr Finland

finnese¹ adj Finnish

finnese² n Finnish (language)

finno n Finn
Hence: finnese; Finlandia etc.; finno-ugrian etc.

finnougrian adj Finno-Ugrian, Finno-Ugric
Hence: finno-ugriano

finno-ugriano n Finno-Ugrian

fiord [Nor.] n fiord, fjord

firma n 1. signature; 2. (business) firm

firmamento n firmament

firmar v 1. to make firm or stable; 2. to sign, put one’s signature to
Hence: firma; firmamento; affirmar &; confirmar &

firme adj firm (1. “firm in texture”; 2. firmly attached, etc.);
resolution firme firm resolution
Hence: infirme &; firmar &

fiscal adj fiscal (= pertaining to the public treasury or revenue)

fisco n exchequer, treasury, fisc
Hence: fiscal; confiscar &

fiss- see finder

fisse adj split, cloven

fissile adj fissile

fission n [Biol., Phys.; etc.] fission

fissipede (-ípede) adj cloven-footed, fissiped

fissirostros npl [Zool.] Fissirostres

fissura n cleft, fissure

-fit- [-fit-/-fess-] v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: confit- &; profit- &

fix- see figer

fixabile adj fixable

fixar v to fix (1. to make firm, fasten; 2. to settle, set; 3. [special: Chem., Photog.];
fixar le oculos super to fix one’s eyes on;
fixar le attention super un cosa to fix one’s attention on something;
fixar le hora to set the time

fixation n fixation (1. act or process of fixing, of making firm; 2. [special: Chem., Photog., Psychoanalysis])

fixative adj fixative

fixativo n fixative

fixator n 1. fixer (= one who fixes); 2. [Photog.] fixing solution

fixe adj fixed;
stella fixe fixed star;
idea fixe fixed idea;
sal fixe [Chem.] fixed salt
Hence: fixitate; fixar-fixabile, fixation, fixative-fixativo, fixator; antefixa

fixitate n fixity (as in “fixity of habits”)

flabellar v to fan (= to move the air with a fan)

flabellate adj flabellate, flabelliform

flabellation n flabellation

flabelliforme adj flabelliform

flabello n 1. fan (as in “feather fan”); 2. flabellum; also: [R.C.Ch.]
Hence: flabellate; flabellar-flabellation; flabelliforme etc.

flaccide (flác-) adj flaccid
Hence: flacciditate

flacciditate n flaccidity

flacon (F) n smelling bottle, perfume bottle, etc.

flagellante n flagellant

flagellar v 1. to whip, scourge, flagellate; 2. flail

flagellate adj [Biol.] flagellated

flagellation n flagellation

flagellator n flagellator

flagellifere adj [Biol.] flagelliferous

flagelliforme adj [Biol.] flagelliform

flagello n 1. whip, scourge; 2. flail; 3. [Biol.] flagellum;
flagello de Deo scourge of God
Hence: flagellate; flagellifere; flagellar-flagellante, flagellation, flagellator; flagelliforme etc.

flagrante 1. ppr of flagrar; 2. adj flagrant (as in “flagrant offense”);
in flagrante delicto in the act

flagrante delicto [L] [Law] flagrante delicto

flagrantia n flagrance, flagrancy

flagrar v to burn, blaze
Hence: flagrante-flagrantia; conflagrar &; deflagrar &

flair [F] n flair

flaminge adj Flemish
Hence: flamingo

flamingo¹ n [Zool.] flamingo

flamingo² npr 1. Fleming; 2. Flemish (language)

flamma n flame
Hence: flammee; flammifero; flammar-flammante; inflammar-inflammabile-inflammabilitate, inflammation, inflammative, inflammatori, inflammate, disinflammar; lanceaflammas etc.

flammante adj 1. flaming, bright; 2. brandnew

flammar v to flame, blaze

flammee adj 1. flaming; 2. flame-colored

flammifero (-í-) n match, lucifer;
cassa de flammiferos match box, box of matches

flanar v to stroll, loaf

flancar v to flank (1. [Mil.] to protect the flank of; 2. to be situated at the flank or side of)

flanco n flank;
attaccar de flanco to flank, attack on the flank
Hence: flancar

Flandra npr Flanders

flanella n flannel

flaon n 1. [Cooking] flan; 2. [Print.] flong

flar v to blow (1. as in “a bellows blows”; 2. as in “to blow bubbles”)
Hence: flato &; deflar &; inflar &; sufflar &

flasco n flask (1. “flask for wine, etc.”; 2. “powder flask”)

flato n flatus (= gas generated in the stomach or bowels)
Hence: flatuose-flatuositate; flatulente &

flattar v to flatter
Hence: flatteria; flattator

flattator n flatterer

flatteria (-ía) n flattery

flatu- see flato

flatulente adj flatulent (1. affected with flatus; 2. causing flatus)
Hence: flatulentia

flatulentia n flatulence, flatulency

flatuose n causing flatulence, flatulent

flatuositate n flatulence, flatulency

flauta n [Mus.] flute;
sonar le flauta to play the flute
Hence: flautista; flautar

flautar v to flute (1. to play on a flute; 2. to play, whistle, or sing with a note like that of a flute)

flautista n flutist

flave adj golden yellow
Hence: flavipede etc.

flavipede (-í-) adj [Zool.] flavipes

flecha (flésha) n 1. arrow; 2. [Geom.] versed sine
Hence: flechar-flechator

flechar (-shar) v to shoot (someone) with an arrow

flechator (-sha-) n archer

flecter [flect-/flex-] v to bend (= to cause to bend); also: to flex
Hence: flexibile-flexibilitate, inflexibile-inflexibilitate; flexion &; flexura; flexo-flexuose, flexuositate; circumflecter &; inflecter &; reflecter &; genuflecter etc.

fleur de lis [F] fleur-de-lis

flex- see flecter

flexibile adj flexible

flexibilitate n flexibility

flexion n flection, flexion (1. act of flexing; 2. [Gram.] inflection)
Hence: flexional

flexional adj [Gram.] flectional, flexional

flexo n flex

flexuose adj flexuous, flexuose

flexuositate n flexuosity, flexuousness

flexura n flexure (= act of flexing; state of being flexed)

-fliger [-flig-/-flict-] v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: affliger &; confliger &; infliger &

flint [A] n flint

flirt [A] n flirt (= act of flirting)

flirtar v to flirt (= to play at courtship)
Hence: flirtation

flirtation n flirtation

floccate adj covered with snow(flakes)

flocco n 1. flock (= tuft of wool); 2. tassel; 3. flake (= small, light mass);
flocco de nive snowflake
Hence: floccate; floccose

floccose adj 1. floccose; 2. flaky

flor n I. flower (1. blossom; 2. flowering plant; 3. the best part); II. virginity;
flor de farina flour;
flor de sulfure [Chem.] flowers of sulphur;
flor de cupro verdegris;
flor de lilio, flor de lis [Her.] fleur-de-lis;
a flor de flush with, on a level with;
le flor del vita or del etate the prime of life, the flower of one’s age or life;
in flor in flower
Hence: floretto; floretta; florista; floron; floral; florar-floration-prefloration; afflorar &; deflorar &; disflorar &; inflorar &; florer &; florescer &; passiflor etc.; albiflor etc.; multiflor etc.; uniflor etc.; mille-flores etc.; flosculo &; flora

Flora npr [Rom. Relig.] Flora;
flora [Bot.] flora

floral adj [Bot.] floral

florar v 1. to flower, bloom; 2. to flourish

floration n (act or state of) flowering, blossoming

Florentia npr Florence
Hence: florentin-florentino

florentin adj Florentine

florentino n Florentine

florer v 1. to flower, bloom; 2. to flourish
Hence: floride &; florimento

florescer v 1. to flower, bloom; 2. to flourish
Hence: efflorescer &; inflorescer &

floretta n small flower; also: [Bot.] floret

floretto n [Fencing] foil

Florida npr Florida

floride adj flowery (1. abounding in flowers; 2. [Rhet.] florid)
Hence: floriditate

floriditate n floridity

florimento n 1. (state of) flowering, blooming; 2. (state of) flourishing

florino n florin; also: guilder

florista n 1. florist (= one who sells flowers); 2. maker of artificial flowers

floron n fleuron (= flower-shaped ornament)

flos- see flor

flosculo n [Bot.] floscule, floret
Hence: flosculose; semiflosculo etc.

flosculose adj [Bot.] flosculous

flotta n 1. fleet; 2. navy
Hence: flottilla

flottabile adj floatable

flottabilitate n floatability

flottante 1. ppr of flottar; 2. adj flotant, swimming

flottar v to float (in the water, the air, etc.)
Hence: flottante; flottabile-flottabilitate; flottation; flottator

flottation n flotation, floatation (= act of floating)

flottator n floater (= one who or that which floates)

flottilia n flotilla

fluct- see fluer

flucto n flow, flood
Hence: fluctuar-fluctuante; fluctuation

fluctu- see flucto

fluctuante 1. ppr of fluctuar; 2. adj fluctuant

fluctuar v 1. to move in, be moved by, waves; 2. to fluctuate

fluctuation n I. undulation (= wavelike motion); II. fluctuation (1. continual change; 2. [Pathol.])

fluente 1. ppr of fluer; 2. adj fluent

fluentia n fluency

fluer [flu-/fluct-/flux-] v to flow
Hence: fluide &; fluente-fluentia; superflue &; effluvio &; fluxion; fluxo; flucto &; affluer &; confluer &; defluer &; effluer &; influer &; refluer &; melliflue etc.; roriflue etc.

fluide (flú-) adj fluid
Hence: fluiditate; fluidificar-fluidification; semifluide etc.; fluido

fluidificar v to render fluid, fluidify

fluidification n fluidification

fluiditate n fluidity

fluido (flú-) n fluid

fluor (-ór) n [Chem.] fluorine;
spat fluor [Mineral.] fluorite
Hence: fluorina; fluorita; fluoruro; fluoric-silicifluoric etc.; fluorescer &; fluoroscopio etc.

fluoresceina (-ína) [Chem.] fluorescein

fluorescente 1. ppr of fluorescer; 2. adj fluorescent

fluorescentia n fluorescence

fluorescer v to fluoresce
Hence: fluoresceina; fluorescente-fluorescentia

fluoric adj fluoric

fluorina n [Mineral.] calcium fluoride

fluorita n [Mineral.] fluorite

fluoroscopia (-ía) n fluoroscopy

fluoroscopic adj fluoroscopic

fluoroscopio n fluoroscope
Hence: fluoroscopia; fluoroscopic

fluoruro n [Chem.] fluoride

-fluv- see fluer

fluvial adj fluvial

fluviatile adj fluvial, fluviatile

fluvio n river
Hence: fluvial; fluviatile

flux- see fluer

fluxion n [Math., Pathol.] fluxion

fluxo n I. flow (1. flowing; 2. “flow of the tide”); II. [Med.] flux;
fluxo de parolas flow of words;
fluxo e refluxo flux and reflux, ebb and flow

focage (-aje) n hearth money (= tax laid on hearths)

focal adj focal

focalisar v to focalize, focus (= to bring to a focus)

focar n hearth;
focar (domestic) home

foco n I. fire (1. as in “fire and water”; 2. gunfire); II. focus;
foco de Sancte Elmo St. Elmo’s fire;
(village) de cento focos (village) of a hundred homes;
foco de artificio fireworks;
jocar con le foco to play with fire;
arma de foco firearm;
bucca de foco piece of ordnance;
prender foco to catch, take, fire
Hence: focage; focar; focal-focalisar, bifocal etc.; guardafoco etc.; coperifoco etc.

foder [fod-/foss-] v to dig, burrow
Hence: fossile &; fossor; fossori; fossa-fossetta; fossar-fossato

foderar v to line (as in “to line a coat”)

foderatura n (act of) lining

fodero (fó-) n lining (as in “the lining of a coat”)
Hence: foderar-foderatura

foliacee adj [Bot.] foliaceous

foliage (-aje) n foliage

foliar¹ v to leaf, leave, shoot out leaves

foliar² adj [Bot.] foliar

foliate adj leafy (= furnished with leaves); also: [Bot.] foliate

foliation n foliation (= leafing out of plants)

folio n I. leaf (1. [Bot.]; 2. “leaf of a book, etc.”); II. folio (= large sheet of paper folded once); III. foil (1. [Arch.]; 2. as in “tin foil”);
folio de herba blade (of grass);
in folio in folio;
in-folio folio (= book in folio)
Hence: foliage; foliolo; foliacee-interfoliacee; foliar¹; foliate-perfoliate, trifoliate etc.; foliose; foliar²-foliation-exfoliation, prefoliation; disfoliar-disfoliation, disfoliator; interfoliar; caprifolio etc.; cerefolio etc.; trifolio etc.; portafolio etc.; in-folio etc.

foliolo (-í-) n [Bot.] foliole (= leaflet)

foliose adj [Bot.] folious, foliose

folklore [A] n folklore
Hence: folklorista

folklorista n folklorist

folle¹ n bellows, blower
Hence: follero; folliculo &

folle² adj mad (= mentally deranged)
Hence: follia; affollar &

follero n bellowmaker or seller of bellows

follia (-ía) n 1. madness (= mental derangement); 2. folly

follicular adj follicular

folliculo n [Bot., Anat.] follicle
Hence: follicular; folliculose

folliculose adj folliculose, folliculous

fomentar v to foment (1. [Med.]; 2. as in “to foment rebellion”)

fomentation n fomentation (1. [Med.]; 2. stirring up of discontent, rebellion, etc.)

fomentator n fomenter (1. [Med.]; 2. as in “a fomenter of rebellion”)

fomento n 1. [Med.] fomentation; 2. incitement
Hence: fomentar-fomentation, fomentator

fomite (fó-) n 1. tinder; 2. [Med.] fomes;
fomites [Med.] fomites

fondant [F] n fondant

fontal adj fontal (1. source, of the source; also: primary, original; 2. baptismal)

fontana n 1. source, spring; 2. fountain (= artificially produced jet of water)
Hence: fontanella; fontanari; fontanero

fontanari adj fountain, fontal

fontanella n [Anat.] fontanelle, fontanel

fontanero n fountaineer; maker, caretaker, etc., of fountains

fonte n 1. source; 2. (baptismal) font;
fontes del Nilo sources of the Nile
Hence: fontal; fontana &

football [A] n football

[for] I. adv 1. out of doors, outside, out; 2. from without; II. prep 1. beyond; 2. except;
for de outside of, without;
for de se beside oneself
(= foras, foris)

for- see foras, foris

foramine n hole, aperture;
foramine del serratura keyhole
Hence: foraminiferos; foraminose

foraminiferos (-íferos) n [Zool.] Foraminifera

foraminose adj perforated

forar v to drill, bore
Hence: foramine &; forator; foratura; perforar &

foras, foris (fór-) I. adv 1. out of doors, outside, out; 2. from without; II. prep 1. beyond; 2. except;
foras de outside of, without;
foras de se beside oneself
Hence: forcipe etc.

forator n 1. driller, borer (= one who drills); 2. drill (= instrument for boring); also: gimlet

foratura n borehole, (drilled) hole

forcipe (fór-) n (obstetrical) forceps

forense adj forensic;
medicina forense forensic medicine

forestal adj forestal

forestar v to forest

foreste n forest
Hence: forestero; foresteria; forestal; forestar-reforestar-reforestation; deforestar

foresteria (-ía) n forestry

forestero n forester (= officer having charge of a forest)

forfeit [A] n [Horse Racing] forfeit

forgia (forja) n smithy, forge
Hence: forgiar

forgiar (-jar) v to forge (as in “to forge chains”)

form- see formic; formica

forma n 1. form, shape; 2. mold, mould;
in debite forma in due form;
esser in forma [Sports] to be in form
Hence: formula &; formal &; formar-formation-malformation, formative, formator, formato, conformar &, deformar &, informar &, reformar &, transformar &; conforme &; deforme &; informe &; vermiforme etc.; multiforme etc.; uniforme etc.

formal adj formal
Hence: formalismo; formalista; formalitate

formalismo n formalism

formalista n formalist

formalitate n formality (= conventional form)

formar v to form (1. to shape, make; 2. to make up, constitute)

formation n formation;
formation (geologic) (geological) formation

formative adj formative

formato n format

formator n former (person or machine)

formi- see formica

formic adj [Chem.] formic (as in “formic acid”)

formica (-íca) n ant;
formica blanc white ant, termite
Hence: formicario; formichero; formic-chloroformo etc.; formicar-formicante, formicamento; formicivore etc.; formicida etc.

formicamento n 1. swarm, swarming (of people, etc.); 2. itching; [Med.] formication

formicante 1. ppr of formicar; 2. adj [Med.] formicant (as in “formicant pulse”)

formicar v 1. to formicate, swarm (like ants); 2. to itch (= to have an itching sensation)

formicario n anthill; ant’s nest

formich- see formica

formichero n [Zool., Ornith.] anteater

formicida n formicide

formicivore adj formicivorous

formidabile adj formidable

formula n formula
Hence: formulario; formular

formular v to formulate

formulario n 1. formulary (= collection of formulas); 2. form, blank

fornace n furnace

fornimento n (act of) furnishing

fornir v to furnish (= to supply, provide)
Hence: fornimento; fornitor; fornitura

fornitor n furnisher;
fornitor (del corte) purveyor (to the court)

fornitura n furnishings

foro n forum (1. public place; 2. court, tribunal)
Hence: forense

forrage (-aje) n forage (1. fodder, feed; 2. act of providing fodder)
Hence: forragiar-forragiator

forragiar (-ajar) v to forage (= to rove in search of forage or provisions)

forragiator (-aja-) n forager

forsan (fór-) adv perhaps, maybe

Forsyth, William npr [1737-1804; English botanist]
Hence: forsythia

forsythia n [Bot.] forsythia

fortalessa n fortress

forte¹ adj strong;
esser forte in (historia) to be good in (history)
Hence: fortia &; fortitude; fortissimo; fortificar &; confortar &; contraforte; pianoforte etc.; forte² &

forte² n 1. fort; 2. forte (= strong point); 3. [Mus.] forte
Hence: fortalessa; fortino

forte³ adv 1. strongly, hard; 2. [Mus.] forte

fortia n force (1. bodily strength; 2. as in “force of character”; 3. power, violence, or constraint exerted upon a person or thing; 4. [Phys.]);
le fortia public the police force;
fortias armate military forces;
camisa de fortia strait jacket;
fortia de inertia vis inertiae;
fortia vive [Mach.] momentum;
fortia centrifuge centrifugal force;
fortia centripete centripetal force;
a fortia de by means of, by dint of
Hence: fortiar-fortiamento, fortiator, fortiato, effortiar &, reinfortiar &

fortiamento n (act of) forcing

fortiar v to force;
fortiar a (facer, etc.) to force to (do, etc.);
fortiar (un porta, etc.) to force (a door, etc.)

fortiato n 1. galley slave; 2. convict

fortiator n forcer (= one who forces)

fortificabile adj fortifiable

fortificante n tonic, fortifier

fortificar v to fortify
Hence: fortificante; fortificabile; fortification

fortification n [Mil.] fortification;
fortificationes [Mil.] fortifications, works

fortino n small fort, fortalice

fortissimo adj/adv [Mus.] fortissimo

fortitude n fortitude

fortuite (-ú-) adj fortuitous;
[Law] caso fortuite act of God, fortuitous event

fortuna n fortune (1. chance, luck; 2. wealth, riches)
Hence: fortunate-infortunate; infortuna

fortunate adj fortunate (= favored by fortune)

foss- see foder

fossa n 1. pit, cavity, grave, etc.; 2. [Anat.] fossa;
fossa commun potter’s field

fossar v to dig (a pit, grave, etc.)

fossato n ditch, trench, moat, fosse, etc.

fossetta n dimple, fossette

fossile¹ adj fossil
Hence: fossile²-fossilifere, fossilisar-fossilisation

fossile² n fossil

fossilifere adj fossiliferous

fossilisar v to fossilize

fossilisation n fossilization

fossor n [Eccl.] fossor

fossori adj fossorial, digging

foulard [F] n foulard

fox-terrier [A] n fox-terrier

foyer [F] n [Theat.] lobby, lounge

fracassar v to smash (= to break to pieces by violence)
Hence: fracasso; fracassatura

fracassatura n (action of) smashing

fracasso n crash, smash (= sound of a crash or smash)

fract- see franger

fraction n 1. (action of) breaking; 2. fraction;
fraction periodic [Math.] recurring or periodic decimal;
fraction (decimal, ordinari, etc.) [Math.] (decimal, vulgar, etc.) fraction
Hence: fractional; fractionari; fractionar-fractionamento

fractional adj fractional

fractionamento n (action of) breaking into parts; also: [Math.] fractionization; [Chem.] fractionation

fractionar v to break into parts; also: [Math.] to fractionize; [Chem.] to fractionate

fractionari adj fractional

fractura n fracture;
fractura (simplice, composite, etc.) [Surg.] (simple, compound, etc.) fracture

fracturar v to fracture

-frag- see franger

fraga n strawberry
Hence: frageto; fragero; fragiero

fragero n strawberry seller

frageto strawberry patch

fragiero n strawberry plant

fragile adj I. fragile (= easily broken); II. frail (1. having a delicate structure or constitution, fragile; 2. morally weak)
Hence: fragilitate

fragilitate n I. fragility; II. frailty (1. frailness; 2. moral weakness)

fragmentar v to fragmentize

fragmentari adj fragmentary

fragmentation n fragmentation

fragmento n fragment
Hence: fragmentari; fragmentar-fragmentation

fragrante adj fragrant

fragrantia n fragrance

fragrar v to smell (of), reek
Hence: fragrante; fragrantia

frambese n (fruit of the) raspberry
Hence: frambesia; frambesiero

frambesia n [Pathol.] yaws, frambesia

frambesiero n raspberry (bush)

franc¹ adj 1. free (= not lacking freedom); 2. frank (as in “to be frank with one”);
porto franc free port
Hence: franchitia; francmason etc.

franc² adj Frankish

francese¹ n French (language)

francese² n Frenchman, Frenchwoman

francese³ adj French

francesismo n Gallicism

franch- see franc

franchitia n frankness;
franchitia (de un citate, etc.) franchise (of a city, etc.);
franchitia postal franking privilege

Francia n France

francisar v to Frenchify

francisation n Frenchification

francisca¹ n [Hist.] francisc, francisca

Francisca² nprf Frances

franciscan adj [R.C.Ch.] Franciscan

franciscano n [R.C.Ch.] Franciscan

Francisco nprm Francis
Hence: franciscan-franciscano; Francisca

francmason n Freemason, Mason
Hence: francmasoneria

francmasoneria (-ía) n Freemasonry

franco¹ n [Hist.] Frank
Hence: Francia; francese-francesismo; francisca; francisar-francisation; francophile etc.; franc

franco² n [Fin.] franc

Franconia n Franconia
Hence: franconian-franconiano

franconian adj Franconian

franconiano n Franconian

francophile adj Francophile
Hence: francophilo

francophilo (-ó-) n Francophile

francophobe (-có-) adj Francophobe
Hence: francophobo

francophobo (-có-) n Francophobe

franger [frang-/fract-;-fring-/-fract-] v to break, cause to break
Hence: frangibile-frangibilitate, infrangibile-infrangibilitate; fraction &; fractura-fracturar; effring- &; infringer &; diffranger &; refranger &; fragile &; ossifraga etc.; naufragio etc.; naufrage etc.

frangia (franja) n 1. fringe, border; 2. bangs (= bobbed hair in the forehead)
Hence: frangiero; frangiate; frangiar-frangiatura

frangiar (-jar) v to fringe, decorate with fringes

frangiate (-ja-) adj fringed

frangiatura (-ja-) n fringes, fringing

frangibile adj breakable

frangibilitate n breakableness

frangiero (-jero) n fringe maker or dealer

frater- see fratre

fraternal adj fraternal, brotherly

fraterne adj fraternal, brotherly
Hence: fraternal-confraternal; fraternitate-confraternitate; fraternisar

fraternisar v to fraternize

fraternitate n 1. fraternity, brotherhood (= state of being brothers); 2. brotherliness

fratrastro n stepbrother

fratre n 1. brother; 2. [Eccl.] friar;
fratre de lacte foster brother;
fratre affin brother-in-law
Hence: fratrastro; fraterne &; confratre; fratricida etc.; fratricidio etc.

fratricida n fratricide (= one who kills his brother or sister); attrib. fratricidal
Hence: fratricidal

fratricidal adj fratricidal

fratricidio n fratricide (= act of killing one’s brother or sister)

fraudar v to defraud, cheat

fraudator n defrauder, cheat

fraude n fraud, deception
Hence: fraudulente; fraudar-fraudator, defraudar &

fraudulente adj fraudulent (1. dishonest, deceitful; 2. intended to deceive)

fraxinella n [Bot.] fraxinella, gas plant

fraxineto n [Bot.] ash grove

fraxino (fráx-) n ash, ash tree
Hence: fraxinella; fraxineto

Frederico (-íco) nprm Frederick

fremer v 1. to tremble, quiver, shiver; 2. to roar, murmur
Hence: fremito

fremito (fré-) n 1. tremor, quiver, shiver; also: [Med.] fremitus, thrill; 2. roar, roaring, murmur

frenabile adj stoppable, curbable, checkable, etc.;
non frenabile that cannot be stopped, etc.; also: unbridled

frenar v 1. to bridle (a horse, etc.); 2. to brake, put on the brakes

freno n 1. bit (= part of the bridle that goes in the horse’s mouth); 2. [Mech.] brake; 3. restraint, check; 4. [Med.] frenum, fraenum;
freno de aere comprimite air brake;
freno de mano hand brake
Hence: frenar-frenabile, disfrenar, refrenar

frequentar v to frequent

frequentation n frequentation

frequentative adj [Gram.] frequentative

frequentator n frequenter

frequente adj frequent
Hence: frequentia-infrequentia, radiofrequentia etc.; frequentar-frequentation, frequentative, frequentator; infrequente

frequentemente adv frequently, often

frequentia n frequency; also: [Elec.]

fresc adj I. cool (= moderately cold); II. fresh (1. new, recent; 2. not spoiled, faded or worn; 3. not artificially preserved)
Hence: frescor; refrescar &; fresco

fresco n 1. cool, coolness; 2. fresco (= picture painted in fresco);
prender le fresco to take the air;
pictura a fresco painting in fresco

frescor n 1. cool, coolness; 2. freshness

fricamento n rubbing, friction

fricar [fric-/frict-] v to rub
Hence: fricamento; friction-frictionar; fricative-fricativa; dentifricio etc.

fricassar v to fricassee

fricassear v to fricassee

fricassee [F] n fricassee
Hence: fricassear

fricativa n [Phonet.] fricative

fricative adj [Phonet.] fricative

frict- see fricar

friction n friction (1. rubbing of limbs, etc.; 2. [Mech.])

frictionar v to friction, rub

frig- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: frigide &; frigor &

friger v to fry (= to cook by frying)

-friger- see frigor

-frigerar v [occurring in compounds]
Hence: refrigerar &

frigidar v 1. to cool, chill; 2. to cool off, become cold

frigide adj 1. cold, frigid (= not warm); 2. [Med.] frigid
Hence: frigiditate; frigidar; refrigidar; frigido

frigiditate n 1. coldness, frigidness; 2. [Med.] frigidity

frigido n cold, coldness;
prender frigido to catch a cold or chill;
haber frigido to be, feel cold;
(il) face frigido it is cold (weather)

frigitoria n frying pan

frigor n cold, coldness, coolness
Hence: frigorifere; frigorific; frigorificar; -frigerar &

frigorifere adj chilling, freezing

frigorific (-ífic) adj cooling, chilling, frigorific

frigorificar v to chill, refrigerate

-fring- see franger

frir v to fry
Hence: fritoria; fritura; frite

frite 1. pp of frir; 2. adj fried

fritoria n frying pan

fritura n 1. frying, fry; 2. something fried; also: fritter

frivole adj frivolous (1. lacking importance or weight; 2. inclined to levity)
Hence: frivolitate

frivolitate n frivolousness, frivolity

frontal adj frontal;
osso frontal [Anat.] frontal (bone)

fronte n I. forehead; II. front (1. face of a building, etc.; 2. [Mil.]);
fronte de battalia battlefront;
facer fronte a to face, resist
Hence: frontiera; fronton; frontal; affrontar &; confrontar &; frontispicio etc.

frontiera n frontier, boundary, border

frontispicio n 1. [Arch.] frontispiece; 2. title page

fronton n [Arch.] gable, pediment

fruct- see fruer

fructar v to bear fruit

fructeria (-ía) n fruit store

fructero n fruiterer, greengrocer

fructidor n [French Revolutionary Calendar] Fructidor

fructiero n fruit loft

fructifere adj fruit-bearing

fructificar v to bear fruit, fructify

fructification n fructification; also: [Bot.]

fructo n fruit
Hence: fructero; fructeria; fructiero; fructifere; fructuose-infructuose; fructar; fructificar-fructification; disfructar; fructidor etc.

fructu- see fructo

fructuose adj fruitful

fruer [fru-/fruct-] v to enjoy;
fruer de to enjoy (= to have the use and enjoyment of)
Hence: fruition; fructo &: usufruer etc.

frugal adj frugal (1. inclined to live simply; 2. simple, not lavish)
Hence: frugalitate

frugalitate n frugality, frugalness

fruition n enjoyment, fruition

frumentacee adj frumentaceous

frumentari adj frumentaceous

frumento n wheat
Hence: frumentacee; frumentari

[frustra] adv in vain
Hence: frustranee; frustrar-frustration, frustrative

frustranee adj vain, futile, frustraneous

frustrar v to frustrate (1. to disappoint, deceive; 2. to balk, render vain);
frustrar le sperantias de (un persona) to frustrate (someone’s) hopes

frustration n frustration

frustratori adj frustratory, frustrative (= that disappoints or renders vain)

Fuchs, Leonhard npr [1501-1566; German botanist]
Hence: fuchsia &

fuchsia n [Bot.] Fuchsia; also: fuchsia
Hence: fuchsina

fuchsina n fuchsin

fuga n 1. flight (= act of fleeing); 2. ardor, impetuosity; 3. [Mus.] fugue;
poner in fuga to put to flight;
fuga de gas escape of gas
Hence: contrafuga

fugace adj fleeting, transient, transitory
Hence: fugacitate

fugacitate n transitoriness

fugir v to flee
Hence: fuga &; fugace &; fugitive-fugitivo; fugita; refugir &; subterfugir &; centrifuge etc.; vermifuge etc.

fugita n flight (= act of fleeing)

fugitive adj fugitive

fugitivo n fugitive

fulgente 1. ppr of fulger; 2. adj fulgent

fulger v to flash, lighten, fulgurate
Hence: fulgente; fulgide-fulgiditate; fulgor; refulger &

fulgide adj shining, fulgid

fulgiditate n shine, brilliance, fulgidity

fulgor n dazzling brightness, fulgor

fulgural adj lightning, fulgural

fulgurante I. ppr of fulgurar; II. adj 1. fulgurant; 2. [Med.] fulgurating;
dolor fulgurante fulgurant pains

fulgurar v 1. to lighten, be lightening; 2. to flash (= to emit flashes as of lightning)

fulguration n fulguration

fulgure n (flash of) lightning
Hence: fulgurite; fulgural; fulgurar-fulgurante, fulguration

fulgurite n [Geol.] fulgurite

fuligine n soot
Hence: fuliginose

fuliginose adj sooty

fullar v 1. to full, mill; 2. to trample, to tread, crush (grapes, etc.)
Hence: fullator; fullatorio; fullatura

fullator n fuller (= one who fulls cloth, etc.)

fullatorio n beater, fulling stock

fullatura n (action of) fulling

fulmi- see fulmine

fulmicoton n guncotton

fulminante ppr of fulminar;
pulvere fulminante fulminating powder

fulminar v I. to thunder and lighten; II. to fulminate (1. to explode violently; 2. to inveigh, thunder)

fulmination n fulmination

fulminato n [Chem.] fulminate

fulminator n fulminator

fulminatori adj fulminatory

fulmine n thunder bolt, lightning;
guerra fulmine blitz, blitzkrieg;
serratura fulmine zip fastener, zipper
Hence: fulminato; fulminee; fulminic; fulminar-fulminante, fulmination, fulminator, fulminatori; fulmicoton etc.; parafulmine etc.

fulminee adj lightning, fulmineous

fulminic adj [Chem.] fulminic

fumar v I. to smoke (1. to fume, give off smoke or steam; 2. as in “to smoke a pipe”; 3. to cure (meat, fish, etc.) with smoke); II. to fume (= to show anger or irritation)

fumarola n [Geol.] fumarole

fumator n smoker (= one who or that which smokes)

fumigar v to fumigate
Hence: fumigation; fumigator; fumigatori; suffumigar &

fumigation n fumigation

fumigator n fumigator

fumigatori adj fumigating

fumista n chimney repairman

fumo n smoke, fume
Hence: fumarola; fumista; fumose; fumar-fumator, perfumar &; fumigar &; fumoterra etc.

fumose adj smoky

fumoterra n [Bot.] fumitory

fun n rope
Hence: funero; funiculo-funicular; funiforme etc.; funambulo etc.

funambulo (-ám-) n tightrope walker, funambulist

funct- see funger

function n function (1. as in “function of an organ, etc.”; 2. [Math.])
Hence: functional-functionalismo, functionalista; functionario; functionar-functionamento

functional adj functional

functionalismo n functionalism

functionalista n functionalist

functionamento n (act of) functioning

functionar v to function

functionario n functionary;
functionario (public) civil servant

funda n sling(shot)
Hence: fundar

fundamental adj fundamental;
petra fundamental foundation stone

fundamento n foundation, base;
sin fundamento groundless, unfounded

fundar¹ v to found (= to lay the foundation of)

fundar² v to sling (= to cast with a sling)

fundate 1. pp of fundar; 2. adj well-founded (as in “a well-founded charge”)

fundation n foundation (1. action of founding; 2. endowed institution)

fundator n founder

funder [fund-/fus-] v 1. to melt, liquefy; 2. [Metal.] to found, cast;
funder se to fuse, become fused
Hence: funderia; fusibile-fusibilitate, infusibile-infusibilitate; fusion-fusionar-fusionamento; confunder &; effunder &; diffunder &; infunder &; profunder &; refunder &; transfunder &

funderia (-ía) n foundry (= establishment where founding of metal is carried on)

fundo n 1. bottom; 2. foundation; 3. background; 4. fund (= sum of money set aside for a special purpose);
dar fundo to cast anchor;
a fundo thoroughly;
in le fundo fundamentally, at bottom;
articulo de fundo editorial, leader;
fundos public public funds;
le basse fundos del societate the lowest strata of society, the underworld;
basse fundo shallow, shoal
Hence: fundar-fundamento-fundamental, fundation, fundator, fundate; latifundio etc.

funeb- see funere

funebre (fú-) adj funeral, funereal;
marcha funebre funeral march;
pompa funebre (solemn) funeral;
convoyo funebre funeral procession

funeral adj funeral

funerales (-ál-) npl funeral

funerari adj funeral, funerary

funere n funeral;
funeres funeral (ceremony)
Hence: funeral; funerari; funebre; funeste

funero n ropemaker

funes- see funere

funeste n disastrous, fatal, baneful

funger [fung-/funct-] v to function (as in “to function as chairman”)
Hence: fungibile; function &; defung- &

fungibile adj [Law] fungible

fungicida¹ n fungicide

fungicida² adj fungicidal

fungiforme adj fungiform

fungo n fungus (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Pathol.])
Hence: fungose-fungositate; fungicida etc.; fungiforme etc.; fungologia etc.

fungologia (-ía) n fungology
Hence: fungologista

fungologista n fungologist

fungose adj fungous

fungositate n fungosity (1. fungus quality; 2. fungus excrescence)

funicular¹ adj funicular;
ferrovia funicular funicular (railway)

funicular² n funicular (railway)

funiculo n I. (small) cord; II. funiculus (1. umbilical cord, funis; 2. [Bot.])

funiforme adj funiform

fur n thief
Hence: furetto; furto-furtive; furar

furar v to steal

furbir v to clean, polish, furbish (up)
Hence: furbitor

furbitor n furbisher

furca n I. fork (1. as in “pitchfork”; also: forked or pronged instrument, etc.; 2. as in “knife and fork”; 3. bifurcation); II. gallows
Hence: furcata; furchetta; furcate; furcar-bifurcar etc.

furcar v to fork (1. to manipulate with a fork; 2. to give the shape of a fork to; 3. to be or turn fork-shaped);
furcar se to fork, branch off

furcata n forkful (of hay, food etc.)

furcate adj fork-shaped, forked

furch- see furca

furchetta n fork (as in “knife and fork”)

furer v 1. to be out of one’s mind; 2. to be furious
Hence: furibunde; furor

furetto n ferret

furfuracee adj furfuraceous (1. resembling bran, branlike; 2. covered with branlike scales)

furfure n I. bran; II. dandruff, scurf, furfur
Hence: furfuracee; furfurose

furfurose adj dandruffy, scurfy

furia n 1. [Mythol.] Fury; 2. fury (= fierce anger)
Hence: furiose-furiositate; furiar-infuriar-infuriate

furiar v to infuriate

furibunde adj 1. frantic, frenzied; 2. raging, furious

furiose adj furious

furiositate n furiousness, fury

furnata n ovenful (of bread, etc.)

furnero n 1. baker; 2. [Ornith.] ovenbird

furno n 1. oven; 2. furnace;
alte furno blast furnace
Hence: furnata; furnero

furor n 1. mania, frenzy; 2. fury, rage

furtive adj furtive, stealthy

furto n 1. (act of) theft; 2. stolen article

furunculo n [Pathol.] furuncle, boil
Hence: furunculosis

furunculosis (-ósis) n [Pathol.] furunculosis

fus- see funder

fuselage [F] n [Aeronaut.] fuselage

fusero n spindle maker

fusibile adj fusible; easily melted;
(filo) fusibile [Elec.] fuse

fusibilitate n fusibility

fusiforme adj fusiform, spindle-shaped

fusil n 1. steel (to strike fire with); 2. gun, rifle
Hence: fusilero; fusilar-fusilada

fusilada n fusilade

fusilar v to shoot (down), execute, fusilade

fusilero n fusilier

fusion n 1. melting; 2. fusion

fusionamento n [Com., Pol.] amalgamation, merger

fusionar v [Com., Pol.] to amalgamate, merge

fuso n 1. [Spinning] spindle; 2. [Geom.] lune
Hence: fusero; affusar; fusiforme etc.

fusta n [Naut.] lateen-rigged lighter

fuste n 1. cudgel, club; 2. shaft (of a column); 3. shaft (of a spear, lance, harpoon, etc.); 4. stock (of a rifle, pistol, etc.)
Hence: fustigar-fustigation; fusta

fustigar v to cudgel, thrash, beat

fustigation n (act of) thrashing, beating

-futar v [used in compounds]
Hence: confutar &; refutar &

futile adj insignificant, unimportant
Hence: futilitate

futilitate n insignificance, unimportance

futur adj future;
tempore futur [Gram.] future (tense);
futuro, futura intended (husband, wife)
Hence: futurismo; futurista; futuro

futurismo n [Art.] futurism

futurista n [Art.] futurist; also: attrib. futurist, futuristic

futuro n future (1. time to come; 2. [Gram.])