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a prep 1. to (a point in space or time, a goal, etc.); 2. at (a point in space or time, a stage of development, etc.);
a (+ inf) to; also: for (+ gerund);
sala a attender waiting room
Hence: [apena] etc.

[a-] prefixo verbal [used with verbs and, in combination with verbal suffixes, with nouns and adjectives] to, toward, into (expressing motion to, change into, increase of intensity, etc.)
Hence: abatter etc.; abassar etc.

a- prefixo [an- before -h- and vowels; used with nouns and adjectives] a-, an- (= not ...; without, lacking ...)
Hence: agnostic etc.; amnesia etc.; analphabete etc.; anarchia etc.; anesthesia etc.; anesthetic etc.; anhydre etc.; athee etc.

Aachen [G] npr Aachen, Aix-la-Chapelle

ab prep since, from

abandonamento n abandonment

abandonar v to abandon;
abandonar se a to indulge in

abandono n I. abandonment (1. action of abandoning; 2. state of being abandoned); II. abandon
Hence: abandonar-abandonamento

abassamento n lowering; also: abasement;
abassamento de un equation [Math.] reduction of an equation

abassar v to lower; also: to abase;
abassar un perpendicular [Geom.] to drop a perpendicular

abatter v to knock or cast down
Hence: abattimento; abattitor; abattitorio; abattite

abattimento n despondency, dejection

abattite 1. pp of abatter; 2. adj downcast, dejected

abattitor n one who knocks down; also: feller, wood-cutter, slaughterer, etc.

abattitorio n slaughterhouse, abattoir

abbate n abbot
Hence: abbatessa; abbatia-abbatial

abbatessa n abbess

abbatia (-ía) n 1. abbacy; 2. abbey

abbatial adj abbatial

abbordabile adj approachable, accessible

abbordage (-aje) n [Naut.] (act of) boarding (a ship)

abbordar v 1. to land (= to go ashore from a ship or boat); 2. [Navy] to board (= to come alongside in order to attack); 3. to accost, address
Hence: abbordo; abbordage; abbordabile

abbordo n 1. [Naut.] (act of) landing; 2. [Navy] (act of) boarding (a ship)

abbreviamento n abridgement, abbreviation

abbreviar v to abridge, abbreviate
Hence: abbreviamento; abbreviation; abbreviative; abbreviator; abbreviatura

abbreviation n abbreviation, abridgment

abbreviative adj abridging, abbreviatory

abbreviator n 1. abridger, abbreviator; 2. [R.C.Ch.] abbreviator

abbreviatura n abbreviation (= shortened form of a word)

abdicar v to abdicate
Hence: abdication; abdicative

abdication n abdication

abdicative adj abdicative

abdominal adj abdominal

abdomine n abdomen
Hence: abdominal

abducer [-duc-/-duct-] v to lead away, abduce; 2. [Physiol.] to abduct
Hence: abduction; abductor

abduct- see abducer

abduction n [Physiol.] abduction

abductor n [Physiol.] abductor

Abel nprm Abel

aberrante adj aberrant (= deviating from the normal type)

aberrar v to deviate, aberrate
Hence: aberrante; aberration

aberration n aberration

abhorrer v to abhor
Hence: abhorrimento; abhorribile

abhorribile adj abominable, hateful

abhorrimento n abhorrence

abiberar v to water (1. to supply with drink; 2. to irrigate)

abiberatorio n watering-place, water-hole

abiete n fir (1. fir-tree; 2. fir wood);
abiete de Canada hemlock (spruce)

-abile suffixo adjective [used with verbs in -ar] -able (= that can be ...ed; that is worthy to be ...ed)
Hence: observabile etc.; admirabile etc.

abiogenese (-génese) n abiogenesis, spontaneous generation

abiogenesis (-génesis) n abiogenesis, spontaneous generation

abiogenetic adj abiogenetic

abject- see abjic-

abjecte adj abject, mean

abjection n abjection, abjectness

abjic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: abjection; abjecte

abjurar v to abjure (1. to forswear; 2. to recant, repudiate)
Hence: abjuration

abjuration n abjuration

ablandar v to soften; also: to mollify, mitigate, assuage, etc.

ablativo n ablative;
ablativo absolute ablative absolute

abluer [-lu-/-lut-] v to wash, cleanse
Hence: ablution

ablut- see abluer

ablution n ablution, washing

abnegar v to deny oneself, abnegate
Hence: abnegation

abnegation n abnegation, self-denial

abolimento n abolishment, abolition

abolir v to abolish
Hence: abolimento; abolition-abolitionismo, abolitionista

abolition n abolition, abolishment

abolitionismo n abolitionism

abolitionista n abolitionist

abominabile adj abominable

abominar v to abominate
Hence: abominabile; abomination

abomination n abomination (1. loathing; 2. loathsome object)

abonamento n subscription (to a periodical, etc.)

abonar¹ v to enter the subscription (to a periodical, etc.) of (a person);
abonar se to subscribe (to a periodical, etc.)
Hence: abonamento

abonar² v to improve (= to make better)

abor- [-bor-/-bort-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: abortive; aborto-abortar-abortamento

aborigines (-ígines) npl aborigines

abort- see abor-

abortamento n miscarriage, abortion

abortar v I. to miscarry (1. to have a miscarriage; 2. to come to nought); II. [Biol.] to abort (= to remain undeveloped or shrink away)

abortive adj abortive

aborto n abortion

ab ovo [L] ab ovo, from the beginning

abrader [-rad-/-ras-] v to abrade
Hence: abrasion; abrasive

abras- see abrader

abrasion n abrasion

abrasive adj abrasive

abrogabile adj abrogable

abrogar v to abrogate
Hence: abrogabile; abrogation; abrogative; abrogator; abrogatori

abrogation n repeal, abrogation

abrogative adj abrogative

abrogator n abrogator

abrogatori adj rescinding, abrogating

abrumper [-rump-/-rupt-] v to break off, rend
Hence: abrupte

abrupt- see abrumper

abrupte adj abrupt (= very steep)

Abruzzi [I] nprpl Abruzzi

Absalom nprm Absalom

absceder [-ced-/-cess-] v to form (turn into) an abscess
Hence: abscesso

abscess- see absceder

abscesso n abscess

abscinder [-scind-/-sciss-] v to cut off, abscind
Hence: abscissa

absciss- see abscinder

abscissa n [Math.] abscissa

absentar v -;
absentar se to absent oneself

absente adj absent
Hence: absentia; absentismo; absentista; absentar

absentia n absence;
brillar per su absentia to be conspicuous by one’s absence

absentismo n absenteeism

absentista n absentee (owner)

absinthic adj absinthial, absinthic

absinthina n [Chem.] absinthin

absinthio n absinthe (1. [Bot.] Absinthium; 2. “alcoholic liquor absinthe”)
Hence: absinthismo; absinthic; absinthina

absinthismo n [Med.] absinthism

absolut- see absolver

absolute adj absolute;
temperatura absolute absolute temperature;
ablativo absolute ablative absolute

absolution n absolution, remission; also: acquittal

absolutismo n absolutism

absolutista n absolutist

absolutor n absolver

absolutori adj absolutory, absolving

absolver [-solv-/-solut-] v to absolve, acquit
Hence: absolution; absolutor; absolutori; absolute-absolutismo, absolutista

absorbente¹ adj absorbent

absorbente² n absorbent (= absorbing substance)

absorbentia n absorbency

absorber [-sorb-/-sorpt-] v to absorb;
absorbite in absorbed in
Hence: absorbente-absorbentia; absorbibile; absorption; reabsorber-reabsorption

absorbibile adj absorbable

absorpt- see absorber

absorption n absorption

abstent- see abstiner

abstention n abstention

abstentionista n abstentionist

abstinente adj abstemious

abstinentia n abstinence

abstiner [-tin-/-tent-] v -;
abstiner se de to abstain from
Hence: abstinente-abstinentia; abstention-abstentionista

abstract- see abstraher

abstracte adj abstract

abstraction n abstraction (1. [Logic]; 2. state of being lost in thought);
facer abstraction de to disregard, leave out of consideration

abstraher [-trah-/-tract-] v [Logic] to abstract
Hence: abstraction; abstracte

abstruder [-trud-/-trus-] v 1. to thrust away; 2. to conceal
Hence: abstruse

abstrus- see abstruder

abstruse adj abstruse

absurde adj absurd
Hence: absurditate

absurditate n absurdity

abuccamento n 1. (action of) seizing, snatching up (with the mouth); 2. (action of) interconnecting (two openings); 3. interview, conference

abuccar v 1. to seize, snatch up (with the mouth); 2. to interconnect (two openings);
abuccar se to come or get together (for an interview, a conference, etc.)
Hence: abuccamento

abundante adj abundant

abundantia n abundance;
corno del abundantia cornucopia, horn of abundance or plenty

abundar v to abound, be plentiful;
abundar in to abound in or with
Hence: abundante-abundantia; superabundar-superabundante-superabundantia

abus- see abut-

abusar v -;
abusar de to abuse, make bad use of

abusator n abuser, misuser

abusive adj abusive (= of improper or wrong use)

abuso n abuse (= improper or wrong use)

abut- [-ut-/-us-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: abusive; abuso-abusar-abusator, disabusar

abysmal adj abysmal

abysmo n abysm
Hence: abysmal

abyssal adj abyssal

abyssin adj Abyssinian
Hence: Abyssinia; abyssino

Abyssinia npr Abyssinia

abyssino n Abyssinian

abysso n abyss
Hence: abyssal

acacia n [Bot.] acacia

academia n academy
Hence: academic, academico

academic adj academic, academical

academico n academician

Academo npr [Gr. Mythol.] Academus
Hence: academia &

acaju [-jú] n 1. cashew; 2. mahogany;
nuce de acaju cashew nut

acantha n [Bot.] prickle, thorn
Hence: acanthophore etc.; tragacantha etc.; notacanthe etc.

acanthaceas n [Bot.] Acanthaceae

acanthacee adj [Bot.] acanthaceous

acantho n acanthus (1. [Bot.]; 2. [Arch.])
Hence: acanthacee-acanthaceas

acanthophore [-óphore] adj spine-bearing, acanthophorous

acceder [-ced-/-cess-] v 1. to approach; 2. to accede (= to assent)
Hence: accessibile-accessibilitate, inaccessibile-inaccessibilitate; accession; accessori-accessorio; accesso

accelerando [I] n [Mus.] accelerando

accelerar v to accelerate
Hence: acceleration; accelerator

acceleration n acceleration

accelerator n accelerator (1. anything which increases speed of motion; 2. contrivance for producing greater speed in a machine)

accendalia n kindling (= wood, shavings etc. used to kindle a fire)

accender [-cend-/-cens-] v to light, kindle
Hence: accendalia; accendimento; accendibile; accensibile-accensibilitate; accenditor

accendibile adj inflammable, combustible

accendimento n lighting, kindling

accenditor n lighter (= device for lighting cigarettes, gas, candles, etc.)

accens- see accender

accensibile adj inflammable, combustible, accensible

accensibilitate n inflammability, combustibility, accensibility

accento n 1. accent, stress; 2. accent mark
Hence: accentuar-accentuation

accentu- see accento

accentuar v to accentuate, accent

accentuation n accentuation

accept- see accip-

acceptabile adj acceptable

acceptabilitate n acceptability

acceptar v to accept

acceptation n acceptance

acception n acceptation (= standard meaning)

access- see acceder

accessibile adj accessible

accessibilitate n accessibility

accession n 1. accession (“accession to a dignity, a throne, etc.”); 2. adherence (“adherence to a treaty, a party, etc.”)

accesso n access (1. “access to a place”; 2. fit)

accessori adj accessory (= adjunct)

accessorio n accessory

accidental adj accidental (1. nonessential; 2. happening by chance)

accidente n I. accident (1. nonessential quality; 2. contingency; 3. mishap); II. [Gram.] accidence

accider v to happen, befall
Hence: accidente-accidental

accip- [-cip-/-cept-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: acception; acceptar-acceptabile-acceptabilitate, inacceptabile; acceptation

accisia n excise

acclamar v to acclaim (= to applaud)
Hence: acclamation; acclamator

acclamation n acclaim, acclamation;
per acclamation by acclamation

acclamator n acclaimer

acclimatar v to acclimatize, acclimate

acclimatation n acclimatization, acclimation

accollada n accolade (= ceremonious salutation and embrace)

accollar v to embrace, salute with an accolade
Hence: accollada

accommodabile adj 1. adaptable; 2. adjustable (as in “adjustable quarrel”)

accommodamento n settlement (of disputes, etc.)

accommodar v to accommodate (1. to adapt; 2. to settle (disputes, etc.))
Hence: accommodamento; accommodabile; accommodator; accommodation

accommodation n adaptation, accommodation

accommodator n accommodator

accompaniamento n I. (action of) accompanying; II. retinue, attendance; III. accompaniment (1. concomitant; 2. [Mus.])

accompaniar v to accompany
Hence: accompaniamento; accompaniator

accompaniator n [Mus.] accompanist

accopulamento n coupling (1. act of coupling; 2. [Techn.]); specif.: [R.R.]

accopular v 1. to couple (= to unite, bring together in pairs); 2. to mate (= to bring together for breeding)

accordabile adj 1. reconcilable; 2. tunable; 3. grantable

accordante I. ppr of accordar; II. adj accordant (1. conformable; 2. [Mus.] harmonious)

accordar v 1. to harmonize (= to cause to agree); 2. to tune; 3. to grant, accord
Hence: accordo; accordante; accordabile; accordator; accordatura; disaccordar-disaccordo

accordator n tuner (of pianos, etc.);
clave accordator tuning key

accordatura n 1. tuning; 2. pitch (as in “concert pitch”)

accordion n accordion
Hence: accordionista

accordionista n accordionist

accordo n 1. accord, agreement; 2. [Mus.] chord;
de accordo in accord;
esser de accordo to be in accord, agree;
poner se de accordo to come to an agreement;
de commun accordo by common consent

accostabile adj approachable, accostable

accostamento n approach (as in “new lines of approach”)

accostar v to accost
Hence: accostamento; accostabile

accostumar v to accustom
Hence: accostumate-inaccostumate; disaccostumar

accostumate 1. pp of accostumar; 2. adj accustomed, usual

accreditar v to accredit (= to send with credentials)

accrescer v to increase (= to cause to increase)
Hence: accrescimento

accrescimento n increase (= growth in size, amount, or degree)

accular v to back up (a horse, cart, etc. against a wall, etc.)

accumulamento n heaping or piling up, accumulation

accumular v to accumulate, heap up
Hence: accumulamento; accumulation; accumulator

accumulation n accumulation

accumulator n accumulator (1. one who accumulates; 2. storage battery)

accurrer v to come running, rush up

accurtamento n shortening (= act of making shorter)

accurtar v to shorten, make shorter
Hence: accurtamento

accusabile adj blameworthy, liable to be accused; accusable

accusabilitate n blameworthiness

accusamento n accusing, accusation

accusar v to accuse;
accusar reception de to acknowledge receipt of
Hence: accusamento; accusabile-accusabilitate; accusation; accusativo; accusator; accusatori; accusato-coaccusato

accusation n accusation

accusativo n [Gram.] accusative

accusato n accused, defendant

accusator n accuser

accusatori adj accusing, accusatory; also: accusatorial

acerbar v to acerbate

acerbe adj acerb; also: sour, bitter, harsh
Hence: acerbitate; acerbar-exacerbar &

acerbitate n acerbity

acere n maple, maple tree

acetabulo n [Rom. Antiq.] acetabulum; also: [Anat.]

acetamido (-ámido) n [Chem.] acetamide

acetato n [Chem.] acetate

acetic adj acetic

acetificar v to acetify

acetification n acetification

aceto n vinegar
Hence: acetato; acetabulo; acetona; acetic; acetose; acetificar-acetification; acetamido etc.

acetona n [Chem.] acetone

acetose adj acetous, acetose

acetylen n [Chem.] acetylene

Acheronte npr Acheron

achillea (-éa) n [Bot.] Achillea

Achilles (-ílles) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Achilles;
calce de Achilles Achilles’ heel;
tendon de Achilles Achilles’ tendon
Hence: achillea

achromate adj achromatous, colorless

achromatic adj [Opt.] achromatic

achromatisar v [Opt.] to achromatize

achromatisation n [Opt.] achromatization

achromatismo n [Opt.] achromatism

achromatopsia (-ía) n achromatopsy (= complete color blindness)

acicula n [Bot., etc.] acicula (= needle, prickle etc.)
Hence: acicular

acicular adj acicular

acide (ácide) adj acid
Hence: aciditate; acidule-acidular; acidificar-acidificabile, acidification; acido-amino-acido etc.; hydracido etc.; acidimetro etc.

acidificabile adj acidifiable

acidificar v to acidify (= to make acid, convert into an acid)

acidification n acidification

acidimetro (-ímetro) n acidimeter

aciditate n acidity

acido (ácido) n acid;
acido carbonic 1. carbonic acid; 2. carbon dioxide, carbonic acid gas;
acido chlorhydric hydrochloric acid

acidular v to acidulate, flavor with an acid

acidule adj acidulous

acierage (-aje) n steel plating, acierage

acierar v to steel (1. to overlay, point, plate, etc., with steel; 2. to convert into or cause to resemble steel)

acieration n acieration (= conversion into steel)

acieria (-ía) n steelworks, steel mill

aciero n steel
Hence: acieria; acierar-acierage, acieration

aco n needle
Hence: acicula &; acupunctura etc.

aco- n [occurring in compounds] aco-, -ac- (= remedy)
Hence: acologia etc.; panac- etc.

acologia (-ía) n [Med.] acology
Hence: acologic

acologic adj [Med.] acologic

acordonar v to lace (= to fasten or tighten with a lace)

acquest- see acquirer

acquesto n acquisition (= thing acquired)

acquiescente 1. ppr of acquiescer; 2. adj acquiescent

acquiescentia n acquiescence

acquiescer v to acquiesce
Hence: acquiescente-acquiescentia

acquirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] v to acquire
Hence: acquiribile; acquesto; acquisition; acquisitor; acquiritor

acquiribile adj acquirable

acquiritor n acquirer

acquisit- see acquirer

acquisition n acquisition (1. act of acquiring; 2. thing acquired)

acquisitor n acquirer

acr- adj [occurring in compounds] acro- (= terminal, topmost)
Hence: acropole etc.; acrostichio etc. ...

acre¹ [A] n acre

acre² adj acrid
Hence: acritate; acrimonia &

acrimonia n acrimony
Hence: acrimoniose

acrimoniose adj acrimonious

acritate n acridness

acrobata (-óbata) n acrobat
Hence: acrobatia; acrobatismo; acrobatic

acrobatia (-ía) n acrobatics

acrobatic adj acrobatic

acrobatismo n acrobatism

acropole n acropolis

acrostichio n [Pros.] acrostic

act- see ager

action n I. action (1. act, acting; 2. lawsuit); II. [Fin.] share;
homine de action man of action;
action civil civil action

actionabile adj actionable

actionar v 1. to actuate (= to set in action or motion); 2. [Law] to sue

actionero n shareholder, stockholder

actionista n shareholder, stockholder

activar v to activate; also: to stir up, rouse

activation n activation

active adj active;
le voce active the active voice

activitate n activity

activo n [Com.] assets

acto n I. act (1. action, deed; 2. “act of a play”); II. [Law] instrument, deed, record, etc.

actor n actor

actrice n actress

actual adj 1. actual, real; 2. current, present

actualisar v to actualize

actualisation n actualization

actualitate n 1. actuality (= actual existence); 2. character of what is current or present, thing or event that is current or present;
actualitates current events, news (as in “news report, newsreel, news film, etc.”)

actualmente adv 1. at present, (just) now; 2. actually

actuar v to actuate (= to put into action)

actuarial adj actuarial

actuariato n actuary’s office (or profession)

actuario n actuary

actuation n actuation

aculeate adj [Zool., Bot.] aculeate

aculeiforme adj aculeiform

aculeo n 1. [Zool.] sting; 2. [Bot.] thorn
Hence: aculeate; aculeiforme etc.

acuminar v to sharpen, acuminate

acuminate 1. pp of acuminar; 2. adj pointed, acuminate

acumine n 1. [Bot.] a tapering point; 2. acumen
Hence: acuminar-acuminate

acupunctura n acupuncture
Hence: acupuncturar

acupuncturar v to acupuncture

acustic adj acoustic;
tubo acustic speaking tube;
corno acustic ear trumpet
Hence: acustica

acustica n acoustics

acutangule adj [Geom.] acute-angled, acutangular

acute adj acute (1. sharp-pointed; 2. shrewd, penetrating, keen; 3. acting keenly on the senses);
angulo acute [Geom.] acute angle;
morbo acute acute disease;
nota acute high-pitched sound;
voce acute shrill voice;
dolor acute acute or sharp pain;
accento acute [Gram.] acute accent, ´
Hence: acutessa; acutiar-acutiamento, acutiator; acutangule etc.

acutessa n sharpness, acuteness

acutiamento n sharpening

acutiar v to sharpen (= to make sharp)

acutiator n sharpener (= one who sharpens)

[ad] prep 1. to; 2. at
(= a)

ad- prefixo verbal [subject to assimilation before single consonant; used with verbs and, in combination with verbal suffixes, with nouns and adjectives] ad- (= to, toward, into [expressing motion to, change into, increase of intensity, etc.])
Hence: accurrer etc.; approximar, etc.; adjudicar, etc.

-ada suffixo substantive [used with nouns and verbs] -ade I. [used with nouns] (1. product made from ...; 2. series of ...); II. [used with verbs] (= action of
Hence: limonada etc.; columnada etc.; cavalcada etc.

adagio¹ n adage

adagio² [I] n [Mus.] adagio

adagio³ [I] adv [Mus.] adagio

Adam npr Adam;
pomo de Adam Adam’s apple
Hence: adamitas; adamic

adamic adj Adamic

adamitas npl [Eccl. Hist.] Adamites

adaptabile adj adaptable

adaptabilitate n adaptability

adaptar v to adapt;
adaptar a to adapt to
Hence: adaptabile-adaptabilitate, inadaptabile; adaptation

adaptation n adaptation;
facultate de adaptation adaptability, ability to adapt oneself

addendum (pl addenda) [NL] n addendum

adder v to add (“to add one thing to another”)
Hence: addition-additional, additionar; additive

addition n addition (1. action of adding; 2. thing added)

additional adj additional

additionar v [Math.] to add up

additive adj additive

addormir v to put to sleep;
addormir se to fall asleep

addormite 1. pp of addormir; 2. adj asleep

adducer [-duc-/-duct-] v to adduce
Hence: adduction; adductor

adduct- see adducer

adduction n adduction (1. act of adducing; 2. [Physiol.])

adductor n 1. adducer; 2. [Physiol.] adductor

adelpho- n [occurring in compounds] adelpho-, adelph- (1. brother; 2. twin)
Hence: monadelphe etc.; Philadelphia etc.

aden [Gr.] n [Physiol.] gland
Hence: adenitis; adenoma; adenoide; adenose; adenographia etc.

adenitis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] adenitis

adenographia (-ía) n adenography

adenoide adj adenoid, adenoidal

adenoides npl adenoids

adenoma n [Pathol.] adenoma

adenose adj glandulous, adenose

adeo (-éo) interj farewell, good-by(e)

adepto n adept

adequar v to equalize
Hence: adequation; adequate-inadequate

adequate 1. pp of adequar; 2. adj adequate

adequation n adequation

adherente n adherent, follower

adherentia n adherence, attachment

adherer [-her-/-hes-] v to adhere (1. to stick fast; 2. as in “to adhere to an opinion, party, etc.”)
Hence: adherente-adherentia; adhesion; adhesive

adhes- see adherer

adhesion n adhesion (1. sticking; 2. assent)

adhesive adj adhesive, sticking

ad hoc [L] ad hoc (= for the sake of this particular case, well-suited for this matter)

ad hominem [L] ad hominem;
argumento ad hominem argumentum ad hominem

[adhuc] adv to this place, thus far, hitherto, as yet, until now, so far, yet, still

adieu [F] n farewell, adieu

adipe (ádipe) n animal fat, body fat; also: adeps
Hence: adiposis; adipose-adipositate; adipocera etc.

adipocera n adipocere

adipose adj adipose, fat

adiposis (-ósis) n adiposis, fatty degeneration

adipositate n adiposity, fatness

adir v 1. to approach; go to; 2. to attain, enter upon; also: [Law] to enter on (an inheritance, etc.)
Hence: adition; adito

adition n [Law] entering upon (an inheritance)

adito (ádito) n adit, entrance (1. door, passage, etc. through which one enters; 2. access)

adjacente adj adjacent;
angulos adjacente adjacent angles

adjacentia n adjacency (= state of being adjacent)

adjacer v -;
adjacer a to lie near or close to, border upon
Hence: adjacente-adjacentia

adject- see adjic-

adjectival adj [Gram.] adjectival, adjective

adjective adj [Gram.] adjective, adjectival
Hence: adjectivo-adjectival

adjectivo n [Gram.] adjective

adjic- [-jic-/-ject-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: adjective &

adjudicar v to adjudge (= to award judicially, as a prize, etc.);
adjudicar a to knock down to (at an auction)
Hence: adjudication; adjudicative; adjudicator; adjudicatario

adjudicatario n highest bidder, purchaser (at an auction)

adjudication n 1. adjudgment, award; 2. knocking down (at an auction)

adjudicative adj adjudging, awarding

adjudicator n adjudger, awarder

adjunct- see adjunger

adjunction n adjunction (= the act of joining or adding)

adjunctive adj adjunctive

adjuncto n 1. assistant, deputy; 2. [Gram.] adjunct

adjunger [-jung-/junct-] v to join, unite (one thing to another)
Hence: adjunction; adjunctive; adjuncto

adjurar v to adjure
Hence: adjuration

adjuration n adjuration

adjustabile adj adjustable

adjustage (-aje) n [Mach.] assembly (of the parts of a machine)

adjustamento n adjustment (= action of adjusting)

adjustar v 1. to adjust; 2. [Mach.] to fit together, set up
Hence: adjustage; adjustamento; adjustabile; adjustator; readjustar-readjustamento, readjustator

adjustator n adjuster; [Mach.] fitter, setter, etc.

adjut- see adjuvar

adjuta n 1. aid, help; 2. aide (= assistant)

adjutante n 1. helper, assistant; 2. [Mil.] adjutant

adjutar v to aid, help;
adjutar se de to use, make use of
Hence: adjuta; adjutante

adjutor n help, helper

adjuvante 1. ppr of adjuvar; 2. adj helpful, adjuvant

adjuvar [-juv-/-jut-] v to aid, help
Hence: adjuvante; adjutor; adjutar &; coadjuvar &

ad libitum, ad lib. [L] ad libitum, ad lib.

administrabile adj administrable

administrar v to administer (1. to direct, manage; 2. to furnish or apply)
Hence: administrabile; administration; administrative; administrator

administration n administration (1. action of furnishing or applying; 2. management of public affairs, an institution, business, etc.; 3. the persons collectively managing public affairs, an institution, business, etc.)

administrative adj administrative

administrator n administrator, manager

admirabile adj admirable

admiral n admiral
Hence: admiralato; admiralitate

admiralato n admiralship, admiralty

admiralitate n admiralty (1. “law or court of the admiralty”; 2. government department in charge of naval affairs)

admirar v to admire
Hence: admirabile; admiration; admirative; admirator

admiration n admiration

admirative adj admiring

admirator n admirer

admiscer [-misc-/-mixt-] v to admix
Hence: admixtion

admiss- see admitter

admissibile adj admissible

admissibilitate n admissibility

admission n admission (1. act of allowing entrance or access; 2. act of conceding the validity or truth of)

admitter [-mitt-/-miss-] v to admit (1. to allow to enter; 2. to acknowledge as valid or true)
Hence: admissibile-admissibilitate, inadmissibile-inadmissibilitate; admission-inadmission; readmitter-readmission

admixt- see admiscer

admixtion n admixture, admixtion

admoner v to admonish
Hence: admonition; admonitor; admonitori

admonestar v to admonish
Hence: admonestation

admonestation n admonition, admonishment

admonition n admonition

admonitor n admonitor, admonisher

admonitori adj admonitory

adoculamento n (action of) fixing one’s eyes upon

adocular v to fix one’s eyes upon, glue one’s eyes to

adolescente¹ adj adolescent

adolescente² n adolescent

adolescentia n adolescence

adolescer v to grow up, to become adolescent
Hence: adolescente-adolescentia

adonic adj Adonic, Adonian

adonico n [Pros.] Adonic

adonie adj Adonian, Adonic

adonio n [Pros.] Adonic

Adonis (-dó-) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Adonis;
adonis 1. [Bot.] Adonis, pheasant’s eye; 2. fop, dandy
Hence: adonic-adonico; adonie-adonio

adoptabile adj adoptable

adoptabilitate n adoptability

adoptar v to adopt
Hence: adoptabile-adoptabilitate, inadoptabile; adoptator

adoptator n adopter

adoption n adoption

adoptive adj adoptive

adorabile adj adorable

adorabilitate n adorability

adorar v to adore, worship
Hence: adorabile-adorabilitate; adoration

adoration n adoration, worship

adornamento n adornment (= action of adorning)

adornar v to adorn;
adornar de to adorn with
Hence: adornamento; adornator

adornator n adorner

adorsar v -;
adorsar (un cosa) a to place (something) with its back against

ad rem [L] ad rem, to the point

adrenal adj [Anat.] adrenal;
glandulas adrenal adrenal glands

adrenalina n adrenalin

adressar v to address (1. to write the address on, direct; 2. as in “to address a prayer to”);
adressar se to address oneself (to)

adresse [F] n address (1. formal communication; 2. as in “address of a letter, package, etc.”)
Hence: adressar

Adria npr (city of) Adria
Hence: adriatic-Adriatico

Adriano nprm Adrian
Hence: Adrianopolis etc.

Adrianopolis (-ópolis) npr Adrianople

adriatic adj Adriatic (1. pertaining to the city of Adria; 2. pertaining to the Adriatic);
Mar Adriatic Adriatic

Adriatico n Adriatic

adular v to adulate
Hence: adulation; adulator; adulatori

adulation n adulation

adulator n adulator

adulatori adj adulatory

adulciamento n 1. (act of) sweetening; 2. (act of) softening, etc.

adulciar v 1. to sweeten (= to make sweet); 2. to soften, to make milder or more pleasing, etc.; 3. to render ductile or malleable

adulte adj adult, grown-up
Hence: adulto

adultera (-últera) n adulteress

adulterar v 1. to adulterate; 2. to commit adultery
Hence: adultero-adulterin, adulterose, adultera; adulterio; adulteration; adulterator

adulteration n adulteration (= action of adulterating)

adulterator n 1. adulterator; 2. adulterer

adulterin adj adulterine

adulterio n adultery;
committer adulterio to commit adultery

adultero (-últero) n adulterer

adulterose adj adulterous

adulto n adult

adumbrar v to overshadow, adumbrate
Hence: adumbration

adumbration n adumbration, overshadowing

adurer [-ur-/-ust-] v 1. to burn, scorch; 2. [Med.] to cauterize
Hence: aduste; adustion

adust- see adurer

aduste adj burnt, scorched, adust

adustion n 1. (act of) burning, scorching; 2. [Med.] cauterization

ad valorem [L] [Com.] ad valorem

advenimento n advent (= arrival)

advenir [-ven-/-vent-] v to happen, come to pass
Hence: advenimento; advento-adventicie

advent- see advenir

adventicie adj adventitious

Advento n [Eccl.] Advent

adverbial adj adverbial

adverbio n adverb
Hence: adverbial

advers- see adverter

adversar v to oppose

adversario n adversary

adversative adj [Gram.] adversative

adverse adj 1. adverse (= contrary, unfavorable); 2. opposite (= placed opposite)

adversitate n adversity

[adverso] adv/prep 1. towards; 2. against; 3. opposite

advertente 1. ppr of adverter; 2. adj advertent, attentive

advertentia n advertence, advertency

adverter [-vert-/-vers-] v to advert, have reference (to)
Hence: advertente-advertentia, inadvertente-inadvertentia; adverse-adversario, adversitate; adversar-adversative; animadverter etc.

advertimento n notice, warning

advertir v to advise, give notice
Hence: advertimento

advocar v to call, summon; to call to one’s aid
Hence: advocato

advocato n advocate (1. [Law; 2. champion, supporter)

adyname (-íname) adj weak, without strength
Hence: adynamia-adynamic

adynamia (-ía) n [Med.] adynamia

adynamic adj [Med.] adynamic

aer n air (1. “atmospheric air”; 2. appearance; 3. melody);
esser in le aer to be up in the air;
facer castellos in le aer to build castles in the air;
prender le aer to take an airing;
dar se aeres to give oneself airs;
parlar in le aer to talk at random;
haber le aer de (facer un cosa) to appear to be (doing something);
haber le aer (triste) to look (sad);
aer libere open air
Hence: aeree-antiaeree; aerifere; aerar-aerage, aeration; aerificar-aerification; aerodromo etc.; aerologia etc.; aeroplano etc.; aerobie etc.; aeriforme etc.; aerodynamic etc.

aerage (-aje) n aeration, airing

aerar v to air (= to expose to the open air)

aeration n aeration, airing; also: [Chem.]

aeree adj air (= airy, aerial);
via aeree [Aeronaut.] airway;
posta aeree air mail;
vias aeree [Anat.] air-passages

aerifere adj aeriferous

aerificar v to aerify (= to change to an aeriform state)

aerification n aerification

aeriforme adj aeriform

aerobie adj [Biol.] aerobic
Hence: anaerobie-anaerobio; aerobio

aerobio n [Biol.] aerobe

aerodromo (-ódromo) n aerodrome; also: airfield

aerodynamic adj aerodynamic
Hence: aerodynamica

aerodynamica n aerodynamics

aerographia (-ía) n aerography

aerolitic adj aerolitic

aerolitho (-ólito) n aerolite
Hence: aerolithic

aerologia (-ía) n aerology

aerometria (-ía) n aerometry

aerometro (-ómetro) n aerometer
Hence: aerometria

aeronauta n aeronaut, airman
Hence: aeronautic; aeronautica

aeronautic adj aeronautic(al)

aeronautica n aeronautics

aeronave n airship;
aeronaves aircraft

aeroplano n airplane
Hence: hydroaeroplano etc.; portaaeroplanos etc.

aeroporto n airport

aerostatic adj aerostatic
Hence: aerostatica

aerostatica n aerostatics

aerostation n aerostation

aerostato (-óstato) n [Aeronaut.] aerostat
Hence: aerostation

affabile adj affable
Hence: affabilitate

affabilitate n affability

affaire [F] n affair (1. concern; 2. event);
affaires affairs, business

affamar v to starve, famish (= to cause to starve or famish)
Hence: affamator

affamator n starver (as in “starver of the people”)

affect- see afficer

affectabile adj impressionable

affectar¹ v to affect (= to have an affection for)

affectar² v to affect (to pretend, feign)
Hence: affectation; affectate

affectate adj affected (= full of affectation)

affectation n affectation (= artificiality of manner)

affectibile adj impressionable

affectibilitate n impressionability

affection n affection (1. the fact or state of being affected or acted upon); 2. fondness; 3. [Pathol.])
Hence: affectionar-affectionate; disaffection-disaffectionar

affectionar v to be fond of

affectionate 1. pp of affectionar; 2. adj affectionate

affective adj affective, emotional

affecto n affection, fondness

affectuose adj loving, affectionate

afficer [-fic-/-fect-] v to affect (= to have an effect on)
Hence: affectibile-affectibilitate; affection &; affective; affecto-affectuose, affectar¹-affectabile; affectar² &

affidavit (-ávit) n affidavit (= written statement made on oath)

affiger [-fig-/-fix-] v to affix, fasten
Hence: affixo-affixar

affilar v to whet, sharpen
Hence: affilatoria

affilatoria n sharpener, sharpening machine

affiliar v to affiliate (= to receive or connect as member, branch, etc.);
affiliar se con to affiliate with, join
Hence: affiliation; affiliate

affiliate 1. pp of affiliar; 2. adj affiliate, affiliated

affiliation n affiliation (with a society, etc.)

affin adj 1. resembling, like; 2. related by marriage;
(patre, matre, etc.) affin (father-, mother-, etc.) in-law
Hence: affinitate

affinamento n (act of) refining, improving; also: [Metal.]

affinar v 1. to refine, improve; also: [Metal.]
Hence: affinamento; affinator; raffinar &

affinator n refiner (of metals)

affinitate n affinity (1. relationship by marriage; 2. resemblance, likeness; 3. attraction)

affirmabile adj affirmable

affirmar v 1. to strengthen, make firm; 2. to affirm, assert
Hence: affirmabile; affirmation; affirmative-affirmativa; affirmator; reaffirmar

affirmation n affirmation (1. assertion; 2. affirmative proposition)

affirmativa n affirmative (= affirmative statement, reply, etc.)

affirmative adj affirmative;
responder affirmativemente to answer in the affirmative

affirmator n affirmer

affix- see affiger

affixar v to affix, fasten

affixo n [Gram.] affix

afflict- see affliger

affliction n affliction, distress

afflictive adj giving pain, distressing;
pena afflictive corporal punishment

affliger [-flig-/-flict-] v to afflict;
affliger se to be grieved
Hence: affliction; afflictive

affloramento n [Geol.] outcrop

afflorar v [Geol.] to outcrop
Hence: affloramento

affluente¹ I. ppr of affluer; II. adj 1. tributary (as in “tributary stream”); 2. affluent, opulent

affluente² n tributary (stream), affluent

affluentia n affluence (1. concourse, flowing towards; 2. as in “affluence of people”; 3. profusion, opulence)

affluer [-flu-/-flux-] v 1. to flow (into); 2. to crowd, flock, throng (to a place)
Hence: affluente-affluentia; affluxo

afflux- see affluer

affluxo n afflux

affollamento n 1. madness; 2. panic, terror

affollar v to madden, drive mad;
affollar se to go mad; also: to lose control of oneself, grow panicky
Hence: affollamento

affrontamento n 1. (act of) affronting, insulting; 2. open defiance

affrontar v to affront (1. to insult to the face; 2. to face in defiance)
Hence: affronto; affrontamento; affrontator

affrontator n affronter, insulter

affronto n affront

affusar v to spindle, give a spindle shape to (as in “to spindle a column, etc.”)

Africa (á-) npr Africa
Hence: african-africano

african adj African

africano n African

agar-agar [Mal.] n agar-agar

agata (á-) n agate (= the stone agate)
Hence: agatifere; agatin; agatiforme etc.

agatifere adj agatiferous

agatiforme adj agatiform

agatin adj agate, agatine

-age (-aje) suffixo substantive [used with nouns and verbs; -agi- before -a- and -o- of additional suffix] -age (1. collection of ...; 2. action or process of -ing)
Hence: foliage etc.; acierage etc.

agenda n agenda (= memorandum book)

agente n agent (1. active power; 2. one who acts for another);
agente (de cambio) (stock)broker

agentia n agency (as in “news agency, real estate agency, etc.”)

ager [ag-/act-; -ig-/-act-] v to act (= to be doing)
Hence: agenda: agente-agentia; agitar &: agibile; action-actionero, actionista, actionar-actionabile, inaction; active-activate, activar-activation, activo, inactive-inactivitate, radioactive etc.; actor; actrice; acto-actuario-actuariato, actuarial, actual-actualitate, actualisar-actualisation, actuar-actuation, interacto; coager &; reager &; retroager-retroaction, retroactive-retroactivitate; transiger &; litigar etc.

agglomerar v to agglomerate (= to gather or heap together)
Hence: agglomeration; agglomerato

agglomeration n agglomeration

agglomerato n agglomerate

agglutinante 1. ppr of agglutinar; 2. adj agglutinant, agglutinative;
linguas agglutinante agglutinative languages

agglutinar v to stick or glue together, agglutinate
Hence: agglutinante; agglutination; agglutinative

agglutination n agglutination

agglutinative adj agglutinative, agglutinating

aggrandimento n 1. enlargement; 2. aggrandizement

aggrandir v 1. to make greater, enlarge; also: to magnify; 2. to aggrandize (= to increase the power, wealth, or rank, of)
Hence: aggrandimento

aggravamento n aggravation

aggravar v to aggravate (= to make worse);
aggravar se to grow worse or more serious
Hence: aggravamento; aggravation; aggravator

aggravation n aggravation (= act of aggravating, or state of being aggravated)

aggravator n aggravator

aggreder [-gred-/-gress-] v to assail, attack
Hence: aggression; aggressive; aggressor

aggregar v to aggregate (= to collect or unite into a mass or sum)
Hence: aggregation; aggregative; aggregato; disaggregar-disaggregation

aggregation n aggregation

aggregative adj aggregative

aggregato n aggregate

aggress- see aggreder

aggression n aggression

aggressive adj aggressive

aggressor n aggressor

aggruppamento n 1. (act of) grouping; 2. group

aggruppar v to group

-agi- see -age

agibile adj 1. feasible; 2. manageable

agile adj agile; nimble
Hence: agilitate

agilitate n agility; nimbleness

agio (ajo) n [Com.] agio, exchange premium
Hence: agiotar-agiotage, agiotator

agiotage (ajotaje) n agiotage, exchange business, stockbroking

agiotar (aj-) v to speculate (on the stock exchange)

agiotator (aj-) n speculator (on the stock exchange)

agitar v I. to agitate (1. to move or shake violently; to stir; 2. to perturb, excite); II. to debate
Hence: agitation; agitator

agitation n agitation (1. violent moving or shaking; 2. disturbance, excitement)

agitator n agitator (1. [Pol.]; 2. apparatus for shaking or mixing; also: stirring rod, mixer)

agno n lamb

agnostic adj agnostic
Hence: agnosticismo; agnostico

agnosticismo n agnosticism

agnostico n agnostic

-agog- adj [occurring in compounds] -agogue (1. leading; 2. drawing forth)
Hence: sialagoge etc.; hypnagogic etc.; demagogo etc.; pedagogo etc.

agon n [Gr. Antiq.] agon
Hence: agonia; agonisar-agonista-protagonista etc., agonistic, agonisante, antagonisar &

agonia (-ía) n agony (1. death struggle; 2. extreme pain of mind)

agonisante 1. ppr of agonisar; 2. adj on the point of death

agonisar v 1. to be on the point of death; 2. to agonize, suffer mental anguish

agonista n [Gr. Antiq.] agonist

agonistic adj [Gr. Antiq.] agonistic

agora (ágora) n [Gr. Hist.] agora
Hence: agoraphobe etc.

agoraphobe (-áphobe) adj agoraphobic
Hence: agoraphobia; agoraphobo

agoraphobia (-ía) n [Psychopathol.] agoraphobia

agoraphobo (-áphobo) n [Psychopathol.] agoraphobe

-agra [occurring in compounds]
Hence: podagra etc. ...

agradabile adj agreeable, pleasing

agradamento n 1. pleasure; 2. agreeableness, pleasantness

agradar v -;
agradar a to please

agrari adj agrarian; also: farm, field (as in “farm or field laborer”)

agreste adj rustic (1. rural; 2. awkward, uncouth)

agricola (-ícola) n agriculturalist

agricole adj agricultural

agricultor n agriculturist; also: farmer, husbandman, etc.

agricultura n agriculture, farming

agrimensor n surveyor (= one who surveys lands, highways, etc.)

agrimensura n 1. surveying; 2. [Topog.] survey

agro n field (= arable land)
Hence: agrari; agreste; agricola etc.: agricole etc.; agricultura etc.; agronomo etc.

agronomia (-ía) n agronomy, agronomics

agronomic adj agronomic, agricultural

agronomo (-ró-) n agronomist
Hence: agronomia, agronomic

aguerrimento n (act of) inuring to war

aguerrir v to inure to war
Hence: aguerrimento

agulia n needle; also: gramophone needle;
agulia magnetic magnetic needle
Hence: aguliata; agulietta

aguliata n needleful (of thread, etc.)

agulietta n aglet, aiguillette

aigrette [F] n aigrette

aira n threshing floor

ajornamento n adjournment, postponement

ajornar v to adjourn, postpone
Hence: ajornamento

-al suffixo adjective [used with nouns] -al (= pertaining to ..., characteristic of ..., etc.)
Hence: natural etc.; conversational etc.

al- see alcohol, aldehydo, or aluminium

al- v [occurring in derivatives and compounds]
Hence: alimento &; alibile &; coal- &

-al- [occurring in compounds]
Hence: nyctalopia etc.

ala n wing (1. “wing of a bird, airplane etc.”; 2. part of a building)
Hence: aletta; alate

à la [F] à la (as in “à la Newburgh”)

alabastrin adj alabastrine, alabaster

alabastrite n alabaster (= Oriental alabaster)

alabastro n alabaster (as in “gypseous alabaster”)
Hence: alabastrite; alabastrin

à la carte [F] à la carte

alacre (ál-) adj eager, brisk, alacritous
Hence: alacritate

alacritate n eagerness, briskness, alacrity

alarma n alarm (1. call to arms; 2. fright)
Hence: alarmista; alarmar-alarmante

alarmante 1. ppr of alarmar; 2. adj alarming

alarmar v to alarm (1. to call to arms; 2. to startle)

alarmista n alarmist

alate adj winged

alauda see aloda

alba n 1. dawn, break of day; 2. [Eccl.] alb

alban- see Albania

albanese adj/n Albanian

Albania npr Albania
Hence: albanese

albatros n [Ornith.] albatross

albe adj white (= of the color white)
Hence: albin &; albumine &; albiflor etc.; alba

albergar v to shelter, lodge

albergero n innkeeper

albergo n 1. shelter, lodging; 2. inn;
albergo de juventute youth hostel
Hence: albergero; albergar

albiflor adj white-flowered, albiflorous

albin adj albino
Hence: albinismo; albino

albinismo n albinism

albino n albino

albricoc n apricot
Hence: albricochiero

albricoch- see albricoc

albricochiero n apricot tree

album (ál-) n album

albumina (-úmina) n [Biochem.] albumin

albumine n albumen (1. white of an egg 2. [Bot.])
Hence: albuminoide; albuminose; albuminuria etc.; albumina

albuminoide¹ adj albuminoid, albuminoidal

albuminoide² n [Biochem.] albuminoid

albuminose adj albuminous, albuminose

albuminuria n [Pathol.] albuminuria

[al(c)-] [occurring in compounds] some-, any-
(= ali(c)-)
Hence: alco; alcun etc.; alcuno etc.; alquando etc.

alca n [Ornith.] auk

alcal- see alcali

alcalde [H] n alcalde (= mayor of a Spanish town, etc.)

alcali (ál-) [Chem.] alkali;
alcali volatile ammonia
Hence: alcalin-alcalinitate, alcalino; alcaloide; alcalisar-alcalisation; alcalimetro etc.

alcalimetro (-í-) n alkalimeter

alcalin adj alkaline

alcalinitate n alkalinity

alcalino n alkaline

alcalisar v to alkalize

alcalisation n alkalization

alcaloide n alkaloid

alce n [Zool.] elk

alchimia (-ía) n alchemy
Hence: alchimista; alchimic

alchimic adj alchemical

alchimista n alchemist

[alco] pron something, anything; adv somewhat
(= alique)

alcohol [NL] n alcohol
Hence: alcoholismo; alcoholic-alcoholico; alcoholisar-alcoholisation; chloral etc.

alcoholic adj alcoholic

alcoholico n alcoholic

alcoholisar v to alcoholize

alcoholisation n alcoholization

alcoholismo n alcoholism

alcova n alcove (= recessed portion of a room)

[alcun] adj some, any; also: a few
(= alicun)

[alcuno] indef pron someone, anyone
(= alicuno)

ale [A] n ale

alerta n [Mil.] alert
Hence: alerte

alerte adj alert (= vigilant)

aletta n 1. small wing, winglet; 2. (small) wingshaped appendage (= flange, rib, fin, etc.)

aleut n Aleut
Hence: aleutic; Aleutas

Aleutas nprpl Aleutians

aleutic adj Aleutian;
Insulas Aleutic Aleutian Islands

Alexandra nprf Alexandra

Alexandria npr Alexandria

alexandrian adj Alexandrian (= of Alexandria)

alexandrin adj I. Alexandrian (1. of Alexandria; 2. of Alexander the Great); II. [Pros.] Alexandrine

alexandrino n [Pros.] Alexandrine

Alexandro nprm Alexander
Hence: Alexandria-alexandrian, alexandrin-alexandrino; Alexandra

alga n alga

algebra (ál-) n algebra
Hence: algebrista; algebric

algebric adj algebraic, algebraical

algebrista n algebrist

Alger npr 1. Alger; 2. Algiers
Hence: Algeria-algerian-algeriano

Algeria npr Algeria

algerian adj Algerian, Algerine

algeriano n Algerian

algesia (-ía) n [Med.] algesia (= sensitivity to pain)
Hence: analgesia-analgesic

-algia (-ía) [occurring in compounds] -algia (= pain)

algo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] algo-, alg- (= pain)
Hence: algia-analgia-analgic, neuralgia etc.; nostalgia etc.; algometro etc.

algometria (-ía) n [Psychol.] algometry (= measurement of sensitivity to pain)

algometric adj [Psychol.] algometric

algometro (-ómetro) n [Psychol.] algometer
Hence: alometria; algometric

[alia] [L] npl other things;
inter alia inter alia, among other things

-alia suffixo substantive [used with nouns] (= worthless collection of ...s)
Hence: ferralia etc.

alias (ál-) adv 1. otherwise (= in another manner); 2. alias; 3. at another time

alibi¹ (ál-) adv elsewhere

alibi² (ál-) n alibi

alibile adj nutritive, nourishing, alible
Hence: alibilitate

alibilitate n alibility

ali(c)- [occurring in compounds] any-, some-
Hence: alique etc.; aliquando etc.; alicubi etc.; alicun etc.; [aliquid] etc.; [aliqua] etc.

alicubi (-ícubi) adv 1. somewhere; 2. anywhere as in (“did you see him anywhere?”)

alicun adj some, any; also: a few;
alicun cosa something, anything
Hence: alicuno

alicuno indef pron someone, somebody; anyone, anybody

[alie] adj other
(= altere)

alien adj alien (= differing in nature)
Hence: alienismo; alienista; alienar-alienabile-alienabilitate, inalienabile-inalienabilitate, alienation, alienator, alienate-alienatario

alienabile adj alienable

alienabilitate n alienability

alienar v to alienate (1. to transfer ownership of; 2. to estrange)

alienatario n alienee

alienate 1. pp of alienar; 2. adj insane

alienation n alienation (1. transfer of ownership to another; 2. estrangement; 3. insanity)

alienator n alienator

alienismo n [Med.] alienism

alienista n alienist

alimentar v to feed

alimentari adj alimentary

alimentation n nourishment, alimentation

alimentator n feeder, alimenter

alimento n food;
alimentos allowance; specif.: alimony
Hence: alimentari; alimentose; alimentar-alimentation, alimentator, subalimentar-subalimentation, superalimentar-superalimentation

alimentose adj nutritious

alineamento n alignment (= action of aligning)

alinear v to align (= to range or place in a line)
Hence: alineamento

[aliqua] (ál-) adv 1. somewhere; 2. somehow

aliquando adv at some time or other; at any time; sometime; in future time

aliquanto adv somewhat, to some degree

alique (ál-) pron something, anything; adv somewhat

[aliquid] (ál-) pron something
(= alique)

[aliquot] (ál-) adj/indef pron some, several, a few

alizari n madder root
Hence: alizarina

alizarina n alizarin, madder root

all- adj [occurring in compounds] allo-, all- (= other)
Hence: allotrope etc.

allactamento n (act of) suckling, nursing

allactar v to suckle, nurse
Hence: allactamento

allargamento n widening, broadening

allargar v to widen (= to make broad(er))

allectar v to lay up (through illness)
Hence: allectate

allectate 1. pp of allectar; 2. adj bedridden

allée [F] n avenue, walk, alley

allegar v to allege (= to bring forward as an argument or excuse)
Hence: allegation

allegation n [Law] allegation

allegoria (-ía) n allegory
Hence: allegorista; allegoric; allegorisar-allegorisation, allegorisator

allegoric adj allegoric, allegorical

allegorisar v to allegorize

allegorisation n allegorization

allegorisator n allegorizer

allegorista n allegorist

allegrar v to cheer up, brighten up (= to make gay or cheerful);
allegrar se to rejoice

allegre adj gay, sprightly; merry; cheerful
Hence: allegressa; allegrar; allegro-allegretto

allegressa n gayness, sprightliness; merriness; cheerfulness

allegretto n [Mus.] allegretto

allegro n [Mus.] allegro

alleluia (-úya) alleluia, hallelujah

allergia (-ía) n [Pathol.] allergy
Hence: allergic

allergic adj [Pathol.] allergic

allerta n alert, alarm

allertar v to give the alarm to, alarm

allerte adj alert, watchful
Hence: allerta-allertar

alleviar v to lighten (= to make less heavy); also: to alleviate
Hence: alleviation; alleviator

alleviation n lightening (= making less heavy); also: alleviation

alleviator n lightener; also: alleviator

alliantia n alliance;
le arca del alliantia the Ark of the Covenant

alliar v to ally;
alliar se to form an alliance
Hence: alliantia; alliato

alliato n ally

alligar v 1. to bind, attach (to); 2. to alloy (as in “to alloy silver with copper”)
Hence: alligato

alligato n alloy

alligator [A] n alligator

allio n garlic

alliterar v to alliterate
Hence: alliteration

alliteration n alliteration

allitter- see alliter-

allocut- see alloquer

allocution n allocution

allongamento n (act of) lengthening

allongar v to lengthen (= to make longer);
allongar (le bracio) to stretch out (one’s arm)
Hence; allongamento

allopathe (-ó-) n allopath

allopathia (-ía) n allopathy

alloquer [-loqu-/-locut-] v to pronounce an allocution
Hence: allocution

allotrope (-ótrope) adj 1. [Chem.] allotropic; 2. [Zoo.] allotropous
Hence: allotropia; allotropic; allotropo

allotropia (-ía) n [Chem.] allotropy

allotropic adj [Chem.] allotropic

allotropo (-ótropo) n [Chem.] allotrope

all right [A] all right

allu- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: alluvion; alluvial

alluder [-lud-/-lus-] v to allude
Hence: allusion; allusive

allus- see alluder

allusion n allusion;
facer allusion a to allude to

allusive adj allusive; alluding

alluv- see allu-

alluvial adj alluvial

alluvion n 1. inundation; alluvion; 2. alluvium

alma mater [L] alma mater

almanac n almanac

almosna n alms;
facer almosna to give alms
Hence: almosnero; almosneria; almosniera

almosneria (-ía] n almonry

almosnero n almoner; almsgiver

almosniera n alms purse, alms bag

aloda n lark (= singing bird of the family Alaudidae)

[alora] adv then (1. at that time; 2. in that case, consequently)
(= tunc)

Alpes nprpl Alps
Hence: alpestre; alpin-alpinismo, alpinista, cisalpin, transalpin-transalpino

alpestre adj Alpine, Alpestrine

alpha n alpha (= the first letter of the Greek alphabet);
alpha e omega alpha and omega;
particula alpha alpha particle;
radio alpha alpha ray
Hence: alphabeto etc.

alphabetic adj alphabetical

alphabetisar v to alphabetize

alphabetisation n alphabetization

alphabeto n alphabet
Hence: alphabetic; alphabetisar-alphabetisation; analphabete-analphabetismo, analphabeto-analphabetic

alpin adj Alpine, alpine; also: [Ethnol.]

alpinismo n Alpinism; mountaineering

alpinista n Alpinist; Alpine climber

[alquando] adv at some time or other; at any time; sometime; in future time
(= aliquando)

[alquanto] adv somewhat, to some degree
(= aliquanto)

Alsatia npr Alsace
Hence: alsatian-alsatiano

alsatian adj Alsatian

alsatiano n Alsatian

[alsi] (-í) adv 1. also, too; 2. likewise, moreover, furthermore
(= etiam)

Altai (-ái) npr Altai (1. Altai mountains; 2. Altai region)
Hence: altaic-uraloaltaic etc.

altaic (-áic) adj Altaic

altar n altar

alte adj 1. high; 2. loud;
in alte voce aloud (1. not in a whisper; 2. loudly)
Hence: altessa; altitude; exaltar &; altiar &; altimetro etc.; altisone etc.; altisonante etc.; altoparlator etc.; alto-contralto

alterabile adj alterable

alterar v 1. to alter (= to make different); 2. to adulterate;
su voce se alterava (con emotion) his voice broke (with emotion)

alteration n 1. alteration; 2. adulteration (= action of adulterating)

altercar v to quarrel, wrangle, altercate
Hence: altercation

altercation n altercation

altere adj other (1. additional; 2. different);
un altere another;
le un le altere, le unes le alteres one another, each other;
altere vice a second time, once again, once more
Hence: alterne &; alterar-alterabile-inalterabile-inalterabilitate, alteration; altruismo; altruista; [alterubi] etc.; [unaltere] etc.; sesquialtere etc.

alternar v to alternate (1. to do by turns; 2. to occur by turns)

alternate adj alternate, alternating

alternation n alternation

alternativa n 1. alternation; 2. alternative (= choice between two possible things or lines of action)

alternative adj 1. alternate, alternating; 2. alternative;
currente alternative alternating current

alterne adj [Math., Bot.] alternate;
angulos alterne alternate angles
Hence: alternar-alternation, alternative-alternativa, alternate; subalterne

[alterubi] (-érubi) adv elsewhere

altessa n Highness

altiamento n (act of) raising or lifting

altiar v to raise (1. to make higher; 2. to raise the position or level of);
altiar le voce to raise one’s voice
Hence: altiamento; realtiar

altimetro (-í-) n altimeter

altisonante adj altisonant, high-sounding

altisone adj altisonant, high-sounding

altitude n 1. altitude; 2. height;
al altitude del (situation, etc.) equal to (the situation, etc.);
al altitude de (un capo, un insula, etc.) off (a cape, an island, etc.)

alto n I. top, upper part; II. [Mus.] alto (1. contralto voice; 2. tenor violin);
le altos e (le) bassos the ups and downs;
in alto 1. upward(s), up; also: upstairs; 2. (up) on top; also: upstairs;
de alto a basso 1. from the top to the bottom; 2. from top to bottom, from top to toe

alto-parlator n loud-speaker

altru- see altere

altruismo n altruism

altruista n altruist

aluminium (-ínium) n aluminum, aluminium

alveo n trough, tub; also: bathtub
Hence: alveolo-alveolari, alveolate

alveolari adj 1. cell-like; honeycomb (as in “honeycomb pattern”); 2. [Anat.] alveolar

alveolate adj honeycombed, pitted, alveolate

alveolo (-éolo) n 1. cell (of a honeycomb); 2. socket (of a tooth)

am- see ammoniaco

amabile adj lovable, amiable

amabilitate n amiability

amalgama (-mál-) n amalgam
Hence: amalgamar-amalgamation, amalgamator

amalgamar v to amalgamate (1. [Metal.]; 2. to combine, consolidate)

amalgamation n amalgamation (1. union, consolidation; 2. [Metal.])

amalgamator n amalgamator

amandola (-ándola) n almond
Hence: amandoliero

amandoliero n almond-tree

amante n lover, paramour

amar¹ adj bitter
Hence: amaritude; amarisar

amar² v to love; also: to like, be fond of, etc.
Hence: amante; amabile-amabilitate; amator; amatori; amate

amarage (-aje) n [Aeronaut.] action of alighting on water

amarar v [Aeronaut.] to alight on water
Hence: amarage

amarisar v to make bitter; to embitter

amaritude n bitterness

amassamento n amassment

amassar v to amass
Hence: amassamento; amassator

amassator n amasser

amate 1. pp of amar²; 2. adj beloved

amateur [F] n amateur

amator v lover (= one who has a strong liking for something)

amatori adj amatory

Amazon npr Amazon (1. Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Geog.]);
amazon amazon, horsewoman; also: virago
Hence: amazonie

amazonie adj Amazonian (1. pertaining to the Amazons; 2. pertaining to the Amazon river)

ambass- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: ambassada; ambassator

ambassada n embassy

ambassator n ambassador

ambe adj both;
ambes pron both

ambidextere, ambidextre adj ambidextrous

ambiente¹ adj ambient, surrounding

ambiente² n environment (= all of the surrounding conditions and influences)

ambigue adj ambiguous
Hence: ambiguitate; inambigue-inambiguitate

ambiguitate n ambiguity (1. double or dubious meaning; 2. ambiguous expression)

ambir v 1. to go round (something), surround; 2. to go round after, solicit
Hence: ambiente; ambition &; ambito

ambition n ambition
Hence: ambitiose

ambitiose adj ambitious

ambito (ám-) n ambit, circuit, circuitous route

ambivert- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: ambivertito

ambivertito n [Psychol.] ambivert

ambly- adj [occurring in compounds] ambly- (= dull; dim; blunt; obtuse, etc.)
Hence: amblyopia etc. ...

amblyopia (-ía) n [Med.] amblyopia
Hence: amblyopic

amblyopic adj amblyopic

ambra n 1. amber; 2. ambergris;
ambra gris ambergris
Hence: ambrar

ambrar v to perfume with ambergris

ambrosia n ambrosia (1. food intended or fit for the gods; 2. [Bot.] wormseed)

ambrosial adj ambrosial

ambrosian adj Ambrosian;
canto ambrosian Ambrosian chant;
rito ambrosian Ambrosian rite

ambrosie adj ambrosial
Hence: ambrosia-ambrosial

Ambrosio nprm Ambrose;
Sancte Ambrosio Saint Ambrose
Hence: ambrosian

ambulante 1. ppr of ambular; 2. adj ambulant

ambulantia n ambulance (1. field hospital; 2. “hospital ambulance”)

ambular v to walk (= to go on foot)
Hence: ambulante-ambulantia; ambulatori; ambulatura; deambular-deambulation, deambulatori; preambular-preambulo; funambulo etc.; noctambule etc.

ambulatura n gait, walk

ameba n [Zool.] amoeba
Hence: amebic; ameboide; amebiforme etc.

amebic adj amoebic

amebiforme adj amoebiform

ameboide adj amoeboid;
movimentos ameboide [Zool., Physiol.] amoeboid movements

amen [L] interj amen

-amento suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -ar] -ament, -ement, -ment (= action or result of
Hence: arrangiamento etc.; commandamento etc; discoragiamento etc.; governamento etc.; ornamento etc.

America npr America;
America del nord North America;
America del sud South America;
America latin Latin America
Hence: american-americanismo, americanisar, angloamerican etc., panamerican etc., americano

american adj American (1. belonging to North or South America; 2. belonging to the United States)

americanisar v to Americanize

americanismo n Americanism (1. American custom or characteristic; 2. word or phrase peculiar to American English)

americano n American (1. an inhabitant of North or South America; 2. an inhabitant of the United States)

amethysto n amethyst

amic (-íc) adj friendly (= not enemy);
(nation) amic friendly (nation)
Hence: amicitate; amicar-amicabile-amicabilitate; inimic &; amico-amical-inamical; amica

amica (-íca) n friend (fem.)

amicabile adj amicable, friendly

amicabilitate n friendliness, amicability

amical adj friendly;
(reguardo) amical friendly (look)

amicar v to make friends of;
amicar se to make friends (with)

amicitate n friendship

amico (-íco) n friend (masc.)

amido (á-) n [Chem.] amide
Hence: amidogeno etc.; acetamido etc.

amidogeno (-ógeno) n [Chem.] amidogen

amino n [Chem.] amine
Hence: aminophenol etc.; amino-acido etc.; methylamino etc.; vitamina etc.

amino-acido (-ácido) n [Chem.] amino acid

aminophenol n [Chem.] aminophenol

amita (ám-) n aunt
Hence: granamita

Ammon npr Ammon (1. [Egypt. Relig.]; 2. [Gr., Rom. Relig.]);
corno de Ammon horn of Ammon
Hence: ammonite; ammoniac-ammoniaco &

ammon- see ammoniaco or ammonium

ammonal n [Technol.] ammonal

ammoniac adj ammoniac;
gumma ammoniac gum ammoniac;
aqua ammoniac ammonia (water)

ammoniacal adj ammoniacal

ammoniaco n 1. ammonia (= [Chem.] NH3); 2. ammoniac, gum ammoniac;
ammoniaco (liquide) (liquid) ammonia, ammonia (water)
Hence: ammoniacal; ammonium-ammonal etc.; ammonic; ammonificar-ammonification; amido &; amino &

ammonic adj ammonic, ammoniacal

ammonificar v to ammonify

ammonification n ammonification (1. impregnation with ammonia; 2. decomposition with production of ammonia)

ammonite n [Paleontol.] ammonite

ammonium (-ónium) n ammonium

amnesia (-ía) n amnesia, loss of memory
Hence: cryptomnesia etc.

amnestia (-ía) n amnesty
Hence: amnestic; amnestiar

amnestiar v to amnesty, give or proclaim amnesty (to)

amnestic adj amnesty, amnestic

amollimento n softening, making soft

amollir v to soften (= to make soft)
Hence: amollimento

amonta n amount

amontar v to amount
Hence: amonta

amor n love (= passionate affection);
amor proprie self-esteem;
amores amours, love-affairs
Hence: amoretto; amorose-amorositate; inamorar-inamorate

amoral adj amoral, nonmoral
Hence: amoralismo

amoralismo n amoralism

amoretto n love affair, flirtation

amorose adj amorous (1. loving; 2. pertaining to love)

amorositate n amorousness

amorphe adj amorphous; specif.: [Chem.; Geol.; Biol.; etc.]

amorphia (-ía) n amorphism

amorphismo n amorphism

amortimento n (act of) deadening, subduing

amortir v to deaden (feelings, taste, etc.)
Hence: amortimento

amortisar v to amortize (= to extinguish a debt by means of a sinking fund)
Hence: amortisation

amortisation n amortization

amover v to amove, remove (from office, etc.)
Hence: amovibile-amovibilitate, inamovibile

amovibile adj amovable, removable (= subject to removal)

amovibilitate n amovability, removability

amperage (-aje) n amperage

Ampère, André Marie npr [1775-1836; physicist after whom the “ampere” is named];
lege de Ampère Ampère’s law
Hence: ampere-amperage, amperometro etc., ampere-hora etc., ampere-torno etc., voltampere etc.

ampere (ampér) n ampere

ampere-hora (amper-hóra) n ampere-hour

ampere-torno (amper-tórno) n ampere turn

amperometro (-ómetro) n amperometer, ammeter

amphi- prefixo [used chiefly to form technical terms] amphi- (1. both; 2. around, about)
Hence: amphibie etc.; amphitheatro etc.

amphibie adj amphibious
Hence: amphibio-amphibiologia etc.

amphibio n amphibian (1. [Zool.]; 2. amphibian airplane)

amphibiologia (-ía) n amphibiology

amphitheatral adj amphitheatric, amphitheatrical

amphitheatro n amphitheater
Hence: amphitheatral

amphora (ám-) n amphora

ample adj ample (1. spacious, extensive; 2. copious)
Hence: amplitude; ampliar-ampliation; amplificar-amplification, amplificative, amplificator

ampliar v to enlarge (= to make larger)

ampliation n enlargement, enlarging

amplificar v to amplify (1. as in “to amplify a story, etc.”; 2. [Elec.]; 3. to exaggerate)

amplification n amplification

amplificative adj amplifying, magnifying

amplificator n amplifier; also: [Photog.] enlarger

amplitude n amplitude

ampulla n 1. [Pathol.] blister; 2. [Eccl.] ampulla; 3. phial, flask; also: ampoule; 4. (electric) bulb

amputar v to amputate
Hence: amputation

amputation n amputation

amuleto n amulet; also: charm

amusamento n amusement

amusar v to amuse, entertain;
amusar se to amuse or divert oneself
Hence: amusamento

[an] 1. interr part -;
an ille habe le libro? has he the book?;
2. conj whether
Hence: annon etc.

-an suffixo adjective [used with names of places and persons] -an (1. pertaining to ...; 2. native to, citizen of, or inhabiting ...)
Hence: -ano; african etc.; italian etc.; urban etc.; mohammedan etc.

an- prefixo [a- in positions other than before -h- and vowels; used with nouns and adjectives] a-, an-, (= not ...; without or lacking ...)
Hence: agnostic etc.; amnesia etc.; analphabete etc.; anarchia etc.; anesthesia etc.; anesthetic etc.; anhydre etc.; athee etc.

ana- prefixo ana- (1. up, upwards; 2. backwards; 3. again)
Hence: anachrone etc.; anabaptisar etc.

anabaptisar v to anabaptize, rebaptize

anabaptismo n Anabaptism

anabaptista n Anabaptist

anacardiaceas npl [Bot.] Anacardiaceae

anacardiacee n [Bot.] anacardiaceous

anacardio n [Bot.] anacardium
Hence: anacardiacee-anacardiaceas

anachrone adj anachronous, anachronic
Hence: anachronic; anachronisar-anachronismo

anachronic adj anachronous, anachronic, anachronistic

anachronisar v to anachronize, commit anachronisms

anachronismo n anachronism

Anacreonte npr [Gr. Lit.] Anacreon
Hence: anacreontic

anacreontic adj Anacreontic

anaerobie adj [Biol.] anaerobic

anaerobio n [Biol.] anaerobe

anagramma n anagram

anal adj [Anat.] anal

analectos npl analects, analecta

analgesia (-ía) n [Med.] analgesia (= insensitivity to pain)

analgesic adj [Med.] analgesic

analgia (-ía) n [Med.] analgia, analgesia (= insensitivity to pain)

analgic adj [Med.] analgic, analgesic

analoge (-áloge) adj analogous (= corresponding in some ways);
analoge a analogous to
Hence: analogia-analogic

analogia (-ía) n analogy

analogic adj analogic, analogical (= founded on analogy)

analphabete adj illiterate

analphabetic adj 1. illiterate; 2. [Phonet.] analphabetic; 3. unwritten, without an alphabet

analphabetismo n 1. illiteracy; 2. [Phonet.] analphabetism, analphabetic notation

analphabeto n illiterate

analysabile adj analyzable

analysar v to analyze

analysator n analyzer, analyst

analyse (-ályse) n analysis;
analyse qualitative qualitative analysis;
analyse quantitative quantitative analysis;
analyse infinitesimal infinitesimal calculus;
in le ultime analyse in the last analysis, all things considered
Hence: analysar-analysabile, analysator, analysta; psychoanalyse etc.

analysta n analyst, analyzer

analytic adj analytic, analytical;
geometria analytic analytic geometry
Hence: psychoanalytic etc.

ananas (-ás) n [Bot.] pineapple

anarch- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] anarch-, anarcho- (= anarchic, anarchical)
Hence: anarchia-anarchismo, anarchista, anarchic; anarchosyndicalismo etc.; anarchosyndicalista etc.

anarchia (-ía) n anarchy

anarchic adj anarchic, anarchical

anarchismo n anarchism

anarchista n anarchist

anarchosyndicalismo n anarchosyndicalism

anarchosyndicalista n anarchosyndicalist; also: attrib.

anate (á-) n [Zool.] duck

anathema [-ma/-mat-] (-átema) n [Eccl.] anathema
Hence: anathematisar

anathemat- see anathema

anathematisar v [Eccl.] to anathematize

Anatolia npr Anatolia

anatom- n [occurring in derivatives] anatom- (= anatomy)
Hence: anatomia-anatomista; anatomic

anatomia (-ía) n anatomy

anatomic adj anatomic, anatomical

anatomista n anatomist

ancestral adj ancestral

ancestre n ancestor
Hence: ancestral

ancian adj ancient, old;
(le) ancianos (the) ancients
Hence: ancianitate

ancianitate n 1. oldness, antiquity; 2. seniority (= length of service)

ancora¹ (án-) n anchor
Hence: ancorar-ancorage; disancorar

[ancora]² 1. adv still, yet; 2. interj encore!

ancorage (-aje) n anchorage (1. action of anchoring; 2. place to anchor; 3. anchorage dues)

ancorar v to anchor

andaluse adj Andalusian
Hence: andaluso-Andalusia

Andalusia npr Andalusia

andaluso n Andalusian

andante [I] adj/adv/n [Mus.] andante

andantino [I] adj/n [Mus.] andantino

Andes nprpl Andes;
Cordillera del Andes Cordillera of the Andes

andr- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] andr-, andro- (= man, male, husband)
Hence: androide; androphobia etc.; androgyne etc.; gynandre etc.; polyandre etc.; monandre etc.

Andreas (-éas) nprm Andrew

androgyne adj androgynous (1. hermaphroditic; 2. [Bot.])
Hence: androgynia; androgyno

androgynia (-ía) n androgyny

androgyno (-ró-) n androgyne (1. hermaphrodite; 2. [Bot.])

androide n android

androphobia (-ía) n androphobia

anecdota (-éc-) n anecdote
Hence: anecdotista; anecdotic

anecdotic adj anecdotal

anecdotista n anecdotist

anellar v to (cause to) curl in ringlets, locks, etc.

anellides (-él-) npl [Zool.] Annelides

anello n ring (= circle of metal or other material); also: link (of a chain);
anello nuptial wedding ring;
anello del piscator fisherman’s ring
Hence: anellides; anellar

anemia (-ía) n [Med.] anemia, anaemia
Hence: anemic

anemic adj anemic, anaemic

anemo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] anemo- (= wind)
Hence: anemone; anemometro etc.

anemographia (-ía) n [Meterol.] anemography

anemographo (-ó-) n anemograph

anemometro (-ó-) n anemometer

anemone (-óne) n anemone;
anemone de mar sea anemone

anemoscopio n anemoscope

anesthesia (-ía) n anesthesia

anesthesiar v to anesthetize

anesthetic adj anesthetic

anesthetico n anesthetic

anetho n dill

-ange- see angio-

Angela (á-) nprf Angela

angelic adj angelic;
le salutation angelic the Angelic Salutation, the Ave Maria

Angelica nprf Angelica

angelica n [Bot.] angelica

angelo (á-) n angel;
angelo tutelar guardian angel
Hence: angelic-angelica, Angelica; archangelo etc.; Angela

angelus (á-) n [R.C.Ch.] Angelus; also: Angelus bell

angina n [Pathol.] quinsy, angina;
angina de pectore angina pectoris
Hence: anginose

anginose adj quinsied

angio- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] angio- (= vessel)
Hence: angiographia etc.; angiosperme etc.; sporangio etc.; hydrangea etc.

angiographia (-ía) n angiography

angiologia (-ía) n angiology

angiosperma n [Bot.] angiosperm;
angiospermas Angiospermae

angiosperme adj [Bot.] angiospermous
Hence: angiosperma

Anglaterra npr England

anglese¹ adj English

anglese² n 1. English (= English language); 2. Englishman, Englishwoman

Anglia npr [Hist.] Anglia

anglic adj Anglic, Anglian

anglican adj [Eccl.] Anglican;
ecclesia anglican Church of England

anglicanismo n [Eccl.] Anglicanism

anglicano n [Eccl.] Anglican

anglicisar v to Anglicize

anglicismo n Anglicism (1. English idiom; 2. quality of being English)

angloamerican adj Anglo-American
Hence: angloamericano

angloamericano n Anglo-American

anglocatholic adj [Eccl.] Anglo-Catholic, High-Church
Hence: anglocatholico

anglocatholico n [Eccl.] Anglo-Catholic, High-churchman

anglomania (-ía) n Anglomania

anglomano (-ó-) n Anglomaniac

anglophile adj Anglophile
Hence: anglophilo

anglophilo (-ó-) n Anglophile

anglophobe (-ó-) adj Anglophobe, Anglophobic
Hence: anglophobia; anglophobo

anglophobia (-ía) n Anglophobia

anglophobo (-óphoho) n Anglophobe

anglos npl [Hist.] Angles
Hence: Anglia; anglese; anglic-anglicismo, anglican-anglicanismo, anglicano, anglicisar; angloamerican etc; anglocatholic etc.; anglosaxone etc.; anglophile etc.; Anglaterra etc.

anglosaxone adj/n Anglo-Saxon

angue n snake, serpent
Hence: anguilla &; anguin; anguiforme etc.

anguiforme adj anguiform

anguilla n eel
Hence: anguilliforme etc.

anguilliforme adj anguilliform, eel-shaped

anguin adj anguine

angular adj angular

angularitate n angularity, angularness

angulate adj angulate, angled

angulo (án-) n angle, corner;
angulo acute, angulo obtuse acute angle, obtuse angle
Hence: angular-angularitate; angulate; angulose; triangule etc.; rectangule etc.

angulose adj angulous, angular

angustia n anguish (1. [Pathol.]; 2. agony, distress)
Hence: angustiose; angustiar

angustiar v to anguish

angustiose adj anguished

anhelante 1. ppr of anhelar; 2. adj panting, gasping

anhelar v to pant, gasp
Hence: anhelante; anhelation

anhelation n panting, gasping

anhydre (á-) adj anhydrous

anhydrido n [Chcm.] anhydride;
anhydrido carbonic carbon dioxide

anhydrite n [Mineral.] anhydrite

anil n anil (1. Indigo shrub; 2. indigo dye)
Hence: anilic; anilina

anilic adj anilic (1. pertaining to anil; 2. pertaining to aniline)

anilina n [Chem.] aniline; attrib.: aniline

anima (á-) n soul;
render le anima give up the ghost;
stato de anima state of mind, frame of mind
Hence: animismo; animista; animar-animation, animator, animate-inanimate, disanimar-disanimate, reanimar; pusillanime etc.; equanime etc.; unanime etc.; see also animo

animadvers- see animadverter

animadversion n animadversion (= adverse criticism)

animadverter [-vert-/-vers-] v to animadvert (= to express adverse criticism)
Hence: animadversion

animal¹ adj animal (= pertaining to animals)
Hence: animalitate; animalisar-animalisation; vegetoanimal etc.; animal²-animalculo, animalesc

animal² n animal

animalculo n animalcule

animalesc adj animal (= characteristic of an animal)

animalisar v to animalize (1. to convert into animal matter; 2. to reduce to animal nature)

animalisation n animalization (1. conversion into animal matter; 2. reduction to animal nature)

animalitate n animality

animar v to animate

animate I. pp of animar; II. adj 1. animate, living; 2. animated, lively

animation n animation (1. the action of animating; 2. vivacity, sprightliness)

animator n animater, animator

animismo n animism

animista n animist

animo (á-) n animating spirit
Hence: animositate; animadverter etc.; pusillanime etc.; equanime etc.; unanime etc; see also anima

animositate n animosity

anion (á-) n [Phys.] anion

anis [F] n anise
Hence: anisar

anisar v to flavor with anise

Anna nprf Ann
Hence: Marianna etc.

annal adj annual (= lasting one year)

annales (-áles) npl annals

annecter [-nect-/-nex-] v to annex (= to join as an addition to existing possessions)
Hence: annexion; annexo-annexar

annex- see annecter

annexar v to annex (1. to add, append; 2. to join as an addition to existing possessions)

annexion n annexation

annexo n annex

annidar v to nest

annihilabile adj 1. annihilable; 2. voidable

annihilar v 1. to annihilate; 2. to annul
Hence: annihilabile; annihilation

annihilation n 1. annihilation; 2. annulment, voiding

anniversari adj anniversary
Hence: anniversario

anniversario n anniversary

anno n year;
anno bissextil leap year;
anno nove New Year;
anno de lumine [Astron.] light-year
Hence: annuario; annue-annuitate; annal-annales; annual; anniversari etc.; trienne etc.; perenne etc.; millennio etc.; biennal etc.

annoctar v to grow dark (as in “it is growing dark, evening is coming”)

anno Domini [L] anno Domini, in the year of Our Lord

[annon] (án-) conj or not

annotar v to annotate
Hence: annotation; annotator

annotation n annotation

annotator n annotator

annual adj annual (= coming once a year)

annuario n yearbook

annue adj annual (1. coming once a year; 2. lasting one year)

annuitate n annuity

annullabile adj voidable

annullar v to annul, cancel
Hence: annullabile; annullation; annullative

annullation n annulment, cancellation

annullative adj annulling, quashing

annunciar v to announce
Hence: annuncio; annunciation; annunciator

annunciation n announcement;
le Annunciation the Annunciation

annunciator n announcer

annuncio n 1. announcement; 2. advertisement

ano n [Anat.] anus
Hence: anal; anello &; anulo &

-ano suffixo substantive [used with names of places and persons] -an (1. native, citizen, or inhabitant of ...; 2. language of ...; 3. adherent of ...)
Hence: africano etc.; italiano etc.; mohammedano etc.

anodic adj anodic; also: [Med., Bot.]

anodo (á-) n [Elec.] anode
Hence: anodic

anomale adj anomalous

anomalia (-ía) n anomaly

anonyme (-ó-) adj anonymous;
societate anonyme joint-stock company, limited company
Hence: anonymitate

anonymitate n anonymity, anonymousness

anormal adj abnormal

anormalitate n abnormality

[anque] (anke) adv also, too;
anque (io) (I) too, (me) too;
non solmente ... ma anque not only ... but also
(= etiam)

ansa n handle (of a cup, jug, basket, etc.); also: [Anat.] ansa
Hence: ansate

ansate adj ansate, looped;
cruce ansate crux ansata, ansate cross

ansere (án-) n goose
Hence: anserin

anserin adj goose (as in “goose liver”);
cute anserin goose flesh, goose skin

antagonisar v to antagonize (= to contend with; to act in opposition to)
Hence: antagonismo; antagonista; antagonistic

antagonismo n antagonism

antagonista n antagonist (1. opponent; 2. [Physiol.]); attrib.: antagonistic

antagonistic adj antagonistic

antarctic adj antarctic;
polo antarctic antarctic pole, south pole;
circulo antarctic antarctic circle;
Oceano Antarctic Antarctic (Ocean)

ante I. prep before (1. in front of; 2. earlier than; 3. above); II. adv before (1. in front, ahead; also: forward; 2. earlier);
ante que (io iva al theatro) before (I went to the theater)
Hence: ante-heri etc.; [antea] etc.

-ante¹ suffixo adjective [used with verbs in -ar; forming verbal adjectives] -ing, -ant (as in “abounding,” “abundant”)
Hence: -antia; abundante etc.; brillante etc.

-ante² suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -ar] -ant (1. one who or that which is ...ant; 2. one who or that which ...s)
Hence: amante etc.; brillante etc.; disinfectante etc.; litigante etc.

ante- prefixo [used with nouns, adjectives; also in combination with adjectival suffixes] ante- (= before in time or position)
Hence: antecamera etc.; antepenultime etc; antediluvial etc.

[antea] adv before, formerly, previously
(= ante)

antebracio n forearm

antecamera (-cá-) n anteroom; also: waiting room (at a doctor’s office, etc.);
facer antecamera to wait in the antichamber

antecedente n antecedent (1. [Logic, Math.]; 2. [Gram.]);
le antecedentes de un persona someone’s antecedents

anteceder [-ced-/-cess-] v to antecede, be the antecedent
Hence: antecedente; antecessor

antecess- see anteceder

antecessor n predecessor

antedata n antedate

antedatar v to antedate (= to affix an earlier date than the actual one)

antediluvian adj antediluvian

antefixa n [Arch.] antefix

ante-heri adv day before yesterday

antemeridian adj antemeridian

antemural n [Fortif.] barbican

antenna n I. [Naut.] lateen yard; II. antenna (1. [Zool.]; 2. [Radio] aerial)

antepenultima (-úl-) n antepenult

antepenultime (-úl-) adj last but two, antepenultimate

anteponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to prepose, place before or in front
Hence: anteposition

anteposit- see anteponer

anteposition n (act of) preposing, (act of) placing before or in front

anterior adj anterior;
(periodo) anterior former (period);
(data) anterior earlier (date);
(gamba) anterior fore(leg);
(muro) anterior front (wall)
Hence: anterioritate

anterioritate n anteriority

anteriormente adv formerly, before

anthelminthic adj anthelminthic, vermifuge

anthelminthico n anthelminthic, vermifuge

anthemo- (á-) n [occurring in compounds] -anthemum (= flower)
Hence: chrysanthemo etc.

antho- n [occurring in compounds] antho-, anth- (= flower)
Hence: perianthio; anthologia etc.; anthocyanina etc.; diantho etc.; heliantho etc.; sclerantho etc.; argyranthe etc.

anthocyanina n [Chem.] anthocyanin

anthographia (-ía) n [Bot.] anthography

anthologia (-ía) n anthology
Hence: anthologista

anthologista n anthologist

anthra- see anthrace

anthrace (á-) n [Med., Veter.] anthrax
Hence: anthracen; anthracite &; anthracic; anthracifere; anthraciforme etc.; anthracometro etc.; anthraquinon etc.

anthracen n [Chem.] anthracene

anthracic adj anthracic

anthracifere adj anthraciferous

anthraciforme adj anthraciform

anthracite n anthracite (coal), hard coal
Hence: anthracitic; anthracitose

anthracitic adj anthracitic

anthracitose adj anthracitous

anthracometro (-ó-) n anthracometer

anthraquinon n [Chem.] anthraquinone

anthropo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] anthropo- (= man)
Hence: anthropoide; anthropogenese etc.: anthropologo etc.; anthropometria etc.; anthropomorphe etc.; anthropophage etc.; lycanthrope etc.; eoanthropo etc.; misanthrope etc.

anthropogenese (-gé-) n anthropogenesis

anthropogenesis (-gé-) n anthropogenesis

anthropoide¹ adj anthropoid

anthropoide² n anthropoid

anthropologia (-ía) n anthropology

anthropologic adj anthropological

anthropologista n anthropologist

anthropologo (-ólogo) n anthropologist
Hence: anthropologia-anthropologista; anthropologic

anthropometria (-ía) n anthropometry
Hence: anthropometric

anthropometric adj anthropometric

anthropomorphe adj anthropomorphous
Hence: anthropomorphismo; anthropomorphista

anthropomorphismo n anthropomorphism

anthropomorphista n anthropomorphist

anthropophage (-óphage) adj man-eating, cannibal, anthropophagous
Hence: anthropophagia; anthropophago

anthropophagia (-ía) n anthropophagy, cannibalism

anthropophago (-óphago) n man-eater, cannibal;
anthropophagos anthropophagi

anthroposophe (-ósophe) adj anthroposophical
Hence: anthroposophia-anthroposophic; anthroposopho

anthroposophia (-ía) n anthroposophy

anthroposophic adj anthroposophical

anthroposopho (-ósopho) n anthroposophist

anti- prefixo [used with nouns and adjectives; also: in combination with substantival and adjectival suffixes] anti-
Hence: antichristo etc.; antinational etc.; antialcoholista etc.

-antia suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -ar] -ance, -ancy (= state or quality of or being ...ant)
Hence: importantia etc.; tolerantia etc.; vigilantia etc.

antiaeree adj [Mil.] antiaircraft

antiasthmatic adj antasthmatic

anticatholic adj anti-Catholic

antichristian¹ adj antichristian

antichristian² adj anti-Christian

Antichristo npr Antichrist;
antichristo antichrist

anticipar v to anticipate (= to do or use in advance);
anticipar un pagamento to advance a payment
Hence: anticipation

anticipation n 1. anticipation (= act of doing or using in advance); 2. [Rhet.] prolepsis

anticlerical adj anticlerical

anticlericalismo n anticlericalism

anticonception n contraception

anticonceptional adj contraceptive;
medio anticonceptional contraceptive

anticonstitutional adj unconstitutional

anticyclon n [Meteorol.] anticyclone

antidotar v to antidote

antidoto (-í-) n antidote;
antidoto de antidote to, for, against
Hence: antidotar

antifascista n antifascist; also: attrib. antifascist

Antilibano (-lí-) npr Anti-Lebanon (= mountain range parallel to the Lebanon Mountains)

antilope (-í-) n antelope

antimonial adj antimonial

antimonio n antimony
Hence: antimonial

antinational adj antinational

antinephritic adj antinephritic

antinomia (-ía) n antinomy

antinomic adj antinomic

antinomio n [Eccl. Hist.] antinomian

antinomismo n [Eccl. Hist.] antinomianism

Antiochia (-ía) npr Antioch

antipapa n antipope

antiparlamentari adj antiparliamentary

antipath- adj [occurring in derivatives] antipath- (= antipathetic)
Hence: antipathia-antipathic

antipathia (-ía) n antipathy

antipathic adj antipathetic

antiperistase (-ístase) n antiperistasis (= intensification of a quality by an opposing quality)

antiphona (-tí-) n [Eccl.] antiphon, antiphony
Hence: antiphonal; antiphonario

antiphonal adj antiphonal

antiphonario n antiphonary, antiphonal

antiphras- v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: antiphrase; antiphrastic

antiphrase (-í-) n antiphrasis

antiphrastic adj antiphrastic

antipode (-í-) n opposite, contrary, antipode;
antipodes antipodes
Hence: antipodic

antipodic adj antipodal

antiqualia n old stuff, trash

antiquar v to antiquate

antiquario n 1. antiquary; 2. antiquedealer

antiquate adj antiquated, old-fashioned

antique adj antique, ancient;
(le) antiquos (the) ancients
Hence: antiqualia; antiquario; antiquitate; antiquar-antiquate

antiquitate n antiquity (1. ancient character; 2. early ages of history; 3. antique)

antireligiose adj antireligious

antiscios npl antiscians, antiscii

antiscorbutic adj antiscorbutic

antisemita n anti-Semite

antisemitic adj anti-Semitic

antisemitismo n anti-Semitism

antisepsis n antisepsis

antiseptic adj antiseptic, antiseptical

antiseptico n antiseptic

antisocial adj antisocial

antispasmodic adj [Med.] antispasmodic

antithese (-ítese) n antithesis (1. [Rhet.]; 2. opposition)

antitoxina n antitoxin

antitrinitari adj anti-Trinitarian

Antonio nprm Anthony

antonyme (-ó-) adj antonymous
Hence: antonymia; antonymo

antonymia (-ía) n antonymy

antonymo (-ó-) n antonym

Antwerpen [Flem.] npr Antwerp

anular adj ring-shaped, annular;
digito anular ring finger, annular;
eclipse anular annular eclipse

anuletto n small ring, annulet

anulo n ring (= circle of metal or other material); also: ringlike object;
anulo piscatori fisherman’s ring
Hence: anuletto; anular; anulose

anulose adj [Zool.] annulose

anxie adj anxious (1. uneasy, worried; 2. eagerly desiring)
Hence; anxietate

anxietate n anxiety (1. uneasiness; 2. eager desire)

aorta n aorta
Hence: aortic

aortic adj aortic

à outrance [F] à outrance, in the extreme

ap- see apo-

apath- adj [occurring in derivatives] apath- (= apathetic)
Hence: apathia-apathic

apathia (-ía) n apathy

apathic adj apathetic

ape n bee;
ape operari, ape neutre working bee;
ape matre, ape regina, ape femina queen bee;
ape mascule drone
Hence: apiario¹; apiario², apicula-apiculario; apicultura etc.; apivore etc.

[apena] adv hardly, scarcely
(= a pena)

apennin adj Apennine
Hence: Apenninos

Apenninos nprpl Apennines

apepsia (-ía) n [Pathol.] apepsy

aperiente 1. ppr of aperir; 2. adj aperient, laxative

aperir [-per-/-pert-] v to open (1. to unclose; 2. to begin)
Hence: aperiente; apertura; aperte; aperitive-aperitivo; aperitor; reaperir-reapertura

aperitive adj aperitive, aperient, laxative

aperitivo n 1. aperient, laxative; 2. apéritif

aperitor n opener

apert- see aperir

aperte adj open (= not closed, limited or hidden)

apertura n opening (1. action of opening; 2. aperture; 3. beginning)

apetale adj [Bot.] apetalous

aphasia (-ía) n [Pathol.] aphasia

aphasic adj aphasic, aphasiac

aphasico n aphasic, aphasiac

aphone adj aphonic, voiceless

aphonia (-ía) n aphonia

aphonic adj aphonic, voiceless

aphorisar v to aphorize (= to speak, write, etc., in aphorisms)
Hence: aphorismo; aphorista-aphoristic

aphorismo n aphorism

aphorista n aphorist

aphoristic adj aphoristic

aphrodis- see Aphrodite

aphrodisiac (-íac) adj aphrodisiac

aphrodisiaco (-íaco) n aphrodisiac

Aphrodite npr [Gr. Mythol.] Aphrodite
Hence: aphroditic; aphrodisiac-aphrodisiaco; Hermaphrodito etc.

aphroditic adj aphroditic, venereal

apiario¹ n bee-keeper

apiario² n apiary

apice (á-) n apex

apicula n honey-bee

apiculario n bee-hive

apicultor n bee-keeper, apiculturist

apicultura n bee-keeping, apiculture

apivore adj bee-eating

apo- prefixo [ap- before -h- and vowels; used chiefly to form technical terms] apo-, ap- (1. off, away; 2. separate)
Hence: apogee etc.: apostasia etc.

apocryphe (-ócryphe) adj apocryphal; specif.: [Eccl.]; also: spurious, unauthenticated
Hence: apocrypho

apocrypho (-ócrypho) n apocryphon, also: apocrypha;
apocryphos apocrypha, apocryphas

apogee (-ée) adj apogean, apogeal

apogeo (-éo) n apogee (1. [Astron.]; 2. highest point, culmination)

Apolline npr [Gr.Myth.] Apollo
Hence: apollinee

apollinee adj Apolline, Apollonian

Apollon npr [Gr. Mythol.] Apollo

apolog- see apologia

apologetic adj apologetic (= defending by speech or writing)
Hence: apologetica

apologetica n apologetics

apologia (-ía) n apology, apologia
Hence: apologista; apologetic &

apologista n apologist

apologo (-ólogo) n apologue

apophysis (-ó-) n [Anat., Zool., etc.] apophysis

apoplectic adj apoplectic, apoplectical

apoplexia (-ía) n apoplexy

apostasia (-ía) n apostasy

apostata (-ó-) n apostate
Hence: apostatic

a posteriori [L] adv a posteriori

apostolato n apostolate

apostolic adj apostolic (1. pertaining to the apostles or their teachings; 2. papal)

apostolicitate n apostolicity

apostolo (-ós-) n apostle;
le Symbolo del Apostolos the Apostles’ Creed
Hence: apostolato; apostolic-apostolicitate

apostrophar v [Rhet.] to apostrophize (= to address in an apostrophe)

apostrophe (-pós-) n [Rhet.] apostrophe
Hence: apostrophar

apostropho n apostrophe (= the mark ’ as used in “ne’er”, “boy’s”, etc.)

apotheca n pharmacy, apothecary’s
Hence: apothecario

apothecario n apothecary

apotheosis (-ósis) n apotheosis (1. [Class. Hist.] deification; 2. glorification)

appaciabile adj appeasable

appaciamento n appeasement; pacification

appaciar v to appease
Hence: appaciamento; appaciabile-inappaciabile; appaciator

appaciator n appeaser

apparar v to prepare
Hence: apparato

apparato n I. apparatus (1. appliance, instrument; 2. collection of mechanical contrivances for carrying out a given work); II. pomp, display;
apparato respiratori respiratory apparatus;
apparato photographic [Photog.] camera

apparentar v to ally or connect by marriage

apparente adj apparent (1. plain to see; 2. seeming);
diametro apparente apparent diameter;
morte apparente suspended animation

apparentia n appearance (= aspect);
salvar le apparentias to keep up appearances

apparer v to appear (= to come in sight)
Hence: apparente-apparentia; apparition; reapparer-reapparition

apparition n apparition (1. act of appearing, appearance; 2. phantom, ghost)

appartamento n 1. (act of) separating; 2. apartment, flat

appartar v to separate
Hence: appartamento

appellabile adj appealable

appellante n [Law] appellant

appellar v 1. [Law] to appeal; 2. to call, name;
appellar a to appeal to (for help etc.);
appellar de (un sententia) to appeal against (a sentence)
Hence: appello; appellante; appellabile-inappellabile; appellation; appellative-appellativo

appellation n I. appeal (1. [Law]; 2. as in “the appeal to reason”); II. appellation

appellative adj appellative (1. denominative of a class; 2. as in “the appellative faculty of children”)

appellativo n [Gram.] appellative (= common or class name)

appello n appeal (1. [Law]; 2. earnest request);
corte de appello Court of Appeal, Appellate Court;
appello nominal roll call

appender v 1. to hang up (on, to, onto, etc.); 2. to append
Hence: appendice &

appendice (-én-) n appendix (1. appendage; 2. “appendix to a book, etc.”; 3. [Anat.])
Hence: appendicitis; appendicula-appendicular; appendicectomia etc.

appendicectomia (-ía) n [Surg.] appendectomy

appendicitis (-ítis) n appendicitis

appendicula n appendicle, small appendix or appendage

appendicular adj [Pathol.] appendicular

appercept- see apperciper

apperception n [Psychol.] apperception

apperciper [-cip-/-cept-] v to perceive, apprehend (mentally)
Hence: apperception

appertinente adj appurtenant, appertinent

appertinentia n [Law] appurtenance

appertiner v to appertain

appestar v to infect (with a plague)

appetente 1. ppr of appeter; 2. adj longing, desirous (of)

appetentia n appetency, appetence (= fixed and strong desire); also: appetite

appeter v to crave, have a craving for
Hence: appetente-appetentia, inappetente-inappetentia; appetibile; appetive; appetito

appetibile adj appetible, desirable

appetitive adj appetitive (= having appetite; giving appetite)

appetito n appetite

applanamento n (act of) flattening, smoothing, planing

applanar v to flatten, smooth, plane;
applanar difficultates to smooth away difficulties
Hence: applanamento

applattar v to flatten (= to make flat, bring level)

applauder [-plaud-/-plaus-] v to applaud
Hence: applauso; applauditor

applauditor n applauder

applaus- see applauder

applauso n applause

applicabile adj 1. that can be applied or put on; 2. applicable, appropriate

applicabilitate n appropriateness, applicability

applicar v to apply (1. to put on; 2. to put to use);
applicar se a to apply oneself, put one’s mind to;
scientias applicate applied sciences
Hence: applicabile-applicabilitate, inapplicabile-inapplicabilitate; application-inapplication

application n application (1. act of putting on; 2. act of putting to use; 3. diligence)

appoiar v 1. to keep up, prop (up); also: to support, back, aid;
appoiar (un cosa) contra to lean (something) against;
appoiar (un cosa) super to rest (something) on;
appoiar se (super, contra) to lean (on, against)
Hence: appoio

appoio (-óyo) n support (1. backing, aid; 2. prop, rest, shore)

apponer [-pon-/-posit-] v to appose (as in “to appose one’s seal to”)
Hence: apposition; appositivo; apposite

apportar v to bring

apportionamento n apportionment

apportionar v to apportion
Hence: apportionamento

apposit- see apponer

apposite (-pó-) adj apposite, relevant

apposition n apposition (1. act of placing near; 2. [Gram.]);
in apposition in apposition

appositive adj [Gram.] appositive

appreciabile adj 1. appreciable; 2. worthy of esteem

appreciamento n appraisal

appreciar v 1. to appraise (= to estimate the value of); 2. to appreciate (= to esteem highly)
Hence: appreciabile-inappreciabile; appreciamento; appreciation; appreciator

appreciation n appreciation (1. appraisal; 2. adequate or high estimation of value)

appreciator n 1. appraiser; 2. one who appreciates, esteems highly

apprehender [-hend-/-hens-] v to apprehend (1. to seize, arrest; 2. to grasp mentally, understand; 3. to dread)
Hence: apprehensibile-apprehensibilitate; apprehension; apprehensive

apprehens- see apprehender

apprehensibile adj apprehensible, understandable

apprehensibilitate n apprehensibility, understandability

apprehension n apprehension (1. act of grasping mentally; 2. dread)

apprehensive adj apprehensive (= dreading)

apprender v to learn (1. to gain knowledge of, by study or instruction; 2. to acquire information about, find out about)
Hence: disapprender

apprentissage (-aje) n apprenticeship

apprentisse n apprentice
Hence: apprentissage

apprestar v to prepare, make ready
Hence: appresto

appresto n preparation

approbabile adj approvable

approbar v to approve, approve of
Hence: approbabile; approbation; approbative; approbator; approbatori; disapprobar-disapprobation, disapprobator

approbation n approval, approbation

approbative adj approving, approbative

approbator n approver

approbatori adj approbatory, approbative

approchabile (-sh-) adj approachable

approchar (-sh-) v to approach (= to come or go near to)
Hence: approche; approchabile

approche (-sh-) n approach (= action of approaching);
approches [Mil.] approaches

approfundamento n 1. (action of) deepening, making deeper in level; 2. (thorough) investigation

approfundar v 1. to deepen (= to make deeper in level); 2. to go deeply into, fathom, investigate

appropriabile adj 1. that may be appropriated; 2. adaptable

appropriar v to adapt;
appropriar se un cosa to appropriate something (= to take something for one’s own)
Hence: appropriabile; appropriation; appropriate

appropriate 1. pp of appropriar; 2. adj appropriate

appropriation n 1. appropriation (= action of appropriating); 2. adaptation (= action of adapting)

approvisionamento n (act of) supplying, furnishing

approvisionar v to supply, furnish, cater

approximar v to approximate, bring near;
approximar se (a) to approach, come near
Hence: approximation; approximative

approximation n approximation (1. action of approximating; 2. close estimate)

approximative adj approximate, approximative

appunctamento n appointment, rendez-vous

appunctar v 1. to appoint (as in “to appoint someone to a post”); 2. to point, sharpen
Hence: appunctamento, disappunctar &

appuramento n 1. purification; 2. verification, audit

appurar v I. to clear (1. to free from impurities; 2. to free from obligation); II. to free from errors; to verify, audit, etc.
Hence: appuramento

april n April

a priori [L] adv a priori
Hence: apriorismo; apriorista-aprioristic

apriorismo n a priori reasoning

apriorista n a priori reasoner

aprioristic adj a priori

apsidal adj apsidal (1. [Astron.]; 2. [Arch.])

apside (ápside) n apse (1. [Astron.] apsis; 2. [Arch.])
Hence: apsidal

aptar v to adapt

apte adj apt (= suited to its purpose)
Hence: aptitude; aptar-adaptar &; inepte &; inapte-inaptitude

aptere adj [Entom.] apterous

apteros (áp-) npl [Entom.] Aptera

aptitude n aptitude (= natural capacity or propensity)

apud (á-) prep near, with, at, by

aqua n water (1. the liquid “water”; 2. limpidity and luster of a precious stone);
aqua de Colonia cologne, eau de Cologne;
aqua forte 1. aqua fortis, nitric acid; 2. etching (= picture printed from etched plate);
aqua pesante heavy water;
via de aqua [Naut.] leak;
facer aqua [Naut.] to leak
Hence: aquarella &; aquario; aquiero; aquatic; aquatile; aquee-terraquee etc; aquose-aquositate; aquar-disaquar-disaquamento; aquamarin etc; aqueducto etc.

aquamarin adj aquamarine
Hence: aquamarina

aquamarina n 1. (the stone) aquamarine; 2. (the color) aquamarine

aquar v to water (plants, etc.); to sprinkle (with water)

aquarella n water color (painting)
Hence: aquarellista

aquarellista n water-color painter

aquario n aquarium;
Aquario [Astron.] Aquarius, Water Bearer

aquatic adj aquatic

aquatile adj aquatic

aqueducto n [Arch.] aqueduct

aquee adj aqueous

aquiero n drain (= channel or pipe for carrying away water or other liquid)

aquila (á-) n eagle
Hence: aquilin

aquilegia n [Bot.] columbine

aquilin adj aquiline

Aquisgrano npr Aachen, Aix-la-Chapelle

aquose adj aqueous, watery

aquositate n aquosity, wateriness

ar n are (= one hundredth part of a hectare)
Hence: hectar etc.; deciar etc.

-ar suffixo adjective [used instead of -al with nouns containing -l-] -ar (= pertaining to ..., characteristic of ..., etc.)
Hence: lunar etc.; regular etc.

-ar suffixo verbal [used with nouns and adjectives] -ate or zero (as in “to catenate; to chain, etc.”) (1. [with nouns] to make use of ..., to apply ..., etc.; 2. [with adjectives] to render ..., to make ..., etc.)
Hence: martellar etc.; acierar etc.; examinar etc.; vulnerar etc.; siccar etc.; duplicar etc.

arabe¹ (á-) adj Arab, Arabian, Arabic;
cavallo arabe Arabian horse
Hence: arabe²-Arabia-arabic, arabismo, arabista, arabesc-arabesco

arabe² (á-) n 1. Arab; 2. Arabic

arabesc adj [Art] arabesque

arabesco n [Art] arabesque

Arabia npr Arabia

arabic adj Arab, Arabian, Arabic;
cifra arabic Arabic number;
gumma arabic gum Arabic

arabile adj arable

arabismo n Arabicism, Arabism, Arabic idiom

arabista n Arabist (= student of Arabic language and culture)

arachide (-rá-) n 1. [Bot.] Arachis; 2. peanut;
oleo de arachide peanut oil
Hence: arachidic

arachidic adj arachidic;
acido arachidic arachidic acid

aranea n spider;
tela de aranea cobweb, spider web

arar v to plow
Hence: arabile; arator; aratori; aratura

arator n plower, plowman

aratori adj agricultural, farming

aratro n plow

aratura n 1. (act of) plowing; 2. plowed field

arbitrage (-aje) n 1. arbitration, arbitrament; 2. [Bank. etc.] arbitrage

arbitramento n arbitration, arbitrament

arbitrar v to arbitrate

arbitrari adj arbitrary

arbitrarietate n arbitrariness

arbitration n arbitration

arbitrator n arbitrator

arbitro (á-) n arbiter; also: umpire
Hence: arbitrari-arbitrarietate; arbitrar-arbitrage, arbitramento, arbitration, arbitrator

arbore n [Bot.] tree;
arbore genealogic family tree, genealogical tree
Hence: arboreto; arboretto; arborista; arboree; arborescer-arborescente-arborescentia; arborisar-arborisation, arborisate

arboree adj arboreal, tree

arborescente 1. ppr of arborescer; 2. adj [Bot.] arborescent (= of treelike growth)

arborescentia n [Bot.] arborescence

arborescer v [Bot.] to arboresce, grow into a tree

arboreto n grove; also: arboretum

arboretto n small tree

arborisar v to give a treelike appearance to, arborize

arborisate 1. pp of arborisar; 2. adj [Mineral.] dendritic

arborisation n arborization; also: [Mineral.; Anat.; etc.]

arborista n arborist

arbusto n shrub, bush

arca n ark
Hence: arcan &

arcada n 1. archway; 2. arcade

Arcadia npr Arcadia
Hence: arcadian

arcadian adj Arcadian

arcan adj secret, mysterious
Hence: arcano

arcano n secret, mystery

arcar v to arch (1. to cause to arch or curve; 2. to furnish with arches)

arch-¹ [occurring in compounds] I. -arch-, -arch (= rule, ruling, ruler, etc.); II. archi-, arche-, arch- (1. chief, principal, leading; 2. primitive, original, archetypal)
Hence: anarch- &; archetypo etc.; archiduce etc.; archipresbytero etc.; architrave etc.; hierarcha etc.; patriarcha etc.; syriarcha etc.; tetrarcha etc.; pentarchia etc.; archonte; exarch- &; oligarch- etc.; monarch- etc.

arch-² see also arco

archa- see arche-

archaic (-áic) adj archaic

archaisar v to archaize

archaismo (-ísmo) n archaism

archaista (-ísta) n archaist

archangelo (-án-) n archangel

arche- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] archaeo-, archae- (= old)
Hence: archaic; archaisar-archaismo, archaista; archeologo etc.

archeologia (-ía) n archaeology

archeologic adj archaeological

archeologo (-ólo-) n archaeologist
Hence: archeologia; archeologic

archero n archer

archetto n (violin) bow

archetypo (-é-) n archetype

archidiacono (-diá-) n archdeacon

archiducal adj archducal

archiducato n archduchy

archiduce n archduke
Hence: archiducato; archiduchessa; archiducal

archiduchessa n archduchess

archiepiscopal adj archiepiscopal

archiepiscopato n archiepiscopate; also: archbishopric

archiepiscopo (-ís-) n archbishop
Hence: archiepiscopato; archiepiscopal

Archimedes (-mé-) npr Archimedes;
principio de Archimedes Archimedean principle, Archimedes’ principle;
vite de Archimedes Archimedean screw, Archimedes’ screw

archipelago (-pé-) n archipelago

archipresbytero (-bí-) n archpriest

archiprestre n archpriest

architect- see architecton-

architecto n architect

architecton- n [occurring in derivatives] architecton- (= architect)
Hence: architectonic; architectonica; architecto-architectura

architectonic adj architectonic (= architectural; also: constructive)

architectonica n architectonics (= science or principles of architecture)

architectura n architecture

architrave n [Arch.] architrave

archival adj archival

archivamento n (action of) filing in archives

archivar v to file in archives

archivista n archivist

archivo n archive
Hence: archivista; archival; archivar-archivamento

archivolta n archivolt

archonte n [Gr. Hist.] archon

arcion n saddlebow

arco n I. arc; II. arch; III. bow (1. weapon for shooting arrows; 2. rod for playing the violin, etc.);
arco triumphal or de triumpho triumphal arch
Hence: arcada; archero; archetto; arcion; arcar; archivolta etc.; arcoballista etc.

arcoballista n crossbow

arct- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] arct- (= bear)
Hence: arctic-antarctic, holarctic etc.

arctic adj arctic;
polo arctic arctic pole, north pole;
circulo arctic arctic circle;
Oceano Arctic Arctic (Ocean)

Arcturo npr [Astron.] Arcturus

ardente I. ppr of arder; II. adj ardent (1. burning; 2. fervent)

arder v to burn (1. to be on fire; 2. to cause to be consumed by fire)
Hence: ardente; ardimento; ardor-ardorose; arditura

ardesia n slate (1. [Mineral.]; 2. roofing slate; 3. writing slate)
Hence: ardesiero; ardesiera; ardesiose

ardesiera n slate quarry

ardesiero n slate worker; slate-quarry owner

ardesiose adj slate, slaty

ardimento n burning (1. being on fire; 2. causing to be consumed by fire)

arditura n burn (= hurt, injury, or effect caused by burning)

ardor n ardor (1. fierce heat; 2. fervor)

ardorose adj ardent, ardurous

ardue adj arduous (1. steep; 2. difficult to achieve)
Hence: arduitate

arduitate n arduousness

area n area (1. clear space within a building; 2. surface extent)

arena n I. sand; II. arena (1. place of combat; 2. [Med.] gravel)
Hence: arenari-arenario; arenero; arenacee; arenose-arenositate; arenar-arenamento

arenacee adj sandy, arenaceous

arenamento n stranding, grounding

arenar v I. to sand (1. to cover with sand; 2. to rub with sand); II. to strand, run aground

arenari adj (of) sand;
petra arenari sandstone

arenario n sandpit

arenero n dealer in sand

arenose adj sandy, gravelly; gritty

arenositate n sandiness, gravelliness; grittiness

areopagita n [Gr. Hist.] Areopagite

Areopago (-ó-) [Gr. Hist.] Areopagus
Hence: areopagita

Ares (á-) npr [Gr. Mythol.] Ares

argentano n argentan, German silver

argentar v to silver, cover or plate with silver

argentate adj argentate

argentator n silverer, silver plater

argentee adj silvery (= silver-colored)

argenteria (-ía) n silver plate

argentero n silversmith

argentifere adj argentiferous, yielding silver

argentin adj. I. silvery, argentine (1. silvercolored; 2. silver-toned); II. Argentine

Argentina¹ npr Argentina

argentina² n [Zool.] argentine

argentino n Argentine, Argentino

argento n silver;
argento vive quicksilver, mercury
Hence: argentano; argentero; argenteria; argentee; argentifere; argentin-argentino, argentina, Argentina; argentose; argentar-argentator, argentate, disargentar

argentose adj containing silver, argentous

argilla n clay, argil
Hence: argillaria; argillose

argillaria n clay-pit

argillose adj clayey

Argo npr [Gr. Mythol.] Argo
Hence: Argonauta etc.

argon (ár-) n [(Chem.] argon

Argonauta npr [Gr. Mythol.] Argonaut;
argonauta 1. pioneer, explorer etc.; 2. [Zool.] argonaut

argot [F] n argot; also: slang
Hence: argotic

argotic adj argotic; also: slangy (as in “a slangy expression”)

arguer v 1. to argue (= to offer arguments for or against); 2. to show, make clear; 3. to infer
Hence: argumento &; arguibile; argute &

arguibile adj arguable, debatable

argumentar v to argue (= to offer arguments for or against)

argumentation n argumentation

argumentative adj 1. [Lit.] expository, giving the argument of; 2. argumentative (= containing a process of reasoning)

argumento n argument (1. reason offered in proof; 2. summary)
Hence: argumentar-argumentation, argumentative

argute adj 1. clear (to the ear); shrill, piercing; 2. keen, quick-witted, subtle
Hence: argutia-argutiose, argutiar

argutia n 1. quick-wittedness; subtlety; 2. quibble, cavil; 3. witticism

argutiar v to quibble, cavil

argutiose adj quibbling, caviling

argyranthe adj argyranthous

argyric adj argyric

argyrite n [Mineral.] argyrite

argyro- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] argyro-, argyr- (= silver)
Hence: argyrite; argyric; argyroneta etc.; argyranthe etc.; lithargyro etc.

argyroneta n [Zool.] Argyroneta, water spider

-ari suffixo adjective [used with nouns] -ary (= pertaining to ..., consisting of ..., etc.)
Hence: -ario; legendari etc.; cotonari etc.; sanitari etc.; nonagenari etc.

aria [I] n [Mus.] aria
Hence: arietta; ariose-arioso

Ariadna nprf [Gr. Mythol.] Ariadne;
filo de Ariadna Ariadne’s clew

aride (á-) adj arid
Hence: ariditate

ariditate n aridity

Aries (á-) npr [Astron.] Aries, Ram

arietar v to ram

arietari adj ram, ram’s (= of a ram or battering ram)

arietation n ramming, arietation

ariete n 1. ram; 2. battering ram; also: [Rom. Antiq.] aries;
ariete hydraulic hydraulic ram;
Ariete [Astron.] Aries, Ram
Hence: arietari; arietar-arietation

arietta n [Mus.] arietta

-ario¹ suffixo substantive [used with nouns] -ary, -arian, -aire (= person concerned with ... or characterized by ...)
Hence: missionario etc.; pensionario etc.; millionario etc.

-ario² suffixo substantive [used with nouns] -ary, -arium (1. collection of ...; 2. place containing ... or place containing a collection of ...)
Hence: aquario etc.; aviario etc.; granario etc.

ariose adj [Mus.] ariose, arioso

arioso n [Mus.] arioso

arist- adj [occurring in compounds] aristo-, arist- (= best)
Hence: aristocrate etc.; aristocratia etc.; aristocratic etc.

aristocrate (-ó-) n aristocrat

aristocratia (-ía) n aristocracy

aristocratic adj aristocratic

Aristotele npr [Gr. Philos.] Aristotle
Hence: aristotelismo; aristotelic

aristotelic adj Aristotelian

aristotelismo n Aristotelianism

arithme- v [occurring in derivatives]

arithmetic adj arithmetic, arithmetical

arithmetica n arithmetic;
arithmetica superior higher arithmetic

arithmetico n arithmetician

arithmo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] arithmo-, arithm- (= number)
Hence: arithme-arithmetic-arithmetico, arithmetica; arithmometro etc.; arithmomantia etc.; logarithmo etc.

arithmomantia (-ía) n arithmomancy

arithmometro (-ó-) n arithmometer

Arlequin npr Harlequin;
arlequin harlequin, buffoon
Hence: arlequinada

arlequinada n harlequinade; also: buffoonery

arma n arm (1. weapon; 2. branch of the military service);
armas blanc side-arms;
armas de foco fire-arms;
homine de armas man-at-arms;
prender le armas to take up arms;
armas [Her.] arms
Hence: armero; armar-armamento, armatura, armea, disarmar-disarmamento, rearmar-rearmamento; armistitio etc.; armipotente etc.

armamento n 1. armament (= equipment with arms); 2. commissioning (of a ship)

armar v to arm (1. to supply with weapons; 2. to equip, fit out);
armar un persona cavallero to dub someone a knight;
armar se de patientia to exercise patience

armario n wardrobe, cupboard

armatura n 1. armor; 2. [Magnet., Elec.] armature; 3. frame, framework

armea (-éa) n army;
armea aeree air force

Armenia npr Armenia
Hence: armeniaca; armenie-armenio

armeniaca (-í-) n apricot

armenie adj Armenian

armenio¹ n Armenian (1. Armenian language; 2. inhabitant of Armenia)

armenio² n ermine (1. the animal “ermine”; 2. ermine fur)

armero n armorer (1. manufacturer of arms; 2. official in charge of armament or arms)

armipotente adj armipotent

armistitio n armistice

aroma [-ma/-mat-] n aroma
Hence: aromatic; aromatisar-aromatisation

aromat- see aroma

aromate (-ó-) n aroma
Hence: aromatic; aromatisar-aromatisation

aromatic adj aromatic, fragrant

aromatisar v to aromatize

aromatisation n aromatization

arpeggio [I] n [Mus.] arpeggio

arrangiamento (-ja-) n arrangement (1. order; 2. preparation, plan)

arrangiar (-ja-) v to arrange (1. to set in order; 2. to contrive; 3. to settle, straighten out);
arrangiar se to manage, get along
Hence: arrangiamento

arrentar v to rent or let (for hire)

arrestar v to arrest (1. to stop, bring to a standstill; 2. to seize (someone) by legal authority)
Hence: arresto; arrestation

arrestation n 1. arresting, stopping (= bringing to a standstill); 2. arrest (= act of seizing someone by legal authority)

arresto n 1. arresting, stopping (= bringing to a standstill); 2. arrest (= apprehension by legal authority)

arretrar v 1. to draw backwards; 2. to delay;
arretrar se 1. to withdraw, draw (oneself) back; 2. to be behindhand or in arrears

arretrate 1. pp of arretrar; 2. adj behindhand, in arrears;
pagamento arretrate overdue payment;
soldo arretrate [Mil.] back pay

arretrato n arrears

arrha n [Law] earnest, earnest money

arrivar v to arrive
Hence: arrivismo; arrivista; arrivata

arrivata n arrival

arrivismo n unscrupulous ambition

arrivista n (social) climber

arrogante adj arrogant

arrogantia n arrogance

arrogar v to arrogate (1. [Rom. Law] to adrogate; 2. to claim as one’s own);
arrogar se to arrogate to oneself
Hence: arrogante-arrogantia; arrogation

arrogation n arrogation (1. act of making exorbitant claims; 2. [Rom. Law])

arrotundar v to round, make round

arrugar v to wrinkle, crease;
arrugar le fronte to frown

arsen- see arsenico

arsenal n 1. dockyard; 2. arsenal

arsenical adj arsenical; [Chem.] arsenic

arsenico n arsenic
Hence: arsenical; arsenite; arsenium; arseniose-arseniophosphato etc.

arsenio- see arseniose

arseniophosphato n arseniophosphate

arseniose adj arsenious

arseniosulfato n arseniosulfate

arsenite n [Chem.] arsenite

arsenium (-sé-) n arsenium, arsenic

arte n art (1. “fine art”; 2. skill);
opera de arte work of art;
artes liberal liberal arts;
belle artes fine arts
Hence: artisano; artista-artistic; artifice etc.; artefacto etc.

artefacto n artifact, man-made product

arteria n artery
Hence: arterial; arteriosclerosis etc.; arteriotomia etc.

arterial adj arterial;
sanguine arterial arterial blood;
pression arterial blood pressure

arteriosclerosis (-ósis) n arteriosclerosis

arteriotomia (-ía) n arteriotomy

arthritic adj [Pathol.] arthritic

arthritis (-ítis) n [Pathol.] arthritis

arthritismo n [Pathol.] arthritism

arthro- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] arthro- (= joint)
Hence: arthritis-arthritismo, arthritic; arthropode etc.

arthropode (-ró-) adj arthropod
Hence: arthropodo

arthropodo (-ró-) n arthropod; arthropodos [Zool.] Arthropoda

artichoc n artichoke

articulabile adj pronounceable (that can be articulated)

articular¹ adj articular

articular² v to articulate (1. to form, move in, a joint; 2. to speak distinctly)

articulate adj articulate (1. jointed; 2. uttered in distinct syllables)

articulation n articulation (1. [Anat.] joint; 2. enunciation)

articulista n writer of articles

articulo n I. [Anat.] joint; II. article (1. paragraph, section; 2. “article in a magazine, newspaper, etc.); 3. “article of merchandise”; 4. [Gram]);
articulo de fide article of faith;
articulo de fundo editorial, leading article;
articulo definite (indefinite) definite (indefinite) article
Hence: articulista; articular¹; articular²-articulabile-inarticulabile, articulation, articulate-inarticulate, multiarticulate etc., multarticulate etc.; disarticular-disarticulation

artifice (-tí-) n artificer (= skilled or artistic worker)
Hence: artificio-artificial, artificiose

artificial adj artificial;
seta artificial rayon

artificio n artifice, trick;
foco de artificio fireworks

artificiose adj artful, crafty

artillar v to arm (= to equip with artillery)
Hence: artilleria-artillerista

artilleria (-ía) n artillery; ordnance, gunnery;
artilleria de campania field artillery;
artilleria a cavallo horse artillery

artillerista n artilleryman

artisano n artisan

artista n artist

artistic adj artistic

Arya [Skr.] n Arya, Aryan
Hence: aryan-aryano

aryan adj Aryan (1. Indo-Iranian; 2. Indo-European)

aryano n Aryan (1. Indo-Iranian; 2. Indo-European)

asbesto n asbestos

ascendente n 1. ancestor; 2. ascendant, ascendancy

ascendentia n ancestry (= ancestral lineage)

ascender [-scend-/-scens-] v to ascend
Hence: ascendente-ascendentia; ascension-ascensional, ascensionista; ascensor

ascens- see ascender

ascension n ascent, ascension;
le Ascension the Ascension

ascensional adj ascensional

ascensionista n mountain climber, ascensionist

ascensor n elevator, lift

ascese n ascetic practice; asceticism

asceta n ascetic
Hence: ascetismo; ascetic; ascetica

ascetic adj ascetic, ascetical

ascetica n ascetics; ascetical theology

ascetismo n asceticism

asclepiadaceas npl [Bot.] Asclepiadaceae

asclepiades (-í-) npl [Bot.] Asclepias

Asclepio nprm [Gr. Mythol.] Asclepius
Hence: asclepiades-asclepiadaceas

ascolta n 1. listening, hearing; 2. eavesdropping; 3. listening place or post

ascoltamento n listening

ascoltar v to listen to (1. to hearken to; 2. to mind, heed)
Hence: ascolta; ascoltamento; ascoltator

ascoltator n listener

ascriber [-scrib-/-script-] v to ascribe, attribute
Hence: ascription

ascript- see ascriber

ascription n ascription

asepsis n asepsis

aseptic adj aseptic

aseptico n aseptic

asexual adj asexual, sexless

Asia npr Asia (1. Roman Province in Asia Minor; 2. the continent Asia);
Asia Minor Asia Minor
Hence: asiatic-asiatico; Australasia etc.

asiatic adj Asiatic (1. pertaining to Asia; 2. [Rhet.] florid, ornate)

asiatico n Asiatic

asineria (-ía) n 1. asininity; 2. asinine act

asinero n donkey driver

asinin adj asinine

asininitate n asininity

asino (á-) n donkey, ass
Hence: asinero; asineria; asinin-asininitate

asparago (-pá-) n asparagus;
asparago plumose asparagus fern

aspect- see aspic-

aspecto n aspect (1. look, appearance; 2. “one of the aspects of a question”; 3. [Astrol.])

asperar v to make rough, roughen

aspere (á-) adj rough, harsh
Hence: asperitate; asperar-exasperar &

asperger [-sperg-/-spers-] v to besprinkle
Hence: aspersion; aspersorio

asperitate n roughness, harshness, asperity

aspers- see asperger

aspersion n (act of) sprinkling, aspersion

aspersorio n [Eccl.] aspergillum

asphalto n asphalt

aspic [F] n [Cookery] aspic

aspic- [-spic-/-spect-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: aspecto

aspirante n 1. aspirant; 2. [Mil., Nav.] midshipman, cadet, etc.

aspirar v 1. to aspire (= to desire earnestly); 2. [Phonet.] to aspirate; 3. to inhale;
aspirar a to aspire to
Hence: aspirante; aspiration; aspirator

aspiration n I. aspiration (1. desire for; 2. [Phonet.] action of aspirating); II. inspiration, inhaling

aspirator n 1. [Mech.] aspirator; 2. vacuum cleaner

aspirina n aspirin

asplenio n [Bot.] Asplenium; also: spleenwort

assalir [-sal-/-salt-] v to attack, assail
Hence: assalto-assaltar-assaltator; assalitor

assalitor n attacker, assailant, assailer

assalt- see assalir

assaltar v to attack, assault, assail

assaltator n attacker, assaulter, assailant

assalto n attack, assault

assassinamento n murder(ing), assassinating

assassinar v to assassinate, murder

assassination n assassination

assassinato n murder

assassinator n assassin, murderer

assassino n 1. Assassin; 2. assassin, murderer; attrib. murderous, killing
Hence: assassinar-assassinamento, assassination, assassinator, assassinato

assatis (-sá-) adv 1. enough; 2. rather (= fairly, quite)

asse n I. [Rom. Antiq.] as; II. ace (1. [Cards, Dice, etc.]; 2. highly skilled person; also: [Aviation])

assecurabile adj insurable

assecurantia n 1. assurance (= positive statement); 2. [Com.] insurance

assecurar v I. to secure (= to make firm or fast); II. to assure (= to state positively); III. [Com.] to insure;
assecurar se de un cosa to make sure of, ascertain, something;
assecurar se de un persona to lay hold of, apprehend, a person;
assecurar se que to make sure that
Hence: assecurantia; assecurabile; assecurator; reassecurar-reassecurantia

assecurator n insurer, assurer, underwriter

assediar v to besiege

assediator n besieger

assedio n siege (= act of besieging)
Hence: assediar-assediator

assemblar v to assemble (= to gather or fit together)
Hence: assemblea; reassemblar

assemblea (-éa) n assembly, meeting

assentimento n assent

assentir v to assent
Hence: assentimento

asserer [-ser-/-sert-] v to assert, affirm
Hence: assertion; assertive; assertor; assertori

assert- see asserer

assertion n assertion, affirmation

assertive adj assertive, affirmative

assertor n asserter, assertor

assertori adj assertory, affirming

assess- see assider

assessor n assessor (as in “assessor to a judge, magistrate, etc.”)

assetar v to make thirsty

assetate 1. pp of assetar; 2. adj thirsty, thirsting

asseverar v to affirm positively, asseverate
Hence: asseverative

asseverative adj asseverating, asseverative

[assi] (-sí) adv thus, so;
assi . . como as ... as;
(un libro) assi (belle) so (beautiful a book), such (a beautiful book)
(= si)

assider [-sid-/-sess-] v to sit (by or near)
Hence: assidue &; assessor

assidue adj assiduous
Hence: assiduitate

assiduitate n assiduity

assignabile adj assignable

assignar v to assign (1. to allot; 2. to fix, determine)
Hence: assignabile; assignation

assignation n assignation, assignment (1. act of allotting; 2. [Law] transfer of property, a right, etc.)

assimilabile adj assimilable

assimilar v I. to assimilate (1. to make like; 2. to absorb); II. to liken, compare
Hence: assimilabile; assimilation; assimilative; assimilator; disassimilar &

assimilation n I. assimilation (1. action of making like; 2. absorption); II. likening, comparison

assimilative adj assimilative

assimilator n [Physiol.] assimilator

assistente n assistant

assistentia n 1. assistance; 2. attendance;
assistentia public (poor) relief;
assistentia social social welfare

assister v to assist, help;
assister a to attend, be present at
Hence: assistente-assistentia

associar v to associate (= to connect, combine)
Hence: association; associato; disassociar

association n association (1. act of connecting, combining; 2. group of people joined together for some purpose)

associato n 1. associate (= business partner); 2. member of an association

assonante 1. ppr of assonar; 2. adj assonant

assonantia n assonance; also: [Pros.]

assonar v to assonate (= to put or be in assonance)
Hence: assonante-assonantia

assortimento n assortment (= collection of various kinds of goods)

assortir v to sort, assort
Hence: assortimento

assumer [-sum-/-sumpt-] v to assume (= to take to or upon oneself)
Hence: assumption; reassumer

assumpt- see assumer

assumption n assumption (1. taking to or upon oneself; 2. [Logic]);
le Assumption [Eccl.] the Assumption

assurdar v 1. to deafen (= to stun with noise); 2. to mute, muffle

Assyria npr Assyria
Hence: assyrie-assyrio; assyriologo etc.

assyrie adj Assyrian

assyrio n Assyrian

assyriologia (-ía) n Assyriology

assyriologo (-ólogo) n Assyriologist, Assyriologue
Hence: assyriologia

astere n I. star (1. heavenly body; 2. starshaped figure, etc.); II. [Bot.] aster
Hence: asteria; asterisco; asterismo; asteroide

asteria n 1. starfish; 2. asteriated opal

asterisco n [Print.] asterisk

asterismo n [Astron.] asterism

asteroide n [Astron.] asteroid

asthen- adj [occurring in derivatives] asthen- (= weak)

asthenia (-ía) n asthenia

asthenic adj asthenic

asthenico n asthenic

asthma [-ma/-mat-] n asthma
Hence: asthmatic-antiasthmatic; asthmatico

asthmat- see asthma

asthmatic adj asthmatic

asthmatico n asthmatic

astigmatic adj astigmatic

astigmatismo n astigmatism

-astra suffixo substantive fem [used with nouns] step- (as in “stepmother”)
Hence: matrastra

astral adj astral;
corpore astral astral body

astrict- see astringer

astriction n astriction

astrictive adj astringent, astrictive

astringente¹ 1. ppr of astringer; 2. adj astringent

astringente² n astringent

astringentia n astringency

astringer [-string-/-strict-] v to astringe
Hence: astringente-astringentia; astriction; astrictive

astro n star (1. heavenly body; 2. starshaped figure, etc.)
Hence: astral; disastro &; astrophotographia etc.; astrolatria etc.; astrophysic etc.; astronomo etc.; astrolabio etc.

-astro suffixo substantive [used with nouns] 1. -aster (= inferior or worthless ...); 2. step- (as in “stepfather”)
Hence: -astra; poetastro etc.; patrastro etc.

astrolabio n astrolabe

astrolatria (-ía) n astrolatry

astrologia (-ía) n astrology

astrologic adj astrological

astrologo (-tró-) n astrologer
Hence: astrologia; astrologic

astronomia (-ía) n astronomy

astronomic adj astronomic, astronomical

astronomo (-tró-) n astronomer
Hence: astronomia; astronomic

astrophotographia (-ía) n astrophotography
Hence: astrophotographic

astrophotographic adj astrophotographic

astrophysic adj astrophysical
Hence: astrophysica

astrophysica n astrophysics

astute adj astute (1. sagacious; 2. crafty)
Hence: astutia

astutia n astuteness; also: wiliness, cunning

asylo n asylum (1. shelter, refuge; 2. institution for protection or relief);
derecto de asylo right of sanctuary;
asylo de nocte night-shelter, flop-house

asymmetre (-sím-) adj asymmetric, asymmetrical

asymmetria (-ía) n asymmetry

asymmetric adj asymmetric

-ata suffixo substantive [used with nouns] -ful (= contents of or quantity contained in one ...)
Hence: buccata etc.; carrettata etc.; coclearata etc.; furcata etc.

atavic adj atavistic

atavismo n atavism

atavista n atavist

atavistic adj atavistic

atavo (á-) n forefather, ancestor
Hence: atavismo; atavista-atavistic; atavic

ataxia (-ía) n [Pathol.] ataxia, ataxy;
ataxia locomotor locomotor ataxia

-ate suffixo adjective [used with nouns] -ate, -ated, -ed (= having a ... or ...s)
Hence: litterate etc.; vertebrate etc.; decorate etc.

atele (-té-) n spider monkey; Ateles

-atelia (-ía) n [occurring in compounds]
Hence: philatelia etc.

atettar n to give the breast to, suckle

athee adj atheist, atheistic; godless
Hence: atheismo; atheista; atheo

atheismo n atheism

atheista n atheist

athematic adj athematic; specif.: [Gram., Mus.]

Athena npr [Gr. Mythol.] Athena
Hence: Atheneo

Athenas (-té-) npr Athens
Hence: atheniese

Atheneo (-éo) npr Athenaeum (1. [Gr. Hist.]; 2. [Rom. Hist.]);
atheneo athenaeum (= meeting place or organization for the study of letters)

atheniese adj/n Athenian

atheo n atheist

athleta n athlete
Hence: athletismo; athletic; athletica

athletic adj athletic

athletica n athletics

athletismo n athleticism; athletics

athlo- n [occurring in compounds] athlo- (= contest)
Hence: pentathlo etc.

-ation suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -ar; note: -ation + -ose = -atiose] -ation (= action or result of
Hence: deviation etc.; installation etc.; ventilation etc.

-ative suffixo adjective [used with verbs in -ar] -ative (1. tending to ...; 2. having the function of
Hence: comparative etc.; cooperative etc.

Atlanta npr Atlanta

Atlante npr [Gr. Mythol.] Atlas;
atlante atlas (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Anat.])
Hence: Atlantida; atlantic; Atlanta

atlantic adj Atlantic (as in “Atlantic coast”);
Oceano Atlantic or le Atlantico Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic

Atlantida (-lán-) npr Atlantis

Atlas (át-) npr 1. [Gr. Mythol.] Atlas; 2. [Geog.] Atlas Mountains;
atlas atlas (= book of maps)

atmo- n [occurring in compounds] atmo- (= steam, vapor)
Hence: atmosphera etc...

atmosphera n atmosphere

atmospheric adj atmospheric, atmospherical

-ato suffixo substantive [used with titles, designations of rank, etc.] -ate, -dom (= function, status, rank, jurisdiction, period of office, or territory of a ...)
Hence: ducato etc.; episcopato etc.; noviciato etc.

atollo n atoll

atomic adj atomic;
peso atomic atomic weight

atomicitate n atomicity

atomisar v to atomize (= to reduce to atoms)

atomismo n [Philos.] atomism

atomista n atomist

atomistic adj atomistic

atomo (á-) n atom
Hence: atomismo; atomista-atomistic; atomic-atomicitate, polyatomic etc., pentatomic etc.; atomisar

atone adj 1. [Med.] atonic; 2. unstressed
Hence: atonia; atonic

atonia (-ía) atony (1. [Med.]; 2. [Phonet.])

atonic adj atonic (1. [Med.]; 2. [Phonet.])

-ator suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -ar] -ator, - er (= one who, or that which ...s)
Hence: administrator etc.; accelerator etc.

-atori suffixo adjective [used with verbs in -ar] -atory (= pertaining to, or serving for, the action of
Hence: -atoria; -atorio; circulatori etc.; inflammatori etc.; preparatori etc.

-atoria suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -ar] -er (= instrument for
Hence: mangiatoria etc.

-atorio suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -ar] -atory, -atorium (= place where is done)
Hence: laboratorio etc.; sanatorio etc.

[atque] conj and, and also, and even

atr- adj [occurring in derivatives and compounds] atro- (= black)
Hence: atrabile etc. ...

-atra see -latra

atrabile (-íle) n atrabile, melancholy (1. [Anc. Med.] black bile; 2. gloom)
Hence: atrabiliari

atrabili- see atrabile

atrabiliari adj atrabiliary, melancholic (1. [Med.]; 2. gloomy, depressed in spirit)

atroce adj atrocious
Hence: atrocitate

atrocitate n atrocity (1. horrible wickedness; 2. atrocious deed)

atrophe (á-) adj atrophic
Hence: atrophia-atrophiar

atrophia (-ía) n atrophy

atrophiar v to atrophy (= to cause to atrophy)

attaccabile¹ adj attackable, assailable

attaccabile² adj attachable

attaccamento n attachment (1. action of fastening; 2. affection)

attaccar¹ v to attack, assail
Hence: attacco; attaccabile-inattaccabile; reattaccar

attaccar² v to attach, fasten
Hence: attaccamento; attaccabile; reattaccar-reattaccamento

attacco n attack (1. assault; 2. [Med.])

attaché [F] n [Admin.; Dipl., Mil.; etc.] attaché;
attaché militar military attaché

attemperar v to attemper (1. to temper, moderate by mixture; 2. to accommodate)

attendente n attendant (= one attending to someone’s needs)

attender [-tend-/-tent-] v 1. to give attention to, attend to; 2. to await, wait for
Hence: attendente; attention-inattention; attentive; attente

attent- see attender

attentar v to make a criminal attempt;
attentar al vita de un persona to make an attempt on someone‘s life
Hence: attentatori; attentato

attentato n criminal attempt

attentatori adj attacking, making a criminal attempt on

attente adj attentive, intent

attention n attention (1. careful notice, heed; 2. act of courtesy);
prestar attention to pay attention

attentive adj attentive (1. intent; 2. courteous)

attenuante 1. ppr of attenuar; 2. adj extenuating;
circumstantias attenuante extenuating circumstances

attenuar v 1. to attenuate (= to make thin or slender); 2. to extenuate (as in “to extenuate an offense”)
Hence: attenuante; attenuation

attenuation n attenuation

atter- [-ter-/-trit-] v [occurring in derivatives]
Hence: attrition, attrite

atterrage (-aje) n [Aeronaut.] landing

atterrar v [Aeronaut.] to land
Hence: atterrage

attestar v to attest (1. to testify to; 2. to certify)
Hence: attestation; attestator

attestation n 1. attestation (= attesting, witnessing); 2. certificate, certification

attestator n attester, attestant

attinger v to attain (= to arrive at, reach)
Hence: attingimento

attingimento n attainment (= action or process of attaining)

attitude n attitude (1. position of the body; 2. way of thinking, acting, or feeling)

attract- see attraher

attraction n attraction; also: [Phys.];
attractiones attractions (= things that delight or attract people)

attractive adj attractive (1. [Phys.]; 2. alluring)

attractivitate n 1. [Phys.] (force of) attraction; 2. attractiveness

attrahente 1. ppr of attraher; 2. adj attractive, attracting

attraher [-trah-/-tract-] v to attract (1. to draw to oneself; 2. to allure)
Hence: attrahente; attraction; attractive-attractivitate

attrappar v to catch, seize

attribuer [-tribu-/-tribut-] v 1. to assign, allot; 2. to attribute, ascribe;
attribuer se un cosa to arrogate something to oneself
Hence: attribution; attributive; attributo

attribut- see attribuer

attribution n attribution

attributive adj attributive (1. attributing; 2. [Gram.])

attributo n attribute (1. inherent quality; 2. conventional symbol; 3. [Gram.])

attristar v to sadden, make sad

attrit- see atter-

attrite adj [Theol.] attrite

attrition n attrition; specif.: [Theol.]

attruppamento n 1. (act of) assembling, gathering; 2. crowd, gathering

attruppar v to troup, gather, assemble;
attruppar se to flock together, assemble

-atura suffixo substantive [used with verbs in -ar] -ature (= action or result of
Hence: caricatura etc.; creatura etc.; ligatura etc.

auction n auction
Hence: auctionar-auctionator

auctionar v to auction, auctioneer

auctionator n auctioneer

audace adj audacious, daring
Hence: audacia-audaciose

audacia n audacity, daring

audaciose adj audacious, daring

audibile adj audible

audibitate n audibility

audientia n I. the perception of sounds; II. audience (1. interview with a person of high rank; 2. hearing)

audiometro (-ó-) n [Acous.] audiometer

audir v to hear (= to perceive by the ear)
Hence: audientia; audibile-audibilitate, inaudibile; audition; auditive; auditor; auditori; auditorio; inaudite; audito; audita; audiometro etc.

audita n audition (= act of hearing)

audition n audition (= act of hearing)

auditive adj auditory

audito n hearing, sense of hearing

auditor n auditor, hearer, listener

auditori adj auditory

auditorio n 1. auditorium, auditory; 2. audience (= assembly of listeners)

augmentabile adj augmentable

augmentar v to augment, increase;
augmentar le precio de un cosa to raise, advance the price of something;
augmentar de precio to rise, advance in price

augmentation n increase, augmentation

augmentative adj [Gram.] augmentative

augmentator n augmenter

augmento n 1. increase, augmentation; 2. [Gram.] augment
Hence: augmentar-augmentabile, augmentation, augmentative, augmentator

augurar v to augur (1. to act as augur; 2. to predict, foretell)

augure (áugure) n augur (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. soothsayer)
Hence: augurio; augurar-inaugurar-inauguration, inaugurator

augurio n augury (1. art of the augur; 2. omen, sign);
de bon augurio auspicious;
de mal augurio ominous

Augusta nprf Augusta

auguste adj august
Hence: augusto

augustee adj Augustan

augustinian adj Augustinian

augustinianismo n Augustinianism

augustiniano n Augustinian

Augustino nprm Augustine;
Sancte Augustino St. Augustine
Hence: augustinian-augustinianismo, augustiniano

augusto¹ n (the) august (one);
Augusto Augustus (= honorific of Roman emperors)

Augusto² nprm Augustus, August;
augusto (the month of) August
Hence: Augustee; Augustino &; Augusta

aulo- n [occurring in derivatives and compounds] aulo- (= flute; pipe)
Hence; hydraulic etc. ...

aura n aura; specif.: [Pathol.]

aural adj aural

aurar v to gild;
aurar le pillula to gild or sugar the pill

aurate 1. pp of aurar; 2. golden, gold-colored;
juventute aurate jeunesse dorée, gilded youth

aure n ear (= organ and faculty of hearing);
esser tote aures to be all ears;
prestar le aure a to lend an ear to;
aure de mure [Bot.] mouse-ear, forget-me-not
Hence: auricula; aurista; aural; auriforme etc.

auree adj golden

aureola (-ré-) n aureole, halo
Hence: aureolari; aureolate; aureolar

aureolar¹ adj halo-like

aureolar² v to halo, invest with a halo

aureolate adj haloed, invested with a halo

au revoir [F] au revoir

auricula n I. auricle (1. “auricle of the ear”; 2. “auricle of the heart”); II. [Bot.] auricula, bear’s ear;
auricula de urso [Bot.] bear’s ear, auricula;
auricula de mure [Bot.] mouse-ear, forget-me-not

aurifere adj auriferous, gold-bearing

aurificar v [Dent.] to fill with gold

aurification n [Dent.] (making of a) gold filling

aurifice (-rí-) n goldsmith

auriforme adj auriform, ear-shaped

auripelle n 1. tinsel, foil; 2. sham (= tawdry object)

auripigmento n [Chem.] orniment

aurista n aurist, otologist (= ear specialist)

auro n gold;
folio de auro gold foil or leaf;
natar in le auro to be rolling in wealth;
auro virgine virgin or native gold;
pagar in auro to pay in gold;
de auro golden, gold (= made of gold);
etate de auro golden age
Hence: auree; aurifere; aurar-aurate, disaurar; aurifice-aurificar-aurification; auripigmento etc.; auriforme etc.

aurora n dawn;
aurora boreal northern lights, aurora borealis

auspice (áu-) n [Hist.] auspex
Hence: auspicio

auspicio n [Hist.] auspice (= sign or token derived from the observation of birds);
auspicios auspices, patronage;
sub le auspicios de under the auspices of

auster adj austere
Hence: austeritate

austeritate n austerity, austereness

austral adj southern, austral

Australasia n Australasia
Hence: australasian

australasian adj Australasian

Australia npr Australia
Hence: australian-australiano

australian adj Australian

australiano n Australian

Austria npr Austria
Hence: austriac-austriaco

austriac (-í-) adj Austrian

austriaco (-í-) n Austrian

austro n south wind, Auster
Hence: austral-Australia &; Australasia etc.

[aut] conj or;
aut ... aut either ... or
(= o)

autarchia (-ía) n autarchy, self-sufficiency

authentic adj authentic
Hence: authenticitate; authenticar-authentication; inauthentic-inauthenticitate

authenticar v to authenticate (1. to render authentic; 2. to prove authentic)

authentication n authentication

authenticitate n authenticity

auto n auto, motorcar, car
Hence: autoista; autodromo etc.; autobus etc.

auto- prefixo auto-, aut- (= self)
Hence: autobiographia etc.; automobile etc.; autonome etc.

autobiographia (-ía) n autobiography

autobiographic adj autobiographic, autobiographical

autobus (-bús) n (motor)bus, autobus

autocar n motor coach; also: sight-seeing bus, etc.

autochthone adj autochthonous
Hence: autochthonia; autochthono

autochthonia (-ía) n autochthony

autochthono (-óctono) n autochthon

autoclave n pressure cooker, autoclave

autocrate (-ó-) n autocrat

autocratia (-ía) n autocracy

autocratic adj autocratic

autodafé [P] n auto-da-fé

autodidacte adj self-taught
Hence: autodidactic; autodidactico

autodidactic adj autodidactic

autodidacto n autodidact (= one who is self-taught)

autodromo (-tó-) n autodrome (= race course for automobiles)

autographia (-ía) n autography (= art of autographic reproduction)

autographiar v to make autographic reproductions, to autograph

autographic adj autographic

autographo (-tó-) n autograph
Hence: autographia-autographiar; autographic; telautographo etc.

autogyro n autogiro

autoista n autoist

automate (-tó-) adj automatous, automatic
Hence: automato-automatismo, automatic-automaticitate, automatisar

automatic adj automatic

automaticitate n automaticity, automatism (= state of being automatic)

automatisar v to automatize, render automatic

automatismo n automatism

automato (-tó-) n automaton

automobile¹ adj self-propelling, automobile;
(vehiculo) automobile motor vehicle
Hence: automobilismo; automobilista

automobile² n automobile, motor vehicle

automobilismo n automobilism

automobilista n automobilist, motorist

autonome (-tó-) adj autonomous (= self-governing)
Hence: autonomia

autonomia (-ía) n autonomy; self-government

autopsia (-ía) n [Med.] autopsy

autor n author (1. originator; 2. writer);
derectos de autor author’s rights
Hence: autorato; autoritate &; autorisar &

autorato n authorship

autorisabile adj authorizable

autorisar v to authorize
Hence: autorisabile; autorisation; autorisate

autorisate 1. pp of autorisar; 2. adj authorized

autorisation n authorization

autoritari adj 1. authoritative, dictatorial; 2. authoritarian

autoritarismo n authoritarianism

autoritate n authority
Hence: autoritari-autoritarismo

autostrata n (auto) highway

autumnal adj autumnal

autumno n autumn, fall
Hence: autumnal

auxiliar¹ adj auxiliary;
verbos auxiliar auxiliary verbs

auxiliar² v to help, aid

auxiliator n helper

auxilio n help, aid
Hence: auxiliar¹; auxiliar²-auxiliator

ava n grandmother

aval n [Com.] endorsement, backing (of a bill of exchange)
Hence: avalista; avalisar

avalanche [F] n avalanche

avalisar v [Com.] to endorse, back (a bill of exchange)

avalista n [Com.] endorser, backer (of a bill of exchange)

avantage (-aje) n advantage;
haber le avantage super un persona to have an advantage over someone;
prender avantage de un cosa to take advantage of something, to turn to account;
dar avantage a un persona to give someone odds
Hence: avantagiose; avantagiar; disavantage-disavantagiose

avantagiar (-ajar) v to give an advantage to

avantagiose (-ajo-) adj advantageous

avantal n apron

avante adv before (= in front, ahead)
Hence: avantage &; avantal; avantiar &

avantia n advance (= payment beforehand)

avantiamento n 1. advance (= forward motion); 2. advancement (= promotion in rank)

avantiar v to advance (1. to move forward; 2. as in “to advance a proposition”; 3. to promote in rank)
Hence: avantia; avantiamento; avantiate-avantiata

avantiata n [Mil.] outpost, advance guard

avantiate I. pp of avantiar; II. adj advanced (1. far on in progress; 2. far on in life, time or course);
posto avantiate advanced post

avar adj avaricious, miserly
Hence: avaritia-avaritiose; avaro

avaritia n avarice

avaritiose adj avaricious

avaro n miser

ave¹ n bird;
ave de appello decoy (bird);
aves domestic poultry
Hence: aviario-aviarista; avion; aviar &; avicultura etc.; avestruthio etc.; espaventaaves etc.

ave² n ave (1. Ave Maria; 2. time of ringing the Ave bell; 3. Ave bead of the rosary)

Ave! [L] interj ave!, hail!

avellana n hazelnut, filbert
Hence: avellaniero

avellaniero n hazel (tree)

aveller [-vell-/-vuls-] v to tear away, avulse
Hence: avulsion

Ave Maria [L] Ave Maria, Hail Mary

avena n oat, oats

aventura n adventure;
per aventura by chance;
al aventura at random
Hence: aventurero; aventurose; aventurar

aventurar v to venture, risk

aventurero n adventurer

aventurose adj adventurous

avenue [F] n avenue

averar v to aver (= to avouch, verify)

avergoniar v to shame, put to shame; to make (feel) ashamed

avergoniate 1. pp of avergoniar; 2. adj ashamed

avers- see averter

aversion n aversion (1. act of averting turning away; 2. strong dislike);
haber un aversion a un persona to have an aversion to someone

averter [-vert-/-vers-] v to turn away, avert
Hence: aversion

avestruthio n ostrich;
haber un stomacho de avestruthio to have the digestion of an ostrich

aviar v to aviate
Hence: aviation; aviator; aviatrice

aviario n aviary

aviarista n aviarist

aviation n aviation;
base de aviation air base;
campo de aviation airfield

aviator n aviator

aviatrice n aviatrix

avicinar v to border upon, neighbor

avicultura n aviculture

avide (á-) adj avid, greedy
Hence: aviditate

aviditate n avidity, greed, greediness

avinar v -;
avinar se to tipple, get drunk
Hence: avinate

avinate adj drunk, in one’s cups

avion n airplane

avisar v to advise (1. to give information or notice to; 2. to counsel)
Hence: avisate

avisate 1. pp of avisar; 2. adj prudent, circumspect;
mal avisate ill-advised, imprudent

aviso n I. opinion, judgment; II. advice (1. notice; 2. counsel);
littera de aviso [Com.] notification of dispatch, letter of advice

avivamento n 1. (action of) reviving, vivifying; 2. (action of) heightening (colors)

avivar v 1. to revive, vivify; 2. to heighten (colors)
Hence: avivamento; reavivar

avo n grandfather
Hence: avunculo &; atavo &: bisavo etc.: bisava etc.

avocatiero n avocado (tree)

avocato n avocado, alligator pear
Hence: avocatiero

avoirdupois [A] n avoirdupois

avuls- see aveller

avulsion n avulsion (= tearing away)

avuncular adj avuncular

avunculo n uncle
Hence: avuncular

axe n 1. axis; 2. axle, axletree
Hence: axilla &; axial; axungia etc.

axial adj axial

axilla n 1. armpit, axilla; 2. [Bot.] axil
Hence: axillari

axillari adj axillary (1. pertaining to the axilla; 2. [Bot.])

axioma [-ma/-mat-] n axiom
Hence: axiomatic

axiomat- see axioma

axiomatic adj axiomatic

axungia n [Pharm.] axunge

azalea n [Bot.] azalea

azoic adj azoic; also: [Geol.]

Azores (-zó-) nprpl Azores

azur adj azure; also: blue
Hence: azuro-azurato

azurato n azure (= color of the clear sky)

azuro n azure (= the blue color of the clear sky); also: blue, bluing

azyme (á-) adj azymous, unleavened;
(festa del) azymos [Jewish Rel.] Feast of Unleavened Bread