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From happy +‎ -ness.






Happiness (uncountable)
  1. joy, the emotion of being happy.
  2. Good luck; good fortune; prosperity.
    All happiness bechance to thee in Milan! — William Shakespeare, Wikisource:The Two Gentlemen of Verona, I-i
  3. An agreeable feeling or condition of the soul arising from good fortune or propitious happening of any kind; the possession of those circumstances or that state of being which is attended enjoyment; the state of being happy; contentment; joyful satisfaction; felicity; blessedness.
  4. Fortuitous elegance; unstudied grace; — used especially of language.
    Some beauties yet no precepts can declare, For there's a happiness, as well as care. — Alexander Pope.


  • Happiness, felicity, blessedness, bliss.
  • Happiness is generic, and is applied to almost every kind of enjoyment except that of the animal appetites.
  • Felicity is a more formal word, and is used more sparingly in the same general sense, but with elevated associations.
  • Blessedness is applied to the most refined enjoyment arising from the purest social, benevolent, and religious affections.
  • Bliss denotes still more exalted delight, and is applied more appropriately to the joy anticipated in heaven.
    O happiness! our being’s end and aim! — Alexander Pope
    Others in virtue place felicity, But virtue joined with riches and long life; In corporal pleasures he, and careless ease. — John Milton
    His overthrow heaped happiness upon him; For then, and not till then, he felt himself, And found the blessedness of being little. — William Shakespeare, Wikisource:The Life of King Henry VIII, IV-ii



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