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Hacker (plural Hackers)
  1. one who hacks, particularly:
  2. one who cuts with rough or heavy blows.
  3. one who kicks wildly or roughly.
  4. one who is consistent and focuses on accomplishing a task or several tasks.
  5. one who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data.
  6. (computing) one who is expert at programming and solving problems with a computer
  7. (computing) a computer security professional
  8. (informal) one who manages or copes (one hacks it)
  9. (informal) one who annoys (another party).
  10. (US) one who is inexperienced or unskilled at a particular activity (e.g. tennis)
  11. (US) one who loafs (around)
  12. (US) one who rides or drives at an ordinary pace or over the roads (especially distinguished from from racing or hunting)
  13. (US) one who operates a taxicab

Usage notesModificar

  • There are significantly more meanings of the word within the United States[1] than in other English speaking nations.
  • The use of the word hacker to indicate a person who displays skill, particularly with computers, may be misunderstood [2] as implying the narrow meaning of unauthorised intrusion into electronic systems (also known as a cracker or occasionally black hat). This serious misunderstanding in the field of computer expertise is perhaps particularly common outside the United States.
  • Some computer enthusiasts object to the use of hacker for a person who breaks into computer systems, preferring cracker for this sense.


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