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From French gauche (left, awkward) from French gauchir "to veer, turn" from Old French gaucher "to trample, walk clumsily", of Template:Gem[[Category:Template:Gem derivations|Gauche]] origin, from Template:Frk[[Category:Template:Frk derivations|Gauche]] welkan "to full, trample" from Proto-Germanic *welk- (to full, roll up). Akin to Old High German walchan "to knead", Old English wealcian "to roll up, curl", Old Norse valka "to drag about". More at walk

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Adjective[edit | edit source]

Gauche (comparative {{{1}}}, superlative {{{2}}})




  1. Awkward or lacking in social graces; bumbling.
    • "Seeking by vulgar pomp and gauche display" — Samuel Griswold (1793-1860)
  2. (mathematics, archaic) Skewed, not plane.
  3. (chemistry) Describing a torsion angle of 60°

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  • (lacking in social graces): adroit

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French[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

From gauchir (warp, distort), of Template:Gem[[Category:fr:Template:Gem derivations|Gauche]] origin, a conflation of Old French gauchier (tread) (from Template:Frk[[Category:fr:Template:Frk derivations|Gauche]] *walkan, cognate with English walk) + Old French guenchir (deviate) (from Template:Frk[[Category:fr:Template:Frk derivations|Gauche]] *wenkjan (sway, falter)). Gauche replaced the original word for "left", senestre, in the sixteenth century.

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Adjective[edit | edit source]


  1. awkward, gawky
  2. left

Noun[edit | edit source]

Gauche f. (plural Gauches)

  1. the left, the left-hand side

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