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x (letter ~) n littera x (iks)

x-axis n abscissa

xebec (small boat) n xebec

x'ed (kill off) v occider

ed v/past. part cancellar, cancellate

ed v/past. part cancellate, cancellar

xenium (present given to a guest or to an ambassador) Antiq] n xenio

xeno-, xen- (1. strange, foreign; 2. guest) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj xen-

xenon (chem (heavy gaseous element) n xenon

  • [Chem] n xenon
  • [Chem] n xenon (ksé-)

xenophile (fond of things foreign) n xenophilo

  • adj xenophile
  • n xenophilo
  • n xenophilo (-nò-)

xenophilia n xenohilia

xenophilism n xenophilia

  • n xenophilia (-ìa)

xenophobe n xenophobo

  • n xenophobo (-nò-)
  • ~ , xenophobian adj xenophobe
  • ~ , xenophobian adj xenophobe (-nò-)

xenophobia (fear of things foreign) n xenophobia

  • n xenophobia
  • n xenophobia (-ìa)

xenophobic adj xenophobic

xerox (a copy by ~) n xerographia

  • (copy by ~) v copiar per xerox
  • (copy by ~) v xerographar

xerox-copy n copia per xerox

xerox-machine n copiator xerox

  • ~ -machine n machina pro copiar per xerox
  • ~ -machine n machina xerox

xmas n natal, noel

  • n noel, natal

x-ray n radio roentgen

  • ~ -ray n radio x
  • ~ -ray photograph n radiographo
  • ~ -ray photograph, radiograph n radiographo
  • ~ -ray photograph, radiograph n radiographo (-ògrapho)
  • ~ -ray photography n radiographia
  • ~ -ray photography, radiography n radiographia
  • ~ -ray photography, radiography n radiographia (-ìa)
  • ~ -ray v radiographar

xylo- (wood) occurring in compounds] n xylo-

xylographer n xylographo

  • n xylographo (-ògrapho)

xylographic adj xylographic

xylography (art of engraving on wood or taking impressions from such engravings) n xylographia

xylology n xylologia

  • n xylologia (-ìa)

xylophage [Zool] n xylophago

  • [Zool] n xylophago (-ò-)

xylophagous [Zool] adj xylophage

  • [Zool] adj xylophage (-ò-)

xylophone [Mus] n xylophono

  • n xylophono

xylophonist n xylophonista

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