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v (letter ~) n littera v (ve)

  • ~ .A.T Abbrev V.A.
  • ~ .A.T Abbrev V.A. (imposto super le valor adjungite)

Vaal (river) n Vaal

vac n abbrev

vacancy (unoccupied post) n vacantia

  • n vacantia

vacant adj disoccupato

  • ~ , not occupied adj vacante
  • ~ , not occupied adj vacante (ppr of vacar)

vacate, evacuate, empty v disoccupar

vacation (as in vacation time) adj ferial

  • n adj
  • n ferias, vacantias
  • n vacantias, ferias

vacationer n vacationista

vacationist n vacationista

vaccinal adj vaccinal

  • adj vaccinal, vaccinee
  • adj vaccinee, vaccinal
  • ~ , vaccinic adj vaccinic

vaccinate again, revaccinate v revaccinar

  • v vaccinar

vaccination n vaccination

vaccinator (one who vaccinates) n vaccinator

vaccine (preparation for vaccination and inoculation) n vaccino

  • adj vaccin
  • n vaccino

vaccinic, vaccinal adj vaccinic

vaccinogenic adj vaccinogene

vacillate v vacillar

vacillating, vacillation (act of) n vacillamento

vacillation n vacillation

  • ~ , vacillating (act of) n vacillamento

vacillatory adj vacillatori

vacuity, emptiness n vacuitate

vacuole [Biol] n vacuolo

  • [Biol] n vacuolo (-cù-)

vacuum cleaner n aspirator

  • n vacuo

vacuum-cleaner n aspirator

vacuum-flask n thermos

vade mecum n vademecum

  • ~ mecum n vademecum (-mé-)

vagabond adj vagabunde

  • n vagabundo
  • v vagabundar

vagabondage n vagabundage

  • n vagabundage (-aje)

vagina [Anat] n vagina

  • n vagina

vaginal [Anat] adj vaginal

vaginismus (spasmodic contractions of the vagina) Med] n vaginismo

vaginule [Bot] n vaginula

vagrant adj vagabunde

  • n vagabundo

vague (not clearly defined) adj vage

  • adj imprecise, vage
  • adj vage, imprecise

vagueness n imprecision

vain (1. futile; 2. worthless; 3. conceited) adj van

  • (conceited) adj vanitose
  • (useless) adj inutile, van
  • (useless) adj van, inutile
  • ~ , futile, frustraneous adj frustranee

vainglorious adj gloriose

  • adj vangloriose
  • ~ , boastful adj vangloriose
  • ~ , conceited adj vanitose

vainglory, boastfulness n vangloria

valence [Chem] n valentia

valet n camerero, valletto

  • n valletto, camerero
  • ~ , lackey, footman n lacai
  • ~ , lackey, footman n lacai (-ài)
  • ~ , man-servant n camerero

Valhalla [Mythol] n Valhalla

valiant adj prode

  • adj prode, valente
  • adj valente
  • adj valente (ppr of valer)
  • adj valente, prode

valid adj valide

validate (render valid) v validar

  • v validar

validation (act of rendering valid) n validation

validity n validitate

valise, traveling bag n valise

  • ~ , traveling bag n valise F]

Valkyrie n valkyria

valley n vallata

  • n valle
  • n vallea
  • n vallea (-éa)

valor n valor

  • ~ , bravery n valentia
  • ~ , manliness n virtute
  • ~ , valour n valor

valorization n valorisation

valorize (fix prices by valorization) v valorisar

valorous adj valorose

valuable adj de valor, preciose

  • adj preciose, de valor

valuables n objectos de valor

valuation n valutation

  • ~ , appraisal n valutation

value (estimate value of) v valutar

  • (hold valuable) v tener a
  • (hold valuable) v tener a (valor)
  • (monetary worth of a thing) n valuta
  • n valor
  • ~ , appraise v valutar
  • ~ , price n precio
  • ~ , worth n valor

value-added-tax (VAT) n imposto super le valor adjungite

valueless adj sin valor

valvar, valvular [Zool] adj valvar

valvate [Bot/Zool] adj valvate

valve (1. Anat] (as in heart valves; 2. Engin]) n valvula

  • (all senses) n valvula
  • (as in valves of the pericarp) Bot/zool] n valva
  • (radio) n etc

valvular [Anat] adj valvular

  • ~ , valvar [Zool] adj valvar

vamp n femina fatal, vampiressa

  • n vampiressa, femina fatal
  • v improvisar un accompaniamento

vampire (1. bloodsucking ghost or reanimated corpse; 2 . Zool] (vampire bat) n vampir

  • ~ bat n vespertilion vampir
  • n vampir

vampirism n vampirismo

van n camionetta, furgon

  • n furgon, camionetta

vandal (wanton destroyer) n vandalo

  • (wanton destroyer) n vandalo (vàn-)
  • [Hist] n vandalo
  • [Hist] n vandalo (vàn-)
  • n vandalo
  • ~ , Vandalic (pertaining to the Vandals) adj vandale
  • ~ , Vandalic (pertaining to the Vandals) adj vandalic

Vandalic, Vandal (pertaining to the Vandals) adj vandale

  • ~ , Vandal (pertaining to the Vandals) adj vandalic

vandalism n vandalismo

van-driver n camionero, camionista, livrator

  • ~ -driver n camionista, livrator, camionero
  • ~ -driver n livrator, camionero, camionista

vane n pala

vanguard [Mil] n vanguarda

  • n vanguarda

vanilla adj/n vanilla

  • ~ bean (siliqua de) n vanilla
  • n vanilla

vanilla-flavored adj vanillate

vanillin [Bot/Chem] n vanillina

vanillism [Med] n vanillismo

vanish v eclipsar se, evanescer

  • v evanescer
  • v evanescer, eclipsar se

vanishing, evanescent adj evanescente

  • ~ , evanescent adj evanescente (ppr of evanescer)

vanishment n evanescimento

vanity (1. futility; 2. conceit, vainglory) n vanitate

  • n vanitate

vanquish v superar

  • v superar (vincer in battalia)
  • ~ , overcome v vincer
  • ~ , overcome v vincer vinc-/-vict-]
  • ~ , surmount, overcome v superar

vanquishable, vincible adj vincibile

vanquishment n vincimento

vantage (- point) n. phr puncto

  • (- point) n. phr puncto (position)
  • n position de avantage

Vanuatu [Geog] n Vanuatu

vapid adj sin animo

vapor, steam n vapor

  • ~ , vapour n vapor

vaporizable, evaporable adj evaporabile

vaporization, evaporation n vaporisation

vaporize (1. to evaporate; 2. to atomize, spray) v vaporisar

  • v vaporisar

vaporizer, atomizer n vaporisator

vaporosity, vaporousness n vaporositate

vaporous adj vaporose

vaporousness, vaporosity n vaporositate

variability n variabilitate

variable adj variabile

  • ~ adj/n variabile

variance (be ~) v at discrepar, esser in contradiction

  • (be ~) v esser in contradiction, at discrepar
  • n contradiction, variation, variantia, discrepantia
  • n discrepantia, contradiction, variation, variantia
  • n variantia, discrepantia, contradiction, variation
  • n variation, variantia, discrepantia, contradiction

variant adj variante

  • ~ , varying adj variante
  • ~ , varying adj variante (ppr of variar)

variation n variation

varicella, chicken pox [Med] n varicella

varicocele n varicocele

varicose adj varicose

  • v ein, varix [Med] n varice
  • v ein, varix [Med] n varice (và-)
  • v eins adj varices

varied adj variate

  • adj variate (pp of variar)

variegated adj multicolor

variety (1. variedness, difference; 2. Biol]) n varietate

  • n varietate

variety-theatre n theatro de varietates

variola, smallpox [Med] n variola

  • ~ , smallpox [Med] n variola (-rì-)

variolar, variolous, variolic [Med] adj variolar

  • ~ , variolous, variolic [Med] adj variolic
  • ~ , variolous, variolic [Med] adj variolose

variolic, variolar, variolous [Med] adj variolar

  • ~ , variolar, variolous [Med] adj variolic
  • ~ , variolar, variolous [Med] adj variolose

varioloid [Med] n varioloide

variolous, variolic, variolar [Med] adj variolar

  • ~ , variolic, variolar [Med] adj variolic
  • ~ , variolic, variolar [Med] adj variolose

various (1. different, diverse;) adj varie

  • adj varie

varix, varicose vein [Med] n varice

  • ~ , varicose vein [Med] n varice (và-)

varnish n vernisse

  • v vernissar

varnisher n vernissator

vary (1. to differ; 2. to modify, alter) v variar

  • v variar

varying, variant adj variante

  • ~ , variant adj variante (ppr of variar)

vascular (as in vascular membrane, tissue) Anat/Bot] adj vascular

  • [Anat/Bot] adj vasculose

vascularity [Anat/Bot] n vascularitate

vasculum n vasculo

vase n vaso

vasectomy n vasectomia

vaseline n vaselina

  • n vaselina

vasomotor [Anat] adj vasomotor

vassal [Hist] n vassallo

  • n vassallo

vassalage (state of being a vassal) Hist] n vassallage

  • (state of being a vassal) Hist] n vassallage (-aje)

vast (extensive in area or range) adj vaste

  • adj vaste

vastness n vastitate

vat (large vessel, tub) n cupa

  • n cupa

Vatican (1. as in Vatican Hill; 2. pertaining to the Vatican) adj vatican

  • ~ Hill n Vaticano
  • n Vaticano
  • n vaticano

vaudeville n vaudeville

  • n vaudeville F]

vault (arched ceiling or roof) n volta

  • (cover with a vault) v voltar
  • (jump) vi voltear
  • [Man] v voltear
  • n Archeol]
  • vt voltar

vaulting (act or art of) Man] n volteo

  • (act or art of) Man] n volteo (-éo)
  • n volteo

vauntery, boasting n vanteria

  • ~ , boasting n vanteria (-ìa)

veal n vitello

vector [Math] n vector

  • n vector

vectorial [Math] adj vectorial

veer v virar

vegetable (leguminous) n legumine

  • adj vegetabile
  • adj vegetabile, vegetal
  • adj vegetal, vegetabile
  • n bot
  • ~ , vegetal adj vegetal

vegetal, vegetable adj vegetal

vegetarian adj vegetarian

  • n vegetariano

vegetarianism n vegetarianismo

vegetate (1. to grow, as plants, seeds; 2. to live a merely physical life) v vegetar

  • v vegetar

vegetation (1. action of vegetating; 2. plant life, plants collectively) n vegetation

  • n vegetation

vegetative adj vegetative

vegeto-animal adj vegetoanimal

vegeto-mineral adj vegetomineral

vehemence n vehementia

vehement adj vehemente

  • ~ , impetuous adj vehemente

vehemently, strongly adv valde

vehicle n vehiculo

vehicular vehicular adj vehicular

veil (as in bridal veil) n velo

  • n velo
  • v velar

vein (1. blood vessel; 2. as in veins and arteries) n vena

  • (mining) n filon
  • [Anat] n vena
  • ~ , grain v venar
  • ~ , lode [Geol. and Mining] n filon

veined adj venate

  • ~ , veiny adj venate

veining n venatura

  • ~ , venation n venafura

veinlet, venule [Anat] n venula

veiny, veined adj venate

velar adj velar

  • v velar

velarium [Rom. Antiq] n velario

vellum n vitellino

velocimeter, speedometer n velocimetro

  • ~ , speedometer n velocimetro (-cì-)

velocipede n velocipede

  • n velocipede (-cì-)
  • ~ , dandy horse n velocifero
  • ~ , dandy horse n velocifero (-cì-)

velocipedist n velocipedista

velocity n velocitate

  • ~ , speed n velocitate

velodrome n velodromo

velvet n villuto

velveteen n velvet

  • n velvet A]
  • n villuto de coton

velvety, pruinose [Bot] adj pruinose

venal adj venal

venation, veining n venafura

vend v vender

vendetta n vendetta

vendible, salable adj vendibile

vending (- machine) n machina venditor

  • adj venditori

vendor (seller) n venditor

  • n venditor

veneer n folio de ligno

  • v incrustar de ligno ornamental

venenific, poison-producing adj venenific

venerability, venerableness n venerabilitate

venerable adj venerabile

venerableness, venerability n venerabilitate

venerate v venerar

  • ~ , revere v venerar

veneration n veneration

  • ~ , reverence n veneration

venerator n venerator

venereal adj veneree

  • ~ , aphroditic adj aphroditic

venereal-disease n maladia veneree

venery (chase hunt) n veneria

Venetia [Rom. Antiq] n Venetia

venetian (- blind) n jalousie

  • ~ blind n jalousie
  • ~ blind n jalousie F]
  • n venetiano
  • ~ , of Venice adj venetian

Venetic (language of the Veneti) n veneto

  • (language of the Veneti) n veneto (vé-)
  • (of Venetia or the Veneti) Rom. Antiq] adj venete
  • (of Venetia or the Veneti) Rom. Antiq] adj venete (vé-)

Venezia n Venetia

Venezuela [Geog] n Venezuela

  • n Venezuela

Venezuelan adj venezuelan

  • n venezuelano

vengeance n vengiantia, vindicantia

  • n vindicantia, vengiantia
  • ~ , revenge n vengiantia
  • ~ , revenge n vengiantia (-jàn-)
  • ~ , revenge n vindicantia

vengeful adj vengiative

  • ~ , vindictive adj vengiative
  • ~ , vindictive adj vengiative (-ja-)

venial adj venial

veniality n venialitate

Venice [Geog] n Venetia

  • n Venetia

venom n veneno

venomous adj venenose

  • ~ , poisonous adj venenose

venomousness n venenositate

venose, venous adj venose

venosity, venousness n venositate

venous, venose adj venose

venousness, venosity n venositate

vent (of a coat) n fissura posterior

  • (opening) n apertura, orificio
  • (opening) n orificio, apertura
  • v dar libere curso a, discargar, emitter
  • v discargar, emitter, dar libere curso a
  • v emitter, dar libere curso a, discargar

ventail n ventalio

ventilate (1. to supply with fresh air; 2. to discuss openly) v ventilar

  • v ventilar

ventilation (1. supplying with fresh air; 2. as in ventilation of one's grievance) n ventilation

  • n ventilation

ventilator n ventilator

ventose, flatulent adj ventose

ventosity, flatulence n ventositate

ventral hernia [Pathol] n eventration

ventricle [Anat] n ventriculo

  • n ventriculo

ventricular adj ventricular

ventriloquism, ventriloquy n ventriloquia

  • ~ , ventriloquy n ventriloquia (-ìa)

ventriloquist n ventriloquo

  • n ventriloquo (-trì-)

ventriloquous, ventriloquial adj ventriloque

  • ~ , ventriloquial adj ventriloque (-trì-)

venture n interprisa riscose

  • v aventurar
  • ~ , risk v aventurar

venue n loco de reunion

venule, veinlet [Anat] n venula

Venus (1. Rom. Relig]; 2. Astron]) n Venere

  • (1. Rom. Relig]; 2. Astron]) n Venus
  • (1. Rom. Relig]; 2. Astron]) n Venus (vé-)
  • (myth) n Venere, Venus
  • (myth) n Venus, Venere
  • (planet) n Venus

veracious adj verace

veracity n veracitate

  • n veridicitate
  • ~ , truthfulness n veridicitate

veranda n veranda

  • ~ , verandah n veranda

verandah, veranda n veranda

verb [Gram] n verbo

  • n verbo

verbal (1. as in a verbal contract; 2. Gram]) adj verbal

  • adj verbal
  • ~ auxiliary n verbo auxiliari

verbally adv oralmente, verbalmente

  • adv verbalmente, oralmente

verbatim adj/adv parola pro parola

verbena n verbena

verbiage n verbositate

verbose adj verbose

verbosity n verbositate

verdict n verdicto

verdure (1. fresh greenness; 2. green vegetation) n verdura

  • n verdura

verge (as in a hill verges to the north) v verger

  • (on the - of) n al bordo de
  • n bordo

verge-on v toccar a

verger n sacristano

Vergilian adj vergilian, virgilian

  • adj virgilian, vergilian

veridical, truthful adj veridic

  • ~ , truthful adj veridic (-rì-)

verifiable adj verificabile

verification n verification

  • ~ , audit n appuramento

verifier n verificator

verify (1. to confirm the truth of; 2. to test or check the correctness of) v verificar

  • v verificar
  • ~ , check, examine carefully v respicer
  • ~ , check, examine carefully v respicer -spic-/-spect-]
  • ~ , control, have under control, keep under control, check v controlar

verifying, checking (act of) n controlo

verisimilar, likely, probable adj verisimile

  • ~ , likely, probable adj verosimilante

verisimilitude, likelihood, probability n verisimilitude

  • ~ , probability n verosimilantia

verism n verismo

verist n verista

veritable adj autentic, ver

  • adj ver, autentic

vermicide n vermicida

vermiform adj vermiforme

vermifuge vermifuge (-ì-) adj vermifuge

  • v ermifuge (-ì-) adj vermifuge (-ì-)
  • ~ , anthelminthic adj anthelminthic
  • ~ , anthelminthic n anthelminthico
  • ~ , helminthic, anthelminthic n helminthico

vermilion n vermilion

  • ~ , bright red, scarlet adj vermilie

vermin n vermina

  • n vermina (vér-)

verminous (1. infested with vermin; 2. Pathol]) adj verminose

vermivorous adj vermivore

vermouth n vermut

vernacular n lingua vulgar

vernal, spring adj vernal

vernation, prefoliation, praefoliation [Bot] n prefoliation

Verrucaria [Bot] n verrucaria

verruciform, wart-shaped adj verruciforme

verrucosity n verrucositate

versatile (1. fickle, variable; 2. as in versatile genius) adj versatile

  • adj versatile

versatility n versatilitate

verse (of the Bible) n versetto

  • [Poet] n verso
  • n verso

versed sine [Geom] n flecha

  • ~ sine [Geom] n flecha (flésha)

versed-in adj versate in

versicle [Liturgy] n versetto

  • n versiculo

versification n versification

versifier n versificator

  • ~ , poetaster n poetastro
  • ~ , rhymer n rimator

versify (1. to write verse; 2. to relate in verse) v versificar

  • v poetisar

version (1. translation; 2. as in two versions of an affair) n version

  • n version

verso (reverse or left-hand page) Typog] n verso

verst n versta

  • n versta R]

versus prep contra

vertebra n vertebra

  • n vertebra (vér-)

vertebral adj vertebral

vertebrate [Zool] n vertebrato

  • adj vertebrate
  • n vertebrato

vertex (1. top, summit; 2. Anat]; 3. Math]) n vertice

  • (1. top, summit; 2. Anat]; 3. Math]) n vertice (vér-)
  • n vertice

vertical adj a plumbo, vertical

  • adj vertical
  • adj vertical, a plumbo

verticality n verticalitate

vertically adv verticalmente

verticil [Bot] n verticillo

verticillate, verticillated [Bot] adj verticillate

verticillated, verticillate [Bot] adj verticillate

verticity n verticitate

vertiginous (1. dizzy, giddy; 2. causing vertigo or giddiness; 3. whirling, rotatory) adj vertiginose

vertigo n vertigine

  • ~ , dizziness, giddiness n vertigine

veruvianite [Geol] n vesuvianite

vervain n verbena

verve n verve

very adj autentic, mesme, ver

  • adj mesme, ver, autentic
  • adj ver, autentic, mesme
  • adv multo
  • ~ best adj optime
  • ~ best adj optime (òp-)
  • ~ little adv minime
  • ~ little adv minime (mì-)
  • ~ many, very much adj permulte
  • ~ much adv permulto
  • ~ much, exceedingly adv valde
  • ~ much, very many adj permulte
  • ~ near, close adj proxime
  • ~ near, close adj proxime (pròx-)
  • ~ old adj vetuste
  • ~ small adj pusille
  • ~ small, tiny adj minime
  • ~ small, tiny adj minime (mì-)
  • ~ , exceedingly adv maxime
  • ~ , exceedingly adv maxime (màx-)

vesical adj vesical

vesicant, vesicatory adj vesicatori

  • ~ , vesicatory vesicante adj vesicante
  • ~ , vesicatory vesicante adj vesicante (pp of vesicar)

vesicate, blister [Med] v vesicar

vesicatory vesicante, vesicant adj vesicante

  • v esicante, vesicant adj vesicante (pp of vesicar)
  • ~ , vesicant adj vesicatori

vesicic (1. Anat]; 2. Med] (blister; 3. Bot]) n vesicula

vesicular (having the form or structure of a visicle) adj vesicular

vesperal, vespertine vesperal adj vesperal

vespers n vesperas

vespertinal, vespertine adj vespertin

vespertine vesperal, vesperal adj vesperal

  • ~ , vespertinal adj vespertin

vessel (container) n vasculo, vaso

  • (container) n vaso, vasculo
  • (hollow container) n vaso
  • (ship) n vascello
  • ~ , container n vasculo

vest (undershirt) n subcamisa

  • (waistcoat) n gilet
  • (woman's) n camisola
  • ~ , waistcoat n gilet
  • ~ , waistcoat n gilet F]

Vesta (1. Rom. Rel]; 2. Astron]) n Vesta

vestal (1. pertaining to Vesta; 2. pertaining to a vestal virgin) adj vestal

vested adj investite

vested-interest n interesse acquirite

vestibule n vestibulo

  • n vestibulo (-tì-)

vestige n tracia, vestigio

  • n vestigio
  • n vestigio, tracia

vestigial adj vestigial

vestment [Eccl] n vestimento

  • n vestimento

vestry n sacristia

  • ~ , sacristy n sacristia
  • ~ , sacristy n sacristia (-ìa)

Vesuvian adj vesuvian

Vesuvius n Vesuvio

vet v controlar, examinar

  • v examinar, controlar

veteran adj veteran

  • n veterano

veterinarian n veterinario

  • ~ , veterinary surgeon v veterinario

veterinary adj veterinari

  • ~ surgeon, veterinarian v veterinario

veterinary-surgeon n veterinario

veto n veto

  • v poner su veto a

vex v enoiar, vexar

  • v vexar, enoiar
  • ~ , annoy v enoiar
  • ~ , annoy, irritate v vexar

vexation n vexation

  • ~ , irritation n vexation

vexatious adj vexatori

vexer n vexator

via (by way of) prep via

  • ~ , by way of prep via

viability (capacity for living) n viabilitate

viable adj viabile

  • ~ , capable of living adj viabile

viaduct n viaducto

viaticum (1. provisions for a journey; 2. R.C.Ch]) n viatico

vibrant adj vibrante

  • adj vibrante (ppr of vibrar)

vibrate v vibrar

vibratile adj vibratile

vibrating adj palpitante, vibrante

  • adj vibrante, palpitante
  • ~ , throbbing, pulsing adj palpitante
  • ~ , throbbing, pulsing adj palpitante (ppr of palpitar)
  • ~ , vibratory adj vibratori

vibration n vibration

vibrato [Mus] n vibrato

vibrator n vibrator

vibratory, vibrating adj vibratori

vicar (1. deputy, proxy; 2. Eccl]) n vicario

  • (anglican) n parocho
  • (roman catholic) n vicario

vicarage n presbyterio

vicarial (pertaining to a vicar) adj vicarial

vicariate n vicariato

vicarious adj vicari

vice (as prefix) pref vice-

  • (evil) n vitio
  • (moral fault or failing) n vitio
  • (tool) n tenalia

vicechairman, vice-president n vicepresidente

vice-chairmanship, vice-presidency n vicepresidentia

vicennial (1. lasting twenty years; 2. occurring once in twenty years) adj vicennal

vice-presidency, vice-chairmanship n vicepresidentia

vice-president, vicechairman n vicepresidente

viceroy n vicerege

vice-versa (with the order reversed) adv vice versa

vicinity n vicinitate

  • ~ , neighborhood (1. nearness; 2. region, surroundings) n vicinitate

vicious (cruel) adj atroce, cruel

  • (cruel) adj cruel, atroce
  • (wicked) adj perverse, vitiose
  • (wicked) adj vitiose, perverse
  • ~ , depraved, wicked adj vitiose

vicious-circle n circulo vitiose

viciousness n perversitate, vitiositate

  • n vitiositate, perversitate

vicissitude (as in after many vicissitudes) n vicissitude

victim (of an accident) n sinistrato

  • n victima
  • n victima (vìc-)

victimization n represalias

victimize v prender represalias contra

victor n victor

  • n victor, vincitor
  • n vincitor
  • n vincitor, victor

victorian adj victorian

  • n victoriano

victorious adj victoriose

victory n victoria

victual, provision v victualiar

victuals, provisions n victualia

video n video

video-camera n videocamera

video-cassette n videocassetta

video-disc n videodisco

video-film n videofilm

video-frequency n videofrequentia

video-library n videotheca

video-recorder n videoregistrator

video-tape n banda magnetic video

vie v rivalisar

Vienna n Vienna

Vietnam [Geog] n Vietnam

vietnamese adj vietnamese

view (1. sight; 2. things seen; 3. mental picture) n vista

  • (in - of) phr in vista de
  • (landscape) n panorama
  • (opinion) n opinion
  • n Gen]
  • v examinar, inspectar, vider
  • v inspectar, vider, examinar
  • v vider, examinar, inspectar
  • ~ with contempt, contemn v contemner
  • ~ with contempt, contemn v contemner -ternn-/-tempt-]

viewer (of television) n telespectator

  • n spectator

viewfinder n visor

viewpoint n puncto de vista

vigesimal adj vigesimal

vigil (1. wakefulness; 2. wakeful attention, watch; 3. eve of a festival) n vigilia

  • n vigilia

vigilance n vigilantia

  • ~ , watchfulness n vigilantia

vigilant adj vigilante

  • ~ , watchful adj vigilante
  • ~ , watchful adj vigilante (ppr of vigilar)

vignette n vignette

  • n vignette F]

vigor n galliardia

  • n galliardia (-ìa)
  • n vigor
  • ~ , robustness n validitate
  • ~ , vigour n energia, vigor
  • ~ , vigour n vigor, energia

vigorous adj energic, vigorose

  • adj vigorose
  • adj vigorose, energic
  • ~ , flourishing, healthy adj vegete
  • ~ , flourishing, healthy adj vegete (vé-)
  • ~ , hardy, hearty adj galliarde

vigorously adv energicamente, vigorosemente

  • adv vigorosemente, energicamente

Viking adj/n viking, vikingo

  • ~ adj/n vikingo, viking

vilayet n vilayet

  • n vilayet Tu]

vile action, villainy n villania

  • ~ action, villainy n villania (-ìa)
  • adj infame, vil
  • adj vil, infame
  • ~ , base adj vil
  • ~ , infamous, villainous adj villan
  • ~ , vituperable, reprehensible adj vituperabile

vileness n vilitate

  • ~ , baseness n vilitate

vilification n denigration, vilification

  • n vilification
  • n vilification, denigration

vilify v vilificar

vilipend, hold cheap, despise v vilipender

villa (roman) n villa

  • n villa

village n village

  • n village (-aje)
  • ~ , hamlet n vico

villager n habitante de un village

  • ~ , rustic n villano

villain n scelerato, villano

  • n villano, scelerato
  • ~ , scoundrel n villano
  • ~ , scoundrel, wretch n scelerato

villainous adj scelerate

  • ~ , scoundrelly adj scelerate
  • ~ , vile, infamous adj villan

villainy n villania

  • ~ , vile action n villania
  • ~ , vile action n villania (-ìa)
  • ~ , wickedness n sceleratessa

villein [Hist] n villano

villeinage, villenage (status of a villein) Hist] n villanage

  • ~ , villenage (status of a villein) Hist] n villanage (-aje)

villenage, villeinage (status of a villein) Hist] n villanage

  • ~ , villeinage (status of a villein) Hist] n villanage (-aje)

villosity, hairiness n villositate

villous, hairy adj villose

Vilna, Wilno n Vilna

  • ~ , Wilno n Vilna Lithuanian]
  • ~ , Wilno n Wilno
  • ~ , Wilno n Wilno Polish]

vim n energia, vigor

  • n vigor, energia

Vincentian, Lazarist [R.C.Ch] n lazarista

vincible, vanquishable adj vincibile

vindicable (that can or deserves to be vindicated) adj vindicabile

vindicate [Law] v vindicar

  • v justificar
  • ~ , reclaim v revindicar

vindication n justification

vindictive adj rancorose, vengiative, vindicative

  • adj vengiative, vindicative, rancorose
  • adj vindicative
  • adj vindicative, rancorose, vengiative
  • ~ , vengeful adj vengiative
  • ~ , vengeful adj vengiative (-ja-)

vindictiveness n rancor, spirito de vengiantia

  • n spirito de vengiantia, rancor

vine n vite

  • ~ , grapevine n vite

vinegar factory n vinagreria

  • ~ factory n vinagreria (-ìa)
  • ~ maker or dealer n vinagrero
  • n aceto
  • n vinagre
  • ~ , season with vinegar v vinagrar

vineyard n vinia

vinic adj vinic

viniculture n vinicultura

vinification n vinification

vinosity (quality of being vinous) n vinositate

vinous adj vinose

vintage n vendemia

  • n vindemia

vintager n vindemiator

vinyl adj/n vinyl

Viola [Bot] n viola

  • [Mus] n viola
  • n viola

violable adj violabile

Violaceae [Bot] n violaceas

violaceous (1. violet, violet-colored; 2. of the Violaceae) adj violacee

violate (1. to violate a law, rule; 2. to violate a sacred place; 3. to rape) v violar

  • v infringer, violar
  • v violar, infringer
  • ~ , violated adj violate
  • ~ , violated adj violate (pp of violar)

violated, violate adj violate

  • ~ , violate adj violate (pp of violar)

violation (1. violation of a law, rule; 2. violation of a sacred place; 3. rape) n violation

  • n violation

violator n violator

violence n violentia

violent adj violente

  • ~ anger, rage n rage
  • ~ anger, rage n rage (raje)

violet (color violet) n violetto

  • (colour) n violetto
  • (flower) n viola
  • [Bot] n violetta
  • adj violette

violin n violino

violinist n violinista

violist n violista

violoncellist n violoncellista

violoncello n violoncello

  • n violoncello I]

viper n vipera

  • n vipera (vì-)

viperine, viperous adj viperin

viperous, viperine adj viperin

virago n viragine

virgin adj/n virgine

  • ~ Islands (British - Islands) n Insulas Virgine
  • n virgine
  • ~ , virginal adj virgine

virginal adj virginal

  • ~ , virgin adj virgine

Virginia (State of) n Virginia

Virginian (native or inhabitant of Virginia) n virginiano

  • (pertaining to Virginia) adj virginian

virginity n flor

  • n virginitate

Virgo n astrol

virile adj viril

virility (1. potency; 2. maculinity, manliness) n virilitate

  • n virilitate

virose, poisonous adj virose

virtual adj virtual

virtuality n virtualitate

virtualize n usar con equipa de realitate virtual, virtualisar

  • n virtualisar, usar con equipa de realitate virtual

virtually adv virtualmente

virtue (1. active property, potency; 2. moral excellence; 3. chastity in awoman; 4. Theol] (one of the orders of celestial beings) n virtute

  • n virtute

virtuosity (great skill in the methods of an art, especially music) n virtuositate

virtuoso (person skilled in the methods of an art, especially music) n virtuoso

  • n virtuoso

virtuous (1. having or exhibiting moral virtue; 2. efficacious, potent) adj virtuose

  • adj virtuose

virulence, virulency n virulentia

virulency, virulence n virulentia

virulent (1. Bacteriol]; 2. as in virulent invective) adj virulente

  • adj virulente

virus [Pathol] n virus

  • [Pathol] n virus (vì-)
  • n virus

visa n visa

  • ~ , visé n visa

visage, countenance, face n visage

  • ~ , countenance, face n visage (-aje)

vis-à-vis, opposite, face to face adv vis-à-vis

  • ~ -à-vis, opposite, face to face adv vis-à-vis F]

viscid adj lente

viscidity n lentor

viscosity n viscositate

viscount n viceconte

viscountcy n vicecontato

viscountess n vicecontessa

viscous adj viscose

vise, clamp, tongs, pincers, nippers n tenalia

  • ~ , visa n visa

visibility n visibilitate

visible adj visibile

vision n vision

  • n vision, viso
  • n viso, vision
  • ~ , sight (power of seeing) n viso

visionary adj phantastic, visionari

  • adj visionari
  • adj visionari, phantastic
  • n phantasta, visionario
  • n visionario
  • n visionario, phantasta
  • ~ , fantast n phantasta

visit n visita

  • n visita (vì-)
  • v visitar

visitant, visitor n visitante

visitation n visitation

visitor n visitante, visitator

  • n visitator, visitante
  • ~ , caller n visitator
  • ~ , visitant n visitante

visor (1. of a helmet; 2. of a cap) n visiera

vista n perspectiva, prospecto, vista

  • n prospecto, vista, perspectiva
  • n vista, perspectiva, prospecto

Vistula n Vistula

  • n Vistula (vìs-)
  • n vistula, wisla
  • n wisla, vistula

visual (pertaining to the sense of sight) adj visual

  • adj visual

visualize v facer se le imagine de, visualisar

  • v visualisar, facer se le imagine de

visually adv visualmente

vital (essential) adj capital, essential

  • (essential) adj essential, capital
  • (relative to life) adj vital
  • adj vital

vitalism [Philos/Biol] n vitalismo

vitalist n vitalista

vitality n vitalitate

vitally adv essentialmente, vitalmente

  • adv vitalmente, essentialmente

vitamin n vitamina

  • ~ , vitaminic adj vitaminic

vitaminic, vitamin adj vitaminic

vitaminize v vitaminisar

vitaminology n vitaminologia

  • n vitaminologia (-ìa)

vitelligenous, vitellogenous (producing the yolk or vitellus) adj vitelligene

vitelline (pertaining to the vitellus) adj vitellin

vitellogenous, vitelligenous (producing the yolk or vitellus) adj vitelligene

vitellus [Embryol] n vitello

vitiation n vitiation

viticultural adj viticole

viticulture n viticultura

viticulturist viticola, winegrower (-tì-) n viticola

  • v iticola, winegrower (-tì-) n viticola (-tì-)
  • ~ , wine grower n viticultor

vitrcous (1. of, pertaining to, or derived from, glass; 2. glassy, resembling glass) adj vitree

vitreous (1. of, pertaining to, derived from, glass; 2 . glassy) adj vitrose

  • adj vitrose

vitrifaction, vitrification n vitrification

vitrifiable adj vitrificabile

vitrification, vitrifaction n vitrification

vitrify v vitrificar

vitriol [Chem] n vitriolo

vitriolic adj vitriolic

vitriolize (convert into vitriol) v vitriolisar

vituperable, reprehensible, vile adj vituperabile

vituperate v vituperar

vituperation n vituperation

vituperative adj vituperative

vituperator n vituperator

vivacious adj vivace

vivaciousness, vivacity n vivacitate

vivacity n animation, vivacitate

  • n vivacitate, animation
  • ~ , vivaciousness n vivacitate

viva-voce n examine oral

vivid adj vivide

vividness n intensitate, vivacitate

  • n vivacitate, intensitate

vivification n vivification

vivifier n vivificator

vivify v vivificar

  • ~ , revive v avivar

vivifying adj vivific

  • ~ , reviving (action of) n avivamento

viviparous (producing living young) adj vivipare

vivisection n vivisection

vivisectionist n vivisectionista

vixen n Amer

  • n vulpe feminin

vizier n vesir

  • n vesir Tu]

vizierate n vesirato

vocable, word n vocabulo

vocabulary (1. list of words with their meanings; 2. stock of words used by a person, class of people, profession) n vocabulario

  • n vocabulario

vocal (pertaining to voice or speech) adj vocal

  • adj vocal

vocal-chords n chordas vocal

vocalic adj vocalic

vocalism (system of vowels) n vocalismo

vocalist [Fem] cantatrice

  • n cantator

vocalization (1. act of changing into a vowel; 2. Mus]) n vocalisation

vocalizer [Mus] n vocalisator

vocalizing, exercise in vocalization [Mus] n vocaliso

vocally adv vocalmente

vocation (1. divine call; 2. action or activity aperson feels called upon to perform) n vocation

  • n profession, vocation
  • n vocation, profession

vocative adj vocative

  • ~ case, vocative [Gram] n vocativo
  • ~ , vocative case [Gram] n vocativo

vociferate, bawl v vociferar

vociferation n vociferation

vociferator n vociferator

vociferous adj vociferante

vodka n vodka

  • n vodka R]

vogue n voga

voice (1. as in human voice; 2. Gram]) n voce

  • n voce
  • v exprimer
  • v teleph

voiceless, aphonic adj aphone

  • ~ , aphonic adj aphonic

void adj casse, nulle

  • adj nulle, casse
  • n vacuo
  • ~ , null adj casse
  • ~ , nullified [Law] adj irrite
  • ~ , nullified [Law] adj irrite (ìr-)

voidable adj annihilabile

  • adj annullabile

voiding, annulment n annihilation

Volapük [Interling] n volapük

  • [Interling] n volapük Vol]
  • n IAL]

Volapükism [Interling] n volapükismo

Volapükist [Interling] n volapükista

volatile adj volatile

volatility n volatilitate

volatilization n volatilisation

volatilize v volatilisar

volcanic adj vulcanic

volcanism [Geol] n vulcanismo

volcanization [Gcol] n vulcanisation

volcanize [Geol] v vulcanisar

volcano n vulcano

vole, fieldmouse [Zool] n campaniol

Volga n Volga

volition n volition

volitional, volitive adj volitive

volitive, volitional adj volitive

volley (as in to fire a volley) n salva

  • n salva

volt [Elec] n volt

  • [Man] n volta
  • n volt

voltage n voltage

  • n voltage (-aje)

voltaic adj voltaic

  • adj voltaic (-àic)

voltaism n voltaismo

  • n voltaismo (-ìmo)

voltameter n voltametro

  • n voltametro (-tà-)

voltampere n voltampere

  • n voltampere (-pér)

voltmeter n voltimetro

  • n voltimetro (-ìmetro)

volubility, volubleness n volubilitate

voluble (1. apt to roll; 2. Bot]; 3. glib, garrulous) adj volubile

  • adj volubile

volubleness, volubility n volubilitate

volume (1. as in a work in three volumes; 2. space occupied, compass) n volumine

  • (book) n tomo
  • (section of a work in several volumes, as in four volumes in three) n tomo
  • n volumine
  • ~ or contents of a cylinder n cylindrata

voluminous adj voluminose

voluntariate, voluntary service [Mil] n voluntariato

voluntarily adv sponte, voluntarimente

  • adv voluntarimente, sponte
  • ~ , willingly adv sponte

voluntary adj voluntari

  • ~ service, voluntariate [Mil] n voluntariato

volunteer [Mil] n voluntario

  • n voluntario

voluptuary n voluptuario

  • ~ , voluptuous adj voluptuari

voluptuous adj voluptuari, voluptuose

  • adj voluptuose
  • adj voluptuose, voluptuari
  • ~ , voluptuary adj voluptuari

voluptuousness n voluptuositate

volute (1. Arch]; 2. Zool] (any kind of gasteropods) n voluta

volvulus [Med] n volvulo

vomica [Med] n vomica

  • [Med] n vomica (vò-)

vomiitorium, vomitory [Arch] n vomitorio

vomit n vomito

  • v vomir
  • v vomitar
  • ~ , vomiting n vomito
  • ~ , vomiting n vomito (vò-)

vomiter n vomitator

vomiting fire, ignivomous adj ignivome

  • ~ fire, ignivomous adj ignivome (-ì-)
  • ~ , vomit n vomito
  • ~ , vomit n vomito (vò-)

vomitive, vomitory adj vomic

  • ~ , vomitory adj vomitive

vomitory, emetic n vomitivo

  • ~ , vomiitorium [Arch] n vomitorio
  • ~ , vomitive adj vomic
  • ~ , vomitive adj vomitive

vomiturition [Mcd] n vomiturition

voracious adj vorace

  • ~ , edacious adj edace

voraciousness, voracity n voracitate

voracity, edacity n edacitate

  • ~ , voraciousness n voracitate

vortex n vortice

  • ~ , whirlpool n vortice
  • ~ , whirlpool n vortice (vòr-)

vortical, vorticose adj vorticose

vorticose, vortical adj vorticose

Vosgian (pertaining to the Vosges Mountains) adj vosgian

vote (1. to cast a vote; 2. to approve, determine, or grant by a vote) v votar

  • (as in to cast a vote) n voto
  • (casting ~) n. phr voto decisive/preponderante
  • (for) v suffragar
  • (individual's) n suffragio
  • ~ by ballot v scrutiniar
  • n scrutinio, voto, votation
  • n votation, scrutinio, voto
  • n voto, votation, scrutinio
  • v votar
  • ~ , suffrage n suffragio

vote-down v repeller per votation

vote-of-censure n motion de censura

vote-of-confidence n motion/voto de confidentia

vote-of-thanks n voto de gratia

voter n elector, votante

  • n votante
  • n votante, elector
  • ~ , elector n elector

voting ballot (voting paper) n ballotta, scheda de votation

  • ~ ballot (voting paper) n scheda de votation, ballotta
  • ~ booth n cabina de votation
  • n votation
  • ~ station n centro de votation

votive adj votive

vouch v responder

  • v responder (de un cosa;pro un persona)

voucher n bono, pecia justificative

  • n pecia justificative, bono

vow (1. to promise solemnly; 2. to dedicate) v votar

  • (solemn promise) n voto
  • n voto
  • v votar

vowel n vocal

voyage n viage

  • n viage (marin)
  • v viagiar
  • v viagiar (per mar)

voyager n viagiator

Vulcan [Rom. Relig] n Vulcano

Vulcanian adj vulcanie

  • ~ , Vulcanic adj vulcanic

Vulcanic, Vulcanian adj vulcanic

vulcanization [Technol] n vulcanisation

vulcanize [Technol] v vulcanisar

  • v vulcanisar

vulgar (1. of the common people; 2. low, coarse) adj vulgar

  • (in poor taste) adj de mal gusto, trivial
  • (in poor taste) adj trivial, de mal gusto
  • (of the people) adj vulgar

vulgarism (1. vulgarity; 2. vulgar phrase or expression) n vulgarismo

vulgarity (commonness) n vulgaritate

  • (poor taste) n mal gusto, trivialitate
  • (poor taste) n trivialitate, mal gusto
  • n vulgaritate
  • ~ , coarseness n trivialitate

vulgarization n vulgarisation

vulgarize v vulgarisar

vulgarizer n vulgarisator

vulgate [Bib] n vulgata

  • [Theol] n Vulgata
  • [Theol] n Vulgata L]

vulgo, commonly adv vulgo

  • ~ , commonly adv vulgo L]

vulgus, common people n vulgo

vulnerabiility n vulnerabilitate

vulnerability n vulnerabilitate

vulnerable adj vulnerabile

vulnerary (vulnerary remedy) n vulneraria

  • adj vulnerari

vulpine (1. pertaining to a fox; 2. foxy) adj vulpin

vulture n vulture

vulturine adj vulturin