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u (letter ~) n littera u

  • ~ .F.O Abbrev o.v.n.
  • ~ .F.O Abbrev o.v.n. (objecto volante non identificate)
  • ~ .N Abbrev O.N.U.
  • ~ .N Abbrev O.N.U. (Organisation del Nationes Unite)
  • ~ .N.E.S.C.O Abbrev U.N.E.S.C.O.
  • ~ .N.E.S.C.O Abbrev U.N.E.S.C.O. (ramo educational del O.N.U.)
  • ~ .S (- citizen) n citatano american, statounitese
  • ~ .S (- citizen) n statounitese, citatano american
  • ~ .S [Geog] Abbrev Statos Unite
  • ~ .S [Geog] Abbrev Statos Unite (de America)
  • ~ .S.A. n U.S.A.
  • ~ .S.A. n U.S.A. A]
  • ~ .S.S.R [Geog] Abbrev U.R.S.S.
  • ~ .S.S.R. n U.R.S.S.

ubication, location (fact of being located in a certain place) n ubication

ubiquitous (being everywhere) adj ubique

ubiquitousness n ubiquitate

udder n ubere

  • ~ ubere n ubere

Uganda [Geog] n Uganda

ugliness n feditate

  • ~ , homeliness n feditate

ugly adj fede, repulsive

  • adj repulsive, fede
  • ~ , homely adj fede

ukase (Rus) n ukaz

  • n ukaz
  • n ukaz R]

Ukraine [Geog] n Ukraina

  • n Ukraina

Ukrainian (1. native of the Ukraine; 2. Ukrainian language) n ukrainiano

  • adj ukrainian
  • n ukrainiano

ukulele n ukulele

ulcer [Med] n ulcere

  • n ulcere

ulcerate (affect with ulcers) v ulcerar

  • v ulcerar

ulcerated adj ulcerose

ulceration [Med] n ulceration

ulcerous (1. having the nature of an ulcer; 2. ulcerated) adj ulcerose

ulmaceous [Bot] adj ulmacee

ulmic [Chem] adj ulmic

ulmin [Chem] n ulmina

Ulster n Ulster

  • n Ulster A]

ulterior adj ulterior

  • ~ , situated beyond, thither adj ulterior

ultimate adj ultimate

  • adj ultimate (pp of ultimar)

ultimatum n ultimatum

  • n ultimatum NL]

ultramarine (blue) adj ultramarin

ultramontane (1. transmontane; 2. R.C.Ch]) adj ultramontan

ultramontanism n ultramontanismo

ultrasonic adj ultrasonic

ultraviolet adj ultraviolette

ululate, howl v ulular

ululation, howling n ululation

Ulysses [Gr. Mythol] n Ulysses

  • [Gr. Mythol] n Ulysses (-lìs-)

umbel [Bot] n umbella

umbellate [Bot] adj umbellate

umbelliferous [Bot] adj umbellifere

umbelliform [Bot] adj umbelliforme

umber (1. Mineral]; 2. the color umber) n umbra

umbilical adj umbilical

umbilical-cord n funiculo

umbilicate adj umbilicate

umbilicus, navel [Anat] n umbilico

  • ~ , navel [Anat] n umbilico (-ìco)

umbrage (take ~) v offender se

  • (take ~) v offender se (de;pro)
  • n umbra

umbrageous, shady adj umbratile

  • ~ , shady adj umbrose

umbrella (cloth-covered frame used for protection against rain or sun) n umbrella

  • n parapluvia

Umbria n Umbria

Umbrian (1. inhabitant of Umbria; 2. Umbrian dialect) n umbro

  • adj umbre

umbriferous adj umbrifere

umbrina, umbrine [Zool] n umbrina

umbrine, umbrina [Zool] n umbrina

umpire n arbitro

  • v arbitrar

umpteen adj io non sape quante, multissime

  • adj multissime, io non sape quante

un- (negative prefix) w/ adj il-l..., ir-r..., im-p... im-m..., in-...

  • ~ - (negative prefix) w/ adj im-p... im-m..., in-..., il-l..., ir-r...
  • ~ - (negative prefix) w/ adj in-..., il-l..., ir-r..., im-p... im-m...
  • ~ - (negative prefix) w/ adj ir-r..., im-p... im-m..., in-..., il-l...
  • ~ - (negative prefix) w/ verbs dis-

unabated adj sin diminution

unable adj incapace, inhabile

  • adj inhabile, incapace

unabridged (not shortened) adj non abbreviate

  • (of edition) adj integral

unacceptable adj inacceptabile

unaccompanied (alone) adj sol

  • adj mus

unaccountable adj inexplicabile

unaccustomed (not used to) adj non accostumate, pauco habituate

  • (not used to) adj pauco habituate, non accostumate
  • (unusual) adj insolite
  • adj inaccostumate
  • ~ , unusual adj insolite
  • ~ , unusual adj insolite (-sò-)

unacquainted (be ~) adj non cognoscer

unadoptable adj inadoptabile

unadulterated adj non adulterate, pur

  • adj pur, non adulterate

unadvisable adj pauco consiliabile

unaffected (sincere) adj sin affectation, sincer

  • (sincere) adj sincer, sin affectation
  • (without alteration) adj inalterabile

unaided adj sin adjuta

unalterable adj inalterabile

unaltered adj non alterate

unambiguity, unambiguousness n inambiguitate

unambiguous adj inambigue

unambiguousness, unambiguity n inambiguitate

unambitious adj sin ambition

unanimity n unanimitate

unanimous adj unanime

  • adj unanime (-ànime)

unanswered (not replied to) adj sin responsa

  • (of argument) adj irrefutabile
  • (of prayer) adj non exaudite

unappealable adj inappellabile

unappeasable, inappeasable adj inappaciabile

unappreciated adj inappreciate

unapproachable adj inaccessibile

unarmed adj sin armas

unashamed adj sin vergonia

unassailable, impregnable adj inexpugnabile

  • ~ , unattackable adj inattaccabile

unassuming adj modeste, sin pretensiones

  • adj sin pretensiones, modeste

unattackable, unassailable adj inattaccabile

unattractive adj non attractive

unauthentic, inauthentic adj inauthentic

unauthenticity, inauthenticity n inauthenticitate

unauthorized adj illicite, non autorisate

  • adj non autorisate, illicite

unavoidable (that cannot be declined or refused) adj indeclinabile

  • adj inevitabile

unaware adj ignorante, inconsciente

  • adj inconsciente, ignorante

unawares adv inconsciemente, per inadvertentia

  • adv per inadvertentia, inconsciemente

unbalance, throw out of balance v disequilibrar

unbalanced (unsteady, unstable) adj disequilibrate

  • (unsteady, unstable) adj disequilibrate (pp of disequilibrar)
  • adj disequilibrate, instabile
  • adj instabile, disequilibrate

unbearable adj insupportabile, intolerabile

  • adj intolerabile, insupportabile
  • ~ , insufferable adj insuffribile
  • ~ , insupportable adj insupportabile

unbecoming adj incongrue, indecorose

  • adj indecorose, incongrue

unbelievable adj incredibile

unbelieving miscredente, miscreant adj miscredente

unbend v facer se affabile

unbending adj inflexibile

unbiased adj impartial

unbidden adj non invitate

unbind v disligar

unbinding (act of) n disligamento

unblemished adj immaculate

unborn adj futur, non ancora nate

  • adj non ancora nate, futur
  • adj nonnate

unbox, unpack v discassar

  • ~ , unpack v disincassar

unboxing, unpacking n disincassamento

unbreakable adj infrangibile

unbreakableness n infrangibilitate

unbridle (a horse) v disfrenar

  • v disbridar

unburden v discargar

  • ~ , relieve v discargar

unburdening, relief n discarga

unbutton (a coat) v disbuttonar

  • v disbuttonar

uncalled-for adj gratuite, non meritate, sin excusa

  • ~ -for adj non meritate, sin excusa, gratuite
  • ~ -for adj sin excusa, gratuite, non meritate

uncanny (disturbing) adj inquietante

  • (mysterious) adj extraordinari, mysteriose
  • (mysterious) adj mysteriose, extraordinari

uncared (- for) adj neglecte

unceasing adj incessante

unceremonious adj inceremoniose

uncertain (1. not ohjectively certain; 2. not convinced) adj incerte

  • adj incerte, insecur
  • adj insecur, incerte
  • ~ , unsure (1. doubting; 2. doubtful) adj insecur

uncertainty (1. objective uncertainty; 2. incertitude, doubt) n incertitude

  • n incertitude

unchallenged adj incontestate

unchanged adj sempre le mesme, sin alteration

  • adj sin alteration, sempre le mesme

uncharitable adj incaritabile

unchaste, lewd adj inceste

unchecked (free) adj libere

  • (not bridled) adj non frenate
  • (not verified, not under control) adj non controlate
  • (of figures) adj non verificate
  • adv sin freno

uncial adj uncial

unciform, hook-shaped n unciforme

uncinate adj uncinate

uncircumcised adj incircumcise

uncivil adj incivil

unclaimable adj inexigibile

uncle n avunculo

  • n oncle

unclean (1. dirty, filthy; 2. ceremonially unclean) adj immunde

  • adj immunde, impur
  • adj impur, immunde

unclear adj pauco clar

unclothed adj nude, sin vestimentos

  • adj sin vestimentos, nude

uncoil v disinrolar

  • v disinrolar (se)

uncolored, colorless adj incolor

uncomfortable (of chairs) adj non confortabile

  • (of heat) adj incommode
  • (of mind) adj inquiete

uncommon adj insolite, rar, pauco commun

  • adj pauco commun, insolite, rar
  • adj rar, pauco commun, insolite

uncompromising adj intransigente

  • ~ , intransigent adj intransigente

unconcealed adj aperte, non dissimulate, non celate

  • adj non celate, aperte, non dissimulate
  • adj non dissimulate, non celate, aperte

unconcern n indifferentia

unconcerned adj indifferente

unconditional adj inconditional

unconditionally adv inconditionalmente

unconfirmed adj non confirmate

uncongenial adj incongenial

unconnected adj disjuncte, sin connexion

  • adj sin connexion, disjuncte

unconscionable adj excessive, irrationabile

  • adj irrationabile, excessive

unconscious (without consciousness) adj inconsciente

  • ~ adj/n inconsciente

unconsciousness n inconscientia

  • n inconscientia, insensibilitate
  • n insensibilitate, inconscientia

unconsidered, rash adj inconsiderate

unconsoled, disconsolate adj disconsolate

  • ~ , disconsolate adj inconsolate

unconstitutional adj anticonstitutional

  • adj inconstitutional

unconstitutionality n inconstitutionalitate

unconstrained, free in speech or manner, easy adj disinvolte

unconstraint, freedom in speech or manner, ease n disinvoltura

uncontaminated, incontaminate adj incontaminate

uncontested adj incontestate, inconteste

  • adj inconteste, incontestate

uncontrollable (cannot be verified or controlled) adj incontrolabile

  • (of child) adj ingovernabile
  • ~ , ungovernable adj ingovernabile

unconventional adj original, pauco conventional

  • adj pauco conventional, original

unconventionally adv pauco conventionalmente

unconvinced adj non convincite

unconvincing adj pauco convincente

uncooked adj crude uncork discorcar

uncork v discorcar

uncouple v disaccopular

uncouth adj grossier, rude

  • adj rude, grossier

uncover (remove top) v levar le coperculo de

  • (reveal) v discoperir, revelar
  • (reveal) v revelar, discoperir
  • v discoperir
  • v discoperir -per-/-pert-]
  • ~ , detect v deteger
  • ~ , detect v deteger -teg-/-tect-]
  • ~ , expose the foot or roots (of a tree, tooth) v discalcear

uncritical adj disproviste de senso critic, pauco exigente

  • adj pauco exigente, disproviste de senso critic

uncrown, dethrone v discoronar

unction (1. act of anointing; 2. unctuousness) n unction

unctuosity, unctuousness n unctuositate

unctuous (1. oily, greasy; 2. oily, suave) adj unctuose

unctuousness, unctuosity n unctuositate

uncultivated, untilled adj inculte

uncultured adj inculte

  • ~ , untutored adj inculte

uncurl (cause to uncurl) v disbuclar

uncut adj non taliate

undamaged (unharmed) adj intacte

  • adj Commer]
  • ~ , uninjured, unharmed adj indemne

undated adj sin data

undaunted adj intrepide, non territe

  • adj non territe, intrepide

undebatable adj indiscutibile

undecided adj indecise, non resolvite

  • adj non resolvite, indecise
  • ~ , indecisive (1. inconclusive, unsettled; 2. irresolute, hesitating) adj indecise

undecipherable adj illegibile, indecifrabile

  • adj indecifrabile, illegibile

undefeated adj invicte

undefinable adj indefinibile

undelivered adj non livrate

undemonstrable adj indemonstrabile

undeniable adj indenegabile

under (according to) prep conforme a, secundo

  • (according to) prep secundo, conforme a
  • (beneath) prep infra, sub
  • (beneath) prep sub, infra
  • (put ~) v poner sub
  • adv infra
  • ~ the circumstances (accordingly) adv ita
  • ~ , below, beneath prep sub

under-anesthesia prep. phr sub anesthesia

under-carriage n carro de atterrage

under-charge v facer pagar minus que le precio juste

under-clothes n subvestimentos

under-coat n prime application

under-cover adj clandestin

under-cut v vender minus car que

under-developed adj subdeveloppate

underdog n oppresso

under-done (of beef) adj al sanguine

  • ~ -done (undercooked) adj pauco cocite

under-estimate (despise) v minuspreciar

  • ~ -estimate n estimation insufficiente
  • ~ -estimate v subestimar

under-foot adv sub le pedes

under-go v suffrer

under-graduate n studente

under-ground (rr) n metro

  • ~ -ground (rr) n subterraneo
  • ~ -ground adj subterranee
  • ~ passage, underground room, basement n subterraneo

under-growth n arbustos basse, boscage

  • ~ -growth n boscage, arbustos basse

under-hand adj clandestin

underline v sublinear

  • ~ -line v sublinear

under-ling adj subordinato

under-lying adj fundamental, subjacente

  • ~ -lying adj subjacente, fundamental

under-mentioned adj mentionate infra

under-mine (sap) v minar

  • ~ -mine (weaken) v injuriar, ruinar
  • ~ -mine (weaken) v ruinar, injuriar
  • v minar
  • ~ , sap v sappar

undermining, sapping n sappamento

underneath adv infra

  • prep sub

undernourish v subalimentar

under-nourished adj subalimentate

undernourishment n subalimentation

under-pants n calceones

under-pass n passage inferior

under-pay v pagar mal

under-pin v appoiar

under-privileged adj economicamente debile, povre

  • ~ -privileged adj povre, economicamente debile

under-rate v subestimar

  • ~ -rate v subestimar (le importantia de)

underscore v sublinear

undersell n vender minus car

undershirt n subcamisa

  • ~ -shirt n subcamisa

undersigned adj subsignate

  • n subsignato

under-skirt n subgonnella

  • ~ , petticoat, slip n subgonnella

under-staffed adv con personal insufficiente

understand v comprender, intender

  • v intender, comprender
  • ~ , apprehend v intender
  • ~ , apprehend v intender -tend-/-tent-/-tens-]

understandability, apprehensibility n apprehensibilitate

understandable, apprehensible adj apprehensibile

  • ~ , comprehensible adj comprehensibile
  • ~ , comprehensible adj comprensibile

understanding (ability to understand) n intendimento

  • (agreement) n accordo
  • (comprehension) n intelligentia
  • n intelligentia

understate v minimisar

understatement n attenuation del veritate, declaration insufficiente

  • n declaration insufficiente, attenuation del veritate

understudy n substituto

undertake v interprender

  • ~ -take v interprender
  • v interprender -prend-/-pris-]

under-taker n director de pompas funebre

  • ~ , entrepreneur (one who undertakes something) n interprenditor

under-taking (firm) n interprisa

  • ~ -taking (promise) n promissa
  • ~ , enterprise n interprisa

under-tone n voce basse

under-value v subestimar, subvalutar

  • ~ -value v subvalutar, subestimar

under-water adj submarin

under-wear n subvestimentos

under-world n basse fundos del societate

underwriter, insurer, assurer n assecurator

undescribable adj indescriptibile

undeserved adj immeritate

undeserved-kindness n benevolentia immeritate, gratia, mercede

  • ~ -kindness n gratia, mercede, benevolentia immeritate
  • ~ -kindness n mercede, benevolentia immeritate, gratia

undesirable adj indesiderabile

  • adj indesirabile

undetected adj non discoperite

undetermined (1. indeterminate; 2. irresolute) adj indeterminate

undeterred adj intimidate, non discoragiate

  • adj non discoragiate, intimidate

undeveloped adj non disveloppate

undignified adj indecorose, sin dignitate

  • adj sin dignitate, indecorose

undiluted (not thinned down) adj concentrate, indiluite

  • (not thinned down) adj indiluite, concentrate
  • adj Fig]

undine n undina

undiplomatic adj pauco diplomatic

undisciplined adj indisciplinate

  • ~ troops n soldatesca

undiscriminating adj sin discernimento

undisguised (not changed in appearance) adj non disguisate

  • (open) adj aperte, franc, non dissimulate
  • (open) adj franc, non dissimulate, aperte
  • (open) adj non dissimulate, aperte, franc

undismayed adj impavide, non discoragiate, sin pavor

  • adj non discoragiate, sin pavor, impavide
  • adj sin pavor, impavide, non discoragiate

undisputed adj incontestate

undistinguishable adj non distinguibile

undistinguished adj mediocre

undisturbed adj non disturbate

undivided adj indivise

  • adj indivise, integre
  • adj integre, indivise

undo (1. to unfasten; 2. to destroy) v disfacer

  • (1. to unfasten; 2. to destroy) v disfacer -fac-/-fact-]
  • (ruin) v perder
  • v disfacer
  • ~ , ruin v perder

undoing n disfacta

  • n perdition, ruina
  • n ruina, perdition

undouble, unfold v disduplar

undoubling, unfolding (action of) n disduplamento

undoubted adj indubitate

undreamt (- of) adj inimaginabile

undress (a person) v disvestir

  • v disvestir
  • v disvestir (se)

undrinkable adj imbibibile

  • adj non potabile

undue adj excessive, illegitime

  • adj illegitime, excessive

undulate v undular

  • ~ , wave (1. to move in, or like, waves; 2. to impart a wavy appearance to) v undular

undulating adj undulate

  • ~ , wavy adj undulate
  • ~ , wavy adj undulate (pp of undular)

undulation (1. waving motion; 2. wavy form) n undulation

  • (wavelike motion) n fluctuation

undulatory adj undulatori

undulous, rolling, wavy adj undulose

unearned (not deserved) adj immeritate

  • (not worked for) adj non ganiate per labor

unearned-income n renta(s)

unearth v exhumar

unearthly adj sinistre, supernatural

  • adj supernatural, sinistre

uneasiness n anxietate, inquietate

  • n inquietate, anxietate

uneasy (anxious) adj anxie, inquiete

  • (anxious) adj inquiete, anxie
  • (of sleep) adj agitate

uneatable adj inedibile

  • ~ , inedible adj inedibile

uneducated adj ignorante, sin instruction, vulgar

  • adj sin instruction, vulgar, ignorante
  • adj vulgar, ignorante, sin instruction

unemotional (not moved) adj pauco impressionabile

  • (of account) adj objective

unemployed (le) n disoccupatos

  • adj disoccupate, sin empleo
  • adj sin empleo, disoccupate

unemployment n disoccupation

unemployment-benefit n subsidio de disoccupation

unending adj interminabile

unendingly adv interminabilemente

unendurable adj insupportabile, intolerabile

  • adj intolerabile, insupportabile

unenviable adj pauco invidiabile

unequable adj inequabile

  • ~ , uneven adj inequal

unequal adj inequal

unequally adv inequalmente

unerring adj infallibile


  • n UNESCO A]

uneven (not smooth, not regular) adj inequal

  • (odd) v impar
  • ~ , odd [Arith] adj impare
  • ~ , unequable adj inequal

unevenly (unequally) adv inequalmente

unevenness n inequalitate

unexceptionable adj irreprochabile

unexcitable adj inexcitabile

unexciting adj insipide

unexhausted, unused adj inexhauste

unexpected adj impreviste, insperate

  • adj inopinate
  • adj insperate, impreviste
  • ~ , unforeseen adj impreviste
  • ~ , unforeseen adj improvise

unexpectedly, suddenly adv subito

  • ~ , suddenly adv subito (sù-)

unexpiated, inexpiate, not expiated, not atoned adj inexpiate

unexplained adj inexplicate

unexplored adj inexplorate

unfailing adj constante, inexhauribile, infallibile

  • adj inexhauribile, infallibile, constante
  • adj infallibile, constante, inexhauribile

unfair adj disloyal, injuste

  • adj injuste, disloyal
  • ~ , unjust adj injuste

unfairly adv disloyalmente, injustemente

  • adv injustemente, disloyalmente

unfaithful (displaying infidelity) adj infidel

  • (of translation) adj inexacte
  • adj infidel

unfaithfulness (infidelity) n infidelitate

  • (of translation) n inexactitude

unfamiliar adj estranie, incognite

  • adj incognite, estranie

unfashionable adj foras de moda, passate de moda

  • adj passate de moda, foras de moda

unfasten v disfacer

unfathomed adj insondabile, insoniabile, insondate, insoniate

  • adj insondate, insoniate, insondabile, insoniabile
  • adj insoniabile, insondate, insoniate, insondabile
  • adj insoniate, insondabile, insoniabile, insondate

unfavorable adj disfavorabile

  • ~ , disadvantageous adj disavantagiose (-jo-)
  • ~ , -vour- adj adverse, disavantagiose, disfavorabile
  • ~ , -vour- adj disavantagiose, disfavorabile, adverse
  • ~ , -vour- adj disfavorabile, adverse, disavantagiose

unfeasibility, infeasibility n infacibilitate

unfeasible, infeasible adj infacibile

unfeeling adj insensibile

unfeigned adj non fingite, sincer

  • adj sincer, non fingite

unfinished (incomplete) adj incomplete

  • adj indust

unfit (ill) adj incapace, infirme

  • (ill) adj infirme, incapace
  • (out of place) adj improprie, inapte
  • (out of place) adj inapte, improprie

unfocused adj sin focalisar

unfold v displicar

  • v displicar (se)
  • ~ , open (something) v displicar
  • ~ , undouble v disduplar

unfolding, undoubling (action of) n disduplamento

unforeseeable adj imprevisibile

unforeseen adj impreviste, non previdite

  • adj non previdite, impreviste
  • ~ , unexpected adj impreviste
  • ~ , unexpected adj improvise

unforgettable adj inoblidabile

unforgivable adj impardonabile

unformed, inform adj informe

unfortunate adj infelice, infortunate

  • adj infortunate
  • adj infortunate, infelice
  • ~ , unhappy adj infelice

unfortunately adv infortunatemente

unfounded adj sin fundamento

unfreeze (1. to cause to thaw or melt; 2. to thaw, become melted) v disgelar

unfulfilled adj incomplite, irrealisate

  • adj irrealisate, incomplite

unfunny, witless, insipid adj infacete

unfurnished adj non mobilate, sin mobiles

  • adj sin mobiles, non mobilate

ungainly adj disgratiose

ungear, disengage v disingranar

ungenerous adj ingenerose

ungenerousness n ingenerositate

ungetatable adj inaccessibile

ungild v disaurar

ungirded, ungirt adj discincte

ungirdle v discinger

  • v discinger -cing-/-cinct-]

ungirt, ungirded adj discincte

unglue v discollar

ungodly (of row) adj infernal

  • (wicked) adj impie

ungovernable, uncontrollable adj ingovernabile

ungracious adj ingratiose

ungrammatical adj incorrecte

ungrateful adj ingrate

  • ~ , ingrate adj ingrate

unguarded (not defended) adj sin defensa

  • (remark) adj incaute, inconsiderate
  • (remark) adj inconsiderate, incaute

unguent, ointment n uncto

unguentary adj unguentari

unguiculate adj unguiculate

unguiferous adj unguifere

ungulate (1. having hoofs; 2. pertaining to the ungulates) adj ungulate

  • [Zool] n ungulato

unhappiness n infelicitate

  • ~ , infelicity n infelicitate

unhappy adj infelice

  • ~ , unfortunate adj infelice

unharmed adj illese, indemne, san e salve

  • adj indemne, san e salve, illese
  • adj san e salve, illese, indemne
  • ~ , undamaged, uninjured adj indemne

unharmonious, disharmonious adj disharmoniose

unhealthiness, unwholesomeness, insalubrity n insalubritate

unhealthy (1. not in good health; 2. unwholesome) adj malsan

  • adj insalubre, malsan
  • adj malsan, insalubre
  • ~ , unwholesome adj insalubre

unheard (of) adj inaudite

unheard-of adj inaudite

unheeded adj a que on non presta attention, neglecte

  • adj neglecte, a que on non presta attention

unhesitating adj decise, firme

  • adj firme, decise

unhindered adj libere, sin incombramento

  • adj sin incombramento, libere

unhinge v discardinar

unhoped-for adj insperate

unhurt adj unharmed

  • ~ , uninjured adj illese

unhygienic adj inhygienic

unices n Comp]

unicolorous, one-colored adj unicolor

unicorn n unicorne

  • n unicornio

unidentified adj non identificate

unidentified-flying-object (U.F.O) n objecto volante non identificate

  • ~ -flying-object (U.F.O) n objecto volante non identificate (O.V.N.)

unification n unification

uniflorous [Bot] adj uniflor

unifoliate [Bot] adj unifoliate

uniform (1. to make uniform; 2. to put into uniform) v uniformar

  • adj uniforme
  • ~ adj/n uniforme
  • n uniforme

uniformity n uniformitate

unify v unificar

unilateral (1. Bot]; 2. Law]) adj unilateral

  • adj unilateral

unilaterally adv unilateralmente

unimaginable adj inconcipibile, non imaginabile

  • adj non imaginabile, inconcipibile

unimpaired adj intacte, integre, non diminuite

  • adj integre, non diminuite, intacte
  • adj non diminuite, intacte, integre

unimportance, insignificance n futilitate

unimportant adj insignificante, pauco importante, sin importantia

  • adj pauco importante, sin importantia, insignificante
  • adj sin importantia, insignificante, pauco importante
  • ~ , insignificant adj futile
  • ~ , slight, trifling adj tenue

unimpressed adj frigide, non impressionate

  • adj non impressionate, frigide

uninformed, not knowing adj insciente

uninhabitable adj inhabitabile

uninhabited adj deserte, non habitate

  • adj non habitate, deserte

uninitiated adj non initiate

uninjured (goods) adj intacte, sin damno

  • (goods) adj sin damno, intacte
  • (person) adj illese, indemne
  • (person) adj indemne, illese
  • ~ , unharmed, undamaged adj indemne
  • ~ , unhurt adj illese

uninspired adj banal, mediocre, sin inspiration

  • adj mediocre, sin inspiration, banal
  • adj sin inspiration, banal, mediocre

uninstall v Comp]

uninstaller n Comp]

unintelligent adj inintelligente

  • ~ , obtuse adj inintelligente

unintelligible adj inintelligibile

unintentional adj involuntari

unintentionally adv involuntarimente

uninterested (not having an interest in a thing) adj disinteressate

  • adj indifferente, non interessate
  • adj non interessate, indifferente

uninterestedness (state of not having an interest in a thing) n disinteresse

uninteresting adj pauco interessante

uninterrupted adj ininterrupte

uninvited adj sin invitation

uninviting adj inappetibile, pauco attractive

  • adj pauco attractive, inappetibile

union (link, group) n union

  • (trade-union) n syndicato, trade-union
  • (trade-union) n trade-union, syndicato
  • n union

unionism n unionismo

unionist (trade-unionist) n syndicalista

  • n Pol]
  • n unionista

union-jack n bandiera britannic

uniparous (producing but one offspring at a time) adj unipare

unipersonal [Gram] adj unipersonal

unipolar adj unipolar

unique (that has no like or equal) adj unic

  • adj unic

uniqueness n unicitate

unisexual adj unisexual

unison (in ~) n al unisono, de concerto

  • (in ~) n de concerto, al unisono
  • n unisono
  • n unisono (-ì-)
  • ~ , unisonous adj unisone

unisonous, unison adj unisone

unit n gen/mil

  • n Mech]
  • n unitate

Unitarian [Theol] adj unitari

  • [Theol] n unitario
  • adj unitari
  • n unitario

Unitarianism [Theol] n unitarismo

Unitario n IAL]

unitarism n unitarismo

unitarist n unitario

unitary adj unitari

unite (become united) v reunir

  • (join together) v reunir
  • v unir
  • v unir (se)
  • ~ , bring together (in a coalition) v coalisar
  • ~ , combine, conjoin v conjunger
  • ~ , combine, conjoin v conjunger -jung-/junct-]
  • ~ , join (bring or put together) v copular
  • ~ , join (one thing to another) v adjunger
  • ~ , join (one thing to another) v adjunger -jung-/junct-]
  • ~ , join, connect v unir

uniteable adj unibile

united adj unite

United-Kingdom [Geog] n Regno Unite

united-nations n nationes unite

united-states [Geog] n Statos Unite

  • ~ -states [Geog] n Statos Unite (de America)
  • ~ -states adj statounitese

uniting, joining (action of) n unimento

  • ~ , unitive adj unitive

unitive, uniting adj unitive

unit-trust n societate de investimento

unity n unitate

univalve, univalved [Bot/Zool] adj univalve

univalved, univalve [Bot/Zool] adj univalve

universal adj universal

  • adj universe

Universalism [Theol] n universalismo

Universalist [Theol] n universalista

universality n universalitate

universalize v universalisar

universal-joint n juncto/articulation de cardan

universally adv universalmente

universe n cosmo, universo

  • n universitate
  • n universo
  • n universo, cosmo

university adj universitari

  • n universitate

unix [Comp] n unix

unjust adj injuste

  • ~ , unfair adj injuste

unjustifiable adj injustificabile

unjustified adj injustificate

unkempt (neglected) adj inculte

  • (of hair) adj mal pectinate
  • adj inculte

unkind (not like a friend) adj inamical

  • adj cruel, inamical
  • adj inamical, cruel

unkindliness n cruelitate, manco de amabilitate

  • n manco de amabilitate, cruelitate

unkindly adv cruelmente, inamicalmente

  • adv inamicalmente, cruelmente

unkindness n cruelitate, manco de amabilitate

  • n manco de amabilitate, cruelitate

unknot v disnodar

unknowable adj incognoscibile

unknowing adj incognoscente

unknowingly adv incognoscentemente

unknown adj incogite, incognite

  • adj incognite
  • adj incognite (-còg-)
  • adj incognite, incogite
  • ~ to, without the knowledge of prep clam

unlabled (without classification) adj non-ettiquettate, sin ettiquetta

  • (without classification) adj sin ettiquetta, non-ettiquettate

unlace v disfacer (le cordones/lacios), dislaciar

  • v disfacer, dislaciar
  • v dislaciar, disfacer
  • v dislaciar, disfacer (le cordones/lacios)

unlade, unload v discargar

unlading, unloading (act of) n discarga

  • ~ , unloading n discargamento

unlawful adj illegal, illicite

  • adj illicite, illegal

unlearn, forget v disapprender

unleavened, azymous adj azyme

  • ~ , azymous adj azyme (à-)

unless conj a minus que, si non

  • ~ conj si non, a minus que
  • ~ it be, except adv non

unlicensed (of premises) adj. phr sin licentia

  • (without authority) adj. phr non autorisate

unlike adj differente, dissimile, dispare

  • adj dispare, differente, dissimile
  • adj dissimile, dispare, differente
  • ~ , dissimilar adj dispare

unlikely adj inverisimile

  • ~ , improbable adj inverisimile
  • ~ , improbable adj inverosimilante

unlimited adj illimitate

unload v discargar

  • ~ , unlade v discargar

unloader n discargator

unloading place, wharf n discargatorio

  • ~ , unlading (act of) n discarga
  • ~ , unlading n discargamento

unlock v disserrar

unlooked for adj impreviste, insperate

  • ~ for adj insperate, impreviste

unloose v disligar

unlosable adj imperdibile

unlucky (ill-starred) adj nefaste

  • (unfortunate) adj infortunate

unmanageable adj immaneabile

  • adj ingovernabile, intractabile
  • adj intractabile, ingovernabile

unmanly adj effeminate, pauco viril

  • adj pauco viril, effeminate

unmarried adj celibe, non maritate

  • adj non maritate, celibe
  • ~ , single adj celibe
  • ~ , single adj celibe (cé-)

unmask (strip of a mask) v dismascar

unmatched adj incomparabile

unmeant adj facite sin intention, involuntari

  • adj involuntari, facite sin intention

unmentionable adj immentionabile

unmistakeable adj evidente

unmortified adj immortificate

unmoved adj impassibile, insensibile

  • adj insensibile, impassibile

unnail, remove the nails from v disclavar

unnamable adj innominabile

unnamed adj innominate

unnatural adj innatural

unnaturally adv innaturalmente

unnavigability n innavigabilitate

unnavigable adj innavigabile

unnecessary adj inutile, non necessari, superflue

  • adj non necessari, superflue, inutile
  • adj superflue, inutile, non necessari

unneeded adj non necessari

unnerve v enervar

  • ~ , enervate v enervar

unnoticed adj inobservate

unobstructed adj non obstruite

unobtainable adj introvabile, non obtenibile

  • adj non obtenibile, introvabile

unobtrusive adj discrete, modeste

  • adj modeste, discrete

unoccupied, be vacant v vacar

  • ~ , idle adj disoccupate

unofficial adj non official

unofficially adv non officialmente

unopened adj non aperite, non aperte

  • adj non aperte, non aperite

unorthodox adj non-orthodoxe, pauco orthodoxe

  • adj pauco orthodoxe, non-orthodoxe

unpack v disimballar

  • v disimballar, dispacchettar
  • v dispacchettar, disimballar
  • ~ , unbox v discassar
  • ~ , unbox v disincassar
  • ~ , unwrap v dispacchettar

unpacking or unboxing (action of) n discassage

  • ~ or unboxing (action of) n discassage (-aje)
  • ~ or unboxing (action of) n discassamento
  • ~ , unboxing n disincassamento

unpaid adj non pagate

unparalleled adj incomparabile, sin precedente

  • adj sin precedente, incomparabile

unpardonable adj impardonabile

unpatriotic adj antipatriotic

unperturbed adj impassive, imperturbate

  • adj imperturbate, impassive

unpleasant (disagreeable) adj disagradabile

  • (of work) adj etc
  • adj displacente
  • ~ , disagreeable adj disagradabile
  • ~ , unpleasing adj ingrate

unpleasantness n character disagradabile

unpleasing, unpleasant adj ingrate

unpolished (crude) adj rude

  • (not smoothened, not refined) adj non polite
  • ~ , crude adj impolite

unpopular adj impopular

unpopularity n impopularitate

unprecedented adj sin precedente

unprejudiced adj disinteressate, impartial

  • adj impartial, disinteressate

unpremeditated adj impremeditate

unprepared adj non preparate

unproductive adj improductive

unprofitable adj sin profito

unpronounceable adj impronunciabile

  • adj inarticulabile

unprotected adj sin protection

unprovoked adj non provocate

unpublishable adj impublicabile

unpublished adj inedite

  • adj inedite (-né-)
  • adj inedite, non publicate
  • adj non publicate, inedite

unpunctual adj impunctual

unpunctuality n impunctualitate

unpunished adj impunite

  • n impunite

unqualified (unlimited) adj absolute, inconditional

  • (unlimited) adj inconditional, absolute
  • (without a certificate) adj sin diploma
  • (without the right) adj sin titulo
  • n Jur]

unquestionable adj indiscutibile

unquiet, inquiet adj inquiete

unravel v disintricar

unreadable adj illegibile

unreal adj irreal

unreality n irrealitate

unrealizable adj irrealisabile

unreasonable (1. not en dowed with reason; 2. not conformable to reason) adj irrationabile

  • adj disrationabile, irrationabile
  • adj irrationabile, disrationabile
  • ~ , irrational (not conformable to reason) adj disrationabile

unrecognizable adj irrecognoscibile

unrecorded adj non registrate

unrefuted adj irrefutate

unrelated adj non connexe, sin relation

  • adj sin relation, non connexe

unrelenting adj implacabile, inexorabile

  • adj inexorabile, implacabile

unreliable adj non digne de fide, pauco fidel

  • adj pauco fidel, non digne de fide

unrelieved adj non mitigate, total

  • adj total, non mitigate

unremitting adj incessante, infatigabile

  • adj infatigabile, incessante

unrepentant adj impenitente

  • ~ , impenitent adj impenitente

unreservedly adv sin reserva

unrest (restlessness) n inquietude

  • (social) n agitation, disordine
  • (social) n disordine, agitation

unrestrained adj disfrenate, immoderate, libere

  • adj immoderate, libere, disfrenate
  • adj libere, disfrenate, immoderate
  • ~ , dissipated adj dissipate
  • ~ , dissipated adj dissipate (pp of dissipar)

unrestricted adj sin restriction

unripe adj crude, immatur, verde

  • adj immatur
  • adj immatur, verde, crude
  • adj verde, crude, immatur
  • ~ , green adj crude

unripeness n immaturitate

unrivaled adj incomparabile, sin par, sin rival

  • adj sin par, sin rival, incomparabile
  • adj sin rival, incomparabile, sin par

unroll v disinrolar

  • v disinrolar (se)

unruly adj indisciplinate, turbulente

  • adj turbulente, indisciplinate

unsaddle v dissellar

unsafe adj insecur

  • ~ , insecure adj insecur

unsaid adv non dicite

unsalable adj invendibile

unsatisfactory adj non satisfactori

unsatisfied adv non satisfacte

unsavory adj disagradabile

unscathed adj indemne

unscientific adj non scientific, pauco scientific

  • adj pauco scientific, non scientific

unscrew v disvitar

unscrupulous adj inscrupulose

  • adj inscrupulose, sin conscientia
  • adj sin conscientia, inscrupulose
  • ~ ambition n arrivismo

unseal v dissigillar

unseat v parl

unseaworthiness n innavigabilitate

unseaworthy adj innavigabile

unseemly adj improprie, indecente

  • adj indecente, improprie

unseen adj invisibile

unserviceable adj inservibile, inutile

  • adj inutile, inservibile

unsettled (undecided) adj indecisive

  • (weather) adj variabile

unshaken adj/adv non succutite

unsheathe, draw (a sword) v disvainar

unsheltered adj/adv exponite al ventos, non protegite, sin protection

  • ~ adj/adv non protegite, sin protection, exponite al ventos
  • ~ adj/adv sin protection, exponite al ventos, non protegite

unshoe (a horse) v disferrar

unsightly adj repugnante al vista

unsigned adj/adv non signate, sin signatura

  • ~ adj/adv sin signatura, non signate

unskilful, clumsy adj inhabile

unskilfulness, clumsiness n inhabilitate

unskilled (labour) adj manual, non-specialisate

  • (labour) adj non-specialisate, manual
  • (not expert) adj inexperte

unsober adj insobrie

unsoberness, insobriety n insobrietate

unsociability n insociabilitate

unsociable adj insociabile

unsold adv non vendite

unsolder v dissoldar

unsolicited adj/adv non sollicitate

unsolved adj/adv non resolvite, non solvite

  • ~ adj/adv non solvite, non resolvite

unsophisticated (naive) adj ingenue, naive

  • (naive) adj naive, ingenue
  • (simple) adj simple

unsound (argument) adj erronee, false

  • (argument) adj false, erronee
  • (mind) adj infirme
  • (structure) adj defectuose

unsparing (generous) adj generose, prodige

  • (generous) adj prodige, generose
  • (merciless) adj impietose

unspeakable (indescribably or inexpressibly bad) adj inqualificabile

  • adj inexprimibile, inqualificabile
  • adj inqualificabile, inexprimibile

unspecified adj non specificate

unstable adj instabile

  • ~ , labile adj labile

unsteady (tottering) adj titubante

  • (unbalanced) adj disequilibrate, instabile
  • (unbalanced) adj instabile, disequilibrate

unstinted adj abundante, illimitate

  • adj illimitate, abundante

unstressed adj atone

unsubstantial, insubstantial adj insubstantial

  • ~ , not solid or firm adj inconsistente

unsubstantiality (want of firmness) n inconsistentia

  • ~ , insubstantiality n insubstantialitate

unsuccessful (candidate) adj non eligite

  • (efforts) adj infructuose, van
  • (efforts) adj van, infructuose
  • (without success) adj non-succedite

unsuitable adj improprie, incommode

  • adj incommode, improprie
  • ~ , inconvenient adj incommode
  • ~ , inconvenient adj incommode (-cò-)

unsuited (be - to) v disconvenir a

  • adj inapte

unsure adj insecur

  • ~ , uncertain (1. doubting; 2. doubtful) adj insecur

unsurpassed adj/adv non superate, sin equal

  • ~ adj/adv sin equal, non superate

unsuspecting adj non suspiciose, sin suspicion

  • adj sin suspicion, non suspiciose

untamable adj indomabile

untamed adj indomate

untangle v disintricar

untenability, intenability n intenibilitate

untenable adj intenibile

unthinkable adj inconcipibile

untidy (person) adj pauco methodic

  • (room) adv in disordine

untie v disnodar

until (as far as) conj usque

  • (before) adv/conj ante que, antea
  • (before) adv/conj antea, ante que
  • ~ now, so far, yet, still, this place, thus far, hitherto, as yet adv adhuc
  • prep usque a, usque
  • prep usque, usque a
  • ~ , up to the time adv eo

untilled, uncultivated adj inculte

untimely adj inopportun, prematur

  • adj prematur, inopportun

untiring adj infatigabile

unto prep a

untold (riches) adj incalculabile

  • (story) adj/adv inedite, sin contar
  • (story) adj/adv sin contar, inedite

untouchable adj intoccabile

untrained adj inexperte, non specialisate

  • adj non specialisate, inexperte

untransferable, not transferable adj intransferibile

untranslatable adj intraducibile

untrue adj false

untutored, uncultured adj inculte

untwishng (act of) n distortion

untwist v distorquer

  • v distorquer -torqu-/-tort-]

unusable adj inusabile

  • adj inutilisabile
  • ~ , unutilizable adj inutilisabile

unused adj inexhauste, inutilisate

  • adj inutilisate, inexhauste
  • ~ , not utilized adj inutilisate
  • ~ , unexhausted adj inexhauste

unusual (1. out of the ordinary; 2. not customary) adj inusual

  • adj insolite, singular
  • adj singular, insolite
  • ~ , unaccustomed adj insolite
  • ~ , unaccustomed adj insolite (-sò-)

unusually adv singularmente

unutilizable, unusable adj inutilisabile

unutterable adj ineffabile, inexprimibile

  • adj inexprimibile, ineffabile

unvanquished adj invicte

unveil v disvelar

unwanted adv non desirate, superflue

  • adv superflue, non desirate

unwarrantable adj injustificabile

unwarranted adj/adv injustificate, non autorisate, sin garantia

  • ~ adj/adv non autorisate, sin garantia, injustificate
  • ~ adj/adv sin garantia, injustificate, non autorisate

unwary adj imprudente

unwelcome adj non benvenite

unwell adj indisposite, malade

  • adj malade, indisposite

unwholesome, unhealthy adj insalubre

unwholesomeness, insalubrity, unhealthiness n insalubritate

unwieldy adj non-maneabile

unwilling adj disinclinate, reluctante, non volente

  • adj nolente
  • adj non volente, disinclinate, reluctante
  • adj reluctante, non volente, disinclinate

unwillingly adv de mal grado, de mal voluntate

  • adv de mal voluntate, de mal grado
  • ~ , against one's will adv nolente

unwillingness n reluctantia

  • ~ , resistence, reluctance n reluctantia

unwind (relax) v relaxar se

  • (unroll) v disinrolar se

unwise adj mal avisate

unwitting adj inconsciente

unworkable adj impracticabile

unworthiness n indignitate

unworthy (1. undeserving; 2. unbecoming to the character or dignity of a person) adj indigne

  • adj indigne

unwrap v disinveloppar

  • v disinveloppar, dispacchettar
  • v dispacchettar, disinveloppar
  • ~ , unpack v dispacchettar

unwritten (not written) adj non scribite

  • (traditional) adj traditional
  • ~ , without an alphabet adj analphabetic

up (above, upwards) adv in alto

  • (finished) adv finite
  • (go ~) v ascender, montar
  • (go ~) v montar, ascender
  • (it's - to you) phr es a vos
  • (out of bed) adv foras del lecto
  • (road) adv in reparation
  • (what's - with him?) phr que cosa le afflige?
  • ~ in adv/prep in
  • prep in alto del
  • ~ to the minute (- news) phr novas de ultime hora
  • ~ to the time, until adv eo
  • ~ to, to (a point in space or time) (all the way) prep usque
  • ~ yours interj al inferno!

upas [Bot] n upas

  • [Bot] n upas Mal]

upbraid v criticar, reprimendar

  • v reprimendar, criticar

upbringing n education

upcoming adj approchante, approximante

  • adj approximante, approchante

update n nove version, renovation

  • n renovation, nove version
  • v installar un nove version, renovar
  • v renovar, installar un nove version

upend v altiar

  • v altiar (le extremitate de)

upgrade n promotion (a grado superior), renovation

  • n promotion, renovation
  • n renovation, promotion
  • n renovation, promotion (a grado superior)
  • v promover (a grado superior), renovar
  • v promover, renovar
  • v renovar, promover
  • v renovar, promover (a grado superior)

upheaval (fig) n commotion

  • (geological) n sublevamento

uphill adj/adv in alto

  • ~ adj/adv in alto (con difficultate)

uphold v defender, supportar

  • v supportar, defender

upholster v recoperir le mobiles

upholstery n recoperta de mobiles

upkeep n costo del mantenimento, mantenimento

  • n mantenimento, costo del mantenimento

upland n terra alte

uplift (in spirit) v animar

  • n elevation
  • v elevar

upon prep super, sur

  • prep sur, super
  • ~ , comment on (1. to annotate; 2. to criticize, make comments on) v commentar
  • ~ , on prep super
  • ~ , on prep super (sù-)
  • ~ , on prep sur

upper adj plus alte

  • adj plus alte (in position)
  • n le parte superior del calceo
  • n le parte superior del calceo (- del scarpa)
  • ~ part, top n alto
  • ~ , higher adj supere
  • ~ , higher adj superior

uppermost adv le plus alte, superior

  • adv superior, le plus alte

upright (of unfailing integrity) adj integre

  • (of unfailing integrity) adj integre (ìn-)
  • ~ adj/adv honeste, probe
  • ~ adj/adv probe, honeste
  • ~ piano n pianino
  • ~ , honest adj probe

uprightness n honestate, probitate

  • n probitate, honestate
  • ~ , probity, integrity n probitate
  • ~ , rectitude, straightforwardness n directura

uproar n tumulto

uproarious adj tumultose

uproot v evelier, toller le radice

  • v toller le radice, evelier
  • ~ , root up v displantar

upset (mad) adj inferite

  • v everter, inferir
  • v inferir, everter
  • ~ , put out of order v disregular

up-shot n evento, exito

  • ~ -shot n exito, evento

up-side n parte superior

up-side-down adv in verso

upsilon (Greek letter Y) n ipsilon, ypsilon

  • (Greek letter Y) n ypsilon, ipsilon

upstage adj presumite, sufficiente

  • adj sufficiente, presumite
  • adv in le fundo del scenario
  • vt attraher omne attention del public super un altere persona

upstairs adj del passo in alto

  • adj del passo in alto (del scalas)
  • adv in alto
  • adv in alto (del scalas)
  • n nivello superior

upstanding adj honorabile, robuste

  • adj robuste, honorabile

upstart adj altiate

  • n altiato
  • n nove persona

up-state adj interior

up-stream adv in alto del fluvio

up-stroke n movemento ascendente

up-surge n accesso

up-swept adj alte

up-swing (on the ~) adv ameliorante, ameliorantemente

  • ~ -swing (on the ~) adv ameliorantemente, ameliorante
  • ~ -swing vi ameliorar

up-take (quick on the ~) phr esser rapide a comprender

  • ~ -take n cannon del camino

up-thrust n altiamento

up-to adv a, usque a

  • ~ -to adv usque a, a

up-to-date (current) adj actual, recente

  • ~ -to-date (current) adj recente, actual
  • ~ -to-date (fashionable) adj al moda
  • ~ -to-date adj de ultime hora

up-to-here (phr) usque a ci, usque a hic

  • ~ -to-here (phr) usque a hic, usque a ci

up-to-now (hitherto) phr hic

  • ~ -to-now (hitherto) phr hic (ci)
  • ~ -to-now phr usque nunc

up-to-the-minute adj de ultime minuta

up-town adv al interior del citate

up-trend n tendentia ascendente

up-turn n augmento, melioration

  • ~ -turn n melioration, augmento

upturned (with - nose) phr con naso in alto

  • adj in alto

upward, upwards adj ascendente

upwards adv in alto, surso

  • adv surso, in alto

up-wind adj/adv contra le vento

up-with interj viva!

ur-, uro- (tail) occurring in compounds] n ur-

uraemia [Med] n uremia

  • ~ , uremia [Med] n uremia
  • ~ , uremia [Med] n uremia (-ìa)

uraemic adj uremic

  • ~ , uremic adj uremic

Ural (River) n Ural

  • [Geog] n Ural
  • ~ Mountains [Geog] n Monanias Ural
  • ~ Mountains, Urals n Ural

Ural-Altaic adj ural-altaic

  • adj uraloaltaic
  • adj uraloaltaic (-tàic)

Uralian adj uralian

Urals, Ural Mountains n Ural

Urania (1. Muse of astronomy; 2. epithet of Aphrodite) Gr. Mythol] n Urania

uranian (1. pertaining to the god Uranus; 2. pertaining to the planet Uranus; 3. pertaining to Urania; 4. pertaining to the heavens) adj uranie

uranic adj uranic

uranite [Mineral] n uranite

uranium [Chem] n uranio

  • n uranium
  • n uranium (-rà-)

uranographer n uranographo

  • n uranographo (-ògrapho)

uranography n uranographia

  • n uranographia (-ìa)

uranometry (science of) n uranometria

  • (science of) n uranometria (-ìa)

Uranus (1. Gr. Mythol]; 2. Astron]) n Urano

  • (Planet ~) n Planeta Urano

urban adj urban

  • ~ railway n metropolitano

urbane adj urban

urbanism n urbanismo

urbanist [Eccl] n urbanista

  • n urbanista

urbanity (1. urbanness; 2. urbaneness) n urbanitate

  • n urbanitate

urbanization n urbanisation

urbanize v urbanisar

urchin (sea ~) n ericio marin

  • n ericio parve

uredinium [Bot] n uredine

uremia, uraemia [Med] n uremia

  • ~ , uraemia [Med] n uremia (-ìa)

uremic, uraemic adj uremic

ureter [Anat] n ureter

ureteral adj ureteral

ureteritis [Pathol] n ureteritis

  • [Pathol] n ureteritis (-ìtis)

ureterotomy [Surg] n ureterotomia

  • [Surg] n ureterotomia (-ìa)

urethra [Anat] n urethra

urethral adj urethral

urethritis [Pathol] n urethritis

  • [Pathol] n urethritis (-ìtis)

urethroscope [Med] n urethroscopio

urethroscopy [Med] n urethroscopia

  • [Med] n urethroscopia (-ìa)

urge v incitar, urger

  • v urger, incitar
  • ~ , be insistent or pressing v urger
  • ~ , persuade, advise v suader
  • ~ , persuade, advise v suader suad-/suas-]
  • ~ , press v instar

urgency (need for immediate attention or action) n urgentia

  • n emergentia, urgentia
  • n urgentia, emergentia

urgent (demanding immediate attention or action) adj urgente

  • adj urgente

urgently (I need it quite ~) phr io lo necessita multo urgentemente

  • adv urgentemente

uric [Med] adj uric

urinal (building for urinating purposes) n urinatorio

  • (public lavatory) n urinatorio
  • (vessel for holding urine) n urinal
  • n urinal

urinary adj urinal, urinari

  • adj urinari, urinal
  • ~ canal [Anat] n canal urinari

urinate v urinar

urination n urination

urine n urina

uriniferous adj urinifere

urinous adj urinose

urn n urna

Ursa Major (astronom) n Ursa Major

  • ~ Minor (astronom) n Ursa Minor

ursine (bearlike) adj ursin

  • adj ursin

urson (Canada porcupine) n urson

urtica (nettle) n urtica

  • ~ , nettle n urtica
  • ~ , nettle n urtica (-tìca)

urticaceae [Bot] n urticaceas

urticaceous adj urticacee

urticant adj urticante

  • ~ , stinging adj urticante
  • ~ , stinging adj urticante (ppr of urticar)

urticaria (hives) n urticaria

  • ~ , nettle rash [Pathol] n urticaria

urticate, nettle v urticar

urtication n urtication

urubu (black vulture) n urubu

Uruguay (1. Uruguay river; 2. Republic of Uruguay) n Uruguay

  • (1. Uruguay river; 2. Republic of Uruguay) n Uruguay (-ài)
  • [Geog] n Uruguay

Uruguayan adj uruguayan

  • n uruguayo

urus (aurochs) n uro

us pron nos

  • ~ , autobus (motor) n autobus
  • ~ , autobus (motor) n autobus (-bùs)
  • ~ , we (nos) pron noi

usability, usableness n usabilitate

usable adj usabile

usableness, usability n usabilitate

usage, custom n costume

  • ~ , custom n usage
  • ~ , custom n usage (-aje)
  • ~ , custom, habit n usantia
  • ~ , manner, custom n more

use (1. act of using; 2. habit) n uso

  • (act of using) n usage
  • (act of using) n usage (-aje)
  • (action of using) n empleo
  • (action of using) n empleo (-éo)
  • ~ circumlocution v circumloquer
  • ~ circumlocution v circumloquer -loqu-/-locut-]
  • n uso, utilisation
  • n utilisation, uso
  • ~ of gestures, gesticulation n mimica
  • ~ up v usar
  • v usar, utilisar
  • v utilisar, usar
  • ~ , make use of v usar

used, utilized adj utilisate

useful adj util

  • adj utile
  • ~ , serviceable adj servibile

usefulness n uso, utilitate

  • n utilitate, uso
  • ~ , utility n utilitate

useless adj inutil

  • adj inutile

uselessness n inutilitale

user n usator, usuario

  • n usuario, usator

usher (- in) v introducer

  • n introductor
  • n ostiero

usual (1. ordinary; 2. customary) adj usual

  • adj usual

usually adv usualmente

  • ~ , for the most part, commonly adv plurimo
  • ~ , for the most part, commonly adv plurimo (plù-)

usufruct [Law] n usufructo

usufructuary [Law] adj usufructuari

  • [Law] n usufructuario

usurer n fenerator, usuario

  • n usuario, fenerator
  • n usurero

usurious adj usurari

usurp v assumer, occupar, usurpar

  • v occupar, usurpar, assumer
  • v usurpar
  • v usurpar, assumer, occupar

usurpation n usurpation

usurpatory adj usurpatori

usurper n usurpator

usury (practice ~) v fenerar, usurar

  • (practice ~) v usurar, fenerar
  • n feneration, usura
  • n usura
  • n usura, feneration
  • n usuria
  • n usuria (-ìa)

utensil n utensilio, vaso

  • n vaso, utensilio
  • ~ , tool n utensile

utensils n utensilios, vasos

  • n vasos, utensilios

uterine (1. pertaining to the uterus; 2. born of) adj uterin

  • adj uterin

uterology n uterologia

  • n uterologia (-ìa)

uterus n utero

  • ~ , womb n utero
  • ~ , womb n utero (ù-)

utilitarian (as in utilitarian ethics) adj utilitari

  • n utilitario

utilitarianism n utilitarismo

utility n utilitate

  • ~ , usefulness n utilitate

utilization n utilisation

utilize v utilisar

utilized, used adj utilisate

utilizer n utilisator

utmost (do one's ~) v facer lo summamente possibile

  • n extremo, ultimo, summo
  • n summo, extremo, ultimo
  • n ultimo, summo, extremo

Utopia n Utopia

utopian adj utopic

  • n utopista
  • ~ , dreamer (one who indulges in fanciful ideas, plans) n chimerista

utopianism n utopismo

utter adj absolute, complete, tote

  • adj complete, tote, absolute
  • adj tote, absolute, complete
  • v dicer, pronunciar
  • v pronunciar, dicer

utterable adj effabile

  • ~ , expressible adj exprimibile

utterance n dicto, pronunciation

  • n pronunciation, dicto

utterly adv absolutemente, completemente

  • adv completemente, absolutemente

uvea [Anat] n uvea

uvula n uvula

  • n uvula.

uvular adj uvular

uxoricide (act of killing one's wife) n uxoricidio

  • (one who kills his wife) n uxoricida
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