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p (letter ~) n littera p (pe)

pace (1. step; 2. gait) n passo

  • (speed) n velocitate
  • (step) n passo
  • v mesurar a passos

pachy- (thick, large) occurring in compounds] adj pachy-

pachyderm n pachydermo

pachydermatous (1. pachydermous, thick-skinned; 2. pertaining to pachyderms) adj pachyderme

  • ~ , pachydermic adj pachydermic

pachydermic, pachydermatous adj pachydermic

pacific (1. tending to make peace; 2. loving peace; 3 . peaceful) adj pacific

  • adj pacific
  • n pacifico

pacification n pacification

Pacific-Ocean [Geog] n Oceano Pacific

pacifier n pacificator

pacifism n pacifismo

pacifist n pacifista

pacify (1. to reduce a country, to a state of peace; 2. to appease) v pacificar

  • v pacificar

pack (as in to pack in a trunk) v imballar

  • (bundle) n pacco
  • (cards) n collection
  • (hounds) n muta
  • (in straw) v impalear
  • (lies) n texito
  • (thieves, wolves) n banda
  • (up) v impaccar
  • vi facer su bagages.
  • vt imballar, impacchettar
  • vt impacchettar, imballar
  • ~ , bundle n pacco
  • ~ , make a pack of v paccar
  • ~ , wrap (up) v impacchetar
  • ~ , wrap, packet v pacchettar

package n pacchetto

  • ~ , parcel, packet n pacchetto

packer n imballator, impaccator

  • n impaccator
  • n impaccator, imballator

packet n pacchetto

  • ~ , pack, wrap v pacchettar
  • ~ , package, parcel n pacchetto

packing (- case) n cassa de imballage

  • (in straw) n impaleage
  • (in straw) n impaleage (-aje)
  • n imballage

packsaddle n basto

pact n pacto

pad (as in writing pad) n bloco

  • (cushion) n ampon, cossinetto
  • (cushion) n cossinetto,tampon
  • (for writing) n bloco
  • v borrar, wattar
  • v wattar, borrar
  • ~ , stuff v borrar
  • ~ , wad, quilt v wattar

padding (cotton-wool) n watta

  • [Gen] borra
  • ~ , stuffing (material with which something is padded or stuffed) n borra

paddle (as in to propel a canoe with a paddle) n pagaia

  • (as in to propel a canoe with a paddle) n pagaia (-aya)
  • (propel with a paddle) v pagaiar
  • n pagaia
  • vi marchar in le aqua con pedes nude
  • vt pagaiar

paddler n pagaiator

paddock (racing) n paddock

  • [Horse Racing] n paddock
  • [Horse Racing] n paddock A]
  • n Gen]

paddyfield n risiera

paddywaggon n wagon de policia

padlock n serratura pendente

padre n cappellano militar

Paeon [Gr. Mythol] n Peon

pagan adj pagan

  • n pagano
  • ~ , heathen adj pagan
  • ~ , heathen n pagano

paganism, heathenism n paganismo

paganize v paganisar

page (in book) n pagina

  • (of a book) n pagina
  • (of a book) n pagina (pà-)
  • (servant) n page
  • v cercar (un persona

pageant n pompa

  • n spectaculo historic

pager n clamator, pager

  • n pager, clamator

paginate v paginar

pagination n pagination

pagoda n pagoda

pail n situla

  • ~ , buckct n situla
  • ~ , buckct n situla (sì-)

pailful, bucketful n situlata

pain (1. ache; 2. grief) n dolor

  • (ache) n dolor
  • (distress, grieve) v penar
  • (esp. mental) n pena
  • ~ in the hip, coxalgia n coxalgia
  • ~ in the hip, coxalgia n coxalgia (-ìa)
  • ~ in the legs, scelalgia [Pathol] n scelalgia
  • ~ in the legs, scelalgia [Pathol] n scelalgia (-ìa)
  • n pena
  • ~ , ache adv mal
  • ~ , suffering n suffrentia

painfll (hurting) adj dolorose

  • (mental) adj penose

painful (causing pain) adj dolorose

  • adj penose

painkiller n analgesico

painkilling drug n droga analgesic, medicamento contra le dolor

  • ~ drug n medicamento contra le dolor, droga analgesic

painless adj indolor

painstaking adj laboriose

paint (the face) v fardar

  • (use a painthrush) v pincelar
  • (use paint) v pinger
  • ~ miniatures, miniature v miniar
  • n color
  • v pinger
  • v pinger ping-/pict-]
  • ~ , make up v fardar
  • ~ , make-up, rouge [Cosmetics] n fardo
  • ~ , picture v picturar
  • ~ , rouge n rouge
  • ~ , rouge n rouge F]

paintbrush n pincel

  • ~ , brush n penicillo

painter n pictor

painthrush, brush n pincel

painting (1. art of painting; 2. picture) n pictura

  • n pictura

paintress, woman painter n pictoressa

pair (as in a pair of shoes) n par

  • n par

pair-of-scissors n cisorios

  • ~ -of-scissors v arrangiar in pares

pajamas n pajama

  • n pajama Hind]
  • n pyjama

Pakistan [Geog] n Pakistan

pakistani adj/n pakistani

pal n amico, camerada

  • n camerada, amico

palace n palatio

palatable (fig) adj agradabile al palato

  • adj agradabile
  • adj agradabile (al palato)

palatal (pertaining to the palate) adj palatin

  • [Phonet] adj palatal

palatalization [Phonet] n palatalisation

palatalize [Phonet] v palatalisar

palate n palato

palatial adj palatial

palatinate n palatinato

palatine (1. Germ. Hist] (count palatine; 2. Polish Hist]) n palatino

  • (of or pertaining to a palace) adj palatin

pale adj pallide

  • n limite
  • v pallidir
  • ~ , grow pale v palidir
  • ~ , light-colored adj clarette

paleness n pallor

paleo-, pale- (ancient, early) occurring in compounds] adj pale-

paleographer n paleographo

  • n paleographo (-ògrapho)

paleographic, paleographical adj paleographic

paleographical, paleographic adj paleographic

paleography n paleographia

  • n paleographia (-ìa)

paleolith [Archeol] n paleolitho

  • [Archeol] n paleolitho (-ò-)

paleolithic [Archeol] adj paleolithic

paleontography n paleontographia

  • n paleontographia (-ìa)

paleontological adj paleontologic

paleontologist n paleontologista

  • n paleontologo
  • n paleontologo (-òlogo)

paleontology n paleontologia

  • n paleontologia (-ìa)

Paleozoic (era) n paleozoica

  • (era) n paleozoica (-òica)
  • adj paleozoic
  • adj paleozoic (-òic)

Palestine [Geog] n Palestina

  • n Palestina

Palestinian adj palestin

  • adj palestin
  • n palestino
  • n palestino

palette n paletta

palette-knife n spatula

palimpsest n palimpsesto

palin-, palim- (again) occurring in compounds] adv palin

palindrome n palindromo

  • n palindromo (-ìn-)

paling n palissada

palingenesis n palingenese

  • n palingenese (-gé-)
  • n palingenesis
  • n palingenesis (-gé-)

palinode (1. Poet]; 2. recantation) n palinodia

  • (1. Poet]; 2. recantation) n palinodia (-ìa)

palinodic adj palinodic

palinodist n palinodista

palisade (fence of pales or stakes) n palissada

  • v palissadar

pall (cloth for coffin) n drappo mortuari

  • (gloomy darkness) n obscuritate
  • v devenir insipide

palladic adj paladic

palladium (the metal palladium) n palladium

  • (the metal palladium) n palladium (-là-)
  • [Gr. Mythol] n Palladio

Pallas (1. Gr. Mythol]; 2. Astron]) n Pallade

  • (1. Gr. Mythol]; 2. Astron]) n Pallade (pàl-)
  • (1. Gr. Mythol]; 2. Astron]) n Pallas
  • (1. Gr. Mythol]; 2. Astron]) n Pallas (pàl-)

palliasse, straw-mattress n paleassa

palliate (easing without curing) v palliatar

palliative n palliativo

pallor n pallor

palm (1. palm of the hand; 2. palm tree; 3. palm frond) n palma

  • (bot. and anat) n palma

palmate (1. Bot]; 2. Zool] (webbed) adj palmate

palmer (pilgrim returning from the Holy Land) n palmero

palmist n chiromante

  • ~ , chiromancer n chiromante

palmistry n chiromantia

  • ~ , chiromancy n chiromantia
  • ~ , chiromancy n chiromantia (-ìa)

palm-sunday n dominica del palmas

palpability n palpabilitate

palpable adj palpabile

palpebral adj palpebral

palpitate v palpitar

palpitation n palpitation

palter (act insincerely) v comportar se insincermente

  • (haggle) v negotiar cavillosemente

paltry (tricky, mean) adj meschin

  • ~ , shabby, mean adj meschin

paludism [Med] n paludismo

Pampas [Geog] n Pampas

  • n pampa

pamper v tractar con indulgentia excessive

pampers (diapers trademark) n pannos

  • (diapers trademark) n pannos (de baby)

pamphlet n brochure

  • ~ , brochure n brochure
  • ~ , brochure n brochure F]

pan- (all) occurring in compounds] adj pan-

  • (for frying) n patella
  • (saucepan) n casserola
  • [Gr. Relig] n Pan

panac- (all-healing) occurring in derivatives] adj panac-

panacea n panacea

  • n panacea (-éa)

panama (hat) n panama

  • (hat) n panama (-mà)
  • [Geog] n Panama
  • n Panama
  • n Panama (-mà)

pan-american adj panamerican

  • ~ -American adj panamerican

pancake n torta de patella

pancreas [Anat] n pancreas

  • n pancreas
  • n pancreas -as/-at-] (pàn-)

pancreatic adj pancreatic

pancreatin [Chem] n pancreatina

  • n Chem]

pancreatitis [Pathol] n pancreatitis

  • [Pathol] n pancreatitis (-ìtis)
  • n pancreatitis

panda (- bear) n panda

  • n panda

Pandects (Emperor Justinian's compilation of Roman Law) n pan-dectas

  • ~ , digest [Law] n digesto

pandemic adj pandemic

  • n pandemia
  • n pandemia (-ìa)

Pandemonium n pandemonio

  • n pandemonio, strepito infernal
  • n strepito infernal, pandemonio

pander v incoragiar

  • v incoragiar (le vitios)

Pandora (-'s box) n le cassa de pandora

  • [Gr. Mythol] n Pandora
  • n Pandora
  • ~ , pandore, bandore, mandola, mandora (musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger) n mandola I]
  • ~ , pandore, bandore, mandola, mandora (musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger) n mandola

pandore, bandore, mandola, mandora, pandora (musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger) n mandola

  • ~ , bandore, mandola, mandora, pandora (musical instrument similar to a mandolin, but larger) n mandola I]

pane n vitro

  • ~ , windowpane n vitro

panegyric adj panegyric

  • n panegyrico

panegyrical adj panegyric

panegyris, panegyry (festive assembly in honor of a god) Gr. Antiq] n panegyris (-égiris)

  • ~ , panegyry (festive assembly in honor of a god) Gr. Antiq] n panegyris

panegyrist n panegyrista

panegyrize v panegyrisar

panegyry (festive assembly in honor of a god) n panegyris

panel (compartment and material) n pannello

  • (distinct compartment of a surface) n pannello
  • (jury) n jury
  • (list) n lista
  • v revestir de ligno

panelling n revestimento

  • n revestimento (de ligno)

pang n dolor

Pan-German adj pangerman

Pan-Germanism n pangermanismo

Pan-Germanist n pangermanista

Panhellenism n panhellenismo

panic adj panic

  • n panico
  • v affollar
  • v affollar (se)
  • ~ , terror n affollamento

panic-stricken adj colpate de panico, terrificate

  • ~ -stricken adj terrificate, colpate de panico

panification n panification

panniculus [Anat] n panniculo

pannier n paniero

panoply n panoplia

panoptic adj panoptic

panopticon (1. Penology ]; 2. exhibition of wax figures; 3. Optics, etc]; 4. Basic English]) n panoptico

panorama n panorama

panoramic adj panoramic

Panslavism n panslavismo

  • n slavismo

Panslavist n panslavista

pansy (Viola tricolor) n pensata

  • n pensata

pant v anhelar

  • ~ , gasp v anhelar

Pantagruel n Pantagruel

Pantagruelian adj pantagruelic

Pantagruelism n pantagruelismo

Pantagruelist n pantagruelista

pantaloon [Theat] n pantalon

pantaloonery, buffoonery n pantalonada

pantelegraph, facsimile telegraph [Elec] n pantelegrapho

  • ~ , facsimile telegraph [Elec] n pantelegrapho (-lé-)

pantheism n pantheismo

  • n pantheismo (-ìzmo)

pantheist n pantheista

  • n pantheista (-ìsta)

pantheistic adj pantheista

  • adj pantheista (-ìsta)
  • adj pantheistic
  • adj pantheistic (-ìstic)

pantheon (1. Class.. Hist]; 2. the aggregate gods) n pantheon

panther n panthera

panties n calceones

  • n calceones (de femina)

panting, gasping n anhelation

pantler [Hist] n panetero

pantograph n pantographo

  • n pantographo (-tò-)

pantographic adj pantographic

pantography n pantographia

  • n pantographia (-ìa)

pantometer n pantometro

  • n pantometro (-tò-)

pantomime (classical) n pantomima

  • n Brit
  • v pantomimar
  • ~ , dumb show n pantomima
  • ~ , mimodrama n mimodrama
  • ~ , pantomimic adj pantomime
  • ~ , pantomimist n pantomimo

pantomimic, pantomime adj pantomimic

pantry n dispensa

pants (trousers) n pantalones

  • (underpants) n calceones

panzer, armored, armor-plated adj cuirassate

  • ~ , armored, armor-plated adj cuirassate (pp of cuirassar)

pap n pappa

papa n papa

  • ~ , daddy n papa
  • ~ , papas, pope [Orthodox Ch] n pope

papable (qualified for the papacy) adj papabile

papacy (1. office and dignity of the Pope; 2. Pope's tenure of office) n papato

  • n papato

papal adj papal

  • v papal

paparchy (papal rule) n paparchia

  • (papal rule) n paparchia (-ìa)

papas, pope, papa [Orthodox Ch] n pope

papaveraceous [Bot] adj papaveracee

paper (academic) n discurso

  • (as in linen paper, writing paper) n papiro
  • (document) n documento
  • (examination) n examine
  • (gentile) n papiro
  • (newspaper) n jornal
  • ~ cutter, paper knife n secapapiro
  • ~ knife, paper cutter n secapapiro
  • ~ streamer, serpentin n serpentino
  • v tapissar con papiro
  • ~ , document [Law, Com] n scriptura

paperback n libro brochate, libro de tasca

  • n libro de tasca, libro brochate

paperboy n livrator de jornales

paperclip n crampa

  • n crampa (pro serrar papiros)

paper-knife n secapapiro

papermaker n papirero

paper-money n papiro moneta

paperweight n cargapapiros

  • ~ , letterweight n cargalitteras
  • ~ , letterweight n cargalitteras (-lìt-)
  • ~ , letterweight n cargapapiros
  • ~ , letterweight n cargapapiros (-pì-)

paperwork n labores administrative

papier-mache n papier-mache

papilionaeeous adj papilionacee

papilla (1. nipple; 2. vascular protruberance of the dermal layer of the skin; 3. Bot]) n papilla

papillary adj papillar

papillectomy [Surg] n papillectomia

  • [Surg] n papillectomia (-ìa)

papillus, lapillo [Geol] n lapillo

  • ~ , lapillo [Geol] n lapillo I]

Papio, Cynocephalus [Zool] n cynocephalo

  • ~ , Cynocephalus [Zool] n cynocephalo (-cé-)

papism n papismo

papist adj/n papista

  • n papista

paprika n paprika

  • n paprika Hu]

Papua-New-Guinea [Geog] n Papua Nove Guinea

papyraceous adj papyracee

papyrus n papyro

[Route Planner]

par (above ~) adv super le par

  • (below ~) adv sub le par
  • (french: - avion) adv per avion, via aeree
  • (french: - avion) adv via aeree, per avion
  • (on a - with) phr equivalente a, par a
  • (on a - with) phr par a, equivalente a
  • [Fin] n par
  • n par

parable n parabola

  • n parabola (-rà-)

parabola [Math] n parabola

  • [Math] n parabola (-rà-)

parabolic (1. pertaining to parables; 2. Math]) adj parabolic

paraboloid n paraboloide

parachute n paracadita

  • v descender con paracadita

parachutist n paracaditista

parade (1. show, display; 2. Mil]) n parada

  • n parada
  • v paradar
  • ~ , strut about v paradar

paradise n paradiso

paradisiacal adj paradisiac

  • adj paradisiac (-ìac)

paradox n paradoxo

paradoxical adj paradoxe

paradoxically adv paradoxemente

paraffin (oil) n kerosen

  • (wax) n paraffin
  • (wax) n paraffin (solide)
  • ~ oil, kerosene n kerosen
  • ~ , paraffine [Chem] n paraffin

paraffine, paraffin [Chem] n paraffin

paragon n modello

  • n modello (de virtute)

paragraph (1. paragraph in a letter; 2. paragraph sign) n paragrapho

  • (1. paragraph in a letter; 2. paragraph sign) n paragrapho (-àgrafo)
  • n paragrapho

paragraphia [Pathol] n paragraphia

  • [Pathol] n paragraphia (-ìa)

Paraguay [Geog] n Paraguay

parakeet, parrot n parochetto

parallax n parallaxe

parallel (1. Geog]; 2. comparison) n parallelo

  • (1. Geom]; 2. Fortif]) n parallela
  • (geom) n parallela
  • [Geog] n parallelo
  • adj parallel
  • v equalar

parallelepiped n parallelepipedo

  • n parallelepipedo (-pìpedo)

parallelism n parallelismo

parallelogram n parallelogrammo

paralogism n paralogismo

paralogize v paralogisar

paralyse v paralysar

paralysis n paralyse

  • n paralyse (-àlyse)

paralytic (1. pertaining to paralysis; 2. affeted with paralysis) adj paralytic

  • n paralytico

paralyze v paralysar

parameter n parametro

paramount adj supreme

paramour, lover n amante

  • ~ , one living in concubinage n concubino

paranoia n paranoia

parapet n parapetto

paraphernal paraphernal [Rom. Law] adj paraphernal

paraphernalia n paraphernales

paraphrase n paraphrase

  • n paraphrase (-ràphrase)
  • v paraphrasar

paraphraser n paraphrasator

paraphrast n paraphraste

paraphrstic adj paraphrastic

paraplegia [Pathol] n paraplegia

  • [Pathol] n paraplegia (-ìa)

paraplegic [Pathol] adj paraplegic

parasite n parasito

parasitic, parasitical adj parasite

  • ~ , parasitical adj parasitic

parasitical, parasitic adj parasite

  • ~ , parasitic adj parasitic

parasiticide n parasiticida

parasitism n parasitismo

parasitology n parasitologia

  • n parasitologia (-ìa)

parasol n parasol

paratrooper (soldato) n paracaditista

paratyphoid paratyphoide adj paratyphoide

parcel (land) n parcella

  • (packet) n pacchetto
  • ~ , lot [Commer] n partita
  • ~ , packet, package n pacchetto

parcel-post n servicio de pacchos postal

parcel-up v impacchettar

parch n torrefacer

  • ~ , scorch v torrer
  • ~ , scorch v torrer torr-/tost-]

parchment n pergamena

pardon (a criminal) v gratiar

  • n pardono perdon
  • v pardonar, perdonar
  • v perdonar, pardonar
  • ~ , forgive v pardonar
  • ~ , forgiveness n pardono

pardonable adj gratiabile

  • adj pardonabile
  • adj pardonabile, perdonabile
  • adj perdonabile, pardonabile

pardon-me v pardono, perdona me

  • ~ -me v perdona me, pardono

pare v pellar

pared adj pellate

parent n genitor, parente

  • n parente, genitor

parental adj parental

parentheses [Typog] n parenthese

  • [Typog] n parenthese (-éntese)

parenthesis (parenthetic phrase, sentence) n parenthese

  • (parenthetic phrase, sentence) n parenthese (-éntese)
  • n parenthese

parenthetic, parenthetical adj parenthetic

parenthetical, parenthetic adj parenthetic

parenthood n maternitate, paternitate

  • n paternitate, maternitate

pariah (1. one of a low caste in Southern India; 2. social outcast) n paria

parietal [Anat/Bot/Zool] adj parietal

paring adj/n pellante

parish (division of a diocese) n parochia

  • n parochia
  • ~ priest n parocho
  • ~ priest n parocho (pà-)
  • ~ , parochial adj parochian

parishioner n parochiano

parish-priest n parocho

parisyllabic adj parisyllabe

  • adj parisyllabe (-sì-)
  • adj parisyllabic
  • n parisyllabo
  • n parisyllabo (-sì-)

parity n paritate

  • ~ , equality n paritate

park n parco

  • v parcar

parking lot n parco de automobiles

  • ~ meter n parcometro
  • n parcamento

parley n conferentia

  • v parlamentar

parliament n parlamento

parliamentarianism n parlamentarismo

parliamentary (person sent to parley with the enemy) n parlamentario

  • adj parlamentari

parlor (in a convent) n parlatorio

  • ~ , -lour n salon

parlous (precarious, dangerous) adj periculose

Parma n Parma

Parmesan cheese n parmesano

  • ~ , Parmese adj parmesan

Parmese n parmesano

Parnassian (pertaining to the Parnassus) adj parnassian

paroch- (neighboring) occurring in derivatives] adj paroch-

parochial (pertaining to a parish) adj parochial

  • adj parochial
  • ~ , parish adj parochian

parodist n parodista

  • n travestitor

parody n parodia

  • n parodia (-ìa)
  • n parodia, travestimento
  • n travestimento, parodia
  • v parodiar
  • v parodiar, travestir
  • v travestir
  • v travestir, parodiar

parodying, parody (act of) n travestimento

parole (on ~) n libere super parola

  • n parola de honor

paronym n paronymo

  • n paronymo (-ò-)

paronymous adj paronyme

  • adj paronyme (-ò-)

parotid gland n parotide

  • ~ gland n parotide (-rò-)

parotitis [Pathol] n parotiditis

  • [Pathol] n parotiditis (-ìtis)

paroxysm n paroxysmo

paroxytone [Phonet] adj paroxytone

parquet (lower part of floor) n parquet

  • n parquet
  • n parquet F]

parricide (act of killing one's father or mother) n parricidio

  • (one who kills his father or mother) n parricida

parrot n papagai

  • n papagai (-ài)
  • n papagai, papagallo, parochetto
  • n papagallo, parochetto, papagai
  • n parochetto, papagai, papagallo
  • n psittaco
  • n psittaco (psì-)
  • ~ , parakeet n parochetto

parry n parada

  • n parata
  • v parar
  • ~ , ward off v parar

Parsee, Parsi n parsi

  • ~ , Parsi n parsi (-sì) Persian]

Parsi, Parsee n parsi

  • ~ , Parsee n parsi (-sì) Persian]

parsimonious adj parsimoniose

  • ~ , stingy adj parsimoniose

parsimony, stinginess n parsimonia

parsley n petrosilio

parsnip n pastinaca

parson n pastor

parsonage n presbyterio

part (1. piece, portion, share; 2. side in an argument; 3. role) n parte

  • (spare ~) n pecia de recambio
  • n parte
  • v partir
  • ~ , divide v partir

partake v prender parte

  • v prender parte (in)
  • ~ , participate, share v participar

parterre (1. Gardening]; 2. Theat]) n parterre

  • (1. Gardening]; 2. Theat]) n parterre F]

partheno-, parthen- (virgin) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n partheno-

parthenogenesis (1. Biol]; 2. Bot]) n parthenogenese

  • (1. Biol]; 2. Bot]) n parthenogenese (-gé-)
  • (1. Biol]; 2. Bot]) n parthenogenesis
  • (1. Biol]; 2. Bot]) n parthenogenesis (-gé-)
  • (development from unfertilized egg) n parthenogenese

parthenogenetic adj parthenogenetic

Parthenon n Parthenon

Parthia n Parthia

Parthian adj parthe

  • n partho

partial (1. not complete or total; 2. biased) adj partial

  • adj in parte, partial
  • adj partial, in parte
  • ~ blindness, meropia [Med] n meropia
  • ~ blindness, meropia [Med] n meropia (-ìa)

partiality (favorable prejudice) n partialitate

  • (liking) n predilection
  • (prejudice) n partialitate

partially adv partialmente

participant, sharer n participante

  • ~ , sharing adj participe
  • ~ , sharing adj participe (-tì-)

participate v participar

  • ~ , share, partake v participar

participation n participation

participator n participator

participial [Gram] adj participial

participle n participio

particle (1. small portion) n particula

  • n particula
  • ~ , portion, small portion n parcella

particular (1. individual, personal, peculiar; 2. special) adj particular

  • (individual point, item) n particular
  • (meticulous) adj minutiose
  • (specific) adj particular
  • n detalio
  • n particularitate
  • ~ , meticulous adj minutiose

particularism n particularismo

particularist (1. Theol]; 2. Pol]) n particularista

particularization (act of going into particulars or details) n particularisation

particularize (1. to go into particulars or details; 2. to itemize, mention separately or individually) v particularisar

particularly, chiefly, especially adv presertim

  • ~ , chiefly, especially adv presertim (-sér-)

parting (departure) n partita

  • (of hair) n riga
  • (separation) n separation
  • adj de partita, ultime
  • adj ultime, de partita

partisan (adherent of a party) n partitario

  • (mil) n guerrillero
  • (strong supporter of a person, party, or cause) n partisano
  • (supporter) n partisano
  • adj de partito
  • ~ , guerrilla n guerrillero
  • ~ , guerrilla n guerrillero (-lyéro)

partisanship, partisanism n partitarismo

partite, divided adj partite

  • ~ , divided adj partite (pp of partir)

partition (division into parts) n partition

  • ~ into smaller parts v compartir
  • n partition
  • v compartir

partitive [Gram] adj partitive

partly adv in parte

partner (business) n socio

  • n Gen]
  • v accompaniar, esser partenario de
  • v esser partenario de, accompaniar
  • ~ , associate n socio

partnership (go into - with) v associar se con

  • n societate

part-payment n pagamento partial

partridge n perdice

parts, region n parte

part-time adj/n a medie tempore

parturient (laboring, in labor) adj parturiente

  • (laboring, in labor) adj parturiente (ppr of parturir)

parturition n parturition

part-with v ceder

party (1. social gathering; 2. small body of troops) n partita

  • (a political or religious party) n partito
  • (evening) n soirée
  • (evening) n soirée F]
  • (political) n partito
  • (social) n partita, soire
  • (social) n soire, partita

party-wall n muro divisori

parvenu n parvenu

  • n parvenu F]

paschal (pertaining to Passover or Easter) adj paschal

pass (1. permission or permit to pass; 2. Fencing] (thrust; 3. manipulation of a mesmerist) n passe F]

  • (1. permission or permit to pass; 2. Fencing] (thrust; 3. manipulation of a mesmerist) n passe
  • (1. to move or go along; 2. to hand; 3. as in to pass a law, judgment) v passar
  • (as in mountain pass) n passo
  • ~ again, repass v repassar
  • ~ away, die v transpassar
  • ~ by v preterir
  • n passo
  • ~ on, transmit v transmitter
  • ~ on, transmit v transmitter -mitt-/-miss ]
  • ~ over in silence, keep to oneself v tacer
  • ~ over, omit v preterir
  • ~ the winter, winter v hibernar
  • ~ to and fro, go and come v commear
  • v passar
  • ~ , go v mear
  • ~ , spend (a certain time) v passar

passable (of a route) adj practicabile

  • (that can be passed or traversed) adj viabile
  • (tolerable) adj passabile
  • ~ , fair, fairly good adj passabile
  • ~ , pervious adj pervie

passableness (state of being passable or traversable) n viabilitate

passage (1. act of passing, crossing) n passage

  • (1. act of passing, crossing) n passage (-aje)
  • (act of passing, crossing) n passada
  • n passage

pass-away v transpassar

passbook n libretto de conto

passe partout (1. master key, passkey; 2. mount for framing pictures etc.) n passe-partout

  • ~ partout (1. master key, passkey; 2. mount for framing pictures etc.) n passe-partout F]

passenger n passagero

  • n passagero (-jéro)
  • ~ train n traino de passageros

passerby n passante

  • ~ -by n passante

passeriform, sparrowlike adj passeriforme

passibility, passibleness n passibilitate

passible adj passibile

passibleness, passibility n passibilitate

passim, here and there, scattered, at random, in different places adv passim (pàs-)

  • ~ , here and there, scattered, at random, in different places adv passim

passing (transitory, fleeting) adj passager

  • (transitory, fleeting) adj passager (-jér)
  • ~ , transient adj transiente

passion (intense emotion) n passion

  • n passion
  • ~ , suffering, affliction n pathos
  • ~ , suffering, affliction n pathos (pàtos)

passional n Eccl. passional

  • ~ , passionary [Elccl] n passionario

passionary, passional [Elccl] n passionario

passionate adj passionate

  • adj passionate (pp of passionar)
  • ~ , impassioned adj passional

passionately adv passionatemente

passionflower n passiflor

passive [Gram] n passivo

  • adj passive
  • n passivo

passivity n passivitate

pass-off-as v passar como

pass-on (circulate) v circular

  • ~ -on (die) v deceder

pass-out v exir, sortir

  • ~ -out v sortir, exir

pass-over (cross) v transir

  • ~ -over (hand) v transmitter
  • ~ -over (omit) v omitter
  • n pascha
  • ~ -over n pascha
  • ~ -over n pascha (del hebreos)

passport n passaporto

password n contrasigno

past (1. belonging to former days; 2. Gram] (preterit) adj preterite

  • (1. belonging to former days; 2. Gram] (preterit) adj preterite (-tér-)
  • adj passate
  • adj passate (pp of passar)
  • adv preter, ultra
  • adv ultra, preter
  • n passato
  • ~ , beyond adv preter
  • ~ , beyond adv preter (pré-)
  • ~ , preterit [Gram] n preterito
  • ~ , preterit [Gram] n preterito (-tér)

paste (as in tooth paste) n pasta

  • (for sticking) n colla
  • adj false
  • n Gen]
  • v collar
  • ~ , glue n colla
  • ~ , glue v collar

pasteboard n carton

  • ~ work n cartonage
  • ~ work n cartonage (-aje)
  • ~ , cardboard n carton

pastel (1. pastel crayon; 2. drawing in pastel) n pastello

  • adj morbide
  • n pastello

pastelist n pastellista

pasteurization n pasteurisation

pasteurize v pasteurisar

pasteurizer n pasteurisator

pastiche n imitation

pastille (1. pastille of incense; 2. lozenge, troche) n pastilla

  • n pastilla

pastime n passatempore

pastiness, doughiness n pastositate

pastlme n diversion, passatempore

  • n passatempore, diversion

pastor n pastor

pastoral (1. pertaining to shepherds or country life; 2 . pertaining to a pastor or pastors) adj pastoral

  • (poem) Lit] n pastorella
  • ~ adj/n pastoral

pastorate, pastorship n pastorato

pastorship, pastorate n pastorato

past-participle n participio passate

pastry (baked) n pastisseria

  • (unbaked) n pasta
  • ~ cook n pastissero
  • n pastisseria
  • n pastisseria (-ìa)
  • ~ shop n pastisseria
  • ~ shop n pastisseria (-ìa)

pastrybook n pastissero

pasture (1. land on which cattle are grazed; 2. herbage for cattle) n pastura

  • ~ again v repascer
  • ~ again v repascer -pasc-/-past-]
  • n pastura
  • v t/vi pascer
  • ~ , graze (1. to take or drive to pasture; 2. to browse) v pascer
  • ~ , graze (1. to take or drive to pasture; 2. to browse) v pascer pasc-/past-]
  • ~ , graze (browse) v pasturar

pastureland n pastura

pasty (made of paste) adj de pasta

  • (pale) adj pallide
  • n pastisso
  • ~ , doughy adj pastose
  • ~ , meat pie n pastisso
  • ~ , meat pie, fish pie n pastata

pat n colpo legier

  • v colpar legiermente

patch n pecia

  • n pecia (de reparation)
  • v reparar, repeciar, sarcir
  • v repeciar, sarcir, reparar
  • v sarcir, reparar, repeciar

patching n reparation, repeciamento

  • n repeciamento, reparation

patch-up (a quarrel) v componer

  • ~ -up (mend) v reparar

patchwork n labor de pecias, mosaico

  • n mosaico, labor de pecias

patchy adj non uniforme

patella, kneecap [Anat] n patella

  • ~ , kneecap n rotula
  • ~ , limpet [Zool] n patella

patelliform adj patelliforme

patent (1. letters patent; 2. inventor's patent) n breveto

  • (an invention) v brevetar
  • (patent on an invention) n patente
  • ~ adj/n patente
  • v patentar
  • ~ , manifest adj patente

patentee n patentato

patent-leather adj/n corio vernissate

paternal (1. pertaining to the father; 2. characteristic of a father, fatherly) adj paternal

  • (1. pertaining to the father; 2. characteristic of a father, fatherly) adj paterne
  • adj paternal

paternity n paternitate

  • ~ , fatherhood n paternitate

paternoster (1. Lord's Prayer, Our Father; 2. any of the large beads of a rosary on which the Lord's Prayer is said) n patrenostre

path (course of action) n via

  • (course) n curso
  • (track) n sentiero
  • n semita
  • n semita (sé-)
  • n sentiero

pathetic (touching) adj toccante pathetic

  • adj Fig]
  • adj pathetic
  • ~ , touching adj toccante
  • ~ , touching adj toccante (ppr of toccar)

pathgenesis n pathogenesis

  • n pathogenesis (-énesis)

pathogenesis n pathogenese

  • n pathogenese (-énese)

pathogenetic adj pathogenetic

pathogenic adj pathogene

  • adj pathogene (-ò-)
  • adj pathogenic

pathogeny n pathogenia

  • n pathogenia (-ìa)

pathognomonic [Med] adj pathognomonic

pathognomy n pathognomia

  • n pathognomia (-ìa)

pathological adj pathologic

pathologist n pathologista

  • n pathologo
  • n pathologo (-tò-)

pathology (study of bodily diseases) n pathologia

  • (study of bodily diseases) n pathologia (-ìa)
  • n pathologia

pathos (1. power of stirring the feeling of pity, sympathy; 2. Theat/rhet]) n pathos

  • (1. power of stirring the feeling of pity, sympathy; 2. Theat/rhet]) n pathos (pàtos)
  • n pathos

pathway n sentiero

patience n patientia

patient adj patiente

  • adj patiente (ppr of patir)
  • ~ adj/n patiente
  • n patiente

patina (green rust that covers ancient bronzes) n patina

  • (green rust that covers ancient bronzes) n patina (pà-)

patois, dialect n patois

  • ~ , dialect n patois F]

patr-, patro- (father) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n patr-

patri- (clan, phratry) occurring in compounds] n patri-

patriarch (1. Bib]; 2. Eccl]) n patriarcha

  • n patriarcha

patriarchal adj patriarchal

patriarchate n patriarchato

patriarchy n patriarchia

  • n patriarchia (-ìa)

patrician [Rom. Hist] adj patricie

  • [Rom. Hist] n patricio

patriciate (position or dignity of a patrician) Rom. Hist] n patriciato

patrimonial adj patrimonial

patrimony n patrimonio

patriot n patriota

patriotic (as in patriotic poetry) adj patriotic

  • adj patriotic

patriotism n patriotismo

patrist n patrista

  • ~ , patristic n patristico

patristic adj patristic

  • ~ study, patristics n patrologia
  • ~ study, patristics n patrologia (-ìa)
  • ~ , patrist n patristico

patristics n patristica

  • ~ , patristic study n patrologia
  • ~ , patristic study n patrologia (-ìa)

patrol (person) n patruliator

  • n patrulia
  • v patruliar

patrolled adj patruliate

patroller n patruliator

patron (1. as in patron of the fine arts; 2. patron saint) n patrono

  • (financial) n mecenate
  • (supporter) n patrono, protector
  • (supporter) n protector, patrono
  • ~ , patronal adj patronal
  • ~ , sponsor n protector

patronage (as in patronage of the fine arts) n patronage

  • (as in patronage of the fine arts) n patronage (-aje)
  • (protection given by a patron to his client) Hist] n clientela
  • ~ , support n protection

patronal, patron adj patronal

patronate (duty, position etc. of a patron) n patronato

patroness n patrona

  • n patronessa

patronize (be a patron to or of) v patronisar

  • (be a patron) v patronisar
  • (pejorative) v tractar con aere protector

patronizing pres. Part condescendente

patronymic adj patronymic

  • n patronymico

pattern (model or guide for something to be made) n patrono

  • n patrono

paucity n paucitate

Paul n Paulo

Pauline adj paulin

Paulinism [Theol] n paulinismo

Paulist (Father) R.C.Ch] n paulista

paunch n pancia, ventre

  • n ventre, pancia

pauper n indigente, paupero

  • n paupero, indigente

pauperism n pauperismo

pause (make a pause) v pausar

  • (temporary cessation of activity) n pausa
  • n pausa
  • v pausar

pavan, pavane n pavana

pavane, pavan n pavana

pave v pavimentar

  • v pavir

pavement (artificial surface of streets, sidewalks) n pavimento

  • (road surface) n pavimento
  • ~ , sidewalk n trottoir
  • ~ , sidewalk n trottoir F]

paver, pavior n pavitor

pavilion (1. tent, canopy; 2. light building; 3 . pavilion or auricle of the ear) n pavilion

  • n pavilion

paving, laying a pavement (act of) n pavimentation

  • ~ , laying a pavement (action of) n pavage
  • ~ , laying a pavement (action of) n pavage (-aje)

pavior, paver n pavitor

paw (fondle) v palpar

  • (of an animal) n pata
  • (use paws) v toccar con le patas
  • n pata

pawn [Chess] n pedon

  • ~ , put in pawn v pignorar
  • ~ , security, pledge n pignore

pawnbroker n prestator super pignore

pay (payment) n paga

  • (soldier's) n soldo
  • (someone) v pagar
  • ~ a salary to v salariar
  • ~ a stipend to v stipendiar
  • ~ for (something) v pagar
  • n paga
  • ~ out (cash) v discassar
  • ~ out, disburse v disbursar
  • v pagar
  • ~ , settle, discharge (a debt, fine, bill) v pagar
  • ~ , wages n gage
  • ~ , wages n gage F]

payable adj pagabile

pay-attention n prestar attention

pay-back v relmbursar, restituer

  • ~ -back v restituer, relmbursar

pay-day n die de paga

payer n pagator

pay-for v pagar

pay-in v incassar

pay-in-advance v pagar anticipatemente

paying out (cash) (action of) n discassamento

payment (1. action of paying; 2. amount paid) n pagamento

  • ~ for board n pension
  • n pagamento

pay-off (debt) v extinguer

  • ~ -off (workers) v pagar e dimitter

pay-out v disbursar, discassar.

  • ~ -out v discassar., disbursar

payroll n libro de paga, lista de paga

  • n lista de paga, libro de paga

pcychiatric adj psychiatric

pea n piso

peace n pace

peaceable (1. liking or keeping peace; 2. peaceful) adj pacibile

peaceble adj pacibile, pacif

  • adj pacif, pacibile

peaceloving adj pacific

peacemaker, conciliator n conciliator

peach (fruit of the peach tree) n persica

  • n persica
  • ~ tree n persichiero
  • ~ tree n persico

peacock n pavon

  • ~ , strut v pavonisar

peak (fig) n apogeo

  • (mountain) n picco
  • (of cap) n visiera
  • (of mountain) n culmine, picco
  • (of mountain) n picco, culmine
  • n Gen]

peak-hours n horas de puncta.

peanut n arachide

  • n arachide (-rà-)
  • n arachide, cacahuetta
  • n cacahuetta, arachide

peanut-butter n butyro de arachide

pear (fruit of the pear tree) n pira

  • n pira
  • ~ tree n piriero

pearl (as in sweat pearling on his brow) v perlar

  • (mother of ~) n matreperla, nacre
  • (mother of ~) n nacre, matreperla
  • n margarita
  • n perla

peasant n paisano

peasantry n paisanos

peat n turfa

  • ~ , turf n turfa

peccability n peccabilitate

peccable, liable to sin adj peccabile

peccadillo n peccadilio

  • n peccatilio

peccant adj peccante

  • adj peccante (ppr of peccar)

peck (pick with the beak) v beccar

  • n colpo de becco
  • v beccar

pecten, scallop [Zool] n pectine

pectic [Chem] adj pectic

pectin n pectina

pectinibranch [Zool] adj pectinibranchie

pectoral (pertaining to the breast) adj pectoral

peculation n peculato

peculator n peculator

peculiar (1. special, particular; 2. unusual, odd) adj peculiar

peculiarity (1. distinctive trait; 2. oddness) n peculiaritate

  • n particularitare, peculiaritate
  • n particularitate
  • n peculiaritate, particularitare

peculium [Rom. Law] n peculio

pecuniary adj pecuniari

pecunious, provided with money (well-) adj pecuniose

ped-, pedo- (child) occurring in compounds] n ped-

pedagogic adj pedagogic

pedagogics, pedagogy n pedagogica

pedagogue n pedagogo

  • ~ , educator n educator

pedagogy n pedagogia

  • n pedagogia (-ìa)
  • ~ , pedagogics n pedagogica

pedal adj pedal

  • n pedal
  • v pedalar

pedant n pedante

pedantic adj pedantesc

pedantry n pedanteria

  • n pedanteria (-ìa)
  • n pedantismo

peddle v facer le commercio ambulante

pedestal n pedestallo

  • ~ , stand, socle n socculo

pedestrian adj pedestre

  • n pedon

pedestrian-crossing n passage a pedones

pedicel [Bot] n pedicello

  • ~ , pedicle [Bot] n pediculo

pedicellate [Bot] adj pedicellate

pedicle, pedicel [Bot] n pediculo

pedicular, lousy adj pedicular

pediculous, lousy adj pediculose

pedicure, chiropodist n pedicuro

pedigree (of animals) n pedigree

  • (of animals) n pedigree A]
  • adj de racia
  • n arbore genealogic, genealogia
  • n genealogia, arbore genealogic

pediluvium, foot bath [Med] n pediluvio

pediment, gable [Arch] n fronton

pedlar n venditor ambulante

pedo-, ped- (soil) occurring in compounds] n pedo-

pedology (scientific study of soils) n pedologia

  • (scientific study of soils) n pedologia (-ìa)

pedometer n pedometro

  • n pedometro (-ò-)
  • ~ , podometer n podometro
  • ~ , podometer n podometro (-òmetro)

pedrero [Hist] n petrario

peduncle, stalk, stem [Bot] n pedunculo

peduncular [Bot] adj peduncular

pedunculate [Bot] adj pedunculate

peeble n calculo

peel n pelle

  • v pellar
  • ~ , scoop, shovel n pala

peelings n pellaturas

peel-off v exfoliar

  • ~ -off v exfoliar (se)

peep (look) n reguardo rapide/furtive

  • (squeak) v pipar
  • v reguardar rapidemente/furtivemente
  • ~ , cheep, chirp v pipar

peeper, cheeper n pipator

peer (1. equal; 2. nobleman) n par

  • (equal and nobleman) n par

peerage n aristocratia, nobilitate

  • n nobilitate, aristocratia

peer-at v reguardar myopemente

peevish adj irritabile

peg (fasten with pegs) v incaviliar

  • (pin or bolt of wood, metal, for fastening parts together, hanging objects upon) n cavilia
  • n cavilia

Pegasus [Gr. Mythol] n Pegaso

  • [Gr. Mythol] n Pegaso (pé-)

peignoir, dressing gown n peignoir

  • ~ , dressing gown n peignoir F]

Peiping n Peiping

pejorative adj pejorative

pekinese adj/n pekingese

Peking, Pekin n Peking

Pekingese pekingese adj pekingese

Pelagian [Eccl. Hist] adj pelagian

  • [Eccl. Hist] n pelagiano

Pelagianism [Eccl. Hist] n pelagianismo

Pelagius [British monk of the 4th and 5th centuries] n Pelagio

pelican n pelicano

pelisse, fur coat n pellicia

pellagra [Pathol] n pellagra

  • [Pathol] n pellagra I]

pellagrous adj pellagrose

pellet n bolletta

pellicle n pellicula

pellicular adj pellicular

pellitory (wall) Bot] n parietaria

pell-mell adv sin ordine

pelmet n bordatura pendente

Peloponnesian adj peloponnesian

  • n peloponnesiano

Peloponnesus n Peloponneso

Pelops [Gr. Mythol] n Pelope

  • [Gr. Mythol] n Pelope (pé-)

pelt n pelle

  • ~ with rain v pluviar torrentialmente

pelvic [Anat] adj pelvic

  • adj pelvic
  • ~ bone n pelve

pelvis (pelvic bone) n pelve

  • [Anat] n pelve

pemmican n pemmican

  • n pemmican A]

pen (as in pen and pencil) n penna

  • (for animals) n clausura
  • (for writing) n penna, pluma
  • (for writing) n pluma, penna
  • (fountain ~) n penna stilographic
  • (specific animals) n ovil, tauril
  • (specific animals) n tauril, ovil
  • v confinar

pena adj penal

penal adj penal

penality n penalitate

penalize (sport) v penalisar

  • v Fig]
  • v penalisar

penal-servitude n travalios fortiate

penalty n pena, penalitate

  • n penalitate
  • n penalitate, pena
  • ~ , punishment n pena

penalty-area n zona de penalitate

penalty-clause n clausula de penalitate

penalty-kick n colpo de penalitate

penance n penitentia

pence n pennies

pencil (tuft of hair) n penicillo

  • n stilo
  • n stilo (de graphite)
  • v scriber con stilo

pencil-sharpener n taliastilos

pendant n pendente

  • ~ pensile, hanging adj pensile
  • ~ , counterpart (one of a pair in symmetric arrangement) n pendant
  • ~ , counterpart (one of a pair in symmetric arrangement) n pendant F]
  • ~ , pendicle n pendiculo
  • ~ , pendulous adj pendule

pendicle, pendant n pendiculo

pending adj pendente

  • adj pendente (ppr of pender)

pendule (timepiece having a pendulum) n pendula

  • (timepiece having a pendulum) n pendula (pén-)

pendulous, pendant adj pendule

  • ~ , swinging adj pendular

pendulum n pendulo

  • n pendulo (pén-)

penetrability n penetrabilitate

penetrable adj penetrabile

penetrate v penetrar

penetrating adj acute, penetrative

  • adj penetrative, acute

penetration (1. act or process of penetrating; 2. as in a man of great penetration) n penetration

  • n penetration

penetrative adj penetrative

penfriend n amico per correspondentia, correspondente

  • n correspondente, amico per correspondentia

penguin n pinguin

penholder n portapenna

penicilliform (shaped like a hair pencil) adj penicilliforme

penicillin [Biochem] n penicillina

  • n penicillina

Penicillium [Bot] n penicillium

  • [Bot] n penicillium (-cìl-)

peninsula n peninsula

  • n peninsula (-ìn-)

peninsular adj peninsular

penis n pene, verga, penis

  • n penis, pene, verga
  • n verga, penis, pene

penitent [Eccl] n penitente

  • adj penitente
  • ~ adj/n penitente

penitential (pertaining to ecclesiastical penance) adj penitential

penitentiary (as in penitentiary measures) adj penitentiari

  • (confessor in special cases) Eccl] n penitentiero
  • (reformatory prison) n penitentiario
  • n penitentiario

penitentiaryship [Eccl] n penitentieria

  • [Eccl] n penitentieria (-ìa)

penknife n cultello de tasca

pen-name n pseudonymo

pennant n bandierola

pennate, feathered [Bot/Zool] adj pennate

pen-nib n puncta

  • ~ -nib n puncta (de pluma)

penniless adj povre, sin un soldo

  • adj sin un soldo, povre

pennon n pennon

Pennsylvania n Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanian adj pennsylvanian

  • n pennsylvaniano

penny n penny

pennywise adj myopemente parsimoniose

pension (regular payment, stipend, allowance) n pension

  • n pension
  • v pensionar
  • ~ , boardinghouse n pension

pensioner n pensionario

pension-off v mitter in pension

pensive adj pensative

pent-, penta- (five) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj pent-

pentacle, five-pointed star n pentaculo

pentagon [Geom] n pentagono

  • n pentagono

pentagonal adj pentagon

  • adj pentagonal

pentagram n pentagramma

pentahedral [Math] adj pentahedre

pentahedron [Math] n pentahedro

Pentamera [Zool] n pentameros

  • [Zool] n pentameros (-tà-)

pentamerous [Bot/Zool] adj pentamere

pentameter n pentametro

  • n pentametro (-àmetro)

pentarchy (government by five rulers) n pentarchia

  • (government by five rulers) n pentarchia (-ìa)

pentateuch n pentateucho

pentathlon [Gr. Antiq] n pentathlo

  • n pentathlon

pentatomic [Chem] adj pentatomic

pentccostal adj pentecostal

pentecost n pentecoste

pentecostal adj/n pentecostal

pent-up adj reprimite

penult n penultima

  • n penultima (-nùl-)

penultimate adj penultime

  • ~ , next to last adj penultime (-nùl-]

penumbra, half-shade n penumbra

penury (extreme poverty) n penuria

  • ~ , need n miseria

peony n peonia

people (1. nation, national group; 2. persons, folk) n gente

  • (1. race, nation; 2. common people) n populo
  • (1. race, nation; 2. common people) n populo (pò-)
  • (common people) n communes, plebe
  • (common people) n plebe, communes
  • (nation) n populo
  • v popular

people-say phr on dice

pep n dynamismo, energia

  • n energia, dynamismo

pepper (spice) n pipere

  • (vegetable) n pimento
  • n pipere
  • ~ shaker n piperiera
  • ~ , season with pepper v piperar

pepperfot n piperiera

peppermill n molinp de pipere

peppermint n mentha piperate

peppery adj piperate

  • adj piperate (pp of piperar)

pepsin n pepsina

peptalk n discurso de incoragiamento

peptic adj peptic

per prep per

perambulator n cochietto de infante

per-annum phr per anno

perceive by intuition, to intuit v intuer

  • v apperciper, intuer, perciper
  • v intuer, perciper, apperciper
  • v perciper, apperciper, intuer
  • ~ , apprehend (mentally) v apperciper
  • ~ , apprehend (mentally) v apperciper -cip-/-cept-]

perceiver n perceptor

per-cent phr pro cento

percentage n percentage

  • n percentage (-aje)

percentual adj percentual

perceptibility n perceptibilitate

perceptible adj perceptibile

  • ~ , sensible adj sensibile

perception (1. process or faculty of perceiving; 2. percept) n perception

  • n perception

perceptive adj perceptive

perch (fish) n perca

  • (for bird) n percha
  • [Ichthyol] n perca
  • v posar se

perchlorate n perchlorato

perchloric adj perchloric

perciform (1. resembling a perch; 2. of or pertaining to the Perciformes) Zool] adj perciforme

percolate (1. to cause to percolate; 2. to pass or flow through a filter) v percolar

  • v percolar

percolator n caffetiera filtrante, percolator

  • n percolator
  • n percolator, caffetiera filtrante

percomorph [Zool] n percomorpho

  • ~ , percomorphous [Zool] adj percomorphe

percomorphous, percomorph [Zool] adj percomorphe

percuss [Med] v percuter

  • [Med] v percuter -cut-/-cuss-]

percussion (1. stroke, hit, blow) n percussion

  • n percussion
  • ~ , percussive adj percutente
  • ~ , percussive adj percutente (ppr of percuter)

percussive, percussion adj percutente

  • ~ , percussion adj percutente (ppr of percuter)

perdition [Theol] n perdition

  • n perdition

perdurable adj perdurabile

perdure v perdurar

  • ~ , continue, last on v perdurar

peregrinate v peregrinar

peregrination n peregrination

peregrine adj peregrin

peremptory (1. Law]; 2. as in a peremptory tone) adj peremptori

  • adj peremptori

perennial (1. lasting or continuing throughout the year; 2. everlasting, eternal; 3. Bot]) adj perenne

  • adj perenne
  • n planta perenne

perfect [(Gram] n perfecto

  • adj perfecte
  • n perfecto
  • v perfectionar

perfectibility n perfectibilitate

perfectible adj perfectibile

perfecting (act of) n perfectionamento

perfection (1. act of perfecting; 2. state of being perfect) n perfection

  • n perfection

perfective adj perfective

perfidious adj perfide

  • adj perfide (pér-)
  • adj perfidiose

perfidy n perfidia

perfoliate [Bot] adj perfoliate

perforate v perforar

  • ~ , perforated adj perforate
  • ~ , perforated adj perforate (pp of perforar)

perforated adj foraminose

  • adj foraminose, perforate
  • adj perforate, foraminose
  • ~ , perforate adj perforate
  • ~ , perforate adj perforate (pp of perforar)

perforation (1. perforating; 2. perforated hole) n perforation

  • n perforation

perforator n perforator

perform (duty) v exequer

  • (play) v representar

performance (behaviour) n comportamento

  • (of duty) n execution
  • (racing) n performance
  • [Horse Racing] n performance
  • [Horse Racing] n performance A]
  • [Theat] representation

performer (artiste) n artista

  • [Mus] executante
  • [Theat] actor, actrice
  • [Theat] actrice, actor

perfume bottle, smelling bottle n flacon

  • ~ bottle, smelling bottle n flacon (F)
  • n perfumo
  • v imbalsamar, perfumar
  • v perfumar
  • v perfumar, imbalsamar
  • ~ with ambergris v ambrar
  • ~ with myrrh v myrrhar
  • ~ , scent (fill with sweet odor) v imbalsamar

perfumed adj perfumate

perfumer n perfumator

perfumery n perfumeria

  • n perfumeria (-ìa)

perfuming (action of) n imbalsamamento

Pergamum n Pergamo

  • n Pergamo (pér-)

pergola n pergola

  • n pergola I]

perhaps adv forsan

  • ~ , maybe adv forsan
  • ~ , maybe adv forsan (fòr-)

perianth [Bot] n perianthio

pericarditis [Pathol] n pericarditis

  • [Pathol] n pericarditis (-ìtis)

pericardium [Anat] n pericardio

perigeal, perigean adj perigee

  • ~ , perigean adj perigee (-gé-)

perigee [Astron] n perigeo

  • [Astron] n perigeo (-gé-)

peril n hasardo, periculo

  • n periculo, hasardo
  • ~ , risk, hazard n risco

perilous adj hasardose, periculose

  • adj periculose, hasardose

perimeter n perimetro

  • n perimetro (-ì-)

period (1. as in period of adolescence) n periodo

  • (1. as in period of adolescence) n periodo (-rì-)
  • (of time) n periodo
  • (punctuation) n puncto
  • [Med] menstruo
  • ~ of two months n bimestre

periodic (1. of a period or regular revolution; 2. occurring at regular times) adj periodic

  • adj periodic

periodical (periodic publication) n periodico

  • adj periodic
  • n periodico, revista
  • n revista, periodico

periodicity (quality of being periodical) n periodicitate

peripheral, peripheric adj peripheric

periphery n peripheria

  • n peripheria (-ìa)

periphrase v periphrasar

periphrasis n periphrase

  • n periphrase (-ì-)

periscope n periscopio

periscopic adj periscopic

perish v obir, perir

  • v perir
  • v perir, obir
  • ~ , die v obir

perishable adj corruptibile, peribile

  • adj peribile
  • adj peribile, corruptibile
  • ~ , subject to decay adj corruptibile

peristalsis [Physiol] n peristole

peristaltic [Physiol] adj peristaltic

peritoneum [Anat] n peritoneo

  • [Anat] n peritoneo (-éo)

peritonitis [Med] n peritonitis

  • [Med] n peritonitis (-ìtis)

periwig, wig n perrucca

perjure oneself v perjurar se

  • v perjurar

perjured, forsworn adj perjur

perjurer n perjurator

  • n perjuro

perjury n perjurio

perk n ganio occasional

perk-up v reanimar se

perky adj allegre

perlpheral (of computer) n peripherico

  • adj peripheric

perm (pools) n permutation

  • (wave) n undulation permanente

permanence n permanentia

permanent adj permanente

  • ~ , lasting, enduring adj permanente
  • ~ , lasting, enduring adj permanente (ppr of permaner)

permanganate [Chem] n permanganato

permanganic [Chem] adj permanganic

permeability n permeabilitate

permeable adj permeabile

permeate v impregnar, permear

  • v permear
  • v permear, impregnar

permissible adj permissibile

permission n permission

permissive adj permissive

permit (written permission) n permisso

  • n permisso
  • v permitter
  • ~ , allow v permitter
  • ~ , allow v permitter -mitt-/-miss-]

permutability n permutabilitate

permutable adj permutabile

permutation [Math] n permutation

  • n permutation

permute, exchange, interchange v permutar

permuter n permutator

pernicious adj perniciose

pernoctation n pernoctation

perorate (1. to speak at length; 2. to sum up or conclude a speech) v perorar

peroration n peroration

peroxide n peroxydo

  • n peroxydo (-òx-)

peroxidize v peroxydar

perpendicular adj perpendicular

  • ~ , plumb line n perpendiculo

perpendicularity n perpendicularitate

perpenoicular adj perpendicular

  • n perpendiculo

perpetrate v committer, perpetrar

  • v perpetrar
  • v perpetrar, committer

perpetration n perpetration

perpetrator n perpetrator

perpetual adj perpetue

perpetually adv perpetuemente

perpetuate v perpetuar

perpetuation n perpetuation

perpetuator n perpetuator

perpetuity (perpetual duration) n perpetuitate

  • n perpetuitate

perplex v confunder, perplexar

  • v perplexar, confunder

perplexed adj perplexe

  • ~ , bewildered adj perplexe

perplexing adj disconcertante, perplexante

  • adj perplexante, disconcertante

perplexity n perplexitate

  • ~ , bewilderment n perplesitate

pers 1. we; 2. us pron nos

  • ~ me pron me

persecute v persequer

  • v persequer -sequ-/-secut-]

persecution n persecution

persecutor n persecutor

Perseid [Astron] n perseide

  • [Astron] n perseide (-séi-)

Persepolis n Persepole

Perseus (1. Gr. Mythol]; 2. Astron]) n Perseo

perseverance n perseverantia

  • ~ , persistence, persistency n perseverantia

persevere v perseverar

  • ~ , persist v perseverar

persevering adj perseverante

Persia [Geog] n Persia

  • n Persia

Persian adj perse

  • adj persian
  • n persa
  • n persiano
  • n persiano
  • ~ , Persic adj persian
  • ~ , Persic adj persic

persicaria [Bot] n persicaria

persist (endure) v persister

  • (endure, continue to exist) v persister
  • (insist) v obstiner se
  • ~ , persevere v perseverar

persistence n persistentia

  • ~ , persistency n persistentia
  • ~ , persistency, perseverance n perseverantia

persistency, perseverance, persistence n perseverantia

  • ~ , persistence n persistentia

persistent (inclined to persist, tenacious) adj persistente

  • adj perseverante
  • adj perseverante (ppr of perserverar)
  • adj persistente

persistent-offender n recidivista

persist-in v persister in

person n persona

  • ~ of the middle class, bourgeois n burgese
  • ~ under torture n suppliciato

personable adj ben facite, de belle presentia

  • adj de belle presentia, ben facite

personage (1. person of note; 2. character in a work of fiction or a play) n personage (-aje)

  • (1. person of note; 2. character in a work of fiction or a play) n personage

personal adj personal

  • ~ personal adj personal

personality n personalitate

personalize, personify v personalisar

personally adv personalmente

personate [Bot] adj personate

personification n personification

personify v personificar

  • ~ , personalize v personalisar

personnel n personal

perspective (1. the art of perspective; 2. vista, view, prospect) n perspectiva

  • adj perspective
  • n perspectiva

perspex (polymethyl methacrylate) n plexiglas

perspicacious adj perspicace

perspicacity n perspicacitate

perspicuity n perspicuitate

perspicuous adj perspicue

perspirable ([Med] (that can be disposed of through perspiration) adj transpirabile

perspiration (excessive) n sudation

  • n sudor, transpiration
  • n transpiration
  • n transpiration, sudor
  • ~ , sweat n sudor

perspire v sudar, transpirar

  • v transpirar, sudar
  • ~ , sweat v sudar
  • ~ , sweat v transpirar

persuadable adj persuasibile

  • ~ , suasible adj suasibile

persuade v persuader

  • v persuader -suad-/-suas-]
  • ~ , advise, urge v suader
  • ~ , advise, urge v suader suad-/suas-]

persuader n persuasor

persuasion (1. act of persuading; 2. state of being persuaded) n persuasion

  • n persuasion

persuasive adj persuasive

pertain v pertiner

pertaining to a beak, bill adj rostral

  • ~ to a cemetery adj cemeterial
  • ~ to a commercial society adj social
  • ~ to a domain, domainal adj dominial
  • ~ to a rostrum, rostral adj rostral
  • ~ to a syndic adj syndical
  • ~ to man, hominal adj hominal
  • ~ to registration or enrollment matricular adj matricular
  • ~ to small portions adj parcellari
  • ~ to St. Vitus's dance, choreic adj choreic
  • ~ to St. Vitus's dance, choreic adj choreic (-éic)
  • ~ to tenancy adj locative
  • ~ to weight, ponderal adj ponderal

pertinacious adj pertinace

pertinaciousness, pertinacity n pertinacitate

pertinacity, pertinaciousness n pertinacitate

pertinence n pertinentia

pertinent adj pertinente

perturb v agitar, perturbar

  • v perturbar
  • v perturbar, agitar

perturbable adj perturbabile

perturbation (1. perturbed condition; 2.[Astron]) n perturbation

perturbative, tending to perturb adj perturbative

perturber n perturbator

pertussal [Med] adj pertussal

pertussis, whooping cough [Med] n pertusse

Peru [Geog] n Peru

  • n Peru -rù)
  • n Peruvia
  • n Peruvia NL]

perusal n lectura attente

peruse v leger attentemente

peruvian adj peruan

  • adj peruan
  • adj peruvian
  • n peruano
  • n peruano
  • n peruviano

pervade v penetrar

pervasive adj penetrante

perverse adj perverse

  • ~ , perverted (willfully wicked, vicious) adj perverse

perverseness n perversitate

perversion (1. act of perverting, state of being perverted; 2 . Psychopathol]) n perversion

  • n perversion

pervert (1. to divert from proper use or function; 2 . to lead astray, corrupt) v perverter

  • (1. to divert from proper use or function; 2 . to lead astray, corrupt) v perverter -vert-/-vers-]
  • n pervertito
  • v perverter
  • ~ , falsify v falsar

perverted, perverse (willfully wicked, vicious) adj perverse

perverter n pervertitor

perverting or corrupting (act of) n pervertimento

pervious, passable adj pervie

peseta (coin) n peseta

  • [Monet] n peseta
  • [Monet] n peseta H]

peso (coin) n peso

  • [Monet] n peso

pessimism n pessimismo

pessimist n pessimista

pessimistic adj pessimista, pessimistic

  • adj pessimistic, pessimista

pest (troublesome or destructive person) n peste

  • n peste

pester v importunar

pesticide n pesticida

pestiferous adj pestifere

pestilence, plague (bubonic) n peste

  • ~ , plague n pestilentia

pestilent adj pestilente

pestilential adj pestilential

pestle n pistillo

pet adj favorite

  • n animal domestic
  • v caressar

petal n petalo

  • n petalo (pé-)
  • ~ , lanceolate leaf [Bot] n lanceola
  • ~ , lanceolate leaf [Bot] n lanceola (-cé-)

petalism [Gr. Antiq] n petalismo

petaloid adj petaloide

petard [Mil] n petardo

Peter n Petro

peter-out v disparer, exhaurir se, morir, haber nulle resultato

  • ~ -out v exhaurir se, morir, haber nulle resultato, disparer
  • ~ -out v haber nulle resultato, disparer, exhaurir se, morir
  • ~ -out v morir, haber nulle resultato, disparer, exhaurir se

petiolar [Bot] adj petiolar

petiolate, petiolated adj petiolate

petiolated, petiolate adj petiolate

petiole, leafstalk [Bot] n petiolo

  • ~ , leafstalk [Bot] n petiolo (-tì-)

petition (formal request) n petition

  • (make a petition) v petitionar
  • n petition, supplica
  • n supplica, petition
  • v petitionar, presentar un petition a
  • v presentar un petition a, petitionar
  • ~ , request, prayer n supplica
  • ~ , request, prayer n supplica (sùp-)

petitioner n petitionero

petitory [Law] adj petitori

Petrarch n Petrarca

Petrarchist n petrarchista

petrifaction, petrification n petrification

  • ~ , petrification, lapidification n lapidification

petrifactive, petrifying adj petrific

petrification n petrification

  • ~ , lapidification, petrifaction n lapidification
  • ~ , petrifaction n petrification

petrify v petrificar

  • ~ , lapidify v lapidificar

petrifying, petrifactive adj petrific

petrographer n petrographo

  • n petrographo (-ògrapho)

petrographic adj petrographic

petrography n petrographia

  • n petrographia (-ìa)

petrol n gasolina

  • ~ , gasoline n gasolina

petroleum n petroleo

  • ~ refinery n petroleria
  • ~ refinery n petroleria (-ìa)
  • ~ , oil (rock) n petroleo

petroliferous adj petrolifere

petrol-station (gas station) n station de gasolina

petticoat n subgonnella

  • ~ , slip, underskirt n subgonnella

pettiness n insignificantia

  • n pusillitate

petty adj insignificante, sin importantia, parve

  • adj parve, insignificante, sin importantia
  • adj pusille
  • adj sin importantia, parve, insignificante
  • v anity n gloriola
  • v anity n gloriola (-ì-)

petty-cash n parve cassa

petty-officer n subofficiero de marina

petulant adj irritabile

petunia [Bot] n petunia

pew n eccles

pewter n peltro

pfennig [Monet] n pfennig

  • [Monet] n pfennig (pl pfennige) G]

Phaethon [Gr. Mythol] n Phaethon

phaeton (light four-wheeled carriage) n phaeton

phago- (eating) occurring in compounds] v phag-

phagocyte [Biol/Phygiol] n phagocyto

  • [Biol/Phygiol] n phagocyto (-òcito)

phagocytosis n phagocytosis

  • n phagocytosis (-òsis)

Phalia (Westphalia and Eastphalia together) n Falia

phallus n phallo

phaner-, phanero- (visible) occurring in compounds] adj phaner-

phanerogam [Bot] n phanerogamo

phanerogamous [Bot] adj phanerogame

  • [Bot] adj phanerogame (-ò-)

phantasm (1. illusion, phantom; 2. appearance, ghost, specter) n phantasma

phantasy n phantasia

  • ~ , fantasy (1. power of imagining, fancy; 2. phantasm, fancy; 3. whim, caprice) n phantasia (-ìa)
  • ~ , fantasy (1. power of imagining, fancy; 2. phantasm, fancy; 3. whim, caprice) n phantasia

phantom n phantasma

pharaoh n pharaon

  • n pharaon

Pharaonic adj pharaonic

Pharisaic [Jewish Hist] adj pharisaic

  • [Jewish Hist] adj pharisaic (-àic)
  • ~ , hypocritical, pharisaical adj pharisaic
  • ~ , hypocritical, pharisaical adj pharisaic (-àic)

pharisaical, pharisaic, hypocritical adj pharisaic

  • ~ , pharisaic, hypocritical adj pharisaic (-àic)

Pharisaism [Jewish Hist] n pharisaismo

  • [Jewish Hist] n pharisaismo (-aìsmo)
  • ~ , phariseeism (pharisaical attitude, hypocrisy) n pharisaismo
  • ~ , phariseeism (pharisaical attitude, hypocrisy) n pharisaismo (-aìsmo)

Pharisee [Jewish Hist] n phariseo

  • [Jewish Hist] n phariseo (-éo)
  • ~ , hypocrite n phariseo
  • ~ , hypocrite n phariseo (-éo)

pharmaceutic, pharmaceutical adj pharmaceutic

pharmaceutical adj pharmaceutic

pharmaceutically adv pharmaceuticamente

pharmaceutics n pharmaceutia

  • n pharmaceutica

pharmacist n pharmaceuta

  • n pharmacista

pharmacologic, pharmacological adj pharmacologic

pharmacologist n pharmacologista

  • n pharmacologo
  • n pharmacologo (-òlogo)

pharmacology n pharmacologia

  • n pharmacologia (-ìa)

pharmacopoeia (book describing drugs, chemicals) n pharmacopeia

  • (book describing drugs, chemicals) n pharmacopeia (-péya)

pharmacy (shop of a pharmacist) n pharmacia

  • (shop of a pharmacist) n pharmacia (-ìa)
  • n apotheca, pharmacia
  • n pharmacia, apotheca
  • ~ , apothecary n apotheca

Pharos [Hist] n Pharos

  • [Hist] n Pharos (fà-)
  • ~ , lighthouse n pharo

pharynx n pharynge

phase n phase

pheasant n faisan

-phem- (1. voice; 2. report, rumor) occurring in compounds] n -phem-

phenic-, phoenic-, phenico-, phoenico- (red) occurring in compounds] adj phenic-

phenicopter [Ornith] n phenicoptero

  • [Ornith] n phenicoptero (-còp-)

phenix, phoenix n phenice

phenol [Chem] n phenol

phenomenal (1. as in the phenomenal world; 2. extraordinary, remarkable) adj phenomenal

  • adj phenomenal

phenomenally adv phenomenalmente

phenomenology n phenomenologia

  • n phenomenologia (-ìa)

phenomenon (1. observable fact or event; 2. something extraordinary or remarkable) n phenomeno (-nòmeno)

  • (1. observable fact or event; 2. something extraordinary or remarkable) n phenomeno
  • n phenomeno

phenyl [Chem] n phenylo

phenylamine [Chem] n phenylamino

phew interj duf, fu

  • ~ interj fu, duf

phial, flask n ampulla

Philadelphia n Philadelphia

philanthropic adj philanthrope

  • adj philanthropic

philanthropism n philanthropismo

philanthropist n philanthropo

philanthropy n philanthropia

  • n philanthropia (-ìa)

philatelic adj philatelic

philatelist n philatelista

philately n philatelia

  • n philatelia (-ìa)

philharmonic adj philharmonic

  • ~ society n philharmonia
  • ~ society n philharmonia (-ìa)

Philip n Philippo

Philippi [Antiq] n Philippi

Philippine, Filipino adj philippin

Philippines [Geog] n Filipinas, Pilipinas, Philippinas

  • [Geog] n Philippinas, Filipinas, Pilipinas
  • [Geog] n Pilipinas, Philippinas, Filipinas

Philistia n Philistea

  • n Philistea (-éa)

Philistine (1. Hist]; 2. Philister, nonstudent; 3. crude, uncultured, conventional person) n philisteo (-éo)

  • (1. Hist]; 2. Philister, nonstudent; 3. crude, uncultured, conventional person) n philisteo
  • (1. Hist]; 2. uncultured, conventional) adj philistee
  • (1. Hist]; 2. uncultured, conventional) adj philistee (-ìe)
  • adj philistee
  • n philisteo
  • ~ , blockhead n beotio

Philistinism n philisteria

  • n philisteria (-ìa)

philological adj philologic

philologist n philologo

  • n philologo (-òlogo)

philology n philologia

  • n philologia (-ìa)

philosopher n philosopho

  • n philosopho (-òsofo)

philosophic, philosophical adj philosophic

philosophical adj philosophic

philosophically adv philosophicamente

philosophism n philosophismo

philosophize v philosophar

philosophy n philosophia

  • n philosophia (-ìa)

phleb-, phlebo- (vein) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n phleb-

phlebitis [Pathol] n phlebitis

  • [Pathol] n phlebitis (-ìtis)

phlebotome [Med] n phlebotomo

  • [Med] n phlebotomo (-bò-)

phlebotomy [Med] n phleboomia

  • [Med] n phleboomia (-ìa)

Phlegethon [Gr. Mythol] n Phlegethonte

phlegm (1. mucus; 2. sluggish temperament) n phlegma

  • (1. mucus; 2. sluggish temperament) n phlegma -ma/-mat-]

phlegmatic adj phlegmatic

phlegmon [Pathol] n phlegmon

phlox n phlox

-phobe, -phobic (as in Anglophobe, Anglophobic) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj -phobe

phobia [Pathol] n phobia

  • [Pathol] n phobia (-ìa)
  • n phobia

phobic [Pathol] adj phobic

Phoenicia [Geog] n Phoenicia

  • n Phenicia

phoenician adj phenicean, punic

  • adj phenicie
  • adj punic, phenicean
  • n phenicio

phoenix n phenice

  • ~ , phenix n phenice

phone n telephono

  • v telephonar
  • ~ , phoneme n phonema

phone-call n appello telephonic

phoneme n phonema

  • ~ , phone n phonema

phonetic adj phonetic

phonetician, phonetist n phonetista

phonetics [Sci] phonetica

  • n phonetica

phonetism n phonetismo

phonetist, phonetician n phonetista

phoney adj false

phonic adj phonic

phonics n phonica

phono-, phon- (voice) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n phon-

phonograph n phonographo

  • n phonographo (-ògrafo)

phonographic adj phonographic

phonography n phonographia

  • n phonographia (-ìa)

phonolite, clinkstone n phonolitho

  • ~ , clinkstone n phonolitho (-nò-)

phonolitic adj phonolithic

phonological adj phonologic

phonologist n phonologo

  • n phonologo (-òlogo)

phonology n phonologia

  • n phonologia (-ìa)

phonometer n phonometro

  • n phonometro (-nò-)

phonometry n phonometria

  • n phonometria (-ìa)

-phore, -phorous (carrying) occurring in compounds] adj -phore

phosphate [Chem] n phosphato

phosphated adj phosphatate

phosphatic adj phosphatic

phosphene n phospheno

phosphine [Chem] n phosphina

phosphite n phosphito

phosphoresce v phosphorescer

phosphorescence n phosphorescentia

phosphorescent adj phosphorescente

phosphoric adj phosphoric

phosphorite [Mineral] n phosphorite

phosphorous [Chem] adj phosphorose

phosphorus n phosphoro

  • n phosphoro (fòs-)

phot-, photo- (light) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n phot-

photic, light adj photic

photics (science of light) n photica

photo finish n decision per photo

  • n photo, photographia
  • n photographia, photo
  • ~ , snapshot n photo

photochemistry n photochimia

  • n photochimia (-ìa)

photochromy, color photography n photochromia

  • ~ , color photography n photochromia (-ìa)

photocopier n photocopiator

photocopy n photocopia

  • v photoeopiar

photocraph n photographia

  • v photographar

photoelectric adj photoeleetrie

photogenic (as in photogenic face) adj photogenic

  • adj photogenie

photogenous, photogenic (generating light) adj photogene

photograph n photographia

  • n photographia (-ìa)
  • v photographar

photographer n photographo

  • n photographo (-ògrafo)

photographic adj photographic

photography n photographia

  • n photographia (-ìa)

photogravure n photogravure

photolithograph n photolithographia

  • n photolithographia (-ìa)
  • v photolithographiar

photolithography n photolithographia

  • n photolithographia (-ìa)

photometer n photometro

  • n photometro (-òmetro)

photomontage n photomontage

  • n photomontage (-aje)

photon [Phys] n photon

photosphere n photosphera

photostat (1. photostating camera; 2. photostatic copy) n photostato (-òstato)

  • (1. photostating camera; 2. photostatic copy) n photostato

photostatic adj photostatic

photosynthesis n photosynthese

  • n photosynthese (-sìn-)

photosynthetic adj photosynthetic

phototherapeutic adj phototherapic

phototherapy n phototherapia

  • n phototherapia (-ìa)

phototype [Print] n phototypo

  • [Print] n phototypo (-òtipo)

phototypic adj phototypic

phototypographic adj phototypographic

phototypography n phototypographia

  • n phototypographia (-ìa)

phototypy, phototyping n phototypia

  • ~ , phototyping n phototypia (-ìa)

phrase (1. Gram]; 2. Mus]) n phrase

  • (express) v exprimer
  • [Mus] phrasar
  • [Mus] v phrasar
  • n phrase

phrasebook n libro de phrases

phraseological (pertaining to phraseology) adj phraseologic

phraseology n phraseologia

  • n phraseologia (-ìa)

phren-, phreno (midriff, diaphragm) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n phren-

phrenctic, madman n phrenetico

phrenetic, frantic, frenzied adj phrenetic

phrenic [Anat] adj phrenic

phrenitis [Anathol] n phrenitis

  • [Anathol] n phrenitis (-ìtis)

phrenograph (instrument recording the movements of the diaphragm) n phrenographo

  • (instrument recording the movements of the diaphragm) n phrenographo (-nò-)

phrenological adj phrenologic

phrenologist n phrenologista

  • n phrenologo
  • n phrenologo (-òlogo)

phrenology n phrenologia

  • n phrenologia (-ìa)

phrenopathic adj phrenopathic

phrenopathy n phrenopathia

  • n phrenopathia (-ìa)

Phrygia n Phrygia

Phrygian adj phrygie

  • n phrygio

-phthong (voice) occurring in compounds] n -phthong-

phyllo-, -phyll, -phyllum (leaf) occurring in compounds] n phyllo-

phylogenetic adj phylogenetic

phylogenist n phylogenista

phylogeny (1. science of phylogeny; 2. phylogenesis) n phylogenia

  • (1. science of phylogeny; 2. phylogenesis) n phylogenia (-ìa)
  • ~ , phylogenesis n phylogenese
  • ~ , phylogenesis n phylogenese (-gé-)
  • ~ , phylogenesis n phylo-genesis
  • ~ , phylogenesis n phylo-genesis (-gé-)

phylon (tribe or race) Biol] n phylo

phylum [Biol] n phylo

physical adj physic

physical-education n education physic

physician n doctor de medicina, medico

  • n medico, doctor de medicina
  • ~ , doctor n medico
  • ~ , doctor n medico (mé-)

physicist n physico

physicochemical adj physicochimic

physicochemistry n physicochimia

  • n physicochimia (-ìa)

physics n physica

physiocracy n physiocratia

  • n physiocratia (-ìa)

physiocrat n physiocrate

  • n physiocrate (-ò-)

physiocratic adj physiocratic

physiognomic (1. as in physiognomic studies; 2. as in physiognomic expression) adj physiognomic

physiognomist n physiognomista

physiognomonic adj physiognomonic

physiognomy (1. art of determining character from features of the face; 2. face) n physiognomia (-ìa)

  • (1. art of determining character from features of the face; 2. face) n physiognomia
  • (physiognomics) n physiognomonia
  • (physiognomics) n physiognomonia (-ìa)

physiography n physiographia

  • n physiographia (-ìa)

physiologic, physiological adj physiologic

physiologist n physiologo

  • n physiologo (-òlogo)

physiology n physiologia

  • n physiologia (-ìa)

physiotherapist n physiotherapeuta

physiotherapy n physiotherapia

  • n physiotherapia (-ìa)

physique n physico

physlologist n physiologista

phytography, descriptive botany n phytographia

  • ~ , descriptive botany n phytographia (-ìa)

pi (1. the Greek letter pi; 2. Math]) n pi

  • [Math] pi

pianist n pianista

piano (grand ~) n piano de cauda

  • n piano
  • ~ , pianoforte [Mus] n piano

pianoforte, piano [Mus] n pianoforte

pianola n pianola

piaster, piastre [Monet] n piastra

piastre, piaster [Monet] n piastra

picaresque adj picaresc

picaro adj picare

  • n picaro
  • n picaro
  • n picaro H]

piccolo n octavino, piccolo

  • n piccolo, octavino
  • ~ , octave flute n octavino

pick (best) n flor, melior

  • (best) n melior, flor
  • (choice) n selection
  • (choose) v seliger
  • (gather) v colliger
  • (tool) n piceo
  • ~ fruit v disfructar
  • ~ , gather v leger
  • ~ , gather v leger -leg-/-lect-]
  • ~ , pickax n picco
  • ~ , plectrum n plectro

pickax (-axe) n picco

  • ~ , pick n picco

picket n indust/mil

  • v installar picehettos, picchettar
  • v picchettar, installar picehettos

picking n collection, selection

  • n selection, collection

pickle n conservas (in vinagre;in salmuria), pickles

  • n conservas, pickles
  • n pickles, conservas
  • n pickles, conservas (in vinagre;in salmuria)
  • v conservar (in vinagre;in salmuria), marinar
  • v conservar, marinar
  • v marinar, conservar
  • v marinar, conservar (in vinagre;in salmuria)

pickling brine n salmuria

pickpocket n pickpocket

  • n pickpocket A]

pick-up (acquire) v acquirer

  • ~ -up (collect) v colliger
  • ~ -up (from ground) vt levar
  • ~ -up (recover) vi recuperar
  • ~ -up (take) v prender
  • ~ -up n pick-up
  • ~ , tone arm [Elec] n pick-up
  • ~ , tone arm [Elec] n pick-up A]

picnic n picnic

  • n picnic A]
  • v facer picnic

pictorial adj illustrate, pictural

  • adj pictural, illustrate
  • ~ , pictural adj pictural

pictural, pictorial adj pictural

picture n pictura

  • v picturar
  • ~ , paint v picturar

picturesque adj pictoresc

pidgin (bastardization of ``business) n jargon anglochinese

pie n torta

  • ~ pan n tortiera

piece (1. play, dramatic work; 2. piece of music) n pièce

  • (1. play, dramatic work; 2. piece of music) n pièce F]
  • (chess ~) n pecia
  • (fragment) n fragmento, morsello
  • (fragment) n morsello, fragmento
  • n Gen]
  • n pecia
  • ~ of advice, counsel n consilio
  • ~ of clothing, garment n vestimento
  • ~ of furniture n mobile
  • ~ of news n nova
  • ~ of real property n immobile

piecemeal (little by little) adv pauc a pauc

  • adj non systematic

piece-of-news n nova

piece-together (assemble) v assemblar

  • ~ -together v Fig]

piecework n labor (pagate

piedmont (as in a piedmont glacier) adj pedemontan

  • (piedmont district) n pedemonte
  • ~ , Piedmontese (pertaining to Piedmont, Italy) adj pedemontese

pier (jetty) n imbarcatorio, jectata

  • (jetty) n jectata, imbarcatorio
  • (of a bridge) n pila
  • (of bridge) n pila
  • (wharf) n cai
  • ~ , mole, jetty n jectata
  • ~ , quay, key n quai
  • ~ , quay, key n quai F]

pierce (get through) v penetrar

  • (make a hole in) v perciar
  • (make a hole in) v perforar
  • ~ , bore v terebrar

piercing adj acute, penetrante

  • adj penetrante, acute
  • n penetrante

Pietism n pietismo

Pietist n pietista

piety [Relig] n pietate

  • n pietate

pig iron n ferro fundite

  • ~ iron n ferro fundite (in barras)
  • n porco
  • ~ , hog n porco

pigeon n columba

  • n columba, pipion
  • n pipion, columba
  • ~ , dove n pipion

pigeonhole n alveolo de bureau

pigeon-house, dovecot n columbiera

pig-headed adj obstinate

pig-headedness n obstination

piglet n juvene porco

pigment n pigmento

pigmentary adj pigmentari

pigmentation n pigmentation

pigmy n pygmeo

pigskin n pelle de porco

pigsty n porchiera

pigtail n cauda

pike (fish) n lucio

  • (weapon) n picca
  • [Arms] n picca

pilaf, pilau, pilaw n pilav

  • ~ , pilau, pilaw n pilav Tu]

pilaster n pilastro

pilau, pilaw, pilaf n pilaw

  • ~ , pilaw, pilaf n pilaw Pers]

pilaw, pilaf, pilau n pilaw

  • ~ , pilaf, pilau n pilaw Pers]

pilchard n sardina

pile (1. heap, stack; 2. Elec.) n pila

  • (heap) n cumulo, pila
  • (heap) n pila, cumulo
  • (mass) n mole
  • (of cloth) n pilo
  • n civil eng/phys
  • v cumular, pilar
  • v pilar, cumular
  • ~ , heap n cumulo
  • ~ , heap n cumulo (cù-)
  • ~ , heap up v pilar
  • ~ , mass n mole
  • ~ , nap (of cloth, velvet) n pilo

piles (hemorrhoids) n hemorrhoides

pile-up v accumular, cumular

  • ~ -up v cumular, accumular

pilfer v furar

pilferer n fur, furtator

  • n furtator, fur

pilfering n furto

pilgrim n pelegrino

  • n pelegrino, peregrino
  • n peregrino
  • n peregrino, pelegrino

pilgrimage (make a ~) v facer un pelegrinage/peregrination

  • n pelegrinage
  • n pelegrinage (-aje)
  • n pelegrinage, peregrination
  • n peregrination, pelegrinage

pill n pilula

  • ~ , pilule n pilula
  • ~ , pilule n pilula (pì-)

pillage n piliage

  • n piliage (-aje)
  • n piliage, saccheo
  • n saccheo, piliage
  • v depredar, piliar, sacchear
  • v piliar, sacchear, depredar
  • v sacchear, depredar, piliar
  • ~ , depredate, plunder v depredar
  • ~ , plunder v piliar
  • ~ , sack v sacchear
  • ~ , sacking n saccheamento
  • ~ , sacking n saccheo
  • ~ , sacking n saccheo (-éo)
  • ~ , take booty, prey v predar

pillager n saccheator

  • ~ , plunderer n piliator
  • ~ , plunderer n predator

pillar n columna, pilar

  • n pilar
  • n pilar, columna

pillar-box n cassa postal

pillion n sede posterior

pillory n pilori

  • n pilori (-ì)

pillow n cossino de capite

pillowcase n copertura de cossino de capite

pilose, hairy adj pilose

pilosity, hairiness n pilositate

pilot [Naut] n pilota

  • ~ adj/n pilota
  • v pilotar

pilot-boat n barca pilota

piloting, pilotage n pilotage

  • ~ , pilotage n pilotage (-aje)

pilot-show n programma pilota

Piltdown man, Eoanthropus [Paleontol] n eoanthropo

  • ~ man, Eoanthropus [Paleontol] n eoanthropo (-trò-)

pilular adj pilular

pilule, pill n pilula

  • ~ , pill n pilula (pì-)

pimele n button, pustula

  • n pustula, button

pimento (1. pimiento; 2. allspice) n pimento

  • n pimento

pimple, pustule n button

pimply adj pustulose

pin (as in ninepins) n quillia

  • (for fastening together parts of clothing) n spinula
  • (for fastening) n spinula
  • [Elec] clave de contacto
  • v attachar/fixar con un spinula

Pinaceae [Bot] n pinaceas

pinaceous adj pinacee

pinaster, cluster pine, sea pine n pinastro

pincal adj pineal

pince-nez n pince-nez

  • ~ -nez n pince-nez F]

pincers (small) n pincette

  • (tongs, nippers) n pincias, tenalia
  • (tongs, nippers) n tenalia, pincias
  • ~ , nippers, vise, clamp, tongs n tenalia

pinch n prisa

  • v pinciar

pincushion n cossinetto

pine (1. pine tree; 2. pine wood) n pino

  • ~ cone n pinea
  • ~ grove, pinetum n pineto
  • n pino
  • ~ nut, piñon n pinion
  • v deperir, languer
  • v languer, deperir
  • ~ , piny adj pinee

pineapple [Bot] n ananas

  • [Bot] n ananas (-às)
  • n ananas

pine-cone n pinea

pine-for v desirar ardentemente

pinetum, pine grove n pineto

ping-pong n ping-pong

  • ~ -pong n ping-pong A]
  • ~ -pong n ping-pong, tennis de tabula
  • ~ -pong n tennis de tabula, ping-pong

pinion (cogwheel) n pinnion

  • n pinnion
  • v ligar le alas o le bracios

pink (motor) v detonar

  • [Bot] n diantho
  • adj rosate
  • n diantho

pin-money n moneta de tasca

pinnacle [Arch] n pinnaculo

  • n pinnaculo

pinnule, sightvane [Surv] n pinnula

piñon, pine nut n pinion

pinpoint v signalar con precision

pins-and-needles n formiculation

pinstripe v facer strias fin

pinstriped adj a strias fin

pinstripes n strias fin

pint n pinta

pintado, guinea fowl, guinea hen n pintada

  • ~ , guinea fowl, guinea hen n pintada P]

pint-of-view n puncto de vista

pinup n pin-up

piny, pine adj pinee

pioneer [Mil] n pionero

  • n pionero

pious adj pie, religiose

  • adj religiose, pie
  • ~ , devoted adj pie

pip n pepita

  • ~ , seed, stone n pepita

pipe (1. tube; 2. Meas]; 3. tobacco pipe) n pipa

  • (tobacco) n pipa
  • n tubo
  • ~ of Pan, syrinx n syringa
  • vi pipar

pipedream n sperantia illusori

pipeful n pipata

pipeline (for gas) n gasoducto

  • (for oil) n oleoducto

piper n de cornamusa, jocator de pipa

  • n jocator de pipa, de cornamusa

piperaceous [Bot] adj piperacee

piperine [Chem] n piperina

pipette n pipetta

piquancy n gusto piccante

piquant adj piccante

  • adj piccante ppr of piccar

pique (1. to arouse, stir up; 2. to offend) v piccar

  • (as in a fit of pique) n picca
  • (ribbed cotton fabric) n piqué
  • (ribbed cotton fabric) n piqué F]
  • n picca
  • v piccar

piracy n curso

  • n curso, pirateria
  • n pirateria
  • n pirateria, curso

pirate (literary) n plagiario

  • (marauder) n pirata
  • (one who commits piracy) n pirata
  • v piratar
  • ~ , commit piracy v piratar

pirouette [Dancing] n pirouette

  • [Dancing] n pirouette F]
  • n pirouette
  • v pirouettar

piscary, fishing ground n piscaria

piscatorial, piscatory adj piscatori

piscatory, piscatorial adj piscatori

pisces n pisces

pisciculture n piscicultura

pisciform adj pisciforme

piscina [Eccl] n piscina

piscivorous adj piscivore

pisiform (1. pea-shaped; 2. Anat/Zoo]) adj pisiforme

pistachio (nut) n pistacio

  • (tree) n pistacia
  • (tree) n pistaciero

pistil [Bot] n pistillo

pistillar, pistillary [Bot] adj pistillar

pistillary, pistillar [Bot] adj pistillar

pistilliferous [Bot] adj pistillifere

pistol n pistola

pistole n pistola

piston (1. Mach]; 2. Mus]) n piston

  • n piston

pit (coalmine) n carboniera

  • (ditch) n fossa
  • (seed) n grano
  • (shaft) n puteo
  • v opponer
  • ~ , cavity, grave n fossa
  • ~ , kernel (grainlike seed of any plant) n grano
  • ~ , shaft [Mineral] n puteo

pitch (a tent) v plantar

  • (as in concert pitch) n accordatura
  • (cover over or smear with pitch) v piciar
  • (residuum of wood tar, coal tar) n pice
  • (sport) n terreno
  • (tar) n pice
  • (tar) v piciar
  • (throw) v jectar, lancear
  • (throw) v lancear, jectar
  • n mus

pitchblende n pechblende

  • n pechblende G]

pitcher (jug) n urceo

  • (sport) n lanceator
  • ~ , jug n urceo

pitchfork n furca

pitchy adj piciose

piteous adj pietose

pitfall n insidia, periculo

  • n periculo, insidia

pith (quintessence) n succo

  • (spongy tissue) n medulla
  • n medulla
  • ~ , quintessence (of a book, poem) n succo

pithead n bucca de puteo

pithy (of the spongy tissue) adj medullose

  • (terse) adj succincte, vigorose
  • (terse) adj vigorose, succincte
  • adj medullose

pitiful adj pietose

pitiless adj impietose

pittance n pitancia

  • ~ , small allowance n pitancia

pitted adj alveolate

  • ~ , alveolate, honeycombed adj alveolate

pituitary gland n glandula pituitari

pity (compassion) n pietate

  • n misericordia, pietate
  • n pietate, misericordia
  • v commiserar, haber pietate de
  • v haber pietate de, commiserar
  • ~ , commiserate v commiserar
  • ~ , mercy, compassion n misericordia

pivot n pivote

  • v girar sur un pivote
  • v montar sur un pivote

pixie n fee

  • n fee (typo de ~)

pixilated, pixillated adj folle

placability, placableness n placabilitate

placable adj placabile

placableness, placability n placabilitate

placard n placard

  • ~ , poster n placard
  • ~ , poster n placard F]

placate v placar

  • ~ , appease v placar

placater n placator

placation n placation

placatory, conciliatory adj placatori

place (1. locality; 2. position in a series, an order) n loco

  • (1. square; 2. position, office) n placia
  • (1. to put, set; 2. to secure a position or place for) v placiar
  • (in the wrong - , out of ~) adj displaciate
  • (inconvenient) adj inopportun
  • (locality) n loco
  • (position, room, square) n placia
  • (position, station) n posto
  • (take ~) v haber loco
  • ~ before, place in front, prepose v anteponer
  • ~ before, place in front, prepose v anteponer -pon-/-posit-]
  • ~ before, place in front, prepose v preponer
  • ~ before, place in front, prepose v preponer -pon-/-posi-]
  • v placiar, poner
  • v poner, placiar
  • ~ where frogs abound, froggery, frog pond n raniera
  • ~ , lay, put v poner
  • ~ , lay, put v poner pon-/posit-/post-]
  • ~ , set, locate (in a particular place) v locar

place-a-bet v facer un sponsion

placed, situated adj site

placement (1. action of placing, setting; 2. action of securing a position for someone) n placiamento

placename n nomine de loco

placenta n placenta

placer [Mining] n placer

  • [Mining] n placer A]

place-to-place phr de hic a illac, de placia a placia, de sito a sito

  • ~ -to-place phr de placia a placia, de sito a sito, de hic a illac
  • ~ -to-place phr de sito a sito, de hic a illac, de placia a placia

placid adj placide

placidity n placiditate

placing before, placing in front, preposing (act of) n anteposition

plafond (ceiling) n plafond

plagiarism n plagiato

  • n plagio

plagiarist n plagiario

  • v plagiario

plagiarize v plagiar

plague (affliction, calamity) n plaga

  • (bubonic) n peste
  • n pestilentia, plaga
  • n plaga, pestilentia
  • v plagar
  • ~ , pestilence (bubonic) n peste
  • ~ , pestilence n pestilentia

plaice n platessa

  • ~ , flatfish n platessa

plaid adj/n plaid

  • n plaid
  • n plaid A]

plain (clear) adj clar, evidente, plan

  • (clear) adj evidente, plan, clar
  • (clear) adj plan, clar, evidente
  • (clear, easy to understand) adj plan
  • (not beautiful) adj pauco attractive
  • (of style) adj simple
  • n plana

plain-clothes (in) adj/adv vestimentos civil

plainess (clarity) n claritate, evidentia

  • (clarity) n evidentia, claritate
  • (of style) n simplicitate
  • (unattractiveness) n manco de beltate

plaint, lamentation, lament n plancto

plaintiff n demandator

  • ~ , demandant n demandator

plaintive adj lamentose

plain-to-see adj apparente

plait n tressa

  • v tressar
  • ~ , braid v tressar
  • ~ , tress, braid n tressa

plaiter, braider n tressator

plaiting, braiding (act of) n tressage

  • ~ , braiding (act of) n tressage (-aje)

plan (1. of a house, garden, town; 2. scheme) n plano

  • (1. to represent by map, diagram; 2. to think out plans for) v planar
  • (design, etc) n designo, plano
  • (design, etc) n plano, designo
  • (scheme) n plano, projecto
  • (scheme) n projecto, plano
  • v planar, projectar
  • v projectar, planar

planarian, platyhelminth, flatworm [Zool] n plathelminthe

plane (aircraft) n avion

  • (flat or level surface) n plano
  • (tool for smoothing, planishing) n plana
  • (tool) n plana
  • (tree) Bot] n platano
  • (tree) Bot] n platano (plà-)
  • (tree) n platano
  • adj plan
  • v planar
  • ~ , flat, level adj plan
  • ~ , flatten, smooth v applanar
  • ~ , smooth v planar

planer (one who or that which planes or smoothes) n planator

planet n planeta

planetarium n planetario

planetary adj planetari

planetoid n planetoide

planimeter n planimetro

  • n planimetro (-ì-)

planimetry n planimetria

  • n planimetria (-ìa)

planing, flattening, smoothing (act of) n applanamento

planish v planar

planisher (of metals) n planator

planisphere n planispherio

planispheric, planispherical, planispheral adj planispheric

plank n planca

  • ~ , board n planca

plankton [Zool] n plancton

  • [Zool] n plancton (plànc-)

planner (city/town ~) n urbanista

  • (city/town planner) n urbanista
  • (pol) n planificator
  • n autor
  • n Gen]
  • n Pol]
  • n projectator

planning (city/town ~) n urbanismo

  • (pol) n planification
  • n organisation

plant (vegetable organism) n planta

  • [Indust] installation, machineria
  • [Indust] machineria, installation
  • adj vegetal
  • n planta
  • v plantar
  • v ines v vitar

plantaginaceous [Bot] adj plantaginacee

plantain [Bot] n plantagine

plantar, sole plantar [Anat] adj plantar

plantation n plantation

  • ~ of red or British oaks n roboreto

planter (1. one who plants; 2. owner of aplantation) n plantator

plantigrade [Zool] adj plantigrade

  • [Zool] adj plantigrade (-ì-)
  • n plantigrado
  • n plantigrado (-ì-)

planting (art of) n plantation

plaque (disk of metal) n placa

  • n placa

plaquette (small decorated plaque) n plachetta

plasm, plasma (1. Mineral]; 2. Physiol]) n plasma

  • ~ , plasma (1. Mineral]; 2. Physiol]) n plasma -ma/-mat-]

plasma n plasma

plast- (moulded, formed) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj plast-

plaster (apply a medicinal plaster to) v emplastrar

  • (for building) n gypso
  • (of Paris) n gypso
  • [Med] emplastro
  • v ingypsar
  • ~ , cover with plaster v ingypsar

plaster-board n carton de gypso

plasterer (worker, dealer, in plaster of Paris) n gypsero

  • n gypsero

plastering n revestimento de gypso

plaster-of-paris n gypso

plastic adj plastic

  • ~ art n plastica
  • n plastico
  • ~ , plastics (as in plastic or plastics is a widely used material) n plastico

plasticine (trade name) n pasta de modellar, plasticina

  • (trade name) n plasticina, pasta de modellar

plasticity n plasticitate

plastic-surgery n chirurgia esthetic, chirurgia plastic

  • ~ -surgery n chirurgia plastic, chirurgia esthetic

plastron (1. protection for the breast of a fencer;2. starched shirt front) n plastron

  • (1. protection for the breast of a fencer;2. starched shirt front) n plastron F]

platanaceous [Bot] adj platanacee

plate (for food) n platto

  • (photog) n platta
  • (sheet of metal) n platta
  • (slab) n tabula
  • (thin) n lamella, lamina
  • (thin) n lamina, lamella
  • v placar
  • ~ , board, table, slab n tabula
  • ~ , board, table, slab n tabula (tà-)
  • ~ , dish, platter n platto
  • ~ , overlay (with plates of metal) v placar

plateau (high) n altiplano

  • [Gen] plateau
  • n plateau
  • n plateau F]

plateful n platto

plate-glass n vitro plan polite

platen (of printing machine) n platina

  • (of typewriter) n rolo

platform (1. as in gun platform, streetcar platform; 2. Pol]) n platteforma

  • (at meeting) n tribuna
  • (for band) n estrade
  • [Gen] platteforma
  • n Pol]
  • ~ scale, weighbridge n bascula
  • ~ , estrade, dais n estrade
  • ~ , estrade, dais n estrade F]
  • ~ , tribune, rostrum n tribuna

platform-ticket n billet de ingresso

plating n placage, revestimento metallic

  • n revestimento metallic, placage

platiniferous adj platinifere

platinization n platinatura

platinize v platinar

platinoid adj platinoide

  • n platinoide

platinotype [Photog] n platinotypia

  • [Photog] n platinotypia (-ìa)

platinum n platino

platitude n loco commun, platitude

  • n platitude
  • n platitude F]
  • n platitude, loco commun

Plato [Gr. Philos] n Platon

platonic adj platonic

  • adj platonic

Platonism n platonismo

Platonist, Platonic n platonico

Platonize v platonisar

platoon n peloton

platter, plate, dish n platto

platurous, flat-tailed [Zool] adj platyure

platy-, plat- (flat) occurring in compounds] adj platy-

platycephalic, platycephalous, flatheaded [Med/Anthropol] adj platycephale

platycephaly, flat-headedness [Med/Anthropol] n platycephalia

  • ~ , flat-headedness [Med/Anthropol] n platycephalia (-ìa)

platyhelminth, flatworm, planarian [Zool] n plathelminthe

platypodia, flatfoot [Med] n platypodia

  • ~ , flatfoot [Med] n platypodia (-ìa)

platypodous [Zool] adj platypode

  • [Zool] adj platypode (-ìpode)

platypus, Ornithorhyncus, duckbill [Zool] n ornithorhynco

platyrrhine [Zool/Anthropol] adj platyrrhin

plausibility, plausibleness n plausibilitate

plausible (reasonable, acceptable) adj plausibile

  • adj plausibile

plausibleness, plausibility n plausibilitate

play (1. to take part in a game; 2. to gamble; 3. Theat] (act) v jocar

  • (an instrument) v sonar
  • [Mech] n joco
  • [Mus] sonar
  • [Theat] drama, spectaculo
  • [Theat] spectaculo, drama
  • ~ a carillon v carillonar
  • n gen/mech
  • ~ on chimes, play on a carillon, produce by chiming v carillonar
  • ~ or act the buffoon v buffonar
  • v jocar
  • ~ , game (as in the play of children, the game of chess) n joco
  • ~ , make music v musicar
  • ~ , show [Theat] n spectaculo
  • ~ , show n ludo

player (of an instrument) n sonator

  • (of game) n jocator
  • (of instruments) n sonator
  • (participant in a game) n jocator

playful adj jocose

  • ~ , jocose adj jocose

playfulness n jocositate

playground n corte de recreation

playhouse n theatro

playing card n carta de joco

  • ~ field n campo de joco
  • ~ on chimes or a carillon (action of) n carillonamento
  • ~ , gaming, gambling n joco

playmate n camerada

playpen n parco

plaything n joculo

  • ~ , toy n joculo

playtime n hora de recreation, pausa

  • n pausa, hora de recreation

playwright n dramaturgo

  • ~ , dramatist n dramaturgo

plea (defence) n defensa

  • (entreaty) n supplica
  • (excuse) n pretexto
  • (legal) n declaration

plead (a cause) v defender, plaitar

  • (a cause) v plaitar, defender
  • (entreat) v supplicar
  • (excuse) v allegar, pretextar
  • (excuse) v pretextar, allegar
  • (guilty or not guilty) v declarar se culpabile o innocente

pleading n supplication

pleasant adj dulce, gentil, placente

  • adj gentil, placente, dulce
  • adj placente
  • adj placente (ppr of placer)
  • adj placente, dulce, gentil
  • ~ , nice adj gentil

pleasantness (agreeableness) n agradamento, amenitate

  • (agreeableness) n amenitate, agradamento
  • (of manner) n gentilessa
  • ~ , agreeableness n agradamento
  • ~ , niceness n gentilessa

please interj per favor

  • v placer
  • ~ , humor v complacer

pleased (glad) adj contente

  • (happy) adj allegre, felice
  • (happy) adj felice, allegre
  • ~ , satisfied adj complacente

pleasing adj agradabile

  • ~ , agreeable adj agradabile
  • ~ , suave, sweet adj suave

pleasurable adj agradabile, que da placer

  • adj que da placer, agradabile

pleasure n agradamento

  • n placer
  • v placer
  • ~ , delight n voluptate
  • ~ , delight, joy n delicia
  • ~ , satisfaction n complacentia
  • ~ , will n grado

pleat n plica

  • v plicar
  • ~ , fold n plica
  • ~ , fold v plicar

plebeian (1. Rom. Hist]; 2. common, vulgar) adj plebeie

  • (1. Rom. Hist]; 2. common, vulgar) adj plebeie (-bé-)
  • (1. Rom. Hist]; 2. member of the populace) n plebeio
  • (1. Rom. Hist]; 2. member of the populace) n plebeio (-bé-)

plebeianism (1. plebeian character; 2. plebeian style or expression) n plebeismo

  • (1. plebeian character; 2. plebeian style or expression) n plebeismo (-ìzmo)
  • (plebeian character) n plebeitate

plebeianize, render plebeian v plebeisar

plebiscitary adj plebiscitari

plebiscite n plebiscito

plebs (1. Rom. Hist]; 2. common people, populace) n plebe

plectrum n plectro

  • ~ , pick n plectro

pledge (of faith) n fidantia

  • (pawnbroking) n pignore
  • ~ of faith n fidantia
  • v sponder
  • v sponder spond-/spons-]
  • ~ , pawn, security n pignore

pleg-, plego- (1. blow, stroke; 2. Med]) occurring in compounds] n pleg-

Pleiad (1. one of the Pleiades; 2. Lit]) n pleiade

  • (1. one of the Pleiades; 2. Lit]) n pleiade (-ì-)

Pleistocene [Geol] adj pleistocen

  • [Geol] n pleistoceno

plenary adj plenari

plenilunar, plenilunary, of the full moon adj plenilunar

plenilunary, of the full moon, plenilunar adj plenilunar

plenilune, full moon n plenilunio

plenipotence, full power n plenipotentia

plenipotentiary (plenipotentiary envoy or ambassador) n plenipotentiario

  • adj plenipotentiari
  • n plenipotentiario

plenitude (1. fullness; 2. abundance) n plenitude

plentiful adj abundante, copiose

  • adj copiose, abundante

plenty (- large enough) adv plus que bastante grande

  • n abundantia, copia
  • n copia, abundantia
  • ~ , abundance, copiousness n copia

plenty-of adj multe, un abundantia de

  • ~ -of adj un abundantia de, multe

pleonas- (be superfluous) occurring in derivatives] v pleonas-

pleonasm n pleonasmo

pleonaste, ceylonite [Mineral] n pleonasto

pleonastic adj pleonastic

plesio-, plesi- (near, close) occurring in compounds] adj plesi-

plesiosaurus, plesiosaur [Paleontol] n plesiosauro

plethora n plethora

pleura [Anat] n pleura

pleural adj pleural

pleurisy [Med] n pleuritis

  • [Med] n pleuritis (-ìtis)
  • n pleuritis

pleuritic adj pleuritic

pleuropneumonia [Med] n pleuropneumonia

  • [Med] n pleuropneumonia (-ìa)

plexiglas (polymethyl methacrylate) n plexiglas

plexus n plexo

pli-, plio- (more) occurring in compounds] adj pli-

pliabile adj plicante

pliable, pliant adj plicante

  • ~ , pliant adj plicante (ppr of plicar)

pliant adj flexibile

  • ~ , pliable adj plicante
  • ~ , pliable adj plicante (ppr of plicar)

plica, Polish plait [Pathol] n plica

plication, plicature n plicatura

plicature, plication n plicatura

pliers n tenalias

plight n condition triste, stato difficile

  • n stato difficile, condition triste

plimsoll n scarpa de gymnastica

plimsoll-line n linea de carga

plimsoll-mark n marca de carga

plinth n plintho, socculo

  • n socculo, plintho

Pliocene [Geol] adj pliocen

  • [Geol] n plioceno

plod v avantiar laboriosemente

plodder n travaliator perseverante ma pauco brillante

plonk interj planc!

plot (conspiracy) n complot, conspiration

  • (conspiracy) n conspiration, complot
  • (conspire) v conspirar
  • (course, graph) v traciar
  • (of land) n terreno
  • (of play, novel) n fabula, intriga
  • (of play, novel) n intriga, fabula
  • ~ against v insidiar
  • ~ together, conspire v conjurar
  • ~ , conspiracy n conspiration
  • ~ , intrigue v cabalar
  • ~ , intrigue v ordir
  • ~ , story (of a a play) n fabula
  • ~ , story (of a a play) n fabula (fà-)

plot-against v insidiar

plotter (conspirator) n conspirator

  • (draughtsman) n traciator
  • n insidiator
  • ~ , conspirator n conspirator
  • ~ , intriguer n orditor
  • ~ , machinator n machinator

plot-together v conjurar

plough n aratro

  • v arar
  • ~ , plow n aratro
  • ~ , plow v arar

ploughing n aratura

plover [Ornith] n pluviero

plow colter n cultro

  • ~ for the third time [Agr] v tertiar
  • n aratro
  • v arar
  • ~ , furrow v sulcar
  • ~ , plough n aratro
  • ~ , plough v arar

plowed field n aratura

plower, plowman n arator

plowing (act of) n aratura

plowman, plower n arator

ploy n artificio, tactica

  • n tactica, artificio

pluck (flowers) v colliger

  • (poultry) v displumar
  • (poultry) v displumar, plumar
  • (poultry) v plumar
  • (poultry) v plumar, displumar
  • (strings) v pizzicar
  • n corage

pluck-up courage v armar se de corage

plucky adj coragiose

plug (stopper) n tappo

  • [Elect] clave de contacto
  • v tappar
  • ~ , stop up v tappar
  • ~ , stopper n tappo

plughole (tubo de) n exito

plug-in v connecter (le apparato), inserer (le clave)

  • ~ -in v connecter, inserer
  • ~ -in v inserer (le clave), connecter (le apparato)
  • ~ -in v inserer, connecter

plum (tree) n pruno

  • n pruna
  • ~ orchard n pruneto
  • ~ pudding n plumpudding
  • ~ pudding n plumpudding A]
  • ~ tree n pruniero, pruno
  • ~ tree n pruno, pruniero

plumage n plumage

  • n plumage (-aje)

plumb (1. to weight with lead; 2. to test by a plumb line) v plumbar

  • adj a plumbo
  • ~ line, perpendicular n perpendiculo
  • n plumbo

plumbeous, lead adj plumbee

plumber n plumbero

plumber's shop n plumberia

s shop n plumberia (-ìa)

plumbic adj plumbic

plumbiferous adj plumbifere

plumbing n plumberia

  • n plumberia (-ìa)

plumb-line n perpendiculo

plume (adorn with plumes) v implumar

  • n pluma

plummet, lead [Naut] n sonda

plumose, feathered, feathery adj plumose

plump adj corpulente

plump-for v seliger

plumule (1. Bot]; 2. little feather) n plumula

plunder (booty) n butin, spolia

  • (booty) n spolia, butin
  • (the act) n piliage, rapina, saccheo
  • (the act) n rapina, saccheo, piliage
  • (the act) n saccheo, piliage, rapina
  • v depredar, piliar, sacchear, rapinar
  • v piliar, sacchear, rapinar, depredar
  • v rapinar
  • v rapinar, depredar, piliar, sacchear
  • v sacchear, rapinar, depredar, piliar
  • ~ , pillage v piliar
  • ~ , pillage, depredate v depredar
  • ~ , rapine n rapina
  • ~ , ravage n rapimento
  • ~ , rob, depredate v predar

plunderer, depredator n depredator

  • ~ , pillager n piliator
  • ~ , pillager n predator

plunge (into), sink (in) v merger merg-/mers-]

  • n immersion
  • v immerger (se), merger (se)
  • v immerger, merger
  • v merger (se), immerger (se)
  • v merger, immerger
  • ~ , sink v merger

plunger n piston

plunk interj planc

pluperfect adj plusquamperfecto

  • n plusquamperfecto

plural (1. more than one) adj plural

  • ~ adj/n plural

pluralism [Philos] n pluralismo

pluralist [Philos] n pluralista

plurality (1. state of being plural; 2. majority; 3. Elections]) n pluralitate

pluralize v pluralisar

plurilocular [Bot/Zool] adj plurilocular

plurinominal adj plurinominal

plus adj positive

  • n quantitate positive
  • prep plus

plush n pluche

  • n pluche F]

pluto- (wealth) occurring in compounds] n pluto-

plutocracy n plutocratia

  • n plutocratia (-ìa)

plutocrat n plutocrate

  • n plutocrate (-ò-)

plutocratic adj plutocratic

plutological adj plutologic

plutologist n plutologo

  • n plutologo (-òlogo)

plutology n plutologia

  • n plutologia (-ìa)

Plutonian adj plutonie

  • ~ , plutonist [Geol] n plutonista

plutonic [Geol] adj plutonic

plutonism [Geol] n plutonismo

plutonist, plutonian [Geol] n plutonista

plutonium [Chem] n plutonium

  • [Chem] n plutonium (-tò-)

plutonomic n plutonomic

plutonomy n plutonomia

  • n plutonomia (-ìa)

pluvial, rainy adj pluvial

pluviometer n pluviometro

  • n pluviometro (-òmetro)

pluvious, rainy adj pluviose

ply (a trade) v exercer

  • (bus, taxi) vi ir e venir, offerer un servicio
  • (bus, taxi) vi offerer un servicio, ir e venir
  • (handle) vt manear

plywood n ligno contraplicate

pneumatic (1. as in pneumatic tire; 2. spiritual) adj pneumatic

  • adj pneumatic

pneumatic-drill n forator pneumatic

pneumatics n pneumatica

pneumatological adj pneumatologic

pneumatology (doctrine of spirits or spiritual beings) n pneumatologia (-ìa)

  • (doctrine of spirits or spiritual beings) n pneumatologia

pneumatometer n pneumatometro

  • n pneumatometro (-òmetro)

pneumonia [Pathol] n pulmonia

  • [Pathol] n pulmonia (-ìa)
  • n pneumonia
  • n pneumonia (-ìa)

pneumonic adj pneumonic

pneumono- (lung) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n pneumono-

pneumonotherapy n pneumonotherapia

  • n pneumonotherapia (-ìa)

pneumorrhagia n pneumorrhagia

  • n pneumorrhagia (-ìa)

pneumothorax n pneumothorace

poach (eggs) v cocer in aqua sin scalia

  • (game) v chassar o piscar illegalmente

poached-egg n ovo cocite in aqua sin scalia ovo bullite sin scalia

poacher n chassator o piscator fraudulente

poaching n chassa o pisca fraudulente

pocket n tasca

  • v intascar
  • ~ , put in a pocket v intascar

pocket-book (book) n libro de tasca

  • ~ -book (wallet) n portafolio
  • ~ , wallet n portafolio

pocketful n tascata

pocket-knife n cultello de tasca

pocket-money n moneta de tasca

pock-marked adj marcate de variolas

pod- (foot) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n pod-

  • [Bot] n siliqua
  • [Bot] n siliqua (sì-)
  • n siliqua

podagra [Pathol] n podagra

pod-bearing adj siliquifere

podex, buttocks n podice

  • ~ , buttocks n podice (pò-)

podical adj podical

podium [Rom. Hist] n podio

  • n podio

podometer, pedometer n podometro

  • ~ , pedometer n podometro (-òmetro)

poem n poema

poet n poeta

poetaster n poetastro

  • ~ , versifier n poetastro

poetess n poetessa

poetic adj poetic

poetical adj poetic

poetically adv poeticamente

poetics n poetica

poetize (as in to poetize the lives of the poor) v poetisar

poetry n poesia

  • n poesia (-ìa)

pogrom n pogrom

  • n pogrom R]

poignancy n intensitate, pungentia

  • n pungentia
  • n pungentia, intensitate

poignant adj emotionante, intense, pungente

  • adj intense, pungente, emotionante
  • adj pungente ppr of punger
  • adj pungente, emotionante, intense

poilu n poilu

  • n poilu F]

point (1. dot; 2. Gram] (period; 3. definite item or unit, as salient point, important point, another point, etc) n puncto

  • (1. sharp end of a weapon, pin, pen, etc; 2. Geog] (tapering promontory or cape; 3. salient feature of a story, epigram, joke, etc) n puncta
  • (1. to furnish with a point; 2. to direct, level) v punctar
  • (a gun) vt punctar
  • (be on the - of) v esser super le puncto de
  • (item) n puncto
  • (out) v signalar
  • (sharp end) n puncta
  • (telescope, etc) v orientar
  • (the ~) conj a proposito
  • ~ out, call attention to v relevar
  • vi esser orientate
  • ~ , sharpen v appunctar

point-at v indicar, monstrar

  • ~ -at v monstrar, indicar

point-blank adj categoric, directe

  • ~ -blank adj directe, categoric
  • ~ -blank adv directemente

point-duty n controlo del circulation

pointed (having a point or points) adj punctute

  • (with a tip) (of remarks) adj inequivoc, mordace
  • (with a tip) (of remarks) adj mordace, inequivoc
  • (with a tip) adj acuminate, punctute
  • (with a tip) adj punctute, acuminate
  • ~ , acuminate adj acuminate
  • ~ , acuminate adj acuminate (pp of acuminar)

pointer [Dogs] n pointer

  • [Dogs] n pointer A]
  • n punctator

pointing, aiming (of guns, etc) n punctage

  • ~ , aiming (of guns, etc) n punctage (-aje)

pointless adj insensate, inutile

  • adj inutile, insensate

point-out (by argument) v relevar

  • ~ -out (indicate) v indicar

points n Rr]

poise n aplomb, equilibrio, porto

  • n equilibrio, porto, aplomb
  • n porto, aplomb, equilibrio

poised (balanced) adj ben equilibrate

  • (hovering) adj placiate instabilemente, suspense
  • (hovering) adj suspense, placiate instabilemente
  • (ready) adj parate

poison n toxico

  • n toxico, veneno
  • n veneno
  • n veneno, toxico
  • v intoxicar
  • v intoxicar, invenenar
  • v invenenar
  • v invenenar, intoxicar

poison-bearing adj venenifere

poisoning (act of) n invenenamento

  • (act of) n veneficio
  • n intoxication, invenenamento
  • n invenenamento, intoxication
  • ~ , toxication n intoxication

poisonous (of a snake) adj venenose

  • (toxic) adj toxic
  • ~ , toxic adj toxic
  • ~ , venomous adj venenose
  • ~ , virose adj virose

poison-producing, venenific adj venenific

poke (a fire) v attisar

  • (push) n pulsata
  • (push) v pulsar
  • (with a poker) n colpo de attisator

poke-fun-at v rider se de

poker (cards) n poker

  • (for fire) n attisator
  • [Cards] n poker
  • [Cards] n poker A]

pokeweed n phytolacca

poky adj parve, stricte

  • adj stricte, parve

Poland [Geog] n Polonia

  • n Polonia

polar adj polar

polar-bear n urso blanc/polar

polarimeter n polarimetro

  • n polarimetro (-rì-)

polariscope n polariscopio

polarity n polaritate

polarization n polarisation

polarize v polarisar

polarizer n polarisator

pole (as in North Pole, magnetic pole) n polo

  • (of a vehicle) n timon
  • (polish national) n polaco, polonese
  • (polish national) n polonese, polaco
  • (post) n palo, pertica
  • (post) n pertica, palo
  • [Elect] n palo
  • [Geog] n polo
  • n polaco
  • ~ , long staff n pertica
  • ~ , long staff n pertica (pér-)

polem- (war) occurring in derivatives] n polem-

polemic (controversial argument) n polemica

  • n polemica
  • ~ , polemical adj polemic

polemical adj polemic

polemicist, controversialist n polemista

polemics n polemica

pole-star n stella polar

pole-vault n salto con pertica

police (1. the whole system of internal regulation of a state or community; 2. police force) n policia (-ìa)

  • (1. the whole system of internal regulation of a state or community; 2. police force) n policia
  • (as in police regulations) adj policiari
  • (maintain law and order in) v policiar
  • adj policiari
  • n policia
  • v policiar

police-force n policia

police-man n agente de policia, policiero

  • n policiero
  • ~ -man n policiero, agente de policia

police-station n commissariato de policia

police-woman n agente de policia, policiera

  • ~ -woman n policiera, agente de policia

policy (as in insurance policy) n polissa

  • (course) n linea de conducta
  • (insurance) n polissa
  • (planned course of action) n politica
  • n Pol]

poliomyelitis n poliomyelitis

-polis (city) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n -polis

polish (1. act of polishing; 2. smoothness, luster) n polimento

  • (1. to make smooth and shiny; 2. to refine) v polir
  • (language) adj polonese
  • (language) n polonese
  • (metal) v furbir
  • (polishing) n polimento
  • (shoes) v lustrar
  • (smooth) v lisiar
  • (wax) n cera
  • adj polac
  • adj polac, polonese
  • adj polonese, polac
  • ~ plait, plica [Pathol] n plica
  • ~ polonese adj polonese
  • v Gen]
  • ~ , furbish, clean (up) v furbir
  • ~ , give luster to v lustrar
  • ~ , smooth (make even) v lisiar

polisher (1. one who polishes; 2. polishing tool) n politor

  • ~ , smoother (one who smoothes) n lisator

polishing (act of) n politura

  • (shining) n polimento
  • (smoothing) n lisiamento
  • ~ , smoothing (action of) n lisiamento

polish-off v devorar, liquidar, terminar

  • ~ -off v liquidar, terminar, devorar
  • ~ -off v terminar, devorar, liquidar

polish-up (improve) v perfectionar

  • ~ -up (shine) v polir

Politburo n Politburo

  • n Politburo R]

polite adj polite

politeness n politessa

politic adj politic

political adj politic

politically adv politicamente

politician n politico

politics n politica

polka (- dot, -tted) adj de punctas

  • (dance) n polka
  • n polka
  • n polka Polish]
  • v polkar

poll (gallup) n sondage

  • (votes) v obtener, reciper
  • (votes) v reciper, obtener
  • n gen/pol
  • ~ , ballot n scrutinio

pollen [Bot] n polline

  • n polline

pollinate v pollinisar

  • ~ , pollinize [Bot] v pollinisar

polling n votation

polling-booth n cabina de votation

polling-station n centro de votation

pollinic [Bot] adj pollinic

polliniferous adj pollinifere

pollinization [Bot] n pollinisation

pollinize, pollinate [Bot] v pollinisar

pollinosis, hay fever [Med] n pollinosis

  • ~ , hay fever [Med] n pollinosis (-òsis)

pollute (1. to soil, make filthy; 2. to make unclean morally, ceremonially) v polluer -lu-/-lut-]

  • (1. to soil, make filthy; 2. to make unclean morally, ceremonially) v polluer
  • v polluer

pollution n pollution

Pollux (1. Gr. Mythol]; 2. Astron]) n Pollux

  • (1. Gr. Mythol]; 2. Astron]) n Pollux (pòl-)

polo (sport) n polo

  • [Sports] n polo
  • [Sports] n polo Balti]

polonaise (1. Clothing]; 2. Dancing]; 3. Mus]) n polonaise

  • (1. Clothing]; 2. Dancing]; 3. Mus]) n polonaise F]

polonium [Chem] n polonium

  • [Chem] n polonium (-lò-)

poltergeist n poltergeist

  • n poltergeist G]

poltroon n poltron

poltroonery n poltroneria

  • n poltroneria (-ìa)

poly- (many, much, several) occurring in compounds] adj poly-

polyandrous adj polyandre

polyandry (1. Anthropol]; 2. Bot]) n polyandria

  • (1. Anthropol]; 2. Bot]) n polyandria (-ìa)

polyatomic [Chem] adj polyatomic

polychaetous [Zool] adj polychete

polychromatic adj polychromatic

polychrome adj polychrome

polygamic adj polygamic

polygamist n polygamo

  • n polygamo (-lì-)

polygamous adj polygame

  • adj polygame (-lì-)

polygamy n polygamia

  • n polygamia (-ìa)

polyglot adj polyglotte

  • n polyglotto

polygon n polygono

polygonal adj polygon

  • adj polygonal

polyhedral [Math] adj polyhedre

polyhedron [Math] n polyhedro

polymer [Chem] n polymero

  • [Chem] n polymero (-ìmero)
  • n polymero

polymeric, polymerous [Chem] adj polymere

polymerism, polymerization [Chem] n polymeria

  • ~ , polymerization [Chem] n polymeria (-ìa)
  • ~ , polymerization [Chem] n polymerisation

polymerization, polymerism [Chem] n polymeria

  • ~ , polymerism [Chem] n polymeria (-ìa)
  • ~ , polymerism [Chem] n polymerisation

polymerize [Chem] v polymerisar

polymerous, polymeric [Chem] adj polymere

Polynesia [Geog] n Polynesia

  • n Polynesia

polynesian adj polynesian

  • adj polynesian
  • n polynesiano
  • n polynesiano

polynomial [Alg] adj polynomie

  • [Alg] n polynomio
  • adj math
  • n polynomio
  • ~ , multinominal [Math] adj multinomie

polynominal, multinominal [Math] n multinomio

polyp [Med] n polypo

  • ~ , polypus (1. Zool]; 2. Med]) n polypo
  • ~ , polypus (1. Zool]; 2. Med]) n polypo (pò-)

polypary n polypero

polypeptide n polypeptido

polypetalous adj polypetalose

polyphase [Elect] adj polyphasic

polyphonic adj polyphone

  • adj polyphone, polyphonic
  • adj polyphonic
  • adj polyphonic, polyphone

polyphony n polyphonia

  • n polyphonia (-ìa)

polypus [Med] n polypo

polysaccharide [Chem] n polysaccharido

polysemy n polysemia

polysterine n polysterino

polysyllabic adj polysyllabe

  • adj polysyllabe (-sì-)

polysyllable n polysyllabo

  • n polysyllabo (-sì-)

polysynthesis n polysynthese

  • n polysynthese (-ìntese)

polysynthetic adj polysynthetic

polytechnic (school) n polytechnico

  • adj polytechnic
  • n polytechnico

polytheism n polytheismo

  • n polytheismo (-teìzmo)

polytheist n polytheista

  • n polytheista (-teìsta)

polytheistic adj polytheistic

polythene n polythene

polyvalence n polyvalentia

polyvalent adj polyvalente

polyvinyl [Chem] n polyvinylo

pomace n pulpa de pomo

pomaceous (bearing pomes or pomelike fruits) adj pomacee

  • [Bot] adj pomacee, pomaceose
  • [Bot] adj pomaceose, pomacee

pomade (-) v pomadar

  • n pomada
  • v pomadar

pomander n cossinetto perfumatte

pomatum n pomada

pome n pomo

pomegranate (fruit of the pomegranate) n granata

  • [Bot] n granata

pomelo (grapefruit) n pompelmo, pompelmus

  • (grapefruit) n pompelmus, pompelmo

Pomerania [Geog] n Pomerania

  • n Pomerania

Pomeranian (inhabitant of Pomerania) n pomerano

  • adj pomeran
  • adj pomeranian
  • n pomerano

pomfret (fish) n pomfret

pomiculture n pomicultura

  • n pomi-cultura

pomiculturist n pomicultor

  • n pomi-cultor

pomiferous adj pomifere

pomiform adj pomiforme

pommel (as in pommel of a sword) n pomo

  • (beat on) v batter
  • (knob of a saddle) n pommello
  • (knob of sword handle) n pommo

pommy (Australian insult) n anglese

  • (hair style) n pompadour

pomological adj pomologic

pomologist n pomologista

pomology n pomologia

  • n pomologia (-ìa)

Pomona [Rom Relig] n Pomona

pomp, display n apparato

  • ~ , display, ostentation n fasto
  • ~ , splendor n pompa

pompano (fish) n pampano

Pompei [Geog] n Pompeia

Pompeii [Geog] n Pompeii

pom-pom (mil) n pompom

pompon n pompon

  • n pompon F]

pomposity n pompositate

pompous (of style) adj ampullose, emphatic

  • (of style) adj emphatic, ampullose
  • (stately) adj pompose

poncho n poncho

  • n poncho H]

pond lily [Bot] n lilio de laco

  • n stagno
  • ~ scum n scuma de alga
  • ~ scum n scuma verde
  • ~ weed n planta de stagno
  • ~ , pool, standing water n stagno

ponder (weigh in one's mind) v ponderar

  • v meditar, ponderar
  • v ponderar, meditar
  • ~ , think of v meditar

ponderability n ponderabilitate

ponderable adj ponderabile

ponderal, pertaining to weight adj ponderal

pondering (act of) n ponderation

ponderosity, weightiness, heaviness n ponderositate

ponderous adj ponderose

  • ~ , weighty, heavy adj ponderose

pone (U.S) n pane de mais

pong v odorar fetidemente

pongee n drappo de seta chinese

  • n pon-chi

poniard (dagger) n pugniallo

  • ~ , dagger n pugnal

pons (piece of connecting tissue) n ponte

pontes (plural of pons) n pontes

pontifex n pontifice

pontiff n pontifice

  • n pontifice (-ìfice)

pontifical adj pontifical

  • ~ pontifical adj pontifical

pontificate (1. to officiate as a pontiff; 2. to act, speak, with pomposity) v pontificar

  • n pontificato
  • v pontificar

Pontius Pilate n Pontio Pilato

pontonier n pontonero

  • ~ , pontoneer n pontonero

pontoon n ponton

pony (as in Shetland pony) n pony

  • (as in Shetland pony) n pony A]
  • (horse) n pony

pony-tail n capillo in cauda

poodle n can de aqua

  • n pudel

pooh-bear n urso de pu

pooh-pooh v negar le importantia de, rider se de

  • ~ -pooh v rider se de, negar le importantia de

pool (for swimming) n piscina

  • (pond) n stagno
  • n Commer]
  • v mitter in commun
  • ~ , standing water, pond n stagno

poop (old ~) n persona irritabile

  • [Slang] n caca, flatulentia, excremento
  • [Slang] n excremento, caca, flatulentia
  • [Slang] n flatulentia, excremento, caca

poo-poo [Slang] n caca, pupu, excremento

  • ~ -poo [Slang] n excremento, caca, pupu
  • ~ -poo [Slang] n pupu, excremento, caca

poor (1. indigent, needy; 2. unfortunate) adj povre

  • (indigent, needy) adj paupere
  • (needy unfortunate) adj paupere, povre
  • (needy unfortunate) adj povre, paupere
  • ~ creature n povretto
  • ~ speller, cacographer n cacographo
  • ~ speller, cacographer n cacographo (-cò-)

poorly adj indisposite

  • adv mal

pop (drink) n bibita gasose

  • (father) n papa
  • n detonation legier
  • vt poner rapidemente vl saltar

popcorn n mais rostite

Pope (as in Pope Joan) n papessa

  • (Roman Catholic) n papa
  • n papa
  • ~ , papa, papas [Orthodox Ch] n pope

pop-in v visitar brevemente

poplar n poplo

pop-music n musica pop

pop-out v sortir un momento

poppy n papavere

populace n populaceo

popular (1. people's; 2. favored by the people) adj popular

  • adj popular

popularity n popularitate

popularization n popularisation

popularize v popularisar

populate v popular

population n population

populator n populalor

populous adj populose

porcelain (of or made of porcelain) adj porcellanari

  • ~ maker or dealer n porcellanero
  • n porcellana
  • ~ shell, cowrie n porcellana
  • ~ , china n porcellana

porcelanite [Mineral] n porcellanite

porch n portico

porcine (1. of swine; 2. swinish) adj porcin

porcupine n porcospino

pore (as in the pores of the sweat glands) n poro

  • n poro

pore-over v esser absorbite in, studiar profundemente

  • ~ -over v studiar profundemente, esser absorbite in

poriferous [Zool] adj porifere

pork n porco

  • ~ shop n porcheria
  • ~ shop n porcheria (-ìa)

pork-butcher's n porcheria

porno- (harlot) occurring in compounds] n porn-

  • ~ abbrev/adj pornographic

pornocracy n pornocratia

  • n pornocratia (-ìa)

pornographer n pornographo

  • n pornographo (-ògrapho)

pornographic adj pornographic

pornography n pornographia

  • n pornographia (-ìa)

porosity (state of being porous) n porositate

porous adj porose

porphyritic adj porphyric

porphyroid [Petrography] n porphyroide

porphyry n porphyro

  • n porphyro (pòr-)

porpoise n porco marin

porraceous adj porracee

porridge n pappa de avena

port (- the sword) vt portar le spada

  • (harbour) n porto
  • (left side of a ship) Naut] n babordo
  • (not starboard) n babordo
  • (wine) n vino de porto
  • ~ , harbor n porto

portable adj portabile

portal n portal

portend v portender

  • v portender -tend-/-tent-]

portent n portento

  • ~ , prodigy, marvel n portento

portentous, monstrous, prodigious adj portentose

porter (in uniform) n switzo

  • [Gen] portero
  • [RR] n portator
  • n Rr]

portfolio (case for documents, prints, etc) n portafolio

  • n portafolio

porthole n oculo

portico n portico

portiere n portiera

portion (1. part of a whole; 2. share) n portion

  • n parte, portion
  • n portion, parte
  • v apportionar
  • ~ , small portion, particle n parcella

portly adj corpulente

portrait n portrait

  • n portrait F]
  • ~ painter, portraitist n portraitista
  • ~ painter, portraitist n portraitista (-treitìsta)

portraitist, portrait painter n portraitista

  • ~ , portrait painter n portraitista (-treitìsta)

portrait-painter n portraitista

portray (depict) v depinger, describer

  • (depict) v describer, depinger
  • (make likeness of) v effigiar, portraitar
  • (make likeness of) v portraitar, effigiar
  • v effigiar
  • v portraitar
  • v portraitar (-tretar)

portrayal n effigiamento, representation

  • n representation, effigiamento
  • ~ , portraying (act of) n effigiamento

portraying, portrayal (act of) n effigiamento

Portugal [Geog] n Portugal

  • n Portugal

Portuguese (1. native of Portugal; 2. Portuguese language) n portugese

  • adj portugese
  • ~ adj/n portugese

pose (1. attitude of the body, etc; 2. mental attitude) n posa

  • (a question) v formular
  • (arrange) vt mitter in posa
  • (assume a studied attitude) v posar
  • n posa
  • vi posar
  • ~ , posture n positura
  • ~ , posture n postura
  • ~ , posture v posturar

pose-as v eriger se in

poser, poseur n posator

poseur, poser n posator

posh (of voice) adj affectate

  • (smart) adj chic, de luxo, elegante
  • (smart) adj de luxo, elegante, chic
  • (smart) adj elegante, chic, de luxo

position (job) n posto

  • (location) n position
  • n position, situation
  • n situation, position
  • v implaciar

positive (1. as in positive law; 2. real, actual; 3. specif: Alg, Elec, etc] (not negative) adj positive

  • (degree) Gram] n positivo
  • (photog) n positivo
  • [Photog] n positiva
  • adj positive

positiveness, postivity n positivitate

positivism [Philos] n positivismo

positivist [Philos] n positivista

positon, positron [Atomic Phys] n positon

  • ~ , positron [Atomic Phys] n positron

positron, positon [Atomic Phys] n positon

  • ~ , positon [Atomic Phys] n positron

poss his adj su

  • ~ his pron sue
  • ~ mine pron mie
  • ~ my adj mi
  • ~ our adj nostre
  • ~ their adj lor
  • ~ theirs pron lore

possess (1. to hold, own; 2. as in a demon possesses him) v posseder -sed-/-sess]

  • (1. to hold, own; 2. as in a demon possesses him) v posseder
  • v posseder

possessed (by the devil) adj indiabolate

  • (possessed by a demon) adj possedite
  • (possessed by a demon) adj possedite (pp of posseder)
  • adj possedite

possession (1. ownership; 2. property) n possession

  • n possession
  • ~ , holding (of a thing) n detention
  • ~ , property n ben

possessions n haber, possessiones

  • n possessiones, haber
  • ~ , belongings n haber

possessive (1. as in possessive rights; 2. Gram]) adj possessive

  • adj possessive
  • n caso possessive, genitivo
  • n genitivo, caso possessive
  • ~ , genitive [Gram] adj genitive

possessor n possessor

possessory adj possessori

possibility n possibilitate

  • ~ , contingency n eventualitate

possible adj eventual, possibile

  • adj possibile
  • adj possibile, eventual
  • ~ , contingent adj eventual

possibly adv forsan

post (1. place, station; 2. position, employment) n posto

  • (1. relay; 2. mail, postal service) n posta
  • (a bill, placard) v placardar
  • (assign to a post) v postar
  • (assign, mail) v postar
  • (job) n posto
  • (letters) n correspondentia, currero
  • (letters) n currero, correspondentia
  • (pole) n palo
  • (postal service) n posta
  • adj postal
  • ~ Exchange, canteen [Mil] n cantina
  • ~ office n posta
  • ~ , mail v postar
  • ~ , stake n palo

postage n porto, tarifa postal

  • n tarifa postal, porto

postage-stamp n timbro postal

postal adj postal

  • ~ card n carta postal
  • ~ order n mandato postal
  • ~ service n servicio postal

postbox n cassa postal

postboy (postilion) n postillion

postcard n carta postal

postcode n codice postal

Postcommunion [Eccl] n postcommunion

postdate v retrodatar

  • ~ , date forward v postdatar

postdated adj retrodatate

postdiluvian adj postdiluvian

poster n placardo affiche

  • ~ , placard n placard
  • ~ , placard n placard F]

posterior (1. back, rear; 2. later) adj posterior

  • ~ adj/n posterior
  • ~ , buttock n culo
  • ~ , buttock n posterior

posteriority n posterioritate

posterity n posteritate

Postern [Fortif] n posterna

postglacial adj postglacial

posthumous adj postume

  • adj postume (pòs-)

posthumously adj post le morte

postilion n postilion

  • ~ , postillion (rider on left horse of a pair pulling a coach) n postillion

posting n postada

postivity, positiveness n positivitate

postliminium, postliminy [Internat Law] n postliminio

postliminy, postliminium [Internat Law] n postliminio

postman n currero

  • ~ , mailman n currero

postmark n timbro cancellatori

postmeridian adj postmeridian

post-mortem n autopsia

post-office (bureau de) n posta

post-paid adv franc de porto, responsa pagate

  • ~ -paid adv responsa pagate, franc de porto

postpone v ajornar, postponer

  • v postponer
  • v postponer -pon-/-posit-]
  • v postponer, ajornar
  • ~ , remit v remitter
  • ~ , remit v remitter -mitt-/-miss-]

postponement n ajornamento, postponimento

  • n postponimento
  • n postponimento, ajornamento

postposition n postposition

postpositive [Gram] adj postpositive

postscript n postscripto

postulate v postular

posture n postura

  • n situation
  • ~ , pose n positura
  • ~ , pose n postura
  • ~ , pose v posturar

pot (chamber-) n urinal

  • (food) v conservar
  • (for cooking) n marmita, olla
  • (for cooking) n olla, marmita
  • (jar) n potto
  • (plant) v plantar in testo
  • [Cookery] n marmita
  • ~ , jar n olla

potability n potabilitate

potam-, potamo-, -potamus (river) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n potamo-

potash (1. potassium carbonate; 2. caustic potash) n potassa

potassic adj potassic

potassium n potassium

  • n potassium (-tàs-)
  • ~ , kalium n kalium
  • ~ , kalium n kalium (kà-)

potato n patata

potency (power) n fortia, potentia

  • (power) n potentia, fortia
  • [Med] efficacia

potent adj potente

  • ~ , mighty, powerful adj potente
  • ~ , mighty, powerful adj potente (ppr of poter)

potentate n potentato

potential adj/n potential

  • ~ potential adj potential

potentiality n potentialitate

potentially adv potentialmente

potentilla, cinquefoil [Bot] n potentilla

potherb n legumine

pothole (in road) n cavo

  • (in rock) n marmita de gigante

potion [Med] n potion

  • n potion

potpourri (musical or literary medley) n potpourri

  • (musical or literary medley) n potpourri F]

potsherd n testo

potter (maker of earthenware pots) n ollero

  • n ceramista, ollero
  • n ollero, ceramista

potter-about v occupar se de bagatellas

pottery (1. potter's shop; 2. pottery ware) n olleria

  • (1. potter's shop; 2. pottery ware) n olleria (-ìa)
  • n ceramica, olleria
  • n olleria, ceramica

pouch n bursa

poulterer, poultry dealer n pullero

poultice n cataplasma

  • ~ , cataplasm [Med] n cataplasma

poultry dealer, poulterer n pullero

  • ~ farming n pullicultura
  • ~ man, chicken farmer n gallinero
  • n aves domestic

poultry-farming n pullicultura

pounce n salto

  • v precipitar se, saltar
  • v saltar, precipitar se

pounce-upon v attaccar subitemente

pound (money) n libra sterling

  • (weight) n libra
  • n libra
  • v batter, tunder
  • v tunder, batter
  • ~ , bruise, tund v tunder
  • ~ , bruise, tund v tunder tund-/-tus-]

poundage n taxa de emission

pour (discharge liquid) vt versar

  • (tea) v servir
  • ~ forth, shed, effuse, pour out v effunder
  • ~ forth, shed, effuse, pour out v effunder -fund-/-fus-]
  • ~ in v infunder
  • ~ in v infunder -fund-/-fus-]
  • ~ out, pour forth, shed, effuse v effunder
  • ~ out, pour forth, shed, effuse v effunder -fund-/-fus-]
  • vi currer abundantemente
  • ~ , rain heavily v diluviar

pourboire, tip n pourboire

  • ~ , tip n pourboire F]

pour-forth v effunder

pour-in (- out) v effunder

  • ~ -in vi entrar in massa
  • ~ -in vt infunder

pouring in n infusion

  • ~ rain adj/n pluviente torrentialmente

pour-with-rain v pluver torrentialmente

pout v grimassar con le labios

poverbially adv proverbialmente

poverty (quality of being poor) n povressa

  • n paupertate
  • n paupertate, povressa
  • n povressa, paupertate

poverty-stricken adj indigente, miserabile

  • ~ -stricken adj miserabile, indigente

powder (1. pulverized substance; 2. Specif: Pharm, Cosmetics]; 3. gunpowder) n pulvere

  • (pulverize) v pulverisar, reducer in pulvere
  • (pulverize) v reducer in pulvere, pulverisar
  • (sprinkle with powder) v pulverar
  • n pulvere
  • ~ , dust (sprinkle with powder or dust) v pulverar

powder-room n w.c. de feminas

powdery adj pulverulente

  • ~ , pulverulent, dusty adj pulverulente

power (1. ability to do or act; 2. Pol]) n potentia

  • (ability to do or act) n poter
  • (ability to do) n poter
  • (mental) n facultate
  • (strength) n fortia
  • n Elec]
  • n mech/math
  • ~ of attorney n procuration
  • ~ , might n potestate

powerful adj potente

  • ~ , potent, mighty adj potente
  • ~ , potent, mighty adj potente (ppr of poter)

powerless adj impotente, inefficace

  • adj inefficace, impotente

power-point n prisa

power-station n central

practicability n practicabilitate

practicable adj practicabile

  • ~ , executable adj executabile

practical (1. not theoretical; 2. as in a practical individual; 3. adapted for a required purpose) adj practic

  • (1. not theoretical; 2. as in a practical individual; 3. adapted for a required purpose) adj practic (pràc-)
  • adj practic

practically adv practicamente, quasi

  • adv quasi, practicamente

practice (actual application of knowledge) n practica

  • (actual application of knowledge) n practica (pràc-)
  • (as in the practice of a profession) n exercitation
  • (as in the practice of a profession) n exercitio
  • (be out of ~) v non esser in forma
  • (exercise) n exercitio
  • (habit) n costume
  • (of a doctor) n clientela
  • (reality) n practica
  • ~ cabala, cabalize v cabalar
  • ~ simony v simonisar
  • ~ usury v usurar
  • v exercer, practicar
  • v practicar
  • v practicar, exercer
  • ~ , carry on v exercer

practise v exercer, practicar

  • v practicar, exercer

practised adj experte, practic

  • adj practic, experte

practising adj active

practitioner (doctor) n medico

  • (expert) n professional

praefoliation, vernation, prefoliation [Bot] n prefoliation

pragmatic (1. pertaining to practical affairs; 2. relative to philosophical pragmatism) adj pragmatic

  • ~ sanction, pragmatic n pragmatica
  • ~ , pragmatic sanction n pragmatica

pragmatism (1. pragmatic character; 2. Philos]) n pragmatismo

pragmatist (1. pragmatical person; 2. adherent of philosophical pragmatism) n pragmatista

Prague n Praga

prairie n prairie

  • n prairie F]
  • n prateria
  • n prateria (-ìa)

praise n elogio, laude

  • n laude
  • n laude, elogio
  • v laudar
  • ~ , laud v laudar
  • ~ , lauding, laudation n laudation

praiseworthiness, laudability n laudabilitate

praiseworthy adj digne de laude, laudabile

  • adj laudabile, digne de laude
  • ~ , laudable adj laudabile

pram (perambulator, baby-carriage) n cochietto de infante

prance v facer capriolas, saltar

  • v saltar, facer capriolas

prank n burla

prattle v balbutiar

  • ~ , chatter, babble v garrular

pravity, depravity n pravitate

prawn (crustacean, shripm) n grande crangon, leander serratus

  • (crustacean, shripm) n leander serratus, grande crangon

pray v orar

  • v orar, precar
  • v precar
  • v precar, orar

prayer (entreaty) n prece, supplica

  • (entreaty) n supplica, prece
  • (god) n oration, precaria, prece
  • (god) n precaria, prece, oration
  • (god) n prece, oration, precaria
  • n precaria
  • ~ , orison n oration
  • ~ , petition, request n supplica
  • ~ , petition, request n supplica (sùp-)
  • ~ , request, entreaty n prece

prayerbook n libro de precarias

prdductivity n productivitate

preach v predicar

  • ~ , sermonize v sermonar

preacher n predicante

  • n predicator
  • n sermonator

preaching (act or art of) n predication

  • n predication

preachment, sermon n predica

  • ~ , sermon n predica (pré-)

preamble (make a preamble to) v preambular

  • n preambulo
  • n preambulo (-àm-)

precarious (1. as in precarious privileges; 2. as in aprecarious situation) adj precari

  • adj precari

precariousness n precarietate

precaution n precaution

precede v preceder

  • v preceder -ced-/-cess-]

precedence n precedentia

precedent adj/n precedente

  • n precedente

preceding adj precedente

precept n precepto

preceptive adj preceptive

preceptor, teacher, instructor n preceptor

precession n precession

precinct (commercial centre) n centro commercial

  • n Amer

preciosity, affectation n preciositate

precious (1. valuable; 2. affected, over-refined) adj preciose

  • adj preciose

preciousness, great value n preciositate

precipice n precipitio

precipitant [Chem] n precipitante

precipitate (1. to hurl down; 2. to hasten, cause to be quick; 3. Chem]) v precipitar

  • (very hasty) adj precipitate
  • (very hasty) adj precipitate (pp of precipitar)
  • [Chem] n precipitato
  • adj precipitate
  • n precipitato
  • v precipitar
  • ~ , falling headlong adj precipite
  • ~ , falling headlong adj precipite (-cìpite)

precipitation (1. hurling down; 2. falling headlong; 3. excessive haste; 4. Chem]) n precipitation

precipitous (very steep) adj precipitose

precis n summario

precise adj precise

  • adj precise, stricte
  • adj stricte, precise

precision n precision

precocious adj precoce

precociousness, precocity n precocitate

precocity, precociousness n precocitate

precognition n precognition

preconceive v preconciper

  • v preconciper -cip-/-cept-]

preconception n preconception

precursor, forerunner, harbinger n precursor

predatory adj rapace

predecessor n antecessor

  • n antecessor, predecessor
  • n predecessor
  • n predecessor, antecessor

predefine v predefinir

predefinition n predefinition

predestination n predestination

predestine v predestinar

predestined adj predestinate

predetermination (1. act of predetermining; 2. Theol]) n predetermination

predetermine (1. to determine beforehand; 2. Theol]) v predeterminar

predicament (fix) n situation difficile

  • n philos
  • ~ , category [Philos] n predicamento

predicate n predicato

  • v predicar

predict v augurar, predicer

  • v predicer
  • v predicer -dic-/-dict-]
  • v predicer, augurar

prediction n prediction

predictor n predictor

predilection n predilection

predispose (as in debility predisposes the body to disease) v predisponer

  • (as in debility predisposes the body to disease) v predisponer -pon-/-posit-]

predisposition n predisposition

predominance n predominantia

  • ~ , prevalence n prevalentia

predominant adj predominante

  • ~ , prevalent adj prevalente
  • ~ , prevalent adj prevalente (ppr of prevaler)

predominate v predominar

  • ~ , prevail v prevaler

predomination n predomination

pre-eminence n preeminentia

pre-eminent adj preeminente

preestablish v preestablir

  • v prestabilir

preexist v preexister

preexistence n preexistentia

preexistent adj preexistente

prefab adj/n abbrev

prefabrication n prefabrication

prefabrlcate v prefabricar

preface (1. RCCh]; 2. introduction, foreword) n prefacio

  • n prefacio
  • v prefaciar

prefect n prefecto

prefectoral, prefetorial adj prefectoral

prefectship n prefectura

prefecture n prefectura

prefer v preferer

preferability n preferibilitate

preferable adj preferibile

preference n preferentia

preferential (- treatment) phr tractamento preferential

  • adj preferential

preferentialism n preferentialismo

preferentialist n preferentialista

preferentially adv preferentialmente

prefetorial, prefectoral adj prefectoral

prefiguration (1. action of prefiguring; 2. prototype) n prefiguration

prefigure, foreshadow v prefigurar

prefix (put or fix before) v prefiger

  • (put or fix before) v prefiger -fig-/-fix-]
  • (put or fix before) v prefixar
  • [Gram] n prefixo
  • n prefixo
  • v prefixar

prefloration [Bot] n prefloration

prefoliation, praefoliation, vernation [Bot] n prefoliation

preglacial adj preglacial

pregnable, open to attack adj prendibile

  • ~ , stormable adj expugnabile

pregnancy (1. state of being with child or young; 2. state of being filled with meaning) n pregnantia

  • n graviditate, pregnantia
  • n pregnantia, graviditate
  • ~ , gravidity n graviditate

pregnant (significant) adj pregnante

  • (with child) adj gravide, pregnante
  • (with child) adj pregnante, gravide
  • (with child, gravid) adj gravide

prehensile adj prehensile

prehension n prehension

prehistoric adj prehistoric

prehistory n prehistoria

prejudge v prejudicar

prejudice (affect injuriously) v prejudicar

  • n prejudicio
  • v prejudiciar
  • ~ , bias n preoccupation
  • ~ , bias n prevention
  • ~ , bias v preoccupar

prejudiced adj interessate, partial

  • adj partial, interessate

prejudicial adj prejudicial

prelacy n prelatia

  • n prelatia (-ìa)
  • n prelatura

prelate n prelato

prelatic adj prelatic

preliminary adj/n preliminar

  • ~ investigation [Law] n instruction
  • ~ preliminar adj preliminar
  • ~ , opening (as in the opening pages) adj liminar

prelude [Mus] v preludiar

  • n preludio
  • v preluder
  • v preludiar

premature adj precoce, prematur

  • adj prematur
  • adj prematur, precoce
  • ~ ejaculation n ejaculation prematur

prematureness, prematurity n prematuritate

prematurity, prematureness n prematuritate

premeditate (give forethought) v premeditar

  • v premeditar

premeditated adj premeditate

  • adj premeditate (pp of premeditar)

premeditation n premeditation

premier adj prime

  • n prime ministro

premise [Logic] n premissa

  • n premissa
  • v premitter
  • v premitter -mitt-/-miss-]

premises n local

premiss n premise

premium [Ins] n premio

  • ~ bond n bono a lotteria
  • n premio

premonition n premonition

premonitory adj premonitori

prenatal adj prenatal

preoccupation (1. preoccupancy; 2. engrossment, absorption) n preoccupation

  • n preoccupation

preoccupied adj preoccupate

  • ~ , absorbed, engrossed adj preoccupate
  • ~ , absorbed, engrossed adj preoccupate (pp of preoccupar)

preoccupy (1. to take possession of before others; 2. to take up all the attention of) v preoccupar

  • v preoccupar

preordain v preordinar

preordination n preordination

prepaid adj franc de porto, pagate anticipatemente

  • adj pagate anticipatemente, franc de porto

preparation (1. act of preparing; 2. Chem) n preparation

  • (preparatory step, measure, etc) n preparativo
  • (preparing) n preparation
  • n appresto
  • n Techn]

preparatory adj preparative

  • adj preparatori

prepare (make ready) v preparar

  • ~ for v preparar a
  • v apparar
  • v Techn]
  • vi preparar se
  • vt preparar
  • ~ , make ready v apprestar

prepared (be ~) v esser preste

  • adj preparate, preste
  • adj preste, preparate

preparer n preparator

prepay v pagar anticipatemente, pagar franc de porto

  • v pagar franc de porto, pagar anticipatemente

preponderance n preponderantia

preponderant adj preponderante

preponderate, be preponderant v preponderar

prepose, place before, place in front v anteponer

  • ~ , place before, place in front v anteponer -pon-/-posit-]
  • ~ , place before, place in front v preponer
  • ~ , place before, place in front v preponer -pon-/-posi-]

preposing (act of) n preposition

  • ~ , placing before, placing in front (act of) n anteposition

preposition [Gram] n preposition

  • n preposition

prepositive [Gram] adj prepositive

preposterous adj absurde, ridicule

  • adj ridicule, absurde

prepotency n prepotentia

prepotent (very powerful) adj prepotente

prerogative n prerogativa

presage (1. to feel a presentiment of, foretell; 2. to forebode, foreshadow) v presagir

  • ~ , omen n presagio

presby (old) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj presby-

presbyope, presbyopic n presbyte

  • ~ , presbyopic n presbyte (préz-)

presbyopia, farsightedness, presbytia [Med] n presbytia

  • ~ , presbytia, farsightedness [Med] n presbyopia
  • ~ , presbytia, farsightedness [Med] n presbyopia (-ìa)
  • ~ , presbytia, presbytism, farsightedness [Med] n presbytismo

presbyopic, farsighted, long-sighted [Med] adj presbyte

  • ~ , farsighted, long-sighted [Med] adj presbyte (préz-)

presbyoptic, farsighted [Med] adj presbyopic

presbyterate n presbyterato

presbyterial, presbyteral adj presbyteral

presbyterian adj presbyterian

  • adj presbyterian
  • n presbyteriano
  • n presbyteriano

Presbyterianism n presbyterianismo

presbytery (1. part of the church surrounding the altar; 2 . parsonage, parochial residence) n presbyterio

presbytia, farsightedness, presbyopia [Med] n presbyopia

  • ~ , farsightedness, presbyopia [Med] n presbyopia (-ìa)
  • ~ , presbyopia, farsightedness [Med] n presbytia
  • ~ , presbytism, farsightedness, presbyopia [Med] n presbytismo

prescience n prescientia

prescient adj presciente

prescribe (1. to lay down as a rule or direction; 2. Med]; 3. Law] (assert a prescriptive right or claim) v prescriber

  • (1. to lay down as a rule or direction; 2. Med]; 3. Law] (assert a prescriptive right or claim) v prescriber -scrib-/-script-]
  • v ordinar, prescriber
  • v prescriber, ordinar

prescriptible adj prescriptibile

prescription (1. Med]; 2. Law]) n prescription

prescriptlon n prescription, recepta

  • n recepta, prescription

presence (1. being present; 2. demeanor) n presentia

  • [Bib] n make appearance
  • n presentia
  • ~ of mind n presentia de spirito

present (1. the time being; 2. Gram]; 3. gift) n presente

  • (a play) v representar
  • (at ~) phr al presente
  • (for the ~) phr pro le presente
  • (gift) n dono, presente
  • (gift) n presente, dono
  • (in time) n presente
  • adj actual, presente
  • adj presente
  • adj presente, actual
  • ~ again, re-present v representar
  • v presentar
  • ~ , current adj actual
  • ~ , give v munerar

presentable adj presentabile

  • ~ , fit to be seen adj monstrabile

presentation n presentation

presenter n presentator

presential adj presential

presentiment n presagio

  • n presentimento

presently adv tosto

  • ~ , soon, promptly adv tosto

present-participle n participio presente

preservation n conservation, preservation

  • n preservation
  • n preservation, conservation
  • ~ , conservation n conservation

preservative adj preservative

  • n preservativo

preserve (food) v conservar

  • (keep safe) v preservar
  • (maintain in safety) v preservar

preserved (food) adj in conserva

  • (kept safe) adj preservate

preserver n preservator

preserves, jam n confectura

  • ~ , jam n marmelada

preside (act as chairman, president, etc) v presider

  • v presider

presidency (function, office or term of president) n presidentia

  • n presidentia

president n presidente

  • ~ , presiding judge, chairman (one who presides) n presidente
  • ~ , presiding officer n preside
  • ~ , presiding officer n preside (pré-)

presidential adj presidential

  • ~ , chairman's adj presidential

presidial adj presidial

presiding officer, president n preside

  • ~ officer, president n preside (pré-)

press (1. as in coining press, wine press etc; 2. printing press; 3. Journal]) n pressa

  • (exert pressure upon) v pressar
  • (exert pressure) v premer, pressar
  • (exert pressure) v pressar, premer
  • (urge) v insister
  • (urge) v insister (super)
  • n pressa
  • ~ out, squeeze out v exprimer
  • ~ out, squeeze out v exprimer -prim-/-press-]
  • ~ , urge v instar

press-conference n conferentia de pressa

press-cutting n retalio de pressa

press-down v deprimer

pressing adj urgente

press-on v fortiar le passo

press-out v exprimer

press-stud n button de pression

pressure (1. as in air pressure; 2. constraint) n pression

  • ~ cooker, autoclave n autoclave
  • ~ gauge n manometro
  • n pression

pressure-cooker n autoclave

pressurize v pressurisar

prestation [Law] n prestation

prestidigitate v prestidigitar

prestidigitation n prestidigitation

prestidigitator n prestidigitator

  • ~ , juggler n joculator

prestige n prestigio

  • ~ , glamor n prestigio

prestigiaator, juggler, conjurer n prestigiator

prestigious adj prestigiose

  • ~ , illusory adj prestigiose

prestimony [RCCh] n prestimonio

presto, quickly, quick as a wink adv presto

presumable adj presumibile

  • adj presumibile, probabile
  • adj probabile, presumibile

presume (1. to assume, surmise; 2. to be presumptuous) v presumer

  • (1. to assume, surmise; 2. to be presumptuous) v presumer -sum-/-sumpt-]
  • v presumer

presumption (1. conjecture; 2. presumptuousness; 3. Law]) n presumption

  • n presumption

presumptive adj presumptive

presumptuous adj presumptuose

  • ~ , conceited, pretentious adj pretentiose

presuppose (1. to assume beforehand; 2. to require as necessary preliminary) v presupponer -pon-/-posit-]

  • (1. to assume beforehand; 2. to require as necessary preliminary) v presupponer
  • v presupponer

presupposition n presupposition

pretence (appearance) n affectation, simulation

  • (appearance) n simulation, affectation
  • (claim, pretext) n pretension

pretend (claim) v pretender

  • (feign) v finger, simular
  • (feign) v simular, finger
  • ~ , make believe, simulate, feign v finger
  • ~ , make believe, simulate, feign v finger fing-/fict-]

pretender (a throne) n pretendente

  • n pretendente

pretension (1. claim; 2. pretentiousness) n pretension

  • (1. claim; 2. pretentiousness) n pretention
  • n pretension

pretentious adj pretentiose

  • ~ , presumptuous, conceited adj pretentiose

pretentiousness n pretension

preterit, past [Gram] n preterito

  • ~ , past [Gram] n preterito (-tér)

preterition [Rhet] n preterition

pretermission n pretermission

pretermit v pretermitter

  • v pretermitter -mitt-/-miss-]

pretext n pretexto

pretty adj belle

  • adv bastante, quasi
  • adv quasi, bastante

prevail v prevaler

  • ~ , predominate v prevaler

prevalence, predominance n prevalentia

prevalent adj commun, prevalente

  • adj prevalente, commun
  • ~ , predominant adj prevalente
  • ~ , predominant adj prevalente (ppr of prevaler)

prevaricate v prevaricar

prevarication n prevarication

prevaricator n prevaricator

prevent (hinder) v impedir

  • (illness) v evitar

prevention n prevention

preventive adj preventive

preview n vista preliminari prevista

previous adj previe

  • ~ speaker n preopinante

previously adv previemente

  • ~ , before, formerly adv antea

prevision, foresight n prevision

prey (- on) v predar

  • n preda
  • ~ , pillage, take booty v predar

price (fix the price of) v preciar

  • n precio
  • v preciar
  • ~ , value n precio

priceless (goods) adj de valor inappreciabile

  • (goods) adj de valor inestimabile
  • (joke) adj impagabile
  • adj impagabile
  • ~ , inestimable adj inappreciabile

price-list n tarifa

prick (given in shoeing) n inclavatura

  • (horse in shoeing) v inclavar
  • n piccatura, punctura
  • n punctura, piccatura
  • v piccar, punger
  • v punger, piccar
  • ~ , puncture n punctura
  • ~ , stitch n puncto

prickle n acantha, spina

  • n spina, acantha
  • v formicar
  • ~ , thorn [Bot] n acantha

prickly adj spinose

prick-up-one's-ear v eriger le aures

pride (in a bad sense) n orgolio

  • (in a good sense) n feritate
  • n feritate
  • n orgolio

pride-oneself-on v facer se honor de

priest n presbytero

  • n presbytero (-bì-)
  • n prestre
  • n prestre, sacerdote
  • n sacerdote
  • n sacerdote, prestre
  • ~ , cleric n tonsurato

priestess n prestressa

priesthood (the clergy) n clero

  • n sacerdotio
  • ~ , sacerdocy n sacerdotio

priestly adj sacerdotal

prig adj/n pedante in cosas moral

priggishness n pedanteria moral

prim adj affectate

primacy (1. pre-eminence; 2. office or dignity of a primate) n primatia (-ìa)

  • (1. pre-eminence; 2. office or dignity of a primate) n primatia

primarily, chiefly adv primarimente

primary adj primari

  • ~ adj/n primari

primate (1. chief archbishop; 2. Zool]) n primate

  • [Eccles/Zool] primate

primatial adj primatial

prime (1. Eccl]; 2. Fencing]) n prima

  • (best part) n perfection
  • (liturg) n prima
  • adj prime
  • v cargar, preparar
  • v preparar, cargar
  • ~ , first adj prime

prime-minister n prime ministro

prime-of-life n flor del vita

primer n manual, prime libro

  • n prime libro, manual

primeval adj primitive

primitive adj primitive

  • n primitivo

primitivism n primitivismo

primogeniture n primogenitura

primordial adj primordial

primrose n primavera, primula

  • n primula, primavera
  • ~ , cowslip n primavera
  • ~ , cowslip n primula

Primulaceous [Bot] n primulaceas

  • adj primulacee

prince (1. title given to a member of a ruling family; 2. title of nobility) n prince

  • n prince

princedom, sovereignty, reign n principato

princely adj principesc

princess n princessa

principal adj/n principal

  • ~ place where anything takes place or is carried on n sede
  • ~ , chief, main adj principal
  • ~ , mandator [Law] n mandante

principality (territory of a reigning prince) n principato

  • n principato

principally adv principalmente

  • ~ , especially adv maxime
  • ~ , especially adv maxime (màx-)

principalness n principalitate

principle n principio

print (books, etc) v imprimer

  • (engraving) n stampa
  • (engraving, woodcut) n stampa
  • (fabric) n indiana
  • (out of ~) adj exhaurite
  • (photog) v copiar
  • [Photog] n copia
  • [Photog] v copiar
  • n Photog]
  • v imprimer
  • v imprimer -prim-/-press-]
  • ~ , printed fabric n indiana

printable adj imprimibile

printed (- matter) n imprimitos

  • adj imprimite
  • ~ fabric, print n indiana

printer n imprimitor

printing (1. action of pulling or printing; 2. copies printed at one time) n tirage (-aje)

  • (1. action of pulling or printing; 2. copies printed at one time) n tirage
  • (typography) n impression, typographia
  • (typography) n typographia, impression
  • ~ works n imprimeria
  • ~ , typography n typographia
  • ~ , typography n typographia (-ìa)

printing-press n pressa de imprimeria

prior (prior of a monastery) n prior

  • [Hist] (magistrate of city of Florence) n prior
  • adj prior

prioral adj prioral

priorate (priorship) n priorato

prioress n priora

priority (precedence, superiority in rank, position) n prioritate

  • (quality of being antecedent in time) n prioritate

priorship (priorate) n priorato

prise (open) v fortiar

prism n prisma

  • n prisma -ma/-mat-]

prismatic adj prismatic

prison adj carcerari

  • n carcere
  • n carcere, prision
  • n prision
  • n prision, carcere

prisoner n prisionero

privacy n intimitate

private adj particular

  • adj particular, private
  • adj private
  • adj private (pp of privar)
  • adj private, particular
  • ~ individual, private person n particular
  • n simple soldato
  • ~ person, private individual n particular
  • ~ teacher, tutor n preceptor

privation (1. deprivation; 2. destitution, need) n privation

privative (1. having the quality of depriving; 2. Gram]) adj privative

privet [Bot] n ligustro

  • n ligustro

privilege n privilegio

  • v privilegiar
  • ~ , grant a privilege v privilegiar

privy, latrine n privata

prize (reward, trophy, premium, etc) n precio

  • (value highly) v preciar
  • [Naut] n prisa
  • n premio
  • v appreciar, estimar, preciar
  • v estimar, preciar, appreciar
  • v preciar, appreciar, estimar
  • ~ , reward n premio

prizewinner n premiato

pro n professional

  • prep pro

probabilism [Theol] n probabilismo

probabilist [Theol] n probabilista

probability n probabilitate

  • ~ , verisimilitude n verosimilantia
  • ~ , verisimilitude, likelihood n verisimilitude

probable adj probabile

  • ~ , verisimilar, likely adj verisimile
  • ~ , verisimilar, likely adj verosimilante

probably adv probabilemente

probate n validation de un testamento

probation (on - in) n libertate conditional

  • (period of trial) n probation
  • [Jur] libertate conditional

probationary adj de prova

probation-officer n official surveliante

  • ~ -officer n official surveliante (de personas in libertate conditional)

probative (serving to test or demonstrate) adj probative

probe n sonda

  • v sondar
  • ~ , sound [Surg] n sonda

probity, integrity, uprightness n probitate

problem n problema

  • n problema -ma/-mat-]
  • ~ solver n resolutor de problemas

problematic adj problematic

  • ~ , problematical adj problematic

problematical, problematic adj problematic

proboscis monkey n nasica

  • ~ monkey n nasica (-ìca)

procedure (way of doing) n procedimento

  • [Law] n procedura
  • n Jur]

proceed (1. to go forward, go forth) v proceder

  • (1. to go forward, go forth) v proceder -ced-/-cess-]
  • v proceder

proceedings (legal) n processo

  • n deliberationes

proceeds (received) n receptas

  • n producto

process (1. Law] (sue; 2. to treat by a special process) v processar

  • (1. method, process applied; 2. course, process undergone; 3. Anat]) n processo
  • n processo
  • v processar

procession (1. as in to march in procession; 2. Theol]) n procession

  • (parade) n defilata
  • [Relig] procession

processional processional adj processional

proclaim v declarar, proclamar

  • v proclamar
  • v proclamar, declarar
  • ~ , announce v predicar
  • ~ , publish solemnly v denunciar

proclaimer n proclamator

proclamation n proclamation

  • ~ , edict n banno
  • ~ , official notice n denunciation

proclivity n proclivitate

proconsul [Rom Hist] n proconsule

proconsulate [Rom Hist] n proconsulato

procrastinate v procrastinar

  • v temporisar

procrastination n procrastination

procrastinator n procrastinator

procreate v procrear

  • ~ , beget v procrear

procreation n procreation

procreator n procreator

proctor, monitor, censor [School] n censor

procurator (1. proxy, attorney; 2. Rom Hist]) n procurator

procuratory adj procuratori

procure (secure after effort) v procurar

  • v procurar
  • v procurar (se)

procurement, procuring (action of) n procuration

procuring, procurement (action of) n procuration

prod n colpo de digito o de baston, pulsata, stimulo

  • n pulsata, stimulo, colpo de digito o de baston
  • n stimulo, colpo de digito o de baston, pulsata
  • v stimular

prodigal (very free in spending or giving) adj prodige

  • (very free in spending or giving) adj prodige (pròd-)
  • adj prodige
  • n prodigo

prodigality n prodigalitate

prodigally adv prodigemente

prodigious adj prodigiose

  • ~ , portentous, monstrous adj portentose

prodigiousness n prodigiositate

prodigy n prodigio

  • ~ , marvel, portent n portento
  • ~ , wonder n prodigio

produccr (one who produces or makes) n productor

produce (1. to bring forward, show; 2. to bring forth, be productive of) v producer -duc-/-duct-]

  • (1. to bring forward, show; 2. to bring forth, be productive of) v producer
  • (bring forth) v producer
  • [Indust] fabricar
  • [Theat] inscenar
  • ~ blood (from) v sanguificar
  • ~ by chiming, play on chimes, play on a carillon v carillonar
  • ~ irritation of the skin [Med] v rubefacer
  • ~ irritation of the skin [Med] v rubefacer -fac-/-fact-]
  • n productos

producer (manufacturer) n productor

  • [Theat] inscenator

producibility n producibilitate

producible adj producibile

producing fire, fiery, of fire adj pyric

product (1. result of producing; 2. Arith]) n producto

  • n producto

production (1. as in the production of evidence in court; 2. producing, making) n production

  • (thing produced, producing) n production
  • [Theat] inscenation, presentation
  • [Theat] presentation, inscenation

productive adj productive

productivity n productivitate

profanation n profanation

profane (1. secular; 2. irreverent, blasphemous) adj profan

  • adj profan
  • v profanar

profaner n profanator

profanity n profanitate

profectitious [Rom Law] adj profecticie

profess (1. to avow, delare openly; 2. to take religious vows; 3. to exercise a profession; 4. to teach) v professar

  • v professar

professed (as in a professed monk) adj professe

professing (one who professes) Eccl] n profitente

profession (1. declaration avowal; 2. vocation) n profession

  • n profession
  • ~ of a notary n notariato

professional adj professional

  • n experto, professional
  • n professional, experto

professionally adv professionalmente

professor n professor

  • n professpr
  • n professpr (universitari)

professorate, chair n professorato

professorial adj professoral

professorship n cathedra, professorato

  • n professorato, cathedra

proficiency n competentia

proficient adj competente, experte, versate

  • adj experte, versate, competente
  • adj versate, competente, experte

profile (1. sideface; 2. Arch]; 3. Civ Engin]; 4. Geol]) n profilo

  • n profilo
  • v profilar

profit (1. advantage; 2. pecuniary gain) n profito

  • (1. to thrive, grow; 2. to gain, benefit) v profitar
  • n ganio, profito
  • n profito, ganio
  • v profitar
  • v profitar (de)
  • ~ , advantage n partito
  • ~ , gain n ganio
  • ~ , gain, lucre n lucro

profitable adj profitabile

  • ~ , lucrative adj lucrose

profiteer n profitator

profligacy, dissoluteness n disregulamento

profligate adj lasciviemente extravagante

profound adj profunde

  • ~ , deep adj profunde

profundity, depth (quality of being deep or profound) n profunditate

profuse adj profuse

profusion n profusion

progenitive adj progenitive

progenitor n progenitor

progeniture, progeny n progenitura

progeny n progenie

  • ~ , offspring n prole
  • ~ , progeniture n progenitura

prognosis n prognosis

  • n prognosis (-òsis)

prognostic adj prognostic

  • n prognostico

prognosticate v prognosticar

prognostication (1. prediction; 2. foretoken) n prognostication

prognosticator n prognosticator

program n programma

  • n programma -ma/-mat-]
  • ~ , -gramme n programma
  • ~ , -gramme v programmar

programmatic adj programmatic

programmer n programmator

progress (continuous improvement) n progresso

  • n progresso
  • v progressar
  • ~ , go forward v progreder
  • ~ , go forward v progreder -gred-/-gress-]

progression n progression

progressism n progressismo

progressist n progressista

progressive adj progressive

prohibit v prohibir

  • ~ , forbid v prohibir

prohibiter, prohibitor n prohibitor

prohibition (act of prohibiting, forbidding) n prohibition

  • n prohibition

prohibitionist (one who is in favor of prohibitive measures) n prohibitionista

prohibitive v prohibitive

  • ~ , prohibitory adj prohibitive

prohibitory, prohibitive adj prohibitori

project (1. to throw, cast; 2. Geom]; 3. to plan, contrive) v projectar

  • [Geom, etc] v projicer
  • [Geom, etc] v projicer -jic-/-ject-]
  • n projecto
  • v projectar

projectile n projectil

projection (1. act of throwing or casting out; 2. act of jutting out) n projection

  • n projection
  • ~ , projecture [Arch] n projectura

projective (pertaining to, or produced by, projection) adj projective

projector n projector

prolapse [Med] v prolaber

  • [Med] v prolaber -lab-/-laps-]
  • ~ , prolapsus [Med] n prolapso

prolegomenon n prolegomeno

  • n prolegomeno (-òmeno)

prolepsis [Rhet] n anticipation

proleptic adj proleptic

proletarian adj proletari

  • n proletario

proletariat n proletariato

proletary [Rom Antiq] n proletario

proliferate v proliferar

proliferation n proliferation

proliferous adj prolifere

prolific adj prolific

prolification, breeding n prolification

prolificly (act ~) v prolificar

prolificness n fecunditate

prolix (long winded) adj prolixe

  • ~ , long-winded adj prolixe

prolixity (long windedness) n prolixitate

  • ~ , prolixness n prolixitate

prolixness, prolixity n prolixitate

prolocutor (spokesman) n prolocutor

prologize v scriber prologos

prologue (preface, introduction) n prologo

  • (preface, introduction) n prologo (prò-)
  • n prologo
  • v prologar

prologuize v scriber prologos

prolong v prolongar

prolongable adj prolongabile

prolongate v prolongar

prolongation n prolongation

  • ~ , prolongment n prolongamento

prolonge (mil) v prolonga

prolonger (mil) v prolongator

  • n prolongator

prolongment, prolongation n prolongamento

prom (concert) n concerto popular

  • (dance) n ballo de studentes

promenade (at seaside) n esplanada

  • (walk) n promenada
  • ~ , walk (1. as in a long walk; 2. as in public promenade) n promenada

Prometheus [Gr Mythol] n Prometheo

prominence (conspicuousness) n prominentia

  • n prominentia

prominent (as in prominent teeth) adj prominente

  • adj prominente

promiscuity n promiscuitate

  • ~ , promiscuousness n promiscuitate

promiscuous (mixed) adj promiscue

  • (sexual) adj libertin

promiscuousness, promiscuity n promiscuitate

promise (solemnly) v sponder

  • (solemnly) v sponder spond-/spons-]
  • n promissa
  • v promitter
  • v promitter -mitt-/-miss-]

promiser n promissor

promissory (containing a promise) adj promissori

  • ~ note n schedula

promontory n promontorio

promote (1. to elevate in station, rank, dignity, etc; 2. as in to promote learning) v promover -mov-/-mot-]

  • (1. to elevate in station, rank, dignity, etc; 2. as in to promote learning) v promover
  • v promover

promoter (as in promoter of a worthy cause) n promotor

  • n promotor

promotion n promotion

prompt (an actor) v sufflar

  • adj immediate, prompte
  • adj prompte
  • adj prompte, immediate
  • n suggestion

prompter [Theat] n sufflator

  • n sufflator

prompting n stimulo, suggestion

  • n suggestion, stimulo

promptitude, promptness n promptitude

promptly adv promptemente, tosto

  • adv tosto, promptemente
  • ~ , presently, soon adv tosto

promptness n expedition, promptitude

  • n promptitude, expedition
  • ~ , promptitude n promptitude

pronate (1. to lay flat; 2. to turn the palms downward) Med] v pronar

pronation (1. lying flat; 2. pronation of the palms) Med] n pronation

pronator [Anat] n pronator

prone (1. lying flat, prostrate; 2. lying face downward; 3. inclined, disposed) adj pron

  • adj pron

proneness n pronitate

prong n dente

pronominal [Gram] adj pronominal

pronoun [Gram] n pronomine

  • n pronomine

pronounce (1. to state officially; 2. as in to pronounce correctly) v pronunciar

  • ~ an allocution v alloquer
  • ~ an allocution v alloquer -loqu-/-locut-]
  • v pronunciar

pronounceable (that can be articulated) adj articulabile

  • adj articulabile, pronunciabile
  • adj pronunciabile
  • adj pronunciabile, articulabile

pronounced (strongly marked) adj pronunciate

  • (strongly marked) adj pronunciate (pp of pronunciar)

pronouncement n pronunciamento

pronouncer n pronunciator

pronunciamento n pronunciamento

  • n pronunciation

pronunciation n pronunciation

proof (1. evidence sufficient to establish a fact; 2. test, trial; 3. Print, phot, etc]) n proba

  • (1. evidence sufficient to establish a fact; 2. test, trial; 3. Print, phot, etc]) n prova
  • adj immun, resistente
  • adj resistente, immun
  • n proba, prova
  • n prova, proba

proof-against n a proba de

proofreader n corrector

  • n corrector de provas

prop n appoio

  • v appoiar, sustener
  • v sustener, appoiar
  • ~ , prop up, keep up v appoiar

propacate v propagar

propaganda n propaganda

propagandist n propagandista

propagandistic adj propagandistic

propagandize v propagandisar

propagate (1. to breed, cause to breed; 2. to spread, cause to spread) v propagar

propagation (1. breeding, causing to breed; 2. spreading, causing to spread) n propagation

  • n propagation

propagative adj propagative

propagator n propagator

proparoxytone [Phonet] adj proparoxytone

propel v mover, propeller

  • v propeller
  • v propeller -pell-/-puls-]
  • v propeller, mover

propellant adj/n propulsor

propeller (of aircraft or ship) n helice

  • (of ship, airplane etc.) n helice
  • (of ship, airplane etc.) n helice (hé-)
  • (that which propels) n propulsor
  • n propulsor

propeller-shaft (of boat) n arbore del helice

  • ~ -shaft (of car) n arbore de transmission

propensity n propension

  • ~ , natural inclination, bent n propension

proper (- name) n nomine proprie

  • (appropriate) adj proprie
  • (correct) adj correcte
  • (fit) adj conveniente
  • (peculiar) adj proprie
  • ~ , decent adj conveniente
  • ~ , decent, modest adj honeste

properly adv correctemente, debitemente

  • adv debitemente, correctemente
  • ~ , duly adv debitemente

property (1. thing or things owned; 2. piece of land or real estate; 3. quality proper to a thing) n proprietate

  • (goods) n benes
  • (land) n terra
  • (thing owned, attribute) n proprietate
  • ~ , estate n terra
  • ~ , possession n ben

prophecy n prophetia

  • ~ , prophetic utterance n prophetia
  • ~ , prophetic utterance n prophetia (-ìa)

prophesy v prophetisar

  • ~ , foretell v prophetisar

prophet n propheta

prophetess n prophetessa

prophetic adj prophetic

  • ~ utterance, prophecy n prophetia
  • ~ utterance, prophecy n prophetia (-ìa)
  • ~ , fatidic adj fatidic
  • ~ , fatidic adj fatidic (-ìdic)
  • ~ , foreseeing adj presage

prophylactic adj prophylactic

prophylaxis n prophylaxis

  • n prophylaxis (-làx-)

propinquity n propinquitate

propitiate v propitiar

propitiation (1. appeasement; 2. atonement) n propitiation

propitiator n propitiator

propitiatory [Jewish Antiq] n propitiatorio

  • adj propitiatori
  • n propitiatorio

propitious (1. favorable, advantageous; 2. favorably inclined) adj propitie

proportion (as in proportion of wise to foolish) n proportion

  • (as in to proportion a penalty to an offense) v proportionar
  • (out of ~) adj disproportionate, mal proportionate
  • (out of ~) adj mal proportionate, disproportionate
  • (the constituents of a compound) v dosar
  • n proportion
  • v dosar, proportionar
  • v proportionar, dosar

proportional adj proportional

proportionalism n proportionalismo

proportionate adj proportionate pp of proportionar

  • v proportionate

proposal (of marriage) n offerta de maritage

  • (suggestion) n projecto, proposition
  • (suggestion) n proposition, projecto

propose (plan) v proponer se

  • (plan) v proponer se (de)
  • (suggest) v proponer
  • ~ , suggest v proponer
  • ~ , suggest v proponer -pon-/-posit-]

proposer, propounder n proponitor

proposition (1. proposal; 2. Logic]) n proposition

  • n proposition, these
  • n these, proposition

propounder, proposer n proponitor

proprietary (pertaining to a proprietor) adj proprietari

proprietor n proprietario

  • ~ , owner n proprietario

propriety (correctness of behavior) n convenientia

  • n convenientia
  • ~ , decency, modesty n honestate
  • ~ , decency, modesty n honestitate

props (theatrical ~) n accessorios de theatro

  • n accessorios

propulsion (act of propelling) n propulsion

  • n propulsion

propylaeum [Arch] n propyleo

  • [Arch] n propyleo (-éo)

prorogate, prorogue (postpone, adjourn) v prorogar

prorogation n prorogation

prorogue, prorogate (postpone, adjourn) v prorogar

prosaic adj prosaic

  • adj prosaic (-àic)

prosaism n prosaismo

  • n prosaismo (-ìzmo)

proscenium [Theat] n proscenio

proscribe (outlaw) v proscriber

  • (outlaw) v proscriber -scrib-/-script-]

proscriber n proscriptor

proscription n proscription

prose adj prosaic

  • adj prosaic (-àic)
  • n prosa
  • ~ writer n prosaista
  • ~ writer n prosaista (-ìsta)
  • ~ writer n prosator
  • ~ , write prose v prosar

prosecute (follow up) v prosequer

  • [Jur] v processar
  • [Jur] v processar (contra)

prosecution (the act) n accusation

  • (the people) n accusatores

prosecutor n accusator

pro-Semite n prosemita

pro-Semitic adj prosemitic

pro-Semitism n prosemitismo

prosodic, prosodical adj prosodic

prosodist, prosodian n prosodista

prosody n prosodia

  • n prosodia (-ìa)

prosopo-, prosop- (face) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n prosopo

prosopopoeia [Rhet] n prosopopeia

  • [Rhet] n prosopopeia (-péya)

prospect (outlook, vista, view) n prospecto

  • n perspectiva, prospecto
  • n prospecto, perspectiva
  • v explorar

prospective adj eventual, futur

  • adj futur, eventual

prospector n cercator, explorator

  • n explorator, cercator

prospectus n prospecto

prosper v prosperar

prosperity n prosperitate

  • ~ , good fortune n felicitate

prosperous (1. having success; 2. conducing to success) adj prospere

  • adj prospere

prostate (gland) Anat] n prostata

  • (gland) Anat] n prostata (prò-)
  • n prostata

prosthesis (1. Gram]; 2. Surg]) n prosthese

  • (1. Gram]; 2. Surg]) n prosthese (-òstese)
  • [Surg] n prothese
  • [Surg] n prothese (-òtese)

prostitute n meretrice

  • n prostituta
  • v prostituer
  • v prostituer -stitu-/-stitut-]

prostitution n prostitution

prostrate (1. to throw prostrate; 2. to reduce to submission, exhaustion, etc) v prosterner -stern-/-strat-]

  • (1. to throw prostrate; 2. to reduce to submission, exhaustion, etc) v prosternar
  • (1. to throw prostrate; 2. to reduce to submission, exhaustion, etc) v prosterner
  • (1. to throw prostrate; 2. to reduce to submission, exhaustion) v prostrar

prostration (1. act of throwing prostrate; 2. complete exhaustion, dejection, etc) n prostration

  • (1. throwing prostrate; 2. complete exhaustion, defection, etc) n prosternation
  • n prosternamento

protagonist n protagonista

prote-, proteo- (protein) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj prote-

proteaction n prolongation

protean, proteiform adj proteiforme

protect v proteger

  • v proteger -teg-/-tect-]

protection n protection

  • ~ , safekeeping n salveguarda

protectionism [Econ] n protectionismo

protectionist [Econ] n protectionista

protective adj protective

protector n protector

  • ~ , defender [Rom Hist] n preside
  • ~ , defender [Rom Hist] n preside (pré-)

protectorate (1. rank or office of a protector; 2. as in British protectorate) n protectorato

  • n protectorato

protectress n protectrice

protege n protege

  • n protégé
  • n protégé F]

proteic, protein, proteinaceous adj proteic

  • ~ , protein, proteinaceous adj proteic (-éic)

proteiform, protean adj proteiforme

protein n proteina

  • n proteina (-ìna)
  • ~ , proteinaceous, proteic adj proteic
  • ~ , proteinaceous, proteic adj proteic (-éic)

proteinaceous, proteic, protein adj proteic

  • ~ , proteic, protein adj proteic (-éic)

proteolysis n proteolyse

  • n proteolyse (-ò-)

proteolytic adj proteolytic

protest (1. as in to pay under protest; 2. Law]) n protesto

  • (1. to assert, affirm; 2. to make a protest) v protestar
  • (under ~) v facente objectiones, sub reserva
  • (under ~) v sub reserva, facente objectiones
  • n protesto
  • n reclamation
  • v protestar
  • ~ , remonstrate, expostulate v remonstrar

protestant (one who protests) n protestante

  • [Eccl] adj protestante
  • [Eccl] adj protestante (ppr of protestar)
  • [Eccl] n protestante
  • ~ adj/n evangelic, evangelico, protestante
  • ~ adj/n evangelico, protestante, evangelic
  • ~ adj/n protestante, evangelic, evangelico

Protestantism [Eccl] n protestantismo

  • n protestantismo

protestation (1. as in protestations of friendship; 2. protest) n protestation

Proteus [Gr Mythol] n Proteo

proto-, prot- (first) occurring in derivatives and compounds] adj prot-

protocol n protocollo

  • ~ protocollar v protocollar

protocolist n protocollista

protomartyr [Eccl] n protomartyre

proton n proton

protonotary (1. chief notary or clerk; 2. RCCh]) n protonotario

protoplasm n protoplasma

  • n protoplasma -ma/-mat-]

protoplasmatic adj protoplasmatic

protoplasmic adj protoplasmic

prototype n prototypo

  • n prototypo (-òtipo)
  • ~ , prototypical adj prototypic

protoxide [Chem] n protoxydo

  • [Chem] n protoxydo (-òx)

protozoon, protozoan [Zool] n protozoon

  • ~ , protozoan [Zool] n protozoon (-zò-) (pl protozoa) NL]

protractor n mesurator de angulos

protrude v protruder

  • v salir foras

protrusion n protrusion

  • n protuberantia
  • n saliente

protuberance n protuberantia

proud (feeling pride) adj fer

  • (in a bad sense) adj orgoliose
  • (in a good sense) adj fer
  • adj orgoliose

provable adj probabile

  • adj provabile

prove (establish as true) v probar

  • (establish as true) v provar

provenance (provenience) n provententia

provenience n provententia

prover, tester n probator

proverb n proverbio

  • ~ , byword n proverbio

proverbial adj proverbial

provide (to provide for a future contingency) v provider

  • (to provide for a future contingency) v provider -vid-/-vis-/-vist-]
  • (to provide what is needed) v provider
  • (to provide what is needed) v provider -vid-/-vis-/-vist-]
  • v fornir, provider
  • v provider, fornir
  • ~ with, furnish v munir
  • ~ , furnish, supply v suppler

provided with money, pecunious (well-) adj pecuniose

provided-that conj a condition que

provide-for v provider a

providence n providentia

  • n providentia

provident (exercising foresight, making provision for the future) adj providente

  • (exercising foresight, making provision for the future) adj providente (ppr of provider)

providential adj providential

provider (Internet Service ~) n Provisor de Servicios del Interrete

  • n provisor
  • ~ , supplier n suppletor

provide-with v guarnir de, munir de, provider de

  • ~ -with v munir de, provider de, guarnir de
  • ~ -with v provider de, guarnir de, munir de

province (as in province of Quebec) n provincia

  • n provincia

provincial adj provincial

  • ~ provincial adj provincial

provincialism (1. provincial style, form of life, etc; 2. provincial turn of expression) n provincialismo

provincially adv provincialmente

provision (1. act of providing; 2. provisions, supply) n provision

  • n provision
  • v victualiar
  • ~ , victual v victualiar

provisional adj provisional

  • ~ , provisory adj provisional
  • ~ , provisory adj provisori

provisionally adv provisionalmente

provisions n provision, victualia

  • n victualia, provision
  • ~ , victuals n victualia

proviso n condition, stipulation

  • n stipulation, condition

provisory, provisional adj provisional

  • ~ , provisional adj provisori

provocation n provocation

provocative adj provocative

  • ~ , provoking adj provocative

provoke (1. to induce, instigate; 2. to bring about, call forth; 3. to incense, irritate) v provocar

  • v provocar

provoker n provocator

provoking, provocative adj provocative

prow n proa

  • ~ , bow [Naut] n proa

prowess n prodessa

prowl (on the ~) n in cerca de preda

  • v vagar in cerca de preda

prowler n vagator furtive

proximity n proximitate

proxy (agency of substitute) n prucuration

  • (person) n procurator

prude adj prude

  • n prude
  • n prude F]

prudence n prudentia

prudent adj prudente

prudential adj prudential

prudery n pruderie

  • n pruderie F]

prudish adj prude

  • adj prude F]

pruinose, velvety [Bot] adj pruinose

prune n pruna sic

  • v putar
  • ~ , lop, trim (trees or vines) v putar

prunella [Bot] n prunella

pruniferous adj prunifere

pruniform adj pruniforme

pruning n putatura

Prunus [Bot] n prunus

  • [Bot] n prunus L]

pruoent adj prudente

prurience n prurientia

prurient adj pruriente

  • adj pruriente (ppr of prurir)

pruriginous adj pruriginose

prurigo n prurigine

  • n prurigine (-ìgine)

pruritus, itch n prurito

Prussia n Prussia

  • ~ , Borussia n Borussia

Prussian (1. one of the Prussi; 2. inhabitant of the Prussian state; 3. Prussian language) n prusso

  • adj prussian
  • n prussiano
  • ~ , Borussian (1. member of the Old Prussian people; 2. old Prussian language) (Old) n borusso
  • ~ , Borussian (Old) adj borusse

Prussianization n prussianisation

Prussianize v prussianisar

prussic [Chem] adj prussic

pry v mitter le naso

  • v mitter le naso (in un cosa)
  • ~ , lever, crowbar n vecte

psalm n psalmo

  • ~ , psalmic adj psalmic

psalmist n psalmista

  • ~ , psalmodist n psalmodo

psalmodic, psalmic adj psalmodic

psalmodize v psalmodiar

psalmody n psalmodia

  • n psalmodia (-ìa)

Psalter n psalterio

psalterium [Anat] n psalterio

psaltery [Mus] n psalterio

-psest (rubbed, rubbed away) occurring in compounds] adj psest-

pseudesthesia [Med] n pseudesthesia

  • [Med] n pseudesthesia (-ìa)

pseudoclassic adj pseudoclassic

pseudoclassicism n pseudoclassicismo

pseudonym n pseudonymo

  • n pseudonymo (-ònimo)

pseudonymity n pseudonymitate

pseudonymous adj pseudonyme

  • adj pseudonyme (-ònime)

pseudopodium, pseudopod [Zool] n pseudopodio

pseudoprophet n pseudopropheta

pseudosymmetry [Mineral] n pseudosymmetria

  • [Mineral] n pseudosymmetria (-ìa)

psittacosis [Pathol] n psittacosis

  • [Pathol] n psittacosis (-òsis)

psyche (soul, mind) n psyche

psychedelic adj psychedelic

psychiatric adj psychiatric

psychiatrist n psychiatro

psychiatry n psychiatria

  • n psychiatria (-ìa)

psychic (of the psyche or mind) adj psychic

  • adj psychic

psychoanalysis n psychoanalyse

  • n psychoanalyse (-nà-)

psychoanalyst n psychoanalysta

psychoanalytic adj psychoanalytic

psychoanalyze v psychoanalysar

psychological adj psychologic

psychologically adv psychologicamente

psychologist n psychologo

  • n psychologo (-òlogo)

psychology (science of psychology) n psychologia

  • (science of psychology) n psychologia (-ìa)
  • n psychologia

psychometry [Psychol] n psychometria

  • [Psychol] n psychometria (-ìa)

psychopath (mentally deranged person) n psychopathe

  • (mentally deranged person) n psychopathe (-ò-)
  • n psychopathe

psychopathic (pertaining to psychopathy) adj psychopathic

  • adj psychopathic

psychopathologist n psychopathologo

  • n psychopathologo (-òlogo)

psychopathology n psychopathologia

  • n psychopathologia (-ìa)

psychopathy [Pathol] n psychopathia

  • [Pathol] n psychopathia (-ìa)

psychophysical adj psychophysic

psychophysics n psychophysica

psychophysiology n psychophysiologia

  • n psychophysiologia (-ìa)

psychosis [Pathol] n psychose

psychosomatic adj psychosomatic

psychotherapist n psychotherapeuta

psychotherapy n psychotherapia

  • n psychotherapia (-ìa)

ptero-, pter- (feather, wing) occurring in compounds] n ptero-

pterodactyl n pterodactylo

  • n pterodactylo (-dàc-)

Ptolemaic (1. as in Ptolemaic system; 2. of the Ptolemies) adj ptolemaic

  • (1. as in Ptolemaic system; 2. of the Ptolemies) adj ptolemaic (-àic)

ptom- (corpse) occurring in derivatives] n ptom-

ptomaine n ptomaina

  • n ptomaina (-ìna)

pub n pub, taverna

  • n taverna, pub

pub-crawl v tour del tavernas

puberty n pubertate

pubescent, who has arrived at puberty adj pubere

public (1. people; 2. audience) n publico

  • adj public
  • n publico
  • ~ report, rumor n fama
  • ~ speaker, orator n orator

publican (keeper of tavern) n tavernero

  • n bib

publication (1. act of making public; 2. as in the publication of a book, etc; 2. something published) n publication

  • n publication

public-holiday n die de festa, feriate

  • ~ -holiday n feriate, die de festa

public-house n pub

publicist, journalist n publicista

publicity (1. quality or state of being public; 2. advertising) n publicitate

  • n publicitate, reclamo
  • n reclamo, publicitate
  • ~ , advertising n reclamo

publicize v dar publicitate a

public-library n bibliotheca municipal/public

publicly, in one's presence, openly adv coram

  • ~ , in one's presence, openly adv coram (cò-)

public-prosecutor n procurator fiscal

public-relations n servicio de relationes public

publish (1. to make public; 2. as in to publish abook) v publicar

  • ~ solemnly, proclaim v denunciar
  • v eder
  • v editar
  • v editar, puhlicar
  • v puhlicar, editar

publishable adj publicabile

publisher n editor

publishing (- house) n casa editorial

  • (action of) n edition
  • n edition

puce n color de pulice

pudding n pudding

  • n pudding A]

puddle n cavo de aqua

puerile adj pueril

puerility (1. childhood; 2. foolishness, immaturity; 3 . foolish act, statement, etc) n puerilitate

puerperal adj puerperal

puerperium (confinement, lying-in) n puerperio

Puerto-Rico [Geog] n Puerto Rico

puff (for face-powder) n cossinetto de pulvere

  • (of air) n sufflo
  • vi sufflar

puff-pastry n pasta exfoliate

puff-up v inflar

pugilism n pugilismo

pugilist n pugilista

  • ~ , boxer n boxator
  • ~ , boxer n pugile

pugilistic adj pugilistic

pugnacious adj pugnace

pugnacity n pugnacitate

pulicous, infested with fleas adj pulicose

pull (draw) v tirar, traher

  • (draw) v traher, tirar
  • (drawing) n tirada
  • (haul) v trainar
  • (influence) n influentia
  • [Print] v tirar
  • ~ out, evulse, tear out v eveller
  • ~ out, evulse, tear out v eveller -vell-/-vuls-]
  • ~ , draw v traher
  • ~ , draw v traher trah-/tract-]
  • ~ , draw, drag v tirar
  • ~ , draw, drag v trainar

pull-apart v arretrar se

  • ~ -apart v separar

pull-down v dismontar

pulley n polea

  • n polea (-éa)

pull-in (halt) v arrestar

  • ~ -in (halt) v arrestar (se)
  • ~ -in (of train) v entrar in le station

pulling (act of) n tirada

  • ~ , drawing (action of) n tracto
  • ~ , drawing, dragging (act of) n tiramento

Pullman [RR] n pullman

  • [RR] n pullman A]

pull-off v eveller

pull-on v vestir

  • ~ -on v vestir (le calceas)

pull-out (of train) v sortir del station

  • ~ -out (remove) v tirar
  • ~ -out (teeth) v extraher

pull-over (cause to cover) v tirar super

  • ~ -over (of vehicle) v mover al latere del via
  • n pullover

pull-together v laborar insimul

pullulate (1. to sprout out, bud; 2. to swarm) v pullular

pullulating, pullulation n pullulation

pull-up (halt) v arrestar

  • ~ -up (halt) v arrestar (se)
  • ~ -up (raise) v altiar, hissar
  • ~ -up (raise) v hissar, altiar
  • ~ -up (weeds) v extirpar

Pulmonaria [Bot] n pulmonaria

pulmonary adj pulmonar

pulmonate, pulmonated [Zool] adj pulmonate

pulmoniferous, pulmonate adj pulmonifere

pulp (1. as in pulp of a fruit; 2. Anat] (as in dental pulp; 3. as in wood pulp) n pulpa

  • (of fruit) n carne
  • n Gen]
  • v reducer in pulpa

pulpit n pulpito

  • n pulpito (pùl-)
  • ~ , rostrum n cathedra
  • ~ , rostrum n cathedra (càt-)

pulpitis [Pathol] n pulpitis

  • [Pathol] n pulpitis (-ìtis)

pulpous, pulpy adj pulpose

pulpy, pulpous adj pulpose

pulsate (beat, throb) v pulsar

  • v pulsar

pulsatile, pulsating adj pulsatile

pulsating, pulsatile adj pulsatile

pulsation n pulsation

pulsator n pulsator

pulse (regular throbbing in the arteries) n pulso

  • n pulso

pulsimeter, pulsometer n pulsometro

  • ~ , pulsometer n pulsometro (-òmetro)

pulsing, vibrating, throbbing adj palpitante

  • ~ , vibrating, throbbing adj palpitante (ppr of palpitar)

pulsometer, pulsimeter n pulsometro

  • ~ , pulsimeter n pulsometro (-òmetro)

pulverizable adj pulverisabile

pulverization n pulverisation

pulverize v pulverisar

pulverizer, spray, atomizer n pulverisator

pulverulent (dusty, powdery) adj pulverose, pulverulente

  • (dusty, powdery) adj pulverulente, pulverose
  • ~ , dusty, powdery adj pulverulente

puma n puma

pumice n pumice

pump (as in suction pump) n pumpa

  • (for dancing) n scarpino
  • (raise with a pump) v pumpar
  • n Mech]
  • v pumpar

pumping n pumpage

pumpman n pumpero

pump-up v inflar

pun n joco de parolas

  • v facer un joco de parolas

punch (a hole) v perforar

  • (blow) n colpo de pugno
  • (die) n punction
  • (drink) n punch
  • (hit) v dar un colpo de pugno
  • (the beverage punch) n punch
  • (the beverage punch) n punch A]

punchable, borable (that can be perforated) adj perforabile

punch-ball n ballon de exercitation

punch-drunk adj esturdite

  • ~ -drunk adj esturdite (de colpos)

punctilio, nice point of honor n punctilio

punctilious adj punctiliose

  • ~ , exact adj punctual

punctiliousness, exactness n punctualitate

punctual adj exacte, punctual

  • adj punctual
  • adj punctual, exacte

punctuality n exactitude

  • n exactitude, punctualitate
  • n punctualitate
  • n punctualitate, exactitude

punctually adv exactemente, punctualmente

  • adv punctualmente, exactemente

punctuate v pumctuar

  • v punctuar

punctuation n punctuation

puncture (motoring) n panna de pneu, ruptura de pneu

  • (motoring) n ruptura de pneu, panna de pneu
  • (small hole) n punctura
  • v puncturar
  • vt puncturar
  • ~ , prick n punctura

pundit (hindu) n pandit

  • n Fig]

pungency n pungentia

pungent adj pungente

Punic adj punic

punish v castigar, punir

  • v punir
  • v punir, castigar

punishability n punibilitate

punishable adj punibile

punished adj punite

  • adj punite (pp of punir)

punisher n punitor

punishment n castigation, punition

  • n punition
  • n punition, castigation
  • n supplicio
  • ~ , penalty n pena

punitive adj punitive

puny adj debile

pupa [Zool] n pupa

pupil (1. girl under the care of a guardian; 2. Anat]) n pupilla

  • (scholar) n pupillo, scholar
  • (scholar) n scholar, pupillo
  • [Anat] n pupilla
  • ~ , ward (boy or child under the care of a guardian) n pupillo

pupilage n pupillage

  • n pupillage (-aje)

pupillary (1. Law]; 2. Anat]) adj pupillari

pupiparous [Zool] adj pupipare

puppet n marionette

  • ~ , marionette n marionette
  • ~ , marionette n marionette F]

puppeteer n marionettista

puppet-show n theatro de marionettes

puppy n canino

purchase n compra, emption

  • n emption
  • n emption, compra
  • v comprar, emer
  • v emer, comprar
  • ~ , buy v emer
  • ~ , buy v emer em-/empt-;-im-/-empt-]

purchaser (at an auction) n adjudicatario

  • (buyer) n acquirente, comprator, emptor
  • (buyer) n comprator, emptor, acquirente
  • (buyer) n emptor, acquirente, comprator
  • n mancipe
  • n mancipe (màn-)
  • ~ , highest bidder (at an auction) n adjudicatario

purchases n acquisitiones, compras

  • n compras, acquisitiones

pure adj nitide, pur

  • adj pur
  • adj pur, nitide
  • ~ , neat, clear adj nitide

purée n purée

  • n purée F]

pureness n puressa

  • ~ , neatness, clearness n nitiditate

purgation n purgation

purgative adj purgative

  • n purgativo

Purgatory n purgatorio

  • n purgatorio
  • ~ , purifying adj purgatori

purge n purga

  • v purgar
  • v purgar, purificar
  • v purificar, purgar

purification n appuramento

  • n purification
  • ~ tank, defecator [Sugar Manuf] n defecator
  • ~ , cleansing n mundification
  • ~ , purifying (act of) n lavamento

purificator n purificator

purifier n purificator

purify v purificar

  • ~ , cleanse v mundificar
  • ~ , lustrate v lustrar
  • ~ , make pure v lavar

purifying, purgatory adj purgatori

  • ~ , purification (act of) n lavamento

purism n purismo

purist n purista

puritan adj puritan

  • n puritano
  • n puritano
  • ~ , puritanical adj puritan

puritanical adj puritan

Puritanism n puritanismo

purity n puritate

purl n malia invertite

purloin v fraudar, defraudar.

purple (1. Zool] (Purpura; 2. purple dye or color; 3. purple garment) n purpura (pùr-)

  • (1. Zool] (Purpura; 2. purple dye or color; 3. purple garment) n purpura
  • (make or dye purple) v purpurar
  • ~ adj/n purpura
  • ~ , purpurate adj purpuree

purplish, purpurate adj purpurin

purpose (1. aim; 2. subject under discussion) n proposito

  • (1. aim; 2. subject under discussion) n proposito (-pò-)
  • (on ~) adv con intention, expresso
  • (on ~) adv expresso, con intention
  • n fin, intention, objecto
  • n intention, objecto, fin
  • n objecto, fin, intention
  • v proponer se

purposeful adj resolute, tenace

  • adj tenace, resolute

purposely adv con intention, expresso

  • adv expresso, con intention

purpura [Pathol] n purpura

  • [Pathol] n purpura (pùr-)

purpurate [Chem] n purpurato

  • ~ , purple adj purpuree
  • ~ , purplish adj purpurin

purpurin [Chem] n purpurina

purr n ronron

  • v ronronar

purse (bag, receptacle, etc, for money) n portamoneta

  • (change purse) n bursa
  • ~ maker n bursero
  • n bursa, portamoneta
  • n portamoneta, bursa

pursue (carry on) v continuar, prosequer

  • (carry on) v prosequer
  • (carry on) v prosequer -sequ-/-secut-]
  • (carry on) v prosequer, continuar
  • (chase) v persequer
  • (follow after, chase) v persequer
  • (follow after, chase) v persequer -sequ-/-secut-]
  • (hunt) v chassar

pursuer adj persequente

pursuit (action of carrying on) n prosecution

  • (action of following after or chasing) n persecution
  • (carrying on) n continuation, prosecution
  • (carrying on) n prosecution, continuation
  • (chase) n persecution

purulence n purulentia

purulent adj purulente

pus [Pathol] n pure

  • [Pathol] n pus
  • n pure

push (as in to give someone a push) n pulsata

  • n pulsata
  • v pulsar

push-back v repulsar

pushchair n cochietto de infante

push-down v deprimer, pulsar a basso

  • ~ -down v pulsar a basso, deprimer

push-in vi entrar a fortia

  • ~ -in vt introducer a fortia

push-off (a boat) v pulsar

  • ~ -off (a boat) v pulsar (un barca in le aqua)
  • ~ -off (go) v partir

push-on (facer) v avantiar

push-out v expeller

push-through v tractar con expedition

pusillanimity n pusillanimitate

pusillanimous adj pusillanime

  • adj pusillanime (-ànime)

pussy (coward) n coardo

  • (kitty cat) n catta, catto
  • (kitty cat) n catto, catta
  • [Slang] n vagina

pustulate (form pustules) v pustular

  • ~ , pustulous adj pustulate

pustule [Pathol] n pustula

  • [Pathol] n pustula (pùs-)
  • ~ , pimple n button

pustulous adj pustulose

put a bridle on, bridle v bridar

  • ~ a harness on, harness (a horse) v harnesar
  • ~ back, restore v remitter
  • ~ back, restore v remitter -mitt-/-miss-]
  • ~ food into mouth (also: words) v imbuccar
  • ~ hind side foremost, reverse v preposterar
  • ~ in a cradle v incunar
  • ~ in a niche, niche v nichar
  • ~ in a niche, niche v nichar (-sh-)
  • ~ in a pocket, pocket v intascar
  • ~ in order again v reordinar
  • ~ in order, arrange v ordinar
  • ~ in order, arrange v struer
  • ~ in order, arrange v struer stru-/struct-]
  • ~ in pawn, pawn v pignorar
  • ~ into position, emplace v implaciar
  • ~ on (a garment) v vestir
  • ~ on the brakes, brake v frenar
  • ~ on the right road v incamminar
  • ~ on the stage, stage v inscenar
  • ~ one's signature to, sign v firmar
  • ~ out of joint, dislocate v dislocar
  • ~ out of order, upset v disregular
  • ~ shoes on (also: boots, stockings on someone's feet) v calcear
  • ~ to death, execute v suppliciar
  • ~ to shame, shame v avergoniar
  • ~ to sleep v addormir
  • ~ to sleep v sopir
  • ~ to the test, try v experir
  • ~ to the test, try v experir -per-/-pert-]
  • ~ to torture, torture v tormentar
  • ~ to torture, torture v torturar
  • ~ under an illusion, deceive v illuder
  • ~ under an illusion, deceive v illuder -lud-/-lus-]
  • ~ under illegal restraint, confine illegally v sequestrar
  • v placiar, poner
  • v poner, placiar
  • ~ , place, lay v poner
  • ~ , place, lay v poner pon-/posit-/post-]

putative adj putative

put-back v remitter

  • ~ -back v remitter (in su posto)

put-down (a revolt) v supprimer

  • ~ -down (confuse) v disconcertar, humiliar
  • ~ -down (confuse) v humiliar, disconcertar
  • ~ -down (replace) v deponer, posar
  • ~ -down (replace) v posar, deponer

puteal, well curb n puteal

put-forward (advance) v avantiar

  • ~ -forward (suggest) v proponer

put-in v introducer

put-off (delay) v differer

  • ~ -off (disgust) v disgustar
  • ~ -off (dissuade) v discoragiar, dissuader
  • ~ -off (dissuade) v dissuader, discoragiar

put-on (a garment) v vestir

  • ~ -on (a play) v montar, representar
  • ~ -on (a play) v representar, montar
  • ~ -on (turn on) v accender

put-out (a fire) v extinguer

  • ~ -out (confuse) v disconcertar
  • ~ -out (expel) v expeller
  • ~ -out (hands) v extender
  • ~ -out (incommodate) v incommodar
  • ~ -out (kick out) v mitter al porta
  • ~ -out (sexually) v coopera con actos sexual

putrefaction n putrefaction

putrefactive adj putrefactive

putrefy (cause to rot) v putrefacer

  • (cause to rot) v putrefacer -fac-/-fact-]

putrescence n putrescentia

putrescent adj putrescente

  • adj putrescente (ppr of putrescer)

putrescible adj putrescibile

putrid adj putride

  • ~ , carrion adj caroniose

putridity n putriditate

putsch n putsch

  • n putsch G]

put-through (telephone call) v passar

putting food in mouth (act of putting food, also: words into someone's mouth) n imbuccamento

put-to-use v applicar, utilisar

  • ~ -to-use v utilisar, applicar

putty n mastico

  • v fixar
  • v tappar con le mastico
  • ~ , cement v masticar

put-under v poner sub

put-up (- up with) v supportar, tolerar

  • ~ -up (- up with) v tolerar, supportar
  • ~ -up (a building) v construer
  • ~ -up (lodge) v allogiar
  • ~ -up (prices) v augmentar construer

puzzle n enigma, problema

  • n problema, enigma
  • v confunder, intrigar
  • v intrigar, confunder

puzzled adj perplexe

puzzling adj enigmatic

pygmy n pygmeo

pyjamas n pajama

pyl- (gate) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n pyl-

pylon [Arch] n pylon

  • n pylon

pyloric adj pyloric

pylorus [Anat] n pyloro

pyr-, pyro- (fire) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n pyr-

pyramid (build or heap up in the shape of apyramid) v pyramidar

  • [Arch, Geom, etc] n pyramide
  • [Arch, Geom, etc] n pyramide (-rà-)
  • n pyramide

pyramidal adj pyramidal

pyre n pyra

Pyrene [Gr Mythol] n Pyrene

Pyrenean adj pyrenee

  • adj pyrenee (-ée)

Pyrenees [Geog] n Pyreneos

pyrex n vitro refrac

pyridine [Chem] n pyridina

pyrite, iron pyrites, fool's gold [Mineral] n pyrite

pyritous adj pyritose

pyrolater, fire worshiper n pyrolatra

  • ~ , fire worshiper n pyrolatra (-ò-)

pyrolatry, fire worship n pyrolatria

  • ~ , fire worship n pyrolatria (-ìa)

pyroligneous adj pyrolignose

pyromania n pyromania

  • n pyromania (-ìa)

pyromaniac n pyromano

  • n pyromano (-rò-)

pyromaniacal adj pyromane

pyrometer n pyrometro

  • n pyrometro (-ò-)

pyrometric adj pyrometric

pyrophorous [Chem] adj pyrophore

pyrophosphoric [Chem] adj pyrophosphoric

pyrotechnical adj pyrotechnic

pyrotechnics n pyrotechnica

pyrotechnist n pyrotechnico

pyroxene [Mineral] n pyroxeno

  • [Mineral] n pyroxeno (-ròx-)

pyroxyle, pyroxylin [Chem] n pyroxylo

pyroxylin [Chem] n pyroxylina

  • ~ , pyroxyle [Chem] n pyroxylo

Pythagoras [Gr Philos] n Pythagoras

  • [Gr Philos] n Pythagoras (-tà-)

Pythagorean n pythagorista

  • ~ , Pythagoric adj pythagoric

Pythagoreanism n pythagorismo

Pythia n pythia

Pythian adj pythic

  • adj pythie

Pytho (Delphi) Gr Antiq] n Pytho

Python [Gr Mythol] n Python

  • n python

pyx [Eccl] n pyxide

  • [Eccl] n pyxide (pìx-)

pyxis, pyxidium [Bot] n pyxide

  • ~ , pyxidium [Bot] n pyxide (pìx-)