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n (letter ~) n littera n (en)

  • ~ .R.I (Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum) Abbrev INRI

nabob (1. Indian Admin]; 2. very wealthy person) n nabab

nadir (fig) n nadir

  • n nadir

naevoid, nevoid [Pathol] adj nevoide

naevus, nevus [Pathol] n nevo

nag (complain) vi planger se constantemente

  • (of conscience) v remorder
  • (reproach) vt reprochar
  • n cavallastro

nagging (of pain) adj constante, irritante

  • (of pain) adj irritante, constante
  • (of people) adj criticante
  • n reproches

nail (fix or fasten with nails) v clavar

  • (metal) n clavo
  • (of a finger or toe) n ungue
  • (of a finger or toe) n ungula
  • (of a finger or toe) n ungula (ùngula)
  • [Anat] ungula
  • ~ mold n claviera
  • v clavar

nailbrush n brossetta pro le ungulas

nailer, nail-smith n clavero

nailfile n lima pro le ungulas

nail-smith, nailer n clavero

nail-varnish n smalt pro le ungulas

naive adj naive

  • adj naive (naìve)

naiveness, naiveté n naivitate

naivete n naivitate

  • ~ , naiveness n naivitate

naked adj nude

  • ~ , nude, bare adj nude

nakedness n nuditate

  • ~ , nudity n nuditate

namby-pamby adj affectate, insipide

  • ~ -pamby adj insipide, affectate

name (christian/first ~) n prenomine

  • (in the - of) phr in nomine de
  • n nomine
  • v nominar
  • ~ , call v appellar
  • ~ , call v nominar
  • ~ , designate, denominate v denominar

nameless adj sin nomine

namely adv a saper

namesake n homonymo

Namibia [Geog] n Namibia

nanny (grandmother) n granmamma

  • (nurse) n governante

nanny-goat n capra

nant ((with child or young) filled with meaning, significant) adj pregnante (ppr of pregnar)

  • ((with child or young) filled with meaning, significant) adj pregnante

nap (have a ~) v facer un parve somno

  • (of cloth) n pilo
  • (sleep) n parve somno, siesta
  • (sleep) n siesta, parve somno
  • v dormir legiermente
  • ~ , pile (of cloth, velvet) n pilo

napalm n napalm

naphtha n naphtha

naphthaline n naphthalina

naphthol n naphthol

napkin (table napkin) n servietta

  • n servietta

Naples n Napoli

  • n Neapole

nappy n panno

narcissism n narcissismo

narcissus n narcisso

narcosis n narcose

narcotic adj narcotic

  • n narcoti
  • n narcotico

narcotine n narcotina

narcotism n narcotismo

narcotization n narcotisation

narcotize v narcotisar

nard, spikenard n nardo

nardine (of or pertaining to nard) adj nardin

narghile, nargileh n nargile

  • ~ , nargileh n nargile (-lé)

nargileh, narghile n nargile

  • ~ , narghile n nargile (-lé)

narrate v narrar

  • ~ , expound, explain v enarrar

narration n narration

  • ~ , exposition n enarration

narrative adj narrative

  • n narration

narrator n narrator

narrow (grow narrower) vi devenir plus stricte

  • (limited) adj limitate
  • (not wide) adj stricte
  • (of little breadth) adj stricte
  • (restrict itself) v restringer se
  • vt limitar, restringer
  • vt restringer, limitar

narrowly (closely) adv strictemente

  • (only just) adv per un pilo

narrow-minded adj illiberal, intolerante

  • ~ -minded adj intolerante, illiberal

narrowness n strictessa

narrows n stricto

  • ~ , straits n stricto

nasal (1. as in nasal duct; 2. Phonet]) adj nasal

  • adj nasal
  • ~ quality, nasality n nasalitate

nasality, nasal quality n nasalitate

nasalize v nasalisar

nasally adv nasalmente, per naso

  • adv per naso, nasalmente

nascent, dawning adj nascente

  • ~ , dawning adj nascente (ppr of nascer)

nastily adv disagradabilemente

nastiness n character disagradabile, obscenitate

  • n obscenitate, character disagradabile

nasturtium [Bot] n cappucina

  • [Bot] n nasturtio
  • n nasturtio

nasty (turn ~) v devenir disagradabile

  • adj disagradabile, nauseabunde
  • adj nauseabunde, disagradabile

natant adj natante

  • adj natante (ppr of natar)

natation, swimming n natation

natatorial, natatory adj natatori

natatory, natatorial adj natatori

nation n nation

national adj national

  • n regnicola
  • ~ , subject, citizen (of a country) n regnicola
  • ~ , subject, citizen (of a country) n regnicola (-nì-)

national-anthem n hymno national

national-insurance n assecurantia statal

nationalism n nationalismo

nationalist n nationalista

nationality n nationalitate

nationalization n nationalisation

nationalize (convert into national property) v nationalisar

nationally adv nationalmente

national-service n servicio militar

nationwide adj a scala national, national

  • adj national, a scala national

native (1. as in native wit; 2. native-born) adj native

  • (connected with one's birth) adj natal
  • adj natal, native
  • adj native, natal
  • ~ country, fatherland n patria
  • n indigena
  • n indigena (-dì-)
  • n indigena, nativo
  • n nativo
  • n nativo, indigena

native-country n patria

native-language n lingua maternal

nativism (1. prejudice in favor of natives against foreigners; 2. Philos]) n nativismo

nativist (1. a partisan of nativism in the treatment of foreigners; 2. Philos]) n nativista

nativity n nativitate

natlonalize v nationalisar

natrium, sodium n natrium

  • ~ , sodium n natrium (nà-)

natrolite [Mineral] n natrolitho

  • [Mineral] n natrolitho (-ò-)

natron n natron

  • n natron (nà-)

natural (sign) Mus;] n bequadro

  • adj natural
  • ~ inclination, bent, propensity n propension
  • n mus
  • ~ , connatural, inborn adj connatural

natural-gas n methano

naturalism (1. conformity with nature; 2. Philos]; 3. Lit. or Art]) n naturalismo

naturalist (1. a student of natural history; 2. an adherent of naturalism in philosophy; 3. a representative of naturalism in art or literature) n naturalista

naturalistic (1. as in naturalistic principlcs in art; 2. Philos]; 3. of or pertaining to natural history) adj naturalistic

naturalization n naturalisation

naturalize (1. to naturalize a foreigner; 2. to acclimatize) v naturalisar

  • v naturalisar

naturally (1. in a natural way; 2. by nature; 3. of course) adv naturalmente

  • adv naturalmente

naturalness n naturalitate

nature (1. the nature of a being or person; 2. the material world and its phenomena) n natura

  • (by ~) adv de natura
  • n natura
  • ~ , inborn quality (of a person or thing) n physis
  • ~ , inborn quality (of a person or thing) n physis (fì-)

nau- (ship) occurring in compounds] n nau-

naught (come to ~) v abortar

  • n nihil, nil, zero
  • n nil, zero, nihil
  • n zero, nihil, nil
  • ~ , nought n nihil, nil
  • ~ , nought n nil, nihil

naughtiness n mal conducta, malitia

  • n malitia, mal conducta

naughty adj mal

naumachy [Rom. Antiq] n naumachia

  • [Rom. Antiq] n naumachia (-ìa)

Nauru [Geog] n Nauru

nausea n nausea

nauseate (feel nausea) v nausear

  • v nausear

nauseating adj nauseabunde, nauseose

  • adj nauseose, nauseabunde
  • ~ , nauseous adj nauseabunde

nauseous, nauseating adj nauseabunde

nautical adj nautic

  • adj nautic (nàu-)

nautilus n nautilo

  • n nautilo (nàu-)

naval (- officer) n officiero de marina

  • adj naval

nave [Arch] n nave

  • n nave

navel n umbilico

  • ~ , umbilicus [Anat] n umbilico
  • ~ , umbilicus [Anat] n umbilico (-ìco)

navigability n navigabilitate

navigable (as in navigable stream) adj navigabile

navigate v navigar

  • ~ , sail (as in to navigate or sail the seas) v navigar

navigation (1. Naut/Aeronaut] (act or practice of navigating; 2. act or science of navigation) n navigation

  • (the art or science of) n nautica
  • (the art or science of) n nautica (nàu-)
  • n navigation

navigational adj navigational

navigator (one who sails the seas) n navigator

  • n navigator

navvy n laborator, peon, travaliator

  • n laborator, peon, travaliator (sur le camminos)
  • n peon, travaliator (sur le camminos), laborator
  • n peon, travaliator, laborator
  • n travaliator (sur le camminos), laborator, peon
  • n travaliator, laborator, peon

navy n flotta

  • n flotta, marina de guerra
  • n marina de guerra, flotta

navy-blue n blau marin

Nazarene adj nazaren

  • n nazareno

Nazareth n Nazareth

  • n Nazareth (nà-)

Nazi n nazi

  • n nazi (-ts-)

Nazism n nazismo

Neapolitan adj neapolitan

  • n neapolitano

near (intimate) adj intime

  • (nearby) adj proxime, vicin
  • (nearby) adj vicin, proxime
  • adv presso
  • ~ by, near adv juxta
  • prep apud, presso
  • prep presso, apud
  • ~ to, next to, near prep juxta
  • v approximar se a
  • ~ , at hand adv propter
  • ~ , at hand adv propter (pròp-)
  • ~ , near by adv juxta
  • ~ , near to, next to prep juxta
  • ~ , neighboring adj propinque
  • ~ , neighboring, adjoining adj vicin
  • ~ , with, at, by prep apud
  • ~ , with, at, by prep apud (à-)

nearby adj vicin

  • ~ -by adv/prep presso

near-east n levante, proxime oriente

  • ~ -east n proxime oriente, levante

nearly (I - did it) phr io esseva al puncto de facer lo

  • adv quasi
  • ~ , almost adv quasi

nearsighted adj myope

  • ~ -sighted, myopic, short-sighted adj myope

near-sightedness, myopia, short-sightedness n myopia

  • ~ -sightedness, myopia, short-sightedness n myopia (-ìa)

neasant n paisano

neat (clear, pure) adj nette

  • (of spirits) adj pur
  • (tidy) adj nette
  • ~ , clear, pure adj nitide

neatness, cleanness, cleanliness n nettitate

  • ~ , clearness, pureness n nitiditate

Nebuchadnezzar [Bib] n Nabuchodonosor

nebula [Astron] n nebulosa

  • [Pathol] n nebula
  • [Pathol] n nebula (né-)

nebular adj nebular

nebulous adj nebulose

nebulousness n nebulositate

necessary adj necessari

  • adj necessari, necesse
  • adj necesse
  • adj necesse, necessari

necessitate v necessitar

  • ~ , force, compel (make necessary) v necessitar

necessity (1. fact or quality of being necessary; 2. need, want) n necessitate

  • (of ~) adv necessarimente
  • n necessitate

neck (make out) v basiar se passionatemente

  • (of violin) n manico
  • [Anat] n collo
  • n collo

necklace n collar

  • ~ , collar (band, chain or the like, worn around the neck) n collar

necktie n cravata

  • ~ , scarf, cravat n cravata

necro-, necr- (corpse, dead body) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n necro-

necrologic, necrological adj necrologic

necrological, necrologic adj necrologic

necrologue, necrology n necrologo

  • ~ , necrology n necrologo (-òlogo)

necrology n necrologia

  • n necrologia (-ìa)
  • ~ , necrologue n necrologo
  • ~ , necrologue n necrologo (-òlogo)

necromancer n necromante

necromancy n necromantia

  • n necromantia (-ìa)

necromantic adj necromantic

necrophagous adj necrophage

necropolis, cemetery n necropole

necropsy, autopsy [Med] n necropsia

  • ~ , autopsy [Med] n necropsia (-ìa)

necroscopic, necroscopical adj necroscopic

necroscopical, necroscopic adj necroscopic

necrosis [Pathol] n necrosis

  • [Pathol] n necrosis (-òsis)

nectar (1. Gr. Mythol]; 2. Bot]) n nectare

  • n nectare

nectarean, nectareous adj nectarin

nectary [Bot] n nectario

nee adj nascite

need (deprivation) n miseria, privation

  • (deprivation) n privation, miseria
  • (have need of) v haber besonio de
  • (if - be) prep. phr in caso de necessitate
  • (lack) n carentia, manco
  • (lack) n manco, carentia
  • (lack) v carer, mancar
  • (lack) v mancar, carer
  • (must) v deber
  • (require) v requirer
  • (requirement) n besonio, necessitate
  • (requirement) n necessitate, besonio
  • ~ , be in need of v indiger
  • ~ , penury n miseria

needful adj necessari

needle n aco

  • n aco, agulia
  • n agulia
  • n agulia, aco

needleful (of thread) n aguliata

needless adj inutile, superflue

  • adj superflue, inutile

needlework n sutura

needy adj indigente, necessitose

  • adj necessitose
  • adj necessitose, indigente

nefarious adj infame

negate v negar

negation n negation

negative (1. not affirmative; 2. not positive) adj negative

  • (negative proposition, statement, reply) n negativa
  • (photog) n negativo
  • (reply) n negativa
  • [Gram] n negation
  • [Photog. etc] n negativo
  • [Photog] n cliché
  • [Photog] n cliché F]
  • adj negative

negativism n negativismo

negativist n negativista

neglect v negliger

  • v negliger -lig-/-lect-]

neglected adj neglecte

negligee n négligé

  • n négligé F]

negligence n negligentia

negligent adj negligente

  • adj negligente (ppr of negliger)

negligible adj insignificante, negligibile

  • adj negligibile, insignificante

negotiability n negotiabilitate

negotiable [Commer] adj negotiabile

negotiate (1. to talk over and arrange terms for; 2. to convert into cash) v negotiar

  • v negotiar

negotiation n negotiation

  • ~ , negotiating n negotiation
  • ~ , negotiating n negotio

negotiator n negotiator

negress n negra

negro adj negro

  • n negro
  • n negro

negroid adj negroide

Negus n negus

  • n negus (né-)

neigh n hinnimento

  • v hinnir
  • ~ , whinny v hinnir

neighbor [Bib] n proximo

  • n vicino
  • ~ , border upon v avicinar
  • ~ , border upon v vicinar
  • ~ , neighbour n vicino

neighborhood n vicinitate

  • ~ , vicinity (1. nearness; 2. region, surroundings) n vicinitate

neighboring, adjoining adj vicinal

  • ~ , adjoining, near adj vicin
  • ~ , near adj propinque

neighbor-on v vicinar

neighbouring n vicin, vicinal, vicinante

  • n vicinal, vicinante, vicin
  • n vicinante, vicin, vicinal

neighing, whinnying n hinnimento

neighrorly (in a - way) adv amicalmente, de forma amical

  • (in a - way) adv de forma amical, amicalmente
  • adj amical, de bon vicino
  • adj de bon vicino, amical

neither adj necun

  • adj necun (del duo)
  • ~ adv/conj nec, ni
  • ~ adv/conj ni, nec
  • ~ indef pron neutro
  • ~ pron neutro, ni le uno ni le altere
  • ~ pron ni le uno ni le altere, neutro
  • ~ ...nor conj ni ... ni

nemathelminth n nemathelminthe

  • n nemathelminthe Zool]

nemato-, nemat- (thread) occurring in compounds] n nemat-

Nemesis [Gr. Relig] n Nemesis

  • [Gr. Relig] n Nemesis (né-)

neocolonialism n neocolonialismo

neocolonialist n neocolonialista

Neo-Latin adj neolatin

  • ~ -Latin n neolatino

neolith [Archeol] n neolitho

  • [Archeol] n neolitho (-ò-)

neolithic [Archeol] adj neolithic

neological adj neologic

neologism (new word or expression) n neologismo

  • n neologismo

neologist n neologista

neology (use of new words) n neologia

  • (use of new words) n neologia (-ìa)

neon [Chem] n neon

  • [Chem] n neon (né-)
  • adj neon
  • ~ lights n lumines de neon

neophyte n neophyto

  • n neophyto (-ò-)

neoplasm [Med] n neoplasma

Neoplatonic adj neoplatonic

Neoplatonism n neoplatonismo

Neoplatonist n neoplatonico

Nepal [Geog] n Nepal

nephew n nepote

  • n nepto

nephritic adj nephritic

nephritis [Pathol] n nephritis

  • [Pathol] n nephritis (-ìtis)

nephro-, nephr- (kidney) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n nephro-

nephrocele [Pathol] n nephrocele

nepotism (favoritism in regard to relatives) n nepotismo

  • n nepotismo

Neptune (1. Rom. Relig]; 2. Astron]) n Neptuno

  • (Planet) n Neptuno

neptunian [Geol] adj neptunian

Neptunism [Gcol] n neptunismo

neptunist [Geol] n neptunista

neptunium [Chem] n neptunium

  • [Chem] n neptunium (-tùn-)

nervation, nervature n nervation

nervature, nervation n nervatura

nerve (1. as in a man of nerve; 2. Anat]) n nervo

  • (cheek) n audacia
  • (courage) n valor
  • [Anat] n nervo
  • v dar corage a, fortificar
  • v fortificar, dar corage a
  • ~ , nervure [Bot/Entom] n nervura

nerve-racking adj horripilante

nervine (having the quality of acting on the nerves) Med] adj nervin

nervous (1. muscular; 2. pertaining to the nerves; 3 . highly strung, irritable) adj nervose

  • adj nervose
  • ~ diathesis [Med] n nervosismo

nervous-breakdown n collapso nervose

nervousness n nervositate

nervous-system n systema nervose

nervure, nerve [Bot/Entom] n nervura

nervy adj irritabile

neso- (island) occurring in compounds] n neso-

nest (of a bird, mouse) n nido

  • ~ egg, savings n peculio
  • n nido
  • v annidar
  • v annidar (se)

nest-building n nidification

nestle v annidar se, installar se commodemente

  • v installar se commodemente, annidar se

net (as in fish net, hair net) n rete

  • (as in to make a living by netting purses) v maliar
  • (catch) v prender con un rete
  • (gain) v ganiar como profito, reportar nette
  • (gain) v reportar nette, ganiar como profito
  • adj nette
  • n rete, reticulo
  • n reticulo, rete

Netherlands [Geog] n Nederlandia, Pais Basse

  • [Geog] n Pais Basse, Nederlandia

nettle (annoy) v piccar

  • (bio) n urtica
  • (sting) v urticar
  • ~ rash, urticaria [Pathol] n urticaria
  • ~ , urtica n urtica
  • ~ , urtica n urtica (-tìca)
  • ~ , urticate v urticar

nettle-rash n urticaria

network (-) v facer rete

  • (as in a network of railroads) n rete
  • n rete

neume [Medieval Mus] n pneuma

  • [Medieval Mus] n pneuma -ma/-mat-]

neural adj nerval

neuralgia n neuralgia

  • n neuralgia (-ìa)

neuralgic adj neuralgic

neurasthenia n neurasthenia

  • n neurasthenia (-ìa)

neurasthenic adj neurasthenic

  • n neurasthenico

neuritis [Med] n neuritis

  • [Med] n neuritis (-ìtis)

neurological adj neurologic

  • adj neuropathologic

neurologist n neurologista

  • n neurologo
  • n neurologo (-òlogo)
  • ~ , neuropath n neuropathologo
  • ~ , neuropath n neuropathologo (-òlogo)

neurology n neurologia

  • n neurologia (-ìa)
  • n neuropathologia
  • n neuropathologia (-ìa)

neuroma [Med] n neuroma

neuron [Anat] n neuron

  • [Anat] n neuron (neu-)

neuropath, neurologist n neuropathologo

  • ~ , neurologist n neuropathologo (-òlogo)

neurosis n neurosis

  • n neurosis (-òsis)

neurotic adj neurotic

neuter (1. Biol]; 2. Gram]) adj neutre

  • adj neutre
  • n genere neutre
  • v sterilisar

neutral (1. not taking either side in a dispute, war; 2. Chem.l; 3. Elec] (neither positive nor negative) adj neutre

  • (not taking either side in a dispute, war) adj neutral
  • ~ adj/n neutral
  • n neutral

neutrality (1. state of not taking either side in adispute, war; 2. Chem]) n neutralitate

  • n neutralitate

neutralization n neutralisation

neutralize v neutralisar

neutrally adv neutralmente

neutron [Phys] n neutron

  • [Phys] n neutron (-òn)
  • n neutron

never adv nunquam

  • adv nunquam (nùnquam)
  • adv nunquam jammais

never-ending adj eterne, perpetue

  • ~ -ending adj perpetue, eterne

never-mind v. phr non importa!

nevermore adv non... plus jammais

nevertheless adv nonobstante

  • ~ conj nonobstante

Nevis [Geog] n Nevis

nevoid, naevoid [Pathol] adj nevoide

nevus, naevus [Pathol] n nevo

new (1. not existing before; 2. not yet used or worn) adj nove

  • (happy - year!) interj felice anno nove
  • adj nove
  • ~ Guinea n Nove Guinea
  • ~ Guinea n Nove Guinea (ginéa)
  • ~ moon (phase or period of new moon) n novilunio
  • ~ Orleans n Nove Orleans
  • ~ York n New York
  • ~ York n New York A]
  • ~ York n Nove York
  • ~ Zealand (of) adj neozelandese
  • ~ Zealand n Nove Zelanda
  • ~ Zealander n neozelandese
  • ~ , novel adj novelle

newborn baby n neonato

  • n neonate neonato

New-Brunswick [Geog] n New Brusnswick, Nove Brunswick

  • ~ -Brunswick [Geog] n Nove Brunswick, New Brusnswick

New-Caledonia [Geog] n New Caledonia, Nove Caledonia

  • ~ -Caledonia [Geog] n Nove Caledonia, New Caledonia

newcomer n nove venito

Newfoundland [Geog] n Newfoundland

New-Hampshire [Geog] n New Hampshire, Nove Hampshire

  • ~ -Hampshire [Geog] n Nove Hampshire, New Hampshire

New-Jersey [Geog] n New Jersey, Nove Jersey

  • ~ -Jersey [Geog] n Nove Jersey, New Jersey

newly broken [Agr] adj noval

  • n novemente, recentemente
  • n recentemente, novemente
  • ~ wed n sponsa
  • ~ wed n sponso
  • ~ , lately, recently adv nuper
  • ~ , lately, recently adv nuper (nù-)

newlywed n sposa

  • n sposo

New-Mexico [Geog] n New Mexico, Nove Mexico

  • ~ -Mexico [Geog] n Nove Mexico, New Mexico

new-moon n novilunio

newness n novitate

  • ~ , novelty n novellitate
  • ~ , novelty n novitate

news (piece of ~) n nova

  • n actualitates, novas, notitias
  • n notitias, actualitates, novas
  • n novas, notitias, actualitates

news-agency n agentia de pressa

news-agent n venditor de periodicos

news-bulletin n bulletin de novas

news-group [Comp] n gruppo de novas

newspaper n jornal

  • ~ -paper n jornal, periodico
  • ~ -paper n periodico, jornal

news-reel n film de actualitates, film de notitias, notitial

  • ~ -reel n film de notitias, notitial, film de actualitates
  • ~ -reel n notitial, film de actualitates, film de notitias

news-server [Comp] n servitor de novas

news-stand n kiosque

news-thread [Comp] n filo de novas

newt n triton

new-testament n nove testamento, scripturas grec

  • ~ -testament n scripturas grec, nove testamento

new-year's-day n die del anno nove

new-year's-eve n vigilia de sancte silvestro

New-York [Geog] n New York

  • ~ -York adj neoyorkese

New-Zealand [Geog] n Nove Zealand

  • ~ -Zealand adj neozelandese

next (as in next week) adj proxime

  • (as in next week) adj proxime (pròx-)
  • adj proxime, sequente
  • adj sequente, proxime
  • adv postea
  • ~ to last, penultimate adj penultime (-nùl-]
  • ~ to, near, near to prep juxta
  • ~ , following adj sequente
  • ~ , following adj sequente (ppr of sequer)
  • ~ , thereafter adv deinde
  • ~ , thereafter adv deinde (déin-)

next-day n die sequente

next-door adj vicin

  • ~ -door adv in le casa vicin

next-of-kin n parente plus proxime

next-to adv presso a

next-to-last adj penultime

next-to-nothing adv nie becco de pluma, puncta de penna, quasi nihil

  • ~ -to-nothing adv puncta de penna, quasi nihil, nie becco de pluma
  • ~ -to-nothing adv quasi nihil, nie becco de pluma, puncta de penna

nexus, connection n nexo

Nicaragua [Geog] n Nicaragua

nice (delicate) adj delicate, subtil

  • (delicate) adj subtil, delicate
  • (exact) adj exacte
  • (likeable) n gentil, sympathic
  • (likeable) n sympathic, gentil
  • (of weather) adj belle, bon
  • (of weather) adj bon, belle
  • (pleasant) adj affabile, amabile
  • (pleasant) adj amabile, affabile
  • ~ point of honor, punctilio n punctilio
  • ~ , pleasant adj gentil

nicely adv con delicatessa, con precision

  • adv con precision, con delicatessa

niceness (exactness) n exactitude

  • n affabilitate, gentilessa
  • n gentilessa, affabilitate
  • ~ , pleasantness n gentilessa

nice-touch phr detalio gentil

niche n niche

  • n niche F]
  • ~ , put in a niche v nichar
  • ~ , put in a niche v nichar (-sh-)

nick (in the - of time) adv justo a tempore

  • (old ~) n le diablo
  • n sectura
  • v insecar

nickefiferous adj nickelifere

nickel (1. the metal nickel; 2. a nickel coin) n nickel

nickel-plate (ware) n nickelatura

  • ~ -plate v nickelar

nickel-plated n nickelate

nickel-plating n nickelage

  • ~ -plating n nickelage (-aje)

nickname n supernomine

  • v supernominar

Nicotiana [Bot] n nicotiana

nicotine n nicotina

nicotinic adj nicotinic

nicotinism [Pathol] n nicotinismo

niece n nepta

Niger [Geog] n Niger

Nigeria [Geog] n Nigeria

nigerian adj nigerian

  • n nigeriano

niggardly adv parsimoniose

niggle (annoy) v irritar

  • (cavil) v cavillar, preoccucar se de cosas insignificante
  • (cavil) v preoccucar se de cosas insignificante, cavillar

niggling (annoying) adj irritante

  • (trifling) adj insignificante

night (by ~) adv de nocte.

  • (darkness) n nocte
  • (length of - time) n noctata
  • n nocte
  • ~ , whole night, night's time n noctata

night-cap (dress) n bonetto de nocte

  • ~ -cap (drink) n bibita

night-club n cabaret

night-dress n camisa de nocte

night-fall n crepusculo

nightingale n rossiniolo

nightly adj de nocte, de vespere, nocturne

  • adj de vespere, nocturne, de nocte
  • adj nocturne, de nocte, de vespere
  • adv cata nocte, cata vespere
  • adv cata vespere, cata nocte

night-mape n incubo

night's time, night, whole night n noctata

nightshade [Bot] n solano

night-shift n torno de nocte

night-shirt n camisa de nocte

night-time n nocte

night-watchman n guarda de nocte

nihilism n nihilismo

nihilist n nihilista

nil n nihil, nil

  • n nil, nihil

Nile [Geog] n Nilo

nimble adj agile, legier

  • adj legier, agile
  • ~ , agile, fleet adj legier
  • ~ , agile, fleet adj legier (-jér)
  • ~ , quick, agile adj preste

nimbleness n agilitate, legieressa

  • n legieressa, agilitate
  • ~ , agility, fleetness n legieressa
  • ~ , agility, fleetness n legieressa (-jer-)
  • ~ , quickness, agility n prestessa

nincompoop n imbecille

nine adj nove

  • ~ Num nove, novem
  • ~ Num novem, nove

ninefold adj nonuple

  • adj nonuple (nù-)

nineteen adj dece-nove

  • ~ Num dece-nove, dece-novem
  • ~ Num dece-novem, dece-nove

nineteenth adj dece-none

  • adj dece-none (-nò-)
  • adj dece-novesime
  • adj dece-novesime (-ésime)
  • n dece-none parte
  • ~ Num dece-none

ninetieth adj novantesime

  • adj novantesime (-ésime)
  • ~ Num novantesimo

ninety adj novanta

  • ~ Num novanta

Nineveh n Ninive

  • n Ninive (nì-)

Ninevite n ninivita

ninth adj none

  • adj novesime
  • adj novesime (-ésime)
  • n none parte
  • ~ Num none

nip (bite) n morsura

  • (bite) v morder, piccar
  • (bite) v piccar, morder
  • (drink) n gutta
  • (go) v ir presto

nippers, vise, clamp, tongs, pincers n tenalia

nipple n papilla

Nippon n Nipon

  • n Nipon J]

nippy (of person) adj agile, alerte, rapide

  • (of person) adj alerte, rapide, agile
  • (of person) adj rapide, agile, alerte
  • (of wind) adj aspere, piccante
  • (of wind) adj piccante, aspere

nirvana n nirvana

  • n nirvana Skr]

niter, saltpeter n salnitro

nitrate n nitrato

nitric adj nitric

nitride n nitrido

nitrification n nitrification

nitrify v nitrificar

nitrite n nitrito

nitrobacterium n nitrobacterio

nitrobenzene, nitrobenzol n nitrobenzina

nitrocellulose n nitrocellulosa

nitrogen n nitrogeno

  • n nitrogeno (-ò-)

nitroglycerin n nitroglycerina

nitroglycerine n nitroglycerina

nitrous (1. of niter; 2. Chem] (containing nitrogen) adj nitrose

  • ~ , saltpetrous adj salnitrose

nitwit adj imbecille

Niue [Geog] n Niue

Nivse [Fr. Hist] n nivoso

nlbble v beccar, morder

  • v morder, beccar

nlckel n nickel

no (I have - money) phr io ha necun moneta, io non ha alcun moneta

  • (I have - money) phr io non ha alcun moneta, io ha necun moneta
  • (opposite of ``yes) (no) no
  • adj nulle
  • adv no
  • adv non
  • ~ one, nobody pron nemo
  • ~ one, none, nobody pron nec-uno
  • ~ !, by no means, not in the least adv minime
  • ~ !, by no means, not in the least adv minime (mì-)
  • ~ , not any adj nulle

Noah n Noe

  • n Noe (-é)

Noah's Ark n Arca de Noe

nobiliary adj nobiliari

nobility (1. nobility of birth, rank, mind, character; 2. body of nobles in a country) n nobilitate

  • n nobilitate

noble (1. noble in rank, title or birth; 2. noble in character) adj nobile

  • adj gentil
  • ~ adj/n nobile
  • ~ , nobleman, noblewoman n nobile

nobleman n gentilhomine

  • n nobile
  • ~ , noblewoman, noble n nobile

noblewoman, noble, nobleman n nobile

nobody (nonentity) n nullitate

  • ~ pron necuno, nemo
  • ~ pron nemo, necuno
  • ~ , no one pron nemo
  • ~ , no one, none pron nec-uno

noctambulous adj noctambule

noctivagous, noctivagant adj noctivage

  • ~ , noctivagant adj noctivage (-tì-)

noctule [Zool] n noctula

nocturn [Eccl] n nocturno

nocturnal adj nocturne

nocturnally adv nocturnemente

nocturne [Mus] n nocturno

nod n outation, signo del testa

  • n signo del testa, outation
  • v nutar

node [Astron] n nodo

  • n nodo

nodosity (1. knottiness; 2. knotty swelling or protuberance) n nodositate

nodular adj nodular

nodule n nodulo

noise (make a ~) v strepitar

  • n ruito, strepido, stridor
  • n strepido, stridor, ruito
  • n stridor, ruito, strepido
  • v critar, publicar
  • v publicar, critar
  • ~ , din n ruito
  • ~ , din n ruito (-ìto)
  • ~ , din n strepito
  • ~ , din n strepito (stré-)
  • ~ , make a harsh, shrill v strider

noisy adj ruitose

  • adj ruitose, strepitose
  • adj rumorose
  • adj strepitose
  • adj strepitose, ruitose

no-longer phr non... jam

nomad adj/n nomade

  • n nomade
  • n nomade (nò-)
  • ~ , nomadic adj nomade
  • ~ , nomadic adj nomade (nò-)

nomadic adj nomade

nomadism n nomadismo

nomenclator (1. Rom. Antiq]; 2. one concerned with the nomenclature of a subject) n nomenclator

nomenclature (system of names used in classifications) n nomenclatura

  • n nomenclatura

nomic (customary, conventional) adj nomic

nominal (1. pertaining to a name or names; 2. existing in name only; 3. Gram] (pertaining to a noun or nouns) adj nominal

  • adj nominal

nominalism [Philos] n nominalismo

nominalist [Philos] n nominalista

nominally adv in nomine, nominalmente

  • adv nominalmente, in nomine

nominate (appoint) v nominar

  • v nominar, proponer
  • v proponer, nominar

nomination n nomination, presentation

  • n presentation, nomination
  • ~ , appointment n nomination

nominative (1. bearing the name of a person; 2. Gram]) adj nominative

  • [Gram] n nominativo
  • adj nominative nominativo

nominator (one who nominates) n nominator

nominee n candidato, nominato

  • n nominato, candidato

nomo- (law) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n nomo-

nomocracy n nomocratia

  • n nomocratia (-ìa)

nomology n nomologia

  • n nomologia (-ìa)

no-more phr non ... plus

nonacceptance n non-acceptation

nonagenarian adj nonagenari

non-aggression pact n pacto de non-aggression

non-attendance n absentia

nonchalance n disinvoltura, nonchalance

  • n nonchalance
  • n nonchalance F]
  • n nonchalance, disinvoltura

nonchalant adj disinvolte, nonchalant

  • adj nonchalant
  • adj nonchalant F]
  • adj nonchalant, disinvolte

nonclaimable adj irreclamabile

non-combattant adj non-combattente

non-committal adj/n neutre, reservate

  • ~ -committal adj/n reservate, neutre

non-commlssioned n officer subofficiero

nonconformist adj/n nonconformista

  • n nonconformista

nonconformity n nonconformitate

nondescript adj inclassificabile, indefinibile

  • adj indefinibile, inclassificabile

none (people) pron necuno, nemo

  • (people) pron nemo, necuno
  • (things) n nihil
  • adj nulle
  • ~ , nobody, no one pron nec-uno
  • ~ , not any adj necun

nonentity n nullitate, persona insignificante

  • n persona insignificante, nullitate

none-such n necuno

none-the-less adv totevia

non-Euclidean [Math] adj non-euclidian

non-existence n non-existentia

non-existent adj non-existente

non-fiction n literatura non-fictional

non-flammable adj non-flammabile

non-fulfillment, non-fulfilment n non-execution

non-member n non-membro

nonmoral, amoral adj amoral

non-negotiable adj non-negotiabile

non-observance n incomplimento

  • ~ -observance, inobservance n inobservantia

non-official adj officiose

non-pareil adj sin equal, sin par

  • ~ -pareil adj sin par, sin equal

non-partisan adj independente

non-party adj independente

non-payment n non-pagamento

nonplus v disconcertar

nonplussed adj disconcertate

non-profitmaking adj sin scopo lucrative

nonsense n nonsenso

nonsensical adj absurde

nonsensically adv absurdemente

non-smoking n non fumator

non-stop adj aeron

  • ~ -stop adj continue

non-taxable adj non-taxabile

non-voting adj sin derecto de voto

nook (corner) n angulo

  • (fig) n angulo

noon n mediedie

  • n mediedie (-dìe)
  • n mediedie, meridie
  • n meridie
  • n meridie (-rì-)
  • n meridie, mediedie

no-one adj/pron necuno, nemo

  • ~ -one adj/pron nemo, necuno

noose n lasso, nodo

  • n nodo, lasso

nor conj nec, ni

  • ~ conj ni, nec

Nordic adj nordic

nor'easter n tempesta del nord

easter n tempesta del nord (de Nove Angleterra)

Norfolk, - Island [Geog] n Insula de Norfolk

norm n norma

normal (1. at right angles, perpendicular; 2. conforming to a norm) adj normal

  • ~ adj/n normal

normalcy, normality n normalitate

normality, normalcy n normalitate

normalize v normalisar

  • ~ , make conformable to a norm v normar

normally adv normalmente

normal-school (teacher's college) n schola normal

Norman (1. Norse invaders of France, Italy; 2. inhabitant of Normandy) n normanno

  • adj normanne
  • adj normanne
  • n normanno

Normandy [Geog] n Normandia

  • n Normandia
  • n Normandia (-ìa)

normative adj normative

Norseman, Northman [Hist] n normanno

north adj/n nord

  • n nord

North-Africa [Geog] n Africa del Nord, Nord-Africa

  • ~ -Africa [Geog] n Nord-Africa, Africa del Nord

North-America [Geog] n America del Nord, Nord-America

  • ~ -America [Geog] n Nord-America, America del Nord

north-american adj nordamerican

  • ~ -american n nordamericano

North-Carolina [Geog] n Nord Carolina

North-Dakota [Geog] n Nord Dakota

north-east adj del nord-est

  • n nord-est
  • ~ -east n nord-est

northerly (of place) adv al nord

  • (of wind) adv del nord

northern adj del nord, septentrional

  • adj septentrional
  • adj septentrional, del nord

northerner n habitante del nord

Northern-Ireland [Geog] n Irlanda del Nord, Nord-Irlanda

  • ~ -Ireland [Geog] n Nord-Irlanda, Irlanda del Nord

northern-lights n aurora boreal

Northman, Norseman [Hist] n normanno

North-Pole [Geog] n Polo Nord

North-Sea [Geog] n Mare Nord

north-west adj del nord-west

  • n nord-west
  • ~ -west n nord-west

Norway [Geog] n Norvegia

  • n Norvega

Norwegian (1. native or inhabitant of Norway; 2. norwegian language) n norvegiano

  • adj norvegian
  • adj norvegian
  • n norvegiano

nose (blow one's ~) v essugar le naso

  • (lead by the ~) v conducer per le naso
  • (not to see much beyond one's ~) phr non vider multo ultra le naso
  • (of animal) n muso
  • (of human) n naso
  • (poke one's - into) v mitter le naso in
  • n naso

nosebleed n sanguinamento del naso

nose-shaped adj nasiforme

nostalgia n nostalgia

  • ~ , homesickness n nostalgia
  • ~ , homesickness n nostalgia (-ìa)

nostalgic adj nostalgic

nosto-, nost- (return home) occurring in derivatives and compounds] n nosto-

nostril n nare

nosy (impropriemente) adj curiose

not adv non

  • ~ any adj nulle
  • ~ any more phr nunquam plus
  • ~ any, no adj nulle
  • ~ any, none adj necun
  • ~ anywhere adv nusquam
  • ~ at all adv non del toto, nullemente
  • ~ at all adv nullemente, non del toto
  • ~ at all, in no way adv nullemente
  • ~ atoned, unexpiated, inexpiate, not expiated adj inexpiate
  • ~ challengeable, not exceptionable, irrecusable [Law] adj irrecusabile
  • ~ compact adj incompacte
  • ~ decent, improper adj inconveniente
  • ~ easily contented, not to be contented adj incontentabile
  • ~ exceptionable, irrecusable, not challengeable [Law] adj irrecusabile
  • ~ expiated, not atoned, unexpiated, inexpiate adj inexpiate
  • ~ fusible, infusible adj infusibile
  • ~ in the least, no!, by no means adv minime
  • ~ in the least, no!, by no means adv minime (mì-)
  • ~ intermittent adj continente
  • ~ knowing, uninformed adj insciente
  • ~ occupied, vacant adj vacante
  • ~ occupied, vacant adj vacante (ppr of vacar)
  • ~ only adv non solmente
  • ~ oxidizable adj inoxydabile
  • ~ punctilious, inexact adj impunctual
  • ~ removable, irremovable adj inamovibile
  • ~ saturable adj insaturabile
  • ~ solid or firm, unsubstantial adj inconsistente
  • ~ tactile, intactile adj intactile
  • ~ to be contented, not easily contented adj incontentabile
  • ~ to be found adj introvabile
  • ~ to be hoped (for) adj insperabile
  • ~ to know, be ignorant of v ignorar
  • ~ transferable, untransferable adj intransferibile
  • ~ transmissible adj intransmissibile
  • ~ transmutable adj intransmutabile
  • ~ utilized, unused adj inutilisate
  • ~ wilting, not withering (not liable to wither or wilt) adj immarcescibile
  • ~ withering, not wilting (not liable to wither or wilt) adj immarcescibile
  • ~ yet adv ancora non, nondum
  • ~ yet adv nondum
  • ~ yet adv nondum (nòn-)
  • ~ yet adv nondum, ancora non
  • ~ ; 2. conj lest adv ne
  • ~ ; 2. conj that not adv ni

notability (1. quality of being notable; 2. prominent person, notable) n notabilitate

notable adj considerabile, eminente, notabile

  • adj eminente, notabile, considerabile
  • adj notabile
  • adj notabile, considerabile, eminente

notacanthous, spiny-backed [Zool] adj notacanthe

Notacanthus n notacantho

notal, dorsal [Zool] adj notal

notarial adj notarial

notary n notario

notation n notation

notch n sectura

  • v insecar
  • ~ , cut in v insecar
  • ~ , cut in v insecar -sec-/-sect-]

note (1. as in to take notes of a lecture; 2. annotation) n nota

  • (importance) n importantia
  • (make a - of) v prender nota de
  • (memo) n memorandum
  • (observe) v observar
  • (short letter) n billet
  • (take note) v notar
  • (write down a note or notes of) v notar
  • (write down) v scriber
  • n Commer]
  • n mus
  • n Mus]
  • ~ , notice v notar

notebook n quaderno

noted adj celebre

note-down v notar, scriber

  • ~ -down v scriber, notar

notepaper n papiro a scriber

noteworthy adj digne de attention

nothing (free, for ~) adj gratis

  • (in vain) adj in vano
  • (unwarranted) adv gratuitemente
  • n nihil (nì-), nil
  • n nihil, nil
  • n nil, nihil
  • n nil, nihil (nì-)

notice (1. observation, cognizance; 2. information or communication imparting knowledge) n notitia

  • (advice) n aviso-(announcement
  • (at short ~) phr a curte aviso
  • (notification) n informe, notification, notitia
  • (notification) n notification, notitia, informe
  • (notification) n notitia, informe, notification
  • (take no - of) phr ignorar, prestar nulle attention a
  • (take no - of) phr prestar nulle attention a, ignorar
  • (until further ~) phr usque nove aviso
  • (warning) n advertimento
  • v notar, observar, remarcar
  • v observar, remarcar, notar
  • v remarcar, notar, observar
  • ~ , note v notar
  • ~ , warning n advertimento

notice-board n tabula de annuncios

notification n notification

notifier n notificator

notify v notificar

notion (concept, idea) n notion

  • n idea, notion
  • n notion, idea

notional, conceptual adj notional

notions, small ware n merceria

  • ~ , small ware n merceria (-ìa)

notochord [Zool] n notochordo

Notonecta, back swimmer [Zool] n notonecta

not-only... but-also phr non solmente... ma anque

notoriety (character of what is publicly or commonly known) n notorietate

  • n notorietate

notorious (publicly or commonly known) adj notori

  • adj notorie

notum, back [Zool] n noto

notwithstanding adv tamen malgrado, totevia

  • adv totevia, tamen malgrado

nought, naught n nihil, nil

  • ~ , naught n nil, nihil

noun n nomine

  • n substantivo
  • ~ , substantive n substantivo

nourish (1. to sustain with food; 2. as in to nourish a hope) v nutrir

  • v nutrir

nourisher n nutritor

nourishing (be ~) v nutrir

  • adj nutriente
  • ~ , alible, nutritive adj alibile
  • ~ , nutrient adj nutriente
  • ~ , nutrient adj nutriente (ppr of nutrir)

nourishment (sustenance, food) n nutrimento

  • n alimentation, nutrimento
  • n nutrimento, alimentation
  • ~ , alimentation n alimentation

Nova-Scotia [Geog] n Nove Scotia

novate [Law] v novar

novation [Law] n novation

novel [Lit] n romance

  • [Rom. Law] n novella
  • adj nove, novelle
  • adj novelle, nove
  • n novella, romance, roman
  • n roman, novella, romance
  • n romance, roman, novella
  • ~ , new adj novelle

novelette writer, short-story writer n novellista

  • ~ , short story n novella

novelist n novellista, romancero

  • n romancero
  • n romancero, novellista

novelty (new or novel thing) n novitate

  • n novellitate, novitate
  • n novitate, novellitate
  • ~ , newness n novellitate
  • ~ , newness n novitate

November n novembre

novena [Eccl] n novena

Novial (IAL) n novial

  • (IAL) n novial (Jespersen)
  • n novial
  • n novial Nov]

Novialist n novialista

novice (1. Eccl]; 2. beginner) n novicio

  • n comenciante, novicio
  • n novicio, comenciante

novitiate n noviciato

now (an hour from ~) phr de hic a un hora

  • (at present) adv nunc, ora
  • (at present) adv ora, nunc
  • (at the present time) adv nunc
  • (at the present time) adv ora
  • (from - on) phr a parte de ora
  • (in past time) adv alora
  • (just ~) phr actualmente, justo nunc
  • (just ~) phr justo nunc, actualmente
  • (right ~) adv ora mesmo
  • (well) adv alora

nowadays adv hodie

now-and-then phr de tempore in tempore

nowhere adv in nulle parte, nusquam

  • adv nusquam
  • adv nusquam (nùs-)
  • adv nusquam, in nulle parte
  • ~ near adv presso nulle parte

nowise adv de nulle maniera

noxious adj nocue

  • ~ , hurtful adj nocue

nozzle n becco, imbuccatura

  • n imbuccatura, becco

nuance n nuance

  • ~ , shade n nuance
  • ~ , shade n nuance F]

Nubia n Nubia

Nubian adj nubie

  • n nubio

nubiferous, cloud-bringing adj nubifere

nubile, marriageable adj nubile

nubility n nubilitate

nucleal, nuclear adj nucleal

nuclear adj nucleal, nucleari

  • adj nucleari
  • adj nucleari, nucleal
  • ~ , nucleal adj nucleal

nuclear-energy n energia nucleari

nucleate v nuclear

nuclein [Chem] n nucleina

nucleolus [Biol] n nucleolo

  • [Biol] n nucleolo (-clé-)

nucleus (1. core, focus; 2. Special: Astron/biol/Atomic Phys]) n nucleo

  • n nucleo

nude (art) n nuditate

  • (model) n figura nude
  • adj nude
  • ~ , bare, naked adj nude

nudge n colpo (legier

  • v dar un colpo legier de cubito

nudism n nudismo

nudist n nudista

nudity n nuditate

  • ~ , nakedness n nuditate

nugget n pepita

nuisance (bother) n enoio, incommoditate

  • (bother) n incommoditate, enoio
  • (person) n persona incommodante

null (1. worthless; 2. as in null and void) adj nulle

  • adj casse, nulle
  • adj nulle, casse
  • ~ , void adj casse

null-and-void adj nulle e sin valor

nullification n nullification

nullified, void [Law] adj irrite

  • ~ , void [Law] adj irrite (ìr-)

nullify v nullificar

nullifying, diriment, annuling adj dirimente

nullity n nullitate

numb (be ~) v torper

  • (deadened) adj torpide
  • adj Fig]

number (1. Math]; 2. indicator designating a thing or person in a series; 3. Gram]) n numero

  • (1. Math]; 2. indicator designating a thing or person in a series; 3. Gram]) n numero (nù-)
  • (a - of) n. phr plure
  • n numero
  • ~ the pages of, to page v paginar
  • v numerar

numberer (one who or that which numbers) n numerator

numberless adj innumerabile

numbers [Poet/Mus] n numero

  • [Poet/Mus] n numero (nù-)

numbskull n idiota

numeness n torpor

numerable adj numerabile

numeral (designating number) adj numeral

  • ~ adj/n numeral

numeration (1. enumeration; 2. Arith]) n numeration

numerator [Arith] n numerator

numerical adj numeric

numerically adv numericamente

numerosity, numerousness n numerositate

numerous (1. in great numbers; 2. Poet/Mus] (harmonious, rhythmical) adj numerose

  • adj numerose

numerousness, numerosity n numerositate

Numidia n Numidia

Numidian adj numidian

  • n numida
  • n numida (nù)

numismatic adj numismatic

numismatics n numismatica

numismatist n numismatico

numskull n idiota

nun n monacha

  • n monacha (mò-)
  • n monacha, religiosa
  • n religiosa, monacha

nunciature n nunciatura

nuncio n nuncio

nunnery n convento

nuptial adj/n nuptial

  • ~ , matrimonial adj sponsal
  • ~ , wedding adj nuptial

nuptials n nuptias

nurse (a baby) v allactar, nutrir

  • (a baby) v nutrir, allactar
  • (a sick person) v curar
  • (children's) n guardiana de infantes
  • (female) n infirmera
  • (give milk to (a baby)) v nutrir
  • (male) n infirmero
  • (tend) v curar
  • (wet) n nutrice
  • (wetnurse) n nutrice
  • (woman who takes care of the sick) n infirmera
  • ~ , suckle v allactar
  • ~ , suckle v lactar

nursery (for plants) n seminario

  • (room set apart for children) n nursery
  • (room set apart for children) n nursery A]
  • n camera del infantes

nursery-rhyme n rima infantil

nursing (of baby) n allactamento

  • (profession) n profession de infirmera
  • ~ , suckling (act of) n allactamento

nursing-home n clinica, hospital

  • ~ -home n hospital, clinica

nurture (bring up) v educar

  • (feed) v alimentar
  • (feeding) n nutrition
  • (upbringing) n education

nut (person) n idiota

  • [Bot] n nuce
  • n bot
  • n Mech]

nutate [Bot] v nutar

nutation (1. act of nodding; 2. Astron/Bot]) n nutation

nutcracker n rumpenuces

  • n rumpenuces (-nù-)

nutcrackers n rumpenlces

nutmeg n nuce muscate

nutrient, nourishing adj nutriente

  • ~ , nourishing adj nutriente (ppr of nutrir)

nutriment n nutrimento

nutrition (process of absorbing and assimilating nourishment) n nutrition

nutritious adj alimentose

  • adj nutritive
  • ~ , nutritive adj nutritive

nutritive, nourishing, alible adj alibile

  • ~ , nutritious adj nutritive

nutritlon n nutrition

nut-shaped adj nuciforme

nutshell (in a ~) adv in pauc parolas

  • n scalia de nuce

nyctalopia [Pathol] n nyctalopia

  • [Pathol] n nyctalopia (-ìa)

nyctalopic adj nyctalopic

Nycticorax [Zool] n nycticorace

  • [Zool] n nycticorace (-còrace)

nycto-, nycti-, nyct- (night) occurring in compounds] n nyct-

nyctophobia n nyctophobia

  • n nyctophobia (-ìa)

nylon n nylon

  • n nylon A]

nymph (1. Mythol]; 2. Zool]) n nympha

  • n nympha

Nymphaea [Bot] n nymphea

  • [Bot] n nymphea (-éa)

nymphal (1. Mythol]) 2. Zool]) adj nymphal

  • ~ , nymphean [Mythol] adj nymphee
  • ~ , nymphean [Mythol] adj nymphee (-ée)

nymphean, nymphal [Mythol] adj nymphee

  • ~ , nymphal [Mythol] adj nymphee (-ée)

nymphomania n nymphomania

  • n nymphomania (-ìa)

nymphomaniac adj nymphomane

  • n nymphomana
  • n nymphomana (-ò-)