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A deer (1)

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Old English dēor 'animal, beast', from Proto-Germanic *deuzan (cf. Dutch dier, German Tier, Old Norse dyr), from Proto-Indo-European *dheusom 'living thing', from *dheus- 'to breathe' (cf. Lithuanian dùsti 'to sigh', Template:Ru душа (dušá) 'breath'); for semantic development compare Latin animalis 'animal' from anima 'breath, spirit'.

Noun[edit | edit source]



Deer ({{{1}}})


  1. (zoology) a ruminant mammal with antlers and hooves of the family Cervidae or one of several similar animals from related families of the order Artiodactyla
    I wrecked my car after a deer ran across the road.
  2. The meat of such an animal
    Oh I've never had deer before.
  3. (archaic) Any animal, especially a mammal.
    But mice and rats and such small deer, have been Tom's food for seven long year. -Shakespeare, King Lear. Act III. Sc. IV.

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Limburgish[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

From Germanic *deuzom, from Indo-European *dheusom. Cognate with English deer (Old English dēor), Dutch dier, German Tier, Swedish djur; and with Lithuanian dvēsti, Russian душа (dušá).

Noun[edit | edit source]

deer n

  1. pet
  2. (obsolete) beast, animal

Inflection[edit | edit source]

Root singular Root plural Diminutive singular Diminutive plural
Nominative deer deer deerke deerkes
Genitive deers deer deerkes deerkes
Locative daer daer daerke daerkes
Dative¹ daerem daerer ? ?
Accusative¹ deer ? deerke deerkes
  • Dative and accusative are nowadays obsolete, use nominative instead.

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