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  1. (of a controversy, question, etc) A person, divinity, or authoritative text which decides.
    • 1667, anon., "George Fox digg'd out of his burrowes, or An offer of disputation on fourteen proposalls...". John Foster, Boston, pp. 89-90.
      This written and revealed will of God I said was the Judge and Decider of all Questions.
    • 1758, Aaron Leaming and Jacob Spicer, The grants, concessions, and original constitutions of the province of New-Jersey, Philadelphia, p. 680.
      The Determination of his Majesty, who is the only proper decider of this Matter."
    • 1885, Friedrich Delitzsch, "General Notes: The Religion of the Kassites," Hebraica, vol 1 no 3 (Jan), p. 190.
      The god Adar, which, with its two oft-occurring idiographs Bar and Nin-ib, is preferably designated as the "Decider" (Entschneider).
    • 1967, David P. Gauthier, "How Decisions are Caused," The Journal of Philosophy, vol 64 no 5, 15 Mar, p. 151.
      Although the decider may know any of the principles in the sequence, he cannot know every such principle.
    • 2006, George W. Bush, White House press conference, Washington, DC, 18 Apr.
      I'm the decider, and I decide what is best.
  2. (chiefly British, sport) An event or action which decides the outcome of a contested matter.
  3. (computing) A Turing machine that halts regardless of its input.



  • cddeeir,
  • decried

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