1. Present participle of balance.




Balancing (plural Balancings)
  1. An action wherein someone balances or something is balanced
    • 1886, Ministry of Education, The Ontario Readers: The High School Reader, 1886[1]:
      In other places of the holy writings the Almighty is described as weighing the mountains in scales, making the weight for the winds, knowing the balancings of the clouds; and, in others, as weighing the actions of men, and laying their calamities together in a balance.</span>
    • 1909, Andre Castaigne, The Bill-Toppers[2]:
      And he locked her up all day in her room doing her balancings, the boomerang on the front wheel, the standstill on the back-wheel, or the bike upside down, with Lily standing on the pedals, like a convict on the tread-mill.</span>
    • 1907, A. E. W. Mason, Running Water[3]:
      But she had been reading deeply of the Alps, and in all the histories of mountain exploits which she had read, of climbs up vertical cracks in sheer walls of rocks, balancings upon ridges sharp as a knife edge, crawlings over smooth slabs with nowhere to rest the feet or hands, it was the ice-slope which had most kindled her imagination.</span>es:balancing

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