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< Middle English administracioun < Old French administration < Latin administratio < administrare; see administer; compare French administration.

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Administration ({{{1}}})

  1. The act of administering; government of public affairs; the service rendered, or duties assumed, in conducting affairs; the conducting of any office or employment; direction; management.
  2. A body who administers; the executive part of government; the persons collectively who are entrusted with the execution of laws and the superintendence of public affairs; the chief magistrate and his cabinet or council; or the council, or ministry, alone, as in Great Britain.
  3. The act of administering, or tendering something to another; dispensation; as, the administration of a medicine, of an oath, of justice, or of the sacrament.
  4. Template:Business Management.

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Administration f. (plural Administrations)

  1. management (administration; the process or practice of managing)

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