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<b>abolition</b> <i>n</i> abolition, abolishment<br>
Latin ''[[abolitio]]'', from ''[[abolere]]'': compare French ''abolition''. See [[abolish]].
<b>abolition</b> (abolishment) <i>n</i> abolition<br>
# The act of [[abolish|abolishing]], or the state of being [[abolished]]; an [[annul|annulling]]; [[abrogation]]; utter destruction; as, the ''abolition'' of [[slave]]ry or the slave trade; the ''abolition'' of laws, decrees, [[ordinances]], customs, taxes, debts, etc.
#: '''''Note:''''' The application of this word to persons is now unusual or obsolete.
# (often [[capitalised]]), (in [[British]] territories) The ending of the [[slave]] trade (1807) or of [[slavery]] (1833).
# (often capitalised), (in the [[US]]) the [[emancipation]] of slaves, by the ''Emancipation Proclamation'' (1863, [[ratified]] 1865).
{{trans-top|act of abolishing}}
* Bulgarian: {{t+|bg|премахване}}, {{t+|bg|отменяне}}
* Croatian: {{t+|hr|abolicija|f|alt=abolícija}}
* Finnish: {{t-|fi|lakkauttaminen}}, {{t|fi|kumoaminen}} (laws), {{t|fi|mitätöinti}} (debts)
* German: {{t+|de|Abschaffung|f}}, {{t-|de|Aufhebung|f}}
* Japanese: {{t+|ja|廃止|tr=haishi}} ([[はいし]])
* Portuguese: {{t+|pt|abolição|f}}
{{trans-top|Abolition of slave trade}}
* Croatian: {{t+|hr|abolicija|f|alt=abolícija}}
* Finnish: [[orjakauppa|orjakaupan]] [[lakkauttaminen]]
* German: [[Abschaffung]] des [[Sklavenhandels]]
* Portuguese: [[abolição]] {{f}}
{{trans-top|emancipation of slaves}}
* Croatian: {{t+|hr|abolicija|f|alt=abolícija}}
* Finnish: [[orjuus|orjuuden]] [[lakkauttaminen]], [[orja|orjien]] [[vapauttaminen]]
* German: [[Abschaffung]] des [[Sklavenhandels]]
* Portuguese: [[abolição]] {{f}}
* {{ttbc|Esperanto}}: [[abolicio]], [[forigo]]
* {{ttbc|French}}: [[abolition]] {{f}}
* {{ttbc|Interlingua}}: [[abolition]]
* {{ttbc|Italian}}: [[abolizione]]
* {{ttbc|Slovak}}: [[zrušenie]] {{n}}
* {{ttbc|Spanish}}: [[abolición]]
* {{ttbc|Vietnamese}}: [[sự thủ tiêu]], [[sự bãi bỏ]], [[sự huỷ bỏ]]
* {{ttbc|Volapük}}: [[säkib]], [[finid]]
* {{R:Webster 1913}}
* {{audio|Fr-abolition.ogg|Audio}}
# [[#English|abolition]].

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abolition n abolition, abolishment


abolition (abolishment) n abolition

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