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<b>abase</b> <i>v</i> abassar
From Old French ''[[abaissier]]'', from ''[[a-]]'' + {{term|baissier||to lower}}, from Late Latin {{term|bassus||short}}.
* UK: {{IPA|/əˈbeɪs/}}
* {{audio|en-us-abase.ogg|Audio (US)}}
* {{rhymes|eɪs}}
# {{archaic}} To [[lower]] physically or [[depress]]; to [[stoop]]; to throw or cast down; as, to ''abase'' the eye.
#: ''"Saying so, he '''abased''' his lance''." - ''[[w:Thomas Shelton|Thomas Shelton]]''
# To cast down or to lower, as in rank, office, condition in life or [[estimation]] of [[worthiness]], so as to hurt feelings or cause pain; to depress; to [[humiliate]]; to [[humble]]; to [[degrade]].
#: ''"Whosoever exalteth himself shall be '''abased'''''." - ''Luke 14:11''
* [[debase]]
* [[degrade]]
* [[promote]]
====Derived terms====
* [[abasedly]]
* [[abasement]]
* [[abaser]]
{{trans-top|to lower so as to hurt feelings}}
* Bulgarian: {{t|bg|унижавам, понижавам|sc=Cyrl}}
* Danish: [[ydmyge]]
* Dutch: {{t-|nl|vernederen}}
* Finnish: {{t+|fi|alentaa}}, {{t-|fi|nöyryyttää}}
* French: {{t+|fr|baisser}}, {{t+|fr|abaisser}}, {{t+|fr|rabaisser}}, {{t+|fr|humilier}}
* German: {{t+|de|erniedrigen}}
* Greek: {{t+|el|εξευτελίζω|sc=Grek}}
* Icelandic: [[auðmýkja]], [[niðurlægja]]
* [[Ido]]: [[abasar]]
* [[Interlingua]]: [[abassar]]
* Japanese: [[貶める]]([[おとしめる]], otoshimeru)
* [[Lojban]]: [[tolnolri'a]]
* [[Macedonian]]: [[понизува]] (ponizuva)
* Norwegian: [[fornedre]], [[ydmyke]]
* {{ttbc|Persian}}: [[خود را خوار شمردن]], [[خود را کوچک کردن]]
* Portuguese: [[rebaixar]], [[humilhar]], [[abater]], [[abaixar]]
* Spanish: {{t-|es|rebajar}}
* Vietnamese: [[làm]] [[hạ]] [[phẩm giá]], làm [[mất]] [[thể diện]], làm [[nhục]]
* Welsh: [[darostwng]], [[iselhau]]
* {{R:Century 1911}}
* {{R:Webster 1913}}
* Gregg (Version: [ Centennial],[ Series 90],[ DJS],[ Simplified],[ Anniversary],[ Pre-Anniversary]): a - b - a - left s

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abase v abassar

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